Sketch 04 – Alone

Written for someone specific.  A super quick story.  Two werewolves thought they were alone in the world until they meet for the first time.


The first meeting. Nervous at the prospect of meeting another wolf for the first time. Anxious. I can feel it at the back of my mind. Padding. Sitting with crossed paws only to stand and walk around and around in circles. Waiting. He knows what’s coming.

And then there you are, walking towards me, recognition on your face. I stand. Worried about stupid things. Handshake, hug or…? How does- but you’re suddenly there and your cheek slides by mine as you press yourself into my space. I feel your nose against the base of my neck and I suddenly fold you in, holding you as I take in your scent. The world is gone around us. My heart is racing. I growl when I don’t mean to do it and my nails dig in slightly. And then, we step back. And sit. And talk. And watch. We play humans, cordial and polite as we feel each other out for everything. Intelligence, conversational skills, laughter, wit, banter – all is tested as our wolves stare at each other.


The night wears on until it is time to separate. We stand and walk to our cars. Our scent fills the air. And our heat. I lean in and our cheeks rub again. I nip your ear and you moan, growling with need. I feel your teeth on my neck and your back is suddenly against your car. Nails digging into flesh through clothing as we kiss and nip at each other, gasping and moaning and growling. Hands find their way under clothing as I press my hardness against you, rubbing and grinding. We almost lose ourselves until we force ourselves apart, panting and staring. Our wolves are angry at us. They want us down on the concrete, on all fours, fucking. It takes every ounce of willpower to step away.

Time passes. Slowly until we meet up again. No pretense of dinner or coffee or anything else. The moon is fat and full in the night sky as I park at your apartment. I can barely contain myself. You’re there. I can smell you. You open the door. I step in, kicking it closed.

You’re on me in an instant. Arms around me, rubbing your cheek on mine in circles, growling contentedly. Hands exploring as I chuff back at you. Smelling you. My packmate. I drop my jacket and you help me with my shirt. My pants follow. We have to hurry. It’s so close.

You wince in pain as your chest expands, straining against your bra and shirt. The change is on you and the wolf inside me howls its greeting. I gnash my teeth, feeling them grow longer as your scent changes subtly. You pull your shirt over your short hair and I reach up, claws slicing through fingernails. Muscles bulge and I grab your bra, pulling it apart. Your tits hang full and heavy on your sweating chest. I look at you and watch as your eyes turn golden. A second later your nose blackens and flattens while sharp canine teeth push past your lips.

I kiss you before our muzzles develop and we can’t do it without it being awkward. Tongues twist together, slicing on razor sharp teeth, filling our mouths with the coppery taste of blood. Your back suddenly arches as bones push out from the base of your spine, your tail slipping from above the waistband of your pants. Fur sprouts from your back, racing up to your neck and along your your shoulders. Dark red in the dim light from outside your windows.

There’s a crunch as your feet expand. Claws digging into the carpet of the floor when they push through your toes. Your ass swells in your pants. I can feel my own tail coming and I growl as my spine connects with the new nerve endings. Muscles twist along my back, bulging underneat a thick growth of fur. I grab your hips, turning to press you to the wall.

Kneeling in front of you, I pull and your pants come down over legs bulging, strainging at skin that’s suddenly covered in fur. I want to wait but I can’t help it. Your pussy vanishes behind a sudden growth of thick hair. I grip your thighs, opening you with clawed hands, licking between your legs.

I taste fur and sweat and the sweet, salty taste of your juices. Your claws dig into my head as my ears lengthen, growing to tufted points. I look up at you as my tongue slides between your slick lips. Fur creeps up your belly, around your expanding chest and over your swollen tits. You’re huge and beautiful.

My first she-wolf. Alone so long and now you’re here.

I feel my last change starting. I want to bring you to orgasm with my tongue but I want to show you something. I want to show you what a male wolf looks like. I stand and you growl in disapproval.

Until you see it.

My cock is expanding. It hurts but it feels so good when it happens. Veins bulge as it doubles in girth. The skin stretches as it turns a dark shade of red. Thick skin has grown up to the base of me until I have a proper sheath. And now, my cock grows longer. Further and further, the head reshaping into a semi-point.

But, it’s the growth above the sheath that has you drooling. I growl and my lips pull back. Tissue swells while my knot grows in. The skin of my sheath pushes down to accomdate the bulge.

It’s the first time you’ve seen a werewolf’s cock and you suddenly and desparately want it. You come to me, pushing at me hard to lie down but I grab and pull and twist, forcing you to your stomach. But, you’re not a human woman and you push yourself up and back, growling hard and fierce.

Until my teeth latch onto the back of your neck. You shake, shivering at what the sensation does to you. To the primal side of you. You’ve had to hold it back your entire life with human lovers. To hide your wants and needs. The few times you’ve had someone come close to causing you pain from a bite or holding you down, they’ve backed off, mistaking your moans for pain.

I shove the tip against you. Once, twice, three times until I find your opening and I slide between your lips. You’re so fucking wet that I almost knot you instantly. But not yet. I pull back and your shiver, pushing back against me. Your tail is so soft on my furry chest. You look back and, again, I see how beautiful you look. Your ears are sharp and alert and your eyes tell me what you need.

We rut like animals. I pound into you bringing my knot closer and closer until, finally, you open to me and my knot enters you. The pointed tip of my cock hits something hard deep inside and you howl from the sensation of it. An orgasm makes you gasp and I feel your pussy clenching around my thick cock.

I can’t pull far out of you. I’m so close. I’ve never had a she-wolf before and it’s driving me mad. I can’t hold back. I hunch my back and hips and make powerful short movements. Over and over, slamming into you. My claws dig into your hips as I pull you hard into me. Another orgasm rocks your body and it pushes me over the edge. I cum. Hard. You gasp and a firecracker string of orgasms slams into you. I howl silently as I fill you over and over with my cum.

Your wolf’s brain wonders if you’re fertile. If my seed will bring you cubs. It wonders and you smile before another orgasm blanks your mind.

I pull out and your growl in pain when my knot slips out. My thick white cum dribbles through the beautiful red fur around your swollen lips.

I tug at you and point. Trying to tell you what I want to do. You look and then understand. We open the door and run. Free in the night. The forest at the edge of town await. The promise of dirt and sticks and the smell of the eart around us, calling to us. Bringing us home.

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