Horse. Pussy.

Innocence dies in the face of rule 34.


I’ve resisted the urge to contribute so far.  Using my powers for good, you could say.  But corruption is inevitable – all it takes is a tiny push.  And then another.  And another.


I’m strong, though.  Mostly.


Spring break and I have the dorm room to myself.  My roommate is off spending time with her family and my course load is pretty minor at the moment.  I don’t even have to work a real job so I can sit here, being lazy while bingeing Netflix and playing video games.


Honestly, really lazy.  I’ve been wearing my D.Va pajamas for the past three days now and there’s a toothpaste stain on the bottom of my t-shirt.  It’s basically ruined now because it’s a black t-shirt and have you ever tried to get toothpaste out?  I’m asking because I barely know how to work the washing machine.  Star Guardian from League of Legends is staring down at the stain in disapproval while nestled safely between my boobs.  On the shirt.  I don’t have a plushie of her or anything.  That’s just weird.


“Time for a bit of magic,” I tell myself in a hindsight cringing way.


I fire up my smart TV and load up an old season of My Little Pony while I munch on a healthy dinner of crackers.  In bed.  But, don’t worry, I’m careful with it.  No crumbs for me, please.


MLP is a soothing show for me.  I don’t have to focus on it and can just let it play as background noise.  It’s just sugar for my brain and not very confrontational so I don’t stress about whatever wacky stuff they’re doing.  Plus, they’re cute.


I have my sketchbook with me so I grab it and lay the crackers down next to my little butt.  God did not bless me with hips but that just means I can lie?  Or my hips can?  I’m not very clear on that whole business  I’ve found that if I don’t each too much, I have a bit of a waist that looks like I have not-boyish hips.  Not muffin tops, no no no.  It’s like- it’s like an ‘enhanced’ waist.  I’m just trying to make up for what I don’t have.


So, I just sketch, humming and tapping my foot.  I’m an art student, I sketch all the time.  It’s just that, in this particular instance, this would be my tiny push.  


Fluttershy is my favorite from the new My Little Pony show so I doodle her.  And then my second favorite, Rainbow Dash.  Followed by Rarity.  The art in the show is incredibly simplistic and easy to imitate.  And that’s not very challenging.


So, I start messing with it a little bit.  Adding some dimensions and different angles.  


My first problem hits me almost immediately.


Do I make them anatomically correct?  


I mean, that’d be weird, right?




What do horse vaginas look like, anyway?


I grab my tablet, open the browser, start typing and then clear the box and open a private browsing session.  I guess I don’t need that, oh.  Huh.  Okay.  I mean, not too different.  Just, uh.  Bigger.  Because, whoa.  Wow.  


Because, that’s why.  I guess guy horses have gigantic dicks.  Jesus.  I’m flabbergasted while browsing and staring at horse dicks.


I’m not a farm girl, how the heck would I know?


Okay, screw it, let’s do it.  


While the wholesome children’s television show plays in the background, I come up with my own character.  Slutmare.  I’m willing to bet that if I did a search on the Internet, I’m not the first to come up with it.


Her cutie mark is, of course, a dick.  With a scraggly hairs on the balls.  Like someone spray painted it on the side of a car.  Or a van, probably.  Way more likely.  But she’s otherwise a pure, perfect pony.  Let’s see, white with gray around the hooves?


The pièce de résistance is her vagina.  I picked white for her because her vagina is pure black.  Puffy black lips that connect up to her puffy asshole.  What better way to show how slutty she is than to make it stand out?  A few tweaks and tricks of coloring make it so that her lips are gleaming, slick and wet because she’s a slut and sluts are always ready for the horse cock.


And that’s it!  My first foray into destroying childhood memories.  She looks pretty good, actually.  Ready to be mounted and fucked.  Hell, I’m getting a little turned on looking at it.  But that’s just natural because it’s a weird taboo sex thing.  Who wouldn’t?  Plus, all the male horses I was looking at earlier.  Stallions? With their huge cocks just hanging below them.  Thick as my wrist.


Mmm.  A little bit of wetness there.  Might have to touch myself later.  Maybe grab some porn, dig around a bit and, yeah.  Yeah, I could use a good release.


Except I can’t have a Slutmare without a cock to fill her, can I?  Oh.  That- that sounds real nice right about now.  You and me both, Slutmare.


God, it’s getting kinda hot in here.  How- wow.


I’m really fucking wet.  


Unf.  Can’t help but twist my legs together as I slip my fingers into my pajamas to rub my clit, dipping my fingers between my folds to get them nice and lubricated and- no, no.  Later.  Later.


I don’t even notice sucking on my finger to clean it off because I have important dicks to draw.


Sir. Cocks-A-Lot is a big strong, mmmf, stallion.  And his cutie mark is a bottle of steroid pills.  Wait, is that injected?  Can you just take pills?  Forget it, I’m leaving it as pills.  Although, a syringe is cock shaped.  Kinda.  Oh no, now I have to do it because that’s fucking hilarious.  Old school syringe with two loops for fingers.  The steroids also enhance his dick so he’s got a big-  wait a sec, more research needed.


And more water because I’m feeling a bit hot here.  Need to move this on so I can rub one out.


Okay, huge dick.  Really veiny with a some fun rings of flesh sticking out.  Flat headed and a bit of a sheath, all connected to his belly.  And nearly as long as his body.  God, can she even take that?  I bet it feels amazing.  It’s been weeks since Josh and I broke up and he wasn’t that big.  Not that that’s why we broke up.  It’s just.  What would it feel like to be stretched like that?  To have it so deep and thick you feel like you might tear apart?


It’s, uhh, getting a little hard to think and my sketchbook keeps scratching against me and distracting me and I think I need to take a minute here.


So I set my sketchbook aside.  And close my eyes, wriggling my little butt as I scoot my pajamas and panties down.  Cracking an eye, I see strands of my pussy juice clinging to my tan panties.  Jesus.  Wow.  I’m really wound up.


With my feet pressed together and my knees to the side, I slip a finger between my tight, pink lips, toying with myself slowly.  Groaning, biting my lips as I press inside and clench my pussy against it, crooking my finger up while pressing the heel of my hand flat against my clit.


My free hand digs against my side and then up to my tit.  I can hold the entire thing in the palm of my hand and I do, squeezing and massaging as I work myself up.


And then I open my eye, turning my head to stare at my sketchbook.  


I can almost feel it.  On my hands and knees, head down, god yes, head down and ass up so I’m nice and spread.  


Hearing him clip-clop over to me and then feeling the fucking weight of it against my back.  And so warm.  Fuck!  Yes, I jerk as I go too hard and then back off.  


Just as he’d back off.  Feeling the soft, thin skin of his rock hard cock sliding against my body.  Bending lower and raising my hips.  And then it’s between my thighs.  Pressed against, ff-fuck, pressed against my pussy but I can feel that flat head against both of my thighs because he’s so goddamn big, yes, fuck yes.


A second finger joins the third.  Blood rushes to my pussy and it makes me dizzy for a second.  I lose my train of thought and a third finger joins the fun, all in a vertical line so they fit within me.


Almost already there, Jesus, yes, almost, my fingers spread apart slightly and I can hear the shlock-shlock-shlock sound of my hand slapping against my soaking wet sex.  Yes!  Yes, god, yes!


I cum, squirting for the first time in my life and the convulsions shove my fingers free.  While I’m jerking and jack-knifing, my spine breaks.  I don’t notice because it’s apparently not painful but my body is changing.  


Growing longer.  Muscle builds within my pussy as my uterus shifts further back into my lengthening body.  Shifting.  Deepening.


My legs quiver and my toes twist together and I lay in bliss, my hand resting against my mound.  Normally, I’d pass out and sleep like the dead but, uh.




I’m.  I’m still fucking horny.  


I lift my shirt, licking my finger to tease my nipple, twisting it, pinching it and just rubbing the top until my entire stomach aches.  I can feel my heart beating in time to it.  Forcing blood through my body like a taut drum.


My other finger begins to rub against my clit and I’m so into it that I don’t feel the bones beneath my mound lift.  It presses my hand up and my pussy… stretches.  But all I know is I can’t stop playing with myself.


That I can’t stop thinking of this made up horse fucking me.  Or Daniel from my English Composition class fucking me.  Or Jacob.  Or Chad.  Oh fuck, oh fuck, Josh!  I just, I just can’t stop thinking about being filled right now.  


My hand slips down and all four of my fingers slip into my stretched pussy.  I suck on my free fingers again and lean forward slightly to rub against my asshole.  It’s not something I do much but it feels good.


I can feel every bump as it puckers outward at my touch.  The light brown color darkens to black and it swells as I press a finger inside, gasping from the double sensation.  


Aaron, I huff.  I bet he’s got a big cock.  Maybe he could fuck my pussy while Josh takes my asshole and, mmfff, fuck, fuck, yes, fuck!  I could suck Daniel off, too.  Just being used like the fucking slut I am.


More blood floods down my body and my pussy lips swell, bulging out against my thighs.  I’ve soaked my legs and my bed and my hands and the entire room smells like sex.  And that just drives me more wild.  


I’d take a fucking horse right now and, although I don’t know it, my body’s adapted to it.  My lithe, petite frame could take it now and the imagery drives me mad.  Tied up, bound and gagged so I can’t move while they bring a horse in to fuck me until I’m too sore to walk.


I cum again and it’s hard to keep my hands steady but I keep going because it’s still not enough.  My little tongue hangs from my mouth and my eyes are rolled back and all I can think of is being fucked.


My hand slips into my expanded, tight pussy as my engorged labia begin to take on a onyx shade to match my puffy asshole.  I can feel the velvety softness of my own lips against my wrist as I fist-fuck myself.  


I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I need more.  I don’t have- oh, oh shit, Mike was on a group project with me.  I have his number.  


I grab my phone, nearly dropping it as I slap my pussy hard again and again with the palm of my hand.  Trying to bury my fingers inside of myself.  Sweating and gasping and still so hot.


It takes forever but I find it and I dial him.


My forearm is rubbing a sore spot on my lower belly and the skin is irritated.  Two small circular patches of darker colored skin stand out just below my belly-button.


“M-m-mike!” I stutter, panting.  “Listen, I’m at Oates Hall and I n-n-need you here.  It’s Emma.  From your group, oh fuck!  Group project!  Bring someone, please.  I need dick.  Please.  Hurry.”


I drop the phone and huff, kicking my foot as I bring myself to the edge once more.  I don’t know if that will work.  The phone call, I mean.  But, I’m too distracted to care.  Too hungry for dick.  Too needy.  I’m aching and empty and not even my whole goddamn hand feels like it’s enough.


I don’t know how much time has passed but when Mike knocks, I scream at him to come in.  I roll over on the bed, on my hands and knees, ass in the air.


Bones are moving above my ass.  Swishing back and forth beneath the skin.  I can feel them but it’s not really my concern right now.  My free hand is pinching one of my new teats.  It’s all centered in my lower stomach – the teats, my pussy and my asshole. My core.


My hands twists into the soaked sheets beneath me as I thrust myself back by instincts.  Instincts that tell me I’m in heat.  I’m tightening the muscles within my slick, exposed pussy.  And then releasing them.  Tightening, feeling them slip together.  Releasing.  Winking the glistening pink sex beneath the dark labia surrounding them.


I can’t see it but there’s fur on the back of my neck.  The start of my mane.  All I know is, I hear clothes dropping to the ground and Mike is laying down next to me while someone, I don’t fucking care who, comes up behind me.  


I whinny a little as I press myself down on Mike’s throbbing, bare cock and the other boy’s dick presses against my puffy, black asshole.  I shove my wet fingers into Mike’s mouth and he sucks at them while they fuck me.


And so what if I can feel them growing bigger inside of me?  If I can feel Mike’s sheath starting to grow after after the second time he cums.  So what if the boy behind me neighs just before he bites my shoulder and grabs my thick, swishing tail?


Is it really my fault?




Friendship may be magic but orgasms, Jesus, orgasms are the fucking real magic.

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