Ghoul Gang – Werewolf Highschool

WARNING: Contains rape!

Funny little story behind the creation of this one, I’ll post about it on my main site in a day or two. Oiling my writing wheels before completing and commission and then possibly opening up for more.

Couldn’t just not write something for Halloween, though!

The Ghoul Gang investigates a werewolf! Hijinks follow!!

The classroom’s speakers clicked with a brief burst of static as a dissonant chime echoed through the noisy classroom.  Their teacher yawned, hiding his mouth with the back of his hand.  He pulled out his tablet to begin marking attendance.

Five students huddled in the back corner of the room, ignoring everyone else while names were repeated until someone answered.

“We have a sighting,” Jack said quietly, his head ducked low and close to his friends.

“A real one, Jack?  Not like that ghost last month?”  A young brown haired girl asked.  Her eyes, large already, were magnified by the thick framed glasses she wore.

“Yeah, Barbara,” Jack sighed.  “Yes.  My cousin saw it.  Him.  Last night in her garden.  Prowling around.”

“Was she okay?” April, the second girl in the group, asked.  She was tall and lean with her curly red hair pulled back in a neat ponytail. Her thin, purple dress hugged her body and she held herself close to Jack.

Just outside the small circle, the fourth member of their little group shifted, slowly blinking his heavily lidded eyes.  He’d folded his long frame awkwardly into the small desk chairs and looked around as if only just remembering where he was.  A tiny dog huddled in his lap, nearly hidden by the bright red “Service Dog” jacket it wore.

“Was it Jodie?” the young man asked, lazily petting his dog’s jacket.

“Janice, Chad,” Jack said. “Her name’s Janice.”

“Right,” Chad drawled before giggling.  “It’s Janice, Buddy.  Not Jodie.  Hear that little guy?  You hungry?  I’m hungry.”

“She was fine,” Jack answered.  “Just went back inside and locked the door.  He’s following her and getting braver.  Last month she only thought she saw something and now this month, he’s shown up at her house, sniffing around.  And we all know what tonight is, right?”

“My-” Barbara started to say.

“The school dance,” April answered.

“And the second night of the full moon,” Jack said, ominously.

“Yikes,” Chad said.

My 18th birthday, Barbara said to herself, pushing up her heavy glasses and turning away to hide her frown. They forgot again this year.

“Barbara.  Barbara Sanders,” Mr. Brooks called out.  “Barbara?”

“Here!” Barbara answered, half raising her hand before shyly hiding it deep inside the long sleeve of the thick orange sweater she wore.

“I think he’ll follow her here tonight and as soon as she’s alone, he’ll strike.”  Jack said, closing his fist on the last word.

“B- but really, Jack,” Barbara stuttered.  “A werewolf?”

“Yes, a werewolf,” Jack answered.  He held out his hand, fingers up as he ticked off points.  “She’s only seen it on the days of the full moon, creeping in the shadows.  I looked this morning at her garden and saw a broken shoe print right next to a giant paw print.  She said it would get down on all fours and sometimes stand up on two legs.  And it howled at her.”

“Yikes,” Chad repeated, digging through his pockets.

“You can’t smoke that stuff at school,” April said quietly, staring at the boy.  “Don’t be stupid, Chad.”

“Right, right,” Chad nodded.  “I know.  I remembered.  Just looking for some snacks for little Buddy is all.”

“But, Jack,” Barbara persisted.  “Couldn’t it just be some homeless guy with a dog?  Creeping around after her?  Maybe she gave the guy some money once and he’s, I don’t know, following her around now.  Hoping for more.”

Jack and April stared at Barbara.  April’s perfect left eyebrow was raised and curved in annoyance.  Jack’s lips pressed together as his brow furrowed.

“I mean,” Barbara pushed on quickly.  “Remember the last time, before the ghost, when you thought there were zombies terrorizing the town and it was just a bunch of homeless people on meth, camping out at the cemetery?”

“She.  Saw.  It.”  Jack enunciated slowly.  “Claws and fur and fangs.  Not a homeless guy with a dog.  Come on, Barbara, you know crazy shit goes down in this town.  We just have to-”

“Alright, settle down everyone,” Mr. Brooks said.  “No gym today.  I get the pleasure of introducing you all to the wonders of STDs.  Keep the groaning and laughing to a minimum and we’ll all survive the video.”

“Look,” Jack whispered.  “Just everyone meet up before the dance.  And bring whatever silver you have.”

“Jesus,” Mr. Brooks said, holding up a small black box.  “It’s a freakin’ VHS tape.  Try to stay awake.  There won’t be a test or quiz or anything but, trust me, you do not want to catch anything they’re talking about. Be safe, be clean, use a condom, prevent pregnancies and, yeah, watch the video.”

Barbara waited nervously at the entrance to the school.  Her parents had thrown her a little birthday party but she’d been distracted during the whole thing.  Her mother had even teased her about going to the dance and kept asking who had invited her.  Every name she’d guessed had been a boy she’d had a crush on in 4th grade, years ago.  She blushed again as she remembered it.  Nobody had asked her and going on this wild goose chase with her friends was the only reason she wasn’t cuddled up in bed with a book right now.

The young girl smoothed the edges of her red pleated skirt and then shivered in the crisp October.  She hugged her arms against her body and wondered, not for the first time, if she should’ve brought something other than her sweater for warmth.

“Oh,” came a voice to her side.  Barbara started until she recognized Chad’s slow voice.  “Hey Barbara.”

Chad sauntered into view in a puffy open jacket and an old green t-shirt with a long-faded band name.  Buddy trotted alongside the young man on a thin leash.  The dog looked up at her and growled.

“Aw, hey Buddy, that’s not cool, man,” Chad said, reaching down to pick up the little dog.  “You remember Barbara.”

Buddy growled again and then nervously licked Chad’s fingers.

“Where’s the rest of the gang?” Chad asked, looking around.

“I don’t know, I haven’t-” Barbara started to say.

“We’re here,” Jack said breathlessly from behind Chad.  Jack’s breath puffed quickly in the cold air and April nearly missed a step as she adjusted the wide belt over her dress.

“Yikes,” Chad drawled as he slowly looked between the two.

“Is everyone ready?” April asked as she tucked a few loose strands of hair back into her ponytail.  Her throat and cheeks were reddened and Barbara swore the girl’s eyes were sparkling in the lone overhead light.  Buddy eyed the two nervously, showing its teeth.

“Yes,” Barbara answered, rocking from left to right foot and back again as she silently cursed herself for wearing a skirt and standing outside to wait.  She just hadn’t wanted anyone to make fun of her for being there without a date.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Chad nodded.  “Right, Buddy?  Gonna catch that creep-o.  You and me, pal.”

“Okay,” Jack said, not-so-subtly adjusting himself in front of them.  “April and I will go in and find Janice.  We’ll watch her for a bit and then bring her out and give her some space so it looks like she’s alone.  Chad, you keep watch here at the entrance.  Barbara, you go over to the cafeteria side.  That’s the only other way in that’s unlocked.  Did everyone bring something silver?”

“Aw man, I totally forgot,” Chad said.  He rubbed the patchy brown hairs lining his chin and cheeks.  “I was going to but then I forgot to look.  I think I had a medal or something from my old man.  He said he won the silver.”

“I- I brought a fork from my grandmother’s silverware,” Barbara said, blushing again.  “It’s- she said it’s real silver.  I only brought the one, I’m sorry.”

“It’ll have to do,” Jack said with a frown.  “But, guys, you’ve gotta get serious here.  More and more crazy things are happening and you have to be prepared.”

The young man pulled out a bundle and opened it.

“Oh wow,” Chad whispered.  “Is that a gun?”

An old revolver lay against a greasy yellowed cloth.

“Where did you get a gun, Jack?  You’re going to get in trouble!” Barbara glanced around nervously, suddenly sure that police were about to jump out from behind cars to arrest them.

April laughed and put a hand on Barbara’s arm.  “It’s his grandfather’s.  Tell them the best part, Jack.”

Jack fumbled awkwardly with the gun until the cylinder rolled open.  Six bright rounds shined in the light.  “I made my own silver bullets.  Found instructions on Youtube and did it myself.”

“M- maybe you should put it back, Jack,” Barbara said.  Her heart pounded in her chest.  She’d thought she’d spend the night waiting uselessly in the dark until her friends were satisfied that it was nothing.  “You could hurt someone with that.”

“Yes, I could,” Jack said, sneering at her.  “The werewolf.  Now stop being pussies and let’s go.  Remember the plan and we’ll flush this thing out and take care of it.”

Barbara hesitated but then followed her friends, shivering as the warm air blasted her when the doors opened.  April half-turned and waved as she hooked her arm into Jack’s and followed him towards the dance floor.

“A gun,” Chad said, watching the two walk away.  He dug into his pocket to pull out a little glass pipe.  “That’s heavy stuff.  Hey, you don’t think anyone will notice if I smoke here, right?”

“I think you’ll be okay,” Barbara said faintly.  “I don’t feel good about this, Chad.  I’m nervous that Jack is going to jump at shadows and accidentally shoot someone.  It’s like he’s looking for an excuse for something to happen.”

“Aw, hey, it’ll be alright,” Chad said, patting Barbara’s shoulder.  “They won’t find anything and they’ll just give up and go home.  I’ll check on you before I leave.  It’ll be okay, won’t it, Buddy?”

Barbara nodded quietly and walked away just as a pungent smell filled the air.

The distant thump of muffled bass from the speakers inside the school auditorium kept time with Barbara bouncing herself against the concrete wall.  The young girl’s mind wandered and she hummed along with the half-heard music while shifting her wide hips as if she were dancing along with the unseen students.

“Birthday, mmhmm,” Barbara whispered in a little song, tapping her fingers on the wall.  Overhead, the old fluorescent light flickered and buzzed.  “My birthday.  Got some cake, mhmm.  Chocolate cake but no presents, mmmhm.”

For what felt like the 20th time, Barbara glanced at her watch and sighed.  It’d been just over thirty minutes since she’d come inside but it felt like hours.  The hallway stretched into semi-darkness both ways and was lined with outdated posters and announcements.  She’d read most of them several times.

Suddenly, the old lone light buzzed louder and brightened.  Barbara looked up and shielded her eyes against its intensity.

“What in the-” Barbara started to ask.  With a quiet pop, the light died and the young girl stood alone in the pitch-black hallway.  Barbara’s heart thumped in her chest, nearly in time with the faint music from the party.


Barbara hugged the wall, listening for the strange clacking noise.  She was sure she heard it wrong or that it was something from the-

Tick.  Tick-tick-tick.  Tick-tick.

Something seemed to move at the end of the hallway.  Some large shape blacker than the deep shadows surrounding her.

“H- hello?” Barbara asked nervously, her voice cracking.  She fumbled for her purse, trying desperately to open it with shaking hands.  “I-is someone t-there?”

Silence answered her and it was more ominous than the clicking sound.  Finally, she unzipped the purse and grabbed her phone.  She unlocked it with her finger and pulled it up to turn on the flashlight feature.

Ten feet away, a monster crouched, illuminated by the faint glow of her cellphone’s screen.  Its eyes seemed to be shine with a dull silver and Barbara opened her mouth in horror.

It leaped for her just as the scream ripped from her throat.  The weight of the creature crashed into her and her breath left in a wheezing gasp.  Her phone clattered and slid, stopping against the wall as she crumbled to the ground, her glasses flying from her face.  The creature sailed past her and she shivered at the sound of its claws screeching against the floor.  It growled and snapped as it turned to her.  She could see the thing’s muzzle in the light of her phone and she screamed again.

The creature hunched, its long ears flattening against its thick skull.  A long tongue licked black lips and it seemed to sneer at her.  Slowly, it came to her on all fours, holding her hostage with the force of its gaze.  A black medallion dangled from its thick neck.

“N-no,” Barbara whispered.  “Oh god, no.  No, no, no-”

It jumped, bouncing against the hard floor just as a nearby voice yelled out.  Barbara turned and hid her face, already feeling the thing’s claws ripping into her.

But the pain never came.  She looked up in time to see a figure dash in between her and the creature.  The man struck, punching the werewolf in the muzzle and the monster slashed in return.  The thick smell of blood filled the air and the man screamed in pain, pulling his hand against the wound on his left arm as he slammed against the wall opposite Barbara.

The werewolf howled and the young girl tensed again, waiting for claws or teeth.  The howl reached a crescendo and then cracked into a semblance of a human scream.

Barbara opened her eyes.  The werewolf was shaking, clawing at its own sides as it snapped at the air.  It seemed to shrink into itself and the air filled with the sound of bones cracking and snapping.  The creature hissed as its muzzle pulled flat into a human face.  Thick muscles receded, leaving behind spotted flabby skin.  Barbara tried to focus on the man with her blurry eyes until her cellphone’s screen turned off, leaving her once again in the dark.

“Noooo!  Damn you!” the man said, stumbling as he tried to stand.  “Give it back!  Give it back!”

“Get the – ow, goddammit – get the fuck out of here you-” Barbara’s savior said, breaking off to hiss through his teeth at the pain in his shoulder.

The old man growled, or tried to as it turned into a ragged cough.  He turned to run, his back hunched.  Barbara watched him stagger and limp until he blended in with the shadows at the end of the hallway.

“Oh my- oh my god,” Barbara said.  She stood on shaky legs and went to the man that saved her.  She hugged him fiercely as hot tears filled her eyes.  Her heart seemed to pound in her chest and she cried in the man’s arms.  “Thank you, oh god, thank you.”

“Hey, it’s- uhh,” the man groaned.  His arms tightened around her.  “It’s alright.  You’re fine, right?”

Barbara sobbed as the man held her, his hands rubbing soothingly against her back.  Her mind raced, wondering if she really saw what she think she saw.  It couldn’t have been.  It couldn’t have really been a werewolf,she thought.

Slowly, Barbara became aware of a bulge growing against her belly.  She blinked and sniffled and then realized what it was.  “H-hey, what-”

“Sorry,” the man said, his arms holding her tightly.  He pressed her body against his and his hands reached lower until she felt his fingers tracing down her ass cheeks.  The man groaned low in his throat and reached down to kiss her neck.  She could feel his hot breath in short bursts against her skin.  “Sorrrr-”

The man’s fingers dug into her skin and something metallic clattered to the floor.  Barbara tried to push away but found herself suddenly turned and pressed against the wall.  Strong arms lifted her and his sharp nails clenched into her ass, pulling her cheeks apart as something hard pressed against her clit through her panties.

Barbara tried to scream but the man’s mouth covered her, his tongue pressing forcefully into her mouth.  He felt hot and feverish as he kissed her deeply.  He pressed against her over and over again, dry humping her.  Her short skirt lifted up as he forced her legs around his waist and she felt his thickness rubbing against her panties.  She tried to close her mouth or push away from him but he held her locked against him.

“Sorry,” the man said harshly as he broke away from this kiss.  He licked her throat slowly.  “Don’t.  Don’t scream.  Can’t.  Stop.  Can’t.  Sorry.”

His hands kneaded against her ass, pressing her cheeks together and then opening them again, over and over.  And, suddenly, she felt the tip of his cock against her pussy. She felt the bulge of it, trying to enter her despite her plain white panties blocking him.  His body burned against hers and his rough beard scratched her face.  She could feel him trembling in her arms.

Long fingers reached down and the man babbled low, quiet nonsense as he pulled the bottom of her panties aside.

Barbara screamed as she felt the tip of his bare cock touch her pussy lips.  The man growled at her and kissed her again, harder and she suddenly tasted blood, unsure whether it was his or hers.  Again and again, the head of his cock pushed against her dry lips, trying to force their way inside but held back from the only the tip being exposed.

Barbara swallowed, nearly gagging on the blood.  Loud ripping sounds filled the air and the man moaned in relief.  His cock was completely freed now and Barbara’s eyes bulged as she felt him tear into her.  He was huge and the white hot flare of pain burned deep inside her belly.

The man grunted and snorted and broke away again as he pushed himself inside of her.  He bit at her shoulder and licked her in excitement, pulling back with a groan before pushing into her again, even deeper than before.  Barbara screamed again at the pain, sure she’d be torn in half by him.  His nails pierced her as he thrust in and out of her.  Licking and kissing and nipping at her in excitement.

Suddenly Barbara felt the man’s motions speed up.  She felt detached from it all, as if watching from far away.  And yet, she was disturbed at how easily he could move inside of her.  How easily his gigantic cock could slide between her lips.  How easily she could take him.

“What the fuck?!” a loud voice yelled out.  “Hey, what- Barbara?”

The man snarled and then leaned his head back with his mouth open.  Barbara gasped as his cock bulged within her.  She felt his hot cum filling her then and it seemed like he’d never stop.

“Ch-chad, H-h-“, Barbara tried to say.

“Get the fuck away from her!” Chad yelled.  The normally calm young man yelled and charged at Barbara’s rapist.

With an audible pop, she felt the man pull out of her completely and his hot seed spilled out over her thighs.  She ached and burned and cramped with pain and fell to the ground in a heap when he released her.  The young girl immediately curled into a ball with her hands over her head.

Barbara saw her attacker turn and run as Chad charged but everything was hazy.  She barely even realized she was standing until she felt something touch her arms.  The young girl screamed and pushed away but then realized it was just Chad putting his jacket around her.  The young man stood back with his arms raised.

“Sorry, hey, sorry,” Chad said.  Buddy hid behind his legs, whimpering and shaking in a puddle of it’s own urine.  “He’s gone.  He’s gone now, Barbara.  I’ve got your glasses and cellphone and you’re okay.  We’ll call the police and-”

“N-no,” Barbara said, shaking her head.  “Home.  I just, get me home.  No police.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Chad said.  “That guy raped you.”

“Please,” Barbara cried.  She shook from tears and pain and exhaustion.  “Please, I just want to go home.  Please.”

“Okay,” Chad said slowly.  “Okay.  Yeah.  It’s your call.  God, I’m so sorry.  Come on.  Buddy, come on.  Hey.  Aww, little guy.  Come here.”

Barbara lay in sweat soaked sheets as early dawn filtered through her thin curtains.  Chad had been silent while driving her home and she’d huddled in the back seat, crying quietly.  Once home, she’d avoided her parents and gone straight to the bathroom, sitting in the tub with her knees up to her chin and hot water stringing her body.  She’d barely felt it through the pain in her stomach.

The young girl had tried to sleep, shivering beneath her blankets, alternating between freezing and roasting.  She tried to blank her mind and think of something else but she couldn’t stop seeing the creature in her mind’s eye.  And what happened afterward.  She hadn’t even seen him.  She’d thought she was so safe and then, and then…

She whimpered, twisting under her blankets.  Grinding her teeth and burying her face in her pillow.  She couldn’t get the feel of him out of her mind.  She’d been a virgin.  And he just took her without a thought.  Violent and rough, hot against her body with his scratchy beard and nails, bulging inside of her.

Barbara groaned, stretching out her legs and then pulling them tight against the throbbing in her stomach.  The shame was a heat flooding her body.  She remembered the end despite herself.  How easily he slid inside of her.  It was the blood, she told herself.  The blood made it slick.  I- I was a virgin and I bled and it made me slick for him.  She groaned again, gripping the blankets tightly in her fists and biting at the pillow, holding it tightly between her teeth.  She clenched her jaw and bit harder, relishing the pain and tightness and the roaring in her ears. The girl twisted her head and pressed her nose hard into the blanket.

With another whimper, she rolled to her stomach, releasing the pillow.  Panting with the need to breath.  She twisted and moved, stretching her legs out and pulling them in to work against the ache inside her.  Rolling her face into the bed she moaned loudly and hissed, rocking her hips as her back suddenly arched, forcing her wide hips up.  She trembled and lowered herself slowly, slowly licking her lips.  Her nipples dragged slowly along her soft sheets.

God, the blood in my mouth, she remembered.  Her breath was hot and fast.  Her stomach clenched and she gagged before relaxing and licking her lips again, shivering with a sudden chill.  Goosebumps lifted on her arms and the back of her neck.

Small brown hairs sprouted from the bumps on her neck and she rolled on her back.  She ached all over now.

The sound of her alarm made Barbara growl in panic.  She lashed out from her blankets to tap the old alarm clock and it silenced with the crack of broken plastic.  Her heart pounded in her chest.  Three tiny spots in her eyes lightened and brightened into flecks of gold.

Barbara sat up, holding her wet blanket against her naked body.  Her hips ached and she pressed the palm of her hand against the small of her back, rolling in small circles.  Birds chirped loudly in the tree outside her window and her ears twitched.  Her upper lip trembled slightly to show her perfect white teeth.

The young girl sighed and let her blanket drop.  A bead of cold sweat ran a lazy line between her large, soft breasts.  She leaned forward on all fours, letting them drop beneath her and then stretched, raising her ass in the air and rolling her neck with a luxurious sigh.

She caught herself then and froze, remembering the night.  Remembering what happened. Barbara gasped and pressed her shoulder blades together as the ache and heat pulsed through her again.  A faint line of fuzzy brown hairs grew lazily down her back, gently twisting together before ending at her tailbone.

Pushing her face down to bury it in the blanket, she asked herself what she was doing.  What she should do.  And then moaned and grit her teeth when she realized how she was laying, with her ass up and thighs apart.  Quickly she rolled, grabbing the blanket and covering herself., blushing from her neck to her cheeks.

I can’t go to school, she thought.  I can’t.  But.  But if I don’t, what will I tell my mother?  I haven’t ever missed a day.  She’ll want to know why and what will I tell her.  I have to go.  Oh god, I have to.

Barbara grit her teeth and the tips of her canines scraped quietly against their neighbors until she had tiny little perfect white fangs.

I can’t tell her what happened, she said, coming to a sudden decision.  I can’t tell anyone.  Nobody will believe me.  That I was, that I was raped after being attacked by a werewolf.  That I- I can’t-

The girl pressed her thighs together and shuddered.  Thick brown hairs grew among her silky pubic hairs.  The light growth of fur twisted together and grew down her smooth mound.  The further down they grew, the more sporadic they were until until a few hairs stood along her pussy lips.  Up the fur grew from her sex before ending in a peak just below her belly button.  She twisted her legs together, hissing in pain at the ache and the heat suffusing her body.

“I- I have to-“, Barbara panted.  Her ears and cheeks burned.  “I have to get up.”

She moved through her room as if in a dream, unable to look at herself in shame from the memories of the night before.  She found a clean pair of panties, slipping them on and ignoring the tingling she felt as they slid against her thighs.  They bulged over the tuft above her sex and a few strands of fur poked through the thin, soft fabric.

While hunting for a clean skirt, reddened skin at the small of her back swelled, pressing against the band of her panties.  She rubbed at it subconsciously, pushing against the bones forming her new tail.  Slowly, her outfit came together until she finally got the nerve to look at herself in the mirror.

Barbara’s belly bulged slightly in the tank top she wore and she noticed her hardened nipples tenting the shirt.  She bit her lips and nearly drew blood with her small fangs but turned quickly to make sure her back was fine.  She wore knee-high black socks, a black skirt and a white top.  She slid a finger against her ear, feeling the short hairs of her pixie cut.  As she pulled her hand away, the tips of her ears shifted.  Slowly, the backs pushed up, pulling at the skin until they ended in gentle points.

With a nod, she grabbed an orange sweater and pulled it over, hiding the generous curves of her body.  Her heavy glasses sat ignored on her nightstand.

Barbara walked alone in the morning gloom.  Dull silver sunlight peeked through the bottoms of steel blue clouds on the horizon.  She breathed deeply, scenting the air as she walked.  She could smell the wet grass and breakfasts and wood smoke and her stomach rumbled in return.  She’d skipped breakfast to avoid her parents and-

The young girl stopped and lifted her small chin, sniffing at the air.  The flecks of gold in her eyes widened, mixing with the plain brown and she followed her nose to a nearby fence.

Through a hole in the fence, she spotted a German Shepherd.  It was nosing around the yard while its owners made breakfast inside.  He was nosing around.  She knew it was a male without even looking between its legs.  The dog froze and raised its muzzle, turning to her.

A flash and Barbara recalled the creature from last night.  In the dark of the hallway.  Huge and powerful and furred with a muzzle just like this dog.  She was frozen to the spot as the dog sat and cocked its head, wondering at Barbara’s strange scent.

She felt the fear inside of her again and it thrilled her.  Barbara shivered and pressed her face and hands to the fence with a moan.  Her nails scraped deep lines along the old wood as she scratched down their lengths.  Small claws slid from beneath her nails, leaving the deadly tips just barely visible.

She couldn’t stop the thoughts playing in her mind.  The powerful creature, pinning her with its stare.  Shining eyes.  All fours.  Muscles and fur.  Held against the wall, cock probing her, biting her neck.  She heard the dog whine but didn’t realize it was herself whining.  Like a bitch.  With need from the heat forcing itself through her body.  She stared at the dog and her upper lip trembled. She licked her lips and panted, staring at the dog’s thick sheath.

Barbara’s heat filled the air and the dog responded.  His sheath bulged slowly to expose the tip of his reddened cock.  The young girl moaned and pushed her ass out, arching her back and flattening her face and tops of her breasts against the fence.  She reached her hand through a crack in the fence.

“Yes,” she said, panting, her face hot.  “Yes, like that.  Furred and thick and, god yes, powerful.  Yes.  Here.  Come here.  Come here, good boy, come here.”

The dog rose on all fours and came to her. She watched its cock swing beneath it and she lapped again at her lips.  Slowly, she lowered herself to her knees.  The back of her skirt bulged and twisted, back and forth, back and forth, barely containing the excitement of her growing tail.

She was mesmerized by him.  The male.  His thick fur and long, proud tail and red cock.  She reached, straining for him as he settled in front of the fence, sitting back on his haunches.

Panting, aching, burning with heat, she wrapped her small white hands around his cock with a happy moan.  She squeezed him and pulled gently, tugging at him and feeling his hardened knot.  He was so hot in her hands and she could almost taste him and feel the slick skin of his cock against her tongue.

The first cock she touched.  The first she’d seen.  The first she desperately wanted to wrap her lips around and suck until she raised her hips and was mounted feeling his teeth around her neck and his claws on her shoulders pumping into her knotting her and filling her with his cum while she panted and whined and begged and-

Barbara shook and groaned and her tongue lengthened slightly in her mouth until it hung from between her lips.  She wanted more.  Needed more.  Needed him in her mouth. She pulled and the dog growled.  She looked up in the male’s eyes and bared her teeth, flashing her fangs.  She tugged harder and muscles bulged beneath the thick sleeves of her sweater.

The male yipped loudly and barked, trying to pull away from her.

“What the fuck are you doing to my dog?!”  A voice yelled at her.

Barbara looked up, the spell broken.  Between the cracks of the fence, she saw a man, an older man, staring at her in shock.  The young girl opened her hand and fell back, blinking rapidly.

“Stay right where you are!” The man yelled, running back inside.  “I’m calling the cops, you sick fuck!”

She ran, blindly, hot tears leaking from her eyes.  Her stomach roiled and she gagged at the thought of what she’d wanted to do.  And a small voice told her she still wanted it.  Could still feel the dog’s cock in her hands.  Could smell the heady mix of it and almost taste it on her lips.  Barbara stumbled and fell to her knees, gasping.  She went to her hands and knees and vomited but nothing came up.  She shook and then heaved uselessly again.

The young girl’s sharp, pointed ears twitched and she could still hear the man far behind her.  Faintly.  Talking on the phone.  Mixed in with other voices around her.  And the smells.  Trash and food and fire and animals.  Dogs.  She pulled herself up on trembling legs and forced herself forward.  She ached between her thighs.

“I can do this,” she lied to herself.  “I just need to think.  Just a minute.  Just a fucking minute of SILENCE!”

Barbara clapped her hands to her mouth at her sudden shout.  She felt hot and wrong and couldn’t think through all the noise. But she had to keep going.  Had to try.  She knew she had to go. She took a step and then another, growling with the effort and the stub of her tail hung still between her ass cheeks.

“Hey,” Chad asked quietly, pulling her aside.  “You okay?”

Barbara refused to look at him.  Instead, she just nodded and mumbled something about needing some room.  She smelled all of them.  Their hormones and unwashed bodies and sex and body spray and cologne and perfume and everything.  It was overwhelming and she pushed to the front row where nobody sat just so she could get a tiny bit of peace.

“Did you hear?” Jack whispered far behind her.  “They saw Janice’s uncle running naked from the school last night.  The fucking pervert was talking about killing everyone and how he was an animal.  What a fucking joke.  This whole time it was just her creepy uncle scoping her.  Goddammit.”

Barbara lay her head on the cool surface of the desk, her long tongue laying between her teeth.  She’d forgotten. For a moment.  The werewolf.  And now all of this.  How could I miss it?  It was real.  Oh Jesus fuck, it was real.  But, but it wasn’t him, it was-

 The door opened and Mr. Brooks walked in.  Warily.  His eyes tracked every student and his lips bulged over his teeth.  Barbara’s head snapped up.  At the scent of him.


The ache in her stomach began throbbing, pounding in time to her quickened pulse.  And from that ache spread the heat.  She shivered from it and moaned, quietly.  Barbara gripped the edge of her desk and it creaked under the strain of her bulging biceps and triceps.  Her claws grew out, cracking her fingernails in half.

Barbara bared her teeth to show her fangs. She leaned back and spread her thick thighs.  Brown fur had grown from beneath her panties to cover her lower stomach and thighs.  She licked her lips with her long, thick tongue and grabbed her the front of her panties, pulling them against and between her swollen sex.

The girl’s slick pussy lips bulged around the tight line of her panties.  They glistened with her heat and began to grow, the lips touching and pushing out into a tight bitch’s pussy, waiting to be knotted.  Clear liquid seeped from her lips, tangling with the fur growing along her ass and thighs, filling the small room with her scent.  Thick muscles on her forearms strained and her panties snapped, leaving her wolf’s pussy bare.

Mr. Brooks stood transfixed, his nostrils flaring and his pure golden eyes staring at her.  His pants bulged and his voice was rough. Fur sprouted along his cheeks and his ears grew to points.  His fingernails turned black as his own claws began to push forth.   “Everyone out.  Run laps.  Or walk.  I don’t care.  But get out and go.”

Barbara stood and slowly walked to the back, filtering through the other grumbling students.  She stood at the supply closet, lost to her own heat and the nearness of the male. She pushed the door open and went to all fours with her ass raised and thighs spread.  Her skirt strained to contain her widening hips and growing tail.  The hairless length of the tail slid along her ass cheeks to curve up and slowly wriggle back and forth.

Her shoes strained as thick claws pierced them  They broke as her feet expanded and her toes lengthened into the start of her paws.  Fur began to poke through the black socks and small tears showed patches of white skin and brown fur.

“Mount me,” Barbara whispered, knowing he would hear her.  Her fangs lengthened and bones popped in her face, forcing it out into a short muzzle.  She moaned and rocked back, looking over her shoulder at Mr. Brooks.

He was stalking to her, his claws, ripping the shirt from his body.  His cock slid free of his pants and she could see the roundness of his knot beneath his slacks.  Drool fell from her open muzzle and she whined for him.

“Take me like bitch I am,” she whined.

And he was on her, ripping at her sweater and top to expose the light fur lining her entire back.  Snapping her skirt to leave her naked under him.  She pushed back, rubbing her wet, swollen sex against his bulge until he tore at his own pants and exposed the thick skin of his growing sheath and throbbing red cock.

Mr. Brooks leaned over her, guiding his monstrous cock between her furry thighs and Barbara pushed back as soon as she felt the pointed tip of his cock against her burning lips.  She growled at the pain and pleasure of him and he gripped her neck, forcing her down.  She could feel his claws on her neck and the pads growing on his palm as his hands widened against her.

Her teacher pounded into her and she slammed back, feeling his knot pressing against her again and again.  His teeth found her shoulder and he bit in while grabbing her breast, pincihng and squeezing and massaging her.  Fur grew around his fingers and down her belly.

Skin along her stomach wrinkled and twisted into small teats.  Milk ducts formed beneath her skin and the teats bulged into six rows of breasts that shook with the force of him fucking her.  Drops of nearly clear milk swelled from her teats and dripped to the floor until the teats finished growing.  She raised herself up and turned her head to lap at his muzzle, tasting bare skin and fur beneath her rough tongue.

“Cl- close,” Mr. Brooks growled.  “Cum.  In your dirty pussy.  Bitch.  Fucking.  Bitch.  Fuck you.  Mount you.  My bitch.  Mine.  Mine.”

Barbara panted, hearing the words and feeling how hot they made her thinking of being his mate.  His bitch.  Her entire body was alive and tingling and an edge and she could feel the fur on his belly against her ass and-

“Fffffuuuurrrrck!”  The young girl orgasmed and screamed, her short muzzle raised in the air and her lips turning black.  Her ears lengthened as she strained and her scream began to turn into the beginning of howl.

“G- get off of her!” Jack said from behind them.  He held a pistol in his trembling hands.

Barbara turned and growled as Mr. Brooks pulled free, leaving her quivering on her hands and knees.

“You monster!  What did you do to her?!”  April said from behind Jack.

“Ddddd-” Mr. Brooks said, rocking to his heels.  His red cock pulsed in the air, thick with Barbara’s cum.

“Nnnnno,” Barbara managed whine before her jaw popped and grew into a full muzzle.  No!  Cum.  In me.  Mate!  Fuck me!  Kill!  Kill him!

Barbara readied herself to launch at Jack.  To tear and shred and kill but Mr. Brooks laid a heavy, furred arm against her chest.

“Barbara, oh my god, Barbara,” Jack cried.  “We’ll- we’ll fix this, I don’t-  no!”

Mr. Brooks started to stand and Jack panicked and squeezed the trigger.  The gun exploded in his hands, filling the room with blood and bone and the smell of cordite.  Barbara growled and Mr. Brooks barked, both of them with their long ears pulled back while Jack screamed in pain.

Barbara turned to her mate and saw the look in his eyes:  Run.

The young girl stood on powerful legs, naked but for the torn black knee-high socks she wore.  Mr. Brooks stood beside her, his ragged clothes barely clinging to his body.

They ran, together, crashing through the exit and over the empty football field, clearing the fence in a single leap.

“Okay, everyone, lockdown’s over,” a tired police officer said.  She waved kids through the hallway while keeping an eye open just in case.  “Back to class, let’s go.”

Tabitha shuffled along with the rest of the students, thinking about cheerleader practice later that day and how her and Tammy were going for the nails afterwards.  And then the bar.  She already had her fake id and excuses for her parents.

“What’s that?” Tabitha asked quietly. Bending down, she grabbed a small medallion from behind a trashcan.  It was black and warm in her hands, in the shape of a crescent moon.

She knew just the right outfit to wear with it at the bar later tonight.

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