The Isle: Prologue

A mysterious stranger walks a hidden island, searching for his prey

Welcome to my first collaborative effort! I’ve convinced b-ridge ( to write a story with me and after some back and forth, this is what we came up with. It’s my pleasure to work with a talented writer and I hope you enjoy the story as it unfolds! And have fun trying to find the seams between our writing :) 

The peace of the island was broken by a sudden, hot northern wind.

It swept in, pulling at white­-capped turquoise waves to crash against the sheer cliffs. High overhead, a golden eagle shrilled in anger as it tumbled briefly before righting itself, banking hard to find new hunting grounds. Further inland the wind roared, crushing wild grass flat and forcing ancient olive trees to groan.

The wind gathered slowly. In a wide field, grass and wheat and weeds began to move, rocking back and forth on long stalks. A pattern emerged as the wind turned on itself, collapsing into a large sphere. Red light sparked within the sphere and it compressed, swirling, bending the land as it spun. Faster and faster, smaller and smaller until a loud crack split the air and cracked the earth.

Startled birds fled from nearby wind-­swept trees, moving as one to the other end of the island. Animals cried out and then fell silent to hide themselves from the sudden, menacing stillness. A tall figure dressed in black stood in the center of the scorched earth. Thick, grey smoke rose from his shoulders and back as he surveyed the land. With barely a pause, the man turned and slowly made his way to the center of the island. Small embers sparked in the air behind him, swirling in his wake as if he wore a cloak of shifting flames.

Huge white clouds moved slowly overhead in a perfect blue sky. The man snarled and distant thunder answered. With teeth grit in anger, he made his way through the pristine wilderness. A black line of burnt and dying plants traced his path as he neared the end of a massive forest.

Terrified shrieks and the sounds of a panicked flight through the forest made the man pause in rare curiosity. He spied a young woman in a torn, muddy peplos. Her long, blonde hair was in disarray and filled with twigs. The woman, bloody from a thousand small cuts, was panting and glancing behind herself as she stumbled and nearly fell. A man’s voice called out, laughing in its encouragement of her run. The tall man frowned slightly as the woman tumbled at his feet. He stepped back lightly when she reached for him.

“Please!” the woman cried, her arm out. Her eyes were wide and wild. A single perfect nipple and the curve of the breast beneath it were visible in a large tear at the front of her garment. “Please, sir! I know not how I came to be here but I am being chased by the most horrendous of beasts!”

The man looked up as the woman’s pursuer stepped into the opening. The woman shrieked again, her feet digging into the earth as she pushed herself back against a tree. Her chest heaved with short, quick breaths.

“Hoi,” the other man said with a smile. “You gave me quite the chase, sweet lady.”

The woman moaned, covering her mouth in fear at the approaching man beast.

The creature stood taller than a man on thick hooves. His horse’s tail flicked behind him and he stamped his furred legs. His broad chest was heavily muscled and lined with a sheen of sweat. His long ears stood at attention beneath long curly hair. The man beast ran a heavy hand through his hair and over the two short horns atop his head.

“Come, come,” the smiling satyr told his prey. His hand moved down his body to his immense erection. It throbbed before him, thick and flattened like a stallion’s member. The blunt tip glistened with his excitement. “Let go. Relax and enjoy yourself. You’ve never had a lover like me and, when you’re done changing, you’ll never have any other.”

“Ch…changing?” repeated the woman, her fear­-drenched voice now tinged with confusion. That confusion, however, was short-­lived as understanding began to dawn on her and her eyes widened in comprehension. “No… no! Please, no!” She looked from the satyr to the man, her eyes pleading for a salvation that would not come.

As the man watched, those same pleading eyes began to change, her pupils slowly flattening into a thick, horizontal line. Small dark hairs slowly grew from the bridge of her nose, which she unconsciously wrinkled in discomfort. The fur along her nose continued to grow, disappearing into the hairline above her brow. She grit her teeth. Her skin pulled tight as two small bumps formed on either side of her forehead. Her left ear slowly lengthened and folded into itself as it grew. Light brown fur sprouted along her cheeks and her ears continued to lengthen, flicking in fear of the man beast and what was to come.

“Please,” the woman moaned once more, reaching again for the dark ­robed man. Brown fur lifted from her bare, pale skin along her forearm. Short and thick it grew in patches and waves along her arm. It was enough to draw the woman’s attention away from the man, and she screamed and scratched at her skin, as if she could physically force the changes from her body.

The girl’s scream cut off as her fingers cramped. She clutched her lightly furred hands to her bosom, rolling on her side, her body shivering with pain. She tried to unclench her right hand to see what was happening but found her fingers sealed tight to the skin of her palms. While she watched, her thumb seemed to slowly sink into the now ­formless mass of flesh. Her mouth worked silently and blood coursed down her chin. With a click, one canine tooth shifted and fell free.

“Pl-­” the woman slurred. Blood from her gums made her gag and she spat, sending red­-coated teeth clattering against the roots below her. Her jaw cracked. The fur along her cheeks was spreading down her face, small hairs sprouting around to cover her throat. The gaps where her canine teeth used to be were quickly closed as her muzzle began to grow in place, sharp teeth replaced by the dull flat teeth of her new form. “Ple-ee­e-ee­e-eese.”

The satyr stepped closer, waving his erection playfully in front of the woman’s face. She cried out and hid herself but her nostrils flared to take the creature’s scent. The bumps beneath her hair pushed further and the skin split to show two ridged horns. The woman tried to scratch at the new growths but her hands awkwardly bumped along her head. Her arms were shortening and the joints freezing in place, robbing her of the freedom of movement.

Skin tore along the woman’s knuckles. Her hands continued to shift, bones melting away as thick keratin formed, pushing small hooves through the woman’s split skin. White fur sprouted along her belly, visible through the holes in her garment.

She continued to try to ignore the satyr’s erection hovering inches from her face. “Puh… p.. pee-eee­-eee,” she cried, shaking her face wildly from side to side, her long ears flopping back and forth with the motion. That did little to prevent the satyr’s heady scent from filling her wide nostrils, and the more she inhaled, the slower her rocking became.

With a lustful laugh, the satyr grabbed the woman and flipped her over. She cried out, her voice breaking into an animal’s bleating as the creature pulled her peplos open and up, baring her smooth ass. She stood on awkward hooves and feet, rocking her half formed muzzle back and forth as her horns slowly grew forth, curving slightly.

The satyr rubbed a rough hand along the woman’s hindquarters and, where he touched, brown fur grew forth. His hand slid down and the woman kicked back but the creature stepped clear with a laugh. Thick fingers slid between the the girl’s womanhood.

“Eee-­eee-­eee!” she bellowed, though the voice that echoed back to her through the trees no longer sounded like that of a young woman. No longer sounded human.

Against the satyr’s fingers, her lips swelled under his attention, folding into itself and bulging as clear liquid seeped between her changed sex. Her hips cracked and she bucked, pressing herself back.

Black fur crept forth from beneath the woman’s peplos and the creature ran his fingers through it playfully. Scratching her in long sweeping motions until finally tugging at the end of the thick line of fur. The woman’s skin bulged as he pulled. Bones and muscles and nerves connected, growing into the slowly forming tail. Lower, the muscle around her legs atrophied as they shrunk. Her toes fused and a thick growth pushed through where her left large toe used to be ­ the start of her back hooves.

Pushing himself against her, the satyr rubbed his cock slowly up and down against the woman’s sex. He pushed her peplos further up and then tore it apart with one swift jerk. It fell to the ground below her, exposing her bare body and the fur growing to cover her. Beneath her, the woman’s modest breasts began to shrink, slowly pulling tight against her narrow body. The woman shivered and bleated, arching her back under the satyr’s attention. Her fading humanity fought weakly against the heat she felt spreading through her loins, her only display of resistance a half­-hearted pawing at the forest floor with one hoof, and even that ceased when her lust finally took over.

When it did, the woman’s tail flicked and then stood straight, exposing her wetness. The satyr cooed encouragement, scratching along the girl’s body while he leaned back, one hand on his cock. He pushed the round, flat head against the woman’s thick lips and it parted for him. With her head thrown back she called out, excited to be mounted and filled.

“Always,” the satyr grunted. The girl’s lips gripped his cock greedily and her tail seemed to vibrate from the pleasure of it. “Always so tight. Especially. Especially the first time.”

The tall man turned to leave the two to their pleasures but stopped as the creature called out.

“Sir!” the satyr said, still pushing himself into the new goat. She kicked beneath him, impatient for more. “Would you like to take your pleasure? Dionysus himself often…”

The man stared at the creature and the air wavered around him with a crackle. The satyr swallowed carefully and bowed his head deeply and awkwardly, coupled as he was.

“Sire,” the creature said fearfully. “I­- I apologize for the display. I meant no-”

Dead leaves, the edges slowly consumed by fire, swirled as the man turned and continued on his path.

An hour’s walk from the forest, the man found the temple. A large, marble sun slowly rotated above the entrance. It was set within a flared, flaming halo that forced even the man to shield his eyes.

An old woman lay on the steps to the temple, alone save for the few hogs that milled stupidly around her, sniffing at the cracked flagstones at the base of the steps. At the man’s approach, the beasts lifted their heads as one and ran squealing into the surrounding underbrush. Yet all the old woman did was raise her head to regard the man before relaxing it again with a rasping sigh.

“Long have I waited,” the man spoke. The air shimmered before his mouth, driven by the roaring flames within.

“And longer will you,” the woman answered. Her voice was a bare whisper. “I am not yours and never was.”

“Everyone is mine,” the man rumbled. Dark clouds began to gather above the temple and, yet, the sun shone through a clear path in the center of them, casting its light upon the old woman. The man approached and crouched, watching as her breathing slowed. “Everyone is mine eventually.”

“No,” came the faint reply. “For I am my father’s and he pays no tithe to your kind. You’re-­”

The woman’s final breath rattled from her jaws and she lay silent, her eyes open and staring towards the sun. A shadow passed briefly over her face and a single, fat drop of rain fell against her cheek.

The man reached forth and his blackened hand slid from the long sleeves of his robe. He pressed the hand on the woman’s chest and pushed.

Both man and woman passed into the ground, falling faster and faster with ease through soil and earth and rock and the bones of long dead animals. A faint roar of a furnace’s fire filled the edge of the man’s hearing as they fell further into the earth.

Deeper, the roar built to painful levels. Heat pulsed beneath them, as if a giant heart beat within the Earth. The man growled as he pulled the old woman down – his huge prize, snatched from the jaws of the gods. Just a moment more and she’d be his until the end of-

The pair halted with a tremendous crash that rattled the man’s bones. He screamed then and tugged but the woman’s body refused to move. Almost she seemed to be smiling and that only drove his rage. He roared and flames erupted from his skin and face. And still she would not move. The man poured every ounce of his godly power into his Will but felt something meet him equally.

The land and the woman’s father refused his ownership. She belonged to them. Would stay there, far beneath the foundations of the island that was her home. Hades bellowed and the dead below him quivered in fear.


Thousands of years passed and the island fell to the wilderness. The temple crumbled over time and was lost beneath dirt and foliage and age. The animals fought and died and thrived until a balance was found. No human voices were heard for a very, very long time.

Until, finally, a large ship flying a black flag dropped anchor just off the mysterious, unmarked island. The crew wandered onto the land from rowboats, eyes roaming for snakes and other dangers. All felt a queer sensation that wasn’t entirely unpleasurable. An excitement that mixed with a sense of calm.

The captain rubbed his chin as he looked around, turning in a slow circle. The island was easily defended with tall cliffs and only one possible port for ships to dock. He’d had in his mind an idea, slowly growing over time. To settle on land and build a place for him and his kind, apart from the laws of various countries. A center of illegal trade and a place to unwind before heading out for the next haul.

“Is this it then, cap’n?” the first mate asked quietly while the crew stretched their legs. “Ha’ we found it?”

“Yes,” the captain answered slowly, still taking the measure of the place. “This’ll do jus’ fine. Here is where we start. Here’s where we build it.”

Spreading his arms, he smiled up at the encouraging sun and laughed from his large belly.

“Pleasure Island,” the captain said, naming it true. “This is where it begins.”

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  1. Eagerly looking forward to more from the two of you, this seems to become a very interesting story :)
    On a different note: I couldn’t find any ‘seams’ in your writing at all.. So keep it up!

    • It’ll be a little bit slow between chapters since we’re working together while doing our separate stuff but, still, I think it’ll be good. I really like b-ridge’s stuff. He has a great style and it’s a pleasure working with him!

      • Waiting a lil’ while between chapters is absolutely when the quality is top notch :) And I think I just might give some of B-Ridge’s stuff a read while I’m waiting from more from my favorite writer ;)
        On a slightly different note, do let me know if you ever run out of ideas! *wink wink* But such conversation(s) is definitely better suited for IM’s rather than posts like this… Anywho, eagerly looking forward to more, and I’m very happy to see you writing stuffs again!

        • Haha, sure. If I ever run out of my own stories, I can probably try out commissions or something, right?

          Thank you for reading and really thank you for the compliment! If you like b-ridge’s stuff, let them know I sent you!

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