Leashed Ch. 01 [Dog, Patreon]

A young woman is given a special gift that brings changes.

From my Patreon! One of the initial gift stories for people that joined at the beginning.

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In.  In.  Out.  In.  In.  Out.  In.  In.  Out.

Amber focused on her breathing each time her foot struck the pathway.  The sun was finally burning the early morning fog away and light glittered off of the lake to her left.  Sweat rolled down the tanned muscles of her back.  Her long legs ate up the concrete and she weaved around the few people out walking.  Cool wind slid along her bare, toned stomach.

In.  In.  Out.

The young woman hummed along with the music from her earbuds while managing her breathing.  The smell of dew and wet grass and warm summer air filled her with happiness and energy.  She smiled at an older couple as they laughed together and held hands.

Finally, she slowed and stopped by a tree with her hand against its trunk to steady herself.  WIth her free hand, she pulled a leg back to her firm ass, holding the stretch before switching legs. She repeated the motion a few times before stretching on her tiptoes.  Just as she started to reach for the water bottle at the small of her back, a dog barked.  The turned to see a lean, sleek doberman standing beside a young man on a nearby bench.

“Oh my gosh,” she cooed.  She pulled out her earbuds and let them dangle on her shoulders.  “Is he good with people?  Can I pet him?”

The young man smiled at her.  He had shaggy hair and a three day old stubble and faint dimples.  His clothes looked fashionably ruffled and she couldn’t tell if he’d slept in them or spent time making himself look overly casual.  A thick paper bag with a fancy logo sat next to him.

“Yeah, definitely.  Sit, Chief,” the young man said. The doberman immediately responded but his eyes never left Amber’s eyes.  “Just don’t touch his head is all.”

“So well trained!”  the woman laughed.  She crouched and lowered her hand below the dog’s muzzle before approaching him.  The dog leaned forward to sniff regally before sitting back.  Amber gently stroked the dog’s side as she told him what a good puppy he was.  His coat felt incredibly silky to her touch.  “What a beautiful boy!”

“Thanks,” the young man said.  “I’m Noah.  I think I’ve seen you around the lake a few times when I’m out walking Chief.”

“I’m Amber,” she said, stepping back from the dog.  “And, probably!  I’m out here jogging most days and sometimes at night.  It’s beautiful and I love the air.”

“Yeah, Chief loves it, too,” Noah said.  He reached out and the dog leaned towards him slightly while laying his ears back.  The young man gently pet the dog’s head and it chuffed in happiness.

“Such a sweet guy,” she beamed.

“Yup,” Noah nodded.  He stood and dusted himself off.  The dog stood with him.  “Loves to cuddle up and be petted, that’s for sure.  Maybe I’ll see you around again sometime.”

“Yeah!” she said, blushing.  She’d already forgotten the man’s name.  She was incredibly bad with names but remembered Chief’s name.  She watched the two walk off and vaguely heard the man talking to the dog as they left the park.

“Alright, Amber,” she said, pumping her legs.  “Still got an hour to go.”

Amber wiped sweat from the back of her neck, running long fingers up to her short hair to feel how soaked they were from her run.  She yearned for a cool shower and to get out of her sweat soaked clothes.  She opened the door of her apartment building, made her way up the stairs to her floor and then stopped, standing at her apartment with keys in her hand.

There was a package hidden in the corner of the doorframe.

She stared at it, her brows knit together in confusion.  Kneeling down, she poked it and the box jingled slightly.  Amber frowned and picked it up, surprised at the weight.  It was wrapped in nice cream colored wrapping paper with a simple little pink bow tied around it.  No note was attached.

“Maybe it’s from Jeff?”  She mused.  She’d gone out three times with Jeff and still wasn’t sure about him but he knew where she lived.  He just didn’t seem the type to do something like this.

Amber unlocked her door and stepped inside, immediately kicking off her shoes.  She sighed happily as her sore feet decompressed.  Setting the small box on the counter, she padded into the bathroom and started the water.  She pulled her sports bra off and fingered the line it left on her skin.  Her nipples ached and she wondered, not for the first time, if she should get nipple guards.  Simple little metal barbells pierced her nipples.  She touched them gingerly and winced.  Maybe a nipple guard.

Humming lightly to herself, she worked her pants off with little sideways motions of her hips, pushing with each beat of the song she sang quietly.  Amber stood on her tiptoes and turned, admiring the way her calves stood out on her tanned skin.  She slapped her own firm ass and winked at herself lewdly in the mirror.  Heat and steam filled the small bathroom and she adjusted the temperature as she entered the shower.

Amber stepped out of the bathroom, covered in only a huge, white towel wrapped around her body.  She stopped by the door and looked down at the box.  She’d somehow forgotten about it but she picked it up, grabbed her cellphone and walked into her bedroom.

“Now,” she said, sitting against the mound of pillows on her bed.  “Let’s see what you are.”

The ribbon came undone and the wrapping paper was held in place by a single clear piece of tape.  She parted it carefully and set the paper aside.  A large gift box sat in her hand.  She frowned and shook it, hearing the jingle of metal within.  Finally, she opened the box.

A handwritten note lay atop folded tissue paper.  She took the note, scanning it quickly.  It said, simply:  I think these would be fit for you and was signed by “A secret admirer”.

“Not Jeff, then?” She thought out loud.

Setting the paper aside, she carefully took the first item from the box.  It unfurled like an ancient scroll of soft paper.  Eight small metal rings were attached to the paper in rows of two.  The top two were larger than the other six.  Each ring had tiny pointed studs along the outside and the larger ones had small chains attached.  A thin metal bar bisected each ring.

Amber stared at the jewelry for a while, turning them around in her hands.  As she did, one of the studs loosened.  She touched it lightly and then turned it.  It came off in her hand and the ring slid to the bed.  The metal bar slid partially away and was attached to the stud opposite of the one she unscrewed.  Turning the ring over, she saw that the leashes were similarly attached via small screws.

“Ohhh!” she said, carefully picking up the little ring and bar.  “Nipple piercings!  But what are they supposed to- oh.  Oh, huh.”

The young woman pulled the bar out and placed the ring on her pinky finger.  The chain dangled against her finger.  It was a dog’s collar and leash, she’d decided.  She frowned again, thinking back to ex-boyfriends.  And yet, she couldn’t see any of them sending her a sudden gift or calling themselves her secret admirer.

A twist of her fingers loosened her towel, revealing her modest breasts and long, toned body.  She crossed her legs at her ankle and undid the barbell at her left nipple, setting it on her night stand.  With some hesitation, she placed the studded ring around the nipple and stared at it.  The chain dangled against her breast and felt cool on her warm skin.  She wasn’t sure it was her style but she’d also never seen anything like it.

With steady hands, Amber slid the thin bar through the ring and then through the tiny hole in her nipple.  With a slight tremor in her other hand, she screwed the loose stud into place.  Once finished, she replaced the other barbell with the second large nipple ring.

The two rings lay against her breasts and she cocked her head at them.  She had a small mirror on her nightstand and she grabbed it, aiming it at her chest.

“Well, that’s definitely interesting,” she mused.  Amber traced a finger along the ring and then down the chain.  With an impish smile, she jerked the chain.  The mirror dropped from her hand as a sharp heat radiated from her nipple.  “Oh!”

Amber grabbed the towel beneath her in a tight fist.  She bit her lip and twisted her toes as the second nipple ring seemed to light a fire deep within her breast.  The young woman let out a shuddering breath as the warmth slowly spread to her core.  She leaned her head back and moaned, pressing a hand against her chest.  The young athlete pushed her hand down her rock solid stomach as if to guide the heat lower.

“Oh!  Oh god!”  she groaned.  She spread her knees and raised her hips as her finger tips slid against her perfectly shaved mound.  With a gasp, she grabbed the headboard with her free hand and dipped a finger down against her clit.

Breathing heavily, her face flushed red and her ears buzzing, Amber touched herself lightly.  She thrust her chest out with a quiet mewling and the little chains on the rings trembled against her soft, warm breasts.  She pressed her knees together, trapping her hand between her smooth thighs and then pulled back, laying her hand on her belly.

“Wha- what was that?” she gasped. She ached deep in her guts and desperately wanted to touch herself again.

With a heavy sigh, Amber cupped her breasts, squeezing them gently.  She stared down at her tits and the tiny collars attached to her nipples.  She reached her head down, straining with her tongue out.  She whined and reached and the tip of her tongue flicked one of the collars, twisting it on her nipple.

The woman’s perfect, straight teeth creaked in her jaw as she tried to lick herself.  With a high pitched screech that made her ears twitch, her canines began to grow.  They slid from her jaw, forcing the neighboring teeth to shift as they lengthened.  Drool gathered in the corner of her mouth, sliding down her jaw until she ran her elongated tongue around her mouth.

Amber lay her head back, panting as the room spun around her.  She blinked and breathed until she could see straight.  Her tongue lay out of the corner of her mouth until she sucked it back in and her lips bulged around her sharp fangs.

A tiny point of bright pain spiked her belly.  Amber ground her sharp teeth together and bent over to find what caused the pain.  She touched her belly gingerly and found the skin to be looser in the spot that hurt. As she explored, she felt small bumps form under the skin.  The more she touched the area, the better it felt until she began to feel pleasure.  She pinched the skin carefully and it responded by sending a tiny electrical jolt straight to her pussy.  The tanned patch of skin began to darken and small bumps rose from the surface.  She stared at it and the discolored circle widened before swelling.  Leaning further she noticed a very small hole directly at the center of the strange skin.  She touched it and felt wetness on her finger.  As if in response to her touch, the hole begin to twist, gathering loose skin around it.

A single small, dark nipple rose from her belly.

Amber’s stomach cramped and she cried out, clutching her sides.  More dark spots of skin began to appear in two straight lines down her stomach, starting just under her breasts.

“Oh shit!  Oh sh- Ohhh!” Amber moaned, rubbing her feet and thighs together.  Her gums began to ache and she pressed her tongue to the roof of her mouth.  The roughness of her thick, wide tongue sent chills down her back with each pass.  She could feel the new nipples forming and connecting to her body.  The new nerves felt like they were hot wired directly to her sex and it was driving her wild as each of her teats swelled from her hard stomach.  Tiny drops of milk ran from each of them.

Hanging her head, Amber panted, feeling her hot breath tickle her breasts.

Black fur lifted between her shoulder blades and she shivered without knowing why.  More hairs sprouted in a wide line down her spine to the bottom of her back.  The hairs spread out slowly, stopping just short of her sides.

Her glossy black fur shined in the overhead light.  Amber rolled her head slowly, breathing deeply of the scent between her legs.  Her temples throbbed.  Tiny tan hairs sprouted from the smooth mound above her pussy.  Short and flat and shiny, the fur grow slowly up to the first set of her teats.  Once stopped, it continued in a glossy line to her second set of teats before tapering off.  Her new fur grew down around her aching, swollen sex, trapping her moisture in the fine tan hairs.  As the tan hairs reached mid thigh, they stopped and spiraled around, darkening to black before moving up towards her ass.

Amber closed her eyes and moaned, leaning her head back again.  She squeezed her breasts and then slid her hands down her chest.  She gasped as her fingers touched her short, silky fur and then groaned and bucked, spreading her fingers wide to run them over each of her teats.  She felt cold metal against her fingers and her eyes snapped open.

Each teat was capped by the same nipple collars she wore on her breasts.  She could see the holes around the bars, as if they’d always been there.

She went to touch one of the small rings and then hissed when her fingers popped.  She stuck the fingers of her right hand in her mouth, wincing when her fangs bit into the skin.  Her tongue swirled against her sore joints and fingers until she felt loose skin dragging against her coarse tongue.  The pain lessened and she pulled her hand free.

Translucent skin sagged from the palm of her hand.  She reached to touch them but tiny pinching twinges made her hand spasm.  She held her wrist and watched as inky blackness seemed to fill the pockets of skin.  Calluses rose from her hand, thick and wide along the top and bottom of her palm and in little bumps under her fingers.  She touched the padding, surprised at the soft, leathery texture.  She stared, fascinated with them, flexing them as much as she could.  The movement seemed to bring forth another change as the skin bulged below each fingernail.  Thick, black tips cleaved her skin and nails and she whined as her claws inched forward.

But then, the heat pulsed within her.  Inexorably.  Something clicked deep within Amber and she lunged forward, knocking the gift box from her bed.  She pushed her chest down while raising her ass and spreading her trembling thighs.  Her teats dragged against the towel and made her bark in pleasure.  The girl blushed and then moaned.  Pure, clear liquid dripped from her aching pussy.  She reached a clawed hand under her, sliding through the tan fur on her belly and then jerking as the thick pads on her hands grazed her clit.  She moaned loudly and it warbled, dog-like.  Her ears twitched and slender black hairs began to grow along the edges of them.  The tips of her ears stretched, every so slightly, into rounded points.

Amber’s ass rocked slowly side-to-side.  The bulge above her hips swelled into a rounded stub, lined in the same black fur that covered her body.  Her labia trembled and she carefully pressed a finger within her folds.  She could feel how utterly swollen she was.  Bones clicked within her hips and she felt her pussy move, shifting slightly upward.  She panted and shook on the bed.  Her lips bulged and moved, pressing together while folding over into a distended bitch’s pussy.  She pressed a clumsy finger into the middle of her new pussy and yipped, amazed at how tight she felt.

She brought her hand back up to her mouth and licked between her fingers, cleaning her paw.  The young woman stopped mid-lick.  Her brain felt fuzzy but slowly began to clear and a sense of alarm started to spread at the back of her mind.  She went to all fours and then her knees, paws on her thighs.  All eight of her nipple rings caught the overhead light.  This is wrong.  This is all wrong and I-

A knock at her door made her bark in alarm and Amber sat back, covering her mouth in embarrassment.

“Wh- who is it?” she asked.  Her large tongue felt awkward in her mouth, making her voice sound slurred.  She scented the air.  Jeff.  It’s Jeff, oh no.

The man knocked again but Amber grabbed her towel and wrapped herself in it, biting her lip painfully as the fabric slid against her teats.

I had a date with him tonight!  She remembered.  Oh.  Oh shit.  Oh no.

The girl went to the door and opened it slightly, peeking through the crack.

“J- Jeff,” she said.

“Amber, hey.  You don’t sound so great,” he replied, frowning.  “You gonna let me in?”

“N-no,” Amber answered.  She could feel her stubby tail moving under the towel and, as she bent forward to get the towel off of her teats, it brushed her pussy.  She moaned and her hips dropped slightly.  “I’m- I’m sick.  I’ll have to talk to you later.  Goodbye, Jeff.”

“Amber, wait,” Jeff yelled as she closed the door.

She ran back to her bed, dodging the spilled contents of the box.  The young woman dropped the towel and dove under her covers, ignoring the sudden buzzing of her phone.  Her heart pounded and her tongue hung loose outside her mouth while she panted from the stress of the situation.  Oh god, what do I do now?  I’m so fucked, oh god!

And yet, she couldn’t stop her hand sliding down her hard, furred stomach towards her sex.  Her cheeks flushed with red and she whimpered, fighting the undeniable urge to fill her aching wetness.

Across the street, a dog barked and Amber rolled over, raising her hips slightly.

God.  God, yes.  I’m just-, she panted, rocking her body against the bed to tease her nipples.  The dog continued to bark and Amber yipped in reply.  She’d worry about what to do later.  Now.  Now she had to ease the pain between her thighs.

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