/r/gonewild Ch. 02

The changes continue as everyone struggles to adapt.

Chapter 2 of 3, apparently. I completely underestimated (some how?) how long this would be. Don’t worry, I have THREE of the FOUR story threads finished already. I suspect the 3rd and last chapter to be put out by Friday at the latest but more probably Wednesday.

Mikela smiled shyly as she slid her small hands along her sides and belly, slowly working her slim hips back and forth.  She glanced quickly at her chat window and her smile deepened at the large list of users and the fast scrolling conversation window.  Looking away again, she moaned, pulling at her shirt and skirt.  The young woman pressed the heel of her palm down against her sore lower stomach and she gasped at the sensation.

The small pink bump above her mound was hot and smooth to the touch and she felt tiny spikes of pleasure deep within her pussy every time she kneaded at the smooth skin.  Mikela sighed, leaning her head back.  She found herself squeezing at her belly, groaning and rocking her hips every time she pulled.  Her smile widened for the camera and she showed every single one of her flat teeth to the viewers.

“I hope,” Mikela moaned, shuddering briefly when her fingers rasped against a sensitive spot on her belly.  She normally didn’t talk during these free events but she just couldn’t help herself; she felt amazing.  “You’re all enjoying yourself as much as I am.”

Strands of Mikela’s silver hair were pushed to the side as the skin on her forehead, just below her hairline, bulged.  She bit her lip, turning her head to the side to rub one of the bumps against the fabric of her chair, moaning low and loud.

The slim young woman grunted and gripped the arms of her chair.  Lost in the sensation and forgetting the camera for a moment, Mikela turned away from her computer.  She lowered her head, butting against the chair while holding it in place.

Mikela sighed while rubbing her forehead in circles against the back of her chair.  The skin above both of her eyes was hot and sore and every time the rough webbed fabric of the chair scratched her forehead, she felt her nipples tingle, a mixture of pain and pleasure that made her grind her teeth.

Spreading her thighs, Mikela lifted her ass.  The milky white skin of her thighs strained against her stockings as fat deposits built deep within her body.  Her skirt, already straining from earlier, struggled to contain her growing ass.  A single stitch along the side of her skirt broke as the skin of her hips overflowed the top of the skirt.

Turning to face the camera, her face flushed and her eyes glazed over, Mikela smiled.  Two thin lines of blood ran down to her cheeks from the split skin below her hairline.  Bone white points stood out from the broken skin – the start of her horns.

“Mmmmmm… ooohhhh,” Mikela moaned, her tongue lying free of her month.  She lapped at her lips and blinked slowly.  She wagged her larger hips back and forth in front of the camera as more stitches popped on her skirt.  Her ass continued to grow until the cheeks nearly hid her compact, perfect little pussy.  “Enjoying the shooooow?”

Mikela stood, stumbling for a moment on her unfamiliar weight.  She ran her hands along her hips, squeezing at her still-taut belly before trying to slip her fingers into her skirt.  She grunted and pressed, her fingers sliding uselessly against her sweat soaked chubbiness until, frustrated by how difficult it was, she simply unzipped the skirt.  It still clung to her soft, wide hips but she sighed at the relief of pressure and sat again in the chair.

The chair compressed and groaned under her weight.

Small black hairs sprouted from the skin around her eyes as her nose began to darken, the delicate pink turning a dull obsidian.

Mikela giggled as the room swam in front of her.  She felt drunk and incredibly light.  She felt amazing.  The young woman forgot about the camera and her viewers as she pinched and pulled at her soft, pink belly.  It began to bulge under her attentions as milk ducts formed.  Four rough, sensitive spots along her belly grew into bumps and then elongated.  She ran her fingers along them, giggling as the soft skin bulged and lengthened.

Giggling at her new udder.

Blinking slowly, the computer screen swam into focus in front of her.  Mikela squinted at the hazy screen and leaned forward.  Small, soft fat rolls stood out on her belly, just above her udder.  Things were moving fast on the right side of the screen.  While she tried to focus on what was happening on the computer, white hairs pushed forth from her flushed cheeks.

“Am I drunk?” She wondered out loud.  She lapped at her blackened, wide nose anxiously and then shuddered, moaning at the heat deep within her belly.  She shook her head and her horns creaked audibly while growing, tangling in her hair.  “What’s… what is… why’s everything going so fast?”

The lines on the computer screen slowly resolved into something she could read.  Mikela’s ears flicked as the edges and bumps within smoothed and the tips of her ears lengthened.  She tucked strands of loose hair behind the growing ears.

Her eyes widened as she watched the conversation window.  Normally full of bawdy comments, it was instead a list of ever increasing numbers.  She watched as someone named FarmerJoe192 commented on the conversation:  “$125,000”.


Don walked to the kitchen, feeling his ears burning in embarrassment.  He rubbed his eyes, dragging his hands down his smooth cheeks and breathed out with a huff.  Bones shifted under his chin and he scratched at it as it melted away, his solid, square jaw now coming down to a soft point.  What the fuck ever, he can do whatever the fuck he wants.  Probably just some stupid pictures from Paul’s hike.

Standing in front of the fridge, the young man pressed his forehead against the cool, chrome door.  He groaned and stepped closer to lay his cheek on the door.  His face was burning and he could feel each heartbeat thrumming in his ears and his head.  And in his still erect cock.  A fat drop of sweat slid down the nape of his neck.

His ears were aflame.  Slowly, they moved, pulling closer to his head.  The cartilage within his ear shifted and his nearly comically large ears shrank into more delicate shapes.  He rubbed at them roughly with his big hands and then pulled at his aching cock through his jeans.

Or getting pictures from Jennifer.  Fucking whore, he thought.  She’d dated him briefly.  And most of the other football team as well.  Don pulled harder at his cock, grunting with the need for release.

He could picture Mike there on the bed, looking through the pictures from that whore and smiling at them.  Getting hard from it.  From pictures of that skank.  Probably wondering if he had enough time to jerk it before I get back.

Don moaned, squeezing his cock.  He whimpered, pressing his forehead against the cool fridge door.  His brown hair slid from his scalp, growing two inches while he pulled at himself.  His hair twisted and slid against his skin, matted with sweat.  He could see Mike clearly in his head.  Glancing at the door.  Unzipping his pants.  Pulling his cock out while going through the snaps that whore sent him.  His bulging erection.  Thick and straining.

Licking his lips, Don moaned.  He dropped to his knees as something in his hip clicked painfully.  The young man touched his lips, dragging at them slowly with his fingertips.

“Mike,” Don whispered breathlessly.  Don slipped a finger into his mouth, sucking on it slowly.  A second finger joined the first and he imagined Mike’s cock in their place.  Wrapping his tongue around the head of the other man’s cock.  Feeling Mike’s fingers in his short hair.  Hearing Mike tell him how he’s always wanted him.  Always watched him in the shower.  Don shoved his fingers deep into his throat, gagging briefly.  A third joined the other two and it still wasn’t enough.

Don spread his knees wide on the floor.  The head of his cock peeked out above the top of his jeans.  The young man unzipped himself and bent forward, straining with his mouth open and his own spit lining his lips.  Closer and closer, trying to reach his own cock but picturing himself straddling Mike. That it was Mike’s and not his own. Closer, his body trembling. The thought of it in his mouth, of sucking on it… he felt the drool pooling in his mouth at the mere thought of it.

Something else cracked painfully within Don’s waist and he cried out, leaning forward on his hands, his longer hair falling down along his head.  He cried out in frustration, unable to wrap his lips around his own cock.

The young man grabbed his cock with his large, rough hands.

“Mike,” Don whimpered with his deep voice as he pumped himself hard.  He found himself rocking his hips in time with each pump.  Awkward and jerky at first, Don soon found his rhythm and he closed his eyes as he bounced his ass.  “Yes, oh god yes.  Oh fuck.  Fuck me.”

Don’s muscled ass swelled and the skin pulled tight over his new plump, rounded cheeks. His large ass slapped the ground quietly, hairs falling away each time the skin rubbed against his jeans.  He could almost feel it in his mind:  Mike’s cock inside of him, thrusting deep each time he slammed himself down.  Bones shifted within his hips while they widened.  Muscles melted away along his stomach and his sides pulled in above his large hips and ass.

“I’m.  I’m close,” Don gasped.  He shook, losing the rhythm as nerves lit up along his body and everything began to grow more sensitive.  He moaned when his rough shirt scratched along the smooth skin of his hips and he imagined it was Mike’s fingers there instead.  His tiny nipples ached and throbbed and he lolled his head while his hair grew out another inch.  He could feel the tile against his bulging ass and he mewled as he rubbed back and forth against it.

Just before he came, Don covered his cock with his other hand.  He felt the hot, thick cum slamming against his palm and he cried out, biting his lips as his voice cracked – imagining it was Mike’s cum filling him.

Spent, exhausted, long sweaty hair hanging loose to his shoulders, Mike kneeled with his spread legs, holding himself up with a shaking hand.  His eyes fluttered open as his eyelashes slid out further, thick and curved.

He stared at his hand, full of his own cum.  Thick and white and clear and hot.  He brought it to his face and smelled it – the sharp, fresh scent made him drool and press his ass hard against the floor.  Something within him was tingling.  A line of fire that burned just on the edge of pleasure.  Something slid against something else deep within his hips and he could feel the wetness of it.

Don lapped at his cum with his eyes closed.  Pictured Mike’s fingers in his thick, luxurious brown hair, holding him tight as he came inside of Don’s mouth.  Don moaned as he ran his tongue along his lips and teeth.  He pressed his fingers into his mouth again, four of them rolled into one thick member.  He deep-throated his fingers, opening his throat to take all of it without gagging.

Despite his orgasm, Don still felt incredibly unfulfilled.  The ache and odd growing wetness between his thighs was growing.  He pulled himself up, holding the fridge as he stood on shaking legs.  The young man’s jeans clung to his wide hips.  He blinked his long lashes as he tried to remember why he was in the kitchen.

His large hands gripped the fridge door and trembled as the muscles in his forearms withered, leaving behind slim arms.  Bones cracked in his feet.

“Oh,” Don moaned, his voice sultry, his deep male voice having translated into a smoky, sexy feminine one.  “That.  That hurts.”

The young man’s wide feet seemed to pull into themselves as the toes themselves shrank.  Bone scraped on bone and tendons and muscles shifted until his size 12 had shrunk into soft, pink tiny feet more fitting for high heels.  He lifted one foot, massaging the skin until he realized he’d been trying to remember what he was doing.

“Oh!”  Don exclaimed with a giggle after looking around.  “Mike wanted a drink.  Oh wow.  How silly am I to forget that?”

Don grabbed a coke from the fridge and walked back to his bedroom, his wide hips swaying.  He zipped himself as he walked, struggling to button himself up over his large ass.  The taste of his cum was still fresh in his mouth and he licked his lips.  Rubbing his flat chest, he smiled wickedly as he thought of all the ways Mike would fuck him tonight.

“Mmmm,” he moaned as his cheekbones cracked and reshaped.  “What a dirty little girl I am tonight.”


Ashley held the cool beer for her husband, her eyes narrowing as he ignored her.  She rolled her aching neck, feeling it pop and scrape but not noticing as it elongated minutely, pushing her head away from her shoulders.  The thin line of fur thickened along the neck, the red and black hairs damp with sweat as hormones coursed through her, filling her body with an unnatural heat.  Her nostrils flared to take in her scent and she huffed.

Grinding her canines in frustration, Ashley fought to keep her cool and to swallow the growl that threatened to escape her lips.  Why won’t he turn on the air conditioner?  Is it really that important to save some goddamn money?  I’m sweating my ass off here.

“Here,” Ashley growled, slamming the beer down next to her husband.

“Hey,” He yelled, glancing over at her for a moment before returning to his game.  “You almost splashed it on me, idiot.”

Ashley bared her fangs and then turned, swallowing.  She clenched her fingers and lines appeared along her forearms.  Tendons stood out on the back of her hand as she made a fist, feeling the sharp pain of her claw piercing her palm.  Muscles bulged just under the skin of her arms and her hands shook as her biceps swelled.  Her shirt clung wetly to her and her nipples strained beneath her bra, tenting the fabric even through multiple layers.

Stalking back to the kitchen, the young woman started pacing.  Her ears popped as her jaw clicked and bones grew in her neck.  Fur sprouted lazily down her back, pulled flat by her soaked shirt.  She scratched at herself, more claws sliding forth from beneath her fingernails.  The claws easily sliced through the fabric, leaving sweat-soaked skin exposed in the overly warm air.

Ashley’s clit throbbed painfully beneath her pants. A small bulge formed as it elongated.  She groaned as the pants pulled tight, her thighs swelling with dense muscles.  The clit became easily outlined against the pants and she rubbed at it, snarling quietly.

A rush of heat caused Ashley to gasp and her pussy lips became engorged, a camel toe forming beneath her form-fitting pants.  She leaned against the kitchen counter, panting to catch her breath.  Black cracks seemed to form beneath the red of her lipstick and her lips darkened.  She groaned, craning her long neck over the plate of raw steaks.  Drool dripped from dark lips as black fur sprouted along her cheeks.

Grabbing a steak with a  thick, clawed fist, Ashley tore into it, her fangs easily ripping through the meat.  She growled and lapped at the blood on her lips between each bite and bones cracked beneath her face.  She moaned, eyes closed while her muzzle formed.  When the pain stopped, Ashley opened her eyes, looking down her sloping nose as it began to turn black.  Her eyes crossed and her half-muzzle vanished.

The blood of the steak called to her and Ashley quickly finished the first steak before tearing into the second.  The heat was consuming her and the blood drove her wild.  She rubbed herself in the excitement, pressing her palm against the length of her clit, chuckling between bites.

Soon, her clit slid from the top of her pants and she rubbed the tip with the rough pad forming under her thumb.  Her leg spasmed with each touch and she felt the coming orgasm.  The young woman tore at her shirt, freeing her right breast.  She massaged the slick skin with her rough hand while squeezing and rubbing her clit carefully.

Ashley pawed at the ground with her feet.  Claws sliced through her right sock and she tore long strips from the vinyl flooring.  She slid slowly along her furred back until she was sitting on the floor.  More fur sprouted along her open mouth and she found herself breathing hard as her orgasm drew closer.  Maddening.  Her clit wasn’t as sensitive as before but there was more of it and the entire thing felt wonderful to the touch.

A tear opened in her jeans along her thighs and the back of her expanding calves.  Her left sock strained against her foot and then tore just as a long, black claw sliced through her toenail and the soft material.

Fur grew through the holes in her pants, thick and red and black.  Ashley grunted, rubbing faster, licking her lips as sweat dripped from her body.  Close.  So close.  She needed it.  Her body burned and her joints ached and her teeth itched and all the new chemicals roaring through her body, driving her changes had turned everything into a crazed blur.

“Hey, are you cooking or what?  I can’t smell shit and I’m hungry!”

Ashley’s ears twitched and she lost her rhythm, her building orgasm fizzling   Her loud, chuckling laugh betrayed her sudden, incredible frustration.

“What the fuck are you laughing about?  I asked you a goddamn question!”

Ashley went to all fours, stretching her long neck with loud cracks.  She stood slowly on powerful, clawed paws and her pants tore to her waist to expose heavily muscled legs thick with patches of black spotted red fur.  She easily tore the pants off with a swipe and her long clit throbbed semi-erect in front of her.

Smiling, sharp teeth showing beneath black lips, Ashley stepped into the living room.


“Ugh,” Lauren said.  “This is the amateur section but I swear to god, I’ve heard my mom fake a better orgasm.”

“Ewww,” Hannah laughed.  The brown-haired girl scratched at her ears and went to stand next to her friend, pressing her hip against her for a moment until Lauren stepped away with a strange look.  “Here, let me dig around.”

Emily watched her two friends click on videos while chattering.  She tried to focus on them but found herself distracted.  She felt an ache in her chest as if she was incredibly happy after someone had given her wonderful news but it wasn’t quite that.  She was energized and excited and found it a little hard to sit still except for the warmth beginning to spread through her.

Swallowing hard and blinking her eyes, Emily squeezed her thighs together and pushed away the thoughts starting to form.  She felt muscles relax between her legs and the distracting, pleasurable feel of herself growing wet.  Excited in a different way now.  Small black hairs sprouted along the edge of her ears and she rubbed them between her fingers.  And, then, the young girl cleared her throat as the heat reached her face.

Beneath the blankets, Megan found herself panting.  She’d hidden herself because of the shame of the picture being taken but now found herself glad she did even though there was no picture.

Megan didn’t want the others to see her face.  The sin on it from the thoughts trying to creep in.  Emily’s hand rubbed along her back and she trembled with each stroke.  She felt empty down there and it was wrong.  The aching emptiness of needing to be filled. Throbbing.  Her nipples ached in time to the pulsing, aching hole in her belly and she whined with the need.  Biting her lips, hoping her friends didn’t hear her, she shuddered as Emily’s gentle fingers scratched painfully into her back.

Painful but she wanted more of it.  Megan arched her back, instinctively raising her ass slightly.  Pain bloomed in her ass and she moved carefully, trying to position herself so that Emily rubbed her lower back.  She wiggled her hips happily when Emily’s palm pressed against her sacrum, four sharp points digging into the skin of her back and one against her ass cheek.  Her skin bulged on her lower back and blonde hairs sprouted from the bulge.

No, Megan panted.  No, no, no.  This.  This is wrooooohhhhh.

Megan pulled herself forward, raising her hips more with a quiet growl as Emily’s hand slipped between her thighs.

At the computer, Hannah leaned over Lauren’s shoulder while the other girl clicked through porn links.  Hannah closed her eyes and breathed in Laura’s scent – coconut from her body wash, the acrid smell of cigarettes from her parents and mix of flowers from her shampoo.  Her jaw popped quietly and skin stretched almost imperceptibly to accommodate her changing face.  The skin at the tip of her nose fractured into a pebbled texture and darkened.

Each girl wore simple pajamas for their little party and Hannah had made sure to pick her favorite from last year.  She couldn’t button the top two buttons of the top and it showed some of her cleavage.  As she stood there, quietly sniffing the other girl, her shirt bulged, the top-most button straining to contain her growing breasts.  Hannah nuzzled Lauren’s neck as the top button popped free.

“Get off me, crazy,” Lauren laughed.  Hannah’s nose was cold on her skin and sent an electric thrill down her spine.  She grabbed her braid, pulling it over her other shoulder in a subconscious invitation.

Lauren licked her lips and swallowed and then swallowed again.  For whatever reason, she kept drooling.  Some heady scent had filled the air and it made her grit her teeth and drool.  The young woman swallowed again as her canines rasped against each other.

God, I know I’m fucking horny when I think I’m smelling pussy, Lauren thought, shaking her head.  She lapped at her lips and bared her growing fangs before swallowing again.  Maybe I should leave early.  Call Michelle and see if she’s free.  She’s always up for a good fuck.  And god, those legs.  I just want to bury my muzzle between them and suck her dry.  Licking and licking and biting and sucking until she’s screaming from it.

The young girl pressed her head back into Hannah’s face and sighed as her friend nuzzled back.  Hannah licked the side of Lauren’s face and Lauren moaned.  The other girl’s rough tongue rasped against Lauren’s cheeks and lips.  She turned herself more and opened her mouth as Hannah licked her again.  Moaning, Lauren licked the other girl’s face in return and their tongues met, twisting around each other before they pressed their faces together into a long, deep, moaning kiss.  Fur sprouted on the back of Hannah’s neck, beneath Lauren’s fingers as she held her.

Emily held her head low, staring at her lap without really looking.  She clawed at her friend, her mind a million miles away.

She was in heat.  Badly.  She felt the ache.  The need.  She needed cock and her mouth watered at the thought of it.  Of being taken.  Fucked.  Sucking the guy off.  She shuddered and breathed, shaking her head to try to clear it.  The scent of sex flooded the room, driving her crazy.  Her heart pounded in her chest.  Her skin was on fire.  A line of black fur sprouted from the back of her arm, growing in a line up to her bicep.

Megan whined loudly and Emily turned in a daze.  Her friend was half covered by the blanket now, on her stomach with her ass raised.  She was surprised to see her hand between Megan’s thighs, rubbing against the girl’s pussy.  She could smell her and couldn’t stop from drawing in a quick, deep breath.  The heat within her flared.

Quickly, Emily pulled her hand away, holding it to her chest and then wincing at the pain of it.  Looking down, she saw five black claws tipping each finger of her hand.  She stared at it.  Uncomprehending.  It was… wrong, wasn’t it?  With a hiss, her other hand cramped, the tendons and muscles seizing.  She squeezed at the hand and felt roughness on her palm.  Turning to look at it, she noticed darker patches of skin lining the bottom of her fingers and palms.  As she watched, pain lanced through her thumb and a dull black claw sliced through fingernail and skin as it grew forth.

“P- please,” Megan whined.  She pressed her ass against Emily’s arm, clawing at the bed.  The blanket slipped free to expose the girl’s soaked pajama bottoms.  Fur sprouted between the smooth swell of her breasts and she moaned, looking back at her friend.  “It hurts.  Please.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I need.  I need something.  Oh god.  Oh god I need it.”

Emily pressed her padded paws against her head.

“No,” the young girl gasped.  “No.  This isn’t right.  This-”

Burning wetness pressed against the thin fur of Emily’s arm.  She looked over to Megan’s red face.  Her friend had pulled her pajama pants down to expose her swollen sex.

“I’m sorry,” Megan whined, rubbing back against her friend.  Her voice was oddly twisted by the long, flat tongue and sharp canine teeth.  “I’m sorry.  I-  I-”

Megan shuddered, burying her face, gnashing her canines at the blankets.  Her hips jerked and twisted and the stub of her tail arched as it grew.  Her pussy bulged, the lips twisting and pulling and folding until they met in the middle.

Bones cracked and Megan’s pussy shifted, moving closer to her bare asshole.  Clear liquid dribbled between the swollen trembling bitch’s new pussy.

“Emilyyyyyyy,” Megan moaned.

Emily stood and the room whirled around her.  Her head and jaw hurt and her ears wouldn’t stop twitching.  They pulled at her skull as they grew to sharp points.  Black fur continued to sprout from them until they were completely covered and the fur continued down to her jaw.  She fell to her hands and knees at a sudden painful cramp.

With a hiss, Emily arched her back, raising her hips with her legs spread.  She howled quietly at the pain and heat within.  Clawing at the floor, she snapped her teeth as her muzzle grew.  She needed to be mounted.  The ache was beyond painful.  She gasped as her back cracked, the bones of her spine bulging to push her small, growing tail out.

Emily stood and stumbled, her lightly furred shoulder against the door frame.

Oh god oh god oh god oh god no no no, she thought.  Growling.  Biting her blackened lips with fangs sharp enough to draw blood, she fought herself.  And failed.

“N-Nick!  I- I- I need you!”  Emily called out, gasping at the undeniable thought of her brother knotting her.

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