A man tries to boost his livestream by hunting for a local legend but finds himself prey instead.

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I have all of my gear ready and arrayed before me.  A light backpack with a thin laptop connected to a 4g hotspot.  The hotspot is connected to a big portable battery and I have a couple more batteries for the laptop.   Just in case.

The big item is the GoLive!! streaming headband.  That was pricey.  The laptop is old and I bought it used but the headband is new.  Took several months but I know it’s going to be worth it.  It’s unobtrusive, can record in low light and lasts forever on the battery connected at the band.

Right now it’s facing me with the little red light steady, telling me it’s connected and streaming.  I almost disabled the light but the infrared lights would still be there so it doesn’t matter.  And, really, who would see it?

The laptop is up and my stream is running with fifteen people connected.  I smile at them as I get the rest of my gear together.  My girlfriend is logged in and so are my parents and my kid brother but the rest are friends.  And one coworker.  Gus – my night shift replacement at the liquor store.  Which means he’s logged in from work.  Lazy bastard.

We all start somewhere, right?

I bounced around at college but really enjoyed my time in my brief criminal justice phase of classes.  I’m not going to spend the rest of my life selling cheap vodka to drunks so this is my way out of that life.  And I get to play pretend detective.

“Hey everyone!” I say, smiling again.  Clean shaven face, thick brown hair swept back and I stole my girlfriend’s eyeliner just to make my eyes pop.  Just a hint of it.  I heard guys get makeup when they’re on camera so why not?  I won’t be on the camera much at all but I want to get used to it.  “Thank you for joining in tonight for the third video in my series on urban investigations.”

I pause and sit back for dramatic effect but spoil it by glancing directly at the camera and then looking away.

“Tonight, I finally track down the Beast of Brightview Bay,” aaaaand another pause for dramatic effect.  And a smile with my hands together.  Or apart?  Dammit, now I just look dumb.  Together.  Fingers together.  And smile.  “The first two videos saw us interviewing people who heard or saw the beast with a focus on Miles Trelawney after the picture he posted online went viral.”

A few taps on the keyboard shows the grainy, dark photo on my stream and I nod at it with a serious expression.  I practiced a bit before starting the stream and it’s even beginning to feel  natural.

The photo isn’t clear but shows a large shape between two concrete posts.  Hercules Construction was building an office complex at the location but abandoned it years ago when funding fell through.  Since then, it’s become a hang out for junkies, teenagers and others.  The walls are heavily tagged and the place is littered with trash.  Ever since Miles posted the photo, people have come forth to mention hearing things.  Some even saying they saw it.  Always at night.

A few people have said their friends straight up vanished.  Went out solo to get high and get away from their life for a while and now they’re just gone.  I’d call bullshit but a few visits to the site on the first video in the series showed the parties cut back.  I only saw some homeless guy hanging around and I bounced before it got too late.  I wanted to come back with the new streaming gear so I could try this live.  For the views.

“As the sun begins its descent to the horizon,” I intone – I really spent a while thinking up my lines.  “We begin our journey to Brightview Bay.  And the waiting… beast.”

I grab the headband carefully so I don’t disorientate my viewers.  It settles gently against my head, just over my ears until I tighten the band.  Finally, I place my laptop and hotspot into my bag, sling it over my shoulder and leave. 

And then I curse myself because I didn’t clean up my apartment.  My viewers (and my mom, dammit!) get a good look at old take out boxes and my overflowing trash can before I pick up the pace to fast walk outside.

As I’m driving, I glance around.  Traffic isn’t too bad.  The bottom of the sun is nearly touching the horizon and-

“Son of a bitch!” I yell as another car crosses the median, nearly sideswiping me.  “Look where you’re going, you stupid fuck-!”

“Uh,” I mumble, suddenly remembering I’m still streaming.  “I’ll pause the stream here and resume when I’m on location.  Stay tuned, viewers!”

Reaching up, I click the off button before sinking back against my seat.  I keep forgetting about the headband.  The stream is archived automatically online for people to watch and now they can see my apartment and watch me lose my cool on the road.  I really, really need to get my shit together if I want this to take off.

The highway eventually exits to a side road that leads to a gravel road.  Seagulls cry far in the distance before roosting on a rusted container ship listing heavily in the bay.  I still remember the mayor talking about revitalizing the area and the arguments back and forth about the raise in taxes.  Looks like opponents were right.  The area is still dead and the mayor’s being investigated.  Misuse of funds or something.  I lost interest after a while.

No cars are on the road with me and I don’t see any by the unfinished construction.  There also aren’t any fires going so there’s no parties again tonight.  Glancing up as I park on the unmarked lot nearby, I notice the sun half-hidden behind the rolling hills to the west.  I should still have plenty of light for clean video.

Taking a deep breath, I turn my camera back on and give it a moment to reconnect.

“Welcome,” I say while looking at the single level skeleton of the office building.  “To Brightview Bay.”

Grabbing my backpack, I open the car’s door and step outside.  I sling the backpack over my shoulder smoothly and then clip the chest strap to hold it in place.  It’s a warm night and the air is calm but I can still smell the pungent odor of the bay.  The overpowering stench of rotten fish is strong enough to make me wonder why people even come here.

“Here we go,” I tell my viewers. “As I approach, I see the area is empty.  Could this really be where the beast stalks his prey?  If so, the area is ripe with opportunity.  Social outcasts gather here during the night to satiate their dark desires.”

Is that too hammy? I wonder, frowning while I try to remember the lines I’d put together.  It sounded good when I was writing it but now that I’m saying it out loud and on the stream, it sounds too melodramatic.  Dammit.

Broken slabs jut up from the parking lot.  The entire area is dotted with concrete columns showing exposed rebar.  A huge pile of rubble lies in the corner.

Movement draws my eye.  I gasp and then hide behind a column until I remember I’m streaming.

“Someone is here,” I whisper.  And then I remember what I’m doing.  “Or something.  Almost all of the accounts say the beast shows itself at nightfall.  The sun is beginning to set so this could very well be the creature.  Now I’ll slowly make my way toward the site to get a good look at what we’re dealing with.”

I crouch, hands against the floor and then shuffle forward.  I’m feeling a little bit nervous.  God.  I should’ve peed before I left.  Dammit.  I have got to start planning better.

“There has been no other physical evidence of the beast,” I continue.  “The police refuse to investigate despite two of the people I interviewed saying they went to law enforcement over their missing friends.  The picture Miles took was focused on his girlfriend.  They only noticed the creature when it was posted on social media and their followers pointed it out.  Some think it’s a shadow but others say they see the shoulders and jaw of a misshapen, hideous creature.  Today we- there!  I see it!”

More movement.  I drop to the ground.  I’m wearing a black long-sleeved athletic shirt with loose black jogging pants in case I need to haul ass.  My backpack is black and I covered the gray highlights with electrical tape.  Lying on the ground, I should be well hidden.

Wait.  What color are my shoes?  I strain and look back and- dammit!  Bright fucking red!  Aw shit!  And now my subscribers are probably wondering what the hell I’m doing.  Focus!  Focus!

“It looks like a false alarm,” I sigh. “It’s just a homeless person.”

It’s the same guy I spotted before but I don’t want to tell my readers that I scoped the place out before.  I feel like it’ll make everything seemed staged.

The guy is pacing back and forth, scratching at his shaggy hair.  I can’t pick out details from the distance but he doesn’t seem old.  Has a beard, as brown as his hair and he’s wearing an old, stained trench coat that comes down to his ankles.  He’s barefoot.  Pacing nonstop and yanking at his hair.

A warm breeze flows over me as I start to crawl forward but I freeze when the man jerks to a stop.  He turns slowly towards me but I carefully tilt my head down to hide the camera’s light.  Glancing up with my head down I see him stare over my shoulder before he resumes pacing.

I have to make a decision.  Do I keep going and see if the bum draws out the supposed beast or do I call it a night and try again?  I didn’t come here to stream some crazy guy’s meth-fueled antics but I also don’t want to fold and go home with nothing.  So, I decide to play it up.

“With reports of people vanishing,” I whisper as loudly as I dare.  “The homeless person risks a fatal, uh, fate.  I have my phone in a pocket of my backpack, ready to call the police at a moment’s notice.  Stay tuned as I continue surveillance.”

There’s a pillar ahead, just to my left.  I crawl along my stomach as slowly as possible while angling toward it.  The homeless person, who I decide to name Bob, shouts loudly with his fist raised to the sky.  Is he crying?  It almost looks like he’s crying.  Sobbing, really.

Just as I reach the column, the man lowers himself to his knees before bending forward to touch his forehead to the ground.  He leans further, grabbing his coat to pull it open as he raises his chest and leans back onto his heels.  The jacket falls to the ground around him, leaving him completely naked.

The dude’s jacked.  I can see his muscles flexing as curls forward to slam his fist against the ground.  He slaps and grabs his thigh while rocking back and forth.  I crouch behind the column as his hand raises from his thigh but he slaps it down again and the sound echoes in the open area.

He grunts and shakes and his hand trembles.  Raising slowly.

To his very large, very erect cock.

“Jesus!” I whisper, turning my head just enough so he’s out of sight from the camera.  What the hell is this dude’s problem?

He grabs his dick hard and leans back, mouth open in ecstasy as he starts to pump himself. 

Now what the hell am I supposed to do?  The crazy man is over there, grunting as he tugs himself.  I hear him yell something but I can’t make it out.  Dude’s just going to town and- damn, yeah, there he goes.

Uh.  And still goes.  That’s, okay, that’s fucking gross but, Jesus, that’s a lot of sperm.  Just flinging out, covering the ground and wall in front of him.  And he’s not stopping.  He’s still hard, still pulling and tugging and grunting. And-


Hold up.

There’s hair on his back.  It wasn’t there a second ago.  He’s got his side to me but turned just enough that I see his back.  He’s pale as shit but there’s dark brown-

It’s spreading.  No way.  No fucking way.

The man howls and he cums again.  If anything, there’s more of it.  Thick ropes of white cum lancing out as he orgasms again.  And still going! 

I’m- okay, shit.  His cock is bigger.  The tip is well past his fist.  I can barely make it out from where I’m standing but another howl, piercingly loud, makes me look at his face.  It’s longer!  Jesus Fucking Christ!

“I’ve- I’ve found the beast!” I whisper loudly.  I turn back to face the homeless man so the camera can see him.  Fur waves freely along the man’s thick shoulders.  “It’s the homeless man from before!  He’s a werewolf!”

I look into the sky but I only see a crescent moon in the clear sky.

“Or- or- or something like it!” I tell my subscribers.  “I’m sorry about the- Fuck!  That’s the third time he’s- sorry, sorry mom, if you’re still watching.”

The man goes to one hand, his left, while still pumping himself with his right.  I see the curve of a tail growing just over his ass cheek.  His body seems to be straining against his skin.  His calves are enormous and he’s snapping at the air with his weird, hairless muzzle.  Still grunting but it’s more like a growl now.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” I say out loud. 

I didn’t really expect to find anything.  Not really, despite my intentions.  My girlfriend teased me about it and my parents thought I was wasting money but everyone’s got a thing.  And I wanted out of it.  Out of my boring life.  To do something unusual and out of the routine.

Now, faced with this creature-

The man turns to me and then snarls.  I gasp, flattening myself against the cement block while reaching back to try to grab my phone.

“I’m going to call the police,” I whisper.  My hand finds the right pocket and I slowly pull the zipper while turning to peek around the corner.

It’s gone.

It’s fucking gone.

I feel like I have to throw up.  It was huge and now it’s vanished and could be anywhere!

The wind shifts and I smell him.  It.  Whichever.  He smells strongly like he hasn’t washed but it’s mixed with other things.  Sweat, sex and a strange dog smell.

I wish I could say I nimbly jumped out of the way but, instead, I turn, see him rearing back a gigantic arm and I just collapse as the swing misses me. 

Pain explodes along my face as shards of concrete hit me like buckshot.  Terror grabs a handhold on my spine and I roll.  He lunges at me but misses again as I bolt upright and run.

The creature howls and my mouth goes dry.  It sounds like he’s right behind me as I reach the edge of the office building.

My brain tells me it can feel his breath on my neck but I’m too afraid to look.  And then, I do and I miss a step as I realize he’s within arm’s reach.  His massive, furred arm’s reach.  I fall face first with a scream as he swipes at me again.  My momentum propels me and I slide along the ground on my already torn cheek as the building rumbles behind me. 

Fate, or God, smiles upon me as the fragile structure collapses and the creature yips in pain.  Adrenaline is riding my body hard enough that I don’t feel any pain.  With the creature pinned, I jump and run for the nearest cover:  the old container ship.

I take the first opening in the hull and blindly run through the maze of ramps and stairs and rooms until I feel like I’m hidden far enough away to take stock of the situation.  Collapsing back against the wall, I gasp for air and then hiss at the stinging pain on my face.  As carefully as I can, I touch my cheek and wince at the open wounds.  It’s not blood that covers my face, though.  Or at least not only blood.  The skin is slick and I wipe at it with the back of my hand to look.

But then I lick my lips and taste saltiness.  Cum.  I’ve tasted my own before through the natural course of sex.  I know what it tastes like and the image of the man masturbating fills my mind.

I gag and lean over to vomit but nothing comes out.  My stomach roils while I wipe at my cheek with my sweat-soaked sleeve.  The pain from my cuts are intense but I just want him off of me.  His cum.  Soaked into my skin.  Filling my nose with his scent.

With a grunt, I grab at my crotch as my own cock begins to unfold and harden.  My heart is pounding and I lick my lips, tasting him again despite cleaning myself.  Another lick and the tip of my tongue brushes my nostrils.

My blood is pumping.  I can’t believe I survived.  Fuck.  Fuck!  I groan, squeezing myself as I pant against the wall.  Feeling all the stresses and hormones releasing through my body at the narrow escape.  I’ve never felt so alive! What a fucking rush!  I’d never had the balls to try skydiving or anything but, if this is what it feels like after, I’ll sign up.

“Fuck, yes,” I grunt again, looking down at my exposed cock.  I’m aching with the need to empty myself.  The pain is pinching and throbbing deep within my balls.  And the smell!

I breathe deeply while leaning forward and lick at myself.  My long tongue brushes the head of my cock but it’s not enough so I lean back, groaning and pulling at my sweaty shirt as it clings to my body.  Rolling my head while stroking myself. 

My shirt tears but I feel a slicing pain around my torso.  I’m constricted.  Squeezed.  I look down my body to see the backpack’s chest strap pulled tight.  The black plastic buckle is white with tension and it’s straining under my bulk.

I snap at the air while kicking my feet against the ground and the buckle snaps.  Release!

Muscles line my chest and I claw at my belly while still pumping myself.  Reaching down to cup my balls.

“Jenny,” I moan, licking at my lips and nose.  Feeling the pulsing, burning pressure at my temples as I think of my girlfriend.  “Fucking.  Wish you were.  Here.  Riding me.  Riding my dick.  Spreading your ass.  Licking your throat and tits while you bounce on me.  Fuck!”

Tiny points of pain prick my balls.  I pull my hands away but, god, I’m so fucking horny that I reach back down to masturbate myself.  My palm feels rough as it drags against my dick.  With each stroke, the skin surrounding my throbbing cock loosens. 

Calluses form on my hand, along my palm and bottoms of my fingers.  I can’t stop.  More loose skin.  Pulling it up and over the head of my cock as thin hairs began to cover it.

I yelp on the downstroke as my fist pounds a thick line of skin connecting the base of my cock to my belly.  My free hand is digging into my thigh, kneading at the flesh and I don’t even notice as my nail beds bulge and then break away to expose the tips of dark claws. 

My thighs are smooth.  Hard as marble.  I feel muscle shifting beneath and I look down.

The orgasm surprises me and I jack-knife, pushing at my pulsing cock as the line of skin pulls it down against my belly. 

I shout.  But it’s not a shout.  It’s a howl.  Pure and loud and sharp enough that my ears flex back against my skull.

I’m left panting as hot cum covers my stomach, chest and face. 

Looking down again, I see stubble on my torso.  I frown at it because I’ve always been smooth.  Never been able to grow a beard or chest hair or anything.  Now I’m covered in it.  I see the white cum covering me moving as hairs pierce my skin to tangle with my own spunk. 

“This isn’t right,” I growl, looking at my wide hands.  I turn it over to see dark padding.  When I reach to touch it, my eyes widen at the sight of the huge curved claws arching over my fingers.  “Oh fuck!  Fuck!”

I stand, panting, heart pounding as I stare at myself.  As I realize what I’ve been doing.  At the sight and smell of my own cum lining my body. 

Oh god.  I’m still streaming.  Everyone- everyone saw that. 

“No!” I growl, clawing at the headband.  I can feel my thick ears and the bare skin around my padding brushes against the fur lining them.  The straps come apart at the slightest touch of my claws and I grab the camera, flinging it away.  It tumbles until it comes to a rest.

Facing me.

Everyone still connected can see me.  Can see my naked body.  My still-hard cock, begging for attention.  I look down to see it.  To see the sheath at the base of it.  Covered in brown and black fur. 

While I watch, the sheath moves.  It pulls back and I can’t look away as two lumps emerge on either side of my dick.  The pressure of them hurts so bad that I fall to my knees while grinding my sharpened teeth together.  My sheath continues to stretch back as my knot forms, red and angry and swollen.

And needy.  I go to one hand as the homeless man had before, reaching under to stroke myself.  I flex my back as my spine pops and I growl at the camera.  My body lengthens when the sound of wet fireworks exploding in the summer air.  I groan, straining as my neck reddens and veins stand out against my flesh.  Working through the pain of growth.

I feel the bones cracking in my cheeks.  I see my nose as my face lengthens.  I watch it, panting, tongue hanging low as the skin darkens along the bridge of my nose until the bridge merges with my muzzle. 

I snarl at the camera, drool and sweat dripping from my lips.

“You watching Jenny?” I growl, the words harsh in my throat.  “I’d fuck you on all fours.  Just like this.  Jenny.  Come here.  Now!  Fucking bitch!  I need your wet hole to fuck and fill with my cum.  Fuck.  Take you raw until you bleed from the size of me and beg for more, you fucking whore.  Make you lick my cum off the floor on all fours like the fucking bitch you are.”

I can’t stop the words pouring from my lips.  My head is hot and confused and the blood is pounding through me.  I can’t think past the need to fuck.  I can’t-  It’s not-

My claws bite into the metal flooring as I pound into the ground.  It feels good to claw.  To strain my changing muscles.  To tear.  To feel the pull.  The pain in my fingers and joints as the sound of screeching metal fills the air.

Another sound echoes through the old ship.  I grunt and slow my pace.  Hairs grow from my brow, creeping down my face as pinpricks of gold appear in my irises.  Colors are shifting in my sight.  The metal seems darker while the moss growing in patches around the room stand out in a strange green color I’ve never seen before.

I hear a cautious tick-tick-tick-tick and I know he’s searching for me, even as I fruitlessly scent the air for him.  I want to cum again.  I need it so badly that I ache deep in my guts but I hear his claws against metal and I growl.  I feel the skin of my ears sliding against my scalp.  The fur covering them tangles with my hair until the pointed tips emerge and twitch.  Searching for him.

Standing, I take a step and then growl again, quietly.  I grab my pants with both huge, clawed hands and pull.  My biceps bulge beneath scattered patches of fur and the cotton fabric parts like wet paper.  I fling it down the hallway with the hope that the scent will confuse the other wolf.  Man.  The other man. 

As I walk past the forgotten camera, I feel twinges of pain along my belly.  I lay a hand against it, clawing through the tangled curls of fur as tiny, useless teats begin to form.  The sensation of my leathery pads rubbing against the small nubs sends pleasurable shivers down my spine.  I almost stop to touch myself again but he’s here, somewhere.

I can smell him now.  His scent.  Powerful.  Older.  It wafts through the narrow corridors as our sounds bounce around the ship.  He sounds like he’s coming from everywhere.

An irritating tickle forms between my shoulders but I ignore it.  I feel drops of sweat roll down my back in the suffocating heat of the ship.  More fall but are stopped short by the hair emerging from my wide, powerful back.

He’s close!  New instincts force me to all fours and I look back at my feet when they begin to ache.  My feet are constrained.  I kick back as quietly as I can but the- the- shoes!  Shoes are still on my feet.  Shoes, that’s what they are.

I growl quietly and a thought forms.  A whispering thought of my old self.  Crafty.  I pull my feet under my body one at a time to slice through the odd things wrapping my paws.  And then I’m free.

What was it?  What was I to do?  The voice comes again, fainter now.  I grab one of the things, crouch low to the ground and throw.  It slams against the wall and rebounds.

The other wolf crashes through a gap in the wall in front of me.  I leap for him, clawed arms out and my lips back to bare my fangs.  Colliding with him, snarling and snapping.  He rolls, slamming back against me and something crunches in my lower back.  Rolling further, I feel hot pain above my ass as nerves connect to a forming tail.

I’m above him and my cock is buried in his fur, next to his thick tail.  He’s biting and clawing with his feet but the remnants of the voice whisper still and I have my arms locked under his armpits with my paws laced against the nape of his neck.

Rubbing against his soft fur feels good.  I hold him tight and my jaw closes around the back of his neck but he struggles until I bite harder, threatening to break his spine until he calms himself.

As I pull myself back, hungry and hard for release, he growls and struggles again.  He twists, trying to roll me but the corridor is narrow and I brace my foot against the wall.  My toes are pounding, hot and aching as muscles pull tendon and bone, widening my feet to handle my larger frame.

I taste blood and bite harder.  He growls but goes limp beneath me.  The rounded head of my cock rubs against his swollen asshole it.  Back and forth, back and forth.  I press into him and he shakes. 

It hurts so bad.  My blood is up and every base, animalistic desire is screaming in my mind.  Kill.  Mate.  Eat. 

Pushing again, I feel my cock strain.  My head is reshaping.  Pulling back into a pointed tip that slips into his asshole.  He growls and shakes but I hold him tight as I begin pushing into him.  Dry until I feel him bleed. 

I moan, instinctively licking the fur of his neck as I pull back and then enter him again. 

Back and forth, back and forth and his asshole slowly begins to open to me as his own wolf recognizes the slowly budding pleasure of it.  The undeniable need to sate an urge.  He shoves back, biting off a yelp as I press deeper into him.

He relaxes by seconds and I begin to feel the building sensation of my orgasm as his tight asshole clenches against my bulging, swollen red cock.  I release my hold on his neck and neither of us notice as we lose ourselves in the pleasure of our rut.

The other wolf raises his ass when my knot presses against him.  I barely feel the brush of fur against my ass as my tail grows.  It’s wagging slowly behind me until it’s long enough to lift into a curve.  He’s got a paw under himself, grabbing his own cock and I feel the motion of it while he pumps himself hard.  He’s grunting and growling and groaning but all I know is my own release.  Taunting me.

The bulge of my knot enters him and he howls.  I smell his cum and it drives me into a frenzy, forcing me to pound into him, harder and harder until he almost takes my knot.  Grabbing the back of his neck, I force him down and he goes, still masturbating despite the cum leaking from his dick.

My claws rake his back as I finally cum, filling him with my hot seed.  It spurts back at me and down the dense fur of his thigh.  He howls again and I join him this time until I’m drained.

Static fills both of our ears as our loud cries die down.  An electronic beep is followed by the harsh crackle of more static and faint voices.

I step back and feel the cold of the floor on my bare feet.  I scuff the soles of my feet against the floor, scraping the ground with my heavy claws while scratching the itch of the forming pads.  My ears stand up straight and then rotate as the voice calls out again. 

We wordlessly separate and I let him take the lead, filling the ship with the smell of our mixed scents.  I follow, sniffing occasionally until we’re out in the open.  I search for her – the Moon and I see her curved elegance casting brilliant pure light upon the world. 

The two people are highlighted in my golden eyes.  A chaotic tapestry of scents, natural and manmade surround them and I pick out other prey beyond them.  Small animals.  Birds.  Hidden trails not yet gone cold.  But it’s the two of them that draw my attention. 

Her, specifically.  I scent the air, rubbing the tip of my cock until the other wolf begins to move.  We circle wide and low, out of their line of sight as they call out once more.  My tail is down and I creep through grass, eyes intent on my prey.  We approach, watching for them to notice us but their senses are dull.

The woman’s black skin absorbs the moonlight.  I’m close enough to taste her and my teeth ache to feel her flesh.  To take her.

On silent, padded paws, the other wolf strikes, taking down the male.  I jump half a second later and my ears ring as the flash of fire and sound of thunder erupt from the female’s hand.  I snarl and strike, hearing the bones in her hand break as something flies away from her grip.  She screams and my teeth sink into her shoulder, tasting her blood.

I feel her go limp beneath me as I tear at her clothing, ripping through her belt and pants until her sex is exposed.  She doesn’t move as I press into her, forcing my way in with sharp, hard thrusts.

The wolf beside me is feasting on his kill.  The fresh smell of bloody meat rumbles my stomach but I need another release before I kill the female.  She tears when my knot slams against her lips.  Her blood is sharp and thick and heady and it drives me wild.

I smell it happen before I see it.  The beast taking her soul.  The other wolf’s blood still covers my cock and my own cum is soaked into me.  It mixes with her.  Infects her.  Consumes her.  She groans beneath me and pushes back before her eyes flutter open.

The woman screams, trying to pull away but I smell her sweet juices flood her sex as dark hairs emerge from her swelling pussy lips.  She grunts, clawing at the ground while cursing me in her human language but I see her rounded ears flex backwards as she reaches a hand beneath herself.

There will be more prey beside the female.  The night is young and we will hunt together for fresh kills.

I wake, sore and naked with the sharp tang of blood on my lips and mouth.

The night before is hazy.  My thoughts are scattered.  They twist away when I try to focus on them so I just turn and back up against the wall.  I hear muted voices and distant traffic and it slowly comes to me that I’m in an alley.

In the city.

I don’t remember how I got here.  I was-

“The beast,” I whisper and my dry throat burns.  I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and then lick the blood clean before I realize what I’m doing.

Powerful stomach muscles clench and I turn to the side to puke.  I force myself to look away from what comes up.

I can only remember flashes of emotion.  Anger.  Lust.  Hunger.  I vaguely remember the ship.  And the creature hunting me but I can’t even remember how I got to the ship.  The memories are there but faint yet.

“Jenny,” I gasp, standing and then leaning against the brick wall behind me.  “Need to get to her.”

A sudden image of Jenny on all fours, naked and panting explodes in my mind.  I growl and squeeze the base of my cock.  It’s growing erect by I push at it and shove at the image.  Instead, I think of her smiling, concerned face.

I need clothes.  I need to find out exactly where I am.  I hold my arms out in front of me.  I feel off.  Like I’m in someone else’s body.  I flex and hard lines rise to show dense muscles beneath thick hair.  My pecs and abs make me look like I was sculpted by a Greek artist trying to carve the perfect male specimen. 

My body hums with coiled power.  A flash of the night before hits me.  A struggle.  Tearing at something.  My lips curl back and my throat rumbles with the hint of a growl. 

The urge to hit fills me.  To strike and tear and rip and bite rises in my chest until I nearly charge into traffic to tackle the first person I find.  I force it down but I still feel the adrenaline rush of it.

I stalk carefully, scenting the air with my dull nose.

And, in my mind, Jenny’s concerned face softens as she grabs my cock.  Fur grows on her face as she whines for it.  I push it away again as my cock throbs painfully.

She’ll understand, I tell myself as I hide behind a dumpster until an older woman passes on the street.  Tiny hairs lift at the back of my neck.  She’ll have to.  I’ll make her understand.  She’ll see what it’s like.  She’ll know.  She’ll understand.

Even as I think of her, I smell the other.  Another female.  Woman.  Not female.  Woman.  Her scent on me.  A flash of an emotion.  My cock hardens further and I flex my hands open and closed, open and closed.  Like I’m remembering the feel of soft flesh beneath them.  Fur and flesh.  I could find her again.  A part of me wants to.  To pull her close and keep her close.  With me.  And Jenny. 

And the homeless man?  I pause in the alley as I consider him.  He feels, well, safe?  Not safe but I’m not worried about him for some reason.  I feel like I should find him.  Talk to him.

Who was the other woman?

Black fur.  I remember it.  A tree.  Claws dug into the tree.  Mating.  It’s all just flashes.

I move and my small tongue circles my bloody lips, cleaning them until my stomach growls in hunger.  And then I orient myself while searching for men roughly my size.  I flex my strong hands and then smile when I spot a casually dressed man walking without paying attention to his surroundings. 

So much prey in the city, I think as I begin stalking the man.  Jenny.  I’ll show her.  She’ll understand.

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