A quick and dirty little snippet of a girl with a magic nose ring

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I stand there and take it.  God.  My step-dad is such a fucking asshole.

“What the hell were you thinking?” he asks.  His face is red and he’s got this big v-shaped vein popping out on his forehead.  “Just because your mom is gone for the week, you think you can get away with this?”

This is a nose ring I just got done.  I have a cute little silver plated septum nose ring and it hurts.  But it’s cute and I’ve wanted one and god, I’m tired of my mom always controlling my life, you know?

So I stand there in my Chucks and faded black Tool shirt and torn blue jeans and stare at him while he yells.  He’s alright most times but mom has him wound up and he knows she’ll be pissed and take it out on him.

“Just- just, fuck, just go up to your room,” he says with a sigh and a hand over his face.

So I nod quietly and go up.

I’m eighteen and leaving to college in a few months.  I could’ve waited.  It was kind of a dick move to do it right now but I was tired of waiting and being a good little girl. 

So I close myself in my room, grab my mirror and sit on my bed to look at it.  The area around the piercing is a little red and-

Wait.  What the hell?

I touch my nose, running a finger along the small, rounded tip of it.  There are little black spots and the more I look at it- No way.  The skin of my nose is turning pink.  Not Flesh Crayola pink but actual pink.  The skin moves as I touch it and it feels soft and weird.

And kinda nice.

I can see my eyes widened in the mirror as I watch a single white hair push through a microscopic black hole in the bridge of my nose. 

“What the fuck?” I whisper.  I pull at it and it pulls my skin with it.  It stings!  A second hair, as white as the first, sprouts further up my nose.  And a third.  And a fourth.  I drop the mirror just as a black hair emerges from my cheekbone.

My stomach twists into knots and I start to stand but my chest itches and I sit back.  And look down.  And watch as my shirt slowly, ever so slowly, pushes away from my body.  I pull it off and the white undershirt that goes with it just as my bra digs painfully into my back and sides.

I have my shirt off in time to watch my tits swell over my bra.  I gasp and grab the sheets as my nipples flick against the edge of the bra and my tits slip free.  Vivid blue veins stand out on the pure white skin of my growing boobs.  My dark areola are changing color – lightening as my painfully erect nipples elongate.  Black flecks appear on the throbbing nipples and then they droop down under their own weight.

And still my breasts grow.  I grip them and squeeze them, trying to satiate the itch deep within.  I lean my head back and my eyes cross for a moment.  I can see thick fur covering my nose but I blink and the image vanishes. 

I can’t hold my own breasts anymore.  They overwhelm my hands as translucent liquid seeps from the ends of my nipples.

I moan, long and low and it feels good.  Natural.  But my breasts are hot and hard so I squeeze them from the base to the nipples and then up the nipples.  The weight of my expanding breasts forces me to hunch forward but I keep squeezing.

Milking myself.  Thin streams of milk squirt from my tits and I spasm.

“Oh gooooood!” I moan.  I’m already wet and squirming from it.  I reach down to touch myself and my fingers brush smooth skin and silky fur.  Looking down, I see four little spots of skin twist on my body.  The skin beneath them is turning white.  I lean back to take the weight of my breasts off my back but I have to turn my hips because something against my ass hurts.

And then it moves.  I lean to my side and my huge breasts flatten together.  The back of my pants are straining against something.  Oh god.  Oh god, it moved!  I felt it!  It slips free and flicks painfully against my bare back and I finally see it – my tail!  Oh Jesus!

But then I gasp and shudder and moan as ducts form beneath my belly.  It feels weird.  I feel full. And sensitive.  I reach a hand down to the four nipples, tangling them in my fingers. 

Oh fuck!  Oh fuck!  Sensitive!  I’m sensitive!

My jaw cracks as it widens and my ears flick.  I feel an urge within my chest.  I try to hold it back but I can’t.  I open my jaw and moo loudly as I squeeze and express milk from my aching teats.  It’s harder think.  Getting hard.  Think.  Pressure in head.  I shake my head.  Try to think.  My breasts are so sore and I can’t reach my pussy.  Sore pussy.  Needs it.  Everything needs touched.  I have to focus to stay alert.  To think and remember.

“Jane?” my step-dad’s voice calls out.

I stand and wobble on bare feet.  Looking down, I see my toes sticking together and my toenails are long and hard and black.

The door opens and I fall against him, soaking his chest from the long nipples on my tits.  My fingers work at his pants and I’m kneeling by the time he can say anything.

“What the- fuck!” he yells as my long tongue wraps around his flaccid cock.  It begins to harden and he grabs me, trying to push me away but I have my arms around his legs and he falls.

I straddle him, walking on my knees as my hooves click-clock on the floor.  He’s scared and looking up at me but I feel his hard cock against my soft, furry ass.  My tail flicks happily as I lean over to put a teat in his mouth. 

He resists at first but I see the fight fade and I moo quietly as he sucks at me.  Brown hairs sprout from his face.  Better yet, I feel his cock sliding against my back.  Slickened with his pre-cum, it glides and grows long and longer until it reaches my shoulder blades.

I cum when he pulls and sucks at my teats.  He gasps and breaks free, smacking his lips while rubbing his face and shaking his head.

“I- what-”  he says.

I stand and I can already tell I have better balance on my hooves.  Gathering as much sexiness as I can, I lean against my computer desk to spread my thick, white and black-furred thighs.

It  hurts when my pussy changes.  I feel bones scrape and my labia strain as it stretches and pulls and something pushes against my guts.  My uterus.  Bigger.  For him.  For babies.  The long black lips of my pussy drip with my excitement.  I look back at him and he huffs.  His wide noses flares and he stands.

Jesus.  His dick is gigantic but I barely have time to think about it before one of his hands grips my tail and the other digs into the fur on my waist and he presses his dick against me.  As tight as I am and as huge as he is, my body responds and opens to him.

He stamps a foot that cracks against the ground, chipping at the floor with hardened nails that will soon be hooves. 

And I wonder as he fucks the last thought out of me:  what will our babies look like?

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