From my Patreon: A Viking berserker decides to turn a captured woman

Blackened flakes rose into the air, carried on the updrafts of the fires that consumed thatched roofs and simple wooden walls. They fell back, gathering before swirling in the wind like a grotesque black river winding through the sky.

Screams filled the air – cries of terror and pain as the warriors made their way through the village, searching for survivors.

A few of the men were clad in pelts while the rest bore their nudity with pride. Soot and blood – some their own – lined their muscled bodies as they reveled in their victory.

Bjerner slammed his fist through the door in front of him, stepping into the dim interior as Makan followed.

He spotted her almost immediately, half-hidden beside the simple hay-filled mattress on a plain, crude bed frame. Her eyes widened as their eyes met.

“She’s mine,” Makan growled, stepping forward.

“No,” Bjerner roared, bringing his fist up. Makan moved back but decades of experience in brawling taught Bjerner well and his fist connected with the corner of Makan’s jaw, sending the man crashing to his knees.

“Damn you,” Makan said. He pushed himself to his knees and then swayed before falling to his side. Another attempt saw him standing on one foot before falling again. “Gods damn you!”

“P-p-p-please,” the woman pleaded, pushing herself back while looking away from the man’s nude body. “I’m just- I’m just- I tend the fields. I just- Please!”

Bjerner stepped forward and then paused as a wide smile crossed his lips. He felt himself harden as he reached down to snatch a hollowed-out horn from his friend.

Without a word, Bjerner walked to the woman. She jumped up and leapt for the other side of the bed but his hand flew out, quick as a serpent, to grab her hair and slam her down to the rough mattress. She squirmed in his grip as he bore down on her, holding her in place while grabbing her jaw with his huge, rough hand.

“Please, no,” the girl whimpered, her voice slurring around the man’s grip. “Please, I’m sworn to another! My husband- I’m just- We’re not a threat. We’re farmers! Please!”

Bjerner squeezed the woman’s jaw, forcing her mouth open. Tilting her head back, he poured the contents of the horn down her throat.

“What are you-!” Makan roared, rolling to his side. “Are you mad?!”

Stepping back, Bjerner tossed the empty horn aside while he watched the woman. His hand reached for his cock and he stroked himself as she pushed away from him.

The woman’s hands flew to her stomach and she retched but nothing came up and she howled in pain as cramps wracked her body.

“She’ll die,” Makan spat. “A waste. A damn waste.”

“What’s- What did you-” the woman said, her voice rising as her hands dug at her stomach, pulling at the simple white dress she wore.

The woman’s lips trembled while veins stood out on her forehead. She snarled, showing sharp teeth. With a scream, her body spasmed, forcing her into a trembling fit.

“What did you do to me?!” the woman shouted, her voice dropping low as she tore at her dress. Her nails darked, digging into the material.

A loud tearing sound filled the small room as jagged slits appeared in the girl’s slim sleeves to expose hardened muscles drenched in sweat. She groaned as her nails thickened, keratin flowing from her nail beds as her fingers swelled and her palms widened. Her changing claws ripped at her dress to expose a lean body beneath.

Brown hairs emerged from her taut belly. The woman roared in rage as she tore at her clothing to leave her lithe form nude on the bed. Bjerner smiled as he squeezed his cock, watching as the berserker lust overtook her.

The woman’s massive paws crashed into the bed.

“You!” she roared, spit flinging from her mouth. Her fangs overflowed her jaws, pulling her lips and skin back from her face until bones began to crunch and her muzzle developed. She clawed at her bed as fur marched along her arm, flowing over her expanding biceps and forearms.

The crack of shifting bone was drowned by the screams of pain as the woman’s back pulled apart to adjust for her growing bulk.

Briefly, Bjerner spotted darkening flesh through the fur along her belly. Teats, he knew, and the thought aroused him more than he’d imagined.

As far as he knew, she was the first of her kind. He’d heard of wildling women from other villages but none wanted the… honor of it from his own tribe.

The girl groaned, pawing at her breasts, pulling and massaging the soft skin with the leathery black pads forming along her palms. The tips of her claws bit into the bare skin along her now-wide shoulders and her long tongue lashed out as the pleasure of the beastly rage began to overtake the pain. Her breasts expanded, smooth, silky skin flowing as they filled out. Brown hairs emerged from her areola and spread, slowly covering her chest beneath a pelt of fur.

Black hairs dotted Bjerner’s back as he decided he’d had enough watching. He strode to her and slammed his fist into her head. Instead of collapsing, she snarled, turning yellowed eyes and baring spit-drenched fangs in a still-expanding mouth.

“Fuck you!” she roared, clawing at him. He caught her fist and grunted, sliding against the floor before turning and using her momentum against her. The power was flowing in him now as his own beast claimed him once more, still ready and eager from the battle.

The woman crashed against the wall. She turned, stood and then cried out, falling to the ground as her hips cracked. A lump formed above her ass.

Bjerner wasted no time, slamming her down as he turned her and dug his fingers into her expanding waist.

Despite her struggles, the woman was wet, the sparse fur covering her sex soaked with the urges coursing through her.

Fighting. Fucking. Feasting. The beast’s needs were immesurable.

The skin from his cock slid back to expose the head. He held her fast, feeling the shifting bones within her waist as he plunged into her.

“Yes!” the woman screamed, her unearthly voice shaking the walls as she raised herself for him and clawed the ground.

He took her as an animal and the thrill of mating in his changed form for the first time was intoxicating. Her fur grew shaggy and his own massive paws gripped her tight as he slammed into her expanding form, falling over her back to hold her down.

“More!” the woman screamed as her tight, slick pussy clenched against his twitching, growing cock. “Fuck me! Hurt me! Hurt me, you-“

Bjerner’s teeth found her shoulder and she buckled under him, shaking and groaning with a sudden orgasm. With his head next to hers, he could feel her ears shifting and moving against her skull. The woman huffed and and the floor groaned before their bulk.

“Again! Bloody me!” she roared, slamming herself back into him. “Again!”

With a roar, Bjerner stood back on powerful legs. He swiped, clawing the woman and she screamed in pain and pleasure while shaking against him, raising her back as the berserker blood relished the pain and her human formed begged for more orgasms.

“It’s time,” Olafr said. A fresh scar marred his face as he stared down at Bjerner. “We leave now.”

Bjerner nodded. The woman lay naked beside him, his thick cum leaking from her swollen pussy lips. They lay in the center of the village, covered in sweat and sex and mud and ash. She mumbled incoherently in her sleep while randomly twitching.

So, he slapped her.

“What!” the woman said, rolling and grabbing at her reddened cheek.

“We’re leaving,” Bjerner told her. “Get up. Gather whatever you can carry with you.”

“No,” she said, her eyes wide as she stared at him. They flicked down to his waist and his hanging cock and he swore he heard her groan before she looked away. “No, this is my village. I- I’m not-“

He struck her again and she turned to growl at him, exposing her crooked teeth.

“Yes, like that,” he grinned at her. He tapped a simplistic tattoo of a bear’s face on his shoulder. “You still feel it. You’re not part of this village. No. You’re a berserker now. Not a simple farmer. Not like anyone else. You never will be.”

She lunged for him as brown hairs dotted her shoulders but he laughed and backhanded her hard enough that she rolled along the ground, much to the amusement of the other warriors.

“Good,” he told her as she lay prone. “Good. Yes. Yes! Embrace it. I’ll teach you. We all will. You’ll beg for the pleasure to change again. You will. I’ve seen it in your eyes.”

Bjerner stood as the others walked away. But he waited for her.

She stood. Begrudgingly. Wiping her bloodied lip while glaring at him. Feeling the anger and rage boiling deep within her core.

The alien emotions tore her apart inside but she took a step to follow as the hairs standing out along her shoulders and neck retreated.

Cum leaked from her as she walked and she shivered as animal lust surged through the maelstrom within.

She hated herself for it but she took another step. And another, wrestling with the urges.

Hating herself for enjoying the raw strength they gave her. Hated herself for staring at the man’s naked body and wanting to feel him inside of her again.

‘It’s the animal inside of me,’ she said to herself as she followed the others, not even noticing or caring that she was naked. ‘Not me.’

‘Not me,’ she lied again as she caught up to the man. ‘I’ll control it and I’ll kill them all. I’ll avenge them all.’

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