Esssssential Oilsssss

I know I shouldn’t answer my phone when I don’t recognize the number calling and I don’t recognize the name I’d saved with it.  I don’t know who “Terry” is and I usually have a pretty good memory for people.


I shouldn’t answer it but I do, holding the phone to my ear as I stare at my spreadsheet.  It’s mid-morning Sunday and the office is almost completely empty.  I don’t need to be here but I’m near the bottom rung of the ladder and pulling extra work is the only way I know how to move up.  I think I can see a way to-


“Hello?” I ask, my eyes scanning rows of raw data.  Pivot chart here, maybe?


“Jenny?” an excitable voice asks on the other end.


Huh.  A woman.  Well.  I guess my relationship and sex starved mind thought maybe Terry was a guy.  Maybe someone I dated briefly in college?  College.  Way more simpler times.  Not that I thought so back then.


“Yes, this is her,” I say cautiously, giving a little more attention to the phone call.  “Who is this?”


“Terry!  It’s Terry,” she tells me.  “From, we had- we took classes together?  Well, one class.  At WTU?”


“Ahh- ahhh?” I venture, still not sure who she is.


“You don’t remember, do you?”  she asks, her voice dropping a little.  “Well, that’s okay!  Listen!  I was in town and wondering if you had time for lunch?  I’m only here for a little bit and it would mean the world to me if you could make time.  My treat!”


“I-” I hesitate.  I should say no but, seriously, my apartment is a cave at this point.  I haven’t made time to get out and socialize and I am hungry.  I rub at my left hand, scratching my knuckle idly.  It’s getting colder and I keep forgetting to put lotion on.  I dry up easily.  “I guess, yeah.  Yeah, that’d be good.”


“Awesome!” she nearly shouts.  What is with this woman?  Wait.  Waaaait.  Something.  A red headed girl?  Curly hair?  English 101?  Maybe?  A quiet goth, I thought.  Maybe that’s not right but something about the name and the voice sounds a little familiar.  I think we had a group assignment together and that’s where I got her number.  “There’s a little cafe near where I’m staying.  The Golden Goose?”

“Yes, I know it,” I tell her.  It’s a pretty popular spot for the non-managers at the office.  My coworkers have invited me a few times but I bring my lunch.  Because I’m at the bottom of the stupid corporate ladder and I have student loans that I’ll never be able to pay off.  Goddammit. “Your treat?  I can be there in five minutes.”


“Oh my gosh,” she says in a rush.  “You have no idea how happy that makes me.  I’m so excited to see you again!”


“Uh, sure, me too,” I lie, hanging up and staring at my phone.  Now I wish I had said no.  Same old knee-jerk no-confidence reaction.  I could just not go?  Or call back and say work is suddenly-  No, I’ll go.  I’m hungry and can cut it short with work as an excuse.


Locking my computer, I grab my phone and purse and walk out.  Charles is the only one here and he has his headphones on, nodding to some hidden beat while- ah, Netflix on the right monitor, some indecipherable text on the left.  Programming stuff.  I thought they did that at home.  Jesus.  Is he listening to music while watching some cartoon thing and working at the same time?


I pass him, head out of the lobby and into the chill air, pulling my scarf tight around my neck.  It’s a short walk to the cafe and I need to stretch my legs before getting back into it.  Plus, a little bit of exercise never hurts.  A few cars pass the mostly empty sidewalks but I’m daydreaming about the spreadsheet I’m working on until I look up in surprise and realize I’ve passed the cafe.  So, I turn and, yeah.  The redhead from my English class.  She’s waving to me inside, decidedly not gothy and, instead dressed in pants, a light green top and a grey jacket.


Her hand drops, her fixed smile cracks and she half turns to look over her left shoulder before freezing and then turning back, her smile wider than before.


Is there- is there something there?  My hand hesitates at the door handle as some faint reddish haze appears to hover behind her, just to her left.  But, I blink and it’s gone.  Huh.


She stands as I open the door and squeals before hugging me so I awkwardly hug her back and then try to get away from her.  I am not into hugs and I don’t even know this girl.


“Jenny!” she says loudly.  “You came!  Come on over!  Order whatever you like.”


I stop at the counter, scan the menu and ask for a turkey sandwich with a bag of chips and soda and then make my way over to the crazy girl.


Oh no.


She has a small case open on the table next to her with a few vials and bottles and some handmade cards.


Oh no.


Damn my hunger and inability to just confidently walk away.


“How long has it been?” Terry asks, eyeing me as I force myself into a seat opposite her.


She sounds off in a weird way I can’t place.  Talking too fast almost.  She seems nervous and there’s this weird smell.  Bad eggs?  I swear to god, if I get sick from eating here, I’m going to sue.  I don’t have time to get sick.


Let’s get this over with.


“Five years, I think,” I tell her as the owner sets a red plastic tray in front of me with my food.  I’m pretty sure I can devour it in five minutes and then run for it.


“Too long!” she says with that weird wide smile.  She leans forward, licking her lips and lowering her voice.  I stop to stare at her with my sandwich halfway to my open mouth.  “Listen, I have fantastic news.”


“Oh?” I say before biting into my sandwich.


“Yes,” she says, still leaning forward.  “I found this great business and I’m willing to share it with you.  It’s a deal you literally can’t refuse.  I know I couldn’t!”

She laughs but it’s wild and her eyes move to the left for a brief second.


“Listen, Terry,” I start to say as I wonder if I could shove the entire sandwich into my mouth at once.  Competitive food eaters do it right?  I could soften the whole mixture with the soda and then swallow in one go and run.  “I’m not really interested-”


“I have some of everything!” she rolls right along.  “I have things to make your hair grow, I have hair coloring things, I have things to give you energy and, oh!  No, I know what you need!”


She pulls out a small blue bottle and sets it in front of me triumphantly.


“Dry skin,” she says and then sits back.


I automatically scratch at my hand and then hide them both as she nods at me.  So I take a gigantic bite of my sandwich to hide my shame.  And almost choke.  So, a huge sip of my soda follows.


She taps the bottle.


“This will fix it up,” she tells me.  “Trust me.”


I don’t.  Trust her, I mean.


“I can’t really afford-” I try to say but she cuts me off again.


“It’s free,” she says.


Uh-huh.  I’m not dumb. I know how this works.  Just sign up for Whatever Pyramid Company (TM), sell to twenty other friends and you get this bottle free.  Sure.


“I know it’s not-” I try but she’s not having it.


“Literally free,” she says, glancing to the left again.  I wrinkle my nose at the smell in the cafe and glance at the owner but he’s sitting and reading a newspaper.  “You just have to take it and use it.”


“And sign up to some pyramid company?” I ask in a rare bout of bluntness.


“No, no, no,” she says, shaking her head.  “Literally free.  You don’t sign up for anything.  I don’t call you again.  You just agree to take the sample and try it out and that’s it.  If you want-  If you-  You could sign up to… sell but you don’t have to.  You don’t.”


It almost seems like she’s trying to convince herself of that.  This whole conversation is weird but I’ve been force-feeding myself while she’s been talking so I can get out of here quickly.  If it’s as simple as she says then I’m fine with it.


So, I reach out and take the bottle.  Her hand snaps out to close around mine and I nearly shriek in surprise.


“So, you agree to take it?” she asks, her tone suddenly as serious as her intense gaze.


“Y- yes?” I tell her.


“Good!” she says, taking her hand away with that wide, crazy smile again.


She slides a card toward me and I stare at it as she packs her little case and stands.


“Wait,” I say, staring at the card.  “That’s it?  That’s really it?”


The ends of her lips curl down, her smile fading inch by inch.  She looks sad for a moment and glances to her left.  She starts to say something but there’s a sudden intense pressure and, I swear to god I’m not making this up, her eyes go vertical and her ears quiver.  She yowls in a weird way and then it’s all gone and she hangs her head.


“Yes,” she gasps.  “That’s it.  That’s all.  I have to go.  I’m meeting someone else.  Thank you.  Thank you.


And she leaves.  Just like that.  So, I finish my food and leave.


I’m holding the bottle in my pocket while walking back to work.  Rolling it in my fingers.  Bouncing it a little.  My keycard lets me in and I walk past Charles again.  I can hear his music clearly as I pass him.  I honestly have no idea how his ears aren’t destroyed by now.


Sitting at my desk, I place the little bottle beside my keyboard.  I push it a little bit.  It’s got a tiny cork stopper and seems harmless enough.  And I do have pretty dry skin.  I didn’t use lotion this morning so this would hold me over.  Then I could just tell Terry it didn’t work when she calls again to try to get me to sign up.  Because I know she will.  That’s how this always works.


Unplugging the bottle, I bring it to my nose out of curiosity and breathe in deeply.  It smells sweet.  Almost like mint.  Almost but not quite.  It’s mixed with a spice I can’t quite identify.


The tip of my tongue reaches out, stretching as it flicks up and down so I can taste the scent a little more closely.  Not bad actually.


My tongue lengthens further, unspooling.  I stare at the bottle, not noticing as the rounded, fleshy tip of my tongue splits into a fork.  Black lines fill the gaps in the bumps of my tongue as they flatten.  Fleshy pink begins to fade to darkness as I reel my tongue in.  It sits oddly in my small mouth, writhing and exploring my teeth and gums like it was a separate animal.


I tip the bottle on the back of my hand and it oozes out in a translucent green glob.  Not exactly appealing, honestly.


My pupils are widening.  No, rather, they appear to be widening as my dull brown eyes erode into glossy ebony.  Once more my tongue flicks out, tasting the air as I begin to rub the mixture into my skin.


It feels good going in.  Warm.  Soothing.  I twist my hands together as the gaps between my teeth begin to vanish.  They meld together and my lips attach to them, folding over and then down.  Segmented lines appear in my lips as my dark eyes focus on my hands.


The warmth from the oil spreads up my arms and I close my eyes.  The skin from my eyelids fades from pink to gray to transparency and I “open” my eyes with a clear scale now protecting them.


Holding my hands up, I turn them, twisting them back and forth.  My hands still look dry.  Maybe it takes time?  My tongue flicks out in annoyance but the warmth is still traveling my body, rising up to my neck.


Small bones begin to form beneath the skin of my neck.  Tiny ribs that grow as new muscles join them.  I massage the dull pain it causes and my skin feels strangely loose.




Ah, that felt damn good.  My neck cracks.  More ribs form.  My skull travels further on my body and I twist my now longer neck as it pops again.  And grows longer.


The loose skin along my growing neck is hardening.  Cracking at the edges.  The new muscles forming within attach to the new ribs and the skin flares out into a wide hood.




Fuck, the release is almost sensual.  I glance around the office, sitting high enough now to see over my partition.  Charles isn’t in my line of sight to see me and there’s nobody else around.


I slip a hand beneath the band of my pencil skirt as my tongue flicks out.  I’m wet.  Holy crap, I’m wet.  The tip of my pointer finger toys with my clit and then I slid my hand down between my thighs, slipping between my wet folds.


Touching myself in the office is taboo but oh so sexy.  It’s been a while since I’ve let the pressure off and doing it here?  Delicious.  My tongue slips free, flicking up and freezing as I groan.


My jaw aches but I lean my long neck back as my hood flares out beside me and I scoot my ass down.


Skin presses together between my wet thighs, pushing my hand up.  Bones are dissolving and changing beneath my hand but I’m lost in my ecstasy.  Playing with myself as my pussy is forced forward by the skin sealing my thighs together.


“Yesssss,” I gasp as quietly as I can.  Tiny fangs pierce my bottom jaw as a venom gland begins to form in a sheath behind my eyes.  My vision wavers for a moment but quickly returns and I jerk from a mini orgasm.  I’m shoving my fingers down into my flat, opened pussy as the skin between my legs grows down to my knees.


And then a bigger orgasm hits me.


And I shove my hand against my face.


And I feel two long fangs flaring out on a wide face.


My face.


My fangs.


I look down and the world does this weird thing.  Or my brain does.  Everything is in the wrong place and I’m too far away from myself. I feel disconnected.


But, holy shit, my legs!


“Holy shit!” I scream, pushing back from my desk.


I fall to the ground when I try to stand.  My skirt tears down the side to show bare skin that appears to glisten in the overhead lighting.


I claw at it and my skin is weird.  It’s slippery smooth and beginning to show little cracks.  My nails tear at my skirt and I feel sharp pain on my skin.  Bending my long neck (that’s even more weird!) I look and see clear, thick claws lining each finger.


And I’m half naked.  On the floor.  In my cubicle.  Writhing on the floor as my calves begin to press together.


I concentrate on my legs but my muscles aren’t working right down there.  I move my ankles but my lower body also twists and turns in response because I’m apparently moving entirely new muscles.  The rest of my skirt tears free as my lower body begins expanding, the skin stretching over powerful, dense muscles.


My calves are gone and I panic, trying to tell my body to stand.  To please, for the love of god, stand!


Instead, I twist, my lower body swiveling beneath me and I rise on a proto-tail that’s still expanding.  I can feel my toes touching the ground behind me like I’m kneeling but it’s all wrong.


The heat is returning as the process changing my tail begins to move up my body.  I look down to see my pussy lips folding inward and my pussy itself becoming a slit that closes to leave a thin, wet line in the middle of cracked, green-ish skin.


But then my skin begin to dry and I start to see it for what it is – scales.


I hiss in alarm and my hood widens dramatically.  The ribs flare and my shirt strains to contain it before tearing down the back to reveal smooth, pale emerald skin.  My hands immediately go to my tits to hide them but that’s a mistake because they’re oddly sensitive.


The changes progress inhibited and my pudgy tummy flattens into a harden rack of muscle.  Further it travels and I feel my chest grow heavy.  My pale skin grows white before taking on the almost sickly green hue but I don’t care about that.  I care that my breasts over overflowing my arms.  They swell painfully but also in a strangely erotic way.


I move and my still growing tail uncoils, lowering my body.  My breasts strain, skin cracking in drying scales that surround my hardened nipples.


I hiss, my tongue flicking as I feel my pussy clench in a weird way.  I twist and look down to see my slit opening to reveal pink, wet muscles.  Eager and hot.


Brown hair slips to the ground around me as the changes reach my head.  Pain flares in my nasal cavity as my skull flattens and elongates.  I push my palms against my temples only to feel my ears pulling back into the side of my wide body.


And then it all stops.  Except for the ache lower in my body.  I ignore it, looking down at pale white skin that’s turning to a brilliant jade as it dries.  My belly is whiter than the-


Goddammit.  I can’t!  It’s still there!  Painful now.  I can almost hear a cackling laugh and my tongue tastes the smell of rotten eggs as I push forward, slithering awkwardly on my tail like a baby taking its first steps.


As I round the corner and wriggle more confidently down the corridor, Charles notices me in the reflection of his monitor.


He turns and screams but I grab him and my biceps bulge as I hold him in place.


“Charlessss,” I hiss.  My pussy is open and dripping, clear liquid leaking down my slick scales.


“Pleasssssse,” I beg.  “I need thissss.  Pleasssse.”


His pupils widen as I talk and his mouth gapes open.  I reach down with my other hand to rub his cock and it slow grows hard.


“Yessss,” I tell him, tasting the scent of him on his cheek with my tongue.  Kissing him.  He’s not that attractive but I don’t care.  I can’t care.  “Yessss, pleasse.  Charlesss.”


I lean back to show him my pussy and he nods slowly, undoing his zipper.  His cock springs forth and I lead him to me, laying back.  His hands grip my tail, shockingly warm on my body but I gasp and hiss as he presses into me.


My claws draw blood on his back when I hold him tight, rocking my tail back and forth and lowering myself further until he’s at the right angle.  I can’t stop my tail from curling around his warmth.  Encircling him with my scales.  Holding him in place as he wraps himself against me.  I steal his body heat as he kisses my wide, powerful stomach.


“Fuck me!  Hard!” I command him and he pounds into me silently, his skin slapping against my scales.


I’ve been on edge since I started changing and it takes no time before I cum, hissing loudly while the tip of my tail thrashes behind me, thumping the ground.


And still Charles doesn’t stop.  I haven’t told him to stop.  So he continues to fuck me like the good little servant he is.  Grunting and groaning as he holds back his orgasm.  Veins stand out on his forehead as his face reddens and I barely notice as I lose myself in the ecstasy, clenching and unclenching against his hard manhood.


He’s keening as he slams into me and his eyes are rolled back, concentrating hard on obeying me.  My claws grip his hair as I shake from another orgasm and my hood flares as I writhe.  God, it’s so intense.  That rotten smell fills the air again and my tongue flicks forth automatically but I ignore it.  I need this.  I need it more than anything.


“Cum in me,” I whisper to him, holding him against my body, caressing his warm skin as he shouts from the release I’ve granted him.


He shudders as he fills me, pulsing with each gout of his hot cum.  I groan as I take all of it and feel it leaking free, coating my slick, hardened scales.


I should be done.  I should be satisfied.  But I feel empty inside and I know it’ll take more than that.  More than just him.


“I need more, Charlessss,” I tell him, lowering my breast to his mouth.  My nipples is immediately stiff as he eagerly sucks at it.  I can’t get enough of how warm he is.  “Call Troy.  Tell him there’ssss sssome emergensssy.  Or whatever you need to sssay to get him here.”


“But, his wife,” he says, breaking away before I push his head to my other breast.


“I don’t care,” I answer, moaning as I lean my hooded head back.  My mouth opens wide to show my fangs as the edge of another orgasm begins to build.  “Both.  Have them both come.  I need it.”


I hold him inside of me as I swivel to grab his cellphone and hand it to him.  His voice is artificially cheerful as he continues to thrust his cock inside of me.  He’s shrunken but it’s still enough until I make him use his mouth and fingers.  My own hands slid across my chest, grasping my huge, heavy tit to bring it up to my long, forked tongue.


Charles’ phone drops to the ground as he ends the call and resumes focus on me.  I lose track of time until I hear the front door open.  Pushing Charles away, I move with surprising speed through the hallway, pining Troy and his wife Nancy just as she begins to scream.

The woman’s scream cuts off as I stare into her eyes.  I wrap them both with my tail, leeching their heat, and they grow limp and complacent.


I whisper commands in their ears and they undress.  Charles comes to me, joining Nancy as they both suckle on my breasts and Troy presses his large cock into my wet slit.


“Fuck her,” Nancy gasps between breaths.  She’s massaging my breast as her tongue wraps around my hardened nipple.  “Fuck her and fill her and make her cum!”


I grab Charles’ cock with one clawed hand and my other wraps around Nancy’s warm, bare ass.  She jerks as I slip a finger into her soppy wet pussy and we twist together, lost in our pleasures as dark laughter fills the air.

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