Sketch 02: Cat Toy

Gods are fickle things.  Fickle and numerous and given to flights of fancy.  Or, sometimes, fits of jealousy.  And then, rarely, a god will take interest in our world long enough to assert his or her or its influence on events.  Demons fear when a god looks askance at their doings and humans are frail things in comparison.

Frail and pliable things.


Sandy scanned her computer’s monitor as her onscreen character huffed and chuffed, claws at the ready.  Bodies lay strewn around her character’s form and the semi-pixelated werewolf seemed to look for its own prey as Sandy moved it around the computer generated world.  Posters of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and various fantasy representations of Norse gods lined her wall in the dark room.

“Sandy!”  Her mother yelled from the kitchen.  “I swear to god if you don’t come to supper, I’m going to flip the breaker for your room!”

Sandy sighed and paused her game, saving it just in case something happened.  Navigating through the mess of her room, she opened the door and then blinked rapidly in the suddenly light.  The young girl followed the clinking of forks and knives on plates until she reached the dining room.  Her father arched an eye at her while her mother glared.  Sandy sat at the empty spot next to her toddler brother.

All right, she told herself.  Time for the grilling to-

“Did you send off your applications yet?”  Sandy’s mother asked.

“Mom, I told you,” the young woman said.  “I’m not going to go to college right away.  I’m going to Norway.  I’ve been talking to some people online over there and they can let me stay with them.  Real people.”  Her father looked over at her and Sandy added, “Nice people.”

“Norway,” her mother said bluntly.

“Yes,” Sandy said.  “We talked about it.  Norway.”

“Because…?” Her mother asked.

Sandy looked from her mother to her father as she chewed bites of her mother’s roast.  The family’s tabby cat rubbed against her leg in hopes she’d drop something.  The cat was insane for pot roast and the only reason it wasn’t on the table right now was because it still walked funny from the last time it tried to steal a piece of the meat.  Sandy kicked the cat away from her.

“Because,” Sandy replied.  “We’re descendants of Viki-”

Sandy’s mother interrupted her daughter.  “Jesus help me.  If you try to sell me on this stupid Viking crap again, I will cry.  I will cry at the dinner table.  Is that what you want?  Do you want to see your mother cry into her pot roast?  Will, back me up, here.”

“Aw, come on,” Sandy’s father said.  “I don’t-”

“William.”  The older woman said.

William sighed.  “Sandy, come on, your mom is right.  We have some Norwegian blood from my great grandfather but that’s about it.  You need to be on top of your college applications or you’re going to get stuck working at McDonald’s.  And then I won’t be able to eat there anymore because I know how you cook. Don’t take McDonald’s away from me, Sandy.  Don’t.  Please.”

“Look,” Susan’s mother said.  “Your father and I will be at work tomorrow and Jeremy will be at daycare.  If you fill out two applications, we’ll take you out to eat.  That’s all I’m asking.  Just fill them out and we’ll mail them off and go out to eat.  I’m not above bribing you.  Don’t turn out like me.  I had to marry your father so I could go back to school and we both know how that turned out.”

“Hey!”  William exclaimed.  “You said you loved me for my eyes.”

“Yes, dear.  And your money.  All right, Sandy?”

Sandy put her fork down on her empty plate and then sighed.  “Okay.  I’ll fill them out.  Can I go now, please?”

Standing, Sandy left as her mother called out behind her.  “And don’t spend the whole damn day playing that Skyworld!”

“Skyrim, mom!”  Sandy yelled back.  The family’s cat, Darwin, darted out of her father’s study as she passed.  Biting back a curse, she kicked at the little cat and then yelped when it struck at her with its claws.  “You little jerk!  I’m bleeding!”

The young girl closed her door and sat back in her bed.  She toyed with her blond hair as she daydreamed.  Huge, stupidly muscled Viking men in armor with their robust women by their sides.  The women held their own weapons, scowling at distant enemies.  She was one of those women.  Only she had no man with her.  She stood alone.  Tough.  Fierce.  A leader of the village with her long, blond hair tied in a single, thick braid.  Lines of rock hard muscles stood from her book as she roared in defiance-

“Honey?”  Her mom’s voice called out.  “I forgot to mention.  I asked Brad to come over and help you with your applications.”

Sandy groaned.  “Brad?  Seriously, mom?  He’s such a … such a … nerd.”

“I don’t think they call them nerd these days, honey.  Anyway, he’s already been accepted so he can help.  Just remember, teen pregnancy is on the rise and you have to marry the man that knocked you up so don’t make any…nerd babies.”

“Gross!”  Sandy yelled out.

“I’m just-”

“GROSS!  Bye!”  Sandy answered.  The girl closed her eyes, conjuring the remote ancient Viking village.  She was yelling her challenge and the… the… “Ugh.”  Sandy sat up and went to her desk.  Can’t freakin’ concentrate now.  Great.  Brad.  College.  I don’t need this crap.  She sat at her desk and stared at her paused game but she couldn’t work up the energy to play it.  Instead, she grabbed the small bobble head Thor figurine and tapped at it, watching the little head wave back and  forth.  And then she stood again.  She felt anxious and restless and bothered by things.  Grabbing the little Thor figurine, she went back to her bed and lay down with it.

Curled on her side, she tapped it, watching it wave back and forth.  Her pupils dilated as it moved and she slowly reached a hand out to it.  Slowly her hand reached until it was directly over the tiny figure.  Suddenly, she struck, smacking it.  The small Thor rolled across her bed and she watched it roll under her blanket.  Her ears twitched as her eyes widened even further.  Sandy backed up on her hands and knees.  Her eyes never left the area where the figure lay.

Watching.  Waiting.  Finally, her eyes shrunk and she blinked.  Huh.  That was weird.  Sandy dug the little figure out from beneath her blankets.  Sitting it beside her bed, she stretched her arms up with a yawn.  “Nnngh, that was good.”  The young woman went to her hand and stretched her upper body in a half yoga pose, groaning as her muscles stretched.  Her docked smartphone’s dim clock read a little past 7 pm but a sudden sleepiness settled into her.  Yawning and stretching again, Sandy lay on her side in a ball and slept.

Minutes later, the shadow of a large cat crept through the young woman’s room.  It slunk from shadow to shadow until it reached Sandy’s window.  With a strike of its intangible black paw, the curtains flipped open, exposing the room to silver moonlight.  The strange cat opened its eyes and they glowed deep blue.  It vanished in the sudden flare of a passing car’s lights.

Under the moon, Sandy groaned.  Cartilage moved in her ear as it reshaped to slight points, shifting and moving until they were no longer rounded.  The young girl’s eyes fluttered open and the moonlight shined on circular pupils collapsing into vertical ovals.  Her body twitched as the moon sang to her.  Small dreams of tiny moving things danced through her mind.  Her foot kicked as her hand shuddered and a quiet chatter escaped her lips.

The chatter of a cat stalking a bird.

Sandy stretched awake to look at her phone.  The small blue digits told her it was after midnight and she felt oddly well rested.  The girl sat up and stretched again.  Should I play video games?  No, takes too long.  That next quest is massive.  Am I hungry?  She left the room and then stopped just outside her door.  Darwin’s tail flicked from the next room.  The small cat was laying inside the study and she watched as the tip of its tail jumped and moved.  It was somehow mesmerizing and her oval eyes opened completely.  The house was well lit and she didn’t even notice that only a faint night light illuminated the house.

She couldn’t look away from the tail.  It… it…  Sandy got down on her hands and knees, lowering her face to the carpet.  I’ll show that fucker.  I’ll scare it for once.  Always jumping out on me when I’m not looking.  Trying to scare me.  My turn now, you little bastard.  With your little tail moving and moving and moving and moving and…  The girl pounced with a silent yell, landing with a soft thump.  Her hand touched the cat’s tail and the cat jumped, hissing and spitting at her.  Sandy laughed as the other cat stalked away from her.  Her father’s snoring stopped and Sandy froze as her slightly pointed ears twitched.  When the man began snoring again, she grinned and then licked at an itch she had on the back of her hand.  Unseen to her eyes, tiny blond hairs pushed through the back of her hand.  She licked at them again and her rough tongue scratched luxuriously against the skin, easing the itch.

Sandy stood and walked to the kitchen.  Digging and nosing through everything, she finally settled on some bread.  Should I go to the gym?  I need to run around, maybe hit the treadmill or elliptical.  Lift some weights.  Do something.  I’m fucking energized.  Oh, no, dad would be furious.  No.  I can’t go.  But, god, I need to do something.  I have all this energy and… oh.  No, I think… I think…  Sandy stretched, mewling as little bones popped in her back.  The young girl licked the crumbs obsessively from her hands and then made her way back to her room.  Her body felt heavy and tired and she slumped against her bed, rolling and stretching until she settled into her small spot she’d worn into the bed.

The doorbell rang and Sandy hissed at the sound.  Sunlight streamed through her window.  She found herself in a crouch on her bed, warily looking towards the front door.  A faint voice called out to her from outside.

“Sandy?  It’s Brad!  Your mom said I should come over and give you a hand.  Are you there?”

Shit, she thought.  I forgot he was coming.  Shit.  I’ll just hide here and he’ll go away.  He won’t come in.  He won’t. 

“I’m coming in,” the boy yelled.  “Your mom gave me a key.  Said you might be sleeping!”

“You fucking cunt,” Sandy said out loud.  She lowered herself to her hands and knees and slunk from her bed and into the corner.  She felt safer her and she stared at the doors.  Her ears shifter further, pushing through the blond hair of her head as they lengthened.  Beautiful green cat’s eyes scanned the room, looking for exits in case he came in.  When her hand itched, she brought it to her face and licked at it, grumbling at how good it felt.  Tongue rasped against skin as she licked and then she rubbed her wet hand against her sore ears.  Sandy stopped.  Brad was inside and looking around, walking from room to room until he stopped outside of hers.

“Sandy?”  The boy called out.  He knocked and Sandy crouched lower.  The door opened and the boy peeked in.  “Hey, there you-”

Sandy jumped to her bed.  She had the sudden urge to lash out at him and then run past but she paused.  He was pretty big.  Maybe I can reach the closet.  I just need to-

“Are you okay?  What’s wrong with your eyes.  Hey, are you okay?”  The boy reached for her face and she tried to pull back.  But then, his hand touched her cheek and something went out of her.  His hand felt warm and her face was itching.  She rubbed herself against him, purring in her throat as she pushed the itchy spots of her skin against his rougher hand.  Blond hairs sprouted from her cheeks and she pushed harder.  This is awesome.  Oh man.  Feels good.  I… Oh.  Oh.  Wow.

Little sparks of electricity ran from her face down to her vagina and Sandy moaned.  The boys finger tips scratched against her soft, furry cheek and it almost felt like the few times she played with her nipples.

“Hey, what’s going on?  Why… oh man.  Oh man.  You have… you have fur!”

Sandy adjusted her head to rub her lips and teeth against the young man’s fingers.  Her gums itched and she wanted him to scratch her.  Sandy’s four canine teeth pushed through her gums and she groaned as they crowded her other teeth.  She grabbed the boy’s free hand and made him scratch at the other side of her face before he jerked both hands away.  Brad reached for the door but Sandy closed it before he could.

“Sandy, holy shit.  Something is wrong.  You… this…”  The boy backed up and Sandy followed him.  On hands and knees, licking her darkening lips, she crawled to him.  She felt her nipples harden against her sleeping shirt and she moaned, twining herself around the boy.  Fur ran up the side of her face to cover her pointed ears.  Sandy tried to go between the boy’s legs but found she was too tall.  Instead, she found herself face-to-face with his crotch.  The girl looked up, smiling.  Her black lips pulled up slightly and then pushed forward as her face expanded.  Sandy moaned and butted against the man’s crotch, easing her own pain as she rubbed him with her face.  She smelled him.  She smelled his penis and a purr sounded in her throat.  When she pulled away, her face was a furry, short muzzle.  Thick white whiskers pushed through the skin and fur above her lips and she licked at them.

“I… I…”  The boy stuttered.

Sandy stood and leaned into the boy’s ear.  All thoughts of Viking strength and dominance fled as she whispered in an odd stunted breath, “Can I kiss you, Brad?”

“Y… Y… y…”

Sandy held the boy’s face gently with her hands.  She leaned forward, ears twitching as she blushed and then she kissed him.  Her black lips opened and her rough tongue touched the boy’s lips.  He opened for her and she rumbled in her throat as their tongues worked against each other.  Brad’s hands awkwardly caressed her back and a real purr vibrated through her body.  More blond fur grew down her neck and back and the feeling of him scratching and itching at her made her wet.  Sandy broke away, breathless.  Her fingers dipped into the back of the boy’s pants and she massaged his skinny ass.  Slowly, gently, she pulled him toward her bed.  When her legs touched the edge, she sat and leaned back.

Nipples pressed against the soft fabric of her sleeping shirt and then pushed further as her breasts swelled.  Sandy leaned her head back and moaned, opening her legs as the skin of her breasts stretched, straining the small buttons holding the shirt together.  Brad could see the girl’s tits through the gaps created by her growing tits and he moaned in his own need.  When two buttons popped off, Sandy’s breasts practically spilled out.  She slowly undid the last three buttons and then shrugged off the shirt, exposing herself completely.  Soft blond fur was expanding from above the waistband of her pants.  She reached a hand down and massaged at the area.

“Brad,” she moaned.  “Please.”

The boy knelt before her.  Sandy pushed at her pants and the boy pulled until she was completely naked.  He could smell her pussy from where he knelt.  Her cute, small pussy was nearly hidden behind a forest of short, blond fur.

“Your mouth, Brad.  Here.”  The girl pointed at her pussy lips.  As she did, the skin at the tips of her fingers split bloodlessly.  Thick white sheaths pressed out through the tips of her fingers.  Confused but utterly horny, the young man bent to the woman’s vagina and licked at her.  Her thick, clear juice barely had a taste but what was there was delicious and she moaned above him.  With her hand on the back of his head in encouragement, Brad bent closer.  Pressing his thumbs against her furry pussy lips, he spread her open , marveling at the wet pinkness inside her furry hole.  He licked her inside and the girl mewled above him.

Brad winced in pain as five sharp points dig lightly into his scalp, Sandy’s claws coming out of their sheaths.  Still, he couldn’t stop himself from sucking and licking at the girl’s wetness.  Looking up, he saw six small pink dots push from her stomach in two rows.  Flesh slowly moved and twisted until those dots turned into small pink nipples.  The skin around the nipples puckered and then swelled until they were small breasts.  On a whim, the boy leaned forward and kissed one of the lower breasts. The nipple hardened in his mouth and he nursed from it, sucking it over and over.

Sandy purred in her throat, leaning back on both hands as Brad sucked at her new tit.  The fur continued to creep up her belly, sprouting from softening skin until it reached the bottom of her engorged upper breasts.  Slowly, the fur crept up her breasts, covering them in short blond fur.  She twisted a nipple and then moaned when she felt it deep inside her pussy.

The young girl gently pushed Brad away and went to her hands and knees in front of him.  Her furry ass was open to him and he could see her small butt hole above her soaked pussy.  The fur of her back was thickening, growing out into inches of thick blond and white fur.  Unable to help himself, he dug his fingers into the silky fur and the girl arched her back.  The smell from her pussy became stronger.

“Put… Put claws into me.  Take.  Me.”  Sandy felt flush and hot and disoriented.  Thoughts of cocks filling her mouth and ass and pussy took over every other thought she had.  She knew there was a male in the room and she need him to mount her.  She flexed, pushing her ample chest down to the ground to entice him, offering herself to him.  The human side opened her soft, furry thighs wider.

Brad stripped quickly and wasted no time in pressing his cock against her wetness.  Sandy was making a peculiar half-yowlilng noise that was growing louder and louder.  Darwin scratched frantically at the closed door.  Inbetween the odd sound, Sandy repeated ‘Brad’ over and over again, wriggling her hips at him in hopes he’d quench the burning need between her thighs.  She needed a male in her.  She needed to be fucked.  Nothing else mattered to her.  Not food.  Not family.  Not games.  Not college.  Not school.  Nothing except for a male to put his cock into her.

The boy pressed the head of his cock against Sandy’s pussy and she became utterly still as her claws flexed out of her fingers.  She winced in pain as he opened her, taking her virginity.  She pressed her furry face into her bed to hide her tears at the pain of him entering her.  And still it wasn’t enough.  The fire in her belly needed him and the pain was burned away from it.

“Oh, fuck, Sandy.  Fuck.  You feel so amazing.  You feel so good.”

Good, her simple mind said. Good.  She was proud to feel good for him.  Proud that he liked how she felt.  She clenched her fists and the blankets and sheets tore.  Hot pussy juice ran down her furry thighs as he pushed deeper into her.  Sandy gasped and purred and mewled as the pain melted away.  The boy pulled back and she moaned again.  He held her hips, fingers deep in her fur and she smiled.  She wanted his claws deep in her flesh, holding her in place.  Fur at the base of her spine moved as bones and flesh grew inch-by-inch into a thick tail as the boy slowly rocked in and out of her.

“I can’t… Sandy, I’m sorry but I can’t…”  Sandy’s tail wrapped lovingly around the boy’s waist and he jerked, spilling his seed into her.  His eager cock swelled and she yowled as it flooded her tight little cunt.  His cum spurted from between her furry pussy lips and the boy gasped from the sudden sensitivity.  “I… I…”

Sandy pulled off of him and then pulled him down to her body.  The boy was sweating and gasping for breath as she stroked him with her soft hands.  “I’m sorry.  I never had sex before.  Did you?  Did you cum?  I’m sorry.”  Sandy pulled him against her large, furry chest and he stroked her back in response.  She arched her back, purring loudly as his fingernails dug into her soft flesh and they fell asleep in each other’s embrace.

When Sandy awake, she felt Brad in her arms.  She was human again and lying in the warmth of the afternoon sun.  Slightly pointed ears twitched and she took in the scent of the boy’s cum between her legs.  She smiled as she scissored her legs together, still slightly sticky from his excitement.  Why would I ever think of Vikings?  She wondered.  Violent things like that.   Softer thoughts filled her head as she stroked the young man in her arms.

In the corner of the room, the shadow of a cat shifted, smiled and vanished.

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