— Emily —

Lycanthropy comes with a unique set of changes, physical and mental. I think the physical ones are the worst. Not the obvious body changes, no. The hormonal ones. The urges and new desires.

It’s hard to control but you can learn to control it if you’re the right kind of person. Otherwise you go crazy from it.

Four years. Forty-eight months. Roughly one hundred and forty-four changes. Give or take. Fuck whoever that was on the mountain four years ago. Fuck him and his need.

But, by God, I understand it. The hunger. The heat. The heat more than anything once you get the beast under control. I had an okay sex drive before. I liked sex when I was in the mood for it but I could go a while without and still be happy. A good video or piece of erotica or something in between lovers and I was sated for a while. Once a week or so when I was in a relationship.

Now, outside of the full moon, I need it almost every day. When the full moon hits, I hurt from the need to get off. Thankfully my job is flexible and I schedule way out in advance. Those days I’m home. Masturbating. Eating. Needing.

Even when it’s not a full moon, my life is forever changed. I can no longer wear anything that shows my belly. No bikinis. Dentist visits are out. Doctor visits are a no-go. Thankfully, a side effect is that I’m really, really healthy. Freakishly so. One might even say I can heal from almost anything within a day or two.

Almost anything.

Fucking Jacques. My fault there.

A year into my change, when I finally brought the beast under control, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to have a lover. The heat and base, animalistic urge to have a mate (trust me, it’s not the same as a lover) was harder to resist than the beast herself. So I took some time to find one. Went on a ton of first dates and asked little probing questions as carefully as I could. I was a walking talking personality test. HR departments would’ve loved to have me on their team. I could sniff out assholes from a mile away (literally sometimes) and knew just what to ask to suss out the ones I couldn’t smell.

Or so I thought. Jacques hit all the right notes. Calm, thoughtful, sweet, caring and intelligent. You’d think I’d be looking for some macho alpha male crap but, hell no. That’s a recipe for murderous raging beast. Plus, despite Lupa inside of me, I happen to like a guy that’ll be sweet to me. Until the heat hits then collars are off, nails come out and I expect blood to be drawn while we fuck. Beast in the sheets, sweet in the streets? Sure.

Night of the full moon comes and I change Jacques. We hadn’t had sex yet (hey, I’m self conscious about my body) and I thought I’d found The One.

Holy Jesus Fuck, it was amazing. I’d gone a year without being fucked and enduring the heat throughout and finally, finally I had a mate. Best day ever.

But, I guess you can’t reduce someone to a personality chart completely. The beast changed him. I don’t think he even tried to fight it. He reveled in the power and strength and brutality and carnal needs. I tried. For half a year, I worked with him. Reasoned with him. Suffered through his bouts of rage. Tried to get him to listen. My Lupa had enough before I did.

The last night I had with him, on the night of the full moon, we were out in the middle of nowhere while I tried to work with him on controlling the beast and he struck me. Not in a rough sex kind of way, no. That would’ve been fine if we were playing that game. No. She took control from me in an instant, burying her teeth in his throat. I struggled against her but it seems she has a limit and knew it better than me. I hurt for days, even with the way I heal. Days. I almost lost the thumb on my left hand and that’s saying something.

Now it’s the night before Halloween and I’ve been dating again. Trying, anyway. I fucking hate dating. So many assholes and “nice guys” and the same bro over and over that still thinks he’s stuck in his sophomore year of college. I’m tired of it but I have to keep trying.

“Buck up, Emily,” I tell myself. Staring in the mirror, I flash my teeth and wince at the obviously sharp canines. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to explain them away to people. They aren’t full-on vampire teeth but they sure the hell aren’t normal human teeth, either. Thank you random mountainous werewolf creature. Thank you so fucking much.

No zits (not anymore, not since the first change) and my hair’s all in perfect place, pulled back into a ponytail. Looking fine if I do say so myself. Got my comfy work clothes on and my good shoes.

Let’s do it.

The drive is quiet and uneventful for a large city. I work and live on the outskirts so I get to skip most of the traffic issues. I’m a therapist in a small physical therapy office and focus primarily on leg injuries. Lower body at least. Out of the car, shrugging off the cold (thank you, Lupa) and into the building. I’ve worked here five years and love it. Keeps me active and moving and time passes fast because of it. Although I guess I don’t need exercise to keep in shape anymore.

“You’ve got your new client coming in about ten minutes,” Janice says. I smile at her and thank her because she’s our awesome receptionist. Christian as all get out but not pushy so she gets a smile. Super friendly.

Buck’s the only other person in the office since it’s a light schedule tonight and he’s working with a high school kid on a shoulder injury.

“Hey Emily,” Buck says without looking. “Don’t forget to update the board. Your turn.”

“Oh, I remembered,” I tell him. In fact, I’ve been looking forward to it. And have been subtly maneuvering into being the one to do it this week. Dropping off my stuff, I grab a dry erase marker and stand in front of the board. Finally, I nod and start writing.

“The Howling 2,” a voice eventually says behind me. My 8 am client. He smells nice. A little sweaty, though and hasn’t even started exercising. A nervous, no – anxious smell. Sounds like his right knee is hurt based on the way he steps and I can hear a little bit of pain under his voice. I’m going to guess football injury and, let’s see, twenty-seven years old. White dude and brown hair.

“You’re right,” I say, turning to smile at him. Ah, rats, bad guess. Black hair. Still looks twenty-seven, though.

“And An American Werewolf in London for the third one,” he says and then stops to think for a bit. He looks up and to the left when he does that, and taps his finger against his leg. “The second is, uh, Nosferatu?”

“One hundred percent, you get a gold sticker,” I tell him and step forward with my hand out. “Horror movie lover?”

“Oh, yeah, I mean, good ones,” he says with a firm shake. “I’m behind on the times, though. I’m Daniel. You must be Emily?”

“One hundred and ten percent,” I answer. “Have a seat on the table. You know, I thought nobody would get the first question.”

Every week we rotate out trivia questions and, this week, with Halloween around the corner, I thought I’d set out some bait. Dumb and low chance of catching anything but, shit, what else can I do? I picked two werewolf movies and a vampire one just so I didn’t look like a total weirdo. American Werewolf in London was easy. Nosferatu semi-difficult but how many other landmark ’20s horror movies are there? No, the real catch is the Howling 2.

First, I made the question obscure: “What 80’s horror movie starred a 1970’s Captain America actor?”

Answer? The Howling 2. But, I picked it not just because it’s obscure (and a sequel) but because it’s a dirty, dirty sex filled werewolf movie. There’s literally a scene where werewolves (poorly) do it. No, I haven’t watched it multiple times for masturbation material. Of course I wouldn’t lie about that. Look, over there! Squirrel!

It’s a dumb test but how the flying fuck do you expect to try to catch someone who might be okay with being a werewolf? I’ve ran the idea of just asking “Hey, would you like to be a werewolf?” to a date after we’ve been going out for a while but I haven’t gotten there yet. It’s a sore point that I still debate mentally. If I ask and they say no, then what? I kill them. But if I like them and take a chance and change them and apologize afterwards? Well. Foot in the proverbial werewolf door, you know?

Fuck, who am I kidding? I’m scared. Scared of failing and I know what I’m doing is shitty but I can’t keep doing this and I’m terrified of taking a chance and killing someone innocent again. So I lie to myself that it’s alright. I can’t wait longer. I honestly believe I’ll lose control of her again. It’s been two years and I’m running out of time.

“I don’t know many people that have seen that one,” I say with a smirk as he sits back on the table. “Or that want to admit it.”

“Well,” he says with a little bit of a blush. Adorable. “I watched a lot of movies growing up and I like monster movies.”

“Oh yeah?” I ask slightly disinterestedly. Oh yeah? I think, ears perking up. Yes, they’re slightly pointed. Yes, I try to hide it a little. Yes, I’m terrified that they’ll continue to grow out into sharper points the longer I live with the beast. So far, so good. “Alright, tell me what’s wrong.”

We talk a bit. Recreational touch football injury. Touch football. Oh my. Torn ACL from lack of proper strengthening and sudden sideways motion and a good lick of bad luck. He’s cute and has a good self-deprecating sense of humor. I’d fuck him and turn him into a monstrous beast. No problem.

She stirs within me and my smile freezes for a second while I push back. I don’t think he noticed. Down girl, I think. I was kidding. So far.

We talk and I probe as gently as I can.

“We’re going to go through a range of exercises and I’ll make you a list for you to do at home,” I tell him. “Do you have someone with you that can help if you need it?”

“I’m not, no,” he says, blushing a little again and swallowing. Awww. I just want to pinch his adorable reddened cheeks. “Just me. I’ll figure it out if I have to, though.”

There’s no female scents on him but it’s always best to ask. Although, even if his girlfriend or fiancée had been out of town a while, I would’ve smelled her. Our scents tend to pile up when we stay in one place too long and then we drag those scents around us.

“Yeah, you’ll probably be fine,” I say, letting him off the hook. I keep talking with him and working him through basics to find range of motion. Warehouse manager (wooo, exciting) and he hurt himself playing on a company team. Likes to go hiking and camping and kayaking and biking like every other goddamn Tinder profile I’ve read. Likes old movies and is trying to learn metal crafting to make jewelry to sale on the side.

I want to give him shit for all the generic-ness but then I realize that I’m also into just being outdoors and also curling up inside. And baking. And sometimes cooking. And definitely eating.

He’s got a really nice ass. All the biking, I bet. Lupa stirs again and I have to clear my throat in a quiet, low rumble. She wants.

At the end, we set up appointments for twice a week and I move onto my next patient, going through the motions while I chew on the thought and scent of Daniel. I’m afraid to admit that I’m a little hopeful for him. Enough that I’m excited for the next appointment in two days.

The day after Halloween, a little less than two weeks to the full moon and I’ve got Daniel in my proverbial claws again.

“It was fun, lots of adorable kids in costumes,” Daniel says through quiet grunts. I’ve got him doing simple leg lifts at the moment. Nice calves that go well with his ass. Could stand to lose a little weight but at least he’s got some muscle and tone. Yeah, I’m still allowed to be a little picky even with my condition.

“I went out with my niece,” I tell him. “I’m the overprotective aunt that growls at anyone that gets too close.” Yes, I mention things like that on purpose. The whole ‘growl’ and such. Yes, it’s cliche. “Did you have a favorite costume growing up?”

I can smell his embarrassment before he does the blushing thing again. Lupa whines and I feel my stomach start to ache. Well, not my stomach. It’s not really adorable anymore. The blushing. It’s, well, it’s turning me on. Not just that but all of it connected. I’m liking Daniel more than is currently comfortable.

“Ah, well,” he shrugs and then grunts while setting his leg down too hard. “My mom made a pretty rad vampire costume when I was eight. Fangs and cape and everything. I’m not a big vampire fan but it was a really great costume.”

Darn. Can’t win them all, I guess. I mean, what are the chances a werewolf lover just waltzes right into my life when I need it? And who says ‘rad’ anymore?

“I thought with the whole ‘Howling 2’ thing the other day that you might be a werewolf fan,” I say and then immediately cringe. Jesus Christ, Emily. You wanna just announce it right there? Lupa growls within. I just want this one. I want this one to work, goddammit. I like him, I tell her.

“Oh, hah, I mean,” he shrugs and does this little sketchy sideways eye thing. “I do like werewolves. My friend got to be the werewolf that year. It was a better costume. Even had fake fur. You just don’t get a lot of people talking about them. It’s all about zombies and vampires.”

“I know,” I say. And I do. Fucking zombies, man. That’s all it ever is because it’s cheap and easy to do a zombie costume in a movie. Not so much with the special effects needed to show someone transforming into a bipedal beast. “I like werewolves but I guess it costs too much to show them.”

He gives me a curious look. I can’t tell what it’s about exactly but it smells like something interesting. Just an open mind, maybe? I can work with that.

“Hey, Emily,” Buck asks. “Can you give me a hand for second over here?”

“I’m busy,” I growl and then wince. Goddammit, Lupa. You can’t just pull that shit. But, no, she’s just sitting there on her imaginary paws looking all innocent. As if she didn’t just push me to say that like a jealous lover attending to her mate. “Sorry, gimme a sec.”

Leaving Daniel on the balance board, I help Buck get his gear setup for the next patient. And then I just watch Daniel.

He’s sweating and he’s got this really intense look of focus that makes me all hot and bothered. Oh, and he really, really sucks at the balance board. But what gets me is that he keeps failing and then getting back up. Again and again. When he goes too far to the side, he resets and tries again. Definitely nice calves on that one.

“Alright, switch up,” I tell him.

“Can I just keep trying a little?” He asks and I smile with just the right amount of teeth, even though he’s not looking.

“You don’t have to,” I say. “Your knee’s wobbling. Looks kinda tired.”

“I know but I think I can get it,” he says.

Oh gosh. Oh golly. He’s sticking his tongue out a little bit with that same intense look. Be still my heart. And my loins.

“Be my guest,” I say, voice low and sultry as I watch him, my smile widening to show more teeth. Watching his legs and ass and crotch and feeling the heat start spreading from my stomach until I growl. “I’ll be right back.”

I stalk into the bathroom, frantically unzipping my blue jeans as the door closes behind me. The full moon is getting closer and the heat is building to obnoxious levels.

Sitting against the edge of the sink, one hand down my pants and under my panties, I close my eyes and picture him there. Kissing me. Just holding me like I’m a normal woman, lips against mine. Feeling his hardness (god yes) against me. Whispering dirty things into his ear just before I nip it. And then (oh, I’m close, so close) on my back with him above me, gloriously naked.

My hand slips under the bottom of my shirt and I tense, hips jerking a little.

On my back, waiting for him. Waiting. The heat and start of the change a physical pain. Waiting.

Pain. The staring, dead eyes of my friend looking beyond me. So close to the edge. Blood everywhere. He stood there, watching me. His fat, red cock bloated and angry and throbbing above a thick knot.

My hand stops and I shudder with a heavy sigh. The mountain werewolf.I thought he’d wanted me dead at the time but I’ve learned since then that violence and sex are difficult to distinguish when the beast is in control. I remember those first few months where I struggled and I can’t imagine if I’d just given in and never tried to contain it.

And yet, I still see it vividly behind my closed eyes. His knot. Disgusting at the time but my tastes have changed to say the least. Riled from watching Daniel and my own heat, even the harsh memory of that night does little to stop me. It’s just been so long since I’ve been knotted and I need it so much.

“You have to be calm,” I tell Lupa quietly. “Even they will smell this if it gets worse. Go back to sleep and let me keep watching him until we’re sure. Please, Lupa.”

I stand, cleaning myself up as best I can. Washing my hands roughly four times until my own scent is faded even to me.

Heart racing, I step lightly back into the room, grinding my teeth at my swollen, needy sex. The rest of the session is rough but mostly uneventful. Two more before I have to take a chance.

My head is throbbing and I worry about it a little. For several months, it’s acted up the closer it gets to the full moon. Makes for a shorter temper but Lupa is there to talk to me. I know it’s the heat burning through me and the urge to find a mate. I just need to take my time and do it right, despite her growling hisses. Feels like the bitch has her claws deeper and deeper in me some days.

The next session, I flirt. Subtle. Very, very brief and semi-professional hand touches to guide his exercises. A little more manual stretching than is perhaps called for. I get him to laugh with stories of my youth (well, I’m still young so my younger youth) and stupid camping trips.

It’s not until the fourth session that he starts being more personable, dropping the standard guarded patient vibe. Yup, that’s right, trust me. Just your average everyday young physical therapist. I have to visit the bathroom twice that time and it’s not even one of the three nights of the full moon. By the end of the session, my mind is made up. Lupa will fucking frenzy if I don’t take this chance.

“Alright,” I say forcefully with a smile that trembles. I don’t know how they can’t hear my heartbeat pounding in my chest. I am in such harsh control of myself that I know I’m gonna have to use the basement tonight. I’m struggling here. “Let’s get you all scheduled for next week.”

“Well, I’m-”

“Oh no,” I interrupt him. “I forgot my next week is crazy. I’m full up until the next Friday. But, it looks like I can make some time Saturday evening? At 5?”

I can almost see his brain clunk and churn.

“I didn’t know you were open on the weekends,” he says. Oh, I’m all kinds of open to all kinds of things.

“Normally, no, but I’m gonna make an exception since you have your follow-up at the doctor’s office soon. We definitely want to get you in good shape for that. I mean, unless you’ve got plans?”

Please please please please please please. I almost fucking whine while waiting for him to think about it.

“No, I’m free,” he replies. “Just about any time works for me but 5 pm is fine.”

“Oh, great!” I smile and my hand only trembles a tiny bit when I pretend to enter the information into our scheduling computer. Definitely gonna be in the basement tonight. Tomorrow, too. First night of the full moon and a day before I take a mate? Oh yeah.

I watch him go from behind the front desk and then snap my eyes up to his face when he turns around suddenly. He smells nervous and he’s having a hard time keeping eye contact. Uh-oh. The computer’s mouse creaks dangerously in my grip.

“Hey, w- would you,” He swallows and my head tilts slightly.

No way, I think. He couldn’t be.

“D-do you think,” He stutters.

Oh shit, he is! My mind races frantically. Is this a good thing? Should I say yes if he asks me out? Shit, I can’t wait for a few dates to do this. I could say yes and then just still go through with it? Or try to contain her and just wait. If that’s even possible. Wait. I can’t officially say yes, he’s a client and-

“No, no, I’m sorry, never mind,” Daniel says, turning quickly. “I’ll see you Saturday!”

“Well, fuck,” I whisper as my smile cracks a little bit. No, that was the mouse cracking. And my smile. Daniel basically runs for it and I slowly let go of the broken computer mouse. “That did not go how I thought it would.”

I fucking can’t do this to him. I can’t, I think. I push little broken computer mouse pieces around on my desk. Suddenly, I become aware of a faint whispering at the back of my mind and I frown, focusing on it. It’s Lupa, suddenly urgent. Trying to get my attention. Pouring poison in my ear. Shit. My nearly constant headache flares and I groan, clutching at my temples. The full moon will help. The change will wipe this right out.

I’ll cancel the appointment, I think through clenched eyes, ignoring Lupa’s growls. I’ll call him in an hour and tell him I can’t make Saturday. Flirt a little more, go out on some dates and just tell him. And let him decide. I’ll just-

Heat and pass and anger courses through my body and I growl, clawing at my desk. Hard to think through the static and pain in my head. Stronger this time. So close to the change. Sweat breaks out across my forehead and I lose my train of thought. Need to get home and rest.


A sudden cool gust of wind ruffles my fur and I’m grateful for it. I always run a little warm and my fur is nothing if not luxuriously thick.

Here I am, something like three hundred pounds of furred muscle and claws, hiding in the bushes outside Daniel’s house like a fucking creep. I look up to see thick clouds outlined in the silver of the full moon. The first night.

Just a typical Friday night for this gal.

Tail down, ears perked, nostrils flaring. Lupa wants him now. Right this second. She’s whispering in my ear over and over again, telling me how amazing it’d feel to be mounted. To rut in the dirt and grass under the full moon. I’ve been wet for hours. My head is still pounding and that’s entirely new this time. Easier to ignore pain in this form, thank god.

My ears twitch as he drops something – a metal bowl, I think. Probably a mixing bowl since I smell him cooking. He has a terrible singing voice that hurts me down in my soul but it’s cute to hear him while he cooks. His curtains are closed but I catch movement in the gaps while he goes back and forth.

I could take him now.

Through the window, bite, bite, fuck and change and done. I could. I could absolutely do it. Old human me would be horrified at the idea but, let me tell you: I haven’t had sex in two years and I have a constantly fucking in-heat werewolf riding my soul. My priorities and thoughts and desires have all been kinda rearranged since I was bit.

But that’s also why I’m not taking him now. Maybe there’s not much difference to the outside viewer but I refuse to do it like that. To take him by surprise and no warning, without knowing who I am. But then, when I’m done and he sees what it’s like and how amazing you feel? How powerful? He’ll thank me. And we’ll be mates, finally. Finally I’ll have found someone to be with me and join me in this other life.

Throughout it all, Lupa whispers to me and I sense some sort of laughing victory but it’s hard to focus on what she wants right now. Hard to focus on much of anything even though I should be wary when she’s that pleased with herself.

Still, I crawl forward slightly, eyes locked on the kitchen window. It would be so easy and quick. He’d like it. The feeling of it. Especially with me there on top of him. Guiding him. Fucking him. Licking his changing muzzle and offering myself to him. Being knotted again.

I’m shaking from it. Head pressed to the ground, wet nose in the dirt. Panting. The fur between my legs is soaked and sticky and it hurts so bad. The throbbing in my head wanes and I shake my muzzle and the sudden quiet.

Wait, where- I sniff the air deeply, head cocked. I’m at Daniel’s house? When the fuck-

My muscles clench and I take a faltering step forward on all fours, breathing deeply of the faint scent within the house. It takes an extraordinary amount of will to stop myself from taking him now.

Tomorrow. I can wait one more day. Tomorrow night. The pain in my head flares suddenly flares and I lose track of time as Lupa howls in my head.

— Daniel —

For the 20th time today, I wake my phone and my thumb hovers over the dial button.

“You’re such a dumbass,” I sigh. It’s an hour away from my appointment and I need to either make up a really good last minute excuse or just start getting ready to leave. “It’s her job to smile and be nice and make jokes and put her hand on your thigh sometimes.”

I let me phone drop to my lap and lean my head back. My right knee is stretched out in front of me and it aches. I think my ego is hurt worse, though. For a little bit, I thought my therapist might actually be interested in me. So stupid.

Pushing myself up carefully, I hobble around the best I can with my bum leg. Seriously. Flag football of all things? I’m gonna get crap for that for years from the guys in the shop. Years.

As I gather my shorts and exercise shirt, something out of place catches my eye. It takes me a moment of glancing around before I realize what it is: there are fine spiderweb cracks on the corner of the kitchen window. With a frown, I touch the window gently but the glass holds. Still frowning, I carefully pull on my loose shorts and shirt, grab my wallet and keys and slip my bare feet into my sandals. I lock the door and, after taking a moment to think it through, I also lock the deadbolt. Something just feels off in a weird way.

Limping around the corner of the house, I see what happened. Well, I see the effects of what happened but I have no idea what caused it. The lawn under the window is just destroyed. Large chunks of grass and sod were torn out of the ground and I spot a few in the yard and a couple in my driveway. There are a huge amount of claw marks on the siding around and underneath the window and it looks like something slammed hard beneath the window. I can see where the wall nearly buckled completely and that must’ve caused the window to crack.

Letting out a whistle, I grab my phone and take several pictures for the insurance company. I walk around the yard carefully while I call them and wait for someone to answer but everything else looks fine. Still, the sun is low on the horizon and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous being out. The agent I speak to gives me the website info to upload pictures and I do that before getting in the car.

The thought of what happened fills my mind while I drive on semi-autopilot. I’ve only ever seen deer around my house and heard what I thought was coyotes in the distance. Nothing that could do something like that.

Ideas come and go as I make my way through town and out towards the suburbs. I almost went to one of the many cookie-cutter chain store physical therapists in town but I liked the website for the place I picked. It was just more personable. Plus there’s no way I’m changing now; my therapist is really, really attractive. I sigh as I remember almost asking her out. Yeah, that’ll be kicking me for a while. Embarrassing.

“Honey badger,” I say out loud as I turn into the small parking lot. “It’s the only explanation. Random honey badger smelled what I was cooking and got pissed it wasn’t tall enough to ring the doorbell.”

Dusk is settling in. I shiver in the cool night air and make my way to the physical therapist’s front door. The place is surrounded by woods and nocturnal animals call to each quietly other as they become more active. I can see faint light from the edges of the drawn curtains. Normally they’re open but I guess not since they’re usually closed on the weekend.

I open the office door and stop. Emily’s standing in the hallway, smiling at me. She looks stunning but I feel something cold in the pit of my stomach and I shiver, rubbing my arms against sudden goosebumps. Rather than her usually jeans, she’s wearing a short, pleated skirt and a tight t-shirt that almost shows some of her flat belly. My eyes snap up immediately when I notice she’s not wearing a bra.

“I’m sorry,” she laughs. “I dressed down for the weekend. It’s my off day normally and I was out taking care of some things and didn’t leave time to run home and change clothes.”

It takes a second but I decide what’s making my hair stand on end. Her smile is fixed and toothy and her eyes are intense. Her skin almost looks chalky and slick in the overhead light, too. Like she’s caught a fever.

I can see the swell of her breasts in my peripheral vision and my face heats up from it. At least I’ll have some damn good masturbation material tonight. Holy crap.

Emily’s smile widens and she turns, her skirt flaring a little. “Come on, let’s get you set up on the bike to warm up.”

Her hips work back and forth in an alluring, sensual little rhythm. Her calves are amazing, tightening with each step. She’s walking barefoot on the carpet for some reason. Her small, pale white feet cross over each other purposefully with each sway of her hips. I feel my dick stir so I bite the inside of my cheek to try to stop it from happening. Her blonde hair is thick and loose, covering her slim neck. I focus on that to keep my eyes away from her legs and thighs and the thought of what’s between them.

“Give me five minutes on the bike and I’ll get everything set up,” Emily says without a look back.

I kick off my sandals and climb awkwardly onto the stationary bicycle. Emily moves slowly around the office and I watch her while I pedal. She reaches up on her tiptoes to grab a towel from a cabinet. Her calf muscles stand out on her pale legs and her shirt lifts slightly to show her back. I guess I’d never realized how athletic she was. I’d admired her ass in her jeans in earlier sessions but she looks fit enough to be in competitions.

Towel in hand, Emily goes over to one of the padded tables. With her back to me, she bends slightly to wipe the table down. The skirt is so short that I can see the curve of her bare ass cheeks when she bends like that and I swallow hard, pervertedly hoping she bends further. I glance over and my heart skips a beat when I notice her head turned slightly. Watching me.

Shit. Shit shit shit, I think. My face heats up and I immediately look down at the display on the bike, pedaling faster. I ignore Emily until the little bike beeps when my time runs out.

“Alright, hop on up,” Email says, patting the table she’s standing next to.

“Ah, okay,” I mumble. I’m trying to figure out how to adjust myself stealthily before I move and my gimpy leg gives me the perfect opportunity. In one almost smooth move, I dismount to the side, tug on the bottom of my shorts and push my dick until it’s pointing up. A quick pull of my shirt hides most of it.

“Up, up,” Emily says, patting the table again. “We’ll start with some manual manipulation and move on to more strenuous exercises. Right on your back.”

Resigned to my embarrassing fate, I pull myself up and lie down, cursing as my shirt pulls up to reveal my excitement. Before I can fix it, Emily grabs my thigh with one hand and my shin with the other, just under the knee. Her hands are strong and warm and soft and not helping with my predicament at all.

Emily’s hand squeezes and compresses slowly, moving up my leg and I just close my eyes to it. The silence is actually oppressive. She’s usually so chatty and I can’t think of anything to say to start a conversation.

Her hands pause and I feel her nails dig into my skin a little.

“Oh no,” she coos slowly. “Is that because of me?”

I open my eyes to see her smiling and staring at the bulge in my shorts. Her teeth are so bright and big in her mouth.

“Uhh, I-” my tongue twists and I stutter trying to apologize while my face burns.

“Good,” Emily says.

Air sucks through my teeth when she grabs my dick but before I can say anything, her lips press against mine and her tongue slips in. I squirm and reflexively kiss back until I feel pain on my tongue and the sharp taste of blood. Emily moans in my mouth and then pulls away, licking her bright red lips.

“Emily, I-” I try to sit up but her free hand presses me down, hard.

“Stay,” she says. The young woman pulls my shorts down enough to expose my throbbing manhood. Her voice is thick and deep and sultry. “Oh yes. Oh how I’ve waited and wanted.”

“I just-” I try again but Emily’s hot, wet mouth closes around the head of my dick and I groan, gripping the bed as she takes all of me deep into her throat.

Her hand leaves my chest and I sit up. The room spins a little around me. Emily’s eyes are down, focused on what she’s doing, squeezing the base of my dick slowly while her tongue wraps itself around my erection. Thick drool covers my shaft and she sucks noisily at me.

“I- I- I’m-” There’s a buzzing at my temples and the faint hint of dizziness. I lay back down with another groan and Emily’s free hand presses against my lips. They’re covered in her juices and I involuntarily breathe deeply of her heady scent. She pushes and I taste her, sucking at her slim fingers as greedily as she sucks on my dick. It’s hard to concentrate on anything. The buzzing is louder and I feel so warm and she’s moaning and working my dick hard with her mouth. Her fingers return with more of her juices and I nip at them in my excitement to clean them off.

Emily pulls her fingers from my mouth and a line of grool mixed with my own spit trails from her fingers and my lips. I turn my upper body and reach, grabbing her thick, firm ass. She pauses bobbing on my dick and looks at me, pulling slowly away from my cock. She feels like she’s on fire. I pull up, fingers brushing her wet lips. She swivels and hops up as I lay back with her legs against my head.

The scent of her wetness is overpowering. Lying there, covered by her skirt, my arms around her thighs, I breathe deep. My head swims and a low groan rumbles deep in my throat. I pull her down and her thick, engorged pussy fills my mouth. Emily jerks off of me suddenly, arching her back as her sharp nails cut into my legs.

“FUCK!” Emily screams. Her ass presses down against my face and she squirms with tiny little gasping moans. I’m swallowing her juices and sucking at her pussy until I can’t breathe anymore. My hands reach up and pull, snapping her skirt and I can see again. I push against her and she lifts her ass. Strands of pussy juice pull away from her, still connected to my nose and mouth and chin.

There’s a tightness in my chest and my thoughts are scattered. Something’s wrong. Something’s very wrong but it’s hard to focus. I lap eagerly at my mouth, my tongue lengthening slowly. She tastes so damn good. Sweet and sharp and right.

Emily’s hunched over, awkwardly sucking my cock while her wide ass bobs and sways above me. There’s a peach fuzz covered lump on her lower back just above her asshole but my eyes are fixed on her pussy. It’s wrong. Isn’t it? I think? I just- it’s hard to think. The lips are full. Swollen in a strange way and bulging away from her body. Every time she flexes her ass, the dark black lips part to show a flash of pink. Thick blonde pubic hair surrounds the lips, the hairs matted with her juices.

I pull her down and suck at one of the fat lips. It’s velvety and she shudders when I pull it into my mouth. My tongue slips into the center of her pussy lips, trying to find her clit. My fingers knead against her ass, gripping and pulling them apart.

With a yell, Emily pulls herself away and bucks. Her hips jerk and she squirts, spraying my face and chest from an intense orgasm. The buzz in my head is turning into a faint roar that’s steadily growing louder. I can’t stop myself from rubbing the scent of her all over my face and chest and body where she’s not covering me.

Wordlessly, Emily lifts and turns, hands planted on my chest. Staring at me. I blink up at her, trying to talk but it’s difficult. Her golden eyes catch the light and she claws me, ripping at my shirt while flexing her hips like a belly dancer. Her pussy glides against my cock over and over, driving me mad.

I reach up, grabbing the collar of her shirt and muscles bulge in my biceps. I pull and the shirt tears, freeing her full, heavy breasts. Emily leans down, lifting her ass and the head of my dick catches briefly against the opening of her puffy pussy. Her hands find mine, pushing them up over my head and she licks my cheek with a long, rough tongue.

“Mine,” she gasps between licks. Her hips flex and push and I feel her hot opening spread wetly as I enter her. She pauses and leans back to stare in my face again. The tip of her nose is dark, a stark contrast against the white of her face and red of her lips. A line of drool escapes from the corner of her mouth and I see her lips bulging to contain her teeth. Her canine teeth grind against each other as she opens and closes her mouth. “Mine”

Emily pushes down, impaling herself on my cock. Pain blooms on my chest as she claws me while lifting her body. Her dangling breasts flatten on her chest as she slides down my thickness. I grab her hips with a hiss and my back arcs beneath her.

I look down the length of her, admiring her hard body but stop in amazement. Two rows of small, pink nipples stand out against her flat stomach, ending just above the thick bush of hair covering her mound. Her swollen black pussy lips grip my dick beneath the golden hair but I can’t look away from the extra nipples she has. I reach for one, sure that the dizziness and roaring in my head is making me confused but Emily moans when I thumb at the lowest one. She grabs my hand, closing it around the nipple until I’m pinching at it.

Dumbstruck, I stare at it, pulling and twisting while Emily slowly works her hips up and down my cock.

“Emily, I-” Pain strikes my guts and chest and I flail, grabbing her back and ass. Emily’s whispering in my ear but I’m struggling to hear her through the pain. The lump above her ass is furry in my hands and something is moving under the skin. Tendons and muscles bulge along my forearms and I crush her against me, feeling her heavy, sweaty breasts against my burning chest. Each of her small teats tickle the hair along my belly as she tries to ride my cock while lying against me.

With effort, Emily pushes away and reaches up, running her fingers through her hair. The tips of her ears are pointed. I’m panting in pain and watching her face while cramps wrack my body. Her lips bulge outward from her face and the skin is beginning to darken along the bridge of her nose. Small blonde hairs push from her jawline and she moans, her hands sliding down her body. Her fingertips bulge and darken as she presses her tits together. Little black claws push through her fingernails and she reaches a hand down to play with one of her teats. Golden hairs sprout around her fingers.

“You feel so fucking good,” Emily slurs. Her jaw is contorting, pushing away from her face. Her hips move slowly. She’s burning up within and her pussy clenches against my dick. “It’s been too long. Too fucking long.”

Both of my hands reach for her ass to pull her down harder and she laughs. I can feel fur growing against the palms of my hands, tickling me as they grow. My fingers brush the bulge on her back and I feel a small, wiggling stump.

“Pull it,” Emily whispers, suddenly leaning forward to lick at my face. “Pull my tail, mate. Pull it real fucking hard. I fucking love when- ahhh!”

I grip the stump and pull and Emily’s pussy clenches against me, pulsing from a small orgasm. Sharp points of pain dig into my palms. My body moves as if someone else is controlling me. I’m floating and hot and sweaty and everything is so loud. Thick claws rip through my fingers and I turn my hands back and forth to stare, seeing darkening pads form on the palms of my hands.

Emily slams down against my cock and I growl, grabbing her tits with my rough pads. My claws bite into her skin and she screams encouragement, rocking her hips faster. Fur is sprouting along her chest and breasts as I knead against her. Emily slams down again and the table breaks, spilling us both to the carpet.

I roll to my knees with my head bowed, panting. Stabbing pain at my back forces me to the ground. Something breaks in my lower back and the skin expands into the beginning of my own tail. My cock throbs beneath me, coated in Emily’s juices. I claw at the carpet and growl, rolling my shoulders. My rounded ears bulge slightly, slowly forming into sharp points as little black hairs grow around the edges. Blood fills my mouth and I spit before licking my lips. There are too many teeth in my mouth and my jaw hurts.

“E- Em- Emily,” I whine, looking up at her. She’s on all fours, her large, furred breasts hanging beneath her. I see her short tail moving slowly back and forth above her wide ass. A line of golden hairs is growing down her shoulders. Skin bulges to reveal muscles straining against her skin. She yips loudly when a sharp crack sounds in the large office. My twitching ears pick up the sounds of small crunching noises and Emily seems to elongate. Her chest expands and her spine presses against her back before becoming covered in blonde fur. With a whine, she rolls to her back and pleasures herself carefully with a clawed hand.

My blackened nostrils flare to take in her scent. I crawl to her, feeling my toes pop and shift. Soon, my clawed feet dig into the carpet and I push myself up to all fours. Beneath me, a thin line of skin begins to grow from the base of my dick, pulling it up and against my stomach, inch-by-inch. I can feel my cock touching my belly, hot and swollen as more skin grows from the base to cover it in the start of a sheath.

I lap at Emily’s pussy quickly and then move up, licking at her furry teats and then the side of her muzzle. We kiss awkwardly and I lay my cock against her. She reaches down, squeezing at it, trying to say something through a mouth that no longer works and I feel it bulge in her hand.

It feels so fucking good. Blood rushes to my cock and it swells, flaring out into a knot at the base while lengthening. The skin of the head twists as it grows and it pulls into a sharp point. Emily guides me to her soaked pussy and the new tip of my cock easily parts her thick lips. I buck against her, rutting and humping and thrusting. Losing myself in her. Licking her lips and face and teeth and cheek and ears while she snaps at the air in pleasure. My knot presses against her again and again, forcing her more open.

Pressing my head against the ground next to her, I see her small, pretty white toes crack and pop. I can hear the bones in her feet scrape as her they elongate, pulling her pinky toes back. The clear pink toenails darken as her claws form and she scrunches her toes when the deadly claws pierce her skin.

All is lost when my solid knot forces Emily completely open and I slip fully inside of her. I feel the head of my dick hit her cervix and she claws my back with a scream, hips bucking beneath me. Her feet hit the ground and she involuntarily tries to pull away as the intense orgasm makes her suddenly too sensitive but she drags me with her as her pussy keeps an iron grip over my knot.

I try to pull out but growl in frustration and force myself to make small, fast jerking movements. Emily is still shaking and I feel her claws in my back. Her thick, furred thighs surround my waist, gripping me as I slam into her with powerful new muscles.

My own orgasm is sudden and intense and I snap, teeth buried in Emily’s shoulder. I taste her blood as I swell deep inside of her. She orgasms again, pulsing against my enormous pointed cock and I feel my cum fill her, trapped by my knot. My arms shake and I collapse, ears back, licking at her bloody shoulder.

In no time at all, Emily turns under me, hissing through sharp teeth as my knot rotates, rubbing at her lips and hidden clit. She raises her hips, offering herself to me and I find new strength to begin again.

— Emily —

Bright light fills the room and I groan, shading my eyes against it. My whole body aches and I have no fucking clue what-

I sit up, pushing myself back on the carpet.

“Oh fuck,” I whisper, staring at the room.

The office is destroyed. Curtains are ripped, two tables are broken into pieces and strips of the carpet are torn up. My thigh, stomach and teats are covered in semi-dried cum and Daniel is lying naked on his side against the wall, his back to me.

“Oh fuck, Daniel,” I whisper again. “Oh no. Lupa, what did you do?”

“Oh god, oh god,” I say while pulling myself up. My legs are weak and I have to bite my lips when they rub against my sticky, swollen, aching pussy lips. I cover myself with my hands for a moment before realizing how stupid that is. There’s a small scent of blood in the air but not enough that I’m worried. Besides, he smells alive.

“D- Daniel?” I ask, hesitantly reaching for him.

“Wha?” Daniel says sleepily. I stand back, hands moving again to cover my breasts and pussy but, again, realize that my teats are showing and my tits are too big anyway. God fucking dammit.

“Where?” Daniel groans and rolls over. All of his body fat is gone and he looks like an underwear model or Olympic athlete now. So. I did change him. Fuck you, Lupa. Fucking piece of shit bitch. Why couldn’t you let me do this? I like him! I was going to take my time and fucking show him and let him decide and you had to- You fucking bitch!

“Go slow, Daniel,” I say, crouching down.

“Emily?” He looks over at me and his eyes widen as he takes me in. “What the fuck? Where am I? Why do you- What are- What’s wrong with-”

Well, that hurts me a little. What’s wrong with me, huh? Fuck you, Daniel. Except no, I understand. Goddammit. I’d be calling for the local pitchfork crowd if I’d seen someone like me.

“You-” I sigh and kneel. “This isn’t going to make sense.”

He stares at me so I gesture at my stomach. “I’m a werewolf.”

He blinks once. Twice. Stares at my chest, my stomach and between my legs and then looks away blushing. My pussy looks like a weird mixture of a human and dog’s pussy. I told you I was self conscious about my body.

“And, uh, you are too now,” I say, looking down at my knees.

“But I’m- no,” He looks at himself now, turning his hands over as he tries to remember what happened. He sees the heavy muscles and even flexes his now perfect right leg. “I don’t understand. None of this makes any sense. What happened?”

“I’m- I-” I swallow a hard lump. Fuck you, Lupa. Fucking bitch. “I like you. A lot. I was flirting with you and thought maybe we could go out. Get to know each other. And I could tell you my secret. And maybe you’d be okay with it. M- maybe even share it with me. This. All of this.”

I sigh and breathe deeply. His scent is far stronger now. I can smell the wolf on him. And his seed. In me. It makes Lupa growl happily and I feel myself suddenly grow wet. Daniel’s nose flares and he blinks in surprise. I actually blush in return.

“B- but Lupa,” I say.

“Who’s Lupa?” Daniel interrupts.

“The wolf inside of me,” I sigh. “She’s not really there. I just gave it a name. All of it that’s changed within me. Sometimes it all gets overwhelming and I can’t control myself. That’s Lupa. It’s dumb but it helps.”

He hugs knees against his chest and stares silently at me.

“S- so,” I continue. “I was going to take my time-”

“Saturday,” Daniel says suddenly, his eyes hard. “At my last appointment, you said you wanted me to come this weekend. You- you did that on purpose? All of this on purpose? You- you raped me?”

His anger is slow but I feel it rising. I feel his wolf growling within so I raise my hands to placate him.

“I didn’t want this!” I say, a little too loudly. “At first, yes but when I thought about it more I was going to stop it. But Lupa took over. I don’t even remember the last two days!”

Crawling through the trees and bushes outside his house. Stalking him. Clawing at his house, fighting for control to keep from taking him there. The moon and howling and hunting free of the basement. Dressing up for the appointment. Hands reaching for the sluttiest outfit I could find. Bending over in front of the mirror to see how much showed. Lupa laughing in my ears. Images and sounds and feelings tumbling through my head.

Shaking my head, I continue. “It wasn’t me! I didn’t-”

“You fucking liar!” Daniel yells, slamming his fists on the ground. “You fucking planned- Argh!”

Daniel goes to his knees and grabs at his sides, screaming in pain. He falls to his back and rolls side-to-side, drumming his feet on the ground. I reach for him and then stop. His cock is growing, unfurling and straightening, pulsing in time with his heartbeat. I swallow and lick my lips and whine quietly. My hand strays between my legs when the base of his cock begins to swell and redden. Longer his cock grows and the flared tip narrows until it comes to a throbbing point. I watch as it moves, the tip pulling towards his stomach.

“Don’t- don’t fight it,” I tell Daniel quietly. “I’m so sorry but don’t fight it or it’ll hurt more.”

Skin begins to build up below his testicles, bunching up until it begins to flow upwards, covering his testicles and dick slowly. Daniel pushes at it, cursing loudly when the thick skin connecting his cock to his stomach strains and stretches. His sheath grows up his new thick cock as the skin pulls it back down to his stomach. Small black hairs sprout from the sheath and he lies back, arms against the carpet, panting from the sudden exhaustion and change.

“I’m so sorry,” I whisper. Daniel’s ears (as yet not pointed, I see) twitch slightly.

“How fast does the rest happen?” he asks me. I can hear the strain in his voice. He’s holding back his anger.

“The rest of what?” I ask.

“I’m going to turn into a werewolf now, right?” He says and then points at his cock. “This was the start of it, wasn’t it? Will it hurt? Will I- Will I forget who I am?”

“Oh,” I say, my voice even more quiet. “No. No, that’s just- that’s just a side effect. One of them. I’m sorry.”

He sits up suddenly, hard stomach muscles clenching as he grinds his (still mostly flat!) teeth.

“Side effect?” he snarls. “My fucking dick looks like a dog’s dick and it’s a fucking side effect?”

His tone and harsh language takes me aback but I feel my hackles and anger rising in return. I push the anger away, hard.

He moves, suddenly, faster than I expect. Crashing into me, I feel his weight and new strength and, suddenly, I’m on my hands and knees and he’s above me, over me, his hairy chest against my back and his hot breath on the side of my face. I can feel his sheath against the smooth skin of my ass and back and it’s driving me absolutely wild. He’s growling in my ear and all I can think of is how much I want him to mount me. I can feel his cock sliding free of his sheath and moving against my back.

Daniel shudders and tenses and then slowly stands. I look back to see his cock fully exposed, the knot sitting above the sheath. It’s gigantic and my mouth waters staring at it. He turns and leans over a counter, taking deep breaths.

“Yes,” I say, when I trust myself to speak again. “Eventually, your canine teeth will sharpen and your ears will become pointed and you’ll grow some extra nipples. Permanently. Every change pushes you a little further.”

“You- You-” He struggles and I hear the pain in his voice. He stares at his now-sheathed cock. His nose flares again (goddamn you and your need, Lupa) and the red pointed tip slides forth from his thick, furred sheath. He shivers from it. “Goddammit.”

“I can’t fix this,” I tell him. “I can’t take it back. I will never forgive myself for what I’ve done and I don’t expect you to, either. But let me help you through this. Tonight’s the third and last night of the full moon this month and you will change again. My basement can hold both of us. Please.”

“God damn you,” Daniel whispers. His wide, heavy shoulders heave and he turns, staring me in the face. “Only until I can control this.”

I nod and a pained look crosses his face.

“I liked you, Emily,” Daniel says. Ah. That hurts more than the freak comment earlier. Dammit.

We keep spare clothes in case people forget to bring exercise clothes to change into and I grab enough for both of us. He doesn’t speak the entire time but I can smell his anger.

Damn you, Lupa. I can’t go through this again. If he can’t control it- But I won’t have a choice, will I?

So who’s the monster now, Lupa?

And yet, I smell his wolf. I smell his own need. I smell the pain but also a scent I’ve learned over time – desire. Not for sex. Desire to be with someone. The start of infatuation. And so I hold a small light of hope as I drive away with him following me.

It’s all I have left.

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