Moonlight Hymn

From my Patreon! A wife cuts herself on a tooth hidden away in a peculiar shop and begins to change.

A sudden gust of wind swept through the city streets, dragging fall leaves in a frenzied dance.  Veronica shivered, pulling her jacket close against her body and hiding her face in the faux sable fur lining the hood.

Traffic was nonexistent along the narrow street she walked and she couldn’t decide whether that was due to it being early afternoon on a Monday or the neighborhood being trashy. Still, her husband’s birthday was in two days and her mapping software swore there was a record store around here that she hadn’t visited before.

And there it was: Rugged Records.  The storefront was plastered with old concert posters and slightly newer local shows but most were faded from the sun and there was a bullet hole in the corner of the shop’s window.

“Well, that’s charming,” she murmured.  Still, she scanned the flyers in case there were mention of any good local bands playing. 

A bell over the door rang when Veronica pushed the door open.  Behind the counter, a heavy-set clerk with large gauges in his ears and expensive headphones around his neck welcomed her.  The store was clean despite the exterior and she paused a moment to take all of it in.  The band Tool played through overhead speakers and a few customers rooted around in boxes and bins. She oriented herself and headed over to a set of boxes near the corner of the store.

After several minutes of digging through records, the woman’s cell phone buzzed in her jacket pocket.  She grabbed it and smiled when she saw her husband’s picture.  It was a picture taken years ago of him sleeping on their reclining chair while holding their infant son.  He’d just come off of a twelve hour shift and he’d wanted to take a turn so she could get a small break.  He’d fallen asleep before the baby had and they’d continued to sleep until she’d carefully extracted the baby to lay him in his crib. 

“Hey, love,” she said while her fingers flicked through used records.  “How’s work?”

“It’s good,” Chris’s gravely voice answered.  “I’ve got a couple brake jobs to work on so I won’t be home until late.”

“You can’t just leave them for when you’re back?”  she asked, pausing at a red and black album.  She traced the image of the red figure on the right side.

“I’m gonna be gone for the rest of the week, babe,”  he replied.  Compressed air hissed in the distance, followed by a loud, repetitive whirring sound.  “You’d want it done sooner if it were your car.  Just start dinner without me and I’ll be home when I can.  I’ll cook next time.”

“Alright,” she sighed, sliding the record from its sleeve.  She held her palm against the edge to look for obvious imperfections before pushing it back in to make sure the sleeve itself wasn’t marked.  “I’ll just do spaghetti and we have some broccoli left.  Can’t wait til tomorrow when I have you all to myself.”

“Me, too, babe,” her husband chuckled.  “Listen, I gotta get back to it.  Give the kids a kiss if you can get them away from their games and tell them I love ’em both.  And you.”

“Love you, too,” she told him.  “Be safe and I’ll see you when you’re home.”

After hanging up, Veronica brought the album to the front counter

“Nice,” the clerk said, turning the record over to key in the price.  “Going old school with The Nefilim.”

“Yeah,” she told him.  “The husband and I were pretty into the scene back then.  We can still get into it but not so much these days.  Still good to collect and I’d forgotten about it until now.”

“Fifteen even,” he told her.  He had a single ring in his lip and he nodded his head to a beat only he could hear while bagging the record. 

“Any good shows around here?” Veronica asked.

“Not this week,” he told her, gesturing at a stack of paper on the counter.  “Got a schedule for the month there.  Check it out next week.  We always get some good shit around Halloween.”

“Thanks!” she told him, grabbing a calendar and sliding it into the bag with the record.

Tucking the record under her arm, she braced herself as she opened the door and stepped outside.  She turned to walk to her car but the store across the street caught her eye.  It had no name posted and was painted entirely black.  Two large, rectangular windows sat beside an old wooden door and, inside, she saw a bunch of, as she would call them in her younger days, spooky shit.  Black candles, carved bone and tons of glass jars.

Veronica made a beeline for the store, crossing the empty street until she grasped the cold, black metal handle and opened the door.  A rush of exotic scents flooded her but her mind settled on musty with a hint of spice and dead things for the interior.  The sights and smells of the small store immediately brought back memories of years exploring the occult when she was younger.

An older woman reclined in an old office chair with a pair of reading glasses low on her nose and an ancient, yellowed romance novel in her hands.  She said nothing when her customer entered but simply turned the page of her book.

Stuffing her hands in her jacket pockets, Veronica walked slowly around the store.  She rolled her eyes at a few of the more “consumer friendly” faery sculptures but then walked slowly through the rows of glass bottles.  Some were stoppered with simple corkers while a few had red wax sealing their contents.  The further she went towards the back, the darker the bottles became, their clear glass tinted brown or green with unrecognizable objects floating half-obscured.

At the far back of the room, a wooden honeycomb structure lay behind a wall of glass in a dimly lit room.  A single bulb at the front of the room cast a ray of amber light that left only the bottom corner of the strange shelving visible.  Her breath fogged the window as she leaned into it and she swore she saw scrolls inside the recessed spaces.  She glanced towards the counter and decided to ask if she’d be allowed into the room.

The way back to the front of the store was a reversal in time from ancient past to dried chicken feet marked with last week’s date.  Only three other customers walked the store and she excused herself around them.  Most of the wall near the front was stacked with jars of powdered substances.  She glanced at them idly until she stood near the register once more.

Just as she opened her mouth to ask about the scrolls, she glanced at the tablet behind the woman.  An old book lay on the table, nestled between boxes and jars.  Veronica felt herself drawn to it despite the plainness of it.  A black star was burned into the brown cover and an old bookmark lay between the pages, the frayed end touching the table beneath the book.  Sounds and color seemed to fade slightly around her as she stared at the book.

“Is the book for sale?” she asked, knowing that, if it were, she couldn’t afford it.

The clerk looked up, annoyed at the interruption before turning to follow Veronica’s eyes.

“No,” the clerk told her.  “It belongs to the owner of the store and he’ll be here shortly to pick it up.”

“Well, could I look through it?”  she asked.

“No, absolutely not,” the old woman answered.  “Is there anything- yes?”

A slight young man stepped next to Veronica.  He wore a plain black hoodie with black jeans and he held a large, handwritten shopping list in his hands.

“I need help finding a bunch of things,” the man said, pushing his list forward in front of himself.

“Fine,” the clerk sighed.  She bent the corner of the page she was reading and lay the book down near her register.  With yet another sigh, she levered herself out of her chair and waddled around to snatch the list out of the man’s hand.  “Follow me.  Do you already have a mortar and pestle?  Some of these you’ll need to do yourself.”

The mismatched pair walked into a side room, leaving Veronica alone at the front of the store.  She looked at the book and then back to where the old woman had gone.

Fuck it, she told herself with a smile, laying down her purchased album on the counter.

She stepped behind the counter and lay her hand against the book.  It was warm to the touch and the cover was extraordinarily soft.  When she took her hand away, an impression remained until it slowly decompressed.  With another glance towards the back of the shop, she opened the book where it was marked and found an entry titled simply, “Therianthropy”.

The first few paragraphs detailed the affliction with a list of typical animal and human hybrids.  Knowing her husband’s interest in werewolves, she turned the page to find the entry on lycanthropy.  It described how the accursed victim would transform during the three nights of the full moon with a brief historical note tracing the origin of the transformation.  Methods to inflict the curse upon someone or to change yourself followed the history lesson.  The first method listed simply being bit by another werewolf – the transmission of fluids being the most potent.

Drinking from paw print, cutting with a bone or other part of unconsecrated werewolf remains, wearing the skin of a wolf, she read to herself, skimming down the sections.  She reached to turn the page and then glanced to the side as her hand knocked against a small box.  Vials lined the interior of the box and the contents of one in particular caught her eye: a single sharp tooth, as white as fresh cream.  The other vials held what appeared to be dirty water in one, a small patch of fur in another and a fourth contained a mixture of ground plants.

“No way,” Veronica whispered, unstopping the tooth’s vial.  She tapped the tooth out into her hand, turning it over and over before closing her hand around it.  For a brief moment, she considered walking out with it.  Chris loved wolves and she liked the idea of telling him it was an honest-to-god, not at all fake werewolf tooth she’d stolen from the store.  But, that was something she’d have done in her rebellious youth. The thrill of the idea made her excited but adulthood nagged at her to put it back.

Just as she went to return the tooth, the sound of breaking glass filled the room and a shrill cry followed shortly after.  Startled, Veronica clenched her fist and hissed at the pain in the palm of her hand.  She opened her hand to see the jet black tooth pressed against her skin, just around a large welt.  The young woman carefully placed the tooth back into the jar, tilting it to prevent it from making noise.  Within the vial, the blackened canine seemed to drink in the light but Veronica ignored it and, instead, messaged the mark on her palm.  The pain faded quickly and when she flexed her hand a few times, she was surprised to find unbroken pink skin left behind.

“-thing else?” the distant clerk’s voice asked.

Veronica corked the tooth’s vial and closed the book carefully, ensuring it lay exactly where it had before she touched it.  She left the back of the counter, grabbed her record and walked through the front door. 

Cold wind ruffled the fake fur lining the woman’s jacket.  It slipped into the open gap of her collar and down between her shoulder blades to caress her tattoo.  Tiny moon phases encircled a five pointed star with the full moon and new moons in line with her spine.  An inch below the outlined new moon phase was a tattooed triquetra.  The sharp wind dissipated beneath her jacket and she shivered, pulling it close against her until she could feel the fur against her neck and chin.

Beneath her jacket, the finely marked black edges of the gibbous moon turned silver.

Water from a large pot hissed on the stove as drops were thrown onto the stove’s elements.  Veronica salted the water before dumping in a bag of angel hair pasta.  In a corner opposite to the pot, a skillet sizzled with large chunks of browned hamburger meat.  She hummed to herself as she pushed and flipped chunks around the skillet and the smell of it cooking made her stomach rumble.  Snatching a small piece of meat, she cursed as the juices burned the tips of her finger before she could eat it.

Saliva filled her mouth as she chewed.  With a quick glance, she stole another piece to chew on.  She rolled it around her mouth, savoring the raw taste of the uncooked side before swallowing.  While the pasta cooked, she picked through the meat until she found one nearly completely pink.

Tiny flecks of gold appeared in her brown eyes, as if a field of fireflies were startled from their rest.  Her lips quivered as she shoved the raw meat into her mouth.  The raw meat, heated slightly from the stove pulled at a newly formed urge within her and she found herself enjoying the taste of it.  The taste of a still-warm kill.  She shoved her fingers into her mouth, licking them with exaggerated strokes of her tongue until they were free of the juices.

Beneath her dark t-shirt, a single brown hair pierced the skin of her lower back.  It pressed against her shirt, snaking against her bare skin while a second hair joined it.  A third followed, growing just below her tattoo while a fourth followed below the first.  From the base of her spine to her shoulders, scattered hairs emerged, cross-crossing her spine until they faded to a pale blonde wisp at the nape of her neck.

While the food finished cooking, Veronica unlocked her phone and called her mother.  She reached around to scratch her back until her call was answered.

“Mom, hey,” she said, pushing around the ground beef with a spatula.  Setting the spatula down, she grabbed a pair of pot holders.  With the phone pinched to her ear and neck, she dumped the pasta into a strainer and then back into the pot.  “Could you come over to watch the kids for a little bit?  I want to run some food over to Chris.”

At the mention of his name, her mind wandered while she chatted with her mom.  They’d saved money and vacation time to get away for several days for her husband’s birthday.  There was a small cabin deep within the woods that was calling to them and she’d already packed some food, alcohol, books and games.  There were even an adult coloring book or two tucked in with a pack of sketchbooks.  Although they lived on the outskirts of town, they both loved the outdoors and time away without distractions sounded like heaven.

Time for just the two of them.  With the kids and work, their sex life had been uneven and she was excited to rekindle the low flames.  Her mother kept talking while she got into her car and began driving but Veronica missed a few words as she suddenly pictured her husband nude before her.

She shifted her thick legs, pressing her thighs together while imagining his arms around her.  Her mind switched to parenting mode and she began answering her mother with simple ‘uh-huhs’ and ‘ums’ as her heartbeat echoed between her legs.  A bead of sweat formed and rolled down her back.  She licked her lips as the throbbing of her sex turned to an empty ache.  Her gold flecked eyes widened when, in her thoughts, her husband nipped her neck and threw her to the ground on her hands and knees.

“-listening?” her mom asked. 

“What?” Veronica said, taking a shuddering breath as she refocused.  She gnashed her teeth, grinding them against the way her shirt felt against her overly sensitive sides.  Thick hairs twined with her sparse pubic hair, twisting against them as they spread into a thin peak beneath her belly button. 

“I said I’m here,” her mother repeated.  “Come get the door, it’s cold outside.”

Veronica ended the call while walking into the living room.  Her two kids glanced up from their tablets and then down again.  She rolled her eyes at them before opening the door.  Her mother stood beneath the porch light in a thick jacket and boots with her arms clenched against her sides in an over-dramatic fashion.  She reached out to hug her daughter and Veronica pulled her close.  The younger woman inhaled twice, quickly as she drew in her mother’s scent.  She stepped away and pulled the older woman in.

“Come in and get settled,” she told her mother.  “I’m going to put together Chris’ food together.  Just feed the kids when you’re ready and I should be back before their bedtime.”

“Alright, kids,” their grandmother said.  “Put your tablets away for the night.”

Groans followed Veronica to the kitchen.  She grabbed a plastic container and lid before filling it with pasta, sauce and a large helping of meat.  Drool formed at the corner of her mouth as she scooped up the chunks.  She grabbed a handful for herself, growling as she shoved the pieces in her mouth.  As she had before, she licked her palm and fingers again and again until they were clean. 

What was I-  Oh right, the food! she thought to herself, breaking out of her reverie.  She snapped the lid on the container, slipped her phone in the pockets of her jeans and carried it out into the living room.  Her kids sat beside their grandmother while she read to them from a picture book.

“I’ll be back soon,” she told the other three as she pressed her feet into her boots.  “Listen to your grandmother while I’m gone and be good.”

Once outside, Veronica sighed and raised her face to the sky.  She welcomed the cold night air as it soothed her overheated body.  Her jacket felt suffocating and the fur lining tickled the hairs on her neck in an unpleasant way.  She shrugged out of it and slung it over her arm while she slipped into her car. 

Clouds sped past high overhead as the young woman backed out of her driveway.  She gunned the engine, barely pausing at the stop sign before turning left.  Her body felt on edge and she found herself distracted by everything on the road.  Every shadow and random movement drew her attention as she sped down roads.

When the road evened out into a long stretch, she looked up, captivated by the nearly full moon.  Her mouth went slack as the moon dominated her eyesight, growing larger and larger, brighter and brighter, pulling the simmering heat from between her thighs into a molten torrent that tore along her spine.  She gasped, growling and whimpering as she gripped her steering wheel.

A passing car honked loudly.  Veronica snarled in return but the spell was broken.  She lay back in her seat, panting as sweat raced down her body.  More hairs joined the ones covering her mound.  They pushed down over her well-trimmed labia to trap the smell of her wet pussy.  Her altered, heady scent filled the small car. 

The strange energy fueling her pushed her to drive aggressively and she took every corner as quickly as possible until she came to a stop in a cloud of dust and gravel in front of her husband’s shop.  Grabbing the container of food, she stepped into the night.

Veronica wrinkled her nose with her tongue between her teeth as the harsh chemical scents from within the garage assaulted her.  Both of the rolling doors were closed so she stomped over to the metal door the employees used. 

“Chris!” she called out, banging on the door.  Metal wheels squealed within and she heard him grunt.  She closed her eyes and inhaled as deeply as she could but the harsh smells of the shop masked his scent. 

“Is that you, babe?” Chris’ voice asked from the other side of the door.  He flipped the deadbolt and then smiled at her when he opened the door.  “Hey, you- oof!”

The plastic container of food thudded against the ground as Veronica launched herself at her husband.  He staggered and then switched his stance to anchor himself while her hands gripped his back and ass.  Her hungry mouth found his and their tongues twisted against each other.  Chris’ wife moaned as they kissed and she pressed herself against him, arching her back to rub against his crotch while holding him against her body.

Dull, throbbing pain filled her jaw as her canines expanded, lengthening into short, sharp fangs that dragged against Chris’ tongue.

“Whoa!” Chris said backing up while wiping his hand against his mouth.  He tasted blood and looked down to see a thin streak of it on the back of his hand.  “Damn.  You-  Hey, slow down!”

Veronica’s fingers worked at his cargo pants.  She fumbled with his buttons while going up to her tiptoes to kiss him again.  She smiled at him when she finally got him undone and her canines rested against her plump lips.

“I need you inside of me, Chris,” she moaned, pulling his pants and underwear down to expose his hard cock.  She gripped his manhood without hesitation, pumping it with one hand while trying to unbutton her tight jeans with the other.  She pulled him backward towards the table set against the wall.  “I’ve been so fucking hot for you.  You should feel how wet I am.  Can’t stop thinking of your cock inside my pussy.  God, yesssss.  Pounding into me.  It’s been too long.  Way too long.”

“Just, damn, just let me clean up first,” Chris reasoned as they bumped into the table.  He couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen her this worked up.  It had to have been before their second child was born at least.  He vaguely remembered a drunken night where they’d torn each other’s clothes off and broken the nightstand by their bed.

“No, I don’t care,” she told him, her voice low and sultry as the heat consumed her.  She released him to shove her pants down.  The crotch of her panties was dark with her excitement as she peeled them away from her body.  She knelt and kissed the tip of his cock in greeting but groaned and, unable to stop herself, she shoved forward until his balls touched her lips.  Static roared in her ears and she bobbed back and forth until pulling off with a quiet snarl.  The aching emptiness demanded to be filled. 

Kissing him once more, she turned and swept the table clear.  Cans and clipboards and random odds and ends clattered to the ground as she pushed herself up to sit on the table.  She anchored herself with her hands and pressed her heels against a shelf beneath the table as her pants and panties dangled against her ankles.

Sweat poured down Veronica’s body.  Alien thoughts whispered at the back of her mind as new urges and desires flooded her body.  She gasped and snarled and gripped the collar of her shirt.  With a short, sharp tug, she ripped the shirt down the front.  Her dazed, unfocused eyes begged her husband to fuck her while she panted.

Chris leaned forward, roughly kissing his wife while his hands gripped her wide hips.  His cock lay against her belly and he could feel the heat radiating from her sex.  She grabbed his dick and pressed down, biting his tongue again when his thick head rubbed her swollen, sensitive clit.  Veronica cried out as he slipped into her.  He felt her pussy clench against him and her fingers gripped his shoulders almost painfully.  She pulled him close, hands against his bald head and against his back.

“Fuck me,” she panted, trapping him against her body.  She licked his jaw and neck before nipping at his earlobes.

His fingers fumbled against her bra strap.  He pinched it as he worked his hips and the hooks came free.  Leaning back, he pulled her bra and she raised her arms to slip them free from the straps.  He flung the bra somewhere behind him and then leaned in to suck at her painfully erect nipples.

“Yes!” Veronica screamed.  She squirmed as his tongue swirled against her nipple.  The pleasurable tickling itch arced down to her clit and she gasped as he slammed against her.  “Fuck me, yes!”

The table rattled and creaked as the husband and wife fucked.  Chris’ rough hands explored his wife’s back, sliding and grasping and grabbing at her skin and the loose hairs surrounding her spine.  She whined when his breathing grew ragged and her ears twitched, the tips pulling to short tips as brown hairs grew around them in a feathery peak.

Her husband gasped, crushing her against his shirt.  His fingers dug into her ample ass as his cock swelled into her trembling wetness. 

“Don’t stop,” she begged with a throaty whisper, pushing her hips against him.  With a low groan, he held her tight and slammed into her, his pace quickening.  “Almost, almost there.  Almost, yes, don’t stop don’t stop right there, yes right-“

Veronica snarled, sinking her short fangs into her husband’s shoulder as she bucked from an intense orgasm.  Her eyes fluttered as she tasted blood and she instinctively lapped at it, cleaning her husband’s wound while her thighs shook against him.  The sharp scent of his cum filled the air while her convulsing pussy milked his aching cock.  She could feel it leaking from her as he stepped back.

Smiling up at her husband with subtly sharp teeth, she slipped a hand between her soaked thighs.  She raised her chest with a moan and rubbed his cum against the soft fur covering her mound.  Trapping his scent against her body.

“Fuck me, baby,” Chris gasped.  He leaned against the table with one hand while catching his breath.  It’d already been a long, tiring day and now the weariness settled into his bones.  His heart pounded inside his chest as his cock softened.

“Mmm,” his wife moaned, jerking from a small orgasm as her fingers played over her clit.  “I did.”

She stood with a heavy, happy sigh, cleaning her fingers off in her mouth before pulling her panties back up over her thick, white thighs.  He watched her rock her hips slowly back and forth as she slid her pants up.  She winked at him with a sly smile and then went to retrieve his food.  He followed her bare upper body, watching her large breasts sway as she turned and bent.

“I think you bra might be under the lift,” he told her.

“I don’t care,” she replied as she handed him the container of spaghetti.  “Keep it or bring it home.  And trash my shirt.”

“What will-” he said, stopping as she kissed him passionately.

“Hurry home,” she said.  She kissed him again and then left.

His wife opened the door and then paused to look up to the sky.  She stood there for a moment, the generous curves of her body outlined in the soft glow of the moon before the old motion-activated outdoor light finally noticed her.  It clicked on and she shook herself, vanishing as the door closed behind her.

Hot water cascaded off of Veronica’s raised leg in tiny waterfalls.  She lay in the tub, surrounded by the silence of children on electronics and a house far away from the city.  Laying back with a sigh, she stared down her body at the sight of her nipples barely exposed above the water and her toes laying against the edge beneath the faucet. 

She still felt the pleasant ache of sex deep inside amidst the rising urge for more.  Her hand slid beneath the water water.  She toyed with her thick pubic hair before biting her lip to touch her clit.  She was still swollen and her mouth opened in a silent ‘oh!’ as she touched herself.  WIth her eyes closed and head leaned back, she rubbed herself slowly while musing over her sudden horniness.  The upcoming trip and amount of time since they’d had more than quick, tired sex had her on edge.

Tiny drops of water clung to the fur lining her pointed ears.  She moaned and her canines bit into her lower lip as her finger slipped between her wet folds.  Just as she begin to work her fingers back and forth, the distant rushing sound of tires on concrete made her ears twitch.  Her eyes opened as she heard the rumble of her husband’s old diesel truck pull into the driveway.  She leaned forward, pulling the plug for the drain.  Water ran down her body when she stood.  Loose fur and hair swarmed around her legs before being pulled into the drain.

The truck’s door squeaked open outside the house.  Veronica shook herself lightly, flinging drops of water onto the wall and floor.  She stepped onto the mat and grabbed her towel, wrapping it just above her ample breasts.  Tying a knot in the towel to hold it in place, she grabbed another to carefully wrap her head. 

Soft beige-colored hairs arrayed along the tops of her shoulders stood at attention in the warm, moist air.  The young woman opened the bathroom door and padded out to greet her husband.

“Hey, love,” she said, wrapping her arms around his neck.  She licked his lips and then kissed him deeply with a content sigh.

“Hey, babe,” her husband replied.  He kissed her back and then stepped away to take his work boots off.

“Bedtime, kiddos,” Veronica said loudly, half-turned in their direction.  They groaned and fussed and she raised her voice.  “Now.  Go.  You know the drill.”

Once they were out of eyesight, she slid her hand over her husband’s bulge while staring up at him.  She dropped her voice lower and went to the balls of her feet, her breasts sliding torturously against his body.  “I want to fuck you so bad right now.”

Her husband laughed as he kicked off his boot. 

“I’m dead, babe,” he told her.  He shrugged out of his heavy jacket and hung it by the door.  “I’ve been up since five this morning and somebody decided to pay me a visit after a thirteen hour shift.”

“But,” Veronica whined, squeezing his cock through his pants.

“Hey,” he told her, pressing a finger against her lips.  Her nostrils flared and she licked at it, causing him to pull it away.  “Look, the kids are still up and I saw your mom’s car in the driveway.  We’ll have plenty of time at the cabin, okay?”

“Please,” she begged, stroking him faster.  “You- you don’t know how horny I am right now.  I really need your cock inside of me again.  It hurts.  Please.”

“Come on, babe,” he said, kissing her again.  The kids called out from the bathroom and he nodded towards them.  “You finish drying off.  I’ll get them to sleep and then shower and meet you in bed.  You have all the time in the world starting tomorrow.”

Veronica clenched her teeth but she forced her hand away from her husband’s dick.  When he looked down, she smiled back up at him.  “Don’t take too long, love.”

Chris lay in bed with the blanket around his knees.  Lines of moonlight, filtered through their blinds, covered the floor next to him.  His mind wandered aimlessly from topic to topic and he turned to his side as his wife breathed heavily next to him.  Her scent filled his nose.  The familiar smell of the shampoo she loved but, beneath that, he could smell the sharp scent of her arousal mixed with the musky hint of his cum.

He turned to his other side, facing his wife.  She had kicked off the blanket like he had but she was still wrapped in the sheet.  He reached for her and then sighed, turning again to his other side. 

“Goddammit,” he whispered, sitting up with his feet over the bed.  His felt feverish and he stretched, rotating his head to the side until his neck cracked.  He stood and paced in their bedroom, walking in a wobbly oval around boxes of things they’d packed for their trip.  Sweat rolled down his back and he shivered.  He stared at his left arm, twisting it back and forth to stare at his tattoo of Skoll chasing moon.  Further up on his left shoulder, his Vegvisir tattoo seemed to nearly glow in the light. 

Moonlight drew his eyes.  He frowned at the window and then stepped over to it.  His wife shifted behind him with a groan when he pulled the shades up.  He leaned forward to find the moon half-hidden behind thick clouds.  It sang to him and he lost himself in the complex whorls of the landscape.

A golden line fractured the brown of his eyes and a second followed until both eyes were shot through with veins of gold.

The moon’s song continued and he felt his blood respond.  His heart trembled and then began to beat loudly in his ears, a chorus to the crescendo filling his ears.  He gripped the edge of the windowsill and corded muscle flared on his forearms.  Higher and higher She sang and his cock strained against his underwear, hot and hard as it slid free over the band.  He gripped it and his teeth pulled back to reveal lengthening fangs. Chris’ nostrils flared and his throat rumbled.

Turning, he found his wife’s curves outlined brightly in his powerful eyesight.  His lips trembled and he pushed his underwear down as he stalked to her.  He stepped out of the underclothes and then slid into the bed behind his wife. 

The silky sheet glided against his wife’s lightly furred back as he pulled the sheet down.  She squirmed and murmured something in her sleep.  Chris leaned forward, one hand firmly around his manhood as he kissed her shoulder.  His lips brushed the hairs there and goosebumps rose along her pale skin.  Lower he kissed, down her spine until he stood above her on all fours.  He licked her back, his tongue widening, dragging roughly against the scattered brown hairs.  She gasped and twisted but he growled, pressing his chest against her back while his canines sunk lightly into her shoulder.  She groaned beneath him and thrust her round ass up into his cock, rubbing against him.

Chris pushed his hips and his cock slipped between her thighs.  He felt the growing dampness on her panties against the head of his dick as he slowly thrust between her legs.  His wife gripped his hands with her own and began bouncing her hips.  The friction of their movements rubbed the crotch of her panties and they slipped aside to reveal her swollen lips. 

Growling, he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up on her hands and knees.  His wife came eagerly and then cried out as he tore the band of her bra, snapping the hooks to free her breasts.  He reached back, clawing her ass to pull her panties completely to the side.  He entered her and she shoved her face into her pillow to contain the loud moan she couldn’t hold back. 

The moon caressed the couple with silver light as they rutted but Chris found himself shifting to find the right position.  Finally, he raised himself again to his hands and feet above his wife.  She turned her head to stare up at him with her golden eyes and sharp teeth and he bathed her cheek with his tongue.  Slowly, he worked his hips to find the right rhythm for the position.  She flexed her hips and raised her ass and then screamed into her pillow as he pushed even deeper within.

Strands of hair circled her belly button, marching up from the peak covering her crotch.  Further they spread until they reached between her breasts.  They fanned out, the dark brown fading to nearly white, above her breasts until the last, tiny hair reached her collarbone. 

Her husband lay his cheek against her neck and he growled in her lightly furred ears.  She shivered and moaned and slammed back against him.  Her orgasm built within and she reached up to hook an arm around his neck.

“Bite me,” she gasped, rocking back against him before releasing him from her grasp.  “Bite me!  Fuck me!  Bite-“

His teeth sunk into her shoulder near her neck. His wife buried her face in the bed, screaming as she came.  She rocked violently forward and his cock popped out of her pussy.  Chris growled, grabbing the back of her neck as she twitched and trembled beneath him.  He guided himself back into her and lay down, pounding against her ass in short, powerful movements until he snarled and tensed and came.  His wife shuddered with her own second orgasm.  She gasped for air as her husband’s cock swelled inside her pulsing pussy.

Chris rolled off of his wife and his dick slapped wetly against his belly.  He lay there, away from his wife as he tried to cool off. 

The skin beneath the head of his cock swelled.  It bunched beneath the flared tip and then surged down, gathering the tight skin of his manhood into a thick sheath of skin that grew down to cover his testicles.  He pawed at it while his wife turned to nuzzle against him.  As his cock softened, it pulled into the thick skin.

Veronica bent her left leg to let it lay against her husband.  Already tired from the late night and now from the bout of rough sex, she felt her eyes grow heavy.  Her husband reached down to grab her ass.

The animalistic heat flooding her body pooled between her legs.  She groaned quietly, clutching at her husband as her swollen labia bulged.  Skin flowed over her clit, dragging it down to touch against her labia.  Muscles tightened within and white cum leaked through her opening as the lips folded in to touch each other.  Her wet, slick pink lips darkened as if tanned and bones shifted within, raising her newly changed sex into a position more proper for being mounted on all fours.

Moonlight crooned to them from the window and they slept in its embrace.

Chris snorted in his sleep and his eyes popped open.  He stretched and yawned as the smell of cooking bacon floated to his nose.  His wife rolled and then mumbled something sleepily before cracking an eye slightly to look up at him.  He brushed a loose hair away from from her face and kissed her forehead.

“Morning, sunshine,” he told her.  She grumbled, pulling her pillow over her head while turning to her side.  In return, he traced a finger down her chest and the curve of her hip.  Her hand slithered out from under the pillow to grab his cock but he batted her away.  “Food first!”

He stood and stretched and then hunted for his clothes while his wife stirred behind him. 

“You broke my bra, ass,” Veronica told her husband without anger. 

“Did I?” he said, searching his memories of last night.  He remembered… sex.  Vaguely.  His cock stirred at the memory of it.  He glanced over at his wife to see her bending over, already wearing a shirt.  He leered at the shape of her bulging cameltoe through her tight panties and then grabbed his own shirt.  “I’ll meet you out there.”

“I thought you’d both sleep through your vacation,” Veronica’s mother told him when he walked into the kitchen.  She had plates set out and was covering them with pancakes and bacon.  “Do you want any eggs?”

“No, thank you,” Chris answered.  He grabbed a plate, covered it with syrup and then snatched a fork from the clean dishes before sitting at the table.  His kids ran in, giggling as his son chased his daughter.

“Slow down!” their grandmother said.  She handed them both their plates and they took them.  “Keep the plates even.  No, you’re tilting it.  I swear, if you drop food, you’ll eat it off the ground.”

Shortly after the children sat with their food, Veronica walked walked in.  He stared and lifted his chin to take in her scent.  She still smelled of her shower but also sex.  Heavily of sex and wet hair.  He grabbed his hard cock with his left hand, eye-fucking her as she took her own plate of food.

Another scent wafted up to him as she sat and she stole a quick glance in his direction.  It was a fresh hint of arousal, sharp and hot.  He rubbed himself, pulling the thick skin up and down over the head of his cock.  Veronica dropped her fork and bit her lip, glancing up and over at him.  She wasn’t wearing a bra and he could see her nipples pressing against her shirt.  He kissed her and squeezed her thigh while trying to calm his raging hard-on.

“You’ll want to be leaving as soon as you’re done eating,” Veronica’s mother said.  She stood at the counter, picking at her food.  “At least if you want to get there before sunset.”

“Can we be excused?” the kids chirped.

Chris glanced at their clean plates and nodded.  “Rinse them and put them straight in the dishwasher.”

They dashed up to the sink, shoving lightly to be first.  Their grandmother squawked at them and turned to help but Chris felt his wife tapping his leg.  He looked over to see her pulling her t-shirt down to expose her breast.  He growled, showing his teeth while leaning in to kiss her but she smiled, released her top and leaned back against her chair with a smirk.

Breakfast passed quickly as they chatted with Veronica’s mother until their food was finished.  Chris took their plates to put away while Veronica went into the room to finish packing.  He glanced at the kids and his mother-in-law and then walked into the bedroom after his wife, closing the door behind him. 

Veronica looked up over her shoulder just as Chris pressed her against the wall.  His breath was hot in her ears and his cock rubbed against her ass.  She moaned in approval and rubbed back against him.  His hand slid over her chest and down to her pants.  She felt him trying to undo her button but she pushed his hand away.

“We can’t,” she panted.

“I can,” he snarled, grabbing her breast.  She leaned her head back, shivering at the intense need between her thighs.  His roughness drove her wild but she struggled to keep her calm.

“I can’t be quiet,” she moaned, her hips dropping as she raised her ass to him.  She clawed the wall, forcing herself to stand properly.  Struggling against her traitorous body.  “They’ll all hear.”

“I just- I just want to fucking mount you,” he told her, nipping and licking her neck. 

“Oh, oh god,” Veronica moaned.  She reached back to grip his thigh with one hand while pressing her other against her belly.  Dull pain pricked her along her stomach, deep beneath the skin.  “Oh fuck, don’t- don’t tell me that.  I can’t-“

Chris nuzzled his head against her cheek and hair, pressing hard against his wife.  He groaned as his cock throbbed with pain.  His jeans constrained him painfully when the skin at the base of his cock flared into two small, red bumps.

Veronica shoved back with her ass and twisted.  They stared at each other, their tongues hanging from between their lengthened canines.  Both gasping with building need.  She went to her knees slowly, her eyes locked to his.  He could see the struggle in the beautiful gold and green behind her thick black lashes.  Her eyes fluttered and she lowered herself, turning to present to him with her ass raised.  He took a step and then they both held their breath when their ears swiveled to catch feet stomping in the hallway beyond their door.

“Mom?” their son called out.  “Can I play on my tablet?”

Tension flowed out of both of them.  Veronica hung her head and then stood, leaning against the wall.  Chris exhaled and walked away quickly, searching for his backpack in the mess of their room.

“Yeah, baby,” she told her son.  “That’s fine.  Just for an hour.  And only if your grandmother says it’s okay.”

“Sorry,” Chris rasped.

“God, no,” Veronica said.  “I wanted it so bad.  It’s hard to think through it.  Let’s just- let’s just finish packing.  We’ll have so much time to fuck without worrying about small ears.”

The pair quickly finished packing, eager to be out of the on the road.  They said their goodbyes, made sure contact numbers were in easy to reach places and then loaded all of their gear into their old truck.

As they pulled onto the highway, Veronica lay her head against the window. 

“Going to sleep?” Chris asked, his eyes flicking over to his wife.

“Yeah,” she answered, closing her eyes.  “Somebody kept me awake last night.  Just wake me up when we’re about there or if you need me to take a turn.”

“It’ll be fine,” he told her, resting his hand on her thigh.  “Get some rest.”

The sun lay low on the horizon, fat and red.  Chris shifted in his seat.  He felt uncomfortable in his own skin and, despite the long, boring ride, he was restless and full of energy.

The full moon on Veronica’s tattoo glowed silver.  It pulsed once, twice and then reverted to solid black.  Her scent shifted subtly and Chris breathed deeply of it while she stirred.  She yawned and raised her arms as high as she could in their cab.  Sweat beaded on her brow. 

The young woman rolled down her window and lay against the frame to let the cold air flow around her.  She ground her teeth while watching the scenery pass.  Her jaw ached and she felt cramps within her stomach.  The pain was small but throbbing and she rubbed her tender belly lightly.  As she did, she felt it gurgle, reminding her that she was growing hungry.

“We’re almost there,” Chris told her.  His sharp ears twitched as her belly rumbled again.  “I’ll start dinner as soon as we get everything inside.”

“Yeah, that’s good,” Veronica said, only partially paying attention.  Her eyes roamed the sky, searching for the moon until she saw it peek over the top of the dense trees surrounding them.  Her lips bulged as her canines lengthened further, scraping against nearby teeth.  She let her mouth hang open while running her tongue along her teeth and gums, barely paying attention to how her lips bulged away from her deadly fangs.

Golden flecks swarmed her eyes, eating away at the green until they were as bright as burnished copper.  She closed her eyes slowly and moaned while her blood stirred within. 

The truck slowed and swerved and Veronica’s eyes snapped open to catch deer standing at the side of the road.  She turned to follow them as they faded into the distance but she knew she had their scent now if she needed to hunt.

A dirt road appeared in the distance and Chris braked slowly while flipping the turn signal.  The sweat soaked strands of hair along her back shifted as more joined them, sliding through her skin to drag at the ones next to them.  More and more emerged until the hairs could be called nothing less than a strip of fur along her back.  She rubbed herself against the back of the seat while Chris turned down short roads.

The fading sunlight was nothing more than a dome of cobalt behind their truck when they pulled to a stop in front of a dark cabin. 

Veronica opened her door and stepped out, sniffing the air with her back hunched and her hands at her sides.

“I need to stretch my legs,” she told her husband.  “I just- I need to walk.  Are you okay bringing everything in?”

“Yeah,” he told her, moving around to drop the tailgate.  He stared at her.  “You okay?”

“Yeah,” she said. Her head twitched, turning left, right and then further right as she caught movement in the distance.  “Just need to move.  Walk around.  Look around a little.  Get a sense of the area.”

“Alright, yeah,” Chris said.  He rolled his shoulders.  The shirt he wore felt stiff on him and the fabric itched.  He scratched his arms and shoulders and began unloading boxes into the cabin while his wife strode into the forest. 

Boxes joined two backpacks and a couple duffle bags as Chris worked.  He sniffed at the last item – a cooler – and drool formed at the corner of his mouth.  He pulled it in and opened it.  His stomach gurgled at the sight of the steaks packed into thick freezer bags.  His eyes flicked to the stove but he knelt before the chest.  His tore into one of the bags to grab the bloody steak.  It was cold in his hands as he tore into it.

Chunks of meat came away in his mouth.  His canines extended with each bite and his jaw cracked, pushing forward.  His teeth shifted with the change, pulling back along his gums while more fangs pierced the front of his longer jaw.  He swallowed cold meat, barely chewing as the hunger drove him to open another pack.

Black hair sprouted along the man’s lengthening jaw, racing up the side of his bald head and down again to his neck.  He snarled, snapping at the steak until it was gone.  Partially sated, he lapped at his bloody fingers and tongue rasped against his skin.  With each stroke, it pulled further out of his mouth until it matched his short muzzle.

Fur spread down from his neck to his back.  He arched his back while rolling his shoulders until, finally, he grabbed at his shirt.  He stood and pulled, throwing the shirt against the wall.  His upper body was thick with fur as his chest heaved.  Blood from the steaks soaked his jaw while he scented the air for his wife.  He stomped through the cabin and past the door, sniffing again and again until he smelled the trail she left. 

A loud rip filled the air.  Chris looked down with yellow eyes to see a hole in the crotch of his jeans.  He growled and pulled at the tear, widening it until the ragged jeans lay at his feet.  His underwear strained against his bulging cock. Muscles bulged in his arm and biceps as he gripped the thin material.  It snapped when he tugged and his dick bobbed before him. 

A translucent line of skin connected the base of his thick manhood.  He watched it slide up his belly, dragging his cock with it.  The thick skin pulled back as it moved, revealing his still-human dick and the red bulge of his knot at the base.   Further the line of skin grew until his hairless sheath lay tucked loosely next to his body.

Chris dropped to his hands and feet and then stood again, slowly. 

“Verrrr-onica?”  he called out.  His ears twitched, swiveling as they flowed to two pointed tips.  He heard something in the trees.  In the direction his wife had walked.  In the direction her scent floated.  He took a step and then snarled at this feet.  “Wrong, all wrong.  Wrrrrong!”

Clawing at his laces, he growled and pulled until his feet were freed.  He stood, naked in the near-darkness.  The thick fur covering his back and neck swayed in the breeze and he welcomed the touch of the cold air against his sweating body.  Fur was spreading amongst his chest hair and down to his unkempt pubes. 

He ran and his thighs swelled to show powerful, cut muscles beneath taut skin.  His eyes pulled in pale moonlight and it mixed with the smells swarming through the air to paint a clear picture of the surrounding terrain.  He dug fingers into the trees he passed and the bark cracked beneath his grip.  A lump formed at his back and the fur bulged around it. 

Scents clashed around the changing man.  He stopped and dropped to all fours, sniffing a the ground with a nose that was slowly being pulled back against his muzzle.  He huffed and dirt puffed around him.

Found her.  Found her!  He loped along the ground on hands and feet and then pushed off with his feet in a wide leap.  Chris caught himself against a nearby tree as he landed and black talons pierced the tips of his fingers.

Veronica lay back against a tree, staring down her naked body in a mixture of confusion and fascination.  Her nose was black and pebbled and it glistened in the dim light.  Her jaw was slightly distended but she could still see dark points forming along her belly.  She groaned, shoving her back against the tree as the ducts formed and connected beneath her new teats.  Her fingers clenched and her claws slid forth to impale the tree behind her. 

She panted in the moonlight and moaned slightly as the heat began to burn away rational thoughts.  When she looked up, her golden eyes flashed.  Tattered clothes lay strewn about the area.

“Chrrrrrisss,” she groaned, dropping to her knees.  She screamed and flexed and her ass raised in the air with her heavy breasts dangling beneath her.  A small stubby tail waved over the sparse fur covering her back but Chris’ eyes darted to the plump lips between her thighs. 

He walked to his mate as she shook before him, growling and snarling with her hips raised.  Fur erupted from the backs of her hands and began to race up her arms.  She rocked back, lowering her chest until her breasts flattened on the ground.  Her eyes followed her husband as she panted against the ground with her tongue hanging free of her muzzle.

High above, the moon crested the trees before being swallowed by a massive cloud.

As he neared, she raised her hips further with her toes dug into the ground.  Dark patches of skin formed on the soles of her feet, along the balls, heels and beneath her toes.  Bones cracked and creaked while her toes stretched.  He stood behind her and then dropped, landing on all fours over her. 

Hair tangled with fur as he licked his mate’s cheeks and ears.  She whimpered and growled and shifted, trying to position herself so he could enter her  He grabbed for her neck but she twisted, reaching for his arm.  He snapped at her in return and slammed her to the ground where she clawed and kicked the dirt.  His muscle strained to hold her writhing form but she stopped when he pressed his cock between her thighs.

Silver light surrounded them when the cloud covering the moon drifted past.  Chris pushed, piercing his wife’s wet pussy.  She moaned and raised herself, pushing her husband up.  Holding himself with one hand, he reached under her body.  His claws teased her hips, the tips scoring her hardened body.  He could feel her fur spreading from her belly, thick and curly.  He grabbed a handful of her silky coat, twisting it around thickly padded fingers before releasing it.  Further his hand traveled until the leathery padding along his palm brushed the soft skin of her breasts.  He clenched his hand to knead her and his wife hissed when his claws dug into her flesh.

He took pleasure in her body.  In restraining her.  Holding her back while his cock impaled her inch-by-inch until her reformed labia bulged around his flared knot.  As slowly as he entered her, he pulled back.

Veronica groaned as she felt him swell within her.  Her tight pussy bulged around his cock and she flexed within to squeeze him as tightly as possible.  When he withdrew, his mahood began to turn bright red.  He barely felt the loss of sensitivity when his head retreated against shaft, leaving him with a crimson, pointed cock.

Chris pulled all the way out of his wife and shifted, kneeling behind her.  She looked back at him with a sharp glance but he clawed at her hips while sitting with his legs spread.  The she-wolf knelt, turned and straddled her husband’s lap.  His cock lay between them, soaking the black and brown fur on their bellies with her juices.  He held her wide hips in his claws and licked her lips before reaching to grab her ass with one hand and her breast with another.  She groaned and clawed at the tree behind him, showering them both with bark. 

The forest was utterly silent as Veronica began to grind against her mate. She anchored her claws against the tree and her paws in the soil to glide against her husband’s slick, fat cock.  He held her down against his shaft while his rough tongue lashed against her nipple and the fur surrounding it.  They both froze when his tip pressed against her opening. 

With a deep sigh, she lowered herself on him.  He grabbed her ass with both hands while her tail brushed his knuckles in a slow, lazy curve.  She opened for him, taking him as deep as she could and then further when she felt his knot against her soaked pussy.  He dug his claws into her powerful, muscular ass and pushed, forcing her down over the bump surrounding his base.  She growled quietly, willing herself to take all of him.

In a quick, sudden movement, she relaxed and he slipped completely inside of her.  She pulled herself up and his hips lifted with the movement until he shoved her back down with a snarl. Her pussy clamped him beneath his knot, forcing them together until he had his release.

Clouds obscured the moon as she pressed her knees into the ground.  She lay against her husband, her huge breasts heavy on his collarbones.  Whimpering, she gave an experimental bounce, groaning as his tip hit her cervix.  He reached up to hold her waist and pushed up when she sat back again.  She licked the top of his head and he gripped the base of her tail with one hand.  Using her tail as a leash, he forced her down and she exhaled harshly while following his lead.

The pair found themselves constantly adjusting their grips and their feet under their short, powerful thrusts.  Veronica licked her husband’s muzzle and then hung her head, panting as their speed increased.  Her ears flicked back at an angle and a whining note entered her breathing.  She hated herself for it but couldn’t stop it escaping her lips.  He was so incredibly deep inside of her and his knot pressed against her hidden clit as if he were rubbing it while fucking her.

Her orgasm shocked her.  She kicked, trying to get away from her husband’s cock as it exploded within her belly to send shards of intense pleasure throughout her body.  He growled and held her close, pounding into her until they fell forward.  Veronica crashed to her back and twisted, rocking her hips back and forth, desperately trying to escape the overpowering feeling of him filling every inch of her.  His clawed hands gripped hers and he strained, grinding and thrusting as his tail shook behind him.

Finally, release.  His howl echoed through the forest and he reared back, muzzle pointing to the sky.  His seed filled his wife, trapped by his knot.  Her belly bulged to contain all of it and yet he contained to swell inside of her.  He howled again and she weakly tried to join him but found herself trembling and kneading the cold soil beneath her instead.

As sparks of light filled her eyes, her husband leaned forward to lick her muzzle, cheeks and ears.  She licked him tiredly in return and then pulled him down until he lay against her side with his heavily muscled arm against her stomach.  She groaned as his fur tickled her teats but rolled to face him to relieve the pain of his knot twisting her sex.

They lay together, spent and basking in each other’s presence while waiting for him to grow soft.  Far in the distance, a wolf howled and they turned in the direction of the call as more joined the first to welcome the new pack and mark their territorial boundaries.

Beyond them, animals began to cautiously call each.  They grew more bold when neither werewolf made a sound until the forest came alive with nocturnal animals.

The pair met each other’s eyes as Veronica’s stomach rumbled.  When he finally came free, they rolled and vanished silently into the forest to hunt together.

“Oh, shit,” Chris groaned, rolling on damp grass.  His eyes felt welded shut but he opened them and then closed them again as sunlight pierced his skull.  Fragments of last night came to him and he suddenly sat up.  “Veronica?”

He smelled her and turned to find her a few feet away and curled up into a small ball.  A soft line of brown fur covered her back and the bottom of her feet were discolored.  He looked down at himself to see thick fur over his soft, human cock.  The fur spread up to his chest hair, mixing in until he couldn’t see where one ended and other began.  He stood and walked to his wife but she rolled and stretched with a loud yawn when he approached.

“Whatimeizzit?” Veronica asked sleepily.  Her pointed ears twitched and her sharp canines stood out when she yawned again.  She blinked golden eyes up at her husband.  “Chris?”

“Hey babe,” he said, kneeling beside her.  “You, uhh, you remember any of last night?”

“I- We-” her eyes widened.  “Your ears!  Ohhhhh fuck!  And your eyes.  We- we changed and- oh fuck.”

“Yeah,” he told her, rubbing her shoulders.  He felt skin moving and took his hand back to find slightly loose skin covering his palm.  The soft skin was darker than the rest.  My fuckin’ paw pads.

“Oh god, the book,” Veronica said as she sat up.  “Oh shit, I’m so-“

“If you’re about to say ‘sorry’ then hold the fuck up,” Chris said, raising his hand to stop her.  “This is- I’ve wanted this for so long.  This fantasy.  All the years we fucked around with magic to find something that actually worked and now?  Now it works?  Aw, shit.  But, I didn’t mean to drag you into any of this, babe.  This was just my thing.  I don’t even know how or why it happened.”

“A book in a magic shop,” Veronica exhaled.  She pressed a thumb against the slightly distended rose-colored skin just beneath her fingers.  “Apparently it was real.  It had a marked section that talked about werewolves and a bunch of crap next to it.  The tooth!  It was an actual fucking werewolf tooth.  It had to be.  Fuck.  Wow.  I hope the owner isn’t pissed if it can’t be used again.”

“Babe, are you okay?” her husband asked.  He knelt beside her, massaging her back in slow circles.  “We can- maybe there’s a way to fix this?”

She turned to look at him and her eyebrow arched up to her bangs.

“Do you want to fix it?” she asked.

“No,” he answered immediately.  “No.  Not for me, no.  But, you don’t have to do this.  We could figure something out.  Figure out how it works and when I need to go away.  You don’t-“

“Together,” she told him, kissing his hand.  She traced the large moon tattooed on his left arm and then kissed the image of Skoll.  “Until death do us part.  And a little beyond that.  It’s not what I expected but-“

“But?” Chris asked.

She groaned and opened her mouth to flash her canines at him.  Her eyes were half-lidded with lust and he could smell her desires.

“But I could fucking get used to this,” she whispered, pulling him down to her.

“The kids,” he said, following her down to the ground.  “And my job and figuring out how it works- oh god, what if we infect the kids and-“

Her lips closed around his and she raised her hips as she pulled him down further.

“Later.  God, later,” she gasped, grabbing his cock to angle him toward her aching sex.  She smirked up at him and licked his lips.  “Now I need you.  I need my- my mate.”

The growl that escaped his lips sent shivers down her spine.

Yeah, she thought as he entered her and his teeth found her shoulder.  Yeah, I could get used to this.

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