A man sees a young woman in his reflection and his own changes begin.

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A low buzz filled the restaurant, accompanied by the clink of silverware against bone china plates.  


Todd stood by at the end of the bar to survey the tables, but, more importantly, to watch the hostess and the doorway beyond.


The hostess was a sight to behold with black slacks that outlined her hips and ass tight enough to show a gap between her thighs.  Her loose blouse billowed around her body.  He smirked when she turned to guide a guest.  A long, V-shaped cut in the center of her blouse did little to hide the swell of her breasts while her curly black hair bounced against the middle of her back as she walked between the tables.


Todd lifted his tumbler to his lips, sipping the golden whiskey while following the woman with his eyes.  Ruffles waved on the edges of the blouse’s cut while her loose breasts bounced and his smirk widened into a hungry smile.


When the woman returned to her station, he rested back with his elbows on the bar to stare openly.  His eyes flowed down her body, from the tip of her head and her glossy hair down to her ass.  He could almost feel the strands of her hair winding around his fingers in his imagination, as he bent her over with his free hand lifting her hip.  Pulling hard as she moaned and begged for him to-


Another woman stepped through the doors, past the small waiting area and up to the lectern in front of the hostess.  He studied her and sighed.  His date had arrived.


“Jane,” he whispered just before tossing back the rest of his drink.


Her name fit her well, he thought.  Generic – much like she looked.  Different from her photos on the app but not much – more flattering lighting than outdated pictures from years ago.  He’d expected as much despite hoping otherwise.  Her mousey brown hair was held back by chopsticks and he thought her glasses were too large for her face.


Attractive enough, he told himself before cocking his head slightly to look her over once more.  Well, at least not unattractive.


Todd strolled, unhurriedly, taking his time while his date tried to explain that she was meeting someone who already had reservations.  When he was over halfway to her, she looked up, squinted and then smiled with a little wave of her hand.


“I already have a table, thank you,” Todd told the hostess with a warm, welcoming, hungry smile.  


He reached out to wrap his arm around Jane and she flinched at the unexpected contact.  Her mouth opened, as if she would complain about the touch, but she closed it and walked stiffly with him until they reached their table.


“Ah!” Todd said, stopping with his hand on the back of her chair.  He chuckled while she stared at him, puzzled by the sudden outburst.


“Is- is everything alright?” She asked.  


“Oh, no, it’s nothing, just a random thought,” he told her while pulling her chair back.


Plain Jane, the words echoed in his mind.  How apt.


After pushing her seat forward, he took his own seat and a waiter joined them immediately.  The young man placed a drinks menu on the table, but Todd returned it.


“We’ll take a bottle of your house wine – red, thank you,” Todd told him.  


“Very good,  May I bring anything else?” the waiter asked while filling their glasses with water.  Once finished, he placed the carafe near the edge of the table.


“No, that’s all, thank you,” Todd told him.


“Very good. And would you like your wine now or with dinner?” the waiter inquired.


“Now,” Todd said.


“So, Jane, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” Todd lied.  They’d messaged only two days on the dating app before he asked her out.  She’d hesitated until he’d let some disinterest creep into the conversation – a subtle threat to write her off and find someone else.  Not that he was only planning to see her.  There were three other women he was actively chatting with and one was meeting him next week.


“Oh!  Oh, yes, thank you for meeting me.  And- and for dinner!” she added, looking up briefly before staring back down at her menu.  “It’s all so- Oh, gosh, it’s expensive.  I- I didn’t- I didn’t know.  I mean, I’d heard it was expensive, but I didn’t know it’d be this much.”


“It’s fine, it’s my treat,” he told her.  She wore a sweater that hid her figure yet they did nothing to hide her enormous chest.  Her one redeeming feature in his eyes and the only reason he’d continued to message her after the initial kneejerk swipe.  “Order whatever you like.”


“You’re- you’re a lot more attractive than in your pictures,” Jane said suddenly.  She flinched at her words and forced her head down to her menu.  “Umm.  Umm..  It’s just- I’ve been on a few dates and most of them use really old pictures.”


He smiled lazily and wondered if she was looking for a compliment in return.


“Thank you,” he told her.  “I like to keep in shape.  I truly do believe the old adage that your body is a temple.”


A single drop of sweat formed on his brow.  It beaded, wobbled and fell, tracing a path down to his earlobe where he reached up to pinch and then wipe it away.


“Time at the gym working out is never wasted,” he continued.  “And it creates a base for general health as well as self confidence.  I feel like it’s a shame if someone has never been able to enjoy their body at its peak performance.”


He grimaced when a cramp dug into his stomach, but it passed quickly and he massaged himself just beneath his breastbone.  Another drop of sweat rolled down his forehead and around the edge of his eye while a third drop fell between his shoulder blades.


Something in his voice made Jane look up at him after marking her place with her finger.


“Are you okay?  You- you look a little pale,” she said, her brow furrowed with concern.


He waved his left hand with his fingers spread but tugged at the collar of his button-down shirt with his right hand.


“I’m fine,” he told her before redirecting the conversation.  “Have you decided?”


“Oh!  Yes, I think so,” she answered.


He caught his waiter’s attention before groaning and pressing his hand into his stomach.


“Are you ready to order?” the waiter asked.


“I’ll have the steak, medium rare with potatoes and asparagus,” Todd said.


“And for the lady?” the waiter prompted.


“I’ll- I’ll have the house salad with chicken, please,” Jane told him while folding her menu to hand up to the waiter.  


“Very good.  I’ll be back with a basket of our bread and your wine,” the waiter told them.  He took Todd’s menu to add to Jane’s menu and left the table.


“Are you sure you’re alright?” Jane asked.


“I’m- I think-” Todd struggled to say.  He craned his neck while pulling at his undershirt.  “Excuse me.”


He pushed his chair back and staggered as he stood, barely catching himself on the table.  Another cramp knifed through him and he turned while clearing sweat from his top lip.  He could feel how cold and clammy his skin was and his hand shook when he wiped it against his pant leg.


Todd shaded his eyes as he walked.  The dining room was suddenly too bright and the noise of the patrons was too loud.  Conversations buzzed while his ears rang with the sounds of rustling cloth and forks scraping knives.  He burst into the bathroom just in time to grip the edge of a sink.


A single drop of sweat hung from the tip of Todd’s nose when he bowed his head.  Waves of heat followed a strange iciness that left him shivering when hormones washed through his body.  When he trusted himself enough to stand on his own, he turned on the faucet.  Todd cupped his hands together beneath the running water and bent further to splash it against his face.  He repeated the gesture and then held onto the sink once again as the cramps began to recede.


He inhaled slowly with his eyes closed before exhaling.  Water dripped from his nose and chin.  When he looked up to check himself in the mirror, he screamed.


A woman stood silently behind him when he knew he’d been alone.


No.  His brain shifted gears, realigning his perception with reality.


His reflection wasn’t showing and the woman was reeling with a look of startled horror on her face, the same as he felt.


She was alone in the bathroom.  Dressed in his suit with the top three buttons open to show the hint of her breasts.  Thick, luxurious red curls framed her heart-shaped face.


Todd moved and she moved in his place.


“What-?” he asked and her mouth asked the question with her eyes narrowing in confusion.


He’d seen the insipid videos shared by some of his colleagues where twins played a prank on people, moving together as if a mirror separated them, only for one of them to suddenly act differently to scare the third party.  His brain frantically tried to associate with those videos in an effort to force sense into the situation.


He jerked his hand unexpectedly and she followed his movements exactly.  When he slapped his chest, her hand folded over her breasts and his mirror-reflected shirt quivered when the woman’s tits shook from the impact.


“What- what the fuck is this?” he asked.


Todd held his hands out before him and she repeated the gesture exactly.  He stared past his thick fingers with trimmed nails to the long, red painted nails tipping her slender, hairless fingers.


He licked his lips and her tongue ran over her full, pouting lips in return.  When Todd glanced towards the door, she followed, staring back at him when he looked into the mirror once more.  


His shaking fingers worked against his button, pulling it from the loop and he watched her nails press into the fabric of his shirt.  After the next button, he pulled his dress shirt apart and his undershirt down to stare at her braless cleavage.


The bathroom door opened with a nearly silent hiss and the man stared at Todd curiously when Todd pulled his hand away from his chest.  His heart raced, beating furiously as he waited for the other man to react to the woman in the mirror.  The new arrival glanced into the mirror and kept walking to a far stall, leaving Todd blinking at his reflection’s long lashes fluttering over her eyes.


Shit!  Shit!  Todd thought while turning and stepping over to a urinal.


His fingers shook once more as he unbuckled himself quickly and sighed in relief when he saw his cock still in place.  He stared at the tiles in front of him and nearly moaned when he saw the ghostly curved reflection of the woman staring back at him.  His breathing was ragged until he closed his eyes and forced himself to relax in order to finish his business.  After flushing, tucking everything back in and buckling his belt, he turned back to the mirror.


She was still there, standing in front of the urinal with a look of faint panic on her face.  Todd bowed his head to wash his hands but he looked up to see the crown of her head and the way her curls hung around her pale face.


He left the bathroom quickly, his date forgotten as he rushed around the perimeter of the room and out through the front door without acknowledging the hostess when the woman wished him a good evening.


The redhead was there in the black reflection of his phone when he placed it on the dock in his car.  She was there when he looked at the rearview mirror.  He could see her nails in the windshield, barely visible but clasped around the steering wheel.


His drive home was a rush that he barely remembered.  He parked the car in his garage and raced inside, only letting out a relaxed breath when he closed his front door.  He pressed his back into it and slid slowly down to the wood floor with his palms massaging his eyes.


The cramps were gone, along with the strange temperature changes.  He lay his head against the door while his phone buzzed where he’d dropped it.  There was no headache and no pain anywhere else.  No voices or other stereotypical things he associated with someone going crazy.  


Pulling his hands away, he looked down at his body – at his flat stomach, strong legs and the bulge of his biceps beneath his shirt.


Todd swallowed and then jumped when his phone rang.  He glanced at the screen to see Jane’s name, but he ignored her, leaving the phone where it was as he stood and walked, staring at his feet the entire time on the way to the bathroom.


“Oh fuck,” he cursed when he finally worked up the nerve to look in the mirror.


She bore a look of terror now and he felt that in his chest.  Her hair was in disarray and her lipstick – which he hadn’t even realized she was wearing – was smeared against her cheek.


“What the fuck is this?” he asked while leaning into the mirror.


Her face came closer and he stared at her while turning his head one way and another.  His fingers explored his own familiar face and hers followed suit, somehow mirroring his gesture despite how much smaller her features were.


“This can’t be real,” he told himself while watching her lips move.  “I’m going crazy.”


He turned and stripped, dropping his clothes to the ground and stepping into the shower.  Cold water splashed over his body as it warmed up and he focused on himself, staring at every inch of his own body as if he could reboot his brain with the proper self image.  When he was finished, he stepped out while avoiding the mirror and toweled off.


Brown hairs littered the towel when he finished drying his hair and more pulled free from his chest to show patches of smooth skin.  


Todd hung the towel and opened the medicine cabinet without looking at the mirror.  He grabbed his bottle of melatonin, shook two pills into his hand and swallowed them dry.  Muscles relaxed at the back of his throat and he surprised himself by not gagging as he’d done in the past.  Once finished, he brushed his teeth and stepped over his clothes in order to retrieve his phone from the entryway.  It buzzed once more in his hand with a new text message that he ignored.


The bed creaked slightly when he sat on the edge.  A standing mirror stood in the corner of the room, angled slightly.  He glanced at it, but it didn’t face him directly and he breathed out a ragged breath in relief before turning his phone over on his nightstand.  His hands gripped his knees tightly and he stared at them, at the hairs on the back of his knuckles and the short, ragged nail on his right pointer finger.  More hair covered his legs and his cock lay against the bed beneath a wild bush of brown pubic hair.


“Everything’s fine,” he told himself while massaging his throat.  A slight ache formed at the back of his mouth.  “I’ll just sleep it off.  It’ll be fine.”


Having spoken the words, he turned and slipped beneath his blanket with his arms exposed over his stomach.


“It’ll be fine,” he repeated, closing his eyes in order to steady his breathing while he waited for the melatonin to do its work.


He turned in his sleep later that night, groaning and whimpering.  Fibrous muscles tore throughout his body before melting alway over the course of several hours.  His skin tightened over his shrinking form while small pockets of fat formed and his new, soft skin took on a smooth texture.


Curly hairs littered his sheets as he twisted beneath his covers.


Todd whimpered and his eyelids fluttered as his eyes swept back and forth.  His dreams were strange senseless scenarios with a common theme of being full.  Of being filled.  His tongue writhed in his mouth and he moaned loudly while his close-cropped brown hair lengthened slightly to show red roots.



“God,” Todd groaned as he sat up and silenced his alarm.  “What the…”


His leg brushed a cold spot on the bed and he yanked back the covers to see a large cum stain on his blanket and sheets.


“Jesus Christ, I haven’t done that-” he thought back and shook his head.  Never.  He’d never had it happen before.  It’d been a thing of movies – teenagers with raging hormones having constant wet dreams and morning wood, but it had never happened to him.


Todd threw his blanket to the ground before pulling the sheet free.  Loose hairs scattered when he yanked hard enough that it snapped back at him and he grunted from the effort of it.  Only then did he realize how sore his entire body felt.  He grabbed the sheet and blanket to drag them into the utility room where he dumped them on the floor in front of the washing machine to deal with later that night.  He groaned and stretched and walked to the bathroom.


“Oh, fuck!” he screamed, his voice crackling slightly as he saw the woman in the mirror.  She yelled silently in his place and his heart skipped a beat until the memories of the prior evening returned to him.  “Oh.  Fuck.”


She looked like she’d just woken up.  Her hair was a mess and her makeup matched with a few little red spots of irritation marking her cheeks and brow.  He leaned in and touched spots but felt nothing on his own skin.


The image was disconcerting, but worse than that was feeling like it was affecting him.  As if he were the one with oily, dirty skin after leaving his makeup on overnight.  His face felt fine to his touch, but his reflection said otherwise and his brain struggled with the distinction.


“Goddammit,” he grumbled before starting the shower.


He normally waited until after his morning gym session, but he hated the thought of being unclean.  After going through his regular washing routine, he spent extra time cleaning his face.  He dried himself and stepped back out to stare at her.  The little red spots remained, but she looked otherwise clean and her wet, dark red hair clung to her back.  He reached up to run his fingers through his own hair, from the red roots and up as the color faded to brown.


Only now did he realize she was topless when her arms raised and bumped into her breasts.  He stared at her and felt himself grow hard.  Her tits were perfect – large enough that they bulged at the side of her body while still being firm and round.  He reached for them, transfixed, and while his hands went through to his chest, hers stopped at her breasts and he made squeezing motions, swallowing hard when the woman massaged her breasts in return.


Todd’s cock throbbed at the image and yet, a smaller part of him was enthralled by how it felt.  Not physically but mentally.  He lifted two fingers while watching her and he rubbed his own nipples, groaning when her fingertips bumped over her large, pink nipples to mirror his motion.  Now he could feel the sensation and he’d wondered why he’d never let a woman play with his nipples.  They were small yet he could feel a pleasant itching sensation that ran down his stomach and up to the roof of his mouth.  He moaned and rubbed his tongue in a wave while watching the woman’s nipples harden.  


Skin tightened around his areola, swirling while gathering at the base of his nipples until they widened and pushed away from his chest, flexing beneath his fingers and eliciting yet another moan that the woman echoed.  He stared at her mouth and lips and the rapturous expression she made and it only made him more aroused.  He lowered one hand to his cock while pinching and pulling at his fat nipple and he stroked himself, slow at first and then faster.


“Oh.  Ohh.  Ohhhhh.  Oh!  Oh!  Oh yes!” he moaned and then shuddered when he felt the release.  


Thick globs of cum splattered against the wall while his chest rose and fell and his ragged breathing slowed.  He stared at the wall while scratching the hairless, smooth skin just above his cock.


“Dammit,” he gasped as the cum slowly oozed down.  He grabbed toilet paper to wipe it up and toss it into the toilet.  When he’d finished, he brought his hand to his mouth, inhaling briefly before his tongue darted out to lick a small bit of cum from his knuckle.


As quickly as he could, he dressed himself and then tossed together a gym bag full of his workout clothes – something he normally took care of the night before.  He glanced at his watch after strapping it on and groaned when he realized how little time he had left.



She was everywhere in the gym with the mirrors completely covering the inside walls.


Worse, he couldn’t stop staring at her pert, shapely ass in the shorts he wore.  They were somehow tight enough to show the bottom curve of her cheeks while his tank top did nothing to hide her breasts.  As he moved around, he occasionally caught sight of her nipples and his cheeks burned while he glanced around to see if anyone else noticed before realizing that nobody else could see her.


It took serious concentration to ignore her and he found himself looking elsewhere – at the other men around him, mostly.  They grunted through their workouts while he set himself up at his first station.  Her breasts lay against the chest cushion until he glanced away to look at the guy across from him.  At his sweat-covered bulging muscles flexing every time he moved.

Todd shook his head.  He stood to grab the pull-down bar, sat and pulled.  His muscles trembled and he lifted himself while the weights barefly shifted on the machine.


What the hell? he wondered while leaning to look at how much weight he’d added to see if he’d made a mistake. It was his standard amount, but he could feel his aching muscles and he shrugged while taking twenty pounds off by adjusting the pin.


The plates shifted slightly before slamming back down.  Todd frowned, leaned over and moved the pin again.  Now the plates moved and he groaned but was unable to do more than bend his arms.  


“Dammit,” he cursed under his breath while massaging his shoulder.  “What the fuck?”


Finally, he lowered it by an additional forty pounds, sat back and pulled.  His arms still trembled but he was able to bring the bar down to his chest.  


In the mirror, she brought the bar below her tits and they lifted when he slowly brought the bar up.  Her breasts almost slipped out of the tank top while her nipples dragged against the fabric and he nearly let the entire bar go as he watched her.


“Fucking Christ, lady,” Todd muttered.  He refocused his attention elsewhere – watching another man’s form while doing squats – until he finished his set and moved on to the next machine.


A few other women worked out around him in tight Speedo and sports bras.  He glanced carefully at them, never lingering too long out of fear of being called out.  Still, he watched and found himself comparing them to the woman in the mirror.


As he hurried through his reduced workout, he was forced to halve the amount of weight he’d used previously and sometimes use less than half.  Sweat shined on his body while his muscles trembled and he gasped with the effort of every new set.


Bad sleep, maybe? he asked himself as he made his way back to the locker room.  I guess if it keeps up, I’ll go to the doctor.


Todd avoided the mirrors inside the locker room as much as he could out of fear that the others would somehow see her if he paid attention to her.  He stripped, placed his clothes in his locker and brought his body wash into the shower where a few others already stood beneath a steady stream of hot water.  He joined them, picking a spot in the corner to rinse the sweat from his body.  The shower massaged his aching muscles and he moaned as he turned in a slow circle.


She was there in his mind’s eye.  Her reflection as he worked out.  Her breasts nearly spilling forth.  Her nipples erect and excited, twin dimples against the thin tank top he wore.  The bottom of her ass cheeks bare when standing and the shorts pulling tight against her hips when sitting.  His cock throbbed and hardened and he reached for it until he realized where he was.  


Fuck! he gasped while turning to face away from the other men.  


He pushed the thought of her away and the men replaced her.  Their defined muscles from hours spent at the gym.  He’d never been able to reach their heights and he admired them for it – for their bulk.  God knows if they had seen the woman in the mirror, they would’ve gone crazy.  No bra with her tits hanging out for every guy to see.  Rubbing their bulges as they stared at her ass.  Coming over to offer to help.  Touching her.  “Accidentally” grinding against her.


Todd breathed quickly while leaning against the shower wall.  He could see it in his imagination and the thought excited him.  These huge men running their hands over her body, beneath her tank top, pulling down her shorts and bending her over.  His nipples hardened, twisting and he shuddered when water drilled into them.  A soft moan escaped his lips.


Loose hair covered his body until the shower pulled them down to his legs and further to the floor to swirl around the drain.  He turned slowly, reaching his hands up to scratch the stubble covering his face and his nails clawed against his smooth cheeks.  More red appeared on his scalp as his wet hair slid down to touch the base of his neck.  When he ran his fingers through his thicker hair, the brown slowly changed to auburn.  


He raised his head to let the water massage his aching nipples and the tender flesh beneath them.  His cock bobbed and throbbed and he whimpered at the need to touch himself while, in his imagination, the redhead bounced on a man’s cock with her shorts pulled aside, one firm hand holding her wrists behind her back and the other gripping her throat.  Her eyes rolled back in ecstasy from one orgasm after another.


When the shower sprayed against the head of his cock, he shoved his fingers into his mouth to bite hard and stifle an even louder moan.  Thousands upon thousands of new nerve endings were forming beneath the head and the dark red skin lightened slowly while the flared, circumcised head pulled flat.


“Bending.  Her over,” he whispered, seeing it so very clearly.  Bending over a weight bench with her head down and her ass up, pulling down her shorts for whoever wanted to use her.  Curly red hair hiding her face.  “Moaning like a s- s- slut.”


His nostrils opened and closed and he whimpered, louder and louder until his teeth crunched against bone and his throat vibrated from a low, long moan.  Cum splattered against the wall in thick ropes.  It was suddenly too much.  The head of his dick was suddenly oversensitive and he covered it with his free hand as it slowly grew limp.


“God.  God,” he panted while running his hand over his body and up against his firm, thumb-thick nipples.


Todd detached the shower head to rinse the cum from the walls, staring at it as it swirled away and seeing her covered in it instead.  Shiny cum on her back as she bounced her ass for the next to take her, begging them to finish inside of her this time.


“Such a slut,” he whispered.


He finished rinsing off and he walked through the locker room, blushing as he stared at the other men.  


They’d be the ones to do it, he thought to himself and he felt his cock stir briefly beneath his towel.


After drying himself off, he found himself spending longer than he should on his hair.  A glance at his watch told him he was already late and he cursed under his breath as he kept rubbing his head until he could feel the dry tips of his hair against his ears.


His underwear and clothing fit loosely against his body, but he was in too much of a rush to think about it.  He finished dressing, gathered his belongings and left.  A loud crash, followed by a grunt pulled his attention as he passed the front desk.  He turned to see a well built man apologizing for dropping his weights.  Todd stared, tracing the hardened lines in the man’s well-defined arms and legs with his eyes and he exhaled with his lips parted when he looked at his broad, strong hands.  He could almost feel those fingers against her ass, spreading her apart.


“God,” he gasped before rousing himself and leaving.



The touch of his clothes drove Todd to distraction as he sat in an afternoon meeting.  They hung against his smaller body yet it was the way they touched his completely hairless skin that left him gripping the arm of his chair and biting his lips.


Any movement made the clothes caress his body and he found himself growing more and more aroused as the day progressed.  It was a slow burning thing that surprised him and sent shivers down his spine while his cock throbbed, half hard, in his pants.


His nipples pressed against his shirt and several people eyed him curiously while wondering how they’d never noticed how large they were.  One department head bit back laughter in the middle of the meeting when reading a short email from another coworker in the same meeting that said, simply: they could cut glass.


Finally, it was too much.


“Excuse me,” Todd said quietly, pushing back in the plush chair to stand and leave the room.  


His breathing was fast and erratic while blood rushed to his cheeks and ears.  Despite his aching cock, he forced himself to walk slowly to the private bathroom, locking it behind him and bending over the sink to stare at the redhead.  


“Show me,” he told her while unbuttoning his vest.  He pulled it off and laid it on the counter before pulling his tie off and watching her mimic the motion.


There was sensuality in the way she wore his clothes.  In the way she stripped, tugging at the tie until it was loose and then tossing it aside.  Unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it from his slacks.


He stared at the undershirt she wore in the mirror.  At the way her breasts filled it out.  He reached up to touch his chest and he watched her hands surround her breasts while her fingers circled her nipples and his moan was barely drowned out by the overhead fan when he pinched and pulled and twisted his own nipples until they were hard and throbbing.


“Show me,” he gasped, panting as he pulled his shirt free.


Her breasts lifted and then dropped, slapping together before settling against her chest.  He whimpered at the sight of it while unbuckling his slacks and unzipping them.  Todd shoved at pants and underwear until they slid down his creamy thighs to pool around his shoes.  


He stared at her tits while stroking his cock, moaning at the sight of the lewd faces she made in the mirror.  He couldn’t get hard, but he didn’t care.  He pumped himself from just beneath the head and up over it with short strokes that left him whimpering as he played with his chest and stared at the way her tits bounced and how her fingers pressed into the soft skin.  


Sweat formed on his forehead before falling down his cheeks.  He licked his lips and they filled out, curving slightly while they grew plump and full.  He smiled at himself briefly before his eyes fluttered and his lashes lengthened while more joined until they were thick and long and enticing.


She was a porn star he could manipulate in whatever way he wanted.  A perfect doll on strings mimicking his desires as he rubbed the head of his limp dick.


“Yes, God, yes, you’re beautiful,” he said with a husky, needy voice that wasn’t quite his own.


It was coming.  His orgasm – a monstrous thing that was building upon the steadily growing arousal he’d felt all day.  Todd whimpered and pinched his nipple while massaging the flat, hairless skin surrounding it. 


Milk ducts threaded their way through the flesh beneath while fatty tissue formed, stretching the surrounding skin until small bumps formed against his chest, just enough to press into his palm.


His gasping, high pitched moan filled the room when the orgasm finally broke.  Cum dribbled from the tip of his softcock while his legs grew weak.  He grabbed at the counter to hold himself up before slowly letting himself down onto his knees.


“God.  God!” he moaned, hands against his face, pulling at his lips and down to his chest.


Todd’s thighs trembled from the aftershocks pulsing through his body.  He raised his arms to the sink in order to rest his forehead against them while trying to relax his body.  His short, auburn hair brushed against his neck, tickling his ears until he reached up to pull the strands back.


Definition faded from the man’s toned ass.  It sagged for a moment before filling out, growing rounded as it swelled behind him.  Two small dimples appeared low on his back, just above the cheeks.  As they grew, bones shifted in his waist, pushing against his narrow sides.  His sacrum opened and his hips widened in return.  Pain surprised him with a sharp click when the femoral heads at the tips of his femurs were forced outward into a new angle.  He sat back to massage his sides until the discomfort passed.


A thin tunnel opened deep in his hips.  A rudimentary uterus connected to it and it split to raise the twin folded wings of his nascent fallopian tubes.


When he trusted himself to stand, he pulled himself up and stared at the woman with her lust-filled, half closed eyes and full, parted lips.  


“You little slut,” he said, smiling at her with an impish, hungry grin.


His boxer briefs teased his smooth legs before pulling tight against his waist as he slid them up and they outlined his ass and hips.  He stared at her in the mirror, admiring the way his slacks hugged her perfect proportions while he struggled to pull his belt tight.  The prong refused to reach the well-worn fifth punch hole and he was forced to loosen it down to the second hole.


A quick glance at his watch, which spun loosely on his thin wrist, showed him that he was done for the day.  He nodded and grabbed a few hand towels to clean up after himself before unlocking the bathroom.


The shift in the angle of his thigh bones forced his gait to change.  His hips swayed as he walked and a few people turned to stare at him, glancing down at his round ass by reflex until they realized what they were doing and who they were looking at.  Oxytocin and endorphins pulsed through Todd’s body, along with a constant higher supply of estrogen.  He floated through the cubicles on a cushion of bliss until he reached his office.  


After retrieving his briefcase, he left, nodding at a few coworkers who continued to stare at him in bewilderment.  The cuffs at the end of his trouser’s pant legs caught against the hells on his oxford shoes, causing him to scuff his feet on the way to his car.  Once outside, the wind ruffled his hair, whipping it around his head.  Pulling and tugging, dragging it down against his back as the curly red hair lengthened past his shoulder blades.  His loose, baggy shirt fluttered around him as he hurried to his reserved parking spot to slip into the quiet comfort of his car.


The detail of the woman in the mirror never ceased to amaze him.  Her hair had been messy before his shower and now even the wind had affected her somehow.  He sat up to look at her before shaking his head and adjusting his seat to pull it forward so his feet could reach the pedals.


Traffic already backed up far enough to annoy him.  He sighed, merged and waited in queue with the rest of them.


Small cramps seized his lower stomach.  Tiny little pains that flared into painful existence before fading away and resurfacing once more.  He reached down to idly massage his crotch as his body fat began to move, gathering in his mons pubis to lift it while pushing it forward, shifting his cock slightly in return.


Fine red-gold hairs emerged over his mound in a feathery spray.


More than an hour later, as the sun was beginning to set, Todd pulled into the parking lot of his favorite bar.  He eased into a spot, turned off his car and stepped out with a groan.  The man pressed the tips of his thumbs into his lower back while stretching and then raised his hands high to the sky.  Joints popped and he sighed in relief before making his way into the bar.


Men turned to stare at him, glancing at his face and down to his chest, until he passed and their eyes lowered to his ass.  A few elbowed their companies while nodding and smirking.


The soreness Todd felt earlier at the back of his mouth had spread down to encompass his entire throat.  He rubbed his Adam’s apple and it melted away with every pass of his fingers until nothing was left.


He sat himself on a stool at the end of the bar, just in front of one of their many televisions and he adjusted himself in an effort to ease the faint, throbbing ache he felt from his testicles.


“What can I get started for you, hun?” the bartender, a young black-haired woman, asked.


“Whiskey,” Todd said with a high, sweet voice.


A fight played out on the television.  He watched it with his fingers tapping a staccato rhythm on the bar – tick tick tack tic, tick tack tack tick.  His trimmed nails pushed forward to strike against the glossy wood while slim fragments of bone shaved away from his fingers and the skin tightened.  The change repeated throughout all ten fingers before cascading up to his wrists.  He made fists with his delicate new hands and his nails bit into his palms.


The bartender placed a coaster in front of him and a glass, filled with honey-colored liquid, followed after.  He nodded his thanks and lifted it to take a sip.


The alcohol warmed him and he took another sip.  When he’d finished the glass, he signaled for another and was surprised at how tipsy he already felt.  He smiled at the redhead staring at him from the mirror backing the bar.  And then he giggled.  


“So warm,” he whispered while reaching up to scratch his cheeks.  He moaned softly and pressed the butt of his palm against his face with his head down.  Bones shifted, raising his cheeks while pulling back on his broad chin.


“Here you- uh,” the bartender said as she stared into his face.  “Uh.  Here you go.”


“Pheeew,” Todd blew out after his second sip of the new drink.  It burned going down his throat and his head swam while his entire body relaxed.


“Hey, drinking alone?” a voice said by his side.


Todd frowned and turned and looked up at the man standing by his side.  He was older, slightly, with a few gray hairs in his slick-back black hair.


Attractive enough, Todd thought.


“Yes, obviously,” he told the man before turning back to his drink.


“You want some company?” the man asked.


“What do you-” Todd swiveled on his stool.  His voice climbed in anger.  “Look, pal, I’m not interested in men.  There’s clubs for that.  Piss off.”


Despite the outburst, the man appeared unshaken.


“That’s fine, too,” he told Todd with a smile.  When he stepped closer, Todd leaned back.  “You could join my wife and me to-“


“Are you deaf or just stupid?” Todd asked.  “Fuck.  Off!”


“Sir, she said no,” the bartender told the man. 


The pronoun slipped past Todd as he seethed in his chair and gathered himself for a potential fight.


“Fine, fine,” the man said while raising his hands.  He turned and walked away with a muttered, “Flat chested bitch.”


“Sorry about that,” the bartender said.  She stared at the man, noticing where he sat and marking him for the future.  “Might want to keep an eye on your drink.  I’ll try to watch, too.”


“‘s fine,” Todd said while shrugging his shoulders.  “I don’t think he’d steal it.”


“Uh, yeah, I mean, sure,” the girl said.  A customer called out for her and she glanced back at Todd with another strange look before walking away.


“Lightweight tonight,” Todd told himself while rolling the glass between his hands.


He slowed down, enjoying the match on television while taking smaller sips of his drink.  The fight was brutal and not something he usually watched, but their athleticism was undeniable and it stirred something new within him that left him watching the men closely with the glass dragging against his bottom lip.  His pale cheeks were reddened and his eyes lowered while he watched them move.  The raw aggression was intoxicating to him.  He reached a hand down to touch his limp cock with a breathy moan before taking his hand back to finish his drink.


“Too drunk ta drive,” he slurred while retrieving his phone.  He called up a car and asked for a glass of water to drink while waiting for it to arrive.  


When the car was close, Todd walked outside.  He leaned against the side of the building with his eyes closed.  Everything felt different.  He felt different and his entire body buzzed from his scalp to his toes.


A quiet honk pulled him from his reverie.  He lurched forward to open the back door until the driver called out to him.


“I’m waiting on a Todd, sorry,” the man said.

“I am Todd,” Todd replied.  His voice cracked and dropped.  The cheerful sweet notes were replaced by a sultry, husky voice.


You’re Todd?” the driver asked.


“Yes,” Todd told him while opening the door.


“Um.  Um, what’s, um, the address?”


“736 E. Holland,” Todd replied while buckling his seatbelt.


“Ah, okay, uh, sorry,” the driver said.  He eased out of the parking lot and Todd closed his eyes to rest.


The images of the fighters flashed in his mind.  He groaned and stirred as he replayed scenes in his mind, focusing on their arms and legs and backs.  On the clearly defined muscles and the sweat.  Like the men at the gym.  Fierce and strong.  His heart sped up as he imagined them with the woman in the mirror.  Initially, he focused on her, but soon his attention turned and he found himself confused as he looked up into the faces of the men pounding into her.


“Goooood,” Todd moaned quietly with his right hand sliding over his thigh and between his legs.


“We’re here,” the driver said, startling Todd out of his daydream.


Todd unbuckled and stepped outside without a word but he placed his hand on the side of the car to steady himself before walking up to his house.  He fumbled with his keys, missed the lock several times and then finally unlocked and opened his door.


After dropping his keys and wallet by the door and kicking off his shoes, he walked to his bedroom.  His hips shifted, rocking with every step as he carefully tried not to trip himself on his pant legs.


The car ride left him horny and flustered.  He stopped at the entrance to his bedroom to turn and face the standing mirror.  To see her.


“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” he asked the woman in the mirror and her full pouting lips gave his sexy voice an incredibly erotic spin.  “You would.  Dirty little slut.  Taking them one after another.”


He stared at her as he slowly unbuttoned himself.  Watching the way his shirt moved over her breasts.  Teasing himself by undoing one at a time until he pulled it from his trousers.  He could see her nipples against the undershirt and even the outline of her puffy areola were clear for anyone to notice.  He touched his own chest and she followed suit, circling the darker bumpy skin surrounding her nipples, just as he did.


A moan escaped his parted lips when he pinched and rolled his nipples.  Sharp jolts of pleasure echoed down his body to his cock.  He pulled and twisted and they hardened in turn until his thick nipples pressed eagerly against his shirt.  


“Little slut,” he gasped as he grabbed his shirt and pulled, sliding it up and over his tiny tits.  “But not so little.”


He touched himself as he watched her fondle her larger breasts and he couldn’t stop whimpering when he massaged the bumps of his own tits.


An ache blossomed deep in his guts and an emptiness formed.  A strange sensation he’d never felt before.  That he was missing something important.  That he needed something.  He clenched and new muscles tightened beneath his cock


His fingers touched his belt and his fingernails clicked against the metal buckle as he unlatched it and pulled it free.  He watched her closely as she unzipped herself and pushed the pants over her wide hips to let them drop.  After stepping out of them, he walked closer to the mirror and his heart pounded in his chest.  His fingernails scratched his thighs and he moaned loudly as his overstimulated nerves begged for more.  


“My personal strip tease,” he told her as he slid his underwear down.


A spray of short red pubic covered her mons and her perfect pussy lay below.  He couldn’t take his eyes off of it as he dropped his underwear and then followed, lowering himself to his ass while spreading his legs.


Her labia opened and her wet lips separated to show a thin clear sheen between them.  He gasped and grabbed his soft cock in his fist to pump it while watching her touch her clit.  


“GOD!” he cried out when his testicles, shrunken to the size of seeds, slipped into the thin slit hidden by his scrotum.  He clenched his toes and rolled his head while the loose skin pulled tight against his body to form the twin mounds of his outer labia.  “God, yes!”


His thumb and pointer finger squeezed the head of his cock as it shrank while his other fingers rubbed below and he groaned when he looked back to see her fingers coated in cum when they slipped into the soft pink lips between her legs.  His chest rose and fell while he panted and his temples throbbed.


“Little.  Slut,” he moaned, spreading his legs wider while envisioning a man before her, stroking his cock as she offered herself, opening her mouth to suck him with his thick dick pressed against her throat.


Todd’s tongue rubbed against his mouth and he moaned louder.  He could feel it.  His orgasm.  Rising within.  Pressure building and building while skin gathered around the base of his tiny cock.  He reached up to shove fingers in his mouth, thrusting them back and forth over and over as the slut in the mirror choked on the cock forced into her mouth.


He spasmed and gasped and shoved his hand back down and screamed when his spit-covered fingers rubbed against his clit for the first time.


“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh god oh god oh god ohhhhhhhh!” he moaned while reaching up to squeeze his breast.  They filled out, skin stretching and the one he massaged overwhelmed his small hand.  He kneaded the incredibly soft skin while rubbing his clit in an erratic little circle and his toes clenched and unclenched.  “Close.  Close so close god so close!”


Flesh parted between his legs, unsealing from around his clit and down.  Clear cum seeped from his new pussy.  Thick drops raced over his inner labia as they took shape.


“GOD! FUCK!” he screamed when his finger slipped into his new pussy for the first time.  


Todd lay back while raising and lowering his hips in a wave.  He pounded his fingers into his pussy, ignoring the pain while adjusting himself to make sure his nails stayed clear of the strange, slick muscles within.  His breasts bounced as he thrust harder and harder and he pulled at his nipple while screaming incoherent words.


The orgasm overwhelmed him.  His eyes bulged in his small, heart-shaped face and he choked while trying to breathe.  His ass bounced, slapping against the floor before raising and then shaking and his legs dropped.  He gasped and turned to his side but the waves kept crashing and he twisted while kicking his legs and clawing cum-soaked fingers against the floor.


When it passed, several minutes later, his eyes drooped.  Exhausted from his changes, work and the alcohol, the intense orgasm dragged him under completely.



Todd woke naked on the floor.  He groaned and sat up.  His body ached and pulled against him in unfamiliar ways. 


When he looked down at himself, unsure of why he’d stripped, he stared at the perfectly round heavy breasts laying against his chest.  His brain skipped several times as he reached for the tits with small fingers.  When he touched himself, he gasped and his brain caught up to what he was seeing.


“Fuck!  What the fuck!  What the fuck!” he screamed, kicking back and then up to stare at himself in the mirror.


She looked back at him in shock, a perfect reflection of his body.


“No!  What the- this can’t be- what the fuck!”


He ran to his dresser to lean over the edge and stare at himself.  At his beautiful face and the curly auburn hair flowing over his shoulders. He grabbed at it and cried out in pain when he tugged the ends.


“This can’t be real,” he moaned while pressing his hands to his face.  “This can’t be real, oh god, this can’t be real.”


He spent the morning touching himself.  Inspecting himself.  And he very nearly lost himself to pleasure when he stroked the pink lips hidden behind his puffy labia.  A long shower followed where he sat beneath the stream with his knees up against his breasts.   When he was finished, he called Jane and texted her, only to learn he’d been blocked.  He checked the dating app only to find the same.


“You bitch,” he cursed, staring at the screen.  It had to be her.  He knew it had to be and he had no way to contact her.  He didn’t know where she lived and he didn’t even know her last name.  “You bitch!”


He cried, for the first time in years, in bed beneath the covers and he only left to go to the bathroom, sitting uncomfortably on the toilet with his hands against his knees and his eyes closed as he tried to relax his bladder to piss properly as a woman for the first time.  


The next day was roughly the same.  He emailed his work and stayed in bed until he needed to go to the bathroom or eat something to ease his hunger.


On the third day, he began to plan.  To make sense of his life in case it never changed back.  He would have to come up with an excuse at work – a sabbatical and potentially an excuse for a sex change.  He didn’t even know what the right terms were or how it would work, but he swore he’d figure it out.


Three days later, he stared at a single tube of lipstick on his dresser.  He sat, watching his face as he twisted the tube and then pressed it against his lips.  He blotted it and then rubbed, accidentally marking his cheek.  After wiping everything off, he tried again.  And then again.  An unopened case of makeup lay on the corner of the dresser, still wrapped in plastic.



Two weeks later, Todd nervously walked into the gym.  He scanned his card when the front desk employee wasn’t looking and then slipped past the desk while pulling at his sports bra.  It was the first time he’d worn it aside from trying it on at the store.  He shuffled and then quickly tugged at his shorts and the panties beneath – another new purchase that he was still getting used to.


Eyes followed him and his skin crawled.  He noticed every look and it almost made him turn around and leave.


My body is a temple, he reminded himself.  I need this to get my head on straight and it’ll help me relax.


As he walked through the gym, he caught himself staring at other women.  Rather than leering at them as he had in the past, he was simply looking at what they wore and wondering whether he should buy the same and how it would look on him.  


Maybe- maybe those stretchy yoga pant things next time? He asked himself while sliding a hand over his ass.


He shook his head and his long hair, held back by an elastic band, brushed against his back.  


The squat machine stood before him.  It wasn’t part of his usual workout, but he needed to change his routine due to his new body and one of his plans was to get rid of what he thought of as his ‘fat ass.’  He struggled with adding light weights and then adjusted the bar to his shorter height before releasing it and squatting.  He tried a few times before a low voice spoke behind him.


“You’re a little off there,” the man said.


Todd froze.  Hairs lifted on the nape of his neck and a spectral finger traced down his spine.


“Want some help?” the man asked.


“I- I- Um-” Todd stuttered.


“Here,” the stranger said.  “Spread your legs a little.”


Large fingers touched Todd’s hip gently while the man’s other hand gripped Todd’s bare stomach.  Todd bit his lip while goosebumps lifted over his body.


Spread your legs…


The words echoed in his mind, reflecting the dreams he’d had over the past three weeks.


“Now, when you go down, don’t let your knees go beyond your toes,” the man told him.  “Here, I’ll hold you.”


“Like- like this?” Todd asked as he bent.


“Yeah, that’s good, now just, here, adjust your arms,” the man said and he moved closer, sliding his fingers over Todd’s body.


Todd barely repressed a moan as he bit harder against his lip but when he felt a bulge press against his back, he nearly lost himself.  His ass raised slightly of its own accord.


“Alright, go ahead,” the man said.


Todd squatted and a thin, dark line soaked into the seat of his shorts.


“Good, yeah, that’s good,” the stranger said in encouragement.


“Y- yeah,” Todd agreed while his heart raced.


Idiot!  Fucking idiot! he cursed at himself yet he felt thrilled at the compliment.


When he raised himself, his hips shoved back and the man’s cock pressed between Todd’s ass cheeks until he lowered himself.  He could barely think, but he continued to move and, when he was done, he found himself stuttering over his words when he asked the man to help him with the rest of his workout.


“Here, let me give you my number,” the man said when they completely finished the routine.  “Give me a call if you need help again.  Why’s your name?  I’m Terrence.”


“T- T- Tanya,” Todd said while ducking his head and blushing.  He gave out his number and took the man’s number in return.


Todd called Terrence the next morning and they met at the gym again.  And the next day.  Todd masturbated that night, disturbing fantasies of being fucked in the shower that left him cursing himself when he was finished, but his dreams were filled with more of the same.


The fifth day they worked out together, Todd reached out to grab Terrence’s cock when they were in the corner of the gym.  He licked his lips and trembled as he stroked the man.


Four minutes later, they were both in a private bathroom with Todd pulling at his leggings while Terrence gripped his ass, spreading him apart to shove his cock against Todd’s sopping wet pussy.  


“FU-” Todd cried out until Terrence wrapped a hand around his mouth to stifle his screams.  


“Don’t, god, you’re so fucking tight, Tanya,” Terrence moaned as he pushed and pushed and pushed.  “Don’t let them hear us.  I don’t want to be kicked out.”


Fingers wrapped around Todd’s breast, holding him upright while Terrence slammed against Todd’s ass.  Todd’s pink pussy lips gripped Terrence’s cock hard, unwilling to let him go when he pulled back.


“Christ, you’re so fucking hot,” Terrence moaned before kissing Todd’s neck and shoulder.  “So fucking beautiful.”


“Guh,” Todd tried to say as his brain melted and his eyes rolled back in his head.  He lost himself to it, giving his body over to the insane pleasure of finally being filled.


Todd’s first true orgasm made him pass out for several seconds and the second orgasm left him weak enough that Terrence lowered him carefully to all fours to pound down into him.  Terrence wrapped his fingers in Todd’s hair, pulling Todd’s head back while Todd begged for Terrence to fuck him hard.  When the man finally came, Todd screamed beneath the hand covering his mouth.  He could feel the cum drilling into him, warm and slick and the growling sound Terrence made caused him to tremble and shove back harder.


Todd soaked up the cum as best he could, but, as they returned to the gym, he felt more leaking out when he sat on a bench and he left in a red-faced rush.


A week later, they had their first date – Terrence’s treat and afterwards, Todd found himself eagerly bouncing on the man’s cock while screaming out filthy obscenities.


“You’re such- ugh, god!  GOD DAMN you’re tight!  Fuck!” Terrence roared while reaching to slap Todd’s ass.  “You’re such a fucking dirty tight slut.”

Todd moaned and leaned forward to kiss the man on the lips – their first as he’d been avoiding it – and he pressed his cheek against his lover’s cheek.


“Your, oh god oh god oh yes like that yes oh god! Your slut!  I’m your little slut fuck yes yes yes YES!”


Todd’s screams filled the bedroom.


Hours later, he lay against Terrence’s side with his arm around the man’s broad chest and their legs twined together.


Contentment joined the pleasure of his orgasms and he smiled as he fell asleep, dreaming of their next date and what was to come.

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