Just a little quick scene (not even a story, really) to keep my hand in on writing.

A husband learns of his wife’s and step-daughter’s curse and forced to join them.

The silence was palpable, marked only by the occasional clink of heavy silverware against stoneware plates.

Dave opened his mouth to say something but then closed it again.  Not for the first time.  He glanced at his wife but found her focused on her own food, seemingly oblivious to everything around her.  Dave’s step-daughter, Jessica, shifted and huddled in her seat.

The young girl’s normally cheerful, bouncy personality seemed to have drained away.  She mumbled something quietly to herself, rolled her head in a small circle and then itched behind her ears before shifting again with a heavy sigh.

“So,” Dave tried.  “Uh.  How was school, Jessica?”

Jessica glanced up with her head bowed but ignored the question.  Dave frowned and looked over at his wife, Leanna.  They’d only been together three years, married for one but Jessica had been a joy to be around in the brief time they’d been together.  He thought they’d bonded on the nights they’d been alone during his wife’s frequent business trips but the sudden shift in her personality made him doubt himself.

“Did anything-” Dave began.

“Can I be excused?” Jessica interrupted, overly loud.

Leanna’s head shot up, her eyes narrowing on her daughter.  “No, you may not.  And you will answer when spoken to, young lady, especially to your father.”

So she had been listening, Dave thought.  She didn’t seem to miss much so he wasn’t surprised.  He watched the two women.  He wanted to say it was alright but, despite how gentle she was most of the times, he knew his wife’s temper could flare unexpectedly.

Jessica grimaced, shifting again in her seat.  She placed her hands on the edge of the table, staring down at her bright pink fingernails.  Her platinum blonde hair fell thick and straight in front of her.  She shrugged her shoulders, muttered something again and then looked her mother straight in the eyes.  “I’m going to my room.”

Dave’s eyebrow climbed his forehead and he held his breath.  This was something he hadn’t seen before but he almost felt sorry for the girl.  He watched Leanna’s jaw muscles clench and fire light in her eyes.

“You will not.  Now.  SIT.  DO-”  Leanna’s head lifted slightly and her nostrils flared.  She stole a quick look at Dave and her eyes calmed.

What the hell?  Dave wondered quietly.  Leanna looked down at the floor.  To his side, Jessica’s knuckles whitened on the table.

“No, you’re right,” Leanna said finally, looking up.  “Go to your room.  We’ll talk about this again later tonight.”

Dave’s wife smiled at him as his step-daughter pounded off loudly to her room, slamming the door.  For just a moment, her wide smile seemed almost proud before it slipped into the sweet grin that tugged at his heart.

“More steak, darling?” She asked.


Sitting on the edge of their bed, Dave quietly watched his wife go about her nightly ritual.  She seemed distracted again and nearly aimless.  She walked back and forth into their large closet, circled the room a few times and then finally went into the bathroom to clean the makeup from her face.

Dave looked at her happily, bent over the sink with the curve of her right breast showing through her silk nightgown.  She was tall and lean and beautiful and he couldn’t believe she was his.  She loved him gently but he could see the fierceness beneath it all, in bed and sometimes in public.  He’d found it oddly arousing the time a drunken lady had hit on him at the bar.  Leanna came out of the bathroom, made a beeline for him and it’d taken three grown men holding her back after she’d backhanded the poor woman.  The sex that night had been ferocious.


Leanna patted her face with a towel and then stepped into the bedroom, nonchalantly letting her gown slip to the floor.  She paused, her head titled with her eyes far away and then smiled again.  Dave drank in the sight of her lithe body from the curve of her neck, the swell of her breasts and down to the wild tangle of soft white hair between her thighs.  He felt his cock stir beneath his boxers and Leanna flashed her teeth as she noticed him.

“I want to do the ropes tonight,” Leanna said.

“Tonight?  Are you sure?”  Dave asked.  Sometimes it freaked Dave out how casual Leanna was with sex around her daughter.  She wasn’t ashamed of being loud with her daughter sleeping on the other side of the house or going without a bra sometimes or just discussing some sexual things casually.  Still, they usually saved the kinkier things for when Jessica was out with her friends.

“Yes,” Leanna purred, leaning over to kiss Dave’s lips softly.  She kissed his neck and his thick chest hair – just now starting to show a few white strands – and down to his cock, hidden behind his boxers.  She breathed deeply of him, nuzzling against his crotch.

WIth one hand, Leanna gently pushed Dave down.  He settled himself into the center of the bed, watching her as she tugged his boxers off, freeing his throbbing erection.  She kissed the tip of his cock and laughed playfully before turning to find their toy chest.

Neither of them were experts in bondage but they enjoyed it immensely.  Leanna had introduced him to it and he’d been surprised to find he enjoyed being tied up.  More so that Leanna had been the one to ask to do the tying.  He had a book on Shibari techniques hidden away for her birthday next week and was excited for her to experiment with it.

Dave lay back with his eyes closed, enjoying the occasional touch of his wife’s fingers mixed with the black rope sliding against his skin.  She tied her simple knots expertly and tightly and he occasionally tested them, feeling how little they gave.

“And the gag,” Leanna said.  He turned to see standing beside him with the loop of rope in her hand.

“I can be quiet.  You’re the loud one,” Dave replied.  He hated the gag.

Leanna leaned over him, her nipples brushing his body as she kissed his cheek.  “Please,” he whispered.

Dave shivered and nodded, lifting his head to allow her to slip it over him.  The few times she’d used it, he couldn’t stop thinking of the old movies with the doctors having their patients bite down on rope when they had their leg amputated.  He watched his wife expectantly, his cock half-hard against his belly.

Leanna traced a fingernail down his chest and along the length of his manhood.  Her expression was distracted and thoughtful at the same time.

“Are you comfortable, darling?” Leanna asked.  Seeing his nod she smiled, a small quiet smile this time.  “Good.  I’ll be back in a moment.”

Dave looked at his wife in surprise as she opened their door and walked out, closing it behind her.  As open as she was with sex with her daughter, he was surprised she was taking the chance of sneaking out naked.  Especially with her night gown on the floor.  He waited patiently, expecting her to return with some water but the minutes passed and he began to worry about her.

When the bedroom door opened, Dave turned his head in relief and excitement.

His step-daughter, Jessica, crouched next to his wife.

Dave’s eyes snapped up to Leanna and he pulled at the ropes around his wrist but they simply dug in without give.  Leanna’s attention was on her daughter.

“No, we stand,” Leanna said, gently pulling her daughter up.  “Two legs.  Always two legs.  I know it’s a little hard to understand me right now but you must listen.  We’re not animals.”

Leanna walked into the room with her hand under her daughter’s elbow, guiding her.  Jessica’s eyes were huge and bright and the color of burnished copper, reflecting the overhead light.  She trembled slightly and licked her lips with a groan as she took in Dave’s naked body.  She wore white panties and a matching white bra and Dave hated that he noticed how much she’d filled out in the three years he’d known her.

The crotch of Jessica’s panties were darker.  Damp.  Even from where he lay, Dave could smell her.  An unusually strong sex scent, as if she’d spent hours fucking and cumming.

Dave pulled at the restraints again, trying to yell through the gag.

“I thought I had a little more time,” Leanna said, holding her daughter.  She was looking at Dave now as she spoke.  “I was grooming young Brian Jones.  You remember him, right?  On the debate team?  I’d invited him over quite a few times to help Jessica with her homework.  It takes time to find a proper mate.  But, she’s eighteen now and we’re always late to our first heat.”

Leanna stroked her daughter’s hair while Dave struggled.  “He still will be her mate.  Her has the right temperament and attitude.  But I thought I had more time and, unfortunately, I don’t.  Jessica’s gone into her first heat and she needs a male now.”

Jessica’s lips trembled and she licked her lips again with a whine.  She dropped to the ground in a crouch but Leanna pulled her up again.

“No, you must remember.  Two legs,” she told her daughter.  “I’d planned on turning you after my birthday next week.  As my own little present.  The full moon would be there and it’s one of the rare times- no, sweetheart.  Two legs.  Patience, now, he’s almost yours.  But, it can also happen when we’re in heat.  And now here she is.  My little girl.  I can’t believe I missed the signs but I’ve been away from a pack for a long time.”

Leanna beamed in pride.  She stood behind her daughter and unhooked her bra.  Dave turned away but not before he saw his step-daughter’s pert, small white breasts.

“I’m sorry for all of this,” Leanna continued.  “But it won’t matter aftewards.  You’ll see.”

Strong fingers gripped Dave’s hair, pulling his head straight.  His wife held him in her grip.  He tried to pull away but found he couldn’t move.  Before he could try to yell again, she pressed Jessica’s soaked panties against his face.

The smell of his step-daughter’s heat was overwhelming.  And, despite everything, he felt himself growing erect as his wife rubbed his face in Jessica’s panties.

“This is the scent of her,” Leanna said.  “Your daughter, in spirit, if not by seed.  You’ll be in our little pack soon and things will change.  Quite a few things.  Take in the scent of her.  Of her need.  Of the base, animalistic desires coursing through her body.  The overpowering urge the curse thrusts upon us.  Curse, aye.  The old men in the old country thought it so but we’ve taken it and owned it.  Taste her.  Take her into you.”

Dave’s head swam as her step-daughter’s juices filled his mouth and nose.  He shook his head slowly, not noticing his tongue licking the gag inside his mouth.  Tasting her.  His back arched with a shiver as Leanna took the panties away, tossing them in a corner.  He shook his head, trying to push away at the drunkenness beginning to overtake him.

“Go to him,” Leanna said, letting her daughter go.  Dave blinked slowly and turned.  His step-daughter padded to him, leaning over the edge of the bed with her eyes closed and her nose raised.  Scenting him.  “There will be time for teaching another day.  Take him.”

Leanne crouched beside the bed, her face even with Dave’s.  She stroked his hair as he tried pleading through the gag to her.  He could only smell her – his step-daughter.  It wasn’t right but he couldn’t stop tasting her on his tongue.

Dave jerked when he felt hot breath against his cock.  He looked down his body to see Jessica between his spread legs, her small breasts tipped with fat brown nipples and her white, smooth ass in the air.  She stared at her step-father’s cock with hunger.  Dave ground his teeth as he eyed the curves of her body before cursing and clamping his eyes shut.

Warmth and wetness against the base of his dick.  Dave shuddered as Jessica flattened her tongue against his thickness, dragging it along his length with a quiet growling sigh.  He jumped as her nails clawed into his sides and she lapped at the head of his dick.  Her small lips opened and he felt himself slide into her mouth.  She gagged for a moment and then her muscles relaxed and she took him deeper.

WIth a twist and shift, Jessica’s scent flared and Dave’s eyes shot open.  His step-daughter’s pink pussy was inches from his face.  Clear strands connected from her slick lips to her thighs and Dave groaned as pressure built within the pit of his stomach.  He licked at the gag again and strained his neck upwards.  Towards her.  Towards the powerful scent above him.  To her heat.  To-  Dave gasped and turned his head.  It was getting harder to think.  Harder to resist the girl above him.

Hot liquid dripped onto Dave’s cheek.  Once.  Twice.  A third time.  He shuddered and turned and opened his mouth around the gag, cursing himself as he tried to taste her with his head pressed upwards.

“You can feel it starting, can’t you?”  Leanna’s voice sounded far away.  “It doesn’t take much.  And now you know why I was gone so often.  Always around the full moon.  Waiting.  Waiting for the right time to take you.  I had my husband but not my mate.  And now I’ll have both.”

Dave groaned and bit at the gag around his mouth while Jessica gripped his cock with one hand, holding it in place while she bobbed up and down.  He felt a sharp pain on his cock but it quickly vanished beneath the pleasure of her tight mouth.  The man strained at the rope again.  But, this time it was to touch her.  To grab her.

No, Dave thought, shaking his head.  No, no, no.  I can’t.  I can’t do this.

“Watch,” Leanna whispered, close to his ear.  “Watch now.”

Dave opened his eyes again.  Jessica was panting, still holding his cock but her cheek was against his legs.

Black dots appeared on her thighs, clustered around her pussy.  He watched, eyes wide as blonde-white hairs pushed through.  Slowly, so slowly, the girl’s fur began to grow.  Dave couldn’t look away as a small tuft of the fur grew around her slick pussy, the hairs twisting together almost playfully. More dots appeared along her inner thighs.  He looked down to watch the fur grow there.  It was faint, almost unnoticeable but clearly different than simple leg hair.  Jessica whined and gave Dave’s cock a half-hearted tug.

“My little girl’s first change,” Leanna said proudly.  “It’s not the full moon.  She won’t change completely but look at her.  Look at her beautiful fur.  She’s going to be gorgeous.”

Jessica’s hips jerked and Dave fought the sudden urge to grab them and hold them in place, despite the restraints.  Her compact, slick, swollen pink pussy lips were beginning to swell.  The little lips pushed forth, spattering his face with her hot juices. He watched as her pussy lips bulged, flaring to the side and meeting in the center, thick and puffy, hiding her clitoris and opening.  Jessica arched her back, thrusting her new pussy in the air and rubbing the thick tuft of soaked fur along Dave’s nose.

“Look at her, Dave.  Look at her, darling.”  Leanne growled.  “Look at the little bitch in heat now.  Waiting to be taken.  Waiting to be mounted.  Needing it so badly that it’s driving her crazy.  Needing a male to mount and take her.”

Dave ground his teeth against the gag over and over, straining at the ropes.  His biceps bulged as gold flecks appeared in his eyes

Jessica, he thought, staring at the girl’s swollen pink dog’s pussy.  Her lightly furred thighs were thick with her juices.  She was sucking on his cock again but he barely noticed through the urges and hormones flooding him.  She dripped onto him, her need.  Her desires.  Dave clenched and ground his teeth as his canines began to lengthen, tearing the rope.  Jessica.  My-  my-  fuck, I can’t-  My.  So fucking horny.  So horny.  Need to fuck.  Need.  Need to.  Fuck.  This bitch.  Mount her.  Take her.

The rope snapped in his mouth and he surged forward, tongue lapping at Jessica’s pussy.  She yelped but pushed back, grinding herself against him.  Dave strained and the bedframe groaned as new muscles and power grew within him.

Leanne kept stroking his hair beside him, her face flush with her own heat and pride.  “Mount him now.  Take him now, Jessica.”

Dave snarled as Jessica moved, twisting away from him.  She knelt astride his thighs, her thick pussy lips bulging around his thickness and her nails dug into his chest.  Her arms pressed her small breasts together and Dave licked his lips, flashing his still-growing fangs at her.

A tiny line of fur began to grow forth from the tuft surrounding her delicate mound.  Little hairs lifted free and fanned out.  The skin of her belly tightened and bulged as her own muscles developed.

Jessica pushed her hips forward and raised her head as she pressed herself down onto her step-father’s thick cock.  Her nails drew blood as she forced herself down, inch by inch. Ignoring the pain of being filled for the first time.  Ignoring the blood of her first sex, mixing with her cum.  All she knew was the need to be filled.  The need to be fucked by the male beneath her.  She pressed herself further down, feeling the head of his cock rubbing inside of her.

Feeling the slight bulge of her step-father’s knot beginning to grow.

Jessica leaned forward, raising her hips with a hiss as Dave’s cock slid from her furred pussy.  Her thick lips gripped his cock greedily before she pushed down again with a moan.  And up again, rocking her hips until she found the rhythm she needed.  The skin at the base of Dave’s cock swelled, turning angry and red.  Jessica raised her hips again and the pink skin of her step-father’s dick continued to redden and lengthen within her.

Ropes creaked as Dave pulled and strained, lost to the lust within.  He had to have her.  To grab her and take her on all fours and fill her with his seed until she was bursting from it.  Fur sprouted from around the stray hairs along his testicles and then growing up until his new sheath ended beneath his engorged knot.

Jessica slammed herself down, growling in pain and ecstasy and frustration and not being able to take her step-father’s knot.  She leaned forward, biting and kissing Dave’s neck while her nipples dragged through the hair on his chest.  Bones popped in her face, pushing her small nose and jaw forward into the start of a muzzle and her rounded ears bulged to show small, sharp points.

Leaning back, the young girl rocked herself back and forth with her step-father’s immense wolf’s cock deep inside of her.  She felt her swollen pussy rubbing against the male’s knot over and over and the sensation was driving her wild.  She whined and pressed hard, trying to push him further.

Trying to knot herself on him.

The thick fur around Jessica’s pussy clung wetly to her body, filling the room with her musk.  Dave’s nose flared and black flecks appeared beneath the white of his skin.  He growled in pain when his bones shifted, pushing his face forward slightly.  He felt his step-daughter’s heat against his knot.  He saw her lean body above him, so like his wife, rocking back and forth.  The line of fur between her small breasts.  The fur along her thighs.  Her blackened nose and tipped ears and fangs on a tiny muzzle.  Her gasps so like the whine of a dog.

Dave pulled and the frayed ropes finally snapped.  His hands gripped his step-daughter’s hips, slamming her down.  Her bitch’s pussy flared, almost taking his knot and she howled, pushing herself down as hard as she could.  When her tight virgin pussy refused to take Dave’s knot, she growled and clawed bloody lines down his chest.

The pain mixed with pleasure and Dave arched his back, suddenly too close to hold back.  His cock swelled and filled his step-daughter with his thick, white cum.  She shuddered and hissed and began pounding herself down faster and faster, her breath shaky.

Jessica took Dave’s rough hands, pressing them to her belly and he felt the sweaty skin there begin to bulge and twist.  He ran his hands along her muscular, long belly, feeling the small mounds of his step-daughter’s teats as they grew in.  Jessica jerked at his touch, her orgasm building.

With his free hand, Dave gripped the back of Jessica’s neck and pulled her close, taking a fat nipple in his mouth, biting with his sharp teeth and rolling and lapping at it with his tongue.  He pulled at teat on her body and then gripped her tight, smooth ass with both hands, slamming her down hard, again and again while sucking on her nipple.  Jessica’s nails dug into the bedsheets and she felt herself opening more and more until the orgasm stormed through her body.

Jessica howled silently, tearing strips from the bed sheets.  Hairs stood along her spine and fur began to sprout to join them, lifting in a line between her shoulderblades down to her ass.  Her step-father’s cum spurted from her furry, swollen pussy lips as they clenched again and again.  She arched her back and her bottom two teats dragged along the hair along Dave’s body, making her shudder.

With a growl and a twist, Dave shoved Jessica down to her belly, his red, pointed wolf’s cock dripping with cum.  Jessica eagerly raised her hips for him but an incredibly strong hand clamped around his neck, shoving him down to the bed.

Leanna leaned over Dave with a loud, rumbling growl.

“No.”  She said.  “You won’t remember this now but I will teach you over time.  You are a male.  You live for our pleasure.  You don’t take, you give.  If a female wants you to mount her, she will offer herself.  You.  Do.  Not.  Take.”

Dave struggled beneath the iron grip with a growl but Leanna held him in place.

Jessica rolled to her back, panting from her own orgasm.  Her first change mixed with the intense sex left her aching and sore and exhausted.  Light fur marked her pale cheeks by the corner of her jaw.  Sleep began to settle on her like a blanket and she lapped at her dark lips with half-closed eyes.

“Like this,” Leanna finished.  Leanna released Dave and knelt on the floor.  She raised her hips with a look back at her husband.  Her hairy pussy shined in the light with her own need.  “Mount me, mate, and fill me with your cubs.”

Dave went to his wife and they filled the night with their howls.

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