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Re-posting the four stories from /r/gonewild separately.

A submissive, abused young woman posts a secret photo on an entirely different /r/gonewild subreddit.  When the mod replied that he likes his women wild, she finds herself changing to suit and becoming more dominant.

Warning: Contains brief instances of abuse.

“Hey, you going to start dinner or what?”  Brian asked his wife, his eyes focused on the TV.  He held a PS4 controller as his eyes flicked around the screen, watching everything.  “I’m getting hungry.”

Brian’s wife, Ashley, looked up from her book.  “It’s early, isn’t it?  I thought I’d just finish this chapter and-“

“I’m hungry,” Brian said without turning to look at her.  “Goddammit!  I shot that fucker!”

“Okay, but-“

“I’m.  Hungry.” Brian said, his voice dropping.  Finally, he looked at his wife and she lowered her eyes. Ashley knew that tone and she could feel the faded bruise on her hip still aching from the last time she hesitated too long.

“Okay,” she told him quickly with a nervous laugh.  “I’ll get it started.  Let me just change my clothes and I’ll get it going.  Do- do you want chicken?  Baked chicken and I think I have some asparagus from-“

“Steak,” Brian said dismissively.  “And just some potato chips.  Grab me a beer before you start.  I’m thirsty.”

Ashley put her book away and stood, waiting until she thought her husband’s character was in a safe spot before she stepped in front of the screen.  She grabbed a cold beer from the fridge and handed it to her husband.

“Just put it down, stupid,” Brian said.  “I can’t fucking hold a beer and the controller at the same time, can I?  Idiot.”

“N- no, I guess not,” Ashley said.  Her hand trembled as she set the beer on a coaster next to him.

They’d moved for his job, to the other side of the country and she’d lost all her friends and her family in the move.  She had nothing and no job and couldn’t get away from him.  Worse, she knew nobody would want her.  She was stupid.  And useless.  She couldn’t even get a job.  If she left him, she’d end up on the street or worse.  And her family wouldn’t take her back.  Brian told her all the time how much of a drag she’d been on them and how happy they were that they were moving.  And as long as she did what Brian wanted, he was nice to her.  He was.

Ashley grabbed her phone and went into their bedroom.  She closed her door quietly and listened for a moment, making sure her husband was engrossed in his video game.  One night, after he’d left to go drinking with his friends, she’d used the computer and found him logged into a pornographic website.  She clicked on one of the links out of curiosity and was soon clicking on more.  All of them were women sharing nude pictures of themselves and sometimes with their boyfriends or girlfriends or threesomes and more.

She’d been fascinated.  These women looked so good.  Some of them smiling happily while others made sexy faces that had her feeling flushed.  She imagined how free it must feel, and sexy, to just take a picture of yourself and share.  Something secret.  Something hidden.  Something only for yourself or your boyfriend and share it for the world.  

That night, she’d learned how to make her own account and how to browse anonymously.  She’d taken a single, dark picture of her vagina and shared it.  And then immediately deleted her account from the sudden, nervous fear that almost made her throw up.  But, the thought was stuck with her and a few days later, she made another account and shared again.  This time, she didn’t delete the account and, instead, felt the thrill as people commented on how hot her picture was.  

Every so often, she’d take more pictures and share.  Never anything that showed her face or anything identifying.  Just a picture of her ass or boobs or nipples or vagina.  Once she took a picture of her lips but she deleted the picture after the first comment, without reading it.

She stood there now in the darkened bedroom, listening to her husband play his game.  Ashley loaded up the website in a private browsing tab.  She tapped past the new screen that popped up and clicked a small title for the picture she was about to take.  Quickly, while still listening for her husband, she pushed down her panties and sweatpants and angled her photo.  The camera clicked and she felt her heart racing as she posted the picture.


Ashley hummed quietly to the background of swelling music and gunfire from her husband’s video game.  He was on a headset now, laughing and yelling at his friends as they played together.  She loved when he put the headphones on because it meant she could make a little noise without worrying about him yelling at her.  

She tenderized the steaks, rubbing them down with her own special rub of salt and spices.  The smell of the meat wafted up to her and her stomach rumbled.  She felt her mouth water at the sharp coppery scent of raw, bloody meat.  She hadn’t realized how hungry she was but now felt like she was starving.  

Oven at 475, almost warmed up, She thought to herself, mentally going through the steps she needed for dinner.  It was simple but she knew how stupid and forgetful she was and she didn’t want Brian to have an excuse to hit her again.  Ashley growled as she recounted the steps.  Reaching up, she cleaned her bloody fingers off slowly, one at a time with her tongue, sucking on each finger until they were entirely clean.  Sear each side of the steak and-

“Goddammit!” Brian yelled from the other room.

Ashley hunched her shoulders and laughed nervously.  Her lips pulled back as she bared her teeth to expose canines slowly lengthening in her jaw.  She lapped at her face with a tongue longer than it should be, licking anxiously at the traces of blood near her lips.  Between her thighs, she felt a slow, dull pulsing that made her squirm.  She ignored it, as she often ignored her own sex drive the rare times she felt horny.  She never dared to initiate and her husband took her when he wanted and then only sporadically.

“Hold the goddamn control point, you fucking moron!” Brian continued to yell.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Ashley fought an odd urge to drop to all fours just as something twitched in her tailbone.  The young woman went to grab a pan from the shelf but then stopped, glancing towards the living room.  Her husband was lost in his game, yelling at his fireteam and ignoring her completely.  Quickly, she woke her phone, pulled up an anonymous browsing tab and logged in to see if there were any comments on her picture.  

She rarely looked back at what she posted but, sometimes – sometimes she checked.  There was a single comment, the user’s name highlighted in green.  That meant a moderator but she didn’t recognize the name.  She read the comment quickly: Such a bare little pussy.  I like my women a little more rough.

Ashley’s eyes flicked up at her posted picture and she growled low in her throat.  Someone changed the picture!  

Her husband liked her to shave herself bare.  She hated the bumps and burns afterwards but he always wanted her smooth.  “His naughty little girl” he always called her.  The posted picture was bare like she was but the clit was engorged to a ridiculous degree.  It was thick and bulging, the hood pulled far back.  The slick, pink clit was nearly the size of the tip of her pinky finger.

And yet, there was a mole on the mound above that huge clit.  A mole just like she had.

Ashley killed the tab and licked her lips, showing her sharp fangs briefly.  She glanced at her husband and then ran to the back of the kitchen so he couldn’t see her.  Once there, she carefully pulled her pants down to look at herself.

Her clit was swollen and angry and red.  Ashley dropped to her knees with a nervous chuckling laugh.  Her ears strained against her head and she licked her lips.  Again, she looked down.  It wasn’t nearly as bad as what was shown in the picture but, as she watched, the hood over her clit slid back, unable to contain the erect, growing clit.  Her free hand trembled as she slowly reached to touch herself.

“I need another beer!” Brian yelled.

Ashley fell to hands and knees and small hairs sprouted from the back of her neck, standing on end.  She bared her teeth as a wave of anger rushed through her body.  She growled, her eyes flashing.  Gold flecks appeared in the light green of her eyes.  The young woman shook her entire body and pulled herself up on shaky legs.  She hissed as her thighs rubbed briefly against her clit.

Light hair pushed through the skin of her mound in a soft patch of fur.  She stalked to the fridge, opened it and grabbed a beer.  The cold can felt amazing on her hot skin and she could taste the metal of the can at the back of her throat.  Beyond that, the smell of the steak sitting on the counter made her stomach rumble again.

“I said I need another goddamn beer!”  Brian yelled again.

Ashley growled again as hot anger boiled in her stomach.  She fought it, feeling her old doubt and fears clash with the hormones flooding her body.  Her hand tightened on the beer, causing tendons and veins to stand out on her forearm.  She swallowed, licked her lips and walked to the living room.

“Coming,” Ashley said, her voice rough.  A single claw grew from her finger, scraping along the can.


Ashley held the cool beer for her husband, her eyes narrowing as he ignored her.  She rolled her aching neck, feeling it pop and scrape but not noticing as it elongated minutely, pushing her head away from her shoulders.  The thin line of fur thickened along the neck, the red and black hairs damp with sweat as hormones coursed through her, filling her body with an unnatural heat.  Her nostrils flared to take in her scent and she huffed.

Grinding her canines in frustration, Ashley fought to keep her cool and to swallow the growl that threatened to escape her lips.  Why won’t he turn on the air conditioner?  Is it really that important to save some goddamn money?  I’m sweating my ass off here.

“Here,” Ashley growled, slamming the beer down next to her husband.

“Hey,” He yelled, glancing over at her for a moment before returning to his game.  “You almost splashed it on me, idiot.”

Ashley bared her fangs and then turned, swallowing.  She clenched her fingers and lines appeared along her forearms.  Tendons stood out on the back of her hand as she made a fist, feeling the sharp pain of her claw piercing her palm.  Muscles bulged just under the skin of her arms and her hands shook as her biceps swelled.  Her shirt clung wetly to her and her nipples strained beneath her bra, tenting the fabric even through multiple layers.

Stalking back to the kitchen, the young woman started pacing.  Her ears popped as her jaw clicked and bones grew in her neck.  Fur sprouted lazily down her back, pulled flat by her soaked shirt.  She scratched at herself, more claws sliding forth from beneath her fingernails.  The claws easily sliced through the fabric, leaving sweat-soaked skin exposed in the overly warm air.

Ashley’s clit throbbed painfully beneath her pants. A small bulge formed as it elongated.  She groaned as the pants pulled tight, her thighs swelling with dense muscles.  The clit became easily outlined against the pants and she rubbed at it, snarling quietly.

A rush of heat caused Ashley to gasp and her pussy lips became engorged, a camel toe forming beneath her form-fitting pants.  She leaned against the kitchen counter, panting to catch her breath.  Black cracks seemed to form beneath the red of her lipstick and her lips darkened.  She groaned, craning her long neck over the plate of raw steaks.  Drool dripped from dark lips as black fur sprouted along her cheeks.  

Grabbing a steak with a  thick, clawed fist, Ashley tore into it, her fangs easily ripping through the meat.  She growled and lapped at the blood on her lips between each bite and bones cracked beneath her face.  She moaned, eyes closed while her muzzle formed.  When the pain stopped, Ashley opened her eyes, looking down her sloping nose as it began to turn black.  Her eyes crossed and her half-muzzle vanished.

The blood of the steak called to her and Ashley quickly finished the first steak before tearing into the second.  The heat was consuming her and the blood drove her wild.  She rubbed herself in the excitement, pressing her palm against the length of her clit, chuckling between bites.

Soon, her clit slid from the top of her pants and she rubbed the tip with the rough pad forming under her thumb.  Her leg spasmed with each touch and she felt the coming orgasm.  The young woman tore at her shirt, freeing her right breast.  She massaged the slick skin with her rough hand while squeezing and rubbing her clit carefully.  

Ashley pawed at the ground with her feet.  Claws sliced through her right sock and she tore long strips from the vinyl flooring.  She slid slowly along her furred back until she was sitting on the floor.  More fur sprouted along her open mouth and she found herself breathing hard as her orgasm drew closer.  Maddening.  Her clit wasn’t as sensitive as before but there was more of it and the entire thing felt wonderful to the touch.

A tear opened in her jeans along her thighs and the back of her expanding calves.  Her left sock strained against her foot and then tore just as a long, black claw sliced through her toenail and the soft material.  

Fur grew through the holes in her pants, thick and red and black.  Ashley grunted, rubbing faster, licking her lips as sweat dripped from her body.  Close.  So close.  She needed it.  Her body burned and her joints ached and her teeth itched and all the new chemicals roaring through her body, driving her changes had turned everything into a crazed blur.

“Hey, are you cooking or what?  I can’t smell shit and I’m hungry!”

Ashley’s ears twitched and she lost her rhythm, her building orgasm fizzling   Her loud, chuckling laugh betrayed her sudden, incredible frustration.

“What the fuck are you laughing about?  I asked you a goddamn question!”

Ashley went to all fours, stretching her long neck with loud cracks.  She stood slowly on powerful, clawed paws and her pants tore to her waist to expose heavily muscled legs thick with patches of black spotted red fur.  She easily tore the pants off with a swipe and her long clit throbbed semi-erect in front of her.

Smiling, sharp teeth showing beneath black lips, Ashley stepped into the living room.

“Well?” Brian asked, his eyes on the TV.  “I- oh what the shit?!”

Brian pushed himself frantically back against the couch as Ashley came into the room.  She could smell the terror on him and she growled in response.  She chuckled at him with her hitching laugh and then bared her fangs.  

“Oh fuck, oh fuck oh fuck what’s-“

Ashley leapt at her husband, slamming into him.  The couch cracked, breaking apart under her weight and ferocity.  She held him by the hair, her long, deadly claws lightly pressed against his cheekbone.  Reaching her long neck forward, she huffed at him and then growled.  He smelled of piss and pure terror.

Letting her husband go, Ashley stood up over him.  He had pissed himself and, as she let him go, he quickly pulled himself back against the wall.  The whites of his eyes showed while he tried to look around the room.  Ashley rolled her neck as it lengthened further.  She smiled at him, showing her teeth in her half-muzzle and Brian stuttered in confusion and fear as she stepped closer.

“I- I- I- wh- wha- what-” Brian tried to say.  

Ashley gripped her long clit and pushed it forward, rubbing it against his cheek.  The man jerked back as if it were on fire.  Ashley growled and pressed her clit against his lips this time.

“Suck.  It.”  Ashley’s voice was rough and the words were difficult for her to form – physically and mentally.  He’d interrupted her and was a male.  It was his job to pleasure her.  She would show him if he forgot.

“N- no fuckin’ way!” Brian protested, turning his cheek.

With a loud, deep growl, Ashley bent down and touched a claw against Brian’s throat.  With the slightest of pressure, she dragged it along and a thin line of blood leaked from the cut.  She stood again.

Sobbing, Brian reached for her clit with a shaking hand.  Ashley chuckled quietly as his hand gripped it.  When he made no further move, her odd laughed turned into a growl.  Before he could change his mind, Brian licked the tip of her clit.

“More.” Ashley commanded.  Her voice broke at the end of the word, her throat changing to fit her growing form.

“Oh god oh god oh god,” Brian said quietly.  Carefully, slowly, he took Ashley’s long clit into his mouth.  She groaned and leaned against the wall with her eyes closed.  When he took it out of his mouth to beg to stop, she grabbed his head and pushed it further down, guiding the male to show him what she wanted.  He gagged on it, tears filling the corner of his eyes.

She bared her teeth at him.  He would learn his role or she would find another.  She laughed loud, cackling deep within her chest.  She’d find another anyway whether he was good or not.  And more than that.

Brian sucked his wife’s strange, elongated clit.  Despite his terror and the thought of what he was doing, he found it wasn’t an unpleasant taste.  And the texture was almost the same as her human clit.  He looked at it while bobbing his head.  Feeling himself grow hard.  His nostrils flared and he could smell her.  Her excitement.  It fed into him and he worked his head faster.  It was actually a really good taste, he decided.

Moving closer to his wife, Brian pulled her clit away and licked the length of it.  He held her ass with one hand, kneading it while he pleasured her.  Claws slid from the fingers gripping her furry ass.  He laughed as he licked, surprised at how stupid he was for resisting before.  With each lap of his tongue, it grew longer.  His neck cracked painfully and he hissed, barely pausing before going back to what he was doing.  He couldn’t stop.  Not because she might kill him but because that was his purpose.

Fur sprouted from Brian’s shoulders, brown and black, growing down his arms and up his lengthening neck.  He could feel his own cock throbbing and he reached for it.

Brian blinked.  He hurt and he was on the floor but couldn’t remember what happened.  He tasted blood and ran his tongue around his mouth, feeling his growing fangs.  What happened?

She was there, he saw.  She.

Ashley pointed at Brian’s cock.  “No,” she said gravelly.  “No.  Me.”

Brian bowed his head, laughing nervously.  He groaned as his chest expanded, his beer gut pulling into a hard stomach.  His shirt split to reveal patchy wet fur mixed with sweaty skin.  A small stump of a tail was held low at the base of his spine.

Of course, he thought.  Of course.  Her first.  Always Her.  I can’t believe I thought of touching myself without Her permission.  

He crawled to Ashley on hands and knees, abasing himself and reaching for her clit.  When she allowed him to touch her, he barked out a nervous, happy laugh.  But, she pushed his head lower and although he cocked his head in confusion for a moment, he quickly realised what she wanted.  Brian lapped at his wife’s furry pussy, his stubby tail growing and arching above his back.  

Ashley groaned as she felt her orgasm grow again.  She went to her knees and Brian followed, not missing a single lick.  She growled at him and lowered herself to her back, wondering for a brief moment if she was making a mistake but knew instantly that he was hers.  She ripped the rest of her shirt off while he licked her and when she felt a claw go between her swollen lips, she boxed Brian’s fur-tipped ears with a growl.  He chuckled nervously and quickly bent back down with his mouth.

She rode out the pleasure, squeezing and kneading her own breasts while her husband worked on her.  Slowly, slowly the orgasm built and she took great pleasure in feeling it grow.  She didn’t care how much time had passed or whether her husband was growing tired; he knew not to stop until she was done.  

And she was close.  So close.  She gripped her husband’s fur and ears with a huge clawed hand, pushing him hard against her clit and pussy and his long tongue lapped frantically at her, his claws digging carefully into her muscled thighs.  The growl started deep in her throat, growing louder and louder until her orgasm burst.  She bucked laughing and twisting and chuckling and clawing, hearing her husband’s pained whine as she accidentally struck him. She rode the aftershocks until she was entirely spent.

Exhausted.  Pleased.

After a moment, she felt a hesitant touch on her arm.  She looked over to see Brian squatting next to her.  His red cock was out of its sheath and he was showing it to her.

Ashley cuffed him hard across the muzzle and he fell without a sound, lowering himself to the ground in front of her.  She stood, staring at him, daring him to look up at her or offer challenge.  Minutes passed as he trembled in front of her.

The rumble of a car’s engine made them both look up.  They heard it approach and Brian stood, the top of his muzzle reaching his wife’s shoulder.  The car stopped at their house and a door opened and closed.  Brian immediately moved around to the corner at the side of the door and Ashley moved opposite him, drawing the coming attention away from her husband.

With a bang, the front door broke open and two men stepped in, both in military gear and both eyeing Ashley.

“Easy there, sweetheart,” one man said.  He had a shotgun pointed directly at Ashley.  He stood behind the other man, who knelt with his own gun drawn.  “These aren’t shells but they’ll still sting and bring even you down.”  

“Christ,” the kneeling man said.  “What an ugly motherfu-“

Brian crashed into both men silently and Ashley leapt in after him.  The shotgun went off, its barrel pointed directly up and the two men screamed before Ashley and Brian tore into them, crunching through the bones in their neck.

With the men down, Brian backed away carefully, leaving Ashley to feast.  When she’d had her fill, she walked away, uninterested while Brian moved in.  A few minutes later, a crackling noise filled the air.

“Echo team,” the small radio blared.  “Do you copy?  Is the target secured?  Echo do you copy?  What is your status?”

Ashley growled and Brian moved to stand behind her.  She looked around their house, huffed and ran into the night.  Brian trailed behind her.

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