Solo Play Ch. 01

A young woman enjoys some time alone with her curse.

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“No, I love you,” Olivia said, wrinkling her button nose at her husband.  She held her phone directly in her hands.  Her legs were crossed and her thick comforter covered her lap.  Beneath the blanket she wore only her white panties.  She’d stolen her husband’s Captain America t-shirt and her nipples pressed against the cotton fabric.


“I should be home in about an hour if everything goes well,” her husband told her.  His face filled her phone’s screen and he scratched at the beard he was starting to grow.


She’d be hounding him to grow one despite how much he liked to be clean shaven.  She hummed quietly to herself as her eyes flicked across his jaw, memorizing it.


Imagining something entirely different than what she actually saw.


“Just come back to me,” she told him.  Her plain gold wedding band clicked against the plastic body of the phone.  She fiddled with it briefly, still unused to how it felt on her finger.  “I’ll keep the bed ready.  All curled up waiting for you to return.”


Her husband’s smile warmed her.  He blew her a kiss over the video call and then hung up.


Still humming, Olivia lay her phone on the nightstand.  She pulled the blanket back, shivering in the cool evening air.  The image of her husband’s short beard – brown with flecks of red made her happy.


The young woman walked through their small apartment, stepping on the soft carpeting until she opened the utility closet.  She moved clutter around until she found where her husband hid the handheld vacuum.  Unhooking it from the charging platform, she turned to walk back to the bedroom.


Once there, she pulled the blanket completely off the bed to leave the bare white sheet beneath.  She carefully set the vacuum on the nightstand next to her phone and then sat back on the bed.


She’d stolen her husband’s pillow so she could lay back against their padded headboard and she rested her hands on her bare knees and closed her eyes.  The ends of her long, blonde hair tickled the bare skin of her neck.


He was in her thoughts.  His strong jaw.  The short beard.  She could remember his clean face and she changed him in her mind.  His beard was more than that – it was fur growing on his face.


Olivia whimpered, frowning and biting her lip as her fingers twitched on her knees.  She automatically began to stroke herself, her nails lightly clawing the inside of her thighs.  


It was fur in her mind.  He was on his knees in shock, staring up at her as his clean face became overgrown with it.


Another whimper escaped her lips.  Her right hand slid up her thigh to touch her pussy.  She could feel the arousal growing.  


It started with her heartbeat, low and hidden as it matched the rhythm.  Her finger caressed her labia, rubbing gently back and forth.  


Fangs now, in her mind.  His mouth open and his tongue sliding forth as his canines sharpened.  His eyes were changing color and the panic was being replaced with lust as his pants bulged.


Olivia’s right leg jerked as she pressed hard against the lips between her thighs.  She was already wet.  And hot.  Soaking herself at the thought of her husband changing.  


The rhythm was altered now.  Pulsing.  Spreading.  She growled, licking her lips as her left palm pushed against her lower stomach.  The pulse filled her, raising every single hair along her body.  Undeniably strong.  After this point, it would worsen until she orgasmed and her mind would start to slip.  To become more bestial until her release.


She bent her legs and pressed them to the side while pulling her panties aside.


With her left hand, she grabbed the edge of her shirt and brought it up to her mouth, biting it to hold it in place.  To give her a view of what was happening.  But, more than that, to give her something to chew on.  Something filled with her husband’s scent.  The urge to bite and chew increased after this point, she’d found.


Her finger slid between her open pussy lips until they were coated with her juices.  She pulled back, pressing against her hooded clit.  With a moan, she pushed and rubbed, grinding her teeth against the shirt.  


The roots of her teeth ached but she held herself back.  She had less than an hour.  Still, she could feel her canines grind against the surrounding teeth as they lengthened and she sighed at her lack of control.


The woman’s hips jerked when she pushed too hard and she released the shirt with a sudden loud bark that made her blush.  Her hips were moving of their own accord, rocking back and forth as she wriggled in bed.


Another whine as the wet shirt slid down her too-sensitive stomach.  She rubbed her belly carefully until she found the spots.  For some reason, she could never remember where they were until she changed.


She found them, one at a time.  The skin was tender with tiny bumps just beneath the surface.  Her right hand slipped between her aching, swollen pussy lips as she raised her left hand to her mouth, sucking and licking at her fingers.


With a quiet, rumbling growl, she lowered her left hand, swirling her finger against a reddened spot on her belly.  The sensation wasn’t entirely pleasurable – not yet – but she loved the strangeness of it.  Of her undeveloped teat.  Rubbing at it as it formed beneath her skin.  Feeling the softness of her belly beginning to grown rough.  She leaned her head back with a happy sigh as her finger played with the little nub forming.


“Yes,” she whined.  Over two years ago, her first change horrified her.  With each subsequent change, she’d grown more used to it until she grew to love it.  To need it.  Some days, she found herself distracted, counting the minutes until she could run home for a quick change before her husband was home.

And some days, she locked herself in her work bathroom, rubbing herself in the bathroom stall as she allowed herself a small change.


She could see her husband there before her, kissing the growing teat.  Sucking at it as he played with another one.  Feeling his own claws digging into her body as his furred face scratched her bare skin.


Blonde hairs pierced the skin around her spine.  She shivered, grinding her teeth as she tried to stop them but she was too wound up to prevent it from happening.  Her ass pushed back against the pillows as she arched her back, unable to stop herself as the soft fur spread up to her shoulders.


“Fuck!” she squeaked as her finger pressed into her tight pussy.  Sweat began to dot her body, a sign that she was changing too far.  She knew she needed to give herself a quick release or somehow stop but she couldn’t and her finger bent as she forced it deeper.


Her four teats strained at her belly.  She shook, gasping as the wet shirt dragged across one of them.  


Heat pooled between her thighs and she glanced down, her cheeks flushed red.  Tiny golden hairs rose from the bridge of her nose.


Olivia’s pink pussy glistened in the light.  She forced a second finger inside as she imagined her husband between her legs, his cock reforming.  Turning red as his sheath swallowed his manhood.  She would whisper to him that it was alright.  That she wanted it.  Wanted him.  That she’d been waiting for him to join her.


The woman’s labia slowly became engorged.  She brought her left hand down, tapping the swollen, sensitive skin.  Pulling and pinching it.  Slapping it as she imagined her husband pounding into her in a desperate attempt to knot her.


With another slap, the labia tightened.  It was draining of color, pink fading to gray and then the color of dusky coal.  She pulled her fingers free with a shudder, sucking on them while scratching at her leg with her other hand.  Her fingertips were sore and she growled before sighing.  Her claws wouldn’t be too far away.  She spread her own thighs and bent to watch, amazed as always.


Her labia pushed together until her inner lips were hidden beneath thick skin.  She bit her lips hard as her fingers itched to touch herself.  To pleasure herself.  To fight the heat that began to erode her mind.  


She held herself back, watching as skin grew over the hood of her clit.  It formed in layers and she felt something shift within as it flowed forward to press against the the puckered skin of her exposed pussy.  Golden hairs sprouted around her belly button and among the curl of her pubic hair.  She hated to keep herself trim and her hair grew wild down there.


The heat proved too hard to ignore.  She reached down, toying with her pussy.  Pulling at the shape of it before pressing a fingertip against the place where the labia met.  She panted as she pictured herself on all fours with her husband’s pointed cock pressing where her fingers were.


She pushed in, rocking her hips.  The tightness was incredible when she changed and she worried, briefly, if her husband would fit.  Yet, her wetness drenched her and she relaxed, grunting as she pressed deep within.  


Olivia played with a teat as she began to finger fuck herself.  She whined, her tongue lengthening, sliding down to lay against her chin as she slapped her hand hard against her pussy.  She loved the way the pronounced labia felt against her palm.

Especially as she felt it against the soft, leathery pads growing on her hands.


She barked and her legs jerked.  


Close, so close, she panted.  She had to hurry.  She could feel her mind slipping.  Losing words as her brain filled with images of her husband.  Her changed husband.  Fucking.  Endless fucking.  Pounding.  Filling.  Mating.  Fur and claws and his knot.


Her howl filled the small room but she quickly shoved her arm against her mouth, biting the lightly furred skin gently to try to keep her silent.  She bucked against the orgasm and her senses slowly returned.


Yet she couldn’t stop herself.  She needed more and two fingers joined the first – her husband knotting her in her mind.



With a heavy, satisfied sigh, Olivia sucked at her soaked fingers.  Her heart pounded as she glanced lazily over at the bedside clock.  


Tiny spots of sharp pain pinged inside her belly.  She glanced down as she stood and she caught sight of one of her teats being pulled flat.  

Now standing, she pressed her legs together to feel her thick pussy against her thighs.  They were pink again but still in the swollen shape of a bitch’s pussy.  It throbbed against her soft skin but she could feel it receding already as it slowly pulled back into her body.


She was humming against as she grabbed the vacuum and powered it on.  Blonde fur lined the bed.  The young woman sang quietly as she began to clean up after herself.  


The bottom of her panties slowly slid back to cover her pussy when her labia pulled back into their proper shape.


Keys rattled against the door and Olivia yipped, running to the utility closet to put the vacuum away.  


“Babe?”  a voice called out.


“Here!” Olivia answered, trotting to the front door.  She wrapped her arms around her husband’s neck and kissed him.  He smiled and grabbed her ass, his fingers tickling the fur that was still retreating.


“You started without me?”  He asked with a smile.


“Oh yes,” she answered, pulling away and taking his hand to lead him to the bedroom.  “But, don’t worry.  I saved plenty for you.”


She sat back on the bed as he undressed.  Once naked, she lay back and he kissed her.  She sighed, rubbing her face against his beard.


Soon, she told herself.  Soon she would share her curse with him.  It was getting harder and harder to control herself during sex and she needed a proper mate.  Soon.

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