/r/gonewild – Heat

Re-posting the four stories from /r/gonewild separately.

Four girls post a picture on a different kind of /r/gonewild subreddit and, when a mod comments on what horny bitches they are, they all find themselves changing.

Warning:  Contains incest.

“I think your brother looks really cute,” Hannah said, her eyes twinkling as she bounced her legs off the side of Emily’s bed.  

“Ugh, no,” Emily told her, rolling her eyes.  She ran her fingers through her short, black hair and leaned back against the wall.  To her left was an older poster of Justin Timberlake and to her right, a new poster Ariana Grande.  “He’s such an asshole.”

Music played in the large room, the artist P!nk singing about the world trying to bring her down.  Lauren sat next to the iPod, tapping her fingers as she added artists to the playlist.  The young woman’s hair was tied into a thick, short braid ending just above her shoulders.

On the other side of the bed, away from Emily and Hannah, Megan tittered nervously.  The girl held a pillow to her chest and listened quietly to her friends talk.  Her parents would’ve thrown a fit and forbade her from spending time with her friends if they’d known they used bad language.  Megan felt a small thrill from hearing the word even though she knew she could never say it herself.

“Of course you’d say that, Em,” Hannah laughed.  The girl’s laugh was loud but sweet and her dimples showed on her slightly chubby face when she smiled.  “He’s your brother.  He’s still cute.  I bet I could get him to kiss me.”

“Oh god, please, I don’t want to throw up,” Emily tossed the small pillow she was holding at her friend and Hannah laughed as it bounced off of her.  “Besides, I think he’s dating some ugly junior girl.  Janice.”

“Oh, Janice.  You’ve got more of an ass than Janice does, Em,” Hannah said, throwing the pillow back.  “And I’ve got three times as much as both of you.  And way more boobs.  Picture it.  Picture him motorboating right between these amazing tits.”

Emily made gagging noises while, nearby, Lauren choked.

“Is there anyone you haven’t fucked, Hannah?” Lauren asked, her slim fingers expertly tapping out band names on the small music player.  “You’re gonna run out of guys soon.”

Megan hid her face, blushing deeply at the language.  She grabbed her long, loose blonde hair and played with it nervously.

“And I’m sure you’ll be there to welcome me with open arms when that happens, Lauren,” Hannah laughed.  

“I don’t fuck my friends,” Lauren said, eyes darting along the small screen.  “Did that once and it went bad.  She still won’t even talk to me.”

“Try guys,” Hannah said playfully.  “They’re so cute and easy.”

“And take your sloppy seconds?” Lauren asked.  “No.  Even if I was more into guys, there’s nobody you haven’t made out with around here.”

“Is it really that many?” Megan asked quietly.

The other three girls froze and turned to Megan.  Lauren had forgotten the quiet girl and both Hannah and Emily were simply surprised to hear her talk.

“No,” Lauren answered quickly.  “Hannah’s an adorable slut but she’s not that bad.  Just.  Uhh.  Free.  With her words.  I can respect that even if we bat for the other teams.”

“There’s been a lot, though,” Hannah told the shy girl, the corner of her mouth turning up into a playful smile.

“Well, yeah,” Lauren replied.  “You are a slut.  Just not with everyone.”

“Anyway,” Emily said loudly.  “You’re not touching my brother. Or his weird friend.”

“Yeah, who is that guy?” Lauren asked.  She turned away from the iPod as another song played.  “He looks like a little creep.”

“A friend of his,” Emily answered.  “They hang out sometimes.  I think it’s a pity thing from my brother.  They used to be really good friends a long time ago.  Like, middle school.”

Hannah rolled her eyes and laughed.  “He’s a little nerdy looking guy and your brother is hot.  Obviously it’s a pity friendship.  He wouldn’t stop staring at my tits when I showed up.”

“They’re hanging out, Whore of Babylon,” Lauren laughed.  “Who wouldn’t stare?  Even Megan checks you out.”

“N-no!  I don’t!” Megan blurted nervously, hiding her face.

Lauren grinned at her friend.  “You know, if you stopped wearing sacks all the time and wore clothes that actually fit you, you’d look a hell of a lot better, Megan.”

“I can’t,” the young girl squeaked.  “My parents-“

“Yeah, we know,” Emily sighed.  “Just a few more years, Megan.  You’re still going to college, right?”

“I-” Megan began.

“I’m going to drag her with me,” Hannah told everyone.  “Community college.  We’re going to be roommates off campus and I’m going to de-program her until she’s letting boys do shots off of her naked body!”

Megan choked, blushing furiously and hiding her face.

“Speaking of that,” Lauren said, trailing off.  The young girl pulled out her phone, opened the Internet browser and clicked a bookmark.  Her brows creased in confusion at the error message on the page.  “Huh.”

“What’s up?” Hannah asked.

“Was going to check out ‘gone wild’ on Reddit but it’s all different,” Lauren said.  “Address is the same and it doesn’t look like I messed anything up.  Says it’s private and you need to share a picture to get in.”

“Go to PornHub,” Hannah told her.  “Better stuff there.”

“Yeah but I like the amateur stuff,” Lauren said, frowning as she clicked a few things.  “I like seeing real girls, not that fake porn bullshit.  Goddammit.  This was my favorite sub.”

“So upload a picture,” Hannah said, shrugging.  “I’ll take it- wait!  Oh my god!  Let’s all take a picture and upload it!”

“N-n-no!” Megan stuttered.  

“I am not getting naked for freaks on the Internet,” Emily said.

“Me either,” Lauren told her.  “I lurk. I don’t post.”

“Fine,” Hannah said.  “We’ll make a deal.  If everyone takes a picture with me, I’ll flash my tits.  That should be good enough to get you in, right?”

“N-n-n,” Megan said, her eyes wide and her cheeks a bright scarlet.

“It’s okay, Megan,” Emily said.  “We’ll just hide our face.  Nobody will see anything.  Live a little.”

“You’re my favorite slut, Hannah,” Lauren beamed.

“I know, girl,” Hannah said, unhooking her bra beneath her shirt.  “I know.”


“All right, set the timer and get ready,” Hannah said.  She sat in the middle of the bed with Emily on her right and Megan on her left.  Megan was hiding herself completely with her knees pulled up to her chest and a pillow covering her face.  Emily was smiling but the smile trembled.  She didn’t want to look afraid in front of her friends.

Lauren set her phone down, facing the bed.  She spent a moment turning it while looking at the display.  Finally satisfied with the angle, she clicked the capture button and ran to the bed as it began to beep.  She pressed herself between Hannah and Megan.  She smiled for the camera but her eyes flicked to her friends.  Hannah had her hands on the bottom of her shirt, bouncing excitedly on the bed.

The beeping from the phone sped up and, just as the camera went off, Hannah pulled her shirt up, covering her face.  Lauren turned her head to the side and Emily shrieked quietly, covering her face with her hands.  

“I-i-is it over?” Megan asked from behind her pillow.  

Everyone started laughing and Lauren stood, walking to her phone.

“I can’t believe you actually did it, Hannah,” Lauren said.  She was blushing and her heart was beating so fast in her chest.  She liked to think she was brave and tough but, at the last moment, couldn’t stop from looking away.

“My tits are a gift from god,” Hannah said proudly.  “Why shouldn’t I show them off?”

“Th-the Bible-” Megan stuttered.  She still hadn’t taken the pillow away.

“Oh, Meg, I didn’t mean literally,” Hannah said, patting her friend’s shoulder.  “You can look, Meg.  I swear, she’s done.”

“O-okay,” Megan said, peeking behind the pillow.

“Click!” Lauren said, holding her camera straight at Megan.

Megan screamed, pulling the bed’s covers entirely over her head.

“Don’t!” The young girl cried out.  “Don’t post that!  Please don’t!  Oh God, no, please don’t!”

“Oh Megan!”  Lauren laughed.  “Megan, I didn’t really take a picture!”

“You’re such a bitch sometimes, Lauren,” Emily said.  She frowned, upset for her friend.  “It’s alright, Megan, she’s just messing with you.  She didn’t actually take your picture.”

Megan stayed beneath the blankets and Emily shot a hard look at Lauren as she rubbed her friend’s back through the blanket.

“Aww, she’s gotta toughen up some time,” Lauren said.  “Hold on, I’m going to post this.  Thanks again, Hannah.”

“Use the power wisely, my son,” Hannah intoned with a giggle.

“And, posted.  Huh,” Lauren frowned.  

“What’s up?” Hannah asked.

“It’s empty,” Lauren told her.  “Normally there’s a million posts but ours is-  Oh, wait, just refreshed and there’s a couple more.  And a comment on our photo.”

“Oh!  What’s it say?  Did they compliment my boobs?”  Hannah asked, bouncing on the bed.

“Two comments now.  First one’s from the moderator:  ‘What a bunch of horny little bitches.’  Jesus.  What an asshole. Second one just says ‘Nice tits, lol’.”  Lauren refreshed the page and frowned again.  “There’s a few more posts but it’s almost all empty.  I know I’m on the right page.”

“Well, go to PornHub like I said,” Hannah said, scratching at her ear.  “All kinds of freaky lesbian porn there for you.  Mmm.  Now that I think about it, I wouldn’t mind looking at some stuff.  Fire up Emily’s laptop.”

“No way,” Emily said.  “I don’t want that garbage on my computer.  My parents look at our history sometimes.”

“They’re gone for the weekend,” Lauren said, rolling her eyes.  She perched herself on the desk.  The edge pressed between her thighs and she flexed her back slightly in response.  Slowly, her hips began to work back and forth as a dull, aching heat built in the pit of her stomach.  “That’s, mmm, that’s why Nick’s here and you think he gives a crap what you look at?”

Emily bit her lip.  Her hand, working in a small comforting circle on Megan’s back reached up and slowly began to scratch along the hidden girl’s spine.  On the third stroke, Megan shifted, pressing herself against Emily’s hand.  Small threads pulled free from the blanket as a fingernail on Emily’s hand bulged and a small claw slid forth from beneath it.  Emily’s other hand lay between her legs and and clawed at her thigh for a moment.  

“Fuck it,” she said, her eyes focused in the distance.  Megan whined quietly beneath the blankets.  “Go for it.”


“Ugh,” Lauren said.  “This is the amateur section but I swear to god, I’ve heard my mom fake a better orgasm.”

“Ewww,” Hannah laughed.  The brown-haired girl scratched at her ears and went to stand next to her friend, pressing her hip against her for a moment until Lauren stepped away with a strange look.  “Here, let me dig around.”

Emily watched her two friends click on videos while chattering.  She tried to focus on them but found herself distracted.  She felt an ache in her chest as if she was incredibly happy after someone had given her wonderful news but it wasn’t quite that.  She was energized and excited and found it a little hard to sit still except for the warmth beginning to spread through her.

Swallowing hard and blinking her eyes, Emily squeezed her thighs together and pushed away the thoughts starting to form.  She felt muscles relax between her legs and the distracting, pleasurable feel of herself growing wet.  Excited in a different way now.  Small black hairs sprouted along the edge of her ears and she rubbed them between her fingers.  And, then, the young girl cleared her throat as the heat reached her face.

Beneath the blankets, Megan found herself panting.  She’d hidden herself because of the shame of the picture being taken but now found herself glad she did even though there was no picture.

Megan didn’t want the others to see her face.  The sin on it from the thoughts trying to creep in.  Emily’s hand rubbed along her back and she trembled with each stroke.  She felt empty down there and it was wrong.  The aching emptiness of needing to be filled. Throbbing.  Her nipples ached in time to the pulsing, aching hole in her belly and she whined with the need.  Biting her lips, hoping her friends didn’t hear her, she shuddered as Emily’s gentle fingers scratched painfully into her back.

Painful but she wanted more of it.  Megan arched her back, instinctively raising her ass slightly.  Pain bloomed in her ass and she moved carefully, trying to position herself so that Emily rubbed her lower back.  She wiggled her hips happily when Emily’s palm pressed against her sacrum, four sharp points digging into the skin of her back and one against her ass cheek.  Her skin bulged on her lower back and blonde hairs sprouted from the bulge.

No, Megan panted.  No, no, no.  This.  This is wrooooohhhhh.

Megan pulled herself forward, raising her hips more with a quiet growl as Emily’s hand slipped between her thighs.

At the computer, Hannah leaned over Lauren’s shoulder while the other girl clicked through porn links.  Hannah closed her eyes and breathed in Laura’s scent – coconut from her body wash, the acrid smell of cigarettes from her parents and mix of flowers from her shampoo.  Her jaw popped quietly and skin stretched almost imperceptibly to accommodate her changing face.  The skin at the tip of her nose fractured into a pebbled texture and darkened.

Each girl wore simple pajamas for their little party and Hannah had made sure to pick her favorite from last year.  She couldn’t button the top two buttons of the top and it showed some of her cleavage.  As she stood there, quietly sniffing the other girl, her shirt bulged, the top-most button straining to contain her growing breasts.  Hannah nuzzled Lauren’s neck as the top button popped free.

“Get off me, crazy,” Lauren laughed.  Hannah’s nose was cold on her skin and sent an electric thrill down her spine.  She grabbed her braid, pulling it over her other shoulder in a subconscious invitation.  

Lauren licked her lips and swallowed and then swallowed again.  For whatever reason, she kept drooling.  Some heady scent had filled the air and it made her grit her teeth and drool.  The young woman swallowed again as her canines rasped against each other.  

God, I know I’m fucking horny when I think I’m smelling pussy, Lauren thought, shaking her head.  She lapped at her lips and bared her growing fangs before swallowing again.  Maybe I should leave early.  Call Michelle and see if she’s free.  She’s always up for a good fuck.  And god, those legs.  I just want to bury my muzzle between them and suck her dry.  Licking and licking and biting and sucking until she’s screaming from it.

The young girl pressed her head back into Hannah’s face and sighed as her friend nuzzled back.  Hannah licked the side of Lauren’s face and Lauren moaned.  The other girl’s rough tongue rasped against Lauren’s cheeks and lips.  She turned herself more and opened her mouth as Hannah licked her again.  Moaning, Lauren licked the other girl’s face in return and their tongues met, twisting around each other before they pressed their faces together into a long, deep, moaning kiss.  Fur sprouted on the back of Hannah’s neck, beneath Lauren’s fingers as she held her.

Emily held her head low, staring at her lap without really looking.  She clawed at her friend, her mind a million miles away.  

She was in heat.  Badly.  She felt the ache.  The need.  She needed cock and her mouth watered at the thought of it.  Of being taken.  Fucked.  Sucking the guy off.  She shuddered and breathed, shaking her head to try to clear it.  The scent of sex flooded the room, driving her crazy.  Her heart pounded in her chest.  Her skin was on fire.  A line of black fur sprouted from the back of her arm, growing in a line up to her bicep.  

Megan whined loudly and Emily turned in a daze.  Her friend was half covered by the blanket now, on her stomach with her ass raised.  She was surprised to see her hand between Megan’s thighs, rubbing against the girl’s pussy.  She could smell her and couldn’t stop from drawing in a quick, deep breath.  The heat within her flared.

Quickly, Emily pulled her hand away, holding it to her chest and then wincing at the pain of it.  Looking down, she saw five black claws tipping each finger of her hand.  She stared at it.  Uncomprehending.  It was… wrong, wasn’t it?  With a hiss, her other hand cramped, the tendons and muscles seizing.  She squeezed at the hand and felt roughness on her palm.  Turning to look at it, she noticed darker patches of skin lining the bottom of her fingers and palms.  As she watched, pain lanced through her thumb and a dull black claw sliced through fingernail and skin as it grew forth.  

“P- please,” Megan whined.  She pressed her ass against Emily’s arm, clawing at the bed.  The blanket slipped free to expose the girl’s soaked pajama bottoms.  Fur sprouted between the smooth swell of her breasts and she moaned, looking back at her friend.  “It hurts.  Please.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I need.  I need something.  Oh god.  Oh god I need it.”

Emily pressed her padded paws against her head.

“No,” the young girl gasped.  “No.  This isn’t right.  This-“

Burning wetness pressed against the thin fur of Emily’s arm.  She looked over to Megan’s red face.  Her friend had pulled her pajama pants down to expose her swollen sex.  

“I’m sorry,” Megan whined, rubbing back against her friend.  Her voice was oddly twisted by the long, flat tongue and sharp canine teeth.  “I’m sorry.  I-  I-“

Megan shuddered, burying her face, gnashing her canines at the blankets.  Her hips jerked and twisted and the stub of her tail arched as it grew.  Her pussy bulged, the lips twisting and pulling and folding until they met in the middle.

Bones cracked and Megan’s pussy shifted, moving closer to her bare asshole.  Clear liquid dribbled between the swollen trembling bitch’s new pussy.

“Emilyyyyyyy,” Megan moaned.

Emily stood and the room whirled around her.  Her head and jaw hurt and her ears wouldn’t stop twitching.  They pulled at her skull as they grew to sharp points.  Black fur continued to sprout from them until they were completely covered and the fur continued down to her jaw.  She fell to her hands and knees at a sudden painful cramp.

With a hiss, Emily arched her back, raising her hips with her legs spread.  She howled quietly at the pain and heat within.  Clawing at the floor, she snapped her teeth as her muzzle grew.  She needed to be mounted.  The ache was beyond painful.  She gasped as her back cracked, the bones of her spine bulging to push her small, growing tail out.

Emily stood and stumbled, her lightly furred shoulder against the door frame.  

Oh god oh god oh god oh god no no no, she thought.  Growling.  Biting her blackened lips with fangs sharp enough to draw blood, she fought herself.  And failed.

“N-Nick!  I- I- I need you!”  Emily called out, gasping at the undeniable thought of her brother knotting her.


Lauren lapped at Hannah’s mouth, her long, wide tongue twisting around her friend’s tongue in a sloppy, wet kiss.  Hannah sat on Lauren’s leg, whining as she humped against her friend, grinding her swollen clit over and over.  

The two girls broke their kiss and Hannah fell against her friend, panting and gasping while her hips worked back and forth. Lauren could feel her friend’s pussy soaking through their pajama bottoms.  Hot and wet and that smell driving her wild.  

Grabbing Hannah’s curly hair in one hand, Lauren pulled the girl’s head back roughly with an excited growl, baring her fangs.  

“O-oh,”  Hannah moaned, her hips jerking on Lauren’s thigh.  She reached behind her friend, gripping the back of the chair as brown fur sprouted from her forearms.  She’d never had a partner be rough with her before.  Never had a dominant lover.  She could feel the sticky wetness between her large thighs.  The young girl licked her lips, her wider, blackened nose flaring to take in her own scent.  “Fuuuck.”

Lauren growled, her lips vibrating.  Her jaw popped and she swallowed, blinking away a sharp pain to watch her nose push out in front of her eyes.  Ignoring the pain, she grabbed one of Hannah’s breasts in one hand, squeezing it painfully while leaning in to bite gently at the other girl’s throat.  Hannah shook on her lap, her sudden excitement expressed in rapid, high pitched whines.

“Oh god, Lauren, oh god, oh fuck,” Hannah mumbled, her head buzzing and burning.  Everything was too much.  She could smell her own pussy and the powerful, heady scent wafting from between Lauren’s thighs.  More sex around her.  More heat.  Others but she couldn’t concentrate on them.  And the sounds – someone whining.  The music playing too loud.  The porn still playing.  The two boys and their video game and oh fucking hell she could smell them, too now.  “Am I- Am I your good girl, Lauren?  Am I?  Oh fuck am I your good girl?”

A button popped on Hannah’s top.  The soft, creamy skin of her large breasts were overflowing her bra and Lauren watched as a single fat nipple escaped from the girl’s bra.  Lauren growled, heat pulsing from her pussy to her face in a sudden rush.  She leaned forward.  Slowly.  Her long, dog’s tongue reaching out to lap at the sweat beading between Hannah’s growing breasts.  With a low moan, she ran her tongue up the girl’s breast and over her nipple.  She felt hairs tickling her tongue and, with another slow, rasping lick, felt the fur sprouting on Hannah’s chest.

“Good girl,” Hannah gasped.  Her mind was on fire.  Picturing herself naked, thrown to the ground.  Lauren behind her.  Inexplicably, the black-haired girl had a cock and, in her mind, Hannah felt herself flex, showing her dripping pussy.  “M-mount.  Fuck.  Fuck me.”

Lauren grabbed Hannah’s shirt and pulled, snapping the other girl’s bra and popping buttons along the front.  Thick fur was spreading from her belly button and up to her swelling breasts.  Lauren slipped a rough padded claw into the girl’s pants, clawing at her ass and feeling the light fur covering her there.  She spread Hannah’s ass, pushing her down hard onto her own leg and inhaling as the girl’s scent filled her head.

On the other side of the room, Emily leaned against the bedroom door, panting.  She whined as her jaw cracked, pushing further into a muzzle.  

“N-nick,” Emily groaned.  She pressed her hand between her thighs, rubbing her swollen sex.  Her pajamas slipped down to expose her ass as her tail grew, thick as her wrist.  She could see Megan crawling to her on hands and knees, the girl’s pants down around her knees to expose her black, folded pussy lips.

Emily pulled her own pants down and whined in frustration when she saw her still-human sex.  It felt wrong and she growled at Megan – worrying that Nick would choose her to mate with.  She was wrong and Nick would see that.  He would mate with Megan and leave her aching and useless and oh god I need to be mounted, Emily thought.

Something popped in Emily’s face, just under her nose and she suddenly smelled Nick moments before he knocked on their door.  She turned to Megan, anger flashing in her eyes as she growled.  Fur sprouted from the back of her neck to stand on end.  Megan bowed her head, backing away.

“Hey, did you-” Nick asked as Emily fumbled with the door and opened it.  

Emily grabbed her brother, pulling him to the floor with a loud thump.  He yelled and then groaned when his head hit the ground.  Emily licked his face in concern, pressing her body against him and shuddering at the nearness of his cock.  Of the thought of being fucked.  Mounted.  She gasped, pressing her head down next to her brother’s cheek as her heat flooded into her and her pointed, furred ears flicked back.

Holding him close, Emily pressed her breasts against him and slid back, her thick tail arching and quivering above her back.  She went to her knees over him, growling at the pressure in her chest when her breasts strained against her bra.  Fur sprouted from her mound, growing up in waves.  She slid her paw down into her pants to pull at the thick tift growing there.  Buttons popped on her shirt but the young girl clawed at her pants, desperate to free her aching sex.  

Megan bowed her head and stretched, feeling all the joints and bones in her aching body pop.  She sighed, exhaling long and hard when she raised herself up on her toes and stretched her arms far in front of herself.  Breathing deeply and slowly, she tried to focus and push away the urges growing within.  She licked her lips and growled, ears down while picturing a rosary in her paws, focusing on the prayers said with each bead.  She whined as the words slipped from her mind.

The young girl knew about sex as a concept.  She even found herself attracted to certain boys at school.  And, sometimes, when her blood came, she would find herself restless and energetic and distracted.  When it was at its worst, she’d think about a boy in her class touching her and kissing her gently.  Holding her in his arms.  Telling her he’d be there for her.  They would date and get married and he’d make love to her on their wedding night.  There’d be children, too, eventually.  But that was only when her period was at its worst.  She managed otherwise and never let her mind wander too far.

This.  This was different.  She could feel the air, warm as it was, cool against her burning pussy.  She trembled at the thought of it.  She didn’t know exactly what she needed.  Confusing images clashed in her mind.  All she knew was that she was empty and needed to be touched.  Not held gently but rubbed.  On her sex.  And filled.  Inside of it.  Deep inside.  The young girl moaned and trembled, licking her lips again.  Images flashed in her mind.  Slick redness that made her drool.  And fur.  Thick fur on her back, pressing against her.

Megan crept closer to Emily, head bowed and tail down between her thighs.  She grit her teeth at the sudden pain in her feet, sparing a quick glance to see her little toes pulling up into short dewclaws as her paws grew into place.  

The scent of the other male made Megan pause.  She tipped her muzzle back, taking in deep breaths of him and squirming at the need clawing deep in her guts.  She shook her head as the image of dogs filled her mind.  Thin red cocks swelling from their bellies from their overexcitement at being petted.  As a child, she knew no better but as she’d grown older, the sight embarrassed her even without her even understanding why exactly.

Now, though.  Now she felt her wet thighs rubbing together and the drool in her mouth as she pictured a big happy dog’s thick red cock sliding smoothly from a furry sheath.  Megan gasped, biting her lips with her fangs, pressing her exposed bitch’s pussy against the carpet, rubbing it back and forth as she imagined the big dog climbing onto her back.  

No, she thought, shaking her muzzle fiercely.  No.  Married.  Hus-huband.  Hold me.  Tight.  Love me.  Children.  Happy little children.  Love me.  Make love me.  To me.

Pinching pain along Megan’s belly made her stop as her stomach clenched.  She whined loudly, leaning forward to her knees and forearms.  Along her belly, little milk ducts formed beneath her growing teats.  The skin on her stomach puckered and twisted into new little nipples.

“Oh.  God,” Megan whispered quietly.  She clenched her eyes shut, licking at her cold nose.  The happy little children in her memories ran to her and memory-her pulled them into her lap.  She was naked and her fuzzy little children nuzzled against her as she lie on her side, each sucking at her teats, rooting through her fur to find them.  She could feel the excitement of it coursing through her body.  “G-god.  Oh.  Y-yes.  Yesssss.”

“Everything okay in there, Nick?”  A voice called.  “Where’s the light, man?  I can’t see anything.”

Megan groaned.  Fur slid from her skin around her calves and back of her thighs.  Her too-tight bra (her mother refused to believe her daughter was growing) pinged as the clasps snapped.  Her breasts swelled under her, drops of sweat sliding from her collarbones, down her breast to the tips of her nipples.  She shivered at their touch and then groaned as her breasts continued to grow, her nipples dragging along the rough pajama top.

“Yo, Nick?”

The hallway beyond the bedroom was dark but, to Megan’s eyes, the black turned a light purple and she could faintly see Nick’s friend fumbling around with his arms stretched out.  She went to him on all fours, giving wide berth to Nick and Emily.  

“Is, is someone there?” Justin called.  He saw something move and then felt pressure against his crotch.  The young man screamed and fell back against the wall.  Squinting his eyes, he looked down at the girl grabbing at his pants.  Her head was down but he could see her tits through her open shirt and her bare ass and, he cocked his head in confusion at the shape above her ass.  “H- Hey did Nick set you – ow, fuck!”

Megan’s claws tore through the tops of Justin’s pants in her excitement.  Her tail thumped at the ground and she pulled down, exposing the young man’s cock.  It wasn’t like the ones running through her head but she knew it was what she needed.  She held the boy in her large paws and lapped at his manhood, feeling it grow against her tongue.  Her ass and tail wriggled in excitement.

“Oh, oh Jesus fuck,” Justin said, his head back and his fingers clenched in Megan’s hair.  “Wait- wait not so fast.  I’m still- I’m a vir-“

Megan barked loudly in surprise as Justin’s cock swelled against her muzzle.  He came, covering her blonde fur with his thick, white cum.  She cleaned herself quickly, running her long tongue around her lips and up to her nose and cheeks.  The smell and taste only made the ache that much worse.

Standing, she pressed herself against him, feeling his still-hard cock in the thick fur above her pussy.  It surged against her belly and she felt the stickiness of him against a bare patch of skin.  Her teats dragged against his shirt as she kissed him roughly, forcing her tongue down his throat.  He struggled against her but slowly, calmed, his arms now reaching around her body, fingers digging into her thick fur.  

“Fu-  Fuu—” Justin said, smacking his lips.  He was still improbably hard, his cock rubbing against Megan’s body.  He leaned into her with a growl to suck at her nipple but pain flared in his cock and Justin fell to his knees, clutching his stomach as claws bulged from under his nails.  

Justin’s throbbing cock strained, elongating just as the skin at the base of it bulged into the start of a knot.  Megan barked loudly and then moaned, going to all fours.  She turned, presenting herself to the boy, pressing her hips back to rub her pussy against Justin’s changing manhood.  Every single thought she had was pushed away, replaced with the image of his pointed, reddened cock slipping into her.

Back in the room, Lauren pushed Hannah to the ground.  Hannah rocked her hips to find a comfortable position for her growing tail and then leaned her head back as Lauren shoved her face between Hannah’s thighs.  Lauren leaned in, gripping Hannah’s legs with her claws as she lapped at the other girl’s soaked pajamas.  Grabbing Hannah’s pajamas and panties in her teeth, she pulled, growling, shaking and moving her head until Hannah’s pussy was bare.

Lauren barked, licked her lips and then groaned, arching her back before lowering her stomach.  New instincts were clashing within her.  Forced into her.  She shook her muzzle and growled at the thought of a male approaching her, it’s cock dripping beneath it’s furred belly.  The need to be fucked and filled – to feel the male probing at her pussy, biting the back of her neck warred with her love of women.  She growled again and bent to Hannah, slipping her wide tongue between the girl’s quivering, wet lips.

Hannah whined and twisted, laying her sore feet on Lauren’s back.  She clawed at the ground, panting and moaning as fur crept up the side of her breasts.  Pain lanced through her stomach and she clawed at her belly, feeling the skin soften in spots.  She pressed the rough padding on her palms against the skin and it made her shake even more.  Nerves cried out along her body while she massaged her growing teats, scratching along the nipples forming at the center of each small breast.  Fur twisted among her pubic hair until the well trimmed patch vanished and the fur continued to grow up, hiding each new teat until her belly was completely covered.  She could feel her orgasm growing but it frustrated her.

Emily turned, pushing her pussy against Nick’s face as she fumbled with the buttons of his pants.  She froze as her brother’s nose pressed against her clit and then began moving against him, spreading her juices all over his face and mouth and nose.  With a desperate whine, she pulled at his pants and he bucked, arms flailing as her claws sliced through his jeans and underwear, cutting his cock.  She lapped at her brother’s manhood with her ears held back, feeling shame at causing her pain.  His blood was sharp on her tongue.

“Guh-  guuhhh offf!” Nick yelled pushing at her.  The boy shoved his sister and she rolled away, coming up on all fours.  Her breasts, heavy and swollen hung free on her furry chest.  “Em?  What the- urgh!”

Nick went to his hands and knees, gasping in pain.  He looked up at his sister, his brow furrowed and his lips held back over teeth suddenly too large for his mouth.  Sweat and his sister’s wetness glistened on his face and a thick rope of drool fell from the corner of his mouth.

“What did you doooo too meee-uuugrh!”  Nick threw his head back and howled.  Thick skin grew from the around the boy’s testicles and down to the base of his cock, forming his new sheath.  Black hairs sprouted from his sheath as his cock, throbbing in the open air, bulged.  Pre-cum dribbled freely while it reshaped into a dog’s pointed tip.  His sheath bulged and the cock pushed further to expose his swelling knot.

Slamming the ground, Nick tore at his shirt, leaving red marks along his hard chest.  Blood welled just under his left nipple as a single black claw from his right hand dug into his skin.  His jaw cracked as his ears lengthened and tiny black dots appeared along his lower belly, sprouting into patches of fur.

Emily couldn’t take her eyes from her brother’s huge, bulging red cock.  She went to him, reached for him but then watched as the room spun around her.  She was on her belly, her larger, furry breasts pressed against the carpet.  She could feel Nick’s rough hand on the back of her throat and his weight against her ass.  His cock was hot and incredibly hard and she could feel his cum dripping against her fur.

“You.  Did.  This.  TO ME!” Nick roared, his spit flying through the air.  He growled, grabbing her hands with his, holding her down.  Emily tried to move until she felt her brother’s fangs on her shoulder.  She froze, quivering under him.  His teeth vibrated and, incredibly, she felt herself grow even more excited.

The young girl spread her thighs for her brother as she felt his cock probing between her legs.  She raised her hips, encouraging him to enter her and then hissed through clenched teeth as his pointed cock slid easily between her soaking, swollen pussy lips.  

In the hallway, Justin pounded into Megan.  They’d moved closer to the bedroom  and lay in view of the four inside but Megan didn’t care.  Couldn’t care.  All she knew was the building storm between her thighs and the pain every time Justin’s knot pressed against her pussy.  She dug her claws into the carpet to anchor herself and pressed her back up against Justin’s furry chest, slamming her hips down to meet his thrusts.  

Megan’s muzzle was open and her eyes distant, dazed.  Her panted and whined and moaned, licking her lips as she forced herself back harder and harder.  The pain of him inside of her drove her wild and she wanted more.  If she were human – if she still had words, she’d be begging him to claw and bite her bloody.  

Her first orgasm rocked Megan’s body and she screamed, her voice almost human as she shook under Justin.  The boy leaned back, grabbing her tail painfully and Megan howled, shaking from a second orgasm, her pussy clenching around Justin’s cock over and over until he slipped free of her.  She whined at him uselessly, shaking uncontrollably as Justin stood on heavy paws.

Justin stepped into the room, glancing around.  Nick had mounted Emily and the two were rutting to the side.  He looked over and spotted Lauren.  The boy growled, showing his teeth in a rough smile.  He fell to all fours and went to her, shoving his muzzle against her pussy, barking as she snapped at him.  Justin’s ears flattened and he growled in reply.  

Lauren’s traitorous body moved, lowering her chest while raising her hips to Justin’s muzzle.  The back of her shirt split in a line down her spine to expose sweaty skin and patches of black fur.  The young girl fought the urge to present herself.  Fought against the heat rising in her.  Fought against the image of a knot bulging her pussy.  She lost the struggle and, instead, gasped, biting at Megan’s thigh at the raw desire coursing through her.

Justin pulled Lauren’s pants down, clawing down her thigh.  Clear liquid spurted from between the young girl’s pussy as the pink lips swelled.  Bones creaked and cracked and shifted until her thick dog’s pussy bulged from between her thighs.  She lowered her hips and spread her thighs and then went back to pleasuring Hannah.

Wasting no time, Justin mounted Lauren.  With his cock still slick with Megan’s cum, he easily slid into the girl’s changed pussy and she whined, pressing her muzzle against Hannah’s stomach.

Megan crawled into the bedroom on shaking arms and legs.  She lay heavily on her side, between the two males as the rutted with the females.  

Em, she thought.  She shivered.  Her body shook again and she gasped as small aftershocks crashed through her body.  Em.  Em-ly?  Emily?  What?

Looking around her, Megan felt small pieces of her return.  She felt her cheeks burn as she watched Nick fucking his sister.  Emily was crying out and Megan could see her tight pussy clenching against Nick’s slick red cock.  She couldn’t stop staring at the male- no, Nick.  Is.  Nick- at Nick’s knot.  She gasped and rubbed her legs together, twisting them over and over as she imagined him inside of her.

As she imagined her friend’s brother mounting her and knotting her.  

Megan’s clawed feet scratched along her furry legs as she turned to hide her embarrassment and growing need.  She found herself staring at Justin now, rocked back onto his large paws, claws digging into Lauren’s furry ass, pounding his cock into her.  Megan’s breathing quickened, her larger breasts rising and falling as she smelled herself on the boy.  Her mate.  Hers.  Her smell on his cock and now Lauren on him, too.  She felt anger and hunger and the unstoppable ache between her thighs again.

Suddenly, Lauren threw her head back and howled and Megan could smell Justin’s cum as he filled the girl with his seed.  Megan went to them and pulled Justin off of Lauren, forcing herself down onto his cock, forcing him to his back as she rode him, claws in his chest.  He was still cumming, had sprayed her stomach fur before she was able to guide him into her.

“My,” Megan gasped.  “Mate.  My.  Mate. Mymatemymatemymate!”

Justin gripped Megan’s ass, slamming her down onto him.  Knotting her completely.  She howled as the others had and her vision went white.  She collapsed onto Justin, shaking and clawing and snapping and kicking as her orgasm tore through her.  He held her tight, licking at her muzzle while she calmed.  She could feel him, deep inside of her.  She smiled as she felt him tense within her, his cum mixing with her wetness.

In their passions, none of them noticed the two soldiers as they approached.

“Fuck, would you look at that,” one of the soldiers said.

“Yeah, I see it.  Fucking stinks in here.  Jesus,” the other replied.  “And there’s six of them, not four like we were told.  How you want to do this?”

Hannah propped herself up on her elbow, her massive furred tits hanging low and to her sides.  She licked her lips lazily and pushed Lauren’s muzzle off of her stomach.  She stood, stretching luxuriously on her paws, thrusting her heavy chest forward with a jaw-cracking yawn.  She smacked her lips and walked to the door.

The two soldiers raised their guns and Hannah stopped, cocking her head.  She sniffed and whined, pawing at the tuft of fur over her clit.  She walked more slowly and the soldiers followed her progress with their rifles.

“Christ,” the first one said.  “Do you see how huge her tits are?”

“Yeah, I’m not fucking blind am I?”

“How much time do we have?”


“No what?”

“No, you’re not going to fuck that… that thing.”

“Aww come on, mate.  That’s what they’re for.  You think we can afford them once we pass them over?  Fucking-a.  Neither of makes that much money ever.”

“We have to- hey, get off!” The second soldier said.  Hannah kneeled before him, her tail wagging vigorously as she rubbed her muzzle against the man’s crotch.  

“Haha,” the first soldier laughed.  “She likes you, mate.  Come on.  Have a quick shag and get them loaded and nobody’s the wiser.”

Lauren stared at the first soldier.  She blinked and shook her head, growling quietly.  Her thoughts were slowly returning.  Slowly.  She could remember her name (“Lair-in“, she thought proudly, her tail thumping twice) and her friend’s name (“Em.  Emmmm.“) and that all of this was wrong.  Somehow.  Her eyes traced down to the man’s crotch and she pressed her furry thighs together.  The fur was matted with her and the male’s cum and their sweat.  She could smell all of it and it made her stomach twist into painfully pleasurable knots.

Knots.  Lauren moaned and went to all fours.  Knots.  She huffed, shaking her head.  Heat bloomed deep within her and she trembled.  No, girls.  Girls.  Like girls.

Slowly, Lauren crawled to the first solder and presented herself, looking back at him with a muzzle flushing with heat.  Thick white cum dripped to the carpet beneath her.  Knot.  Fuck.  Mate.  Please.

The first soldier laughed and set his weapon down in the hallway, unzipping himself.  

“Do what you want,” the soldier said, grunting as he unbuckled straps and pushed his pants down.  “But I’m getting my dick wet tonight.  Once in a lifetime experience to fuck some bitches.”

“Ah, goddammit,” the second soldier said, helping Hannah unzip his pants.

The first soldier went to his knees and slid his hands through the fur along Lauren’s sides.  She was incredibly soft and she shivered beneath his touch, shoving her hips back to rub her slick, engorged pussy against his cock.  The man gripped her tail and she yelped.  He held her steady and then grabbed his dick, rubbing the head against her velvety lips.  He’d never seen anything like it and never would.  He felt the thrill of the taboo – her pussy was shaped like a dog’s but it parted wetly for him and she moaned like a human would when he entered her.  The soldier sighed as he pressed all the way in.

Beside him, his friend held Hannah’s head as she sucked him.  Closing his eyes and pretending it wasn’t a half dog creature getting him off.  He wanted to lie to himself but she felt amazing.  Her tongue enveloped his cock and her mouth was full of spit yet her tongue rough like a dog’s.  The mixture was amazing.  

“Feel’s good, doesn’t it,” the first soldier gasped, kissing the fur along Lauren’s back.  He moved above her, finding it more comfortable to be on all fours above her.  His cock slapped wetly into her and he growled, rolling his head along his shoulders.  “Better than any other bitch I fucked.”

“God,” the second soldier replied.  He clawed at Hannah’s head, tendons creaking as claws slid from his fingers.  “Never.  Felt.  Anything like it.  Fuck.  God, I just want to bend her over and mount her and-“

The second soldier choked back a growl and opened his eyes.  He’d been picturing himself on all fours.  A fucking dog.  Knotted to some common bitch.  He looked over at his friend and the first soldier looked back, smiling as he fucked Lauren.  The other man’s teeth were fangs and a knot was bulging at the base of his cock.

“Mount,” the first soldier said, his voice rough and distracted.  “Fuck.  Fuck her.  Bitch.  Fuck the bitch.  Fill her with cum.  Cubs.  My bitch.  Mine.  My cubs.  Mount her.  Fuck her.  Fuck herrrrrrrrr.”

Pushing Hannah away roughly, the second soldier staggered back, staring at his hands in shock.  His gloves were split and claws tipped each finger.  Hannah whined in front of him, raising her furry ass.  Her smell wafted up to him and he couldn’t stop himself from breathing deeply of her scent.  

Of the scent of his mate.

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