The Motel

A young woman brings a curse upon herself.


This story is for Solone ( ) a very talented CG artist (and that’s saying something for me since I really like CG TF art). He recently put out a series titled “Motel 6” ( ) and I decided, what the hey! I’m going to write a super quick little story about it and make stuff up! And so, I did. Please note that this is my own interpretation and, most likely, Solone had an entirely different idea for what was going on. This is a tribute piece for him :)  I highly recommend you check out his stuff!

Also, it was really really quickly done and, if it wasn’t a gift piece, would’ve been a ‘sketch’ piece. Pardon the not-so-great grammar.

Brakes squealed loudly in the thick, evening fog as Melody pulled into the antiquated gas station.  A simple red flickering ‘open’ sign buzzed and ticked inside the small attendant booth nearby.  An old woman, fat and weathered from the sun and her age was inside, bent eagerly over local scandal magazine.

Melody stepped from her black Mercedes.  Her pumps threatened to wobble on the dirty, uneven ground but she stood firm on long, slim legs.  Shivering briefly, she tightened the belt around her trench coat and cursed, not for the first time, her choice in clothing.  The dark red top and black skirt she wore beneath it gave no warmth.  Stepping carefully around patches of dead grass grown through broken concrete, Melody reached the booth.  The door screeched in the eerily silent mist.

“I need gas,” Melody said, hugging her arms.  The little building reeked of gasoline, grease and the old woman’s stench.  Melody wrinkled her nose.

“Cash only,” the old woman answered without looking up.

“Ugh,” Melody sighed.  “No credit cards?  Fine.  Just, fill it all the way up, will you?”

The old woman slowly looked up.  Her jowls hung low and her gray, frazzled hair had long ago escaped the white hair band she wore.  Without a word, she reached over with a steady finger to tap at a weathered sign:  ‘Self Service’.

“Cash only,” she reiterated before returning to her magazine.

Melody shifted her weight, frowning at the woman.  She fought an urge to swipe everything off the grimy counter and scream at the woman.

“Fine,” she said, instead, biting the word off through a fake smile.  She reached into her purse, a gift just like the car was, until she found her wallet.  The young woman dug several bills out and tossed them on the counter.  “Premium.”

The old woman took the money slowly before turning to her register.  Melody sneered openly at her.  Glancing down, she noticed an oddity in the squalor of the building: a dark red ribbon draped over a silver frame.  Inside the frame was a picture of the woman, slightly younger, and a large siamese cat.  The words ‘In Memory’ were etched into the bottom of the frame.  Melody touched the ribbon, surprised to feel real silk.  It almost exactly matched the color of her top.  With a quick look towards the woman, she took the ribbon, balling it into her hand before shoving it into her pocket.

Taking her receipt, Melody stalked off to her car, hand in her coat pocket rubbing the ribbon back and forth between her thumb and forefinger.  She filled her car quickly, watching the old woman through the large windows.  She never took her eyes from the magazine.

“Hah.  Bitch,” Melody whispered.  A thrill ran through her body at the theft of the ribbon.  It was a small thing but it made her feel better and a little excited.  The pump clicked off at exactly $25.  Melody shoved the handle onto the hook and got into her car.  Turning on the overhead light, she wrapped the ribbon around her neck and tied it off with a simple knot.  She turned her smooth, graceful neck side-to-side, admiring how well the ribbon fit her.

The Mercedes roared into life.  Melody floored it, sending rocks and dirt slamming into the pump and small booth.


Melody shifted in the car’s leather seats.  She’d been driving since the morning and it was beginning to take its toll on her.  Her legs, hips and back were sore and, worse, she felt her alertness fading.  Miles and miles of empty road covered by dense fog and lined with forests began to blend together and she blinked.

The sound of tires thudding against hardened bumps on the side of the road forced Melody awake in a panic.  She swerved, hissing at herself for having fallen asleep.  Now wide awake, her heart raced and she licked her lips.  The young woman checked her rearview mirror and then, out of nervous habit, patted the tight bun of her hair.  She reached down to work her nails under the ribbon, scratching at the nape of her neck.

Small white hairs sprouted under the ribbon and around her fingers.  She rubbed and scratched at the fine hairs before putting both hands on the wheel.  Despite her panic, she could feel her body relaxing, once again making her lazy and distracted.  Melody turned on her satellite radio to help keep her awake.

Nearly a mile down the road, the young woman passed a sign letting drivers know that a motel, gas station and fast food place were just two exits away.  She yawned, not quite tired but far more relaxed than she should be while driving at night through heavy fog.  She’d wanted to drive a few more hours to surprise Frederick in his hotel room but he’d be just as happy waking up to see her.  He had the entire weekend away from his wife and he’d promised to buy her some new jewelry if she came out to see him.  He was old and ugly but wealthy and that’s all she really cared about.  That and the thrill of the affair.  She almost looked forward to when she finished milking him and a few pictures made their way to his wife.  Almost.

Taking the exit, Melody turned down her heater as her cheeks became flushed.  A single bead of sweat ran down her temple to slip under the ribbon.  More white hairs pushed through her skin, catching the drop of sweat until the ribbon absorbed it.  The young woman twisted her neck in a small circle as she parked her car in front of the motel’s office.

Melody gasped when she opened her car door.  The cool night air seemed to slide against her warm skin, leaving behind a wave of goosebumps.  She arched her back, still in her car, as more sweat ran down her toned back.  Pulling herself out of the car, she stretched luxuriously before checking to make sure her hair was in place.  The smell of cigarettes wafted over to her.  Hiding her nose behind a small, pale hand, Melody looked around until she noticed a middled-aged man smoking outside one of the small rooms.  Beyond him, sitting on the far side of the gravel  parking lot was a large semi-truck.

“Evenin’,” the man said, nodding.  He was tall but with a paunch under an old t-shirt.  Balding and with a 5 o’clock shadow, he waved the smoke away from her when a light wind pulled at it.

Rolling her eyes, Melody ignored the man and made her way into the small office, tapping the bell multiple times until a tired looking young woman came around the corner.  Melody paid, left a fake address and name in the sign-in book and took her keys.  The man was gone when she stepped back outside and she was pleased to know that her room wasn’t close to his.

Room 5, the second room from the end, unlocked easily for her.  Melody walked inside, sniffing at the stale, warm air.  The room’s heater turned on while she stood at the entrance but, as more drops of sweat slid down her back, Melody walked to the thermostat to turn it off.  White fur grew from beneath the back of her neck, crawling up to mix with her hair.  She scratched at her neck while waving her free hand in front of her face in an effort to stir some cool air.

Melody reached for her belt to undo her coat but a sudden wave of heat ran through her body.  She moaned, hunching over and caught herself on a nearby dresser.  Her bra strained against her chest as her breasts swelled, filling the expensive lace fabric.  They pressed together as they grew, bulging and forcing her coat open.  She stood, gasping, eyes and mouth open in shock, unable to believe what she was seeing.

“What… what the f-” Melody shuddered as another wave of heat spread from her lower belly.  Despite what was happening, she felt herself grow wet.  Red suffused her cheeks and chest.  The young woman stumbled to stand in front of the room’s floor length mirror.  She pulled her coat open further, watching in amazement as her breasts continued to grow.

“Ohh…” the young woman moaned as the small pink nipple from her left breast was dragged out from under her bra until it stood peeking above the edge of the bra.  Drops of sweat raced down her forehead, down her neck to slip between her cleavage.  A single hook of her bra bent as it strained against her chest until, finally, it slipped free of the clasp.

Leaning into the mirror, eyes wide with panic, Melody hooked a finger behind her ear.  Her ears were moving, reshaping, the tops growing slowly into points.  Her earlobes pulled tight and then up, disappearing as her ears lengthened.  A tiny black hair grew from the edge of the ear.  More appeared next to it, sliding from the thin skin.  Her ears flickered quickly in startlement as she felt the hairs growing on her skin.  Sounds became muddled until, with a slight pop, she could hear far more than before.  Passing cars, the chirp of crickets and the trucker snoring loudly in his room.  The young woman turned her head to see the other ear just as sharp and furred.

“No!” Melody screamed.  Her jaw cracked, teeth grinding against each other as her canines lengthened, sliding from her gums and pushing at the teeth around them.  The pain was intense; Melody held her hands to her ears, digging her fingers into her thick hair.

Unnoticed against the pain in her jaw, thick claws pushed through her fingertips, splitting skin and fingernails as they grew.  Her joints cracked as her bones thickened to anchor the claws.  The pink skin along her delicate palms darkened slightly when a thick, callous-like layer began to cover them.

“I’m-  I’m okay,” Melody stuttered, voice breaking as tears ran from her eyes.  She wiped at the tears and then groaned when a dull ache formed in her feet.  The young woman kicked off her pumps, leaning against the wall to massage her aching foot.

Tiny black hairs grew from the bumps around her areola and then spread, fading to white until both breasts were covered in a downy coating of white fur tipped black around her nipples.  Sweat poured from her body and, despite the pain wracking her, she had to fight against the urge to touch herself.

“Fu-!” Melody cried out, falling to her hands and knees.  Her spine cracked and spasmed and she choked back a scream from the agony of it.  Smaller bones in her hips broke and moved as she crawled toward the bed.  She reached the edge of it and then hissed loudly as she was forced to her knees, stomach out and back arched, quivering.  New nerves and muscle moved and formed in her back.

Clawing at her chest, she ripped her expensive, sweat-soaked top in half, flinging it across the room.  Her hips swelled and the sound of her skirt ripping was loud to her long, furred ears.  The young woman’s ass expanded, pulling her black panties tightly up into her swollen sex.  She moaned, resting her heavy chest against the edge of the bed.  Melody spread her thighs to release some of the heat and pressure building deep within her.  Her skirt ripped completely with the motion and fell to the ground.

Stretching, legs back and toes dug into the carpet, the young woman pulled herself up and onto the bed.  A high pitched whine filled her ears, driving her to distraction.  She crawled onto the bed, on hands and knees, relishing the way her hips moved.  With how free she felt out of her clothes.  Her heavy, furred breasts hung low beneath her.  She spread her toes and the bones in her feet whined, expanding, stretching the skin tight while her toes thickened.

White fur sprouted from around the woman’s belly button.  She sat back and on her longer feet, head back while her fingers toyed with the soft fur growing along her belly.  Her breasts continued to swell, both black-furred nipples now showing above her bra.  Melody looked down at herself, slowly shaking her head side to side with a low moan.  Pain began to turn to pleasure and thoughts became mixed.  She licked her lip, tasting blood as it split down the middle.  Black fur pushed through the red skin of her flushed cheeks.  Finally, the last hook at the back of her bra broke free and she pushed it away, fingers sliding against the silky white fur of her huge breasts.

“What’s… what’s happening,” Melody asked in a daze.  She moaned again, a hand reaching between her thighs.  The heat coursing through her veins was undeniable.  She touched her lips, imagining a lover’s kiss.  Her clawed finger was rough, the callous having grown to a thick padding that lined nearly her entire palm.  She spread her legs and her panties snapped, still held in place between her slick pussy lips.  A bump bulged above her ass, skin moving above the bones that would become her tail.

With a low hiss, Melody pressed her palms against her jaw.  She felt the rough skin on her face, the pads of her new paws scratching the black fur sprouting to cover her expanding muzzle.  She licked at her lips again and again, her tongue longer and longer.  As her muzzle grew, her nose flattened, pulling tight.  The skin of the tip of her nose turned pure black and she lapped at it with her rough, long tongue.

Melody fell over to her side and then rolled to her back, legs jerking above her.  Her calves swelled, veins throbbing painfully before becoming dotted with white fur.  The young woman yowled in pain and heat while her thighs swelled.  Her little toe pulled back as her feet grew into thick, wide paws.  Melody watched, no longer comprehending what was happening to her.  All she knew was pain and the need to mate.  She yowled again, louder this time to announce her need to every tom in the area.

Rolling in pain, the young woman fell from the bed, landing on all fours.  She hissed and stretched, back claws digging into the carpet as she arched her back.  Raising her heavy chest, she held her head back and yowled again, black muzzle open to show her sharp fangs.  The bump above her ass thrashed and grew into a small lump.  Black fur dotted the tip of it while it lengthened.  Silky white fur grew from the base of her tail, racing up to darken into brown.  More fur continued to grow from her back, winding along her spine and up to her shoulders.

Hot, wet pussy juice dripped to the ground from her sex.  Small black hairs grew among her brown pubic hair, running down to cover her pussy in a tuft of black.  The young woman’s long tail lashed behind her.

Finally, the changes stopped.  The young woman groomed herself, licking the back of her hand with a rough tongue and running it along her cheek.  She listened briefly for a male and then yowled again and again in the hopes to attract someone to mate with her.  The need was painful; a burning spike in her gut driving her insane with lust.

“Some of us are trying to sleep out here!” a loud angry voice announced outside her door.

Melody cocked her ears, standing on two large, white furred legs.  The black fur around her crotch was matted with her juices and she rubbed herself quickly while walking to the door.  Her long, thick tail flicked behind her.  The young woman scratched at the door hopefully. Deep slivers of wood came away with every motion.  She mewled for the tom to come to her and, when he didn’t, she yowled as loudly as she could.

The door flew open with a bang.  The middle-aged trucker stood in the doorway, eyes bloodshot.  “I’ve had- Jesus Fucking Christ!”

Melody tackled the male, pulling him inside as the door swung close.  She straddled him, lapping at his face with her rough tongue in her excitement.  Working her large hips back and forth, she spread her scent on him, kneading at his sides and chest with claws, mewling with her need.  Her clit rubbed against his growing erection and she hugged him close, rutting against him.  Her soaked panties came away while she grinded against the man’s pants.

The ribbon brushed against one of the cuts she’d made in the male’s chest.

“Get- get the fuck off of me!”  the man yelled, pushing at Melody.  She rolled, coming to all fours with fur standing on one, hissing at the male.  He stood, hands up while backing away.  “Look, I don’t know what-”

The man stopped to stare at his hands.  He cried out and grabbed his right wrist as those fingers clenched.  Sharp pointed claws broke through the tips of his fingers.  Sweat broke out along his forehead.

“Oh fucking Christ!”

Screaming, he tore at his pants, awkwardly unbuttoning them with fingers slowly turning into claws.  Melody watched, heat pulsing through her body as he freed his manhood.  It was swollen and red, bobbing angrily in the air.  It grew while she watched and her gut twisted.  Obeying her desires, she turned and raised her hips, pressing her huge furred breasts to the ground while looking back at the tom.

Fur sprouted from the man’s stomach and he clawed at his shirt.  His belly tightened into hard muscles before vanishing beneath a silky white coat of fur.  His cock bulged at the base and the flared human tip was pulled smooth until the entire thing was shiny and red and hard.  Large white dots appeared at the swollen base.  The dots pushed away into small spikes and Melody shuddered, pussy gushing even more.

Throwing his head back, the man’s face cracked, black fur growing to cover his expanding muzzle until he was matched with her.  He hissed, anger and desire in his eyes while his body continued to change.  Melody rocked her hips back and forth, spreading her scent, begging him to take her.  She yowled loudly and he answered.  Dropping to all fours, he went to her.  Melody’s tail slid along his furry belly and she froze when his sharp teeth clenched against her neck.  Those same teeth sliced through the ribbon hidden beneath her fur and it fell to the ground.

The young woman kneaded against the carpet, tongue hanging loose and her eyes rolled back in her head as the man’s bulbous, thick cock pressed against her hot, wet pussy.  He pushed and she hissed when she felt the spines slide inside of her.  The tom held her tight, pumping with short, aggressive movements.  She pressed back hard against him, moaning and mewling and kneading the ground against the sharp bits of pain mixed with intense pleasure.  Her pussy lips felt stretched to the breaking point by his thickness.

The heat built within Melody until she knew nothing else.  She needed release.  She had to have it.  Suddenly, the male bit hard and she slumped, gasping.  He filled her with his seed, screaming and yowling.  He leaned back, claws dug into her ass, pulling her open while pushing as far into her as he could.

Almost, almost she felt the heat break.  Just a little-

“What the fuck is this?!” a voice called from the doorway.

Melody and the male turned, hissing, fur on edge to see the night clerk.  The male pulled free and Melody screamed in pain as his barbs dragged along her pussy.  Blood and cum spurted from her sudden emptiness.  The male eyed the woman, back arched to show how huge she was.  To protect his queen.  The woman stepped away, eyes wide.  As soon as she was clear of the door, Melody and her tom ran.  Down on all fours, her enormous breasts slapping against her belly, she sped into the cold night and the male followed.

As she ran, Melody felt the heat building again.  The pain from the tom’s barbs still throbbed within but it was quickly being overcome by the need to feel her own release.

Thoughts of cars and jewelry and clothing and expensive food were replaced by the urge to mate and hunt and make a safe place to raise her kittens.  But, first, before all, she needed to be filled again.

The two white forms vanished in the thick fog, deep into the woods.

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