/r/gonewild Ch. 01

Four separate groups of people visit the /r/gonewild subreddit to find it different. But, on sharing their pictures, they quickly find something else has changed as well…

Chapter 1 of 2. Once finished, I will probably take each POV and post them (on my website at hidden-shelf.com) as separate little chapters so you can read the individual streams instead of them jumping around.

“I think your brother looks really cute,” Hannah said, her eyes twinkling as she bounced her legs off the side of Emily’s bed.

“Ugh, no,” Emily told her, rolling her eyes.  She ran her fingers through her short, black hair and leaned back against the wall.  To her left was an older poster of Justin Timberlake and to her right, a new poster Ariana Grande.  “He’s such an asshole.”

Music played in the large room, the artist P!nk singing about the world trying to bring her down.  Lauren sat next to the iPod, tapping her fingers as she added artists to the playlist.  The young woman’s hair was tied into a thick, short braid ending just above her shoulders.

On the other side of the bed, away from Emily and Hannah, Megan tittered nervously.  The girl held a pillow to her chest and listened quietly to her friends talk.  Her parents would’ve thrown a fit and forbade her from spending time with her friends if they’d known they used bad language.  Megan felt a small thrill from hearing the word even though she knew she could never say it herself.

“Of course you’d say that, Em,” Hannah laughed.  The girl’s laugh was loud but sweet and her dimples showed on her slightly chubby face when she smiled.  “He’s your brother.  He’s still cute.  I bet I could get him to kiss me.”

“Oh god, please, I don’t want to throw up,” Emily tossed the small pillow she was holding at her friend and Hannah laughed as it bounced off of her.  “Besides, I think he’s dating some ugly junior girl.  Janice.”

“Oh, Janice.  You’ve got more of an ass than Janice does, Em,” Hannah said, throwing the pillow back.  “And I’ve got three times as much as both of you.  And way more boobs.  Picture it.  Picture him motorboating right between these amazing tits.”

Emily made gagging noises while, nearby, Lauren choked.

“Is there anyone you haven’t fucked, Hannah?” Lauren asked, her slim fingers expertly tapping out band names on the small music player.  “You’re gonna run out of guys soon.”

Megan hid her face, blushing deeply at the language.  She grabbed her long, loose blonde hair and played with it nervously.

“And I’m sure you’ll be there to welcome me with open arms when that happens, Lauren,” Hannah laughed.

“I don’t fuck my friends,” Lauren said, eyes darting along the small screen.  “Did that once and it went bad.  She still won’t even talk to me.”

“Try guys,” Hannah said playfully.  “They’re so cute and easy.”

“And take your sloppy seconds?” Lauren asked.  “No.  Even if I was more into guys, there’s nobody you haven’t made out with around here.”

“Is it really that many?” Megan asked quietly.

The other three girls froze and turned to Megan.  Lauren had forgotten the quiet girl and both Hannah and Emily were simply surprised to hear her talk.

“No,” Lauren answered quickly.  “Hannah’s an adorable slut but she’s not that bad.  Just.  Uhh.  Free.  With her words.  I can respect that even if we bat for the other teams.”

“There’s been a lot, though,” Hannah told the shy girl, the corner of her mouth turning up into a playful smile.

“Well, yeah,” Lauren replied.  “You are a slut.  Just not with everyone.”

“Anyway,” Emily said loudly.  “You’re not touching my brother. Or his weird friend.”

“Yeah, who is that guy?” Lauren asked.  She turned away from the iPod as another song played.  “He looks like a little creep.”

“A friend of his,” Emily answered.  “They hang out sometimes.  I think it’s a pity thing from my brother.  They used to be really good friends a long time ago.  Like, middle school.”

Hannah rolled her eyes and laughed.  “He’s a little nerdy looking guy and your brother is hot.  Obviously it’s a pity friendship.  He wouldn’t stop staring at my tits when I showed up.”

“They’re hanging out, Whore of Babylon,” Lauren laughed.  “Who wouldn’t stare?  Even Megan checks you out.”

“N-no!  I don’t!” Megan blurted nervously, hiding her face.

Lauren grinned at her friend.  “You know, if you stopped wearing sacks all the time and wore clothes that actually fit you, you’d look a hell of a lot better, Megan.”

“I can’t,” the young girl squeaked.  “My parents-”

“Yeah, we know,” Emily sighed.  “Just a few more years, Megan.  You’re still going to college, right?”

“I-” Megan began.

“I’m going to drag her with me,” Hannah told everyone.  “Community college.  We’re going to be roommates off campus and I’m going to de-program her until she’s letting boys do shots off of her naked body!”

Megan choked, blushing furiously and hiding her face.

“Speaking of that,” Lauren said, trailing off.  The young girl pulled out her phone, opened the Internet browser and clicked a bookmark.  Her brows creased in confusion at the error message on the page.  “Huh.”

“What’s up?” Hannah asked.

“Was going to check out ‘gone wild’ on Reddit but it’s all different,” Lauren said.  “Address is the same and it doesn’t look like I messed anything up.  Says it’s private and you need to share a picture to get in.”

“Go to PornHub,” Hannah told her.  “Better stuff there.”

“Yeah but I like the amateur stuff,” Lauren said, frowning as she clicked a few things.  “I like seeing real girls, not that fake porn bullshit.  Goddammit.  This was my favorite sub.”

“So upload a picture,” Hannah said, shrugging.  “I’ll take it- wait!  Oh my god!  Let’s all take a picture and upload it!”

“N-n-no!” Megan stuttered.

“I am not getting naked for freaks on the Internet,” Emily said.

“Me either,” Lauren told her.  “I lurk. I don’t post.”

“Fine,” Hannah said.  “We’ll make a deal.  If everyone takes a picture with me, I’ll flash my tits.  That should be good enough to get you in, right?”

“N-n-n,” Megan said, her eyes wide and her cheeks a bright scarlet.

“It’s okay, Megan,” Emily said.  “We’ll just hide our face.  Nobody will see anything.  Live a little.”

“You’re my favorite slut, Hannah,” Lauren beamed.

“I know, girl,” Hannah said, unhooking her bra beneath her shirt.  “I know.”


Mikela sighed as she closed her apartment door behind her.  She brushed a loose strand of silver hair behind her ear as she kicked off her flats, freeing her aching feet.  Her slim legs were hidden beneath dark stockings and the young woman sighed again, happily this time, as she worked her toes on the cool tile of her entryway.

Setting her large, heavy purse down beside the front door, Mikela rolled her shoulders and padded to the kitchen.  Singing quietly to herself, she opened the fridge to grab a cheese stick and a bottle of water before bumping the fridge door closed with her narrow hips.  She peeled the plastic away from the cheese stick, nibbling on it as she made her way to her bedroom.

The young woman’s bedroom was well lit and she glanced at all the extra lamps she had throughout the room.  Nodding to herself, she set the water bottle down on her desk.  The desk faced the foot of her bed and a wide, expensive monitor nearly filled the surface of it.  A simple keyboard, wrist pad and mouse took up the rest of the desk.  Attached to the top of the monitor was a high definition webcam.

Mikela eased into the office chair and booted up her computer while eating her snack.  It was a top-of-the-line computer and booted quickly.  She sat the cheese stick down and typed in her password to log in before opening her browser.  Her heart began to race a little, as it usually did and she felt heat on her small chest.  Beneath her simple black top, her tiny right nipple stiffened and she smiled.  It was always such a thrill for her.

“Huh,” Mikela said out loud when she browsed to the /r/gonewild subreddit on Reddit.  She double-checked the address and frowned.  Rather than a long page of links, she was greeted by a page stating that the subreddit was set to private and the user must upload content before they could gain access.  “Weird.  Okay.”

With a few clicks, Mikela launched her streaming software.  It was her “Free Friday” – every Friday she streamed herself for free rather than charging.  She almost always gained quite a few paying customers to her other streams when she did this.  The young woman copied the stream’s address and clicked the “Submit Link” button on the subreddit.

The slim young woman tapped away at the keyboard, entering a title for her post:  It’s [F]ree Friday again everyone!  Enjoy!  She pasted the stream link and hit the “Submit” button with a smile as her camera’s red light came on.


“Man, I don’t want to be looking at porn with you,” Mike said.  “That’s just messed up.”

“Dude, I’m fucking telling you,” Don rumbled.  The young man was large for his age, heavily muscled with a thick neck and a square jaw.  His coach and nearly pissed himself signing the young man up to the football team.  “She’s on there.  I swear to fucking god.”

“No way,” Mike said.  He was lean compared to his friend’s bulk.  The team’s star halfback.  “There’s no way Kayla is into that shit.  She’s not that kinda girl.”

“It has to be her,” Don said as he fumbled with his laptop.  “Man, I’m telling you.  It’s her.  I know you like her and shit but you need to see this before you ask her out.  What if she’s some slut?  You want that shit?”

“I hate you,” Mike said with a sigh.  “I hate you so much.  Do it.  And if you’re wrong, you owe me.”

“And if I’m right,” Don smiled, “You owe me.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Mike told him.  “You’re not, though.  I’ll bet you $10 it’s not her..”

“Nah, fuck that,” Don said, his eyes lighting up.  “If I’m right, you dress up with the cheerleaders at their next practice.”

“You’re out of your goddamned mind,” Mike yelled.  “No fucking way I do that!”

“You pussy?” Don asked, his smile growing wider.  “Not so sure about your pure hearted girl now, are you?”

“Fuck.  You,” Mike bit each word off.  “Fine.  If it’s her, I’ll dress up with the cheerleaders.  Fucking asshole.”

Don laughed and pulled up the Reddit home page.  He grunted at the screen, clicking his way through the links of porn sites he had saved.

“Found it!  Ah, what’s this shit?”  Don said, frowning.

“What?  What is it?”

“Some bullshit.  They locked it up and we gotta upload something to get in.”

“Well, do it then.  Show ’em your dick.  You show everyone else the damn thing.”

“Nah, man,” Don said.  “It’s all women on there.  Ain’t nobody posting dicks on there and I don’t want to get banned.  Hold up, I’ve got some bitches saved.”

“I bet you do,” Mike sneered.  “Don’t be using any pictures of anyone we know, man because that’s fucked up.  Don’t forget what happened to Trevor.”

Don punched his friend on the shoulder.  “Trevor’s a fucking slimy asshole who got what he deserved.  Gimme a second here.  Yeah, this one’s good.  I think I just gotta click this damn thing and it’ll take it.”


“Hey, you going to start dinner or what?”  Brian asked his wife, his eyes focused on the TV.  He held a PS4 controller as his eyes flicked around the screen, watching everything.  “I’m getting hungry.”

Brian’s wife, Ashley, looked up from her book.  “It’s early, isn’t it?  I thought I’d just finish this chapter and-”

“I’m hungry,” Brian said without turning to look at her.  “Goddammit!  I shot that fucker!”

“Okay, but-”

“I’m.  Hungry.” Brian said, his voice dropping.  Finally, he looked at his wife and she lowered her eyes. Ashley knew that tone and she could feel the faded bruise on her hip still aching from the last time she hesitated too long.

“Okay,” she told him quickly with a nervous laugh.  “I’ll get it started.  Let me just change my clothes and I’ll get it going.  Do- do you want chicken?  Baked chicken and I think I have some asparagus from-”

“Steak,” Brian said dismissively.  “And just some potato chips.  Grab me a beer before you start.  I’m thirsty.”

Ashley put her book away and stood, waiting until she thought her husband’s character was in a safe spot before she stepped in front of the screen.  She grabbed a cold beer from the fridge and handed it to her husband.

“Just put it down, stupid,” Brian said.  “I can’t fucking hold a beer and the controller at the same time, can I?  Idiot.”

“N- no, I guess not,” Ashley said.  Her hand trembled as she set the beer on a coaster next to him.

They’d moved for his job, to the other side of the country and she’d lost all her friends and her family in the move.  She had nothing and no job and couldn’t get away from him.  Worse, she knew nobody would want her.  She was stupid.  And useless.  She couldn’t even get a job.  If she left him, she’d end up on the street or worse.  And her family wouldn’t take her back.  Brian told her all the time how much of a drag she’d been on them and how happy they were that they were moving.  And as long as she did what Brian wanted, he was nice to her.  He was.

Ashley grabbed her phone and went into their bedroom.  She closed her door quietly and listened for a moment, making sure her husband was engrossed in his video game.  One night, after he’d left to go drinking with his friends, she’d used the computer and found him logged into a pornographic website.  She clicked on one of the links out of curiosity and was soon clicking on more.  All of them were women sharing nude pictures of themselves and sometimes with their boyfriends or girlfriends or threesomes and more.

She’d been fascinated.  These women looked so good.  Some of them smiling happily while others made sexy faces that had her feeling flushed.  She imagined how free it must feel, and sexy, to just take a picture of yourself and share.  Something secret.  Something hidden.  Something only for yourself or your boyfriend and share it for the world.

That night, she’d learned how to make her own account and how to browse anonymously.  She’d taken a single, dark picture of her vagina and shared it.  And then immediately deleted her account from the sudden, nervous fear that almost made her throw up.  But, the thought was stuck with her and a few days later, she made another account and shared again.  This time, she didn’t delete the account and, instead, felt the thrill as people commented on how hot her picture was.

Every so often, she’d take more pictures and share.  Never anything that showed her face or anything identifying.  Just a picture of her ass or boobs or nipples or vagina.  Once she took a picture of her lips but she deleted the picture after the first comment, without reading it.

She stood there now in the darkened bedroom, listening to her husband play his game.  Ashley loaded up the website in a private browsing tab.  She tapped past the new screen that popped up and clicked a small title for the picture she was about to take.  Quickly, while still listening for her husband, she pushed down her panties and sweatpants and angled her photo.  The camera clicked and she felt her heart racing as she posted the picture.


“All right, set the timer and get ready,” Hannah said.  She sat in the middle of the bed with Emily on her right and Megan on her left.  Megan was hiding herself completely with her knees pulled up to her chest and a pillow covering her face.  Emily was smiling but the smile trembled.  She didn’t want to look afraid in front of her friends.

Lauren set her phone down, facing the bed.  She spent a moment turning it while looking at the display.  Finally satisfied with the angle, she clicked the capture button and ran to the bed as it began to beep.  She pressed herself between Hannah and Megan.  She smiled for the camera but her eyes flicked to her friends.  Hannah had her hands on the bottom of her shirt, bouncing excitedly on the bed.

The beeping from the phone sped up and, just as the camera went off, Hannah pulled her shirt up, covering her face.  Lauren turned her head to the side and Emily shrieked quietly, covering her face with her hands.

“I-i-is it over?” Megan asked from behind her pillow.

Everyone started laughing and Lauren stood, walking to her phone.

“I can’t believe you actually did it, Hannah,” Lauren said.  She was blushing and her heart was beating so fast in her chest.  She liked to think she was brave and tough but, at the last moment, couldn’t stop from looking away.

“My tits are a gift from god,” Hannah said proudly.  “Why shouldn’t I show them off?”

“Th-the Bible-” Megan stuttered.  She still hadn’t taken the pillow away.

“Oh, Meg, I didn’t mean literally,” Hannah said, patting her friend’s shoulder.  “You can look, Meg.  I swear, she’s done.”

“O-okay,” Megan said, peeking behind the pillow.

“Click!” Lauren said, holding her camera straight at Megan.

Megan screamed, pulling the bed’s covers entirely over her head.

“Don’t!” The young girl cried out.  “Don’t post that!  Please don’t!  Oh God, no, please don’t!”

“Oh Megan!”  Lauren laughed.  “Megan, I didn’t really take a picture!”

“You’re such a bitch sometimes, Lauren,” Emily said.  She frowned, upset for her friend.  “It’s alright, Megan, she’s just messing with you.  She didn’t actually take your picture.”

Megan stayed beneath the blankets and Emily shot a hard look at Lauren as she rubbed her friend’s back through the blanket.

“Aww, she’s gotta toughen up some time,” Lauren said.  “Hold on, I’m going to post this.  Thanks again, Hannah.”

“Use the power wisely, my son,” Hannah intoned with a giggle.

“And, posted.  Huh,” Lauren frowned.

“What’s up?” Hannah asked.

“It’s empty,” Lauren told her.  “Normally there’s a million posts but ours is-  Oh, wait, just refreshed and there’s a couple more.  And a comment on our photo.”

“Oh!  What’s it say?  Did they compliment my boobs?”  Hannah asked, bouncing on the bed.

“Two comments now.  First one’s from the moderator:  ‘What a bunch of horny little bitches.’  Jesus.  What an asshole. Second one just says ‘Nice tits, lol’.”  Lauren refreshed the page and frowned again.  “There’s a few more posts but it’s almost all empty.  I know I’m on the right page.”

“Well, go to PornHub like I said,” Hannah said, scratching at her ear.  “All kinds of freaky lesbian porn there for you.  Mmm.  Now that I think about it, I wouldn’t mind looking at some stuff.  Fire up Emily’s laptop.”

“No way,” Emily said.  “I don’t want that garbage on my computer.  My parents look at our history sometimes.”

“They’re gone for the weekend,” Lauren said, rolling her eyes.  She perched herself on the desk.  The edge pressed between her thighs and she flexed her back slightly in response.  Slowly, her hips began to work back and forth as a dull, aching heat built in the pit of her stomach.  “That’s, mmm, that’s why Nick’s here and you think he gives a crap what you look at?”

Emily bit her lip.  Her hand, working in a small comforting circle on Megan’s back reached up and slowly began to scratch along the hidden girl’s spine.  On the third stroke, Megan shifted, pressing herself against Emily’s hand.  Small threads pulled free from the blanket as a fingernail on Emily’s hand bulged and a small claw slid forth from beneath it.  Emily’s other hand lay between her legs and and clawed at her thigh for a moment.

“Fuck it,” she said, her eyes focused in the distance.  Megan whined quietly beneath the blankets.  “Go for it.”


Mikela smiled at her webcam.  She glanced at her visitor list and saw one unfamiliar name.  Sometimes it took a while before people started to show up.  In the meantime, she licked the cheese stick in the most suggestive way she could think of while refreshing the Reddit page.

There were only a few links on the subreddit and her post had a single comment.  She glanced at it to see the moderator’s comment of “Stream approved”.  The visitor in her stream was named the same as the moderator on the subreddit and she’d never seen him on there or even heard of him as a moderator.  As a regular poster, she knew a few of the mods and had even chatted with him.  Now there seemed to be only the one.

Her stream’s chat window blinked.  There were four more visitors – none of which she knew – and a comment by the subreddit’s moderator:  “I think you need more milk or other creamy white stuff, you’re such a little thing ;)”

The webcam didn’t show anything above Mikela’s lips and she rolled her eyes at the comment.  She’d seen far, far worse but the mild creepiness of the comment was odd. Six more visitors showed up – again nobody she knew and Mikela looked away, ready to focus on her little show as the comments began rolling in.  She hated reading while she worked.  Sometimes there were helpful comments but the vast majority were typically insipid male bravado.

Mikela pushed her chair back so her entire body was shown.  She smiled at her hidden audience, her small tongue wrapping around the cheese stick.  With a wink, she slid the stick into her mouth, pursing her lips.

Chaste librarian by day, she thought while sucking on the cheese stick.  Webcam whore by night.

She loved the excitement she felt when streaming.  The thought of all of the men and sometimes women that watched her strip and masturbate was intoxicating.  But, if she were completely honest with herself, it was the money that kept her going.  She enjoyed walking into an expensive store and buying whatever she wanted.  She was careful with her money but for the few things she wanted, she spared no expense.  The dichotomy between her simple librarian life and the ritzy webcam girl was as exhilarating as the nude exhibition itself in a weird way.

Mikela had always grown up being the ‘poor little mousey girl’.  Her coworkers thought she was a quiet, shy hard worker.  If only they knew, she thought.

The young woman spread her thighs on the chair, pressing her heels on the edge of her desk.  Her skirt pulled back, exposing her black, lacy garters and suspenders.  She squirmed in her chair for effect, pulling on her right thigh and she knew her viewers were leaning closer to try to catch a view of her crotchless panties.

She walked around the library just like that and sometimes without any panties at all.  Smiling at customers, helping them and knowing the whole time that she wore nothing.  No bra over her tiny breasts and nothing but her skirt hiding her sex.  She would picture herself with some of the more handsome guests:  leading them to a hidden spot, putting their hands up her skirt and smiling as they felt her bare pussy.  Biting their ears and telling them to fuck her hard.  Little sexy daydreams while helping people find books on history or math or whatever else they wanted to read.

Arching her back, Mikela moaned quietly, squeezing her small breast before running a hand down her slim body.  Her fingers slipped beneath the band of her skirt and she smiled with her eyes half-lidded. Her fingers pressed and squeezed at the very tiny bulge just above her mound.  The tanned skin beneath her fingers began to lighten slowly into a bright, healthy pink color.  A single thick vein stood out suddenly under the pink skin and she ran her finger along it and then lower, feeling how wet she was.  Unusual for her on a night like this but she felt so sexy.

Mikela spread her legs further, licking her lips until her skirt strained against her side.  Her ears flicked for a moment and she gasped, reaching for her breast as it swelled gently beneath her shirt.

“Oh, fuck,” Mikela moaned, losing herself in the moment.  Her teeth ached as her canines reshaped, cracking and expanding into dull, flattened versions of her molars.  Her incisors followed until every single one of her teeth were without a sharp edge.

The young woman thrust her growing chest forward and ran her fingers through her hair, her palms rubbing at two small sore spots on the side of her forehead.


“So?” Mike asked.  “Where is she?”

“Man, I dunno,” Don said.  “There’s nothing here.”

The young man clicked on the /r/gonewild subreddit link he had saved in his bookmarks.  It brought him back to the same site but there were only a few posts in addition to the one he made.

“Maybe it’s just taking a while to load it all,” Don frowned.

“I don’t think it works like that,” Mike told him.

“Damn, check out this chick’s tits,” Don grinned.  He stuck his tongue out for a moment and typed in a quick message to the poster:  “Nice tits, lol.”

“Hey,” Mike said pointing at the top right of his screen.  “You got a little red envelope thing.”

Don laughed.  “Probably some asshole telling me how pretty I am.”

Clicking the link, he read the single comment slowly:  This is a picture of porn actress Sunny Leone and not your own picture.  But, I think I can make a special exception for you.

“Hah,” Don laughed again.  “What a dumbass.  That was easy.”

That’s who you posted?” Mike asked.  “Is this some weird incest thing?  She looks like she could be your sister.  Hell, she even has a scar kinda like you do on your forehead.  Remember when John knocked the shit out of you in practice?  You bled like a stuck pig.”

“Uh,” Don replied, leaning in close to look at his posted picture.  “I guess she does kinda look like me a little.  I’m prettier, though.”

Mike laughed, slapping his friend on the back.  “Yeah, real fuckin’ pretty, princess.”

“What?” Don said, frowning.  “I said I’m pretty sure John just grazed me.  Besides, I beat the shit out of him later.  He took it pretty good, though.  Nice strong muscles on that guy.  Beefy.”

Don shifted in his seat, remembering the moment out in the field after practice.  He felt himself grow hard at the memory of John’s slick, shirtless upper body.  The young man pressed at his erection, shaking his head and putting the thought away.  His eyes traced the porn actresses body and he found himself touching his chest while he stared at the woman’s boobs.

“Man, you need me to give you a moment to rub one out?” Mike asked his friend.  “A little bit of alone time with your girlfriend?  Come on, you were going to show me Kayla.  Or someone  you thought looked like Kayla because it’s not fucking Kayla.”

“Stop saying her name like that!” Don yelled, his voice cracking.  He coughed, thick callused hand on his throat before he spoke again.  “Why do you even care about her so much?”

Mike stepped back to look at his friend.  “You okay, man?”

“Yeah,” Don said, shaking his head.  He could feel the tops of his ears burning and his cheeks seemed to be on fire.  His throat was rough and scratchy and, despite the weird ache he felt in his chest (Am I about to cry?? He asked himself incredulously) he could feel his erection throbbing in time to his heart beat.  “I think I just need some water.  It’s really hot in here.”

“Alright, man,” Mike said, going to sit on Don’s bed.  He pulled out his phone, tapping to unlock it.  “Hey, can you grab me a Coke or something?”

“Who are you talking to?” Don asked sharply.

“What?  Just checking my snaps, man.”

Don looked away.  His entire face felt hot and his throat was growing tight.  He wanted to ask who the snaps were from; who he was friends with on Snapchat.  He wanted to ask if any of them were girls.  The young man scratched at his face to hide the motion of wiping away a small sudden tear.  Stubble fell away where scratched, leaving behind smooth skin.

What the fuck is wrong with me? Don asked himself as he stomped away to get the drinks.


Ashley hummed quietly to the background of swelling music and gunfire from her husband’s video game.  He was on a headset now, laughing and yelling at his friends as they played together.  She loved when he put the headphones on because it meant she could make a little noise without worrying about him yelling at her.

She tenderized the steaks, rubbing them down with her own special rub of salt and spices.  The smell of the meat wafted up to her and her stomach rumbled.  She felt her mouth water at the sharp coppery scent of raw, bloody meat.  She hadn’t realized how hungry she was but now felt like she was starving.

Oven at 475, almost warmed up, She thought to herself, mentally going through the steps she needed for dinner.  It was simple but she knew how stupid and forgetful she was and she didn’t want Brian to have an excuse to hit her again.  Ashley growled as she recounted the steps.  Reaching up, she cleaned her bloody fingers off slowly, one at a time with her tongue, sucking on each finger until they were entirely clean.  Sear each side of the steak and-

“Goddammit!” Brian yelled from the other room.

Ashley hunched her shoulders and laughed nervously.  Her lips pulled back as she bared her teeth to expose canines slowly lengthening in her jaw.  She lapped at her face with a tongue longer than it should be, licking anxiously at the traces of blood near her lips.  Between her thighs, she felt a slow, dull pulsing that made her squirm.  She ignored it, as she often ignored her own sex drive the rare times she felt horny.  She never dared to initiate and her husband took her when he wanted and then only sporadically.

“Hold the goddamn control point, you fucking moron!” Brian continued to yell.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Ashley fought an odd urge to drop to all fours just as something twitched in her tailbone.  The young woman went to grab a pan from the shelf but then stopped, glancing towards the living room.  Her husband was lost in his game, yelling at his fireteam and ignoring her completely.  Quickly, she woke her phone, pulled up an anonymous browsing tab and logged in to see if there were any comments on her picture.

She rarely looked back at what she posted but, sometimes – sometimes she checked.  There was a single comment, the user’s name highlighted in green.  That meant a moderator but she didn’t recognize the name.  She read the comment quickly: Such a bare little pussy.  I like my women a little more rough.

Ashley’s eyes flicked up at her posted picture and she growled low in her throat.  Someone changed the picture!

Her husband liked her to shave herself bare.  She hated the bumps and burns afterwards but he always wanted her smooth.  “His naughty little girl” he always called her.  The posted picture was bare like she was but the clit was engorged to a ridiculous degree.  It was thick and bulging, the hood pulled far back.  The slick, pink clit was nearly the size of the tip of her pinky finger.

And yet, there was a mole on the mound above that huge clit.  A mole just like she had.

Ashley killed the tab and licked her lips, showing her sharp fangs briefly.  She glanced at her husband and then ran to the back of the kitchen so he couldn’t see her.  Once there, she carefully pulled her pants down to look at herself.

Her clit was swollen and angry and red.  Ashley dropped to her knees with a nervous chuckling laugh.  Her ears strained against her head and she licked her lips.  Again, she looked down.  It wasn’t nearly as bad as what was shown in the picture but, as she watched, the hood over her clit slid back, unable to contain the erect, growing clit.  Her free hand trembled as she slowly reached to touch herself.

“I need another beer!” Brian yelled.

Ashley fell to hands and knees and small hairs sprouted from the back of her neck, standing on end.  She bared her teeth as a wave of anger rushed through her body.  She growled, her eyes flashing.  Gold flecks appeared in the light green of her eyes.  The young woman shook her entire body and pulled herself up on shaky legs.  She hissed as her thighs rubbed briefly against her clit.

Light hair pushed through the skin of her mound in a soft patch of fur.  She stalked to the fridge, opened it and grabbed a beer.  The cold can felt amazing on her hot skin and she could taste the metal of the can at the back of her throat.  Beyond that, the smell of the steak sitting on the counter made her stomach rumble again.

“I said I need another goddamn beer!”  Brian yelled again.

Ashley growled again as hot anger boiled in her stomach.  She fought it, feeling her old doubt and fears clash with the hormones flooding her body.  Her hand tightened on the beer, causing tendons and veins to stand out on her forearm.  She swallowed, licked her lips and walked to the living room.

“Coming,” Ashley said, her voice rough.  A single claw grew from her finger, scraping along the can.

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  1. I had to finally make an account. I’ve been a fan of your work for over half a year now. This is by far the most compelling story you’ve written so far. I’ve never been this eager to read the next chapter. You gave just the right amount of build up to salivate and tantalize. I couldn’t get this story out of my head all weekend. My imagination couldn’t stop playing with all the possibilities. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello!

      It’s interesting that *this* story in particular was the one to get you to make an account. Is there any reason for it? It’s not well written based on my other stories and it’s a pretty basic premise. So I guess I’m curious about what drew you to this one specifically.

      • My apologies, I didn’t mean to belittle the great stories you’ve done in the past. You’re right, there is nothing special about the writing compared to your other work. The premise itself is silly yet intriguing. Like a grindhouse film; sensationalizing what is interesting to the audience. In this case it’s exploiting the fascination your readership has with transformation.

        We live in an age of short attention spans and excessive content. In the blog world, a story has to be short, approachable and straight to the action. Your pacing here is flawless in that regard.

        Honestly, I don’t know if this story would work as well if you separated all the narratives. The appeal of this story is that we’re not shackled down to one perspective. Instead we’re jumping around experiencing different people and places affected by the same event. Pooling multiple narratives together into one story gives your world more depth with less writing.

        When someone visits this page for the first time, they’re not going to read through “Filth” or “The Honeypot”. Those are good stories but the length is daunting when a new reader is trying to find content they deem worth their time. Your most recent “Sketch” story is a good example of what someone is more likely to read as a first impression and I really enjoyed it but obviously the content is limiting.

        This story (/r/gonewild) is very approachable and still has depth that allows you to show the audience what you can really do with various characters and transformations. It’s a great starting point for new fans. If I were to recommend you to someone, I would tell them to start with a story like this one.

        • Oh, don’t worry – I didn’t think you were belittling my other stories. I was just curious why this particular one got you to say hello.

          And I very much appreciate the detailed reply! I *love* to hear back from readers because it gives me an insight into what other people like about stories and what they don’t like. Sometimes it helps to guide my writing. And sometimes I’ll write something specifically based on comments. It’s no fun writing in an echo chamber of my own thoughts.

          I think you’re right about shorter stories versus longer ones drawing in new readers. I know a lot of people skip to the transformation just to get off or get riled up. It’s especially risky when trying a new author – why invest in a longer story if you don’t know if your kinks align or if you like their style? So, every so often I write a one shot just for the TF. But I enjoy writing multi chapters as well because it’s more practice for me.

          I think I have another year of writing erotica before I hang it up with maybe very sporadic stories. I want to move on to non erotica and all of this is practice as well as an outlet.

          But, who knows?

          • I’m sure your content is more popular than the reply section would lead you to believe. When it comes to kinks, the TF community is pretty unique comparatively. The fantasy is fairly difficult to act out in reality and quality content on the internet is scarce. When you find a good writer/artist, you cling onto them for dear life.

            One day TF will be as common as a soccer mom’s fleeting fantasy of BDSM. For now though, the TF community relies heavily on content generated by talented people like you. Just know that it doesn’t go unappreciated.

            I can’t wait to read the next half of this story!

            • Yeah, I wished I got more comments from people but I treasure the ones I do get. And I’ve had enough to make me feel confident enough (although there’s a lot I could improve) in my writing. I know it’s just a matter of people enjoying but not necessarily commenting.

              Man. How nice it’d be if werewolves and others were as popular as vampires and zombies. That’d be amazing. Still, I’ve been amazed at how open some people have been to it. So that’s good.

              I hope you enjoy chapter 2 from yesterday!

  2. Hey. Big fan of your stuff on Literotica — especially Testing Grounds. Love to see there’s more content on your own site, especially these Reddit stories. I’m not a big Redditor. You may change that.

    • Hello and thank you!

      I appreciate the compliment and comment – especially about Testing Grounds since that’s one of my personal favorites. Mostly due to their being an actual story behind all of it. Don’t take these stories as an endorsement of reddit in particular. I just liked the idea of subverting the /r/gonewild subreddit for TF purposes!

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