Office Party

A woman buys a cursed costume, infecting as she changes

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I’m three pages deep on Amazon and I still don’t know what to get for the party.  I can’t wear one of the typical ‘slutty girl’ costumes and not just because it’s my first work party as an actual, functioning working adult.  It’s just not my style.  I’ll save those for girls with more self-confidence. Or more alcohol.

So, I close the tab and just do a basic search for a costume.  After a bit of back and forth. I decide a onesie is probably my best bet.  I’m not very crafty and anything that needs paint or more than one strap would be too complicated for me.  That leads me to other sites until my eyes are tired.  I push up my glasses and pinch my nose with a sigh, blinking light blue eyes.

And then I see it.  A really cute dog onesie – a rottweiler.  Absolutely perfect and not too expensive, surprisingly enough.  I don’t know the website – arcanedesires.mag?  But they take Paypal so I don’t have to stress about giving some weird site my credit card.

I look at it a bit longer, rotating the 3d image to see the droopy little cute tail and the adorable floppy black ears on the model and I’m already in love with it.  

Also looks like it’ll double as pajamas so it’s not just a useless one-shot buy that I never use again.  I go through the links, purchase it and shut down my laptop.  Time to curl up in bed and read a little.

The party is tonight and I’m panicking a little bit.  But just a little bit.  The post office tried to deliver my costume yesterday when I wasn’t home but it requires a signature.  So now I’m sitting here, anxiously waiting for redelivery because the party starts in a little over an hour.

I’m calm.  I’m calm.  I can always just not go, it’s not that big a deal, is it?  I’m just a sales intern so I won’t be missed too much.  Gosh, I don’t think I will.

I’ve left my curtains open and my porch light on.  There’s absolutely no excuse this-

The doorbell rings and I bolt for it, yelling out “sorrys!” and “wait a seconds!” as I navigate through my small apartment until I reach the front door.  I pause, cough and collect myself just as the doorbell rings again.  

“Thank y-” I say, opening the door.  Nobody is there and that’s a little weird.  I kinda lean out to look a bit more down the hallway but it’s eerily empty.  Huh.  My frown vanishes when I notice the padded manilla envelope laying against my door frame.

Score!  Although, what was the nonsense it said online about requiring a signature?

Doesn’t matter, I guess.  I don’t have time to worry about it.

I grab my treasure, close and lock the door and retreat inside.  I have about an hour to get ready but one of the benefits of the hoodie is that, well, it’s a hoodie.  It has a hood.  An adorable little thing with ears and those tan colored marks rottweilers have on their eyebrows.  The hood will hide my hair and the cuteness will distract anyone from the lack of makeup.

Eeee, I can’t wait to see how it is.  I tear open the perforated top of the envelope and the costume is nestled lovingly inside, cradled between bubble wrap.

It looks a little smaller than I expected but, as I pull it out, I see that it’s just more form-fitting than I thought it would be.  It feels well made and although there’s no fake fur, the coloring is spot on.  I just wish I had time to wash it first.  Yet another reminder not to put things off until the last minute.  If I’d ordered it sooner, I’d have more time.

Besides, when I bring it up to my nose, it doesn’t smell bad.  It actually smells, huh, how do I put it?  Natural?  It’s like, I can usually smell some kind of artificial fabric scent on clothes but this is the first time I’ve smelled the lack of it.

Oh!  And the belly is soft.  The fabric is as slick as velvet and warm to the touch.  It’s- huh.  There’s no tag so I don’t know what it’s made out of or how to wash it.  Gentle, probably.  

The.  Tail.  Is.  Adorable.  It’s about a foot long and surprisingly thick with solid padding inside of it.  I sit and lay the costume on my lap before pulling up a browser on my phone.  I guess I noticed it in the pictures but, for whatever reason, I thought rottweilers had stubby tails naturally.  And that’s just dumb on my part.  And reading further on the subject makes me sad.  I’d never heard of ‘docking’ before in relation to dogs.  What the hell, humanity?

Putting those thoughts aside, I hold the onesie up in front of me, admiring the tan “socks” of the feet and hands.  There’s another splash of the same color just under where my shoulders will fit.  Oh, and some right around the the collar of the hoodie as well.  Otherwise, it’s entirely black.

Unable to contain myself any more and running out of time for the party, I undress down to my panties and bra – both black to match my costume.  

It feels good against my skin.  As warm as it was to the touch.  I have to hunt for the zipper since it’s well hidden beneath black fabric flaps but it zips like any other hoodie and I step into one of the legs.

The material clings to my skin as I pull it up to my calf.  There’s little fake claws on the tips of the dark, wet sand-colored feet.  I step in with my other foot, pulling it up until the costume is around my legs.  It feels both nonexistent and comforting at the same time. 

I slide the fabric up over my slim legs until the crotch of it nestles against my panties and then slip my fingers into the attached fingerless gloves.  The static electricity from the costume pulls at the usually invisible blonde hairs on my arm.  I watch them raise as I drag the sleeves over my arms.  I feel the hood against my back as I reach down, pinching beneath the zipper before I seal myself into the outfit.

The costume is pretty tight so I worry about my breasts showing but there’s padding inside the chest that I didn’t notice at first.  As I zip up, it forms itself to me, showing my hips but not the panty-line I expected and, as it presses against my chest, I look down to see a vague bulge as if the fabric is restraining my breasts.  

It must be magic because it doesn’t feel tight at all.  Snug in the right places but not crushing my boobs despite how it’s somehow compressing them.

Excited to see how I look, I run to my room and spin, feeling the attached tail tugging on the fabric around my butt.  With my legs slightly apart, I look over my shoulder to see the dark tan coloring come up from the feet to the inside of my thighs and up to my butt.

I’m going to be honest, I look really good in it.  Black has always been a slimming color and the costume is as form-fitting as my yoga pants.  I run my hands down my sides and my hips and I can’t even feel my panties.  My tail flops behind me, right between my legs.

Turning, I can see my breasts but the dark material hides them well enough that it doesn’t matter very much.  No worse than a t-shirt and I can’t even see my nipples.  

Smiling at myself, I reach back, gather my shoulder-length hair into the back of the hoodie and then flip the hood up.  The black ears flop out and down and I shake my head before opening my mouth and sticking out my tongue.

“Arf!” I tell myself, smiling at my reflection.  

I’m a good girl, yes I am.

I walk through my apartment, searching for my purse.  I have a really bad habit of never leaving things in the same place and always forgetting where I put it so it’s always a hunt for me.

But, I still have a peanut butter protein bar in it from yesterday and I can smell it.  The tail shifts against my back as I follow my nose into the kitchen to find my purse sitting on top of my dishwasher.  I shove my face in it and then back off, reaching in to grab the protein bar as the tail brushes the back of my legs.

God, I love peanut bar.  So much.  It’s just so good and tastes good on my tongue and is sticky and then I get to lick my lips until they clean and taste it some more.  I tear into the package as I sling my purse over my shoulder.  

With the first chomp, my cuspids begin to itch.  I finish off the bar when I reach the front door and toss the empty wrapper on the nearby table.  My tongue works around my lips as I reach down to slip into my untied trainers.  They’re a tight fit and that’s kind of unusual since the costume is as thin as some leggings I wear.  I’ll just loosen the strings when I have more time.

God!  The outside smells amazing!  I lick my nose and huff, breathing deeply of all the unusual scents floating through the air.  And then wrinkle my nose at the harsh smells of cigarettes.

I growl in the direction of my neighbor’s apartment.  These are supposed to be non-smoking apartments.


Crimson rises to my cheeks. No, it’s her boyfriend.  There’s another smell with the perfume and I can- oh gosh, wow, I can hear them having sex.  More sex because they were both outside recently.  I step to the railing and crouch, sniffing crotch-height.  I can smell him.  His… stuff.  And hers.  It clings to the metal.

It’s a good smell and it reminds me how long it’s been for me.  I’ve just been so focused on finishing school and getting my new job and- ugh.  I lean in, breathing deeply of their scents.  Living vicariously through them as the floppy ears on the hoodie twitch and I hear her repeated moans inside.  And the wet slapping of skin against skin.

Woof.  Time to go because now I’m getting turned on.

I stand, cast a last longing glance to my neighbor’s door and hurry down the stairs to the parking lot.  My car is on the other side of the- wow, that’s fresh.  I stop by a lamppost for a brief moment and sniff before moving on.  Mrs. Diller’s dog.  A male.  Although, of course it is.  I mean, I know it is.  

Reaching down, I tug at the constricted crotch of the costume while pushing away the image of her golden retriever lifting its leg.  At the thought of what was-

I mean, it has to be because a girl dog wouldn’t pee up high like that.  We squat to pee.

Ah, my car!  I hustle, feeling the tail bouncing behind me while grabbing my keys.  It’s an old beater and I have to physically unlock it with the key.  The door creaks as I open it and get in.

And then I yelp when the base of my tail flexes painfully against the seat.  I reach back, pulling it sideways and leaning forward so the pressure is off.

The car coughs to a start as I back out and pull away, wrinkling my gray nose as the smell of gasoline fills the interior, blocking out the scent of my faint arousal.

I can almost- no, no, I push the image away to focus on my drive.  

Tiny hairs the color of burnt umber emerge from the backs of my fingers as I grip the wheel and turn into traffic.  Our office is small, a close-knit group of mostly men.  Sandra and I are the only women and she’s worked there since the beginning.  

My fingernails move.  The red polish cracks to show flecks of black beneath as the nails pinch and fold.  The thin tips slide outward as they continue to grow together until my previously flat nails are curved, blacks claws dusted with Rouge Fatale.  I flex my hands on the wheel to scratch my claws against my itchy palms while I navigate downtown traffic towards my office.

I’m getting kind of nervous.  I really want to make a good impression on everyone.  We’re a small tech startup but the serious kind rather than the “dart rifle at every desk and arcade machines in the break room” kind.  This is one of the rare times everyone comes together to relax and to try and ignore the crunch.

I reach down, pinching at the skin of my thighs to try and pull the costume away from my crotch.  My sweet scent is filling the car and my tongue slides past the sharp tips of my canines as I enjoy it.  Drinking in my excitement.  It’s just getting a little tight down there and it’s turning me on.

Greg will be there.  I know I’m nothing and I know office romances are bad but his bearded face drives me crazy sometimes.  I spread my legs and groan as my smell intensifies.

Blood rushes down and my labia begins to swell, pressing against the black fabric of the costume.  And then the lips continue to bulge and the costume grows damp.  The material strains and melts away to leave pussy lips that match the color that previously covered them.  If I weren’t so distracted, I could feel my pussy brushing the inside of my thighs.  Skin flows down, over my clit to meet the changing, folded lips of my sex and I grunt as I accidentally shift and my distended pussy brushes my seat.

A single, black hair pierces the fabric still clinging to my thighs.  It’s short and shiny and is joined by a second.  And then a third.  And a fourth.  More.  As the hairs spread between my thighs, the costume disintegrates around them.

The change is almost imperceptible unless you were watching to see the flat black of the onesie become replaced with the shiny black of my growing pelt.

My claws drag against callused skin on my palms as I turn into the little parking lot at work.  I can feel my tail wriggle happily as I see other cars parked there but, when I step out of the car, my tail flexes down between my legs in response to my anxiety.  

I really don’t want to mess this up.  A whine escapes my dark lips.  I rub my rough hands against my face and my blonde eyebrows flake away.  

Taking a deep breath to relax myself, I step forward.  As I do, darker hairs replace my missing eyebrows until they match the tan color of my costume.  A few black hairs grow along the edge of them and then expand toward the bridge of my nose.

Soft trance music greets me when I open the doors to our office.  They’ve turned the main lights off so it’s a little dark with individual lights hung up in order to make it seem more like an actual club.

I walk past the front desk and see everyone in pairs, talking quietly.  My tail curls further between my legs and I shiver when it brushes my sex.

“Hey, Deidre!” Sandra says as she breaks away from Ted.  She’s dressed as Jasmine from Aladdin and her outfit does nothing to hide her tits.  But then, there isn’t much that could hide them very well.  I’ve learned over time that she takes every chance to show off.  I guess I would, too.  They’re massive.  “Wow, your costume looks great.  I love your facepaint. Help yourself to punch.  The red bowl is just juice and the purple bowl has a mix of alcohol.  Lots of food and everything, too!  Don isn’t drinking and will call a cab for anyone that needs it.”

Bare skin shows above my ass to expose a lump that connects to my tail.  Jet black fur sprouts around the bump and then begins to spread to the base of my tail.  The flat black fabric vanishes beneath a slowly growing thicket of fur.  My tail unfurls and the tip wags at Sandra’s words of encouragement.

Definitely a purple bowl night.  I walk over, studiously ignoring those around me as I fill a plastic cup.  With a gulp, I growl, showing my fangs behind pure black lips.  

It’s really strong, wow.  

Eyeing the crowd, I see everyone is there but there’s no friendly eyes welcoming me over.  I can hear them talking about their projects and about what they’ll do when and if they ever have free time.  

My head swims and it’s not just the alcohol I keep drinking.  The smells!  There’s a million of them.  The bathroom keeps tugging at me but there’s the smell of sweat and stress and alcohol and the weird burning aroma of electronics and the faint subtext of odors everyone has dragged from their homes to the office.

I finish the last of my drink and sway a little.  My feet hurt.  I kneel and loosen my shoestrings before deciding to completely untie them.  The ache lessens but is still there.  I feel it in my joints and along the arch of my feet.  A dull, thudding pain sometimes mixed with jolting stabs.

Hairs march up from my crotch.  As dark as coal mined during midnight, they mix with the blonde of my sparse pubic hairs and the lighter hairs pull free as they’re replaced.  I scratch my bare skin through the itchy fur while looking around for-

There he is!  And alone!  He’s dressed as a cowboy with a silly hat and blue jeans and cowboy boots.  And an open leather vest.  Not real leather, though.  No.  I can’t smell the animal it was made from so it’s something else.  Some synthetic blend.

My tail wags gently and I step out of my shoes to walk barefoot to him, smiling widely.

Down the dark fur grows, over my hips and then changing color once it reaches the inside of my thighs.  Now tan furs brush together as I step, one foot in front of the other to talk to Greg before-

I sniff, raising my black nose as bones click in my cheeks.

Tony.  It was Tony talking to him.

My hips sway almost as much as I do.  I dunno what they put in the bowl but, wow.

“Greg!” I say, reaching over to hug him, squeezing his arm between my breasts.  The pressure compresses the fabric and, as it lays against my skin, hairs pierce my skin like claws, anchoring the costume in place.

I catch him glancing down at my sudden cleavage.  The costume has moulded itself to my chest and he’s struggling not to look.

God, I’ve fantasized about him doing that.  Staring at me around the office, commenting on how healthy and glossy my pelt is and how firm my tits look.  Telling me how his cock is aching and his sheath is stretched tight at the thought of taking me into the back room to get me on all fours and-

I’ve spent many a nights in bed thinking of him as I masturbate.  At the taboo of it.  The thrill of a secret office romance.

My fur is spreading between my breasts and I shiver as the tips of the hairs tickle the soft skin of my aching boobs.  

God.  I need to be touched.  I need to be stroked and petted and-

“-good,” Greg says.

“What?” I ask, blinking up at him.  

“I said, your costume looks really good,” Greg repeats.  “Do you mind?”

I shake my head as he reaches up to touch the ears.  He pinches my floppy ears between his fingers and I swoon, pressing against him for a moment as he rubs the skin and fur together.

“Wow,” he says, pulling my ear and touching my the glossy blackness of it.  “I can’t even- how does it attach?”

“The hood,” I sigh with my eyes closed.  His hands are so warm against me.  I turn, trying to get him to scratch behind my ears but he takes his hands away.

“What hood?” he asks.

I start to answer him and then twist as the hairs marching over my breasts touch my erect nipples.  The sharp points drag my nipples, twisting them as they grow around them.  The costume recedes and, for a brief moment, my nipples become visible.

Greg’s eyes widen and then his forehead creases as my tiny pink nipples vanish beneath glossy black fur.  I lick my lips and my rough tongue drags against tan hairs sparsely covering my cheeks.  

I can smell him.  His arousal.  

I bump forward, legs spread and back bent slightly and his leg presses between my thighs.  I feel the pressure against my folded, dripping pussy and I soak his jeans with my scent and my desire.

“I need another drink,” I tell him, giddy with excitement, alcohol and the rising heat.  The need to be in whelp.

As I walk, my toes become distended.  They lengthen as they grow and I find myself rising up to the balls of my feet.  With another step, my toenails scratch against the fabric.  My other foot lands and dark, hardened claws pierce the feet of the costume.  The material stretches as my feet widen, muscles and tendons pulling the bones to increase the surface area of my paws.  The tan fibers of the onesie disappear as sandy hairs emerge from my feet to replace them.

When I reach the table, I glance around quickly and bend forward, lapping at the liquid.  The costume is deteriorating along my back.  As it does, it exposes a line of white skin just as dark fur grows forth.  I reach back, scratching my fur while it consumes me and my leg jumps as I find a really, really, really, really, really- oh god, that feels fantastic- really, itchy spot.

My face crunches and burns and I almost gag as my flexing tongue pulls nearly a shot-full of alcohol into my mouth.  I step back, stumbling before catching myself.  My eyes go blurry for a moment and then begin to clear as my stretching face become a muzzle.  I barely notice as the glasses fall away and tumble beneath the table.  I blink muddy brown eyes and then turn to Greg with a proper, widened jaw on my snout.

As I stagger away, Sandra turns and fills her glass from the bowl.  

Greg is sniffing the air while scratching his leg.  He’s worn a hole into his jeans with his claws and I see curly blond hairs sticking up from the gap.  The fur is slick from where I marked him with my pussy. 


“I feel-” he pauses, growling as his jaw creaks under his growing teeth.  The tips of his ears are lengthening and I can see fur between the gaps of his button-down shirt.  

I go to the clawed tips of my toes and lick his cheek.  He steps back, startled and his fingers touch his face, brushing blond stubble dotting his skin.  He huffs and then groans, pushing at his straining pants.

With my tail wagging fiercely behind me, the soft padding of my palm gently wraps around his hand and I guide him down to his jean’s zippers.  His hand brushes the tip of his cock as it grows past the band of his pants.

I’ve dreamed of this.  All those nights, since starting to work here, thinking of myself on my knees with my paws around the base of his knot.  Licking the length of him.  Whimpering at his rough claws against my scalp and ears when he shoves my muzzle down over his throbbing dick.

Drool drips from my long tongue and I whine as I watch the rounded tip of his dick stretch.  The pink, hardened skin of his manhood grows angry and red and I whine again as another bulge appears at the base of his cock.  

Greg’s shirt bulges in lumpy patches as his fur begins to grow thick.  He struggles with his pants and I turn, pressing myself against the wall with my ass out and my tail raised in a curved arc.

Presenting myself to him.

With my cheek pressed against the wall, I see Sandra on her knees, clawing at her blouse.  It tears to show a thick line of sweat-soaked fur between her dark-skinned breasts.  Ted is behind her, grabbing at his tie with his pants around his thighs.  His cock is throbbing in front of him and he’s gripping it, pumping it as his knot begins to grow.

Someone curses but I see Peter from accounting grabbing his wrist as gray and black fur grows out from his sleeves.  He’s gnashing his fanged teeth while his nostrils flare.

Sandra howls, her face raised to the ceiling, and her massive breasts jiggle from the motion.  She grabs Ted’s cock, pulling him towards her mouth as Jonathon kneels behind her, biting her shoulder while mindlessly humping her skirt.

Greg’s cock presses against my tail and I beg for him, feeling the high pitched whine in my nose when his claws dig into my waist.

The door opens and I catch Ryan stumbling outside.  As the door begins to close on softly hissing hydraulics, I see him grab and kiss a woman getting out of her car.  I recognize her a little – she works with the cleaning company next to our office.  The door slowly closes as she stops struggling against him and the lights dotting the parking lot glint off of her growing claws.

And then Greg enters me, my slick, hungry lips opening to his fat red cock, sucking him in until his knot presses against my jutting pussy.  His sharp teeth clamp down against my neck and his fingers glide down my slick, furred belly.

And I gasp as he touches the first growing teat.  

We go to our knees slowly as he pulls back.

Gooooood, I can feel his veiny, bulbous dick pulling out of me and I’m so wet the movement forces my hot juices out of my tight, swollen, black dog-like pussy.  The sticky liquid tangles with my short fur and I yip in pleasure.  

My body is on fire.  Every single nerve is activated.  Every touch makes me gasp.  I can’t stop whining with need as he moves against me.  I can’t stop raising my hips and then yipping when he slams hard into me.

I slide on soft, leathery pads and my ears flip as I lower my head.  I’m shivering and sweating at the same time and my sharp teeth ache at the roots.  I’ve never felt anything like it.  

The heat.  All is the heat.  Every buzzing thought in my brain is for him to cum inside of me, raw and hot.  To fill me with his seed until my belly bulges with his pups.  A new primal instinct fills me – was always there – will always be there now – to mate and rut and whelp.  

I’m split between wanting him to cum right now and toooooOOOOhhh god yesssss!

His teeth sink into my shoulder and his thick tongue rasps against fur and skin as he pants.  He’s growling and groaning and swelling inside my constricting pussy.  Greg’s thick, curly golden fur teases my back and I push up into him to mix our scents.  I want to fold myself into him and…

And then my mind melts.  He cums and shoves and my lips stretch around his knot, locking us together.  I frantically push back as hard as I can and it hurts so good to feel him that deep inside of me.

I need it.  I need it so bad.  His cum.  His babies.  My body demands it.  I’m wild.  Snapping at my paw, growling with him.  Moaning, licking my furred wrist, wriggling and then joining Sandra as she howls behind me.  I can’t- I can’t- I can’t control- I can’t-

My orgasm is so intense that I black out for a moment.  He’s still so hard inside of me and I can feel his cum dripping from my distended lips.  I whine and focus inward to tighten my muscles.  To keep all of it inside of me and he takes the cue to begin thrusting in short, jabbing motions that OH FUCK OH FUCK!

I collapse and it gets worse.  He’s above me and his cock presses down grinding against my g spot as I’m flattened against the short pile carpet.  My tongue hangs loose as I claw strips from the floor and lose track of time.  I think I pass out a few times.

The music stopped at some point and I’m on my side with Greg behind me.  Still knotted together.  He licks my ears and I cuddle back against me.

Oh gosh.  My pussy aches so bad now.  Deep inside.

Yet, all I can think about as I smile and drift off into a warm sleep is a dream of a litter of little black and golden pups curled up, sucking at my engorged teats as I sing them lullabies.

Like the proper bitch that I am.

I turn to see Deidre walking away from the table we’ve set out for drinks and food.  She misses a step and I smile at her.  Poor girl will definitely need a taxi tonight.  Still, I’m glad to see her here and relaxing a little.  I’ve been worrying that she was wound too tightly.  I don’t want to see her break down because she’s been one of our best hires lately.

Hell, I’m probably going to need a taxi tonight.

My phone buzzes and I pull it out, smiling and glancing around to make sure nobody can see it.  Frank, my fiancé, has sent a text from home.  We’ve been texting all night and he’s starting to get flirty.  Apparently, he can’t wait for me to get home to polish his lamp.  


Ryan is waiting behind me to top his drink off as I fill my own cup.  I take a hard swallow and it warms my stomach all the way down.  

And then it fills my entire body with a fiery numbness.  Oh.  Fuck.  Wow.  I’m all tingly suddenly and my scalp feels tight.

Sweat beads between my breasts and I walk over to Ted and Jonathon.  Despite Jonathon’s youth, they’re both our senior developers and they’re discussing the latest software revision.  I’m pretty sure I can steer their conversation away from work and onto something more casual, though.

Like, mmm, yeah, like pulling my blouse down and sucking on my, mmmm, sucking and licking at my tits.  

I stop and shake my head.  That’s not- that’s not right.  I have a fiancé.  He wouldn’t- I- 

As I walk, I feel the walls of pussy rub wetly against each other.  My thick thighs press together and I feel my skin gliding.  I’m soaked.  My teeth itch.  I grind them and make fists, feeling sharp pain against my palms.  

Silver fur emerges from between my shoulderblades.  I can hear the distorted crunch of bones and the sounds in the room shift and warble as my ears travel higher on my head.  They twist forward as the tips slowly begin to grow to triangular points.

I growl and my lips tremble to show sharp fangs.  

If Frank were here, I’d fuck him right now.  I sniff the air around me.

But he’s not.  He’s not here and there’s so many males.  Talking about stupid shit rather than using me like a filthy, dirty slut.  Filling every hole so this fucking heat dies down before it eats me alive.

I grab the back of Ted’s neck and kiss him, biting his tongue accidentally as I shove my broad tongue down his throat.  He gags and I pull back, wiping the drool and spit from my cheeks.

“What the hell, Sandra?” Jonathon asks.

I snap at him as sweat runs down my chest.  It’s getting hard to breathe.  My clothes are tight and hot and the room is spinning and this fire burns through my body.

Ted’s massaging his bulging pants and staring at me.  I want him more than anything in my life but there’s so many around me.

He has to take me if he wants me.

I lick Jonathon’s cheek, grab his ass and nip at his neck and then laugh when he pushes me away.  Ted’s already got his dick out and-

It’s too much.  I fall to my knees and then my hands, panting with my head down.  The back of my blouse ripples as my fur spreads and my heavy breasts weigh against me as they hang below me.

I’ve soaked my panties and they’re painfully tight against me as my labia thickens.  For a moment, my panties pull between my wet slit.  I feel the walls within my pussy constrict and my lips press against my cotton underwear as they extend and fold and the band of my panties are pushed away.

I lean back with a frustrated howl, ripping at my shirt and bra and the cool air surrounds me.

He’s before me.  Ted.  Unable to wait for him to make his move, I reach forth, grabbing his soft, fuzzy sheath and he comes to me as drool escapes the lips of my straining, stretching face.  

I don’t give blowjobs and I don’t know how to do it right but I don’t care.  I need to taste him.  I need his cum on my tongue and his hardness against the back of my throat.  My lips wrap around him and it’s the best thing I’ve ever felt.  My nostrils flare and I grab his ass with one clawed hand and place my other against his hairless lower stomach, kneading the flesh as his fur grows around my fingers.

He groans, gripping my thick, erect ears.  How have I ever missed this?  Why did I ever resist?  It’s almost as good as-

Fuck yesss!

Fingers grab my tit and side as nails becomes claws in smooth, sliding motion.  I can smell Jonathon behind me and he’s grunting, rubbing my ass with his hard cock.

Reaching back, I pull my skirt up and rip my panties with a single claw.  I groan, bouncing my mouth back and forth against Ted’s cock and then stare up at him, locking his gaze as I push forward, opening my muzzle wider to take his knot.  The salty taste of him drives me wild.

He strokes my silver and white fur and I flex my back, inviting the other male.

“Bitch,” Jonathon is growling.  His hands caress and claw my body ceaselessly as he plunges his tipped cock forward, probing at my ass.  The sensation is new to me and I want it but I want him to fill my sopping pussy more.  “Gonna.  Gonna fuck you.  Fill you.  Mate.”

And I realize he’s probably a virgin.  I reach back, guiding the young man’s dick towards my pussy.  He leaves a thick trail of warm pre-cum along the fur covering my back.

Ted explodes in my mouth and I milk him, swallowing every drop as Jonathon finally finds his mark.

It hurts when he enters me, as if I hadn’t had sex in years.

My ears twist as someone snarls and Ted snaps back.  Peter stands shirtless, streaks of grey and black fur covering his chest in patches.  He’s holding his pink cock in his hands, challenging Ted for my mouth.

I let go of Ted’s cock and pull at Peter, feeling him reshape in my eager mouth as Jonathon pounds me from behind.

It’s getting.


To concentrate.

With.  Both.  

Another cock presses against my cheek and I reach up to tug at it, my soft paws caressing it.  

I feel my orgasm a second before it hits and I pull away from Peter because I’m terrified I’ll bite him.  I can’t stop the howl ripping through my throat as I tremble from the release.  It feels so fuckin good.  I howl a second time and Deidre joins me.

My pulsing pussy pushes Jonathon over the edge and I feel him spurting within me.  I shudder, going to my hands and knees and he follows for a moment before his cock, slick with my juices and his cum, pops free.  He stumbles back and someone else replaces him as Peter rubs his cock against my furred jaw.

And I don’t even care who it is as they plunge into me.

The drink has a surprising bite to it.  I wasn’t going to indulge but I don’t want to be known as the teetotaler of the office so I decide to live a little once.

What’s the worst that can happen?

So I stand back, nodding my head to the music as I sip my drink.  Although it’s sweet, I can taste the alcohol and my nose wrinkles when I take another sip.

Smells strong, too.

Setting my half-finished drink on the nearby windowsill, I take my phone out and open the messaging app.  I start a message to Joyce, swiping with my thumb.

Hey, cutie! I write with a smile.  I met her at church a month ago and we’ve been out four times already.  Last night, we watched a movie at my house for the first time and my heart swelled when she rested her head on my shoulder.  I hate to put the cart ahead of the horse but I’m really hoping she’s the one.  Saving myself for marriage and the right partner with the right ideals and morals is tough.  Worth it but tough.  And seeing her sweet smile is almost as good as shoving her to the ground and mounting-

I hiioopp- my thumbs slips on the virtual keyboard and I growl at it.  My left hand goes to my crotch, squeezing and pulling as I stare at my thumb and the curved point of the nail.

With a huff and a frown that shows four sharp teeth, I feel my heart start to pound.  

There’s a claw on my thumb!  I drop my phone and turn my hand over.  The tips of every nail are pinched together at the center and darkening into a chalky black texture.  White hairs line the backs of my knuckles and I watch in horror as they begin to spread to my hand.  

I kneel, grabbing my phone and the head of my dick glides wetly against my stomach, just beneath my shirt.  

Sirhinhs wring, I awkwardly type one character at a time before sending the short message.  Feeeeel wrpng.  Need.  Neef ur pusdy.

I whine and send the message as my erect cock throbs, bouncing against my body.  I can smell them and I look around to see Deidre on all four while Sandra has Ted’s penis in her mouth.

The sight is horrifying and arousing at the same time.  It’s my first time seeing sex.  I know about sex and I’ve accidentally seen the sites my roommates used to look at but this is entirely different.  The scents are swirling in my head and I pant, lowering myself while pounding clawed, furred hands against the ground.

I have to resist.  I have to resist.

My shirt strains as my chest begins to expand.  White hairs show in the gaps and I can see brown hairs replacing the white as my fur marches up my arm.  There’s a painful click in my lower jaw as it shoves forward into an underbite and my lips droop down.

Just have to- have to-

The tips of my ears curl back slightly as they expand and I hear a car pull into the parking lot outside

My phone buzzes with Joyce’s reply but she’s not here and I hurt so bad.  The skin of my uncircumcised cock swells and hairs erupt along its length.

When a woman opens the car’s door outside, I growl.  Joyce isn’t here but this woman is.  I know her.  I know the cute Latina’s name.  Sofia.  She cleans our offices and I bet she’d clean my cock, yes.  As good as she cleans the office when I’m working late.  

I stand and open the door as my shirt bursts, unable to contain the girth of my chest.  

Sofia is stepping out and turning around to grab her purse, not even seeing me as I approach.  My ears slide through my short hair and my shoes press painfully into my feet.

She turns as I stand close, catching my reflection in her car window.  Her mouth opens to scream and I press into her, kissing her deeply.

It’s my first kiss and I want more.  I need more.  It’s driving me, pushing.  The raging fire within.

Her arms beat at my back as I tear her shirt down the front and my paw closes around her throat while I lick at her nipple.  She’s shouting and beating at my back while I rip her thin skirt and panties.  In my rush, I mark her with my claws and I can smell the tiny drops of her blood from the red lines left on her thighs.

I cover her mouth with mine as I feel the stub of my tail pulling at my spine and back.  My cock lies against her stomach so I lift her up and her hands claw at my back as the rounded tip presses against her pussy.

My claws dig into her ass, spreading her but she’s dry and I’m inexperienced.  

And then I feel hot wetness against the bulging head of my cock and I enter her.  She gasps, grabbing at my flat brown fur and hair while wrapping her legs around my waist.  I press hard and she takes all of me with a shriek.

“Por favor!” she cries, burying her face in my shoulder.  “Don’t- don’t do-“

But her head begins rubbing against my fur and she licks me, tentatively.  She gasps and her claws bite deep when my knot begins to swell at the base of my cock, spreading her open further.

I can feel her thick, black fur growing beneath my paw as I hold her ass.

“Wait,” she pants, pressing against me, I growl and her ears twitch as she bites her lips and her eyes flutter.  Her English is accented but clear and sweet.  “Not like-“

She pulls away and I let her as my chest heaves and my throbbing red cock glistens in the overhead lights.  

Sofia drops to her hands and feet and turns, flexing her back while stretching out and raising her bare ass.  Black stubble lines her shoulders and back and I see the flesh at the base of her spine bulge.  She hangs her head for a moment and then turns to stare at me, her golden eyes glazed with lust as she licks her black lips with her long, wide tongue.

“This,” she pants, her voice low and seductive.  She cries out and her ass raises.  Her pussy is dripping wet before me.  “Like- perraTe ruego, por favor.

Her bracelets jangle against the concrete as I go to all fours behind her, clawing at the ground with my constricted feet as my claws pierce my shoes.  She works her hips, guiding me into her before reaching down to her clit.

“¡Ay Dios mio!” Sofia cries, pinching her clit as the skin shifts beneath her fingers.  I feel her opening tightening and moving against me as I frantically pound into her.  

The girl barks and then growls, snapping at the air as her petite, apple-shaped face crunches and extends.  I lick her shoulder sympathetically, tasting her sweat while still slamming my dick as deep as I can and her soft ass slaps back against me.

I cum too soon and am surprised by it.  Her ears twitch back and flatten in exasperation.  She drops her hand to the ground to anchor herself before licking the side of my muzzle with her sloppy, wet tongue.  

The words are strange in her muzzle with her accent but I understand her nonetheless.

“Más, por favor,” she whines, slowly wriggling her hips back and forth, enticing me.

She turns, pulling free to lay a gentle hand against my chest.  I go down, twisting to find a comfortable position for my short tail as she straddles me.  Her fur is black, thick and curly and I lose sight of her curves until she guides my hands to her hips.  

Sofia shoves her chest out and her tits jiggle.  I grab one and she moans appreciatively as she slides back and forth against my cock.

“¡Ay, papi,” she growls quietly as I squeeze her nipple carefully.  She has a cute tuft of fur directly between her bare breasts.  She reaches beneath her, grabs my cock while lifting her hips.  I snarl and she coos in a high pitched whine as she slowly lowers herself onto my dick.

I pull my mate down and hug her close as she works her ass back and forth.  Her hardened nipples drag through my coarse, short fur and her growling gasps come quickly.

“Eres mío,” she whispers into my ear before a shuddering moan is forced from her thick lips.

As we rut and I lose myself in my mate, I think briefly of Joyce and wonder whether Sofia would share.  The thought of two bitches, big of belly with my litter makes me growl and grow harder.

Joyce lives less than a mile away.  Alone.

Sofia jerks and shudders and howls above me but I hold her tight until she starts rocking her wide hips again.  I lick her lips and our tongues meet briefly.  When she leans back with her hands against my chest, her breasts lie completely covered by her thick pelt.

I can already see Joyce on all fours, begging me to fuck her and I know, as my second orgasm nears, that I’ll be taking her tonight.

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