/r/gonewild – Greed

Re-posting the four stories from /r/gonewild separately.

A small young woman sets up a webcam stream on a different kind of /r/gonewild subreddit and soon finds herself changing as her milk comes in…

Mikela sighed as she closed her apartment door behind her.  She brushed a loose strand of silver hair behind her ear as she kicked off her flats, freeing her aching feet.  Her slim legs were hidden beneath dark stockings and the young woman sighed again, happily this time, as she worked her toes on the cool tile of her entryway.

Setting her large, heavy purse down beside the front door, Mikela rolled her shoulders and padded to the kitchen.  Singing quietly to herself, she opened the fridge to grab a cheese stick and a bottle of water before bumping the fridge door closed with her narrow hips.  She peeled the plastic away from the cheese stick, nibbling on it as she made her way to her bedroom.  

The young woman’s bedroom was well lit and she glanced at all the extra lamps she had throughout the room.  Nodding to herself, she set the water bottle down on her desk.  The desk faced the foot of her bed and a wide, expensive monitor nearly filled the surface of it.  A simple keyboard, wrist pad and mouse took up the rest of the desk.  Attached to the top of the monitor was a high definition webcam.

Mikela eased into the office chair and booted up her computer while eating her snack.  It was a top-of-the-line computer and booted quickly.  She sat the cheese stick down and typed in her password to log in before opening her browser.  Her heart began to race a little, as it usually did and she felt heat on her small chest.  Beneath her simple black top, her tiny right nipple stiffened and she smiled.  It was always such a thrill for her.

“Huh,” Mikela said out loud when she browsed to the /r/gonewild subreddit on Reddit.  She double-checked the address and frowned.  Rather than a long page of links, she was greeted by a page stating that the subreddit was set to private and the user must upload content before they could gain access.  “Weird.  Okay.”

With a few clicks, Mikela launched her streaming software.  It was her “Free Friday” – every Friday she streamed herself for free rather than charging.  She almost always gained quite a few paying customers to her other streams when she did this.  The young woman copied the stream’s address and clicked the “Submit Link” button on the subreddit.

The slim young woman tapped away at the keyboard, entering a title for her post:  It’s [F]ree Friday again everyone!  Enjoy!  She pasted the stream link and hit the “Submit” button with a smile as her camera’s red light came on.


Mikela smiled at her webcam.  She glanced at her visitor list and saw one unfamiliar name.  Sometimes it took a while before people started to show up.  In the meantime, she licked the cheese stick in the most suggestive way she could think of while refreshing the Reddit page.

There were only a few links on the subreddit and her post had a single comment.  She glanced at it to see the moderator’s comment of “Stream approved”.  The visitor in her stream was named the same as the moderator on the subreddit and she’d never seen him on there or even heard of him as a moderator.  As a regular poster, she knew a few of the mods and had even chatted with him.  Now there seemed to be only the one.

Her stream’s chat window blinked.  There were four more visitors – none of which she knew – and a comment by the subreddit’s moderator:  “I think you need more milk or other creamy white stuff, you’re such a little thing ;)”

The webcam didn’t show anything above Mikela’s lips and she rolled her eyes at the comment.  She’d seen far, far worse but the mild creepiness of the comment was odd. Six more visitors showed up – again nobody she knew and Mikela looked away, ready to focus on her little show as the comments began rolling in.  She hated reading while she worked.  Sometimes there were helpful comments but the vast majority were typically insipid male bravado.

Mikela pushed her chair back so her entire body was shown.  She smiled at her hidden audience, her small tongue wrapping around the cheese stick.  With a wink, she slid the stick into her mouth, pursing her lips.

Chaste librarian by day, she thought while sucking on the cheese stick.  Webcam whore by night.

She loved the excitement she felt when streaming.  The thought of all of the men and sometimes women that watched her strip and masturbate was intoxicating.  But, if she were completely honest with herself, it was the money that kept her going.  She enjoyed walking into an expensive store and buying whatever she wanted.  She was careful with her money but for the few things she wanted, she spared no expense.  The dichotomy between her simple librarian life and the ritzy webcam girl was as exhilarating as the nude exhibition itself in a weird way.

Mikela had always grown up being the ‘poor little mousey girl’.  Her coworkers thought she was a quiet, shy hard worker.  If only they knew, she thought.

The young woman spread her thighs on the chair, pressing her heels on the edge of her desk.  Her skirt pulled back, exposing her black, lacy garters and suspenders.  She squirmed in her chair for effect, pulling on her right thigh and she knew her viewers were leaning closer to try to catch a view of her crotchless panties.

She walked around the library just like that and sometimes without any panties at all.  Smiling at customers, helping them and knowing the whole time that she wore nothing.  No bra over her tiny breasts and nothing but her skirt hiding her sex.  She would picture herself with some of the more handsome guests:  leading them to a hidden spot, putting their hands up her skirt and smiling as they felt her bare pussy.  Biting their ears and telling them to fuck her hard.  Little sexy daydreams while helping people find books on history or math or whatever else they wanted to read.

Arching her back, Mikela moaned quietly, squeezing her small breast before running a hand down her slim body.  Her fingers slipped beneath the band of her skirt and she smiled with her eyes half-lidded. Her fingers pressed and squeezed at the very tiny bulge just above her mound.  The tanned skin beneath her fingers began to lighten slowly into a bright, healthy pink color.  A single thick vein stood out suddenly under the pink skin and she ran her finger along it and then lower, feeling how wet she was.  Unusual for her on a night like this but she felt so sexy.  

Mikela spread her legs further, licking her lips until her skirt strained against her side.  Her ears flicked for a moment and she gasped, reaching for her breast as it swelled gently beneath her shirt.

“Oh, fuck,” Mikela moaned, losing herself in the moment.  Her teeth ached as her canines reshaped, cracking and expanding into dull, flattened versions of her molars.  Her incisors followed until every single one of her teeth were without a sharp edge.

The young woman thrust her growing chest forward and ran her fingers through her hair, her palms rubbing at two small sore spots on the side of her forehead.


Mikela smiled shyly as she slid her small hands along her sides and belly, slowly working her slim hips back and forth.  She glanced quickly at her chat window and her smile deepened at the large list of users and the fast scrolling conversation window.  Looking away again, she moaned, pulling at her shirt and skirt.  The young woman pressed the heel of her palm down against her sore lower stomach and she gasped at the sensation.

The small pink bump above her mound was hot and smooth to the touch and she felt tiny spikes of pleasure deep within her pussy every time she kneaded at the smooth skin.  Mikela sighed, leaning her head back.  She found herself squeezing at her belly, groaning and rocking her hips every time she pulled.  Her smile widened for the camera and she showed every single one of her flat teeth to the viewers.  

“I hope,” Mikela moaned, shuddering briefly when her fingers rasped against a sensitive spot on her belly.  She normally didn’t talk during these free events but she just couldn’t help herself; she felt amazing.  “You’re all enjoying yourself as much as I am.”

Strands of Mikela’s silver hair were pushed to the side as the skin on her forehead, just below her hairline, bulged.  She bit her lip, turning her head to the side to rub one of the bumps against the fabric of her chair, moaning low and loud.

The slim young woman grunted and gripped the arms of her chair.  Lost in the sensation and forgetting the camera for a moment, Mikela turned away from her computer.  She lowered her head, butting against the chair while holding it in place.

Mikela sighed while rubbing her forehead in circles against the back of her chair.  The skin above both of her eyes was hot and sore and every time the rough webbed fabric of the chair scratched her forehead, she felt her nipples tingle, a mixture of pain and pleasure that made her grind her teeth.

Spreading her thighs, Mikela lifted her ass.  The milky white skin of her thighs strained against her stockings as fat deposits built deep within her body.  Her skirt, already straining from earlier, struggled to contain her growing ass.  A single stitch along the side of her skirt broke as the skin of her hips overflowed the top of the skirt.  

Turning to face the camera, her face flushed and her eyes glazed over, Mikela smiled.  Two thin lines of blood ran down to her cheeks from the split skin below her hairline.  Bone white points stood out from the broken skin – the start of her horns.

“Mmmmmm… ooohhhh,” Mikela moaned, her tongue lying free of her month.  She lapped at her lips and blinked slowly.  She wagged her larger hips back and forth in front of the camera as more stitches popped on her skirt.  Her ass continued to grow until the cheeks nearly hid her compact, perfect little pussy.  “Enjoying the shooooow?”

Mikela stood, stumbling for a moment on her unfamiliar weight.  She ran her hands along her hips, squeezing at her still-taut belly before trying to slip her fingers into her skirt.  She grunted and pressed, her fingers sliding uselessly against her sweat soaked chubbiness until, frustrated by how difficult it was, she simply unzipped the skirt.  It still clung to her soft, wide hips but she sighed at the relief of pressure and sat again in the chair.

The chair compressed and groaned under her weight.

Small black hairs sprouted from the skin around her eyes as her nose began to darken, the delicate pink turning a dull obsidian.  

Mikela giggled as the room swam in front of her.  She felt drunk and incredibly light.  She felt amazing.  The young woman forgot about the camera and her viewers as she pinched and pulled at her soft, pink belly.  It began to bulge under her attentions as milk ducts formed.  Four rough, sensitive spots along her belly grew into bumps and then elongated.  She ran her fingers along them, giggling as the soft skin bulged and lengthened.

Giggling at her new udder.

Blinking slowly, the computer screen swam into focus in front of her.  Mikela squinted at the hazy screen and leaned forward.  Small, soft fat rolls stood out on her belly, just above her udder.  Things were moving fast on the right side of the screen.  While she tried to focus on what was happening on the computer, white hairs pushed forth from her flushed cheeks.

“Am I drunk?” She wondered out loud.  She lapped at her blackened, wide nose anxiously and then shuddered, moaning at the heat deep within her belly.  She shook her head and her horns creaked audibly while growing, tangling in her hair.  “What’s… what is… why’s everything going so fast?”

The lines on the computer screen slowly resolved into something she could read.  Mikela’s ears flicked as the edges and bumps within smoothed and the tips of her ears lengthened.  She tucked strands of loose hair behind the growing ears.

Her eyes widened as she watched the conversation window.  Normally full of bawdy comments, it was instead a list of ever increasing numbers.  She watched as someone named FarmerJoe192 commented on the conversation:  “$125,000”.

“What?” Mikela said, squinting her eyes again.  The numbers wavered but continued to scroll.  She saw “$200,000” just before all the lines broken apart into meaningless nothing.  “That’s.  Wrong, isn’t it?”

Looking down, the young woman blinked slowly at her belly.  She blinked again, staring at the pink bulge below her belly button.  Mikela touched the skin and was surprised when she felt her finger against the protruding udder.  The skin was hard but smooth and warm to the touch and she liked the way it felt when she flicked the four teats.  She laughed and wriggled, smiling at the pleasurable itch they made for her.  Weird, she thought with a little laugh.  Weird and funny!

“Oh,” Mikela said, blinking and looking up at the computer screen.  She knew it would tell her what was happening.  She felt like it should – that it was smart.  It told her things.  The lines moved and she watched them, hypnotized.  Her fingers slid across her udder, bumping over the two thick veins that stood out just below the surface.  She giggled and then smacked her lips loudly.

A tiny black spot appeared on the bridge of Mikela’s nose.  It grew in size and she itched at it with her fingers and then pressed her hand against her face, feeling things move painfully below her skin.  Her bones shifted and her face widened slightly but she took her hand away when it became painful to the touch.

“Tickles,” Mikela spoke out loud.  Her tongue thickened in her mouth and she smacked her lips wetly.  Fine white hairs sprouted between her eyes.  “Tickles down there.  Feels.  Good.”

The young woman groaned and leaned forward.  She felt a weight in her belly and her udder bulged again, the long, wrinkled teats twisting as they moved.

“Think,” she said slowly.  Words felt wrong to her.  There were just so many of them and so hard to say or remember.  She cradled her udder, rocking back and forth, shivering when the short, white and black fur on her arms tickled the sensitive skin.  As her udder filled with milk, the pink skin began to turn pale.  The bulging growth stretched and strained against her belly and the paleness seemed to burst as the skin turned a solid white.  “Gotta pee.  Maybe.  Full.”

A single dot of translucent liquid welled on the tip of one of the teats.  It fell and another took its place.  And another until a slow but steady drip caused her milk to course down her udder and soak into her skirt.  A second teat began to drip as well.  Her belly was sore and hot and painful and she twisted and pulled at the limp, elongated nipples instinctively.

Mikela shook her head.  She tried to focus on the glowing thing again for help but a pinching pain in her back caused her to cry out.  She stood and turned in circles over and over trying to find what hurt her until a shrinking part of her brain made her stop.  Twisting her body, she looked at her wide, fat ass and saw a twitching stumpy tail lying between her ass cheeks.

The young woman reached to touch the tail and then fell to her knees with a thud.  Her opened skirt, already straining, ripped as she spread her thick thighs.  The clasps on her suspenders snapped and her stockings lay in tatters on her legs.  

Her feet were cramped and painful.  Mikela pulled herself slowly up to her bed.  She turned, sitting and spreading her legs, her viewers long forgotten.  Her big toes had merged with the toes next to them and the toenails were thick, jutting a full inch away from her feet.  While she watched, the thin webbing between her toes grew up, pulling all of her toes into a large clump.

The heat that had filled her after starting her webcam session suddenly flared and everything else was pushed out of her shrinking mind.  The pain and wonder of her growing udder no longer distracted her as immense amounts of hormones suddenly flooded her body.  Mikela called out, raising her hips with her forming hooves as she squirted, spraying the monitor with her orgasm. She quivered, her hooves knocking together while she grabbed her bed sheets.

Patches of short white and black fur began to sprout along her body, covering her belly and thighs.  Mikela shoved her fingers between her legs ungracefully, rubbing herself hard as another orgasm began to build.  She couldn’t stop it and again, squirted, the liquid arching up to her desk.  

Mikela’s pussy bulged and her lips pushed forth as it grew to match her new size.  She gasped, lowing deep in her throat as yet another orgasm built within her.  It wasn’t enough.  She wasn’t sure whether she’d ever have enough.  Her last rational thought slipped away and she tugged at her thick new pussy lips, opening herself to the camera and the hidden viewers.

With a free hand, Mikela tore her straining panties and then pulled her shirt up to expose her small breasts.  She massaged and squeezed her tit and it responded to her touch.  Milk ducts and fat tissue formed beneath the soft skin and both breasts began to grow, just as the fur from her belly crept up to cover both of them.  They flattened on her chest as they swelled, the nipples erect and nearly as long as her teats.

“Oh!  Oh!  Oooooohhhh!”  Mikela jerked, twisting her head and hips from another orgasm.  Her left horn caught in the bedsheet and she grunted, trying to tug her head free until giving up to pleasure herself more.  Her face cracked, tears leaking from her eyes as her wide cow’s face formed.

A deep voice caught the young woman’s attention.  She looked toward the doorway to see an older gentlemen in a suit.  He held a cellphone in one hand and seemed to be listening to the conversation, replying with a single word now and again.

“Oh, hey!  Hey!  Muhh-  Muuuuh- Mister!  Fuck?” Mikela said, opening her pussy to show the man how wet she was.  “Fuck me?”

The man said something quietly on the phone and then nodded, putting the device away.  He approached Mikela and turned to the monitor.

“We have our winning bid at $1,250,000.  I thank everyone for their participation and hope that you will all return for next year’s auction.  And do remember to check the other streams for any unfinished bidding.  We have quite a few interesting specimens available.”

Mikela finally freed her horn and crawled to the man on her hands and knees.  Her long tail flicked excitedly behind her, the tuft of fur on the end of it whicking against the bed.  Her large breasts and full udder hung heavily below her while her pussy glistened in the light.  With each movement, her heavy hooves knocked loudly against each other.

“Fuck me?” Mikela asked hopefully.  “I’m- I’m-  Cock?”

The man patted Mikela’s shoulder and he smiled at her.  

“Oh no, love,” he told her with a British accent.  “But someone else will.  Here, let’s get you standing and dressed.  We have a long flight ahead of us to meet your new master.”

“Muuh- muuuuuuuuh- master?” Mikela said, her tail thudding against the bed while she stood on her hooves.  She pressed her breasts against the man and reached for his cock but he moved her hand away gently.

“Yes,” the man replied as he walked Mikela out of the room.  “Come along now.”

“Muuuuuhh- milk,” Mikela frowned, groaning and squeezing her udder.  She pulled at one of the still dripping teats and a thin stream of liquid sprayed the ground.  The girl moaned and leaned against the man for support.  “Oh.  Ohhh.  Muh-Milk?  Me?”

“Soon, my dear,” the man said, covering Mikela with a large coat.  He led her out of the house and into a waiting limo that rocked as she awkwardly got in.  The man patted her arm reassuringly as the car pulled away from the curb.  “The farm has everything you’ll need.”

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