Legal Issues – Chapter 5

A young woman visits a farm with intention to make the farmer sell his property.  Forces intervene and the woman changes.

Lynn woke slowly, her mind clawing its way out of a near-drunken haze.  Her body tugged at her, calling attention to different parts that ached or itched or hurt.  She sat up, blinking through gummy eyes while smacking her lips.  Sharp pain lanced through both of her breasts when she moved.  She looked down at her swollen breasts and suddenly adrenaline crashed through her, lifting the fog from her brain.

“Muuh!” Lynn cried out in a sudden deep-throated panic.  It wasn’t her breasts that alarmed her; rather, it was the distended area of her stomach that brought her fully awake.  Her mind told her it was impossible.  Surely it was a trick of some kind.  An illusion.

The skin below her belly button was a light pink color and it bulged outward in a gently curve.  Four elongated nipples were arranged as if four corners of a square, directly in the middle of that strange growth.  Each of the four nipples were half as long as her pinky finger.  A splash of black coloring marred the pink of the skin and two of her nipples had three small splotches of the same black color.

She reached for her stomach with a shaky hand.  Her hand trembled as her finger touched the pink skin.  She could feel it; she could feel her finger touching the skin.  It was her.  Her own flesh.  The skin was more smooth than she expected but also harder.  When she pressed, she could feel how solid it felt underneath her skin.  The nipples hung down, folded just above their midpoints.  Lynn ran her fingers across the marble-like warm skin.  Goosebumps raised along her arms at her touch.  It was an odd sensation and not unpleasant.  She felt it as an erotic almost tickling sensation deep within, almost as if someone were playing lightly with her nipples.

Biting her lip, Lynn touched one of the four nipples.  It was soft and warm to the touch and her gentle caress felt like someone playing lightly with… My normal nipples?  She thought.  Normal?  I don’t… what… Oh my god.  Oh my god.  Oh my god.  This is me.  This thing is on me.  What do I do?  What should I do?

Lynn’s mind reeled before her control locked down.  Since high school, she’d locked all extraneous thoughts and emotions away.  She needed to study for good grades.  She needed the grades for scholarships.  She needed the scholarships for college.  And then law school.  She’d ignored everything that stood between her and her goals.  Friends, relationships, time away from work and studies… Everything.  She’d ignored the life around her so she wouldn’t have to deal with the heartbreak and pain of a life lived from paycheck to paycheck.

She looked at herself with a detached mind, analyzing what she saw.  Her breasts hurt and, gently touching them, she could feel how much warmer they were compared to the rest of her body.  They felt solid in her hands and were at least double their natural size.  Their weight pulled at her back.  So, not water retention after all.  Not with the rest of these changes.  She thought to herself.  Her normally flat stomach was far less defined and, looking further at the rest of herself she seemed simply softer than she should.

“It’s an udder.  A cow’s udder,” she said.  She stroked the new appendage carefully, marveling at how smooth it felt.  Part of her mind wanted to scream at her but she pushed it away. The bulge was slight; not a hanging bag like she’d seen on pictures of cows but, rather, a clear curve away from her belly.  A large vein ran diagonally along it.  The vein was larger than any of her other veins and seemed to disappear at the edges of the bulge.  She thought the black coloring in the middle of the udder looked vaguely like a Tyrannosaurus being eaten by a gelatinous blob.  The four nipples stirred at her touch.  She watched as they shifted on her, stirring in response to her light touches on her udder.  It was similar to the nipples of her breasts hardening but not quite.  The four long nipples tried to stiffen but, instead, they flopped over at different angles.

She’d noticed the brown fur along her hips and legs earlier but now she focused on it.  Leaning back so she could see past her swollen breasts, Lynn bit her lip.  Hunching over was awkward and uncomfortable because of her breasts and udder.  Short brown and white fur covered her waist completely. Starting from below her udder, the fur spread out and around until it stopped mid-thigh.  She ran her fingers through the fur, feeling the way the slightly stiff hair pulled at her skin.  It seemed thicker than what she’d seen on cows and, while stiff, it felt silky to the touch when she stroked herself the proper way.

Although the fur between her thighs was as thick as it was on her legs, she could easily see her labia.  She’d been born with a petite vagina and, never having had children, her lips had stayed in place; hidden and compact.  Now, both her inner and outer lips were exposed as if they were engorged.  She touched herself carefully, feeling along the now-puffy lips of her vagina.  Her fingers brushed against the fur of her inner thighs.  Brown fur with white spots of various shapes and sizes.  At least it still feels like my own vagina.  It doesn’t seem like there’s any loss of feeling.  Lynn sighed.

Lynn turned to look behind herself but then stopped.  Instead, she pulled her feet up to her bed to stare at them.  The fur of her thigh slid across her breasts and she shivered from it.  Her feet were stretched out.   But, more noticeably, her toes were longer and covered with the thick gray toenail like growth she’d noticed briefly yesterday.  Lynn held her right foot, turning it over.  The bottom of her foot was tough and the toenails wrapped around to cover all but the very pads of her toes.  The toenail had grown down to cover the first knuckle of each toe and, when she touched the bottom of her toes, she felt nothing.  No sensation at all.  The young woman pricked all ten of her toes and none of them responded.  The thick grey growth was now triple the thickness of her normal toenail.  When she tried to wriggle her flattened toes, they all moved together in a line.  Looking more closely, she saw thick skin connecting each toe together and, where the toenails touched, they merged as if melted together.

Setting her feet back on the ground, the young woman turned awkwardly before realizing she couldn’t see anything on her back.  She explored with her hands.  She felt her wider hips and the way her ass ballooned out behind her.  It wasn’t huge but even without looking, she could feel how much larger she was.

She knew what to expect while her hands moved.  She’d been feeling it the entire time.  Her fingers met at the middle of her lower back and there she found her tail.  It was a small thing yet but even without touching it, she could feel it.  She could feel it rubbing on the very short fur covering her ass and nerves in the tail responded back.  Lynn pinched at it carefully while exploring.  There were small bones down the length of it and it ended in a short puff of fur.  The closest thing she could think to describe how it felt on her was as if she were making a “come here” gesture with her finger only it was skin and bones moving against her lower back rather than her hand.

“My face!  What does-”  Lynn stood in a panic.  “Muuh!”  She cried out, ashamed at the animalistic sound as she fell over on unfamiliar feet.  The woman crashed to the ground, hot tears of shame suddenly welling at the corner of her eyes.  Her control fell apart as her body made her finally, fully realize that she was no longer completely human.  She sobbed on the ground, arms around her knees in a fetal position.  Random thoughts intruded upon her as she cried.  I’ll never be able to go out in public.  Ever again.  Sex.  Sex is out.  Who would fu- have sex with someone that looked like me?  A fetishist who looks at me and only sees a cow?  Oh god.  What if it doesn’t stop?  What if it keeps going and one morning I wake up and I’m just a fat ugly cow on four legs?  Would it be worse to still think like a human or to lose myself completely in it?

Time passed as Lynn wept on the floor.  The sun rose above the horizon and the young woman’s tears slowed to a stop.  Occasionally, she hiccupped and sighed heavily while staring at a pile of dust and hair under her bed.  Her thoughts were a million miles away as she calmed herself.  She lay naked, half furry and in pain.  When she’d fallen, she’d landed on her breasts and now that her crying fit was over, they screamed at her.

Despite the pain and confusion, the warmth from the sun was incredibly comforting. She could tell where the fur ended on her legs from the way her bare skin felt under the rays of sunshine compared to the fur.  The fur let the warmth spread around her, diffusing it as it did.

Lynn pushed to her knees, wincing as her heavy breasts hung below her.  The young woman used the bed to help her to her feet.  She wobbled for a moment before finding a tentative point of balance.  With her hand on the post at the foot of her bed, she went to her tiptoes.  The movement and position felt natural in an odd way but she couldn’t hold it.  She lowered herself down carefully from the balls of her feet to stand flat-footed.  Her tail wriggled behind her.  The first step was awkward but the second was less so and she was soon standing in front of the bathroom mirror.

Her ears were the first thing she noticed.  They were long and thin and covered in brown and white fur.  The top part of her ears were folded over and, in the light, she could see tiny red veins through the thin skin.  The bottom parts of her ears still looked human but were wider and more formless than they should be; as if the details of her ears were being smoothed out by some sculptor.  They twitched while she watched and she felt different muscles moving at the side of her ears.  Leaning in closely, she could see a line of fine brown hairs running down the side of her head to her jaw.  Those same hairs crept along her jawline but ended well before her chin.

She focused on her face and her nose drew her attention.  It was wide and flat and more suited for a muzzle that didn’t exist.  Tiny black coloring dotted the skin of her now-huge nostrils.  Below her nose, two more dark spots stood out on her slightly reddened lips.  Lynn bared her teeth and immediately noticed the difference in her teeth.  Her gums were lined with molars and the only difference was that her front teeth were smaller than her back teeth.  She had no incisors or canine teeth to show.

The young woman sighed and leaned forward, resting her head on the cool surface on the mirror.  Her breasts ached badly but she knew she couldn’t go to the doctor. What should I-  Suddenly, she remembered the previous morning.  Waking up to blankets soaked in milk.  It hadn’t happened this morning and the girl wondered if that was the difference.  Oh god, she whimpered.  Do I really have to do this?

Lynn cradled her left breast between her hands.  She bit her lip in shame and indecision and then slowly squeezed while pushing out toward her nipple.  It hurt but a small part of it felt good, as if massaging a deep knot in her back or stretching after sitting for too long.  The woman let go and then repeated the motion, squeezing around the base of her breast while pushing forward.  She felt something move inside her breast as if one thing was separating from something else.  A small drop of translucent liquid formed on the tip of her nipple, bringing with it a tiny bit of relief from the pain she was feeling.  She squeezed and pushed again but this time, a thin stream of milk squirted from her breast and into the sink.  The relief was almost sexual and Lynn moaned from it.  She kneaded at her breast, massaging it while milking herself.  She felt herself grow excited at the feeling and she could feel liquid pooling inside of her in response to it.  She ignored it all, refusing to get turned on by the act.

The pain in her left breast faded to nothing as she milked herself.  A small part of her wanted to giggle and dance a little as the swollen breast became softer from her ministrations.  Eventually, the stream of liquid turned into small dribbles until, finally, her left breast was empty.  Lynn eagerly attacked her other breast, squeezing and pushing.  She cooed to herself as her milk came in.  She learned that it worked better to squeeze her breast with one hand while the other worked around her nipple.  With the second hand, she grabbed a small fist of flesh that included her areola and nipple.  Then, she twisted slightly as she pulled.  Milk spurted into the sink and the smell of it filled the air.  She could feel her puffy lower lips rubbing wetly against her thicker thighs but she again ignored it.   The woman scolded herself as she finished.  I may look like a cow but I’m not an animal.  I’m just getting rid of this crap because it hurts.  Nothing else.  I don’t care what you think you want, body.

When the last drop of milk left her right breast, she looked down.  Both of her breasts were still far larger than what they should be but they now lay flat and soft on her chest.  And, now that she looked, she saw that the nipples were thicker than they should be.  They were wider than her thumb and longer than she remembered.  A small pattern of black coloring lined the bottom of her right nipple.  The areola themselves were wider, disproportionately so against her bigger breasts.  Heat rose to her cheeks.  She’d loved her breasts.  She’d thought they were perfect – just the right combination of firmness and softness with a perfect pendulous shape.  Her nipples and areola were small and pink and just the right size for her breasts.  Now her nipples had darkened to brown and, while those fit the increased size of her breasts, her slightly puffy areola looked like small teacup plates.  Decades of forced body image shame made her face hot with anger.

Now who the heck would want to- dangit.  What does it matter?  The size of my breasts are the least of my worries.  I’m a cow.  I-  Lynn’s slower brain had a moment of clarity.  ‘Cow’ linked with milk which then linked with Christopher’s farm and the bottle of milk he gave her.  It can’t be, she told herself.  He can’t have done this to me, could he?  How?  How could it even have happened?

Lynn mentally went over the conversations she’d had with Christopher.  She felt slightly odd doing it.  With the way she’d been feeling lately and the thoughts she’d had, the woman in her memories felt like a stranger.  So bold and arrogant and blunt and rude.  How had she acted like that, she wondered.

Everything in her mind made her think that Christopher had no idea what had happened to her.  He’d seemed surprised to hear from her yesterday and the conversation had worked naturally.  He’d appeared warm and supportive and normal on the phone.  And happy to hear from her.  But, what else could it be?  Is it possible that it’s something else?  It has to be the milk, doesn’t it?  But, he didn’t know I was coming and he just grabbed a bottle from the fridge.  Still…

The young woman walked carefully to her office and picked up her phone.  She dialed Christopher and then sat carefully in her chair.  Her larger frame and tail made sitting straight-back uncomfortable.

Christopher answered on the second ring.  “Hello?”

“Mr. Chapman?”  Lynn asked.

“Ms. Hathaway, good morning.  I was just finishing a late breakfast.  You have much better timing this morning.  I’ve already done my morning chores and was going to take a little break.  Unless you’re calling again about P&G?”

“No, not that,” Lynn assured him.

“Then that’s fine,” Christopher answered.  She thought she could hear the man’s warm smile over the phone.  Lynn heard wood creaked and she imagined him leaning back to listen to her.  “I admit I enjoyed our conversation yesterday.  Even if it was a little odd.”

“Y… yes.  Odd, right?  I-”  Lynn paused.  What was she supposed to say?  What could she say to make him believe her?  To see his reaction?  “May I come out to your farm, Mr. Chapman?  I swear it’s not about P&G or any other legal thing.”

“Well, I… sure.  That’d be fine.  I don’t have anything planned for this evening anyway.  Sunday evenings are my days off.  Unfortunately, the only time I have off.”

Lynn sighed in relief.  “Okay.  I’ll be there in a little over an hour.  Thank you!”

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  2. I’m not a great reviewer but I’ll say this: this is probably the piece of writing of yours I enjoyed the most. Great writing, captivating topic, and it was long enough that I was able to get somewhat invested in the life of the protagonist and her works probs. Before her downfall at least. > _> This chapter was great in particular as it felt like the big active scene of this story with some r.good reactions and stuff and after the first chapter, where I think she felt strongest, this is my second favourite chapter here.

    • Hey – just wanted to say thank you for your comments today.

      Legal Issues is one of my favorite stories. I really enjoyed writing the character and taking my time with her transformation. In fact, this was a turning point a bit in my writing where I started to slow the changes down. I’d started out to write just a basic cow TF but as I wrote the character, her past just kinda intruded and I went with it, tying it into the story and the theme and the TF and I think it worked really well.

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