It’s getting dark.  Nearly time but I try to let it last as long as possible before I hide myself away.  With my mom gone, I have the whole house to myself.  And the, what’d the guy say that sold it?  The partially finished basement down below where I plan to hide myself away.

It’s enough.  I’m slowly learning to hold myself back.  To not destroy everything around me.  To not lose myself to it.  So a simple basement is enough.  It will be.  I have this under control now.

Music helps so I lay here in my old bed with my college books on the floor around me and my phone feeding music to my headphones to try and calm me.  But I’m uncomfortable.  My bones ache and my jaw is sore.  I find myself grinding my teeth back and forth while laying against my pillows.  Back and forth. Back and forth to try to ease the dull pain within.  I pull my lower jaw back and my canines stick against my upper teeth.

Longer now.

Sweating as my canines lengthen and crowd my other teeth, grinding together in a really fucking unpleasant way.  I breathe deeply through my nose.  Matching the beat of the music.

I expect my claws next but a pinch of pain in my cock tells me it’s different this time.  Despite being alone, I look around and unzip myself to see my hardened dick.  Once freed, it springs forth and my moan is deep.  Vibrating in my throat in the start of a growl.

God.  I hate to admit it but this part feels so good.  I stroke myself, holding my skin tight while pulling up and down.  I’m just average.  Maybe below.  But not for long.  Veins bulge against my grip and my long tongue lashes out as my jaw cracks to make room for new fangs. 

I should be going downstairs but I want to savor this part.

The smooth skin of my cock thickens and I feel the prickly hairs beginning to cover it.  I hold it against my stomach and the head slides up my belly as blood rushes down and I change.  Bigger.  Longer.  I squeeze the base when it hardens against my hand.  I can feel the tiny bumps within as they develop.  My knot.  My knot growing within my sheath.

The pink skin darkens.  Pins and needles stab into the head of my dick and it twists and pulls into a pointed tip.  My new sheath is already thick with fur and spreading to cover my balls.

It’s time.  I zip myself up awkwardly, leave my phone and head downstairs while my ears buzz. As my head, jaw and face change, my ears come next until my hearing is as sharp as my teeth. 

A quick look in the mirror shows I look mostly normal.  For now.  But someone looking close would tell that my beard doesn’t look right.  Not the same growth pattern or the same-

“Who the fuck are you?” I ask loudly.

A young girl, slim and blonde stares up at me in surprise.  She’s dressed in conservative slacks with a white button-down shirt beneath a brown sweater.  Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail and her makeup is either subtle or missing.

How did I miss her?  I growl and shake my head and my hearing clears.  Oh.  Oh, shit.  There’s a second girl outside.  Humming.  I can smell them both.

“We’re- we’re from the local church,” she tells me. She looks scared but stands firm.  “We always come by on Friday evenings to help around the house.  For Ms. Stanley?”

“That’s my mother,” I tell her, turning my face away.  “You have to leave.  Now.”

“N- no,” she says.  “We’ll be done in a few minutes.  We promised to help and it’s important for us.”

No, goddammit, think!  I turn away but, Jesus Christ, her smell.  I had it under control.  I was finally getting it under control!

“Please,” I whisper hoarsely, gripping my hand against my arm.  I can feel the muscles shifting within against my rough palms.  The skin along my hands is already growing into a thick callus and I dig my nails into my arm to feel sharp points against my skin.  Brown hair emerges to slide against my fingers.  “Please, you have to go.”

I’m sweating.  And breathing in deeply.  Pain in the base of my back and I know my tail is starting to come in.  Blood vessels and nerves and muscles and bones forming and connecting deep within.  I’ve got this.  I’ve- she-  the smell-

My cock is throbbing against my skin, hot and hard beneath my shirt.  I can’t.  I can’t do this.  It’s.  Not.  Need. I-

My mouth is open.  Panting.  Tongue hanging loose.  I claw at my shirt, ripping it off and turn to her.  Thick hair covers my chest and my jaw is distended and full of fangs.  She starts to scream but I grab her with a snarl and shove her head down against the couch. 

“Should.  Left,” I growl in her ear, licking the soft, pick edges while grinding against her.  She shudders and tries to say something but her voice is muffled.  “Can’t.  Help.  It.”

I grab the top of her shirt and pull and she bucks against me, raising her head to scream before I shove her down again.  Her neck is reddened and thick with veins as she strains and the smell of blood makes drool form in my mouth.  Blood from the claw marks in her back as I slice her clothes away from her. 

My heavy paw grips her hair to hold her down and I clean her, growling with each stroke of my tongue until I’m near her ass.  I bend her on the couch, forcing her knees up against her chest.  She’s crying but all I know is the scent of her and I press my muzzle between her sweet thighs to smell her pussy. 

With one hand holding her down, the other tears small holes in the tight fabric over her ass.  I don’t want to damage her sex.  I need it.  I need it.  I pull down as gently as my bulging muscles allow and my thick, curved claws leave red lines on her pale flesh.  I bend my thick paws in the tear I’ve made and pull to expose her simple, white panties.

God, I can’t help it.  I lick her, tasting the sweet and salty mixture between her lips.  She’s an innie and has unkempt pubic hair that fans out in a thick tangle.  Her leg trembles and lashes out so I snarl and press down harder and shove my furred face between her thighs to lap at her.  My free hand spreads her ass open and she shudders against me.

I smell her grow wet before I taste the clear liquid that begins to seep through her lips.  My rough tongue lashes against the small, sharp hairs beginning to grow around her swollen sex.

And now I can smell the wolf taking hold of her.

She whimpers above me and I relax my grip. 

“P- p- please,” she whispers.  “D-  d- don’t.  J- just let me g- g- go, please!”

I stand and see a small glimmer of hope that quickly dies when I tear my already ripped pants away from my body.  Thick, shaggy fur lines my torso but does little to hide my huge cock. 

Her back is lined with healing scars that are edged with blonde hairs.

“No!  Don-” she screams and then huffs as I shove myself down on top of her.  I can feel the heat from her pussy when I grind against her, cheek-to-muzzle.  I reach a hand down to cup her meager breast and she gasps as the head of my cock slides between her lips.  The very tip dips inside her wetness but I push back up with a growling chuckle.  “Please.  P- please don’t.”

Her fingers grasp the couch and the knuckles are white.  Small blonde hairs emerge from the backs of her fingers.  Her nipple is hard in my leathery pad and her hips jerk against me, dropping slightly to encourage me to enter her.

“Don’t do this,” she says but her voice is low and deeper and her breast fills my hand now.  Feathery hairs brush against my fingers as I massage her tit and I run my claws through it gently, following the thick trail of fur down to her slick mound.

“Nooo,” she moans.  But she turns and licks my muzzle and her tongue drags against my fur.

I feel her spine pop against me and she gasps, raising her back and then pressing down again.  I know muscle is building and expanding within her body and her tail will be coming soon. 

“I’m,” she whispers, licking her blackened lips.  Golden flecks swim in her irises and her forearms bulge as she pushes herself back against me.  Our tongues brush together as she turns her head to lick me again.  “I’m.  I.  Hot.  God.  God so hot.”

I move down and she raises up to meet me and the sharp scent of her blood fills the air when I pierce her virgin sex.  She growls and pushes herself up to hold the top of the couch.  It creaks under her new strength and her heavy breasts dangle beneath a thick coat of fur. 

Leaning back, I grip her hips, feeling them break and shift and widen.  Making room for her tail and the size of a proper lover.  Of a proper mate.  She looks back at me with a pointed face half-full of fur and her eyes are heavy with lust.  Panting.  Drooling.  Long tongue hanging between sharp teeth. 

I stand, holding her and pound into her.  Her widened hips pull at her pussy, opening them to show her inner labia.  They bulge around my knot and the puffy outer lips swell further and then shift, pressing together in the center. 

The sight of her changing sex drives me wild.  I’ve never seen it.  Never knew what to expect in a she-wolf but the wolf does and I snarl and growl and snap and slam into her as the skin grows down from her mound, pulling her clit down to complete the folded lips of her bitch’s pussy.

Her pants strain against her body and then tear at the seam to expose hardened muscle and tufts of fur.  Words are lost to both of us as we rut but she twists and pushes me and goes to the floor.  I stare down at her as she lowers her broad, furred chest to the ground while raising her full hips.  The naked tip of her short tail swishes back and forth while it lengthens in jerky movements. 

She’s naked but for a pair of black sneakers.  Their color almost hides the claws piercing the front of them.  The same claws that dig into the rug and hardwood floor.  My sensitive ears twitch at the sound of straining plastic and rubber and fabric and her shoes expand.  Fur is marching down her marbled, hardened calves just as her shoes explode from the pressure of her changing feet.

Tendons stand out on long feet and her pinky toe is slowly moving.  Pulling back as bones scrape within – pushed by muscle and flesh expanding her dainty little feet into paws.  The balls of her feet, a delicate pink, darken to red and further to gray as the flesh swells into the start of her pads.

The girl barks and claws at the floor while waving her ass at me and I waste no time in falling to my hands and feet above her.  I guide myself into her wet, aching sex and she raises her golden muzzle with her eyes closed in pure bliss.

And then we freeze at footsteps at the door.  She looks up at me and I pull back, standing when the door opens and a tall girl with large glasses steps inside.  The other girl barely has time to take in the scene before I’m on her, turning her to press her against the wall with my teeth in her shoulder. 

My hands explore her body, clawing at her chest and between her legs as she screams. 

The blonde she-wolf is beside me and her claws dig into her friend’s shirt.  She pulls as I pull to expose her friend’s large breasts beneath a tan bra.  My mate licks my lips with and I kiss her back as the other girl struggles against me.

The eight bite marks in the girl’s shoulders begin to close as strands of brown hairs emerge from the tanned skin around them.

I had it.  I had it under control.  And I worry.  I worry that I’m still in control as I force the new girl on the ground.  As I force myself on her and watch her begin to change.

And I worry because I’m fucking loving it.

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