Filth Ch. 02

Abigail’s changes begin to accelerate and she finally takes notice.  Chapter 2 of 3.

Large red numbers wavered before Abigail’s eyes.  She blinked several times and then yawned, hiding her mouth behind her small hand.  The room was utterly still and the only sound a faint dripping noise somewhere in the distance.

Blinking again, the young woman sat up, idly scratching at the light fur along her midriff.   Her hidden claws left tiny red lines against her tanned, flat stomach.  The stark numbers informed her that she was suddenly wide awake at 4:12 am.

Across the room, Sally snorted and turned to her side, muttering something about a ‘Mr. Pumpkin’.  The other woman’s light snores soon filled the silence.

Abigail’s stomach growled.  She swung her legs over the edge of her bed and stretched, raising her arms.  Her body creaked as it adjusted to its new length and she twisted her longer neck, luxuriating in each tiny cracking sound.  Well, she thought as she grabbed her glasses from the nightstand.  I guess I’m awake.  And hungry.  Something smells good.

The young woman licked the back of her hand and then rubbed it against her temples to settle a few stray hairs.  She repeated the routine, unaware of what she was doing, as she worked through a mental list for the day.  Her stomach rumbled loudly.  Raising her small nose, she sniffed and stood, following the scent of bread and old eggs.  Still lost in her own thoughts and her body on autopilot, she bent down over her roommate’s trash can.  Pushing aside a wrapper, she found a half-eaten breakfast bagel sandwich from the day before.

I could spend some time on my laptop until the library opens, I suppose.  Abigail took a bite of her roommate’s old sandwich, tearing the stale bread with her front teeth.  New instincts drove her to the corner of the room where she sat, taking small chunks out the sandwich.  The room was colder in the middle of the night but she felt surprisingly warm.  She rocked slowly back and forth against the rough wall, scratching along her spine.  First class isn’t until ten, she continued.  Then the second at 2 pm for two hours.  Plenty of time to work on any projects before the weekend.  And then the soup kitchen tomorrow.

Finishing the last bite of the sandwich, she stood, padding along the cold room.  Her roommate thrashed suddenly, crying out for her mother in a sad voice before settling with a whimper.  Abigail frowned at the poor girl, feeling her own homesickness well up.  She sat carefully at the edge of her roommate’s bed and lightly stroked the girl’s hair.

Abigail’s home was three hours away in the middle of nowhere.  A small town where everyone knew everyone else but your nearest neighbor might be half a mile away.  She closed her eyes.  She could almost smell her mother’s home baked bread or the sour smell of the ancient pews in their little church.  She’d recently tried to go to a nearby Catholic service but the hymns and prayers and passages were almost all different.  Softer.  Watered down.  She’d felt unsettled by the differences.

Sally shifted again.  Abigail chirped in annoyance, gripping the woman in place.  Didn’t the other girl know she was trying to calm her?  Bending low, Abigail ran her tongue along Sally’s short hair, just under her ear.  At least she has someone to help when she’s feeling lost, Abigail thought angrily.  The church… my anchor isn’t here.  I have nobody.

Holding her roommate with one hand on her shoulder and one against her head, Abigail groomed the other girl.  And the confessional! she fumed.  A small box where you’re hidden away.  You can’t see the shame and anger in the pastor’s eyes like that.  And the penance?  Some prayers and a promise to do better?  No rod against the thighs or back?  No-

“Wha-”  Sally stirred under her.

Abigail stepped up and back, her head buzzing with anger, frustration and new subconscious urges.  She hugged her body nervously, her teeth grating against each other.

“You… you’re having a nightmare, Sally.  Go back to sleep.”

“M’kay, ‘M…”  Sally sighed, hunching against herself under her blankets.

Pressing a hand against her forehead, Abigail shook her head slowly.  Her teeth ached.  She found herself slowly scraping her front teeth back and forth against each other as a headache began to build behind her eyes.

“A shower will help,” she whispered, rubbing her temples.  She made her way to the small shared bathroom, locking the door and struggling out of clothes that no longer fit just the way they should.  A sudden memory of her night in bed brought red to her face.  Her hand twitched in remembrance but the young woman quickly turned the shower water on.  She hugged herself tightly again, thinking of anything other than what she’d done.

As steam slowly began to fill the small room, Abigail scratched along her sides.  Her belly felt tender and sore – as it had before when she’d spent all day working hard at her parent’s farm.  Muscles shifted nearly imperceptibly too allow for new glands to grow.  Rubbing her stomach seemed to help but the humid air was even better.  Abigail stretched in the moist air.

Small drops of water collected on the fur along her spine.  The water droplets grew fat and fell, coursing along skin and sparse fur, trailing a line down to her ass before slipping between her lightly furred sex.

Abigail stepped into the shower with a happy squeak.  The hot water soothed her and she could feel all of the new little aches and pains draining away.  She leaned into the spray, letting the water drill into her back, unknowingly scratching the itch of her new fur.

Her ears twitched in pleasure as the water caressed her swollen sex.  Abigail lowered herself slowly to her knees.  Tiny holes appeared in the skin above her upper lip.  A single translucent whisker barely poked through the skin.  A second whisker, even shorter than the first, grew from the other side of her face.  She rubbed at them briefly with the back of her hand.

“Jason,” she moaned.  The young woman arched her back, spreading her thighs.  She pressed against the wall, lifting her hips while lowering her upper body.  Her thick, furry bush brushed the bottom of the bathtub.  Her claws, still hidden, scraped against the wall.  She could feel almost every single drop of water along her sensitive body.  Each one was a lover’s touch meant just for her.

Light brown fur sprouted along her shoulder blades and she worked her arms up and back, head slowly swaying as she became lost in her thoughts.  Light gray hairs grew from the inside of her thighs, twisting from her skin.  Above her ass, the small mound of skin bulged forward into a tiny, gray point.  The hairs surrounding the bump shifted and thickened, growing up and along the new skin.

The tip of her tail wriggled to echo her excitement.

Faint black lines appeared on the back of Abigail’s right hand.  The lines moved beneath her skin before settling into shape.  She groaned and then hissed as her right hand spasmed painfully.  Her fingers creaked in protest but she made a fist with her hand.  The lines of fur covering her body stood on end as she gasped at the sudden burning pain.  Suddenly, her arousal vanished and the pain went with it.

“Oh, Abigail,” the young woman sighed.  She pressed her forehead against the shower wall.  “What are you doing?”  She lay against the wall, clutching her right hand against her chest as the water slowly went cold.

The young woman stood and turned off the water, shivering in the cold.  She wanted to just wrap herself her towel and find a warm place to hide but, instead, she toweled herself off.  The sides of her stomach was sore again so she was gentle as she rubbed the towel back and forth.  But, she was even more careful with her sex, breasts and ass; sparing barely a quick pat for each of them.  She kept her eyes averted from her reflection and from looking down her body while she dried herself.  Old habits died hard and her recent sins made it even worse.

Wrapping herself in her towel, Abigail stepped into her dorm room to grab a new change of clothes – underclothes, a simple skirt, pantyhose and her favorite sweater.  She retreated back to the bathroom with her clothes.  Once inside, she hung the towel on her hook without noticing the bits of brown fur she’d left on it.  She dressed herself quickly, again, avoiding the temptation of looking at her naked body.  Her plain white panties slid against her lightly furred upper thighs.  The coarse black fur mixed in with her chestnut pubic hairs poked through the thin fabric.

Finished dressing and wide awake, Abigail stepped from the bathroom.  She looked around in the dim light.  Time to get my prescription checked again, she thought.  Everything around her had a blurry edge to it and the room was suffused with a pale violet color.  She frowned, rubbed the bridge of her eyes and temples and then walked outside.


Abigail’s breath puffed in the sharp, cold air.  She’d been walking for nearly an hour along the quiet pathways of the campus, lost in thought.  Occasionally, she flexed her right hand as if to work warmth into it.  The chill seemed to have settled into the bones of her hand with a near burning freeze.  Her mind wandered aimlessly, flitting from memory to memory of her childhood and teenage years.

Tall lamps, each fitted with campus security panic buttons, provided pools of orange lights along her walk.  Abigail skirted the lights without thought.  Her thoughts returned again and again to a faded memory of being held in her father’s arms as a young child.  She couldn’t recall being held after that one memory.  It’d never seemed to bother her growing up but, now, on reflection she yearned for it.  On the very rare times she was able to have a sleep over with a couple of her girl friends, they’d slept separately – as was proper.

Now, walking alone in the dark, the young woman yearned for touch.  What would it have been like, she wondered.  When Mary and Louise were over?  What would it have been like if we’d slept in the same bed, cuddled together for warmth?  Her body ached with loneliness at the thought.  How wonderful it would have been to feel them against me, wrapped around me, curled-

The young woman’s curved ears twitched at a sudden noise.  She crouched, hiding behind a bench while looking around.  She could hear indistinct, low voices somewhere nearby.  Abigail strained her eyes, trying to make the distant blurry images come into focus.  She knew by the bright neon lights (seemingly purple and popping with small arcs of blue) that the local bar was in the distance.  The light patches of her fur stood on end and she hissed quietly under her breath.

Reaching down carefully, Abigail took three steps on all fours before coming back up into a crouch.  The voices were louder now.  A man and a woman, laughing.

“Hey, not here,” the unknown girl said.  “Someone will see us.”

Abigail crept along carefully, her ears swiveling and her small button nose twitching.  What were they doing, she wondered.

“Hah,” her partner laughed.  “You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“I- ohh, god,” the girl moaned.

Raising her nose, Abigail sniffed.  Still crouched, she held one hand crooked cautiously.  The smell seemed familiar but she couldn’t quite place it.  She continued on and soon found herself kneeling at the entrance to an alleyway between two large campus buildings.  Dirt and rocks lined the wide path.  The young girl peered around the corner, squinting to see clearly.

In the middle of the alley, a man knelt before a woman.  Abigail blushed to the tips of her rounded ears when she realized the man’s face was between the woman’s legs.  The other woman had her left leg draped over the man’s shoulder and she was leaning back, her hands caressing her own chest.  Abigail felt a warmth between her own legs as she breathed deeply of the other woman’s scent.

“I want you in me,” the woman gasped.  Pale light shined off the wetness of her thighs.  The boy stood without a word, undoing his pants to free his manhood.  Abigail strained forward, moving her head back and forth to try to see.  It wasn’t what she’d expected.  It was smaller and rounded and the color of his skin.  She was embarrassed to feel a slight disappointment at the size of him.  Still, her pulse raced.

What… what a dirty couple.  Are they going to… right here?  Abigail grunted, digging her fingers into the cold earth.  She wanted to touch herself.  She could feel a growing emptiness between her thighs.  It beat in time to her own quick heartbeat.  Her entire belly seemed afire, nerves alive and begging for attention.  She rubbed at her side and squirmed at the odd feeling from one of the many sore spots on her lengthened torso.  Her finger made a swirling motion over the sensitive spot and, soon, her breathing was as fast as her heart.  Sweat spotted her forehead as she watched the man lay on his back.  The girl moved to sit astride him.

Sinful, Abigail gasped, cheeks red with jealousy and her own heat.  Disgusting.  Fornicating under the-  the young woman grunted, her free hand pressing and massaging the soreness along her body.  Under the eyes of God.  Still, she watched as the girl reached under her to grab the man’s penis and guide it into her sex.

The other woman rocked her hips back and forth while the man squeezed at her chest.  Abigail copied his gesture with her right hand, massaging her own breast.  The smell of sex was overpowering.  A high whining noise filled her head while she touched herself.  Her hidden claws snagged at the fabric of her sweater, pulling threads loose around her breasts and stomach.  The young woman ground her teeth in pleasure.

Suddenly the girl cried out, covering her mouth as she shuddered.  The boy pulled her down, hugging her to his chest while the girl shook against him.  They kissed deeply.  Abigail brushed a finger against her own lips, wondering how it felt.

“Did you-” the girl asked, gasping for breath.

“Nope,” the boy answered.  “Too much to drink.”

“Aww,” the girl pouted.  “Maybe a little more?”  She moved her hips playfully but the boy laughed at her.

“Not going to happen,” he told her.  “Come on.  Let’s get back to my room.  I think my dick’s going to freeze off.”

“Good idea,” the girl said.  “I’d dump your ass so fast if you couldn’t service me.  And then use your cock like a dildo.  I expect some amazing cuddles, mister.”

The two laughed, joking back and forth as they stood and dressed.  Abigail watched them walk out of sight, arms wrapped around each other.  The young woman’s face, throat and chest burned and her ears twitched sporadically.  With supreme effort, she pulled her hands away from her body.  Under the sleeve of her sweater, more dark lines appeared in a tight spiral beginning at her right wrist.  She bit at her fingers with her front teeth to keep from crying out at the sudden pain in her arm.  Blood welled up around her teeth.  When the pain subsided and she pulled her hand away, her jaw popped, leaving her with a slight overbite.  Her incisors were no longer rounded; all four now ended in small points.

The young woman lapped at the blood on her fingers.  She glanced around quickly but heard no sounds beyond faint passing cars.  Satisfied, Abigail walked to where the couple had lain.  Their scents still filled the air.  A darkened patch of dirt drew her attention.  Abigail crouched, sniffing at the ground carefully.  She leaned forward, going to all fours with her eyes closed.  Her small nose nearly brushed the ground where the dirt had mixed with the other woman’s cum.

So that’s what it’s like, she thought.  Nothing like I imagined.  She just… she just took him and put it inside of her and it was so small!  And then she moved, just like my fingers.  Just like when I touch myself.  More than that.  His penis was more than my fingers.  What would it be like?  So big and so far in?  And moving like that.  My fingers felt so good.  It must be amazing.  It has to be. 

Abigail opened her mouth, her tongue reaching for the muddy spot left by the lovers.  The scent of it burned through her nose and down along her body.

Jason.  Jason would be just like that.  Only better.  He would hold me tight and love me and touch me and talk to me and rut with me and fill me up and make me his until I was just like that filthy woman begging-  Lost in her own rambling, her tongue brushed the cold earth, sending a thrill along her spine.  A third tiny whisker poked through one of the tiny holes above her lip.  She raised her hips and the tip of her tail wriggled back and forth.  It lengthened as it moved, growing nearly two inches of bare skin.  -filling me until I’m pregnant with his babies and then again and again and-

“Oh,” Abigail said, sitting up on her knees.  Her head felt tight and everything was so loud.  She looked around, confused at her own surroundings.  She rubbed her temples roughly while trying to remember what had happened.  She could remember the couple.  She remembered watching them flaunt their sin but everything after that was a blur.  The young girl stood, sagging against the nearby wall in exhaustion.  Her body ached, her head hurt and it felt like her heart was trying to break through her chest.

People were waking up around her.  She could hear alarm clocks, faint and screeching and the smell of brewing coffee nearly overpowered the scent from the alleyway.  Abigail rubbed her tongue against the roof of her mouth.  She swallowed reflexively, tasting the salty sweetness mixed with dirt while wondering how it’d gotten there.

Gray light filtered through sparse clouds on the horizon.  Abigail yawned, her jaw cracking loudly.  Shaking her head again, the young girl made her way back to her dorm.  Her room was warm and humid thanks to Sally’s recent shower.  Abigail murmured happily at the feeling but another huge yawn made tears well from the corners of her eyes.  The young woman took off her glasses and then slipped off her sweater and bra, dropping both to the ground near her bed.  She stood, naked from the waist up, unselfconsciously at her bedside.  The light fur along her back and shoulders lay flat and sleek, glistening in the moist air.

Kicking off her shoes, she sighed in relief as she realized how constrained her feet had been.  Yawning again, the young woman slipped into bed.  The blanket pooled around her waist leaving her exposed to the still warm air.  Soon, she was asleep and dreaming of being cuddled by her childhood friends.

Along the sides of her body, ten small circular spots of skin darkened.  Within the center of each, a tiny pink bump formed.  Abigail clawed at one of her newly formed nipples, her sharp teeth grinding in pleasure.


Abigail woke in a panic.  She lay completely under her blankets, huddled and hunched.  Her head spun and she squeaked loudly as, when she threw her covers aside, she realized she was topless.  The young woman winced at the dull throbbing pain in her head.  Glancing at the purple letters of her clock, she held her covers up to her chin to lean close to read the numbers.

“Oh no,” she whispered.  It was 3:02 pm and her last class was already half over.  Abigail reached for her bra and sweater from under the covers and then dressed herself quickly.  As she picked up her glasses, she noticed a piece of paper left on her nightstand.  She read the words, holding the paper close to her face.


Hey, it’s Sally!  I just wanted to say that there was a lot of hairs left in the shower and it’s no big deal at all!  But, could you maybe clean up after yourself the next time you shave?

Thanks so much!  Hope you had a great time out last night!

Abigail frowned but put the paper aside.  It wasn’t fair for her roommate to blame her for something one of the other girls in the suite must have done but she was more worried about her class at the moment.

Her hair in a mess and still in the same clothes and panties she’d worn the day before, Abigail ran to class.  Her feet nearly screamed with each step but the young girl ignored them.  Finally, she arrived at her classroom. Standing outside the door, she licked at her hand to rub against her hair, settling the loose bits while calming herself.  A few students walked by, eyeing her curiously as she fought to control her breathing.  Her fur stood erect at her stress.

The young woman quietly opened the door to slip in.  The teacher had her back turned to the door and Abigail crouched, scurrying to an open seat in the back.  Only when she sat did she realize she completely forgot her books and backpack.

“Where in the world is your mind today, Abigail Young,” she chastised herself in a whisper.  She asked a girl next to her for a pen and some paper, giving thanks when the girl spared both.  Abigail tried to focus on the lecture.  Her heart still seemed to beat too fast and it made her feel jittery.  On edge.  She took few notes and, instead, tried to run through her nighttime prayers to help her relax.  She could count on both hands the number of times she’d forgotten to say her prayers before bed and now she could add another to the short list.

“Hey,” a voice said to her right.  Abigail turned with a start.  The girl that had given her the paper was looking at her.  “I like your tattoo.  Really clean lines.  Where’d you get it?”

“My?  I’m sorry,” Abigail said in confusion.  “My tattoo?”

“Uh, yeah.  Your tattoo.  Is it Chinese?  What’s it mean?” she asked.  The other girl pointed at Abigail’s right hand.

Still confused, Abigail turned her hand over and stared.  A large black symbol nearly covered the back of her right hand.  Her mouth opened in stunned confusion, jaw working as she tried to say that, of course she didn’t have a tattoo; nobody in her community had one.  Her body was her temple.  Stupidly, she rubbed at the mark, convinced that it was just ink that had somehow spattered into a perfect pattern.

“Hey, uhh, are you okay?” the other girl asked.

“I- I-” Abigail stuttered.  She rubbed harder but the ink wouldn’t smudge; it moved with the skin of her hand.  Her eyes opened wide in horror as small brown hairs sprouted from around her wrist.  Tiny and sparse, the hairs pushed through her skin.  Abigail pulled her sleeve back to watch as more hairs grew forth.  The little hairs stirred as she broke out in goosebumps, her teeth suddenly chattering loudly.  She could see the faint black lines of another tattoo around her arm.

Abigail jumped up and her desk crashed backwards.  She squeaked loudly as everyone in the room turned to see what had happened.  The young woman shoved her hands into her armpits and ran, dashing through the open door.  She felt a horrible urge to drop to all fours as she made her way to the bathroom.  Heart thumping loudly in her chest.  She shoved the heavy door open with her shoulder and then locked herself in an empty stall.

“Something’s wrong something’s wrong something’s wrong,” she repeated quietly, rocking on the toilet seat.  Sweat broke out along her hairline and she gasped, turning her long neck slowly.  It felt like her feet were on fire.  She looked down to see them bulging in the simple flats she wore.  She reached down, picking up her left foot while taking off her shoe.

The bathroom door creaked open and a voice called out.  It was the same girl from the classroom.

“E-excuse me?  Are you okay?”  Concern dripped from the other girl’s voice.  “Do you- do you need anything?  I could… I could call the nurse’s off-”

“I’m fine!” Abigail called out, her voice breaking.  “I’m, I’m sorry I’m just… I’m fine!  Thank you!  I’ll be out in a minute!  I just need a minute!”

“O- okay!  Sorry!  For… whatever!”  The door closed behind the girl.

Tears ran down Abigail’s face.  Tears of shame and pain.  She massaged her foot but the pain wouldn’t diminish.  Her black pantyhose strained against her foot.  Her sensitive ears caught a high pitched whining noise beneath a quiet popping sound and she bit back a cry.  Bones cracked in her feet.  Her right foot burst through her shoe with a loud pop, the sole separating from the top.

Gray lines appeared in the black pantyhose around her left foot.  Her toes were bulging while her foot widened.  Another cracking sound filled the air and her ears vibrated at the horrible sound of bone scraping against bone.  Her feet elongated; her smallest toe receding as the others pushed further out.  Finally, the fabric tore.  Abigail watched in terror as four, sharp translucent points sliced through her pantyhose.  Tipped with blood, her claws grew hard and thick and sharp, curving to nearly cover the fronts of her now wide toes.  The smaller claw from her little toe barely poked through the material.

Abigail’s heart thudded in her chest.  She knew she was awake. She could see what was happening; she just couldn’t comprehend it.  Thick brown hairs pushed through the pantyhose still covering her changed feet.  She could feel the hairs growing and sliding against her skin as most were flattened beneath the fabric.  With building dread, she pulled the ruined pantyhose back to uncover her feet.  Silky fur lined the enlarged knuckles of her new paws.  The hairs grew down to small tufts in between her toes.  The hand holding her foot rasped against roughened skin beneath the ball of her foot and she twisted it.  In place of her calloused pink skin as a thick, dull gray skin covering the pads of her toes and feet.

Slowly, carefully, Abigail touched one of her claws.  It was sharp and, with a slight pull, she could feel it anchored to the bone in some way.

The young woman dropped her foot and cried, chest heaving silently with her hands covering her face.  She curled up on the toilet sobbing until the tears would no longer come.  Her sweater was wet with her tears and she noticed the few spots where she’d pulled threads loose last night.  She hiccuped quietly as her face burned with emotions.

I… I have to… do something, she told herself.  There has to be something I can do.  There has to be-  Her eyes focused on the strange mark on her right hand.  Marked.  Oh Lord in Heaven, I’ve been marked for my sin, haven’t I?  For the base thoughts and my animalistic urges.  I couldn’t hold myself back and this is my punishment.  Isn’t it, Lord?  This is my punishment for my sins?  I understand now.  I understand.

Abigail sniffed, wiping at her nose with the sleeve of her sweater.  A fourth whisker slipped through her skin as she did and the girl unconsciously groomed her hair and face while she made her plans.

The bathroom remained blessedly empty for nearly thirty minutes.  Abigail hugged her knees to her chest to hide her paws from anyone accidentally seeing them under the stall door.  Twice, a group of girls came in but only used the bathroom mirrors to touch up makeup and hair.  They all spoke excitedly about their weekend plans – some going home and some going to nearby parties or bars.  Abigail waited until they all left before she relaxed.  Her ears twitched and she nearly started crying again and she realized how far gone she was.  Her vision and hearing and sense of smell were all different and now she knew why.  She was changing.  Becoming the animal she deserved to be.

All around the building, doors closed and voices faded.  The light from frosted windows high along the bathroom walls was fading as night came.  Abigail pulled at the tips of her pantyhose, tying the stretched fabric in a small knot in order to hide her paws.  It was uncomfortable but not terribly so.  She prayed that with night falling, nobody would notice how she looked.

Gently, the young woman put her feet down and stood.  Her claws clicked loudly on the bathroom floor through the tights.  She swayed on her new, unsteady feet but used the stall to stay upright.  She couldn’t feel the cold tile through the rough pads.  Her knees were bent and her thigh muscles complained about the position.  Carefully, she straightened her legs but caught herself as she began to fall forward.

Tears threatened to overwhelm Abigail as she fought to stand like a proper human.  She tried again but, again fell forward.  Taking deep breaths, she lowered herself, bending her knee slightly and adjusting her position in order to stand on the pads of her paws.  Her balance seemed proper with her knees bent and, unnoticed, her small tail wriggled back and forth under her skirt and sweater.  A very, very tiny part of her was pleased for adapting so quickly to the changes.  She rubbed at her belly, shivering as she brushed one of the many tiny nipples lining her frame.

Abigail closed her eyes to listen.  Her ears twitched and swiveled.  The building was nearly completely silent as everyone left for the weekend.  She opened the stall door and took a few tentative steps.  Her claws clacked on the tiles but she ignored them, focusing on each step.  By the time she reached the bathroom door, she was walking easily.  The young woman opened the door and peeked around the corner but she knew she’d find the hallway empty.

Without hesitation, Abigail hurried down the hall.  As she did, her small tail uselessly moved to try to counter her shifted center of balance.  Once outside, she gasped, not realizing she’d held her breath the entire walk from the bathroom.  Abigail raised her nose, sniffing the air while her stomach rumbled.  Cloying scents wafted from nearby garbage cans and her mouth watered at the half finished foods students had thrown away.  She stepped toward the nearest one before realizing what was happening.

“No.  NO,” she told herself firmly.  “I will NOT give in.  I WILL fix this and find His favor again.”  Her ears swiveled, catching threads of far off conversations.  With a quick glance, she righted herself and began walking towards the library.  The young woman stopped at the first pool of blue-ish light from the lamps.  Her short, fine whiskers twitched as she looked around nervously.  Being in the light made her anxious.  She was easier to see.  Easier for people to see how monstrous she’d become.

The young woman’s claws dug into the soft ground when she stepped off of the path.  The claws anchored her and gave her purchase.  She kicked back a small bit of dirt and grass with every step.

Pain lanced through Abigail’s legs when she was halfway to the library.  She cried out, falling to her hands and knees.  Muscles within her thighs tore and regrew over and over.  Her skirt tightened against her growing bulk until, finally, a sharp ripping sound filled the air.  Abigail grit her teeth and stretched her legs, hissing as bones cracked and moved.  She gasped, hyperventilating and nearly vomited when bones in her hips broke and reformed.  Lines streaked through her tights to contain her size.  New nerves grew deep within her body until she felt something completely alien moving on her lower back.

Gasping with tears falling freely and snot dripping to the ground, Abigail reached back to touch her tail for the first time.  It was warm and thick and smooth with a single ridge above the furred base of it.  She felt her cold hands against the warmth of her tail.  Her stomach heaved but she clenched down, sharp incisors scraping against each other until the feeling passed.

Her changes had stopped at some point.  Abigail kneeled to look at herself.  Her calf muscles bulged.  She touched them lightly and could feel thick veins beneath the pantyhose.  Above them, her thigh muscles had doubled in size and seemed to be made out of marble.  She traced the front of them and watched as small gray hairs pushed through the strained fabric.

“My fur,” she said with a near sob.  The hairs grew down the inside of her thighs and up around to the front before stopping.  Her ass was larger and soft against the hard, thickened heels of her paws.  Thankfully, her skirt was still in one piece.  There was a large rip on the left side from the bottom to nearly the band but it held together.  She stood, wobbling on her thick, heavily muscled legs and the skirt bulged around her sides.  She contemplated going back to her room but she worried that every second counted.

Holding her skirt together with one hand, the young woman continued on her way.  She was amazed at how strong she was now.  Where before, her legs had groaned to keep her upright with bent knees, she now felt as if she could run miles without tiring.  The tail, though- Her tail.  Now she felt it moving slightly, shifting counter to each step.

The library loomed in the distance, blurred and foreboding but Abigail pushed herself forward.

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