/r/gonewild – Deception

Re-posting the four stories from /r/gonewild separately.

Two young men visit an entirely different /r/gonewild subreddit and when one posts a random porn star’s photo as his own, he finds himself changing to match.

“Man, I don’t want to be looking at porn with you,” Mike said.  “That’s just messed up.”

“Dude, I’m fucking telling you,” Don rumbled.  The young man was large for his age, heavily muscled with a thick neck and a square jaw.  His coach and nearly pissed himself signing the young man up to the football team.  “She’s on there.  I swear to fucking god.”

“No way,” Mike said.  He was lean compared to his friend’s bulk.  The team’s star halfback.  “There’s no way Kayla is into that shit.  She’s not that kinda girl.”

“It has to be her,” Don said as he fumbled with his laptop.  “Man, I’m telling you.  It’s her.  I know you like her and shit but you need to see this before you ask her out.  What if she’s some slut?  You want that shit?”

“I hate you,” Mike said with a sigh.  “I hate you so much.  Do it.  And if you’re wrong, you owe me.”

“And if I’m right,” Don smiled, “You owe me.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Mike told him.  “You’re not, though.  I’ll bet you $10 it’s not her..”

“Nah, fuck that,” Don said, his eyes lighting up.  “If I’m right, you dress up with the cheerleaders at their next practice.”

“You’re out of your goddamned mind,” Mike yelled.  “No fucking way I do that!”

“You pussy?” Don asked, his smile growing wider.  “Not so sure about your pure hearted girl now, are you?”

“Fuck.  You,” Mike bit each word off.  “Fine.  If it’s her, I’ll dress up with the cheerleaders.  Fucking asshole.”

Don laughed and pulled up the Reddit home page.  He grunted at the screen, clicking his way through the links of porn sites he had saved.  

“Found it!  Ah, what’s this shit?”  Don said, frowning.

“What?  What is it?”

“Some bullshit.  They locked it up and we gotta upload something to get in.”

“Well, do it then.  Show ’em your dick.  You show everyone else the damn thing.”

“Nah, man,” Don said.  “It’s all women on there.  Ain’t nobody posting dicks on there and I don’t want to get banned.  Hold up, I’ve got some bitches saved.”

“I bet you do,” Mike sneered.  “Don’t be using any pictures of anyone we know, man because that’s fucked up.  Don’t forget what happened to Trevor.”

Don punched his friend on the shoulder.  “Trevor’s a fucking slimy asshole who got what he deserved.  Gimme a second here.  Yeah, this one’s good.  I think I just gotta click this damn thing and it’ll take it.”


“So?” Mike asked.  “Where is she?”

“Man, I dunno,” Don said.  “There’s nothing here.”

The young man clicked on the /r/gonewild subreddit link he had saved in his bookmarks.  It brought him back to the same site but there were only a few posts in addition to the one he made.  

“Maybe it’s just taking a while to load it all,” Don frowned.

“I don’t think it works like that,” Mike told him.

“Damn, check out this chick’s tits,” Don grinned.  He stuck his tongue out for a moment and typed in a quick message to the poster:  “Nice tits, lol.”

“Hey,” Mike said pointing at the top right of his screen.  “You got a little red envelope thing.”

Don laughed.  “Probably some asshole telling me how pretty I am.”

Clicking the link, he read the single comment slowly:  This is a picture of porn actress Sunny Leone and not your own picture.  But, I think I can make a special exception for you.

“Hah,” Don laughed again.  “What a dumbass.  That was easy.”

That’s who you posted?” Mike asked.  “Is this some weird incest thing?  She looks like she could be your sister.  Hell, she even has a scar kinda like you do on your forehead.  Remember when John knocked the shit out of you in practice?  You bled like a stuck pig.”

“Uh,” Don replied, leaning in close to look at his posted picture.  “I guess she does kinda look like me a little.  I’m prettier, though.”

Mike laughed, slapping his friend on the back.  “Yeah, real fuckin’ pretty, princess.”

“What?” Don said, frowning.  “I said I’m pretty sure John just grazed me.  Besides, I beat the shit out of him later.  He took it pretty good, though.  Nice strong muscles on that guy.  Beefy.”

Don shifted in his seat, remembering the moment out in the field after practice.  He felt himself grow hard at the memory of John’s slick, shirtless upper body.  The young man pressed at his erection, shaking his head and putting the thought away.  His eyes traced the porn actresses body and he found himself touching his chest while he stared at the woman’s boobs.

“Man, you need me to give you a moment to rub one out?” Mike asked his friend.  “A little bit of alone time with your girlfriend?  Come on, you were going to show me Kayla.  Or someone  you thought looked like Kayla because it’s not fucking Kayla.”

“Stop saying her name like that!” Don yelled, his voice cracking.  He coughed, thick callused hand on his throat before he spoke again.  “Why do you even care about her so much?”

Mike stepped back to look at his friend.  “You okay, man?”

“Yeah,” Don said, shaking his head.  He could feel the tops of his ears burning and his cheeks seemed to be on fire.  His throat was rough and scratchy and, despite the weird ache he felt in his chest (Am I about to cry?? He asked himself incredulously) he could feel his erection throbbing in time to his heart beat.  “I think I just need some water.  It’s really hot in here.”

“Alright, man,” Mike said, going to sit on Don’s bed.  He pulled out his phone, tapping to unlock it.  “Hey, can you grab me a Coke or something?”

“Who are you talking to?” Don asked sharply.  

“What?  Just checking my snaps, man.”

Don looked away.  His entire face felt hot and his throat was growing tight.  He wanted to ask who the snaps were from; who he was friends with on Snapchat.  He wanted to ask if any of them were girls.  The young man scratched at his face to hide the motion of wiping away a small sudden tear.  Stubble fell away where scratched, leaving behind smooth skin.  

What the fuck is wrong with me? Don asked himself as he stomped away to get the drinks.


Don walked to the kitchen, feeling his ears burning in embarrassment.  He rubbed his eyes, dragging his hands down his smooth cheeks and breathed out with a huff.  Bones shifted under his chin and he scratched at it as it melted away, his solid, square jaw now coming down to a soft point.  What the fuck ever, he can do whatever the fuck he wants.  Probably just some stupid pictures from Paul’s hike.

Standing in front of the fridge, the young man pressed his forehead against the cool, chrome door.  He groaned and stepped closer to lay his cheek on the door.  His face was burning and he could feel each heartbeat thrumming in his ears and his head.  And in his still erect cock.  A fat drop of sweat slid down the nape of his neck.

His ears were aflame.  Slowly, they moved, pulling closer to his head.  The cartilage within his ear shifted and his nearly comically large ears shrank into more delicate shapes.  He rubbed at them roughly with his big hands and then pulled at his aching cock through his jeans.  

Or getting pictures from Jennifer.  Fucking whore, he thought.  She’d dated him briefly.  And most of the other football team as well.  Don pulled harder at his cock, grunting with the need for release.

He could picture Mike there on the bed, looking through the pictures from that whore and smiling at them.  Getting hard from it.  From pictures of that skank.  Probably wondering if he had enough time to jerk it before I get back.

Don moaned, squeezing his cock.  He whimpered, pressing his forehead against the cool fridge door.  His brown hair slid from his scalp, growing two inches while he pulled at himself.  His hair twisted and slid against his skin, matted with sweat.  He could see Mike clearly in his head.  Glancing at the door.  Unzipping his pants.  Pulling his cock out while going through the snaps that whore sent him.  His bulging erection.  Thick and straining.

Licking his lips, Don moaned.  He dropped to his knees as something in his hip clicked painfully.  The young man touched his lips, dragging at them slowly with his fingertips.  

“Mike,” Don whispered breathlessly.  Don slipped a finger into his mouth, sucking on it slowly.  A second finger joined the first and he imagined Mike’s cock in their place.  Wrapping his tongue around the head of the other man’s cock.  Feeling Mike’s fingers in his short hair.  Hearing Mike tell him how he’s always wanted him.  Always watched him in the shower.  Don shoved his fingers deep into his throat, gagging briefly.  A third joined the other two and it still wasn’t enough.

Don spread his knees wide on the floor.  The head of his cock peeked out above the top of his jeans.  The young man unzipped himself and bent forward, straining with his mouth open and his own spit lining his lips.  Closer and closer, trying to reach his own cock but picturing himself straddling Mike.  That it was Mike’s cock and not his own.  Closer, his body trembling.  He could smell his cock and he felt the drool in his mouth in response.

Something else cracked painfully within Don’s waist and he cried out, leaning forward on his hands, his longer hair falling down along his head.  He cried out in frustration, unable to wrap his lips around his own cock.  

The young man grabbed his cock with his large, rough hands.

“Mike,” Don whimpered with his deep voice as he pumped himself hard.  He found himself rocking his hips in time with each pump.  Awkward and jerky at first, Don soon found his rhythm and he closed his eyes as he bounced his ass.  “Yes, oh god yes.  Oh fuck.  Fuck me.”

Don’s muscled ass swelled and the skin pulled tight over his new plump, rounded cheeks. His large ass slapped the ground quietly, hairs falling away each time the skin rubbed against his jeans.  He could almost feel it in his mind:  Mike’s cock inside of him, thrusting deep each time he slammed himself down.  Bones shifted within his hips while they widened.  Muscles melted away along his stomach and his sides pulled in above his large hips and ass.

“I’m.  I’m close,” Don gasped.  He shook, losing the rhythm as nerves lit up along his body and everything began to grow more sensitive.  He moaned when his rough shirt scratched along the smooth skin of his hips and he imagined it was Mike’s fingers there instead.  His tiny nipples ached and throbbed and he lolled his head while his hair grew out another inch.  He could feel the tile against his bulging ass and he mewled as he rubbed back and forth against it.

Just before he came, Don covered his cock with his other hand.  He felt the hot, thick cum slamming against his palm and he cried out, biting his lips as his voice cracked – imagining it was Mike’s cum filling him.

Spent, exhausted, long sweaty hair hanging loose to his shoulders, Mike kneeled with his spread legs, holding himself up with a shaking hand.  His eyes fluttered open as his eyelashes slid out further, thick and curved.  

He stared at his hand, full of his own cum.  Thick and white and clear and hot.  He brought it to his face and smelled it – the sharp, fresh scent made him drool and press his ass hard against the floor.  Something within him was tingling.  A line of fire that burned just on the edge of pleasure.  Something slid against something else deep within his hips and he could feel the wetness of it.  

Don lapped at his cum with his eyes closed.  Pictured Mike’s fingers in his thick, luxurious brown hair, holding him tight as he came inside of Don’s mouth.  Don moaned as he ran his tongue along his lips and teeth.  He pressed his fingers into his mouth again, four of them rolled into one thick member.  He deep throated his fingers, opening his throat to take all of it without gagging.

Despite his orgasm, Don still felt incredibly unfulfilled.  The ache and odd growing wetness between his thighs was growing.  He pulled himself up, holding the fridge as he stood on shaking legs.  The young man’s jeans clung to his wide hips.  He blinked his long lashes as he tried to remember why he was in the kitchen.

His large hands gripped the fridge door and trembled as the muscles in his forearms withered, leaving behind slim arms.  Bones cracked in his feet.  

“Oh,” Don moaned, his voice sultry, his deep male voice having translated into a smoky, sexy feminine one.  “That.  That hurts.”

The young man’s wide feet seemed to pull into themselves as the toes themselves shrank.  Bone scraped on bone and tendons and muscles shifted until his size 12 had shrunk into soft, pink tiny feet more fitting for high heels.  He lifted one foot, massaging the skin until he realized he’d been trying to remember what he was doing.

“Oh!”  Don exclaimed with a giggle after looking around.  “Mike wanted a drink.  Oh wow.  How silly am I to forget that?”

Don grabbed a coke from the fridge and walked back to his bedroom, his wide hips swaying.  He zipped himself as he walked, struggling to button himself up over his large ass.  The taste of his cum was still fresh in his mouth and he licked his lips.  Rubbing his flat chest, he smiled wickedly as he thought of all the ways Mike would fuck him tonight.

“Mmmm,” he moaned as his cheekbones cracked and reshaped.  “What a dirty little girl I am tonight.”


Don stopped at the bedroom door, tucking his hair behind his ears.  His stomach fluttered with anxious energy as a tiny voice screamed in the very back of his mind.  He frowned, smoothing his hair and then walked into his bedroom.

Mike sat on the bed, watching a video on his phone.  Don took him in with a blushing smile.  The butterflies seemed to have moved further south and he groaned, slipping further away from the dwindling voice.  His hair slid along his shoulders and they cracked, the clavicles grinding as they shortened, pulling his wide shoulders in.  Mike dropped the soda and leaned against the doorframe.

“Hey, whoa, you okay,” Mike asked, immediately up and c.  Don turned to his friend and Mike stumbled, his eyes widening.  “What the fu-“

Cutting his friend off, Don leaned in for a kiss, unable to stop himself any longer.  All he wanted was to feel Mike’s arms around him.  Strong and protective.  To let himself go while the man cared for him.  And, in return, Don would show him how he took care of Mike.  

Mike took the kiss unexpectedly and their tongues met.  There was an odd, sharp taste in Don’s mouth but he was too shocked to even notice as Don’s arms pulled him tight, fingers exploring Mike’s back and ass.

Pushing away, Mike broke the two apart and stared at his friend in disbelief.  Don smiled coyly and Mike watched as the other man’s lips seemed to grow more plump, the skin stretching as the lips curled into a thick, full pout.  Above the lips, Don’s cheekbones continued to shift, leaving barely a trace of the boy’s features behind.

Mike stumbled, shaking his head as he realized that his friend was wearing the girl’s face from the picture on the Internet.  

“Wha-  whuuuuh-” Mike said, shaking his head as his ass hit Don’s desk.

Dawn moved to her friend, kissing him lightly on the mouth.  This time Mike kissed back before pulling away.

“Don’t!” Mike said, standing and stumbling again.  He felt off.  Drugged or drunk or something.  He turned and the room took a moment to catch up.  He fell when he caught the edge of the bed against his legs.  “St- stay away, man!”

Kneeling before her friend, Dawn spread Mike’s legs and unzipped him.

“Oh, Mike,” Dawn said with a happy sigh.  She pulled the boy’s underwear down to reveal his limp cock.  “I’ve wanted you for so long.”

“No-” Mike said slowly.  “Wait.  That’s-“

Dawn pulled her shirt off, revealing her flat, hairless chest.  She caressed her friend’s cock, teasing it awake.  Her wide fingers flared with pain and she groaned as they slimmed down, the roughness from years of work and football practice wearing away into incredible softness.  She leaned forward and kissed the tip of her friend’s cock and it responded to her touch.

“Do you want me to stop, Mike?” Dawn asked with a smile.  She kissed along the length of him with her full lips and Mike groaned.  “Do you want me to stop?”

“N- Noooo,” Mike said, gripping Dawn’s hair to push her back down.  “M- more.  Your mouth.”

Dawn smiled triumphantly, flashing perfect white little teeth.  She licked up the length of Mike’s cock and then pulled it into her mouth with a lustful groan.  She unzipped her own pants as she wrapped her tongue around her friend’s cock.

Playing and squeezing with her own struggling erection, Dawn began to slowly bob up and down, working as much spit as she could into her mouth.  Mike’s manhood filled her small hands and she felt the wetness inside of her as she knew how close he was.

“Wait,” Mike gasped, pulling Dawn’s hair.  Dawn pouted, trying to put Mike’s cock back in her mouth but he was too strong for her.  “Wait.  I want- I want you.  Come here.  Come- come here.”

With a sigh, Dawn pulled her pants down.  Her small cock hung limp and sore.  She felt herself blush and the voice in the back of her mind surged forth again but she stuffed it away.  Dawn crawled into the bed, straddling her friend as she had in her imagination earlier.  She pressed her ass down on Mike’s cock and began grinding back and forth.

Mike grabbed Dawn’s ass and Dawn groaned, lowering herself to her hands above her lover.  He squeezed and fondled and kneaded her while she grinded against him.

She felt it building inside of her and a sudden heat flushed through her body, making her lose her rhythm.  Her uterus formed within her wide hips and her testicles pulled inside, moving and changing as it traveled deep within to form her ovaries.  

“Oh god,” Dawn cried out.  “Oh god oh god I’m almost there, almost there almost there almost-“

A slit formed beneath Dawn’s limp cock and she screamed, falling against Mike’s large, warm chest as she shuddered from the sensation of it.  Her pussy widened and she felt Mike’s cock against her growing sex.  Liquid gushed out of her – built up from her overwhelming excitement –  leaving them both covered in her juices.  

“F- fuck,” Dawn gasped after an experimental movement.  She felt her cock against Mike’s pubic hair and could feel almost every single one of his hairs.  It was so incredibly sensitive. Mike tried to move but Dawn gripped his arms.  “N- no.  Wait.  Wait.  Too much.  Wait.”

Slowly, Dawn’s cock pulled back and she bit her lip to keep from screaming.  She felt herself on the edge of a release but it was too much to bear and her orgasm wavered.  Slowly the cock shrunk until it slid beneath a wrinkled flap of skin.  She could feel it there and she pushed, moaning as her new clit pressed against Mike’s hardness.  

Mike’s cock was slick with her juices and Dawn found herself moving more and more, pressing herself back up with her hands and smiling down at her partner.  He grinned up at her, dazed but smiling, reaching up to cup her cheek before grabbing her hair.

Dawn moved an inch too much and Mike shifted and the head of his cock pressed against her new pussy.  They froze.  Dawn’s heartbeat hammered at her flat chest and she felt like she couldn’t breathe.

Slowly, Mike pressed himself into her and Dawn’s eyes fluttered up, threatening to roll back into her head.  The feeling of him inside of her was both alien and not at the same time.  It felt amazing and yet hurt almost too much to bear as Mike took Dawn’s virginity.

“It’s- too- much,” Dawn gasped as the head of Mike’s cock entered her completely.  “Are you all the way in, baby?  I can’t take any more.  I can’t- OH SHIT!”

Mike pressed himself further in and Dawn screamed, clawing at his arms and chest with her long, clear nails.  She wept in pain but didn’t dare move.  Just beyond the pain was the pleasure of her lover deep inside of her.  And yet he moved again, pushing in even deeper.  She couldn’t believe how far inside of her he was.  Surely she couldn’t take any more.  Surely her body couldn’t-

It could.  Mike pushed in as deep as he could and Dawn opened her mouth in a silent scream.  Blood dribbled between her pussy lips, mixing with her juices.  

“It’s too much,” Dawn gasped.  “Too much.  Oh god no.  It hurts.  It hurts so-ooooooh.”

Mike’s mouth found Dawn’s tiny nipples.  Dawn moaned, shifting her hips as his tongue lapped and flicked at them.  She leaned into him, forgetting the pain between her legs.  Her pussy relaxed as he sucked at the skin around her nipples.

And the skin responded.  Around Dawn’s pale pink nipples, the skin darkened and bubbled in a large areola.  He sucked and the skin puckered, swelling at the attention it was receiving.  

Dawn’s breasts began to form and she gripped the bedsheets as they did.  

Mike pinched the small nipple that still lay flat on her chest, rolling it between his fingers and it thickened as his touch, the skin beneath bulging out.  Dawn found herself rocking her hips without noticing, fucking her friend’s cock as he sucked at her growing breasts.  The pain was gone, replaced by an indescribable pleasure and the growing orgasm deep in her belly.

Moaning, gasping, sweating, Dawn slapped her large ass down against Mike’s legs again and again, impaling herself on his cock while her breasts grew.  They overflowed his fingers now, hanging full and heavy beneath him but Dawn barely noticed.  Her whole world was the centered between her thighs.

“Oh, oh baby,” Dawn moaned, not even paying attention to the words coming out of her mouth.  “Am I your good slut, baby?  Am I your good girl?  Oh god, you feel so good, oh fuck, you’re so big and I’m such a dirty little whore I-“

Mike jackknifed, hissing and grabbing Dawn’s ass as he came deep inside of her.  His cock swelled and throbbed and Dawn felt him fill her.  Mike’s fingers dug in deep and his fingernails began to lengthen, scratching along Dawn’s ass.  The young man screamed out and his voice cracked at the end.

“Don’t stop don’t don’t stop don’t stop-” Dawn pleaded.  She was so close.  So close.  “Oh god yes yes yes yes right there don’t stop don’t-“

Dawn threw her head back, her long brown curly hair reaching her ass and she worked her jaw soundlessly as her entire body shook.  Her pussy convulsed around Mike’s cock, milking him for more and she clawed at her lover’s chest with her long nails.  Cum spurted out between Dawn’s slick lips.

“Oh god,” Dawn said breathlessly, collapsing against Mike’s chest.  She felt him shrinking inside of her and even that felt amazing.  “Oh fuck.  That- That was-“

“Yeah,” Mike said with a dreamy smile, his voice higher pitched than it head been.  His short black hair slowly pooled around the back of his head as it grew out.  “Yeah.  Fuckin’ A it was.”

Silence filled the room as the two lovers held each other.  Dawn toyed with Mike’s nipple, watching the tiny little thing grow larger and larger as the skin around it turned soft and loose.  In the distance, a car door slammed and Dawn heard someone messing with the door.

Mike’s breasts began to bulge on his chest as a young man in a dark suit knocked politely on Dawn’s bedroom door frame.

“Excuse me, ladies,” the man said.  Both Dawn and Mike looked up expectantly.  He held two dry cleaning bags.  They could see a length of shimmering dresses coming from the bottom of each bag.  “I have a car waiting.  You’re both the guests of honor at the club tonight.”

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