A Fox In Socks

A goth girl tries on a pair of cute, enchanted socks.

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Zoe stared at the flat, white box as if it were a Jack-in-the-Box toy with a viper sitting on the spring mechanism.  Two candles flickered atop two separate glass skulls on opposite sides of her desk. Despite being nearly midnight, she glanced at her locked door.  Her roommate would be sleeping so she was safe. It was Friday and he’s been studying all day for a test he had on Monday.

Brushing artificially colored black bangs away from her face, she stared back at the box.  She could feel the judgement from various posters around her room – the mosquito from her Møl poster buzzing its laughter while the black clad woman on her enlarged Tribulation album cover mocked her secret fantasy.  She hugged her large black dragon plushie as a defense against her shame.

Some people were into Shibari.  Others, ‘little girl’ play. Or gang bangs or cuckold situations or all the fetishes involving bodily fluids and so many, many more.   Zoe flipped the cheap cardboard lid of the box to reveal white underwear within.

The young goth college woman liked cute things.

She’d never admitted it just as she refused to admit that she was simply going through a phase in life.  Her parents did their best to respect her path but she could still hear them talking about it when she visited.  Hoping she’d open up and ‘get over’ the scene. They’d be thrilled to know about her little secret.

A set of bra, panties and socks were cradled by the tissue paper within the box.  The B cup size bra had little red foxes playfully chasing each other on the wings.  The white satin fabric darkened to red along the sides and back. She took it out of the box carefully, turning it over while her cheeks burned bright red.  Setting it aside, she took the silk panties that lay beneath. The front was adorned with a black paw print while the back was imprinted with a red and brown tail that curled around to the side.  As with the bra, the coloring changed from white to red towards the back of the panties.

Only the knee-high socks remained.  The sole of the socks were white with a huge paw print pattern where her feet would go.  Above the sole, the sock was pure black until it faded to auburn midway up the leg. The paw was made with a sticky material to give traction on smooth surfaces and even included little claw marks.

With her treasure unsealed, her anxiety gave way to a simple kind of happiness. Her black-stained lips, so used to sneering, curled into an honest smile while she laid everything out in order from top to bottom.  The imagined contemptuous whispers in her room were silenced around her.  

Zoe pulled her black spaghetti strap crop top off.  She wore no bra and hadn’t for years due to her modest size.  Next, she lay back with her legs up to slip her shorts and panties free until she sat naked and cross-legged on her bed.  She shivered despite how warm the summer night was and then covered a yawn with her hand.

The thing she looked forward to the most was dressing in the new underclothes and then curling up to sleep.  Tomorrow, she’d wear the bra and panties beneath her clothes and take pleasure in knowing that beneath her dark exterior, she wore something cute enough to make a middle-schooler puke.  

After a small internal struggle, she chose the socks to go first.  Her right foot was first, as always. She bent her knee with her little toes pointed straight out and spread.  She’d bathed before coming to bed and still smelled faintly of the lavender soap she used. The webbing between her toes were a darker pink in contrast to her marble white skin but they matched her delicate soles.  Her bathroom time was sacred to her. Despite the hair coloring, black lipstick and heavy mascara, she had an arsenal of products to ensure her skin was smooth and soft.

It was part of her ritual to look over her body before trying on new cute things.  To ensure that she, herself, was clean and cute enough to wear the clothing. She held the first sock’s cuff and then pressed her toes into the opening before sliding it along her smooth legs.  The soft, stretchy fabric hugged her calf and she turned it slightly to ensure the paw print would line up with the bottom of her toes. It stopped just short of her knee and she looked down, flexing and spreading her toes with a wide smile.  The left sock followed after another inspection.

The socks were as warm as she’d expected.  Zoe leaned back on her elbows with her legs extended to see how she looked before trying on the next item.  She loved how tight the socks were on her, as if they were hugging her body close.

An itch tickled the top of her left foot.  She pulled the sock higher and then scratched at it before picking up the bra.  Now she sat up straight with her back curved, knees spread and her heels against her ass.  The pressure of her feet spread her cheeks slightly and she shivered at the touch of the cotton socks on her bare skin.

Her breasts were small enough that she could cover them with her own slim hands.  Tiny pink nipples sat atop slightly darker areola. She frowned at a stray hair sticking up from one of the bumps on her areola.  Thankfully, it barely hurt when she plucked it. The satin bra was surprisingly warm on her breasts when she slid her arms through the straps.  She reached back to hook herself on the second row of hooks and then looked down with her hands on her thighs.  

One of the candles, the wick low on the melted wax, flickered.  She looked over at it and then at the old clock in the corner of her desk.  It was past midnight now but she found herself more awake than before.

She sat back with her feet on the bed and her knees bent but open.  Her svelte body was the envy of many but she had no secret diet; she simply didn’t eat very much.  She dug her nails under the cuff of both socks while staring down her belly. Her mound was as pale as the rest of her body and freshly shaved.  She’d spent extra time shaving to make sure she wouldn’t get razor burn. The longest amount of time was spent trimming around her pussy. She had an ‘innie’ with her lips nearly completely hidden behind her outer labia.  The skin was darker there but smooth and she was glad she’d taken the time because it made her feel pretty and cute.

The tops of her socks pushed down her legs while her nails scratched the straggling red hairs covering her shin.  She pulled her socks until they were taut and then put her toes through the openings of her panties. They glided along her legs.  She knelt and then raised herself to slide them up and over her ass. As petite as she was, she had just enough hips to show, at a quick glance, that she was a woman.  Surprisingly for a clothing ordered over the Internet, the panties fit as snugly as the socks did.

Finally outfitted in the new underclothes, Zoe sat back to admire them.  She wiggled her hips playfully and a quiet, breathy giggle escaped her lips.  Miniscule holes appeared over her lips. The tips of white whiskers pierced the holes.  The young woman brushed them with the backs of her hands before reaching upwards into a full body stretch.  The whiskers lengthened as she slipped under her covers. She pressed her face into her pillow, rubbing her nose and cheeks back and forth to scratch at them as well as few white hairs growing around them.  

Tufts of red and black fur escaped the cuffs of her sock to surround her knees.  She tossed and turned until she remembered Mördare, her stuffed dragon. Reaching out with quick little black-furred fingers, she grabbed the dragon to her chest.

Warm and happy in her little blanket den, Zoe began to relax.  Her eyes grew heavy and her whiskers twitched. Light brown hairs sprouted from the bridge of her nose, just as her eyes closed.

And then snapped back open.

Outside her room, a cricket chirped, calling to any nearby females.  Zoe sighed and turned. She pulled Mördare closer, slowly dragging it back and forth against her increasingly sensitive belly.  Its plush felt toyed with the fur beginning to cover her. Atop her head, her black hair shifted as her ears slowly shifted. While they moved, the tips folded and lengthened.  Another cricket joined the first, then a third and her traveling ears rotated to catch the sounds. Yet, despite the growing chorus, she found herself distracted.

The young woman pushed her stuffed dragon lower and lower until it was between her legs.  She squeezed it with her red-furred thighs and the hard nose pressed against her clit. WIth a tiny yip, her hips jerked.  She bit into her pillow, tearing at it with sharp canines.

Kicking and twisting, the girl pushed the blankets away.  She lay on her hands and knees, her toes pointed into the bed.  Reaching under her body, she held her dragon in place. She positioned herself until the dragon’s nose pressed against her clit again.  With one hand clenched in the sheets, the other holding Mördare, she rocked back. For a brief moment, her feet slipped but dull black points pierced the front of the socks.  Her claws caught the mattress to hold her in place.

“Yes!” Zoe cried out.  Her ears, tipped with black fur and thick white fur inside, flexed back on the top of her head.  She pushed herself up on both hands, raising her chest until she was riding her stuffed dragon, moving her ass back and forth along the length of it.  “Yes yes yes yes!”

She came suddenly, snarling as the orgasm seemed to fan the heat burning through her body.  Lying down, she lifted her hips and then rocked up, bowing her back while rubbing her soaked panties against her stuffed animal.  Fiery red fur pushed forth from the skin surrounding the bra. She rolled, going to her back. Whining with need and the creeping itch consuming her body, she twisted on the bed, scratching her back against the sheet while her tongue hung between her sharp little teeth.  

The bones within Zoe’s hips opened and her tailbone formed.  Nerves connected from her spine to the muscles growing around the stub.  She pushed her ass down as hard as she could to massage the ache within. Forced down by the tail, her panties hung around her ass.  Zoe hooked her claws into them and pulled, slipping out of them to leave her sex bare. Her soft fingers slid down the thick fur on her belly, feeling how it tapered into stubble over her shaved mound.

Careful of the claws tipping her fingers, she slid a finger into her wetness.  Her labia was swollen, engorged from her arousal. She grabbed her small breast, pulling it free from the bra.  Her ears were forward now and she panted while massaging her tit.

Her tongue worked around her lips and her black, pebbled button nose before hanging against her cheek.  The rounded nose pulled flat on her face and her nostrils flared with exertion. She whimpered, feeling herself get close to the edge but the bra kept rubbing against her arms and chest, distracting her from release.  

Zoe turned with far more speed than she’d ever had and her short tail whipped behind her.  Red fur dotted her slim ass and it began to grow up the base of her tail. Once there it grew long and thick while the tail lengthened.  She struggled with her bra, accidentally slicing the bottom strap before unhooking the top. It fell to the bed but she ignored it, immediately shoving a finger between her sticky, hot lips.  A second finger joined the first and yet it still wasn’t enough. 

A mischievous thought formed in her mind.  She rotated her hips like a belly dancer while considering it.  She had to get off.  Needed to cum again and again.  The heat was consuming her.

She needed a mate.  Badly.

The young girl sat in a small wet spot of her own juices.  The tips of her toes poked through the front of her socks and she could see the bulge on the bottom due to her padding that matched the pattern of the sock.

Oh yes, yes,she thought, smiling awkwardly with her short, pointed muzzle.  

She pushed her socks off, slowly at first but then more quickly when the ache in her gut grew painful.  Black and red fur dotted the inside of the socks. Her fur.  With the socks in one hand, she grabbed the bra and then went on a quick hunt for her panties.  Her sharp nose quickly located the wet panties in the corner of her room.  

The fox girl held the underclothes against her furry belly with her ears back.  Her bushy tail swished impishly behind her as she unlocked her door as quietly as possible.  

Beyond her room, the hallway was dark and silent.  She held the door’s frame, going to the padding on the balls of her feet.  Her claws dug into the carpet while she crept down the hallway to Scott’s room.  His door lay open to circulate cool air and her golden eyes dilated until she made out his sleeping form half covered on the bed.  

Zoe’s tail wrapped around her side.  She grabbed it with one hand, nibbling on the black hairs at the tip while her ears swiveled back and forth.  

Maybe I shouldn’t, she debated herself, squeezing her thighs together against the growing emptiness within.  But he looks so delicious and I need it so bad.  I need him, yes yes yes!  I need someone with me, yes yes!  

Releasing her tail, she crouched and squirmed through the doorway.  Forward she moved, the darkness leeching the bright red and white of her body.  She sniffed his neck and crotch and lips with sharp, quick movements before setting down the underclothes on the edge of the bed.

More carefully than she’d ever imagined, Zoe pulled the covers back.  Her smile widened to see he slept in the nude and she almost laughed when he snorted.  The fox girl took one of the torn socks and, with a quick look at the sleeping man, she slid it over his foot, pausing when he stirred.  She grabbed the other sock just as fast, worried he would wake. However, twelve hours of non-stop studying left him in a deep slumber and she was able to pull the sock over his calves.  

The girl stepped back.  Her little black nose twitched.  She could smell his scent beginning to change.  To become something more than human. He groaned in his sleep but she wasn’t finished yet.

Zoe LaClaire wasn’t into boys.

Taking her cold, wet panties into delicate claws, she slid the openings over his feet and ankles.  The socks created a sensation buffer but he moaned, legs rubbing together when the band reached his bare leg.  

“Wha’?” Scott said, still half asleep.  He began to sit up but then cursed quietly as Zoe slid the panties over his cock.  “What the hell?!”

She stood back from him with her tail in her hands.  Watching. Waiting.

“Who the he- ohhh, god!”  he groaned, grabbing at the bulge beneath the panties.  She saw it shrink before he grabbed it. He lifted his ass with his feet planted and he pushed at his cock with the palm of his hand.  “Wh- what the fuck is happening!”

The panties expanded.  She could hear the bones clicking and clacking and scraping in his hips.  Skin appeared to flow from his stomach down to his ass and his midsection shrunk until he had more generous curves than Zoe herself.  

Zoe crawled onto the bed.  She went to him on all fours and where her hand rubbed his bare leg, hair came away to leave smooth skin behind.  He was groaning and trembling with closed fists but she didn’t care. Instead, she pushed the panties to the side.

Scott’s penis had shrunk into itself, the head pulling into the skin of the shaft.  The little head jerked down and shrunk further. She kissed it playfully, kicking her heels up behind her while her tail lay softly against her back.  Above his cock, the bones groaned quietly, expanding to make room for the womb groaning within.  

“P-p-please!” Scott screamed, grabbing her head.  

The man’s scent changed yet again when the skin split between his thighs.  Zoe yipped happily and licked him there, making the man gasp. Further and further the head of his cock shrunk until it was a little nub.  She pressed claws against the sides of his slit to pull him open. The skin under her fingers bunched and folded into his new labia. She nipped gently at him and then licked him again, tasting the growing wetness within.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god what is that?” Scott cried out.  He sat up, breathing heavily. “Who the fuck are yo-ooooh!”

Her clever little tongue slipped between his pussy lips as her paws toyed with the white fur spreading on his lower belly.  She pulled and played and when she took her hand away, strands of his brown human hair came with it.  

“Something- something’s-”  Scott said, twisting his wide hips.  He looked over his shoulder, fruitlessly trying to see the bulge of his new tail.  She scratched it for him and he trembled. When she kissed, he kissed her back.  

“Let me help you,” she crooned to him.  Taking one sock in each hand, she pulled down.  Leg hair fell away to reveal patches of black and red fur on shapely feminine legs.  She wiggled her butt, teasing him by slowing down when the socks reached his feet. He gasped as the fabric rasped against his sensitive soles.

Holding his foot gently in her hand, she bent down to him.  His skin strained along the balls of his feet and toes and she could feel his silky short fur growing around her fingers.  The fox girl kissed his foot tenderly. She licked the arch before swirling her tongue around the bulging pads until finally taking his big toe into her mouth.  Her claws traced along his sensitive thigh and arch while she sucked on his toe. He moaned, crashing back down to the bed and she nipped at the soft, leathery padding under the toe.  When she felt his toenail move, she pulled his foot away with a wet pop and his first claw followed after.

Zoe slid above him, groaning as her hidden nipples brushed against his belly fur.  He was panting and moving his hips in a jerking pattern. He knew he needed something– he could feel new urges and desires growing in the back of his mind and yet he didn’t know how to express it.  Or how to move his changing body properly.   

“Oh god!” Scott gasped, clutching the girl against him as her tongue darted around his nipple.  She massaged his flat chest but then sighed and lay against him to nibble his ear.

“I need more, baby,” Zoe told him.  She rubbed herself against his knee and he grabbed her ass in response, spreading her cheeks while pressing her down harder.  

“What- what do you need?” Scott asked.  Hormones rushed through his body, kicking it into overdrive.  He wanted to rub himself all over the girl. He wanted her to claw his sides and ass and hips and thighs and-

A bra hung over his face, just on the tip of Zoe’s claw.  She kissed him and he kissed her back, harder. “I’ll help you the first time.”

Scott sat up again, holding the bra in his hands.  He could see his engorged pussy lips, open and wet and aching to be filled.  He felt so empty inside.  It was wrong.  It was all wrong but his entire body buzzed with energy and sensations and his head throbbed and he just wanted to dance and yip and fuck and play.

“Please,” he said, blushing.  He held it out to Zoe and she licked his cheek.  Slowly, carefully, she slipped his arm through and then hooked the back loosely so it hung against his chest.  “When will- oh. Oh!”

The man’s voice cracked.  The fox girl leaned forward to take his nipple in her mouth, sucking and biting at it.  Under her attention, it grew erect. And then continued to grow fatter and larger. Soft flesh pushed at the fur of her face.  She sat back, her tail thumping the bed to see Scott’s breasts growing.

And growing.  They quickly overfilled the bra and soon his pendulous breasts pushed together while still bulging to his side.  His face was reshaping at the same time – his chin grew narrow while his cheekbones grew fuller. Her. Her face, Zoe saw as she looked up to watch.

“Oh, fuck,” Scott said.  Her voice was husky and sexy, as if a well trained phone sex operator had been sipping on a glass of whiskey all night while chatting with her customers.  Translucent drops of milk formed at the end of her hard nipples until her white belly fur grew up to absorb them. “Oh fuck me!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Zoe sighed happily, pushing her lover down to the bed while kissing her still changing face.  “I have so much to teach you, baby, so much, yes!”

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