Solo Play Ch. 02

“Olivia!” came a whispered shout.  “Olivia, you have to see this!”


Olivia sighed, adjusting her glasses before standing from her desk.  She stretched, raising to her tip-toes before walking around the small partition of her cuble.  Nodding, she smiled at Joseph across the way and then stepped into Sandra’s cubicle.


“I have a meeting in a minute,” the girl chided her coworker.  “What is it?”


“Look, look!  It’s soooo adorable!”  Sandra told her.


A small video played on the monitor.  In it, a long plastic sheet was laid out on vibrant grass and a hose sprayed water along its length.  Three children cheered from the side as the camera panned to show a Great Dane with its chest lowered to the ground before the plastic.  It wiggled its raised butt once, twice and then ran, leaping onto the plastic.


Olivia watched as the dog slid on the plastic until it reached the end and tumbled to its back.  The person holding the camera followed it, zooming in on the dog as it rolled and then squirmed happily on its back.


The blonde-haired woman watched, her cheeks growing red as her eyes wandered.


“Isn’t that so funny?” Sandra chuckled.


Normally the older woman shared inane videos from the Internet and Olivia indulged her to be polite but, this time, the bespectacled young woman found herself growing warm.  She played with the wedding ring on her finger as she watched the dog roll to its stomach.


“Play it again,” she said quietly, licking her lips.


She’d denied herself lately, trying to hold it back.  To hold herself back.  A single thought had been running through her head, keeping her awake at nights and forcing herself to indulge.  She’d almost been caught by her husband.  So, she held herself back.  It was wrong, she’d told herself.  Wrong to consider it.


But it’d been too long and the urge was powerful.


“Okay,” Sandra said, pulling the progress bar to the beginning.  


Olivia focused on the dog.  His form.  His shape.  The smoothness of his short fur.  His powerful legs and the tail arched back in excitement.  She watched it run and pounce and then leaned closer as it rolled to show its belly.


She could almost feel the fur.  The sleek softness of it.  The-


She shook herself.




“You’re still coming, right?” Joseph called out as he walked past.


“Y- yeah, I’ll be there,” Olivia said, shaking herself from her daze.  She breathed deeply, holding it back.  Ignoring the tickling sensation against her back.


She followed behind Joseph, eyes focused inward.  Her black slacks, white button-down shirt and light sweater suddenly felt too heavy.  Too hot.  Too much.






The itch slowly faded as she opened the conference room door.  It was their small conference room with an oblong table and three of her coworkers already sat on one side of the table near the projector’s screen.  She eyed them, licked her lips and sat on the opposite side near the back.


Her ears tingled and her nipples itched despite pushing away at the change.  She’d been so good at ignoring it.  Two weeks was a record for her and she’d almost thought she could keep doing it.  Almost.  Damn Sandra.


Jack, their CFO, stepped into the room.  He dimmed the lights until they were nearly off and then sat at the front while adjusting his glasses.


“Everyone here?” Jack asked, glancing around the room.  “Great, go ahead of get started, Dee.”


Olivia scooted her chair close to the table.  She reached up to scratch her ear and then blushed, forcing her hands down to her lap.  


She hated what she wanted to do to her husband but the urges were getting too hard to ignore the longer they lived together.  It was wrong, she knew it was wrong.  But, the thought of him joining her turned her on far beyond what she thought was possible.


What would he be? She asked herself as Dee began to talk.  A Great Dane like the video?  Powerful and sleek?  And.  And thick?  Down there?  God.  God dammit.


Just from the video and the brief thought of him changing, she could feel her wetness and the scent wafted up to her nose.  To a sense of smell that was suddenly stronger than it should be.  Flecks of black appeared in her small nose and her teeth began to ache.  She was certain everyone could smell her.  


Maybe.  Maybe just a little.


Olivia glanced around the room as she reached for the zipper at the front of her pants.  She pulled slowly, lifting it away from her mound.  Since she’d begun enjoying her change, she’d let herself grow wild and her pubic hair was thick, spreading over her labia and covering her mound in soft, curly blonde hairs.


She reached into the fly, toying with her hairs.  Twisting and pulling and stroking herself carefully.  The hairs moved.  It was easy to miss but she could feel it – could feel her fur piercing her skin and tangling with her hair.  She placed her left arm on the table and stared ahead with a fixed expression.


Focus.  Focus.  Keep it small.  Keep the changes small.


Olivia shivered as tiny hairs grew between her shoulder blades, tickling her.  She ignored it, breathing evenly as she pressed her hand forward beneath the band of her panties.


The young woman stroked her labia.  In her arousal, they’d begun to swell and she bit into her bottom lip while adjusting her glasses with her left hand.  She loved the feel of it beneath her fingers.  She was so soft and smooth there, despite the wild hairs.  And it felt-


A soft growl sounded at the back of her throat.


Her lips slid against her panties.  She separated her fingers, index and pointer to one side, ring and pinky to the other side so she could feel both of them.  Until she was unable to help herself and her index finger pressed beneath her swelling lips.  They shrunk as they grew, their softness solidifying beneath the blood filling them.  The blood and her heat and her change.  


Her labia pushed out and she pulled at them, unable to stop herself from shuddering.  Her nails – kept short once she started letting her hair grow out – scratched against her soft thighs.  Claws now.  Almost.


Pulling her hand free, she zipped herself up and tapped the table gently next to Joseph with her left hand.  She mouthed “bathroom” and then stood to slink from the room.


Once free, she hurried through the hallway to the private executive bathroom, locking the door behind her.  She wasted no time in unbuttoning herself and pulling down her pants.  She bit at her shirt to pull it up slightly as she sat back against the handicap railing while facing the mirror.


To watch herself.  


Dark blonde hairs lined her lower stomach and her sex was the color of rosewood.  As she watched, it darkened further until her blackened swollen lips lay exposed.  Clear liquid seeped from her lips.


She loved watching herself because she could imagine both sides.  Without a mate, she needed to pretend to be both and she pictured a male behind her, watching her pussy as he entered her.  Imagining those strange lips opening around a hard cock.  


Olivia whined as she drooled onto the shirt she held between sharpened canines.  She raised one leg to rest it on the railing set against the wall to her right.


She wore heels with straps and she curled her toes as the straps pulled tight against her feet.  Dark gray skin covered the bottom of her toes and she could see the edge of the emerging padding along the balls of her feet.  The young woman anchored herself with her left hand and then released her shirt.


Her tongue was getting too big to contain without drooling everywhere.  She let it free, feeling it wet and warm against her chin.


The back of her shirt rubbed against her skin.  No.  The back of her shirt rubbed against the tip of her tail.  It surprised her but she welcomed it despite the danger.  It had been a while and she missed it – one of the more obvious signs that she wasn’t human.  Not entirely.  She felt it against the top of her ass cheeks, the downy fur fuzzy against her smooth skin as it wagged.


She focused on herself, leaning back to watch as she pressed a finger against the three folds of her thick pussy.  She could feel the tip of her claw but she didn’t care.  Her finger slipped inside as she moaned, her throat vibrating into a softly groaning growl.  


It was moving too fast and too far but she needed it badly.  She shouldn’t have held back.  And she wouldn’t now.


She lowered her leg and then undid her shoes to free her feet, standing on the thick padding that now lined her soles.  She knelt, bracing herself on her left forearm before shoving her ass back against the wall.  

Pretending her mate was there.  She raised and lowered her hips, groaning as her sex rubbed the wall.  As she marked it.  Her glasses slid from her lengthening face as her muzzle grew forth.  They clattered to the ground but she was lost in her pleasure, too distracted to notice.


It wasn’t her intention to go this far but she wouldn’t stop.  She raised herself to her knees while pulling her sweater off.  Laying it on the floor next to her, she undid her shirt, her claws tearing small holes in the thin fabric as she rushed.


“Need it,” she gasped, her unfocused eyes flooding with gold.  “Need it bad.  Fucked.  To get fucked. Yes.  Yes.  God, yes.”


It was taking her now and she welcomed it.  Welcomed the rush of warmth and unfocused mind – as if she were happily drunk.


She struggled out of her pants, pulling and growling until she was free and then she rolled to her side, shoving her clawed hands between her thighs.  Rubbing herself with the leather-like padding that was forming along her palm.  Clawing at her soft, fuzzy thighs.  


Small cramps formed along her lower belly.  She turned, grabbing her loose sweater in sharp teeth and shaking her head to fight the urge to bark.  Muscle and tissue pushed aside beneath her belly to make room for the milk ducts growing within.


They ached for attention even before they properly formed.  She touched the spots where they would stand on her belly, her hands running through soft, short blonde fur.  Her tail, thick and furred, wagged happily, thumping the solid ground almost painfully.  


As much as she could play with herself, she’d never had a mouth on her teats.  Not since that one night.  She craved it now.  Desperately.  She wanted to feel soft lips on her little nipples while being pounded from-


She paused, mid-stroke and her head cocked.  Releasing the sweater, her furred brow furrowed and her sharp ears titled back.


It was a new thought.  Strange but interesting.  Soft lips on her teats.  Not her husbands.  Not in her mind.  A woman’s mouth.  


Olivia bit into her lip and her finger slipped into her tight pussy.  She could see it now.  A woman on the bed.  Beneath her.  Playing with herself as she sucked at Olivia’s teats.  Giving each of them attention until they were reddened and wet and throbbing in the air.  All while her husband’s claws dug into her ass and he pounded into her.  


Yes, she squeaked, thrilling at the image of it.  At the thought of spreading another woman’s legs and licking her clit.  At feeling it changing and shifting in her mouth.


At the thought of her husband having two bitches to breed.


It was a powerful thought.  And a dangerous one.  


Her hand sped up and she went to her knees, bracing herself once more.  All fours.  


Harder and faster, rocking herself back as her fur lengthened.  As her tongue dangled.  As her tail arched back over her.


Faster.  Faster.  Until she came and her toe claws scratched against the tile.  She shook and shoved herself back before sucking at her fingers, eager to taste herself.  She knew she could continue but, with the release, her mind began to strengthen.  


Before the changes reverted, she stood in a hurry to stare at herself.  To store how she looked so that when her husband fucked her horny brains out that night, she could picture herself clearly.  She turned to regard her long muzzle from the side.  Her small breasts were almost hidden beneath her thick pelt but her nipples peeked out.  Her teats, she noticed, were covered.  Olivia pulled the fur aside to expose them, pushing aside thick hair to show her pink belly and the dark nipples.


And then she turned, spreading her thighs with her upper body leaned forward against the wall.  The sight of herself drove her wild.  Her favorite angle – from behind with her thick black lips exposed beneath golden fur and her tail curled back while standing on her paws.


Reverting back felt like a loss now but she knew it was necessary.  She calmed herself as best she could and dressed, glad that she’d worn a sweater so she could hide the claw marks in her shirt.  She’d have to throw it away before her husband saw.


As she stepped her bare feet into her heels, she wondered why she’d held herself back.  It was who she was.   More than that, she loved it.  And she wanted it.


At that moment, she decided she’d never hold back again.


She returned to the meeting with renewed vigor and her coworkers barely spared her a glance.  Joseph took his turn but she ignored him, instead focusing on Dee.


Daniela liked to go by Dee.  She was a shy girl who often hid her smiles behind her hand.  Her black hair was loose and she wore clothes too large for her figure.  Olivia could never decide if she was ashamed of her curves or whether she’d just never learned how to shop for herself.  


A part of her had always wanted to draw the girl out.  Now she wondered – was it just to talk to her more?  Was it attraction? 


Dee glanced at Olivia and then looked away quickly before Olivia could smile back.


In college, she’d experimented with a female friend of her roommate.  She’d enjoyed herself but never took it further as she’d been more attracted to men.  Still, the thought of a woman sucking on her teats while being fucked made shiver.  More than that was the idea of her husband with her and another woman.  Of the three of them – changed and enjoying the pleasures of their changes.


Thinking of her husband losing himself in it, plunging his cock into Dee and then switching to Olivia – the thought was intoxicating.  She could picture herself shoving the other girl’s head down to her pussy, watching as the other girl was fucked.  Watching as fur grew from the woman’s bare back as her husband’s knot pounded against the other girl’s pussy.  As the other two howled from the pleasure of the changes.


They would, she knew.  From her own experience.  Her own first change was burned in her mind.  A night of drunken sex, terror at the start of her changes and then losing herself to the insane heat.  It was addictive.  It wouldn’t matter what they thought.  They would come to love it.  To want it.


Her face flushed and she sighed with in involuntary breath as she pictured them.


They would come to need it.


After the meeting, Olivia collected her things and lagged behind.  She waited a few moments before walking over to Dee’s desk and saying hello.  The short, curvy girl was surprised when she stopped by but her smile was genuine and Olivia clawed at her own thigh.


“Hey Olivia,” Dee said.  “Did you need something?”


“Oh,” Olivia answered.  “I just thought I would say hello.  We don’t chat much and I’d like to change that and get to know you better.”


“Oh!  Okay!” Dee said, absentmindedly toying with the collar of her own shirt.  


“Maybe we could even grab lunch,” Olivia told her, her eyes dipping to the girl’s surprisingly large cleavage.


“I’d like that,” Dee told her.  “I’m still new here and it’s hard for me to make friends, you know?”


Olivia reached out to touch the other girl’s knee gently, feeling a thrill as she did.  As she pulled her hand back, a short claw pulled at Dee’s stocking, cutting a tiny hole in the fabric.


“Well,” Olivia said, her voice husky with desire.  “I think we could be very good friends.  I’ll just go grab my purse.”


Focus, she told herself.


Focus.  Hold it back.  Not yet, he repeated.  Grabbing her purse, she took a deep breath, scratching at her right ear.  Plenty of time.

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