Filth Ch. 03

Abigail races to stop and reverse the changes.  Chapter 3 of 3.

The silver crescent moon overhead cast pale gray light but Abigail noticed with faint alarm that the ground itself seemed to be glowing lavender, lighting her way.  She shied away from the well-lit paths not just to hide her monstrous changes but also from an irrational fear of the blue arcs and nearly unbearable thrumming sound the lamps and electric poles gave off.

Thankfully, the campus was nearly empty and, as she approached the library, she knew it was she would find it nearly completely vacant; her sharp ears heard only a few people tapping away on computer keyboards.  She peered into the huge glass entrance and nearly cursed at how hazy things seemed with her slowly failing vision.  She missed the door handle on the first try and then realized she was taller than before.  Distracted, she looked down her body to notice a gap between her skirt and sweater.  Although her breath steamed in the night air, she hadn’t felt the cold against her skin.  She touched the bare skin carefully, her fingers playing through the coarse fur.

Her stomach was mostly tanned white skin with the exception of a line of thick fur leading up and around her belly button.  She could see two rounded rough patches of skin on either side of her stomach, just barely visible from above her skirt.  She touched one carefully, surprised at how bumpy it was.  The area seemed a little swollen and sore but-

“Oh!” Abigail gasped.  She’d brushed the center of the spot.  Her nail flicked against a tiny pink bump of skin that struggled to grow erect at the sudden attention.  “Oh.  Oh, no.”

Turning to hide herself from the glass entrance, Abigail lifted her sweater.  Eight more little nipples lined her body, four on each side above those bottom nipples.  Some of the areola had short black and brown hairs growing from tiny bumps dotting their surface.  She gasped as a sudden wind sliced across her body and along her rows of nipples.  She could feel the wind tugging at the fur on her belly, the hairs teasing her bare skin.  Abigail pulled her sweater down, biting her lip against the aches of pleasure growing down her body.  Blood dripped where her top teeth pierced her lip and the pain helped her regain focus.

“Running out of time,” she gasped.  Turning, she pulled the large glass door open and entered the library.

The young woman made her way into the library, hugging the wall to keep from prying eyes.  The infernal hum she’d heard outside was far worse within the building.  She could feel it deep in her bones and teeth and brain.  Electricity popped and shrieked around her.  With every step she left a large wet paw print from her bare feet.  She found a computer in the corner and sat awkwardly, adjusting her large legs and ass until she was comfortable.  Her skirt nearly broke from the strain of it.

Abigail logged in with her student ID and opened a browser window.  She paused and then looked at the back of her right hand.

Slowly, she typed out a search:  Symbol star with rod down the middle horns at top and wings

The search engine returned a list of hits with example images lining the top.  Two of the images were identical to the mark on her hand.  With sweaty hands and her heart beating in her throat, she clicked on the first image.  Her hand flew to her mouth at the result.


The word burned in her mind.  She knew it from her church.  From one of the many, many sermons dealing with damnation.  A demon of Hell.  A major demon.  One of the many the congregation was told would be there to witness their if they walked the wrong path.  Beelzebub, standing and laughing with horns and wings and bulbous eyes with lashing, barbed tail.  Stabbing at those blown about in an endless wind.  Those consumed by their lust above all things.

She read the articles, words swimming on the page as a slow headache began to build behind her eyes.

“Prince Baal,” she whispered to herself, skimming the article.  “Prince of … of demons.  Appears as an infer… infernal hu-human… humanoid fly.  Sows chaos.  Do… domin…”  Abigail ground her teeth.  Her headache was getting worse and the words wouldn’t stay still.  She leaned closer.

“Appears.  Appears in the New,” she continued.  “And Old Testament.  Said… have… No, said TO have… power… the power… to change anals… anal… animals… no, change men into…”

The words were blurred and rearranged.  None of them made sense any more.  Fear and a deep aching sadness radiated through her core.  The young woman looked around herself but it was all the same.  The words she could make out with her poor eyesight were just symbols.  Lines arranged on papers and plaques and walls.  Her headache began to dissipate the less she tried to read anything.

Tears dripped quietly onto Abigail’s sweater.  She sniffed once, twice and then sat silently crying in the small booth.

I have to confess, she told herself.  It’s the only way.  It’s the only way I can save myself.  Although she knew what she had to do, the thought was unbearably painful.  Her church was unique.  Unique and a three hour drive away.  She knew that, even if she could drive in her current condition, that the changes were coming faster.  She’d never make it in time.

“Jason,” she whispered, hand creeping unnoticed to her thigh at the thought of him.  She kneaded her furred leg.  If I confess to him and lay my sins bare to the one I’ve wronged, I can ask for forgiveness.  Yes.  Yes.  It has to work.  It WILL work.

Abigail padded through the old library, whiskers twitching while she fought the urge to drop to the ground like an animal.


The young woman ran and, for a brief moment, experienced pure joy.  She was so fast.  Her clawed feet tore through the knot in her pantyhose and gave her thick, muscled legs purchase.  She smiled wide as she tore past building after building, short tail working, fighting to help.  Great chunks of sod flung out behind her.  In one large stride, her skirt tore free and the young woman barely noticed.  She felt drunk on exhilaration.  She had a plan. She knew it would work.  She would be saved.  And she was so incredibly fast.

Along the way, Abigail’s pantyhose lifted as her tail grew.  The material bulged and then snapped back as her tail sprung free.  One more inch.  Two.  Five.  Her tail streamed behind her, thick as her wrist while it lengthened to nearly two feet.  It lashed, flicking up as she hunched down to all fours for one brief moment.  Panting, laughing, she stood again.  Her heart beat a loud drum within her chest.  She’d never run like this before.  It wasn’t ever proper.  As a very small child, of course, but never as a teenager or adult.  It was a waste of energy better used for chores.

Now.  Now she knew what the horses must feel like when they ran.  How free they must feel to push themselves as hard as they could.  To feel the wind whistling around them.  So incredibly free.  How frustrated they must feel to run as hard and fast as they could, only to find a fence blocking them.  Holding them back.  Restraining them.  Limiting their desires.  She hissed in sympathetic pain while her own powerful legs drove her forward.

Abigail nearly tumbled to a stop when she reached her dorm.  Her chest heaved with every breath.  Despite the run, her heart beat a steady, healthy rhythm deep in her chest.  Her legs ached to run more.  She nearly whooped with glee at the pure adrenaline running through her body.

Bending over to catch her breath, she saw her tail dangling between her legs and her amusement was immediately crushed.  Her pantyhose were a complete ruin, torn halfway to her shins. Thick fur covered both feet completely and the fur glistened wetly in the nearby light.  Her paws were huge and covered with mud, blades of grass and tiny rocks.  She rested an intense urge to groom herself and, instead, quickly brushed off what she could.

Her sweater was soaked with cold sweat and all twelve of her nipples were hard and sore.  Abigail immediately retreated into a corner away from the dorm’s outside light.  She closed her eyes, listening carefully for signs of anyone still inside.  She could hear someone that sounded like her upstairs neighbor.  The voice was muted but it sounded like her.  Another voice faded as a door on the other side of the building opened and then closed.  And, that was it.  She said a small prayer of thanks before making her way inside and to her room.

Quickly, she told herself.  Abigail stripped in the middle of her room – something she’d never consider doing before.  Without a hint of a blush, she slid her pantyhose off and finally wondered where she’d lost her skirt.  She pulled her sweater off, gasping as it slid against all of her new nipples.  Finally, she undid her bra and then paused.  Now she did blush but, still, forced herself to look.  Her ten lower nipples were nearly flat against her body and ran all the way down to just below her waist.  Her pubic hair was thick with fur and a heavy line of it run up her belly.  She couldn’t see her sex beneath all of the fur.  Her legs were as muscular as she’d imagined.  Large veins criss-crossed her thighs and calves, some covered by gray and brown fur.

More black lines stood out on her right arm, crawling in a spiral down to her elbow but she couldn’t read it.  With a whimper, she realized that she didn’t know whether she couldn’t read it because it was in some archaic script or because letters simply made no sense to her any more.  Light brown hairs covered her forearms.  She started to turn but then stopped herself to touch at a patch of thick gray fur between her human breasts.  She sighed at the distinction of it.  Human breasts versus the ones she’d use to feed a mass of furry newborn babes.  Lying on her side while they-

No, she thought, immediately clearing her mind of the thought.

Turning, she could see a bit of fur on the back of her shoulders and, of course, the tail.  But she could feel that.  It lay limp against her ass and legs but she could make it move with some thought and effort.  She tried for a bit before her stomach roiled and she felt ill from it.

Quickly, she reminded herself.

Abigail sat, arranging her tail to pool behind her on the bed.  As carefully as she could, she tugged and pulled a new pair of pantyhose up over her paws and along her legs to nestle under her tail.  The way the material slid against her fur was maddening and sent shivers along her body.  She added a second pair of tights over the first and then tested them by walking around the room.  Her claws cut through both but only the tips were visible and hard to notice.  Or so she hoped.

My tail.  What am I going to do about-  The young woman walked to her closet to pull out a small medical kit.  She slid down her tights to expose her thighs and then pulled out a roll of medical tape.  Attaching the end of the tape to her tail, she held it down and against her legs, winding the tape around both.  Her hand brushed the tuft of fur covering her sex and she groaned, ignoring it to finish what she was doing.  Around and around the tape went and her tail thrashed rebelliously while she secured it.  The sensation was beyond odd.  It was a part of her and she could move it when she focused but it also seemed to have a mind of its own.  It bulged against the tape as if testing its bonds but the tape thankfully held.

Satisfied, she pulled her tights up and slid on a pair of long, black sweatpants.  Although they were big for her human size, the bottoms of them stopped short several inches above her ankle.  A new large sweater completed the outfit.  She turned around, tugging her sweater down to cover her stomach and lower nipples.  She smiled tremulously at her success before frowning at her feet.  No shoes would fit her feet.

I have to chance it, she thought to herself.  She could almost feel herself forgetting things and her mind becoming simpler.  Time was running short.  I’ll just make something up if I have to.  I’m still me.  I’m still here and I’ll be fine.  I can do this.

On the way out, Abigail bent to grab a jelly filled donut from Sally’s trashcan.  Two flies buzzed away from it as she tore into it.

I’m still me, she thought, satisfied.  She cleaned her face with spit and the back of her hand as she made her way to the engineering building.


Abigail knelt by the bushes at the corner of the house.  Loud music boomed and the entire street was alive with people talking and laughing as they made their way to clubs and bars and homes.  Her fur stood on end and she found herself hissing and grinding her teeth.  Her jaw popped again, expanding minutely, pulling at her split lip.  With more room to grow, her front teeth slid further from her jaw to even finer points.

“I can’t do this,” she whispered, pulling back as two young men passed.  “I can’t do this I can’t do this.”  But, she imagined herself shrinking and shrinking until she was an ugly little rat scurrying around in garbage and her resolved firmed.  Glancing around with four twitching whiskers and vibrating ears, she stood and quickly walked to the front door.  Without a word, she opened it and slipped inside.

The music assaulted her ears, clawing into her brain until she could barely think.  There were people everywhere and she almost fled back to the bushes.  Fighting an insane urge to go to all fours and hide in a closet, Abigail pushed herself forward.  Nobody was focused on her and she breathed a quiet sigh of relief.  Immediately, she began searching faces, looking for Jason.   Smells blended together and crashed with the strong scent of food and alcohol and something that made her head spin.  The last smell was an incredibly heady mixture of sweet and salty and spicy and flowery that seemed a drive a spike straight through the center of her brain.  Something loosened deep within her body and she twisted her strong thighs, feeling wetness against her the furred skin of her legs.

No panties, she realized.  Stupid forgetful Abigail!  And no bra, either!  You Jezebel!  You… you… brazen whore!  Hissing at herself, patchy fur completely on end in anger and frustration, she made her way into the living room.  Despite the larger crowd, it was darker there and she could smell food.  Her nose lifted, pointing to the kitchen as she passed.  Food left out.  Left out for a long time.  Mixed together.  Her mouth watered until she realized she was smelling food left in the garbage.  She forced herself forward until she stood behind the long folding table holding large bowls of punch.

Jason was nowhere to be seen.  She strained her ears, whiskers bristling anxiously.  Although she found herself getting better at picking out individual sounds, Jason’s voice was nowhere in the mix.

“Excuse me!” Abigail said loudly as a young girl with black hair stopped to fill up her punch.  Jason had either lied or been unaware but both bowls were laced heavily with alcohol.  The stench of it was overpowering to her.  The girl turned to her, waiting.  She had a nose stud and two rings in her lip.  Abigail recoiled in disgust until she realized what she was right now.  She wouldn’t ever be judging anyone again.  Not with the depths of the sin she was in.  “Do you- do you know if Jason Foreman?  Is here?”

“Who?” the girl yelled.

“Jason!” Abigail said, her voice cracking, raising higher pitched until she squeaked out the last part.  “Jason Foreman!”

“No, I don’t know him.  Sorry!”

Abigail ground her teeth, hissing quietly as the girl left.  She needed to get away from the alcohol but it was the only place she could stand to hide her legs and feet.  The smell from the bowls wafted up continuously and she found it affecting her thoughts.

All I need is Jason.  That’s all.  Just Jason.  To come here.  Talk.  Talk to him.  Confess him.  That’s all.  Jason.  I just-  The young woman’s ears swiveled and her pulse sped as she caught a voice in the background.  Him!  Jason!  He’s here!  Jason! 

Abigail’s tail strained against the tape holding it in place. She found herself grinning like a fool or a small child waiting for a treat for being good.  She chirped and squeaked in joy as she pictured him coming around the corner, looking for her.  Of course he would be looking for her.  He’d invited her here, after all.  He’d be grinning with those happy eyes of his.  He’d hug her just so, she knew he would.  He’d hug her tight.

Squirming in place, Abigail pressed herself back against the wall.  Her tail shifted to slip between her ass cheeks and fire raced up between her legs.  Her chest burned.

He’d hug her tight and nip her on the neck.  She knew it was just so.  He’d kiss her chastely like friends do when they’re happy to see each other.  She’d bury her face in his shoulder, feeling his hairy chest against her face.  He’d bite her ear with his teeth and pull her in again, smashing all of her breasts against his hard body.

Abigail’s hand slid across her furred stomach and down under the band of her sweatpants.  She rocked her hips back and forth, tail pressing against her asshole and sending shivers down her spine.

She’d squeak and chirp and writhe against him, grooming him fiercely.  Licking along his furry chest.  Cleaning him properly.  He’d sigh and stroke her hair and fur and tell her how much he loved her.  He’d gently push her head down further and further to his manhood.

Fingers touched her wet, swollen sex.  Her fingers. Abigail gasped, sliding her fingers along the wet slit between her thighs.  Her tights were soaked from her excitement and all twelve of her nipples were bright points of aching on her body.  She chirped and ground her teeth, her thick tail pleasuring her asshole while she fingered herself.  A fingernail popped off of her right hand, forced off as her little claws began to grow forth.  A second fingernail. A third.  More.  One by one her claws grew in and she ripped tears into the crotch of her tights.  Knuckles popped in her fingers as muscles shifted, forcing her fingers longer.  Gray-ish fur sprouted from the backs of her hands, covering the black mark.  A finger slid between her folds and she moaned.

Jason.  With her.  Jason.  Hers.  Jason.  Jason.  Jason.

Grunting, Abigail slipped a second finger inside of her tight, wet pussy.  Her fur was soaked from her excitement and the smell of it drove her wild.

“No, I-”  A loud fragment of Jason’s voice broke through her haze and she froze.

What?  What am… oh, oh no, she thought, horrified.  Her furred bush was exposed beneath her sweats and she could feel herself dripping.  She could smell herself.  The scent of her sex covered her hand and thighs.  Jason!  Almost here!  If he smells, oh no, if he smells…

Abigail glanced around, panicked.  His voice was getting closer.  Sure that nobody was watching, she dipped her clawed fingers into the punch bowl.  She rubbed her fingers together quickly before pulling them back out.  Vodka, juice and her own cum dripped from her furry hand.  Good.  Good girl, she told herself.  Smart girl.

And, then, there he was.  Jason walked in with a friend, talking about classes he was taking.  He looked up and smiled at her, just as she knew he would.  She grinned back, chirping quietly in happiness.  Her tail writhed against her leg, pulling painfully at the tape.

“Abigail!” Jason said.  “Glad you could make it!  Hey, Jerry, I’ll catch up with you later, yeah?  Have you been here long?”

“No!” Abigail said cheerfully.  Her face clouded, suddenly unsure.  “Oh.  But.  Can talk?”

“Yeah, of course,” Jason answered.  “Everything okay?”

“No.  Yes?  Maybe no.  Somewhere quiet?”

Jason stared at Abigail for a moment, puzzled by her behavior.  “Yeah.  Yeah, sure.  Here, there’s a spare bedroom this way.”

Abigail followed Jason happily as he stepped into a hallway.  It was just as she thought it would be.  He was happy to see her.  And only her.  Jason opened a door and turned on the light.  Abigail slipped in behind him and turned off the light again.

“No,” she told him firmly.

“I-” Jason paused.  “Are you sure you’re okay?  Oh god, please tell me one of those bowls didn’t have alcohol in it.  Oh man. I’m so-”

Abigail bunched up her nose.  Three whiskers slid from her face in the darkness.  A fourth followed and all of them lengthened now, flowing inches from her face.  She rubbed at them with the furry back of her hand, tongue quickly wetting the fur in between strokes.  Alcohol burned her nose and throat.  It was so hard to think.  She had something desperately important to tell him.  Her fur stirred and she hissed at herself quietly.  Thoughts slipped away as she looked back in her memories.  Her head buzzed from static and confusion.

Jason important, she thought with a small nod.  Jason.

“Hug me,” Abigail said out loud.  She remembered that.  She remembered it was important to her that he hugged her.  That he married her.  He had to.  He had to love her.  He did love her.  She knew he did.  He was Jason.

“Hey-” Jason started.

Without waiting, Abigail wrapped herself around him.  She pressed herself tight, feeling his warmth.  A warmth she needed.  A warmth she’d always craved.  She could feel every single one of her nipples against him.

“Look, I don’t think-”  Jason tried again.  He pushed her, gently and she hissed at him, frustration and confusion showing on her face.  She nipped at his shoulder, sharp teeth slicing through skin, spraying her with blood.  She squealed in surprise as he cried out in pain.

“Ow, fuck!”  Jason yelled, clapping a hand to his shoulder.  “You fucking bit me!”

“NO!”  Abigail screeched.  This wasn’t at all what was supposed to happen.  “No this!”  He was supposed to love her!  He wasn’t supposed to be mad!  This wasn’t right!  This wasn’t right at all!  She grabbed him, long, clawed fingers digging into his shoulders.  Her powerful, furred legs dug in and he toppled backwards while she fell astride him.

“Like this!” she told him.  Her claws ripped his shirt to expose his smooth chest.  Blood covered his chest and neck.  She clicked her tongue.  His chest wasn’t furred. This wasn’t right.  Not right.

Jason was yelling at her but the words became formless noise to Abigail’s ears as letters had to her eyes.  He bucked weakly against her weight so she hissed at him to show her displeasure.  Black leeched into the brown iris of her eyes.  More and more lines of black appeared until the brown was consumed.  Her eyes bulged slightly as black flooded them, leaving nothing else.  Her jaw cracked, shoving her face forward into a short muzzle.  Brown fur twisted from her skin, tracing down from her hairline to cover her jaw.  Fur raced across her face over the bridge of her muzzle before flowing down around her chin and neck, disappearing into her sweater.  Her glasses pulled free of her ears as her face changed and she pawed at them, shaking her head until they were sent flying to crash into the wall.

Abigail chirped, pulling and shrugging at her sweater until she figured out how to move her arms to get it off.  Her ears shifted, growing through her chestnut brown hair. They rotated as the sounds of the party changed around her.  Her chest was slick with sweat.  Beads of it welling and dripping onto Jason’s bare, hairless chest.  She cried out, hunching her back as it cracked and lengthened.  Thick brown fur spread from her spine to cover her back.  Jason gasped below her, face white with fear and blood loss.

She reached for him then, as her ten tiny nipples bulged into small breasts.  White liquid welled from the tips of eight of her nipples as her teats finished growing.  Drops of her milk fell to Jason’s body to mix with the sweat and blood.

Fur crept around her sides to cover her stomach, silver mixing with the brown until only her twelve pink nipples were left bare.  One hand on Jason’s face, the other on his shoulder, she tended to him.  Her mate.  Her tongue rasped against the bloody gouge over and over.  Black fur broke the surface of his skin around the cut.  Again and again she cleaned him, rubbing at the blood on her face in between tongue lashings.  The wound healed and Jason moaned, arching his back.

He spoke again with his words but Abigail squeaked at him in reply.  Her tail was growing.  Sliding against her legs, straining the tape holding it in place.  A vague memory of an alleyway surfaced.  Of a hairless doe riding her hairless buck.  She worked her hips in a jerky imitation of it.  Pushing herself further down, Abigail licked at Jason’s lips.  He tossed his head slowly side-to-side but the second time she licked him, he licked back.  His hands gripped her large ass while she flexed on top of him.  She felt his hands spasm on her, sliding against the fabric of her sweatpants until sharp points of pain dug into her.

Jason pulled with his growing claws, tearing at her pants.  The medical tape ripped under his claws and her tail flailed wildly until it snapped the rest of it, making her squeak in pain as some of her fur came with it.  Her sex, swollen and furred and dripping from her heat, slid against the rough fabric of Jason’s jeans.  She moaned and chirped and pressed harder.  Beneath her, fur spread in waves from Jason’s pants.  His words began mixing with high pitched squeaks and chirps.  Abigail nipped playfully at his ears when they began to lengthen.

A strange scent caused Abigail to pause.  She lifted her nose to locate the smell but then looked down.  Jason’s cock was thick and pink and sliding along his furred stomach.  His pants bulged as his crotch swelled.  The jean’s single button snapped undone while the building pressure slowly forced the zipper down.  Abigail moved back to press her nose against him, breathing deeply of his changing cock.  She watched as the folds of pink skin grew up to surround the rounded head.  Abigail chirped in excitement, pulling at his jeans in order to see more of him.

Jason’s legs cracked and he flailed above her in pain, chittering and squealing.  His legs broke and reformed, bulging now with their own growths.  His right shoe creaked in protest until it fairly exploded trying to contain his expanding paws.  Claws pierced his left shoe, pushing at it until the laces broke and the shoe fell apart.  He scrabbled at the ground with his expanding paws, arching his back in pain.  Abigail held him tightly, licking at his furred chest in an attempt to calm him.  The young man’s jeans popped like a string of firecrackers, the seams breaking under the strain of his new muscles.

“Abi-” Jason tried to say as his jaw broke, pushing forward into a new, furred muzzle.  His brilliant eyes bulged as the black pupils seemed to expand until nothing else was left except the inky darkness.  He clawed at the air once, twice and then settled, panting.  Jason’s fur was slick with sweat from his change.  He pushed Abigail gently and stood for a moment on two legs.  She stood with him, hugging him close, their scents mixing.  She startled as she felt his tail slide against her but her own tail seemed to reach back for him and they twined together.

Abigail turned, her back to her mate, their tails still twisted together at the tip.  With a glance backward, she went to all fours and raised her hips.  Her sweats and tights lay in tatters against her body but her sex, glistening behind wet fur lay open to the air.  Jason sniffed, breathing deeply of her scent.  He groaned as his testicles expanded slowly below his thick, blunt cock.  New, stronger hormones raged through both of them.

There were no pups.  They had to mate.  They had to grow their Mischief.  Abigail shuddered under the intense desire.  She raised her tail and it curled back to lay heavily over her shoulder.  Her paws dug deeply into the carpet as she spread her legs.  Jason bent to her, fur against fur.  He slid forward and his cock rubbed against her asshole before he adjusted and it slid down. Her pussy burned with heat and she shoved herself back against him.

Jason’s blunt cock, twisted and probed.  The two rubbed back and forth against each other until the tip of him slid her open.  Abigail froze, quivering.  Needing.  Wanting.  Her ears vibrated from the ache running along her body and she ground her teeth over and over.  Jason’s claws gripped her own hands and a fragment of their human lives held each other tightly.  He pushed into her, slick cock against her tight, wet pussy.  She hissed slowly at the pain of it, shaking her muzzle back and forth.

She took all of him in her furry, virgin pussy.  He forced her own juices out of her and they mixed with her fur before dripping to the ground.  He pressed forward until his oversized testicles pressed against her wetness.  Abigail felt him strain and he chirped above her over and over while his own paws dug in behind them.  Her still human pussy lips stretched and gripped against her mate when he pulled out.  She cried out at the emptiness he left behind until he pressed back into her.  It was easier this time.  And more pleasurable.  Her pussy drooled at every motion, filling the room with their scent.  Jason pressed his muzzle against the fur of her shoulder and then reached around to grab a breast.  Abigail buckled under him, squeaking, and he fell above her, accidentally ramming his cock hard into her.  She spasmed, liquid jetting out of her swollen pussy, coating Jason’s belly with her cum.  Marking him.  Marking her mate.

Abigail lashed out, biting around her until her teeth found the corner of a wooden dresser.  She bit in, sharp teeth breaking a chunk of the wood while the orgasm rocked through her body.  Jason shuddered as her pussy squeezed him again and again, milking his cock.  He wrapped his strong arms around her body and began pumping into her.  Abigail’s entire body was incredibly sensitive and she hissed at him, wanting him to stop while begging for him to keep going. Her furred stomach bulged as he pounded into her, her lower nipples rubbing against the rough carpet, driving her even more crazy.

Faster and faster Jason worked his hips. His huge sack slapped against her pussy over and over until she was cumming again, squirting more of her scent over both of them.

Abigail’s jaws worked as she felt Jason’s absurdly large cock swell.  Her long, ear shattering squeak went beyond human hearing as he came inside of her.  Thick, ropy strands of his cum filled her before until she thought she would burst.  Jason held her tight, bucking and chirping above her from his own orgasm.  Dogs howled in the distance, driven mad by Abigail’s shrill cry.  Her tail flicked back, striking her mate and leaving welts with each hit.  Welts hidden beneath thick fur.

They lay together for a moment before, as one, they raised their muzzles, ears flicking back.  Jason pulled slowly back until he popped free.  Abigail’s stretched pussy held open for a moment before contracting back.  Huge spurts of Jason’s cum leaked from that brief opening until her fur was sticky with it.  Both of them stood and crept to the doorway cautiously.


Tables were overturned.  Food and drink were strewn about the entire house.  Abigail watched as a horrified boy sat naked on the couch.  A young woman rocked back and forth on his cock.  Transparent wings fluttered from her back and, beneath her skin was a dark, shiny blackness.  Her head was thrown in ecstasy and Abigail watched the girl’s eyes bulge from their sockets.  Larger and larger, fragmenting into grids as they grew until they nearly covered her face.  Her jaw opened and then continued opening until a black mass pushed through.  Black claws burst through her feet and thick.  Along her body, hairs as thick as her fingers pushed through, splitting her skin open.  The boy stared at his own fingers as shiny black claws ripped through the tips of them.  He tried to scream but his face bulged, eyes moving to the sides as they too began to grow into a huge, bulging compound eyes.   He was pushed forward as the flesh from his back tore to reveal two huge, wet new wings.  His strange mouth opened and a tube-like tongue flicked against the girl’s still human nipples.  She buzzed in pleasure at his attentions.

“No!”  A nearby girl cried out.  She was on the ground and completely naked.  Sweat lined her body.  “Oh god, please no no no no!”

Behind her, a boy held her naked ass open, exposing her slick, wet lips despite her protestations.  A short tail whipped behind the boy and his left foot clawed at the floor.  His foreskin bulged and strained as his cock grew and he pressed it against the girl’s pussy.  She scrabbled at the floor in a panic as her fingers elongated.  She gasped, head back as the skin along her belly puckered and tightened into rows of new teats.  Thick brown nipples pushed through the growing areola.  She fell to her heavy breasts, twisting and mewling as her spine popped.  Her body lengthened and her neck stretched out before her.  The pained expression on her face slowly twisted into a smile and she moaned, rubbing her slick lips against the boy’s thick cock.  Her lips pulled back, two lip rings stretching with them as her muzzle grew out.  A small, silvered nose stud fell to the ground below her.  Black hair sprouted from her pussy lips and she hissed in pleasure as the boy finally entered her.

Another boy pushed frantically at a girl as she knelt before him, head bobbing up and down on his cock.  Her body was covered in sweat and her expression was nearly manic in its concentration.  Dozens of small brown points wiggled from the side of her body.  The girl slumped to the ground, forcing the boy to his knees while she continued to relentlessly suck on him.  She pushed herself up with her free hand and her body cracked in the middle.  Abigail watched curiously, muzzle cocked at an angle while the girl expanded.  Her skin stretched and snapped bloodlessly to expose a red carapace.  Waving red legs pushed from her sides as her body slid against the carpet of the growing, long and longer.  The boy cried out, clutching at his sides.  Tiny points pierced his skin and he screamed, clawing at them with his fingers.  The girl pulled away from him to rise up on a huge centipede’s fat body, curling herself carefully around the changing boy.  He clapped his hands to his head, tears streaming down his face.  His scalp bulged and tore, exposing two growing antenna while the still-changing girl protected him.

A naked, moaning petite redheaded girl getting fucked while bent over the arm of one of the couches looked up, her glazed eyes suddenly growing lucid.  She shrieked and pulled away, stumbling towards Abigail.  Falling to her knees, she clawed at her legs with long nails.  She stood and stumbled again, curling into a tight ball.  Black dots appeared along her naked back.  She cried out as one of the dots swelled to emit a wet, black rod.  The rod dried quickly in the air and unfolded into a single black feather.  More black rods slid through her back and the holes began to appear around her body.  She looked up at Abigail, fear and pain in her eyes.

“P- please,” she gasped as her eyes filled with black.  Her boyfriend stood behind her on dull black leg ending in four thick clawed feet as feathers bloomed from his arms.

“Carrie!”  He cried out.  “Carr…  Ca… CAAW!”  The boy flapped his arms, filling with room with a strong gust of wind.  And, with it, the overpowering scent of a demonic orgy.  The smell seemed to throw everyone into a frenzy.

The girl Carrie cocked her head to the side, her expression changing.  She blinked her eyes and opened her mouth as if to call out again.  Her teeth cracked, falling to the ground around her.  Her face bulged forward into a small, hooked beak.  She opened the growing beak to show a tongue hardening into a black lump and gave out a loud inhuman cry.  A black claw ripped through the heel of her foot, sliding from her flesh and revealing a dark black skin beneath it.  Another black claw ripped through her big toe, dragging the toe out into a long claw.  She flapped her arms as they broke and reshaped, feathers sprouting en masse.  She flapped again, flailing on the ground until her boyfriend picked her up in large, winged arms.

Another couple sat on a different couch.  The girl, short rat tail flailing happily behind her, rode her boyfriend’s cock, grunting and moaning with each movement.  His cock changed inside of her, thickening and bringing her to orgasm again and again and she dug into his back with furred claws.  He gripped her tail, pulling hard while licking at her furry breasts with a half changed muzzle.  She licked her lips, face still completely human while begging him to change her, to make her his bitch.  Telling him she was his dirty whore and his little slut.  Foul words rolled off of her tongue until her words lost meaning.  Soon she was squealing and chirping as she leaned back to let him lick and bite at her growing nipples.

Abigail watched as the gigantic centipedes from earlier slipped quietly through the front door.  Long and flat and sleek, they raced with incredible speed before disappearing into the darkness.  Two couples, their fur sleek and whiskers long, came to Abigail, nervously presenting themselves until Abigail consented to groom them.  More followed later in the night until the bedroom was a mass of large, furred shapes, grooming and sleeping in a huge, warm pile.  Abigail watched drowsily as the crows hopped their way to the door to take flight in a huge rush of wind, leaves and huge black feathers.

Two by two and sometimes by more, they all left the house until only Abigail’s Mischief was left.  Her eyelids drooped as a male, Jason or one of the others, groomed and stroked her.  She knew they would have to find a new home by the following night and her old human mind helpfully offered up a picture of a big heavy disc along with a specific scent.  She intuitively knew that, beneath that cover, lie a new home.  They would defer to her, she knew, as she was the first of them all.

Her right hand spasmed briefly and she hissed.

She felt… something.. pulling at her, far to the distance and her right hand flared with pain again as if to underscore the importance of it.  Strange images filled her limited mind.  Her whiskers twitched at thoughts of the furless They appeared, some almost seemingly familiar despite how impossible that had to be.  A large, clawed hand squeezed one of her furred breasts reassuringly while she struggled with the alien thoughts.

A presence filled her mind, buzzing and raging and pushing at her.  The fur along her back stood on end.  More hands and tongues reached for her, feeling her unease.  They soothed her, stroking and grooming her until she finally gave up.  Abigail would move them the next night and they would slowly make their way to the beacon burning brightly in the distance.  The pressure in her brain lessened at her acceptance.  With a near-human sigh, she settled into her place, once again feeling the warmth pull her to sleep.

Hairless shapes walking on two legs among fields and farms filled her mind.  So oddly familiar.  She knew what she was supposed to do now.  She knew her purpose.

She would grow her Mischief until her children were innumerable.

Abigail drifted into a deep sleep as booming, buzzing laughter filled her ears.

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