Bitch Ch. 02 [TF / F / Were-dog / Bestiality]

Part 2 of 2.  The woman’s changes continue as her mind slips further away and strong urges take their place.

Julia sat hunched at her desk.  She was rocking back and forth slightly, her hips and ass flexing as she arched her spine slightly.  The smell of the man from earlier wouldn’t seem to leave her.

The young woman panted lightly in her chair, lips occasionally pulling back to reveal slight fangs.  She held the edge of her desk and rocked, pushing her ass back instinctively.  She felt hot and hungry and her entire body ached.  She’d been attracted to boys before and had even occasionally, shamefully wondered what sex was like.  She wasn’t dumb, she knew how it worked.  She just never felt the urge to explore.  Her sex drive was low and, combined with her religious upbringing, she kept her hands to herself.

Her sex was swollen.  A small part of her knew she should stop rocking.  Knew she should stop rubbing back and forth but she couldn’t.  It felt so good.  Reddish hairs sprouted from her lower back.  Barely noticeable against her tanned skin, the hair slowly crept up to a small peak at the base of her spine.

Julia gasped as something clicked in her hips.  The young woman held her head down between her arms.  Panting, drops of drool fell from her mouth as her face burned.  Another crack in her hips made her whine quietly.  The young woman pushed back harder, flexing her spine until she was arched.  Her mind was buzzing and confused.  New, alien thoughts begged for her attention.

A third quiet crack sounded and the young woman’s tail bone unfused.  She growled quietly, tiny fangs grinding together as nerves and bones connected between tailbone and spine.  A small bulge appeared in her lower back, hidden by her skirt.  Julia’s breasts strained against her shirt as she flexed her back, foreign instincts riding her body.

Suddenly, the fever passed.  Julia swallowed, licking her lips.  Light black coloring appeared in the tiny black cracks of her dried lips.  Sweat dotted her forehead and her shirt clung to her.  She stared blankly at her monitor.  She knew the words and numbers should be making sense on the gray screen but they weren’t.

Slowly, very slowly, colors began to return and her mind straightened.  Julia shivered, swallowing several times.

She could smell herself.  Just like the faint mixed scent on the main.  Her own excitement matched part of the man’s smell.  He’d had sex with another woman (sudden quick jealousy flashed through her and then vanished) and she had smelled both of them.

Julia breathed deeply, ignoring the myriad of scents floating through the office.  Lunch food from the break room, cologne, perfume, sweat and things she couldn’t even identify.

Quickly, the young woman sent an email to her boss, gathered her purse and jacket and left.


Cool, fresh air wrapped around Julia while she rested against the bus stop.  She breathed slowly and deeply, periodically reminding herself to close her mouth.  Her clothes clung awkwardly to her.  Her hips strained against her skirt, the hem biting into her skin.  Her back and shoulders itched where her light growth of fur rubbed against her shirt.  Her hands massaged her stomach and ribs, kneading and scratching until she had to tell herself to stop.

Tiny pinhead-sized bumps began to appear at the center of her cuticles on her hands.  She rubbed idly at her fingers, the pressure helping against the ache she felt in her joints.

She wanted to run.  Her heart raced.  Her mind was still reeling and buzzing but the air felt and smelled so good and energy pulsed along her body.  It took everything she had to not just bolt from the spot.  To run and chase and jump.  Julia shuddered and began mentally fumbling with Bible passages.

Slowly, slowly she calmed.  Her tongue licked the drool from her lips, the very tip of the tongue almost touching the front of her nose.  She was kneading her stomach again but she was able to stop much more easily.  As she had in the morning, she heard the bus long before it appeared.

Julia stepped onto the bus as soon as the door opened.  Clutching her purse and not looking at anyone, she nearly ran to the back, pressing herself into a small ball in the corner.  Light, reddish hair grew along her forearms and the back of her hands.  The hair appeared nearly golden in the sunlight.  She scratched at her arms, unaware of the new hair.

It was hot again and the heat pressed at her temples.  Julia licked at her nose, falling just short.  Panting, rubbing at her sore belly, she tried to collect her thoughts.

Bones in her jaw creaked and screeched and she groaned against the dull pain.  Her tongue, longer now, lapped at the blood welling from her gum lines as her jaw pushed forward half an inch.  Her face tightened, the few wrinkles she had vanishing.  Along with her wrinkles, the ache from her fangs lessened.

I’m okay, she told herself.  I’m okay, I’m okay.  Just sick.  Just a fever.  I’m just… I just need to…  Julia ran her nails through her hair, scratching deeply into her scalp and down her neck.  She moaned at the pleasure of it.

The bump at the base of her spine bulged, skin pulling tight against the stump of a new tail.  Julia arched her back, gasping and grinding her hips as she scratched against the light reddish fur covering the back of her neck.

The ache in her chest and stomach was growing again.  She pressed the base of her palms against her breasts.  Head hanging low, mouth open, she massaged her breasts, jumping every time her fingers brushed her sore nipples.

She was too tight.  Her skin was too tight.

The bus stopped and she blindly made her way out, pushing past a young boy and older man, ignoring their shouts.

Julia fell to her knees on the sidewalk.  Pain lanced up from her knees and shins but was swallowed in the ache from the rest of her body.

“… okay… lady…?”  She heard someone ask around her.

“Yes,” Julia gasped.  Standing, she faltered and then growled, shrugging off the hands that held her.

She could smell her home and she followed the scent blindly.  Head down and burning.

The rounded tips of her ears pushed back.  Reshaped into light points.  Her small, cute ears lengthened, skin sliding through her sweat-soaked brown hair until they twitched to a stop.

Julia stopped at her door.  Lifting her face, she scented the air.  She turned to her neighbor’s house.  Mouth partially open, nose wrinkled on her tiny muzzle, she sniffed.

Heat flooded her.  Blood pulsed through her body and she felt herself loosen deep within her belly.  Growling, Julia leaned against her doorway, arching her back while licking her lips.  Her tongue lapped at her nose and she panted.

Her neighbor’s dog sat in the window.  Whining.  Julia found the male and her eyes shrunk to pinpoints.  A line of pure, shocking blue appeared in her iris.  Blue as clear and painful as glacial ice.  Her eyes cracked and, through those cracks, more blue appeared, replacing her plain, brown eyes.

The male was standing up against a couch inside her neighbor’s house.  Paws against the top of the couch.  It was a medium sized dog with short gray fur but she didn’t trust her eyes or colors any more.  She whined as a thick redness slid against the male’s stomach fur.

Julia blinked.  She was inside her house.  On her hands and knees inside.  Her carpet was wet and, when she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, she found it coated with drool.  She was so incredibly hot and just… wrong.  Everything about her felt wrong.

Blackness slid from the bumps on her fingers.  Blood trailed to either side of her fingers as thick, black claws, anchored to her finger bones, pushed through her skin.

She tore at her clothes.  Buttons popped from her shirt.  She growled and whined as she tugged and pulled at her bra until her claws caught and tore at the fabric, rending it into two pieces.  White fur traced along the middle of her belly, stopping between her breasts.  Sweat dripped from the tips of her nipples as she leaned forward on her hands and knees.

Julia lowered herself, arching her back while raising her hips.  Her stub tail pressed against her skirt, slowly growing another inch.  She spread her legs to ease the burning heat between her thighs and the skirt strained.  Fabric tore under the pressure of her widening hips and Julia sighed as the skirt fell to the ground beneath her.

Light red fur lined her spine, ending at the base of her tail.  Below her tail, her plain white panties were soaked with her own excitement.  Her swollen lips pressed against the soft white fabric, clearly outlining her engorged vulva.

Stop. She told herself.  Stop.  Think.  Think.  Think.  You’re okay.  Okay.  You’re okay.  Think.  Breathe.  Breathe.

With a groan and a half-animal whine, Julia pulled herself up.  Her c-cup breasts hurt and she could feel the ache in her nipples deep in her teeth and belly.  A high pitched whine, inaudible to most but piercing and loud in her head signaled another growth of her fangs.  Julia screamed as a premolar cracked and broke.  Blood filled her mouth and she spat out tooth fragments.  Below the bloody gums, she could feel the sharp point of another fang, waiting to grow out.

The young woman stood sweating, naked save for her soaked panties.  White fur covered her lower belly in a line up her stomach and between her breasts.  The red fur along the back of her neck ran along her shoulders, ending in thick tufts.  Her small tail wriggled above her panties.  It was naked save for a few red hairs dotting the top of it.

Julia stumbled into her bedroom, falling to her bed.  Her traitorous hands roamed her stomach, rubbing and scratching at eight sore spots in two lines along her belly.  She couldn’t stop running her fingers and claws through the lengthening white fur long her lower belly.  Closer and closer her hands moved to her sex.  She smelled so strong.  She whined in her need.  Claws ripped at her panties until she lay completely naked.

A single claw brushed against her clit and she gasped.  The world froze.  Years and years of body shame clashed into her.  Julia cried out, screaming, nearly howling in pain from the need.  And, still, she held back.  The young woman pulled herself up.  Sitting on her bed with her knees to her chest.  Her sweat was mixing with her growing fur into an intoxicating scent.  She could feel the bed against her tail.  It wagged back and forth slowly.

No.  No, this isn’t right.  This… not right.  Stop.  You can stop this.  Stop.  You’re not this.  You’re not… not…  The memory of her neighbor’s dog filled her mind.  She could smell it from her house.  That redness sliding from its sheath.  Julia whined, licking her lips and nose.  Her hips began to work back and forth again.  The light fur along her spine spread, growing out and along her sweaty back.  No.  Not right.  Not a dog.

She forced herself to stand.  The house was strange.  Alien.  Colors mixed.  She found her way to her computer and clumsily woke it.  Blinking.  Focusing on it.  Panting.  Hungry.  Continuously pushing away the thought of the dog’s cock.

Email.  Email, she thought.  Email.  There.  Charles had written back.  She recognized a phone number and her small tail wriggled  in happiness.  Phone number.  Phone.  Using her chat program, she slowly typed in his phone number, erasing and typing again and again as her claws pushed the wrong keys.

Finally, she wrote:

Julia.  It’s Jilias.  Picvturre?  Youy?  Opf you?  Naked.  Nered it.  Need naske youi picture. 

Julia whined, trying to push the thought of the dog’s cock away as she waited impatiently.  In her slowly dimming mind, a picture of a man’s cock would help her.  Of the man she’d been talking with.  She’d-

A response:

Who is this?  Julia?  This can’t be Julia.  I don’t know how you got my number but I’m blocking you, you sick freak.

“Nooooowwwwwlll!” Julia howled in frustration.  She slammed her hands against her desk and growled in pain as her claws cut into her palms.  The blood on her palms traced against tan skin that was slowly beginning to darken in large spots.  The red fur along her forearms was growing.  Thickening.  She bit at the itching skin in frustration and, when she let go, another premolar simply fell out.

Julia whined.  She went to her window, looking at her neighbor’s house.  He was there now.  The man.  His car was there.

“Noooo,” Julia whined.  She needed the male but she couldn’t have him now.  She wanted him.  Not Charles.  He was wrong.  She needed the male.  Charles was-

Pointed ears twitched through Julia’s brown hair.  She blinked and panted.  Dog place.  The dog place.  I can go.  There.  They let see dogs.  So many males.  Many.

Julia stood at the door and stopped.  Her entire lower stomach was hidden behind fur soaked with sweat.  The line of white belly fur nearly reached her throat.  A single claw pushed through the skin of her right big toe but she ignored the pain.

“Naked,” she rasped, her voice deeper than natural.  “No naked.”  She stalked through her house, short tail pulled back in an arc above her slick, sweaty widened ass.  White fur was beginning to creep from between her thigh to up her waist.  Julia dug through her clothes.  She pulled an old t-shirt on, shivering as it slid against her still-erect nipples.  Covering her lower body was more difficult.  She snarled, throwing pants and dresses haphazardly around her room until she found an old pleated skirt.  She’d lost weight since she’d worn it so it fit her slightly larger frame perfectly.

She looked at herself in the mirror out of old habit.  Her tail was short and weak and barely lifted the edge of the skirt.  Light red and white fur peeked out from the bottom of the skirt.  The thick fur at her shoulders and stomach made the shirt fit her oddly.  She hated the way it felt against her.  She hated the way the clothes felt.  The tips of her pointed ears were hidden by her hair.  She couldn’t close her mouth the whole way and she kept licking her lips.  Lips half pink and half black.  Her four canines jutted from her mouth and her eyes were painfully blue.

Looking straight on, it was difficult to tell that she had a small muzzle.  A sudden rush of desire made her knees weak and she nearly collapsed.

Julia fled her house, barefoot with clothes that barely hid her changed body.  She ran.  She knew the way.  She could smell it and it wasn’t far.  She winced as she ran until thick padding grew from the balls of her feet.  Thick, black cracked padding that protected her paws.  A few times, she fell to all fours, her breasts swinging inside the sweat-soaked shirt, her mouth wide but her arms were wrong for it.  The wind whipped through her, over bare skin and fur.  The feeling of it on her bare, overly sensitive skin was driving her mad.

Panting heavily, Julia arrived at the animal shelter.  She knew she had to do something.  There was something she needed to do to see the males.  God.  Smell them.  Smell.  I can.  Smell.

A young black man was walking the sidewalk in front of her.  Her small tail wagged hopefully.  She ran to him, panting and grabbed him.  Her claws cut holes in his shirt and his eyes widened.

“What the- what the fuck?!” The young man exclaimed.

“See.  See dogs.  Males.  Males.  See males,” Julia barked.  Her hips worked unconsciously at the thought of a male mounting her and a line of clear liquid slid down her leg.  A touch of blood mixed with the liquid to announce her estrus.

“Get the fuck off of me, you freak!”  The young man pushed Julia hard and she growled threateningly, baring her small fangs. She swiped at him and missed.  The man ran from her.  Instincts urged her to chase him but the males were so close.

Julia dropped to all fours, pacing in a small, short circle.  She could smell humans with the dogs but not very many.  And then, she noticed a male wandering alone in a large, fenced outside area.  She went to him.  Slowly.  He watched her as she came.  When she was near the fence, he came to her, shoving his muzzle through the links.  They sniffed each other and she licked his muzzle, whining, explaining her need as best as she could.

Finally, unable to wait, she turned and presented herself.  He was smaller than she wanted but he was all she had and the fire was driving her mad.  The white fur around her sex was matted with sweat, blood and her need.  She gasped and sighed and growled lightly as the male sniffed at her.

Triggered by the male, her vulva pulsed and changed.  Bones crunched and moved and her sex shifted.  Her engorged lips folded together, her long human pussy lips closing into a thick, swollen canine pussy drooling with her juices.  Julia bent her head, panting heavily.  Praying with the limited human intelligence she had left the the male would just mount her.  She pressed her furred ass back against the fence and looked behind, pleading and whimpering with him.

The male whined in return.  The fence made mating impossible.  Julia sat up and pressed herself against it, lifting her shirt to offer her aching breasts and nipples, reaching for the male with her short, still mostly human muzzle shoved between the links.

“Please,” she gasped.  “Please, please please ple-”

“Hey, lady!  What the hell do you think you’re doing!” A human stood at the back of the building.

Julia howled in shame and anger and need.  She ran, blindly.


In her confusion, Julia lost the way home.  As night fell, she eventually caught the scent and slowly began to remember her way.  She hid from humans and cars, moving slowly to avoid being seen.  In the mad rush away from the animal shelter, she’d torn off her skirt and shirt and stood naked but for the thick coat of fur covering most of ther body.

“Have.  Have to.  Fix.  This.  Fix this,” Julia rambled.  She had to focus on every step.  Her body ached.  The need to be filled, to be mated was undeniable.  She couldn’t stop thinking about it.  The feeling of being on all fours, presenting.  Swollen.  The male scenting her.  So close.  So close at the shelter.

Dim street lamps barely lit her home’s street.  Julia’s eyesight compensated for the loss of definition with her ability to see in low light.  Her changes had slowed since the animal shelter, whether due to the panic or something else.  She stood, crouched, in shadows.  Slowly, she crawled from bush to bush on all fours, short tail and wide hips swinging back and forth alluringly.  As she neared her house, her tail began wagging.

And then, she stopped.  Her neighbor.  The visual of the neighbor’s dog was foggy in her reduced mental state but, still there.  The ache that she’d been repressing began to return.  Julia whined and her human side raged uselessly.  Cautiously, sniffing the air and listening for humans or other animals, the young woman crossed her own yard to stand at the corner of her neighbor’s house.  She crouched, ears and eyes alert.

Julia leaned against the house.  Her heart began to race as she breathed deeply.  The male’s scent was everywhere.  She whined, licking her lips as her rough, padded hand slid across the thick fur of her thigh. Clawed fingers brushed against the odd shape of her canine pussy before moving up her belly.  She jerked, tail arching as her fingers slid across a small bump on her lower stomach.  She circled the tiny developing nipple with her finger.  It puckered beneath her touch, growing to attention while driving her wild.  Behind her, her tail grew, skin pulling taut as bones and nerves developed.

A soft ‘woof’ grabbed Julia’s attention.  The male stood again at the window.  Watching her.  Her brilliant, electric blue eyes slid to his stomach.  Oh god, no.  No, please, her still human mind begged.  You can’t-  oh god, please, no.  Just… you can’t… ohhh, god.  It’s so… I can smell… Oh god.  Julia stood and walked to the window.  She placed a furred hand against the glass and the two silently watched each other.  Julia felt herself panting with the need burning between her thighs.  She couldn’t look away from the male’s sheath.

I- No, she gasped, uselessly.  Thinking was becoming difficult again and she had no control over what she was doing.  I have to-  I need-  Julia pawed at the window, whining.  Door.  The door, you stupid animal.  The door.  Oh god.  Please, no.  The… door.

Glancing around quickly, Julia walked on long, padded paws to the door.  She stared at it, trying to remember what to do.  Pushing at it did nothing.  Pawing and scratching at it didn’t make it open.  She whined.  The male was waiting for her behind the door and she could smell his desire for her.  Five bright hot points ached on her belly and, slowly, a sixth bloomed.  Her fingers dug through her fur to pinch and push at the small nipples while she tried to think.

Handle, Julia’s human side panted.  The- the handle.  Turn.  Turn it.  Oh god.  That feels- oh god.  Handle.  Open it.  Open.  Open.  Open.  Need it.  Need him.

Slowly, she reached out, grasping the handle.  The light gray padding on her hands rasped against the smooth metal.  She gripped and, then, at a dim memory, turned.  The doorknob barely moved.

No!  Julia screamed.  No!  I- oh no no no, what am I doing.  No.  God, please.  Please please I can’t-  I can’t- Stop it.  Can’t stop it.  I- oh.  Oh.  It- I can taste him.  The smell-  He’s just… I… No.  I can’t.  I can’t.  It hurts so bad.  Hurts.  So empty.  So empty and hot.  So bad.  Need it so bad.  Sliding into me.  Filling me.

A sudden, faint scent stopped her.  A tang of metal she could taste at the back of her mouth.  Julia dropped to all fours.  She pressed her short, hairless muzzle to the ground to follow the scent.  White hairs sprouted from under her chin, slowly growing up and around her cheeks.  Her jaw cracked quietly and she stopped.

Growling, gritting teeth that were a mixture of dull human molars and sharp fangs, she tasted blood as her muzzle pushed forward.  Black specks appeared on her small nose as it strained on her growing face.  Julia pressed her nose hard against the ground, rubbing and rolling it against the fiery pain raging through her head.  Her nose, now completely black, pulled flat against a full muzzle and the pain slowed began to fade.  The young woman huffed and her long, wide tongue licked against her nose until it glistened in the faint street lights.

Julia turned her head to stare at a brick lining a small flower bed.  The faint metal smell was solid and strong now.  Driven by her need, she dug at the brick, tail wagging proudly behind her.

Key.  It’s.  Key, she remembered.  For the door.  Please.  Hurry please.  I’ll show you.  Pick it up.  Take it.  With our pa… hand… with our hand.  Fingers.  Good.  Good girl.  Her tail wagged as she gingerly picked the keep up with large, clawed fingers.  Standing again, she walked back to the door and then cocked her head, ears back while she tried to remember what to do.

In the doorknob.  Key in.  In the… She pressed the key against the door and then whined when nothing happened.  No!  No!  Bad girl!  Bad, stupid girl!  Doorknob.  Inside.  Like… like… With only faint shame, she pictured herself on all fours.  The male behind her.  Slowly she showed her other self a visual of the male entering her.  Like that, she gasped.

Very, very slowly, Julia pressed the key against the doorknob.  It took six tries for her to align the key properly but, finally, it pressed in and she barked in her happiness. Shh quiet!  Stupid, stupid girl!  Bad girl!  Quiet!  No bark!  Still, her muzzle opened wide in a smile and her heavy tail thumped against her furred thighs.

Red fur dotted her forehead.  The fur sprouted down to cover the long bridge of her muzzle before tracing down to her black lips.  Julia turned the doorknob and the door opened.

The male stood before her.  Julia’s heart thumped heavily behind her furred chest.  Two more sore spots, just below her breasts, pulled and twisted at her skin until a final set of nipples stood erect along her stomach.  She breathed deeply of him, her eyes locked to his stomach.

Ohhh, her human side moaned.  Oh.  I see it.  I see.  We can.  We can still stop.  We stop.  We can.  Don’t-  It’s not- She tried to think of human men.  Charles, whom she’d never seen before.  The men from earlier in the day with her friend.  She’d seen men naked before and she tried to picture them naked.  Tried to take away from the raw desire she had for the male.  She pictured the human men naked.  She tried to remember herself as a human.  They were kissing her.  Touching her.  Telling her what a good girl she was.  How soft her fur was.  Running their fingers along her back and ass.  Stroking her tail.  Their sheaths swelling as their red cocks slid out.  Kissing and licking her face.  Claws digging into her ass as they pulled her close.

Julia went to all fours.  The door stood open behind her but all she could think of was the male.  They licked each other’s muzzles while Julia rubbed the male’s back.  Tongues lapping roughly against each other in a mockery of a kiss.  She felt her own wetness.  Her scent flooded the room as her pussy swelled.  All of her nipples felt raw and sore and every beat of her heart brought a pulse straight from her nipples to her lower belly.  She could barely think past the empty, burning need deep inside of her.

The male whined and Julia reached down to stroke his cock.  She pushed him gently until he lay on his side with his leg raised.  Julia lowered herself to the ground, moaning and whining as her nipples brushed against the thick carpeting.  Her large ass rocked side-to-side as her tail wagged slowly.  With each movement, she felt her hot, wet fur rubbing lightly against her swollen canine pussy.  Light spots of blood seeped through the black lips.

Mouth.  Taste it.  Mouth.  Please.  Please.  Mouth.  Carefully, mindful of her teeth, she took the male’s cock into her muzzle.  He was hot and smooth and the taste of him blew every rational thought from her mind.  Yes.  Yes. Yes yeeerrrrrrrr, she growled, her human mind disintegrating into pure pleasure.

Her tipped ears twitched back and she bobbed her muzzle slowly up and down while stroking the base of the male’s sheath.  The dog lay with his mouth open, tongue out and tail thumping slowly against the carpet.  She pleasured him, licking along his length while sliding him back and forth on her wide tongue.

Finally, she pulled back, holding him in place to stare at his cock.  Thick, white liquid oozed from the pointed tip and she moaned, a mixture of human and deep animal need.

The male’s knot was hardening, swelling under the slow attention of her paw.  Finally, she couldn’t hold back.  With a quick lick against his muzzle, she turned and rocked her hips up, flexing and arching her broad, furred back.  Muzzle pressed against the ground, breasts flattened beneath her and claws digging into the carpet, she waited as her hot blood pounded through her.

Julia yipped when the male’s cold nose pressed against her pussy.  She pushed against him, whining and begging until she felt his claws against her ass.

The male mounted her, small paws sliding against her larger waist until the pointed tip of his cock pressed against her.  He hunched, small black claws digging into Julia’s side and she barked in pleasure at the pain.  Blood rushed to her face as the tiniest fraction of her human core felt shame in the enjoyment of it.  But, then, the male pushed into her and all was gone.

Julia growled and coughed out a harsh bark as her still human hymen broke against the dog’s cock.  Her thick, black pussy lips opened to the male, welcoming him.  Muscles deep inside of her, unused to being used felt like a knife in her belly.  Still, hidden in the pain was a budding pleasure.  Julia drooled.  The pain began to fade as the male thrusted into her.  The young woman clawed at the carpet, rolling her furred shoulders.  She raised herself to the male, awkwardly pushing back in encouragement.

The male’s knot, still swelling from the attention he’d received from Julia’s mouth, pressed against her over and over.  The pain from his entry was gone. Julia barked loudly, slamming herself back as her breasts shook from the impact.  Over and over until the male’s knot bulged into her.  She felt her wet lips pull him in and she welcomed it with a quiet howl.  Her nerves were on fire and every touch of his claws sent shivers down her spine.  Pressure built within her stomach.  The male’s knot rubbed against her hidden, human clit while his length filled her.

Suddenly, the male’s cock swelled and jerked.  His cum slammed into her and, instinctively, she held herself still for him.  Panting, on the edge of her own orgasm, she forced herself still and moaned with each surge of the male’s cum.  Her human side, nearly completely repressed whined animalistically at her own unfulfillment but the pure pleasure of being fucked and filled by the male was indescribable and more than she had ever thought it could be.

Although his knot had swollen within her, her human physique and size allowed him to slip out of her.  Julia shuddered, nearly collapsing as the male’s knot slid out of her still-engorged pussy.  Thick white dog cum spurted out, mixed with Julia’s juices and her already matted, wet fur became coated with their sex. The young woman raised herself to her forearms, muzzle hanging, mouth open and long tail out as she panted.  All of her nipples ached to be touched but-

A sudden noise made Julia look up.

“What the-”

The human stepped into the living room.  In a panic, her canine side startled while her human side flushed with shame, she leapt at him and they both crashed to the ground.  Julia sat back, her eyes wide with uncertainty while her heart hammered in fear.  Primed, ready to leap through the still open door, she paused.  The human lay unconscious beneath her.  She lowered herself, sniffing along his jaw.

Still aching deep within, Julia sniffed down his prone form.  Further and further until she buried her muzzle in the folds of his crotch.  She paused to look back at the male but he sat lazily, exhausted.  She huffed at him and turned back to the human.  The smell of him tickled something deep within her.  It was different than the scent of the male and not nearly as exciting but the tiny human part of her brain pushed her forward.

As she had with the male, Julia dug her claws into the man’s sides to hold him.  She licked at his crotch over and over, brow furrowed at the odd taste of his clothes.  The man groaned quietly, twisting beneath her but, slowly, a bulge formed and Julia yipped in excitement.

Down, her human side panted.  Pants.  Down.  Down.  She gripped at his pajamas and pulled awkwardly.  Her claws left long red lines on the man’s skin but his his cock, finally free, sprung erect in the air.  Julia huffed happily, her tail thumping the carpet.  She licked at it, following it as it bobbed in the air until, finally, growling, she held it in place with rough paws.  It was shaped oddly and not as smooth or soft as the male’s cock but the sight of it still excited her.

Julia found herself working her hips back and forth while she licked at the man’s cock.  She remembered how the male felt; how it felt for him to mount her.  Her limited intelligence knew the man wasn’t moving but she wanted to feel him inside of her.  Her black, thick-lipped pussy ached to be filled again – begged to be pushed over the edge into orgasm.  She frowned, mouth closed over as she considered the situation.  Her human mind whimpered, too small and quiet to help.

Finally, Julia went to hands and knees above the man.  She licked at his face and whined, pushing against him to show her need.  As she did, her furred breasts rubbed against his chest and her slick pussy slid against the head of the man’s cock.  Julia moaned, barking her encouragement.  When the man didn’t move, she repeated the movement, lifting and pressing her hips back against him.  And, again, the man’s cock slid between her legs.  Julia trembled, panting.  Hungry.  Head buzzing.

In, her human mind whispered.  Hands.  In.  Help.  Help.  In.  Me.  Us.  In.  A half-formed picture developed.  Julia cocked her head quizzically at the image.  Following what her human side was trying to show her, she reached under and held the man’s cock.  Carefully, she moved herself until he pressed against her black canine pussy. The male’s cum covered her pussy and coated the man’s cock as she slid it around, moaning and whining until, suddenly, he entered her.

Julia barked with pride at having mounted the man.  She sat back on instinct and cried out as he entered her fully.  She missed the feeling of the male and his knot but the man’s cock felt nearly as good.  She leaned forward to lick his face in encouragement and happiness but, instead, found herself laying against him as he slid out of her pussy.  Julia repeated the new motion, pressing back and into the man and then forward again.

“Good,” she whispered out loud.  Her voice was low, grumbling and barely human.  “Girl.  Good.  Girl.  Am good girl.  Good.”  Julia pressed herself up on her hands, arching her back.  All of her nipples stood at attention under her thick, white fur as she slowly found the rhythm she needed to ride the man’s cock.  She raised her muzzle, howling quietly as her pace quickened.  Back and forth, up and down the man’s hairless cock slid into Julia’s furred black pussy.  The male’s cum spurted out, covering both of them.

Slowly, the pressure built.  Stronger and stronger.  Julia barked and whimpered and whined, snapping at the air with her pointed ears held back.  Suddenly, she orgasmed.  Julia’s electric blue eyes went wild and she snarled, baring fangs and human teeth.  Her hips and legs jerked over and over as her tail twitched erratically behind her.  Somewhere in the middle of it, the male came, filling her with his own seed.

Spent, near exhausted, she collapsed onto the man, showering him with sloppy kisses.  Thick white cum spurted out of her from her spasming pussy and the man’s cock slowly shrunk until it slipped freely from her.

Julia stood on shaky legs.  The fur on her crotch, tail and thighs was matted and slick with cum and the air was filled with the heady scent of mixed sex.  The male’s scent was stronger and more exciting but the man’s smell pulled at a different part of her.  She could still feel his cum dribbling between her sore lips.

The crescent moon was high in the sky and the streets were utterly silent.  Julia turned to the door, sniffing.  The male lay near the man’s couch, sleeping.  She shook her head ruefully, huffing as she left.


Bright sunlight spilled through open windows.  Julia groaned, cracking an eye.  She was on the carpet and, by the way the sun and carpet felt against her body, completely naked.  Slowly, carefully, she sat up.  Cramps lanced through her stomach and she grunted, clutching her belly.  She felt incredibly sore, deep inside of her body.

Looking down with slowly building horror, she saw how her legs and lower stomach were coated with dried white juices.  Blood rushed to her cheeks as she watched a small bubble of pure white cum slide from between her perfect, compact pussy lips.  Flakes of dried blood from her forced estrus covered her inner thighs.

Flashes of memories vied for her attention.  Dim, vague memories of the day before.  Everything after arriving at work was hazy but, certain brief images were clear.  Her shame deepened and she hugged herself tightly.


Two Weeks Later


“What was his name again?” the gentle old woman asked.

“Duke.  The big mixed pit bull,” Julia said, smiling.  It was early Sunday morning and she felt full of energy.  She bounced back and forth on her toes while waiting impatiently for the woman to look up the animal’s information.

“Oh, yes.  He’s such a sweetheart.  I actually fostered him for a while and almost kept him.”

“Well, I’m glad you didn’t!” Julia laughed.

“Yes,” the woman smiled.  “Here, hun, go wait in that room over there and I’ll have one of the volunteers bring him over to you.”

“Awesome,” Julia said.  Still smiling, she nearly raced to the room and then paced the length of it until another door opened and a young man entered.  He held a large, happy tan and white pit bull on a straining leash.  The dog barked, tugging at the leash.

“Here you go, miss.  Just let us know when you’re done and, if you like, we can start the adoption paperwork immediately.  Nobody else is before you.”

“Thank you so much,” Julia said.  “I’m already certain I’ll adopt him.”

The young man left and Julia crouched with her arms open. Duke barked and jumped up, ferociously licking the young woman’s face.  Julia laughed.

“Who’s a good boy?!” she asked.  “Who’s a good boy?  You are!  Yes, you are!  And such a good kisser!”  Julia scratched the dog behind the ears and it sat for her, tail thumping under the attention.

Glancing at the door, Julia smiled deeper, red creeping up her neck and cheeks.  She lifted her loose skirt to expose her bare pussy.  Duke’s tail thumped the ground harder.  Julia gently pushed the dog’s head down between her thighs, biting her lip and moaning as the dog’s tongue lapped at her growing wetness.

Over the past two weeks, deep, ugly shame had slowly grown to an undeniable yearning to be mounted again.  Rational, human thought failed under the drive to have a thick knot straining her opening.

The young woman reached out to stroke the dog’s sheath.  She cooed to him as he grew erect, her fingers gripping and pulling at his red cock.  Gasping and grinding against his eager tongue, she eyed the door, wondering if she had time to present herself to the male before someone came to check on her.

“Such… oh god, such a good… good boy,” Julia gasped.  Tiny white hairs began to sprout above the woman’s shaved pussy.  “Good… good boy.”

Turning, still kneeling, she pushed against the wall while arching her back.  She whined at the male, a noise that seemed to come easily to her these days.

“I need you,” she whispered.  She spread her thighs as a small drop of blood seeped through her slowly darkening pussy lips.  Her mouth hung open as she panted freely.  “Your bitch needs you.”

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