Sketch Ch. 07 – Lust

A simple, quick story of a male changing into a werewolf and, in turn, changing a woman. Bonus section at the end for a second woman.

Needed to write something quick and dirty so here you go! And, remember, since this is a sketch series, it’s just… you know. Basic. And I really really didn’t check for editing.

A single overhead light flickered and hummed far in the corner of the study area.  Justin glanced up at it with an internal sigh before focusing back on his books and notes.  He was grateful the small community college had a quiet room for students to study but he wished they kept it in better shape.

The young man stretched his neck slowly, working out the soreness that seemed to have crept in over the last hour.  Too long in one position staring at pages and pages of poorly written notes, he assumed.  He fanned the front of his shirt slowly to move some of the stale air while reading.  Unlike most of the students here, he was old enough to have his own place and knew he’d be more comfortable there but, he also knew he’d be too comfortable to study.

Did I just read this part?  Justin wondered, pinching the bridge of his nose with long fingers.  The buzzing from the bad light seemed to grow in volume, as if a cloud of bees were slowly but inexorably making their way towards him.

With another sigh, the young man leaned back to look around the room, letting his eyes focus on distant objects for a change.  Only one other student shared the room with him – a young white woman with baggy cargo pants and a loose, rainbow colored top.  She sat on the couch opposite him with earbuds in and her feet up on the cushions.  Periodically, she’d quietly tap her pencil along to the beat of whatever (Rap, Justin realized suddenly, his ears twitching.  Sounds like Ciara) music she was listening to.  Her hair was bright pink with green streaks all pulled into a tight ponytail.

Justin eyed her briefly and fanned his shirt again.  He sneezed suddenly and growled, swallowing against the itch in the back of his throat.  A single drop of sweat slid from his temple, slowly coursing down against his dark skin.  His eyes watered from the musty scent of old dust and books and furniture.

They really need to clean up in here.  Fix the damn buzzing broken light and maybe vacuum everything.  Twice.  I’m dying in here.  He cleared his throat again, a deep rumble as he crinkled his nose, his lips pulling back to expose slightly crooked teeth.  Another drop of sweat slid along the nape of his neck and more followed until he wiped his brow.  Can the windows open in here?

The young man’s eyes flicked to the row of outside windows.  There were old, small cranks at the base of each window.  Through them, he saw faint silver light flickering from the small leaves of bushes just outside.  He could hear the shuuushing sound of the wind through the leaves mixed with a sudden solo from Ludacris on the girl’s MP3 player.

The overhead light flickered again and the buzzing began to drill into his ears.  Justin growled, his brow crinkling.  He gripped his shirt and felt it soaked with his sweat against his lean body.  The musty scent of the room was fading.  Another scent wound its way to him, caressing him and making him shift uncomfortably in his seat.  Soap and body wash – lavender and coconut – and the sweet, sharp scent of a woman’s sex.

Justin’s lips curled.  A single drop of blood traced along a canine tooth as it lengthened, scraping inaudibly against the nearby teeth.  He was panting against the heat now and his pants bulged to contain his growing erection.  He could feel his cock press against his underwear and then slide against his thigh.  However, unlike it usually did, it continued to move, moving painfully as it tried line up straight against his belly.

Groaning and licking his lips, Justin pawed at his crotch, squeezing and pulling his cock until it was straight.  Only then did the pinching pain stop.  The black tip of his cock peeked out from the very top of his pants.

Sweat dripped freely from the young man’s forehead.  His blood boiled within, racing through his veins.  Justin leaned forward, moaning quietly as his other canines grew, chipping pieces of the surrounding teeth.  His breathing became ragged and powerful.

The scent…  HER scent grew impossible to ignore.  Justin licked his lips and his tongue hung free while he panted, staring at her and no longer caring if she noticed.  He continued to squeeze and pull at his cock and it grew with his touch, sensing his excitement.  The head pushed forth from his pants and strained, the flared ridge of his circumcised cock pulled down and red patches of new skin appeared among the black.  His cock swelled and lengthened until the throbbing pointed tip nearly rubbed against his shirt.

Black hairs sprouted from the back of the young man’s neck and beads of sweat fell among them, trapping themselves as the slowly growing fur crept lazily along the man’s spine.  His own scent began to fill the area.  Powerful, musky and thick, driving his changes onward.

A crack loud enough to be heard by anyone nearby forced the young man to curse loudly and bend himself nearly double.  His spine pressed against the skin of his back as muscles within his chest swelled.  He’d been lean before but large, defined muscles grew within his body to line his torso.  He gripped his sides, biting hard through the pain as his bones cracked and then healed, stronger and thicker than before.

“H- hey, you okay, man?” The woman had heard his shout and stood halfway between his couch and hers, hesitant.  Wanting to help but too cautious stand near him.  “Do you-”

Justin looked up and the woman screamed.  His lips couldn’t close to cover his new fangs and they bulged from his lips, drool hanging from the corners of his mouth.  His simple t-shirt strained to continue his bulk and his pointed cock, black with shiny red patches of new skin, throbbed inches out of his pants.  The girl’s eyes widened as she took all of this in at once.

“Wha- wha- wha,” she stammered, stumbling backwards, her hands going to her mouth.

Justin stood, nearly leaping for the girl.  His soaking wet shirt tore as he moved, exposing muscles rivaling an Olympic weight lifter.  He caught the woman before she fell and she screamed as he grabbed the collar of her shirt.  Justin pulled and his biceps bulged, easily tearing the shirt down her left side.  His other hand held the back of her neck and he leaned forward, biting into the woman’s shoulder.

Blood welled in the young man’s mouth and he drank greedily of it.  The hot coppery taste drove him wild and he tore at his jeans until they fell to his ankles.

The skin at the base of the man’s cock was swollen and thick.  His new sheath was forming, growing up over his testicles and slowly along the length of his cock.  As he drank the woman’s lifeblood, the sheath began to bulge and his knot formed, pushing the thick skin down.

The woman beat at Justin’s chest, screaming in pain but unable to break his grasp.  More fur sprouted along his shoulders and forearms.  At the base of his spine, a bump formed – the beginning of his tail.

Justin lapped at the woman’s blood with a long tongue and then pressed his mouth against hers mid-scream.  Startled, the woman found herself kissing Justin deeply.  His thick tongue filled her mouth and she tasted her own blood.  Her muffled curses went unanswered.

Finally, the young man pulled back with a quiet, pained howl, pushing the girl away.  In their struggle, they’d moved close to the wall and he pressed his upper body against, it, slamming huge fists against the cool concrete.  His jaw cracked painfully and he almost whined, his short furless tail hanging curled between his legs, the bare tip brushing against his furred sheath.  He snarled as his jaw pushed forth into a muzzle.

Beneath him, the woman pressed herself back, knees up against her chest, hiding her nakedness.  She was shivering in near-shock with cold sweat, her skin bone white.  Her own smeared red blood stood out shockingly bright around her mouth.  She hugged her knees as her wide eyes took in the man’s changes.

“Oh god oh god ohgodohgodohgodohgod,” the woman whispered, rocking back and forth.  Her shoulder burned badly and she wanted to run but the… creature was inches away from her and huge.  Worse, his cock was nearly touching her face.

She pressed her head between her knees, gasping for air while rocking back and forth.  She was dead.  It would kill her when it finally stopped being in pain and remembered her.  She could hear his bones cracking and watched his feet burst through his shoes.  Heavy tendons stood out on the backs of his feet and they lengthened.  Black claws slid from his toes, tearing through the carpet.

Her ears flicked at the faint sound of bone scraping on bone and she looked up, her heart racing.  Sweat poured down her body, coursing between her oddly sensitive breasts.  The sound seemed to be coming from the thing’s face.  It’s jaw was still moving into a long wolf’s muzzle.

His scent was so strong.  Wet dog and more but not nearly as bad as she’d expect it to be.  He stood even taller now on his padded paws but his knot was directly in front of her.  It flared out from the top of his sheath and she was mesmerized by it.  Small veins crossed the hard black surface of it.  She breathed deeply, smelling the musk of sweat and sex.  A part of her brain remembered the smell of past partners, after sex.  Nuzzling close to her man’s cock and just taking in the scent of him.  Their juices mixed with their sweat, especially strong between the thighs.  She loved pressing her face close between her ex boyfriend’s balls and thigh to smell him.  That heady scent would drive her wild and they’d always fuck again.

The girl’s small pink tongue darted out, tasting the blood on her lips.  She moaned and shifted, opening her thighs and leaning back to expose her left breast.  It was just like the smell of the creature, she thought.  White fur slowly grew around the edges of the bite marks in her shoulder.  The marks themselves were closing, leaving behind pale scar tissue.

Her head was too tight and too hot.  All she could see was him in front of her.  His bobbing cock, the odd pointed tip dotted with clear pre-cum.  His long, thick tail swishing slowly behind him.  His dark, muscular legs slowly disappearing behind growing wiry fur.  Her areola puckered slightly and twisted and her nipples hardened, twin pinching points of pleasure that traced down to her belly.

The girl, Kelly, shook her head slowly.

What- what am I thinking?  I… no, this is wrong, this-

Kelly pushed herself to her knees with a moan, arching her back.  The crotch of her jeans was dark with her growing, undeniable excitement as her body betrayed her.  She shook her head again and then growled, pulling her lips back.

The young woman shot her arms out to her sides and her modest breasts, slick with sweat, shook from the jolt.  She clawed at the wall, moaning and twisting her hips.  Her fingernails bulged, the skin around her fingertips swelling as ten black points pushed forth.  Her small new claws scraped along the wall and flecks of paint fell, leaving behind eight long claw marks.

Twisting her head in a slow circle, the woman raised her body while spreading her legs and her scent flooded the room.  She moaned luxuriously and licked her lips, cleaning her face with a growing tongue.  Blonde hairs sprouted from between her breasts in a small line.  The hairs grew long, twisting together and she felt them pushing each other and pulling the skin at their base.  Further the hairs grew until they fanned out beneath the curve of her breasts.

Kelly fell to her hands, her head down in front of the male.  Her ears burned, the ridges shifting and smoothing as the rounded tips pulled into small sharp points.  She hyperventilated, her long tongue lolling between her perfect teeth.  Tiny blonde hairs sprouted at the tips of her ears.  The quick, short breaths only served to fill her head with the male’s heady scent.

She looked up at the male.  Her brown eyes seemed to catch and hold the light.  A single speck of gold shined in her left eye.  She snarled, shaking her head, trying to push away the cobwebs threatening to fill her mind.  Her face and ears burned and all she could hear was her thrumming heart beat.  Powerful now and steady.  More gold appeared in her eyes and the room seemed to sharpen.

Yet all she could focus on was the male’s huge cock.  Drool filled her mouth, escaping in a long line down to her chin.  Her ears stretched again and she whined as bones broke and moved in her jaw.

“N-no,” she gasped, lowering her head.  Still, she breathed deeply, flaring small nostrils that seemed to darken slightly.  She couldn’t get the smell of him out of her head.  She tried to push it away.  Tried to think of something.  Her books.  Her… classes.  She was taking… what.  Classes.  Studying.  She breathed in again and her ribs creaked to continue the muscles growing within.

Kelly’s breasts, sagging slightly despite her age, swelled, the skin tightening as they grew to fit her changing form.  She felt the skin sliding against her sweaty body, the nipples pulling lower as her breasts bulged, large and heavy beneath her.  Single hairs grew through the skin of her areola and more followed, tickling her skin as they sprouted into a light coat of fur.

“I-” Kelly growled, her lips quivering.  She shook her head, blinking pure golden eyes.  She could feel the heat and stickiness between her thighs.  She felt her engorged lips rubbing against each other every time she moved and she couldn’t stop herself from shifting her legs.  She could feel the prickly hairs there now where, before, she’d been shaved smooth. She could feel the fur growing and sliding against her sweaty skin, trapping her scent.

Looking up, the young girl arched her back to thrust her lightly furred breasts out at the male.  Her jaws ached and she could taste blood on her tongue.  Fresh blood.  She groaned lustily and picked herself up, kneeling in front of the male.  Licking her lips, she smiled at him and reached for his cock.  He growled and his huge paw gripped her hair, slicing through the ribbon that held her ponytail.  Her hair fell free along her wider shoulders and her long, pointed ears stood proudly out through the multicolored hair.

The girl’s loose pants pulled tight as her hips swelled.  Bones cracked in her waist and fat and muscle grew.  The waistband groaned and snapped under the strain, leaving her sweaty hips and thighs completely exposed.  Her white panties shrunk as her ass swelled and the fabric slid, slipping between her engorged, wet pussy lips and ass cheeks.

Kelly lapped up along the male’s cock, kissing the odd knot, nibbling at it carefully with lips turning as dark as her now black, pebbled nose.  She growled with a smile and greedily sucked at the pre-cum covering the pointed tip of his massive erection.  The salty taste mixed with the metallic taste of her blood as her canines slowly slid from her gums.  He male snarled at her as she accidentally slid a fang along his thickness.

The female pulled back, working her hand up and down his reddened cock.  Blonde fur sprouted from the back of her hand and knuckles and she slowly lost the feeling of him as the pads along the palm of her hand puffed out.  She barked and lapped eagerly at his cock, not trusting her teeth.  Over and over, she licked him, her ears held back, quivering with her growing need.  Heat suffused her body.

While she lapped at the male’s cock, Kelly slid a single hand between her thighs.  A single claw sliced through her bunched panties and she yipped as her roughly padded paw pressed against her burning, slick pussy.  She rubbed carefully while she attended to the male.  She desperately wanted to press the finger inside her but the claw dug into her skin, reminding her of how deadly she was becoming.

Blonde fur slid from the skin around the woman’s large, taut ass as her pussy dripped her excitement to the cheap carpeting.  She lost herself in the motions of her long tongue wrapping around the male’s cock and her finger rubbing her clit and lips until she felt the male’s hand grip her hair painfully.  She growled at him as he tugged her up.

Kelly stood on shaky legs.  Her jeans hung around her slick thighs and the light glistened off of the sheen between her thighs.  With a single, swift move, the powerful male turned her and shoved her against the wall.  The woman’s breath left her in a huff and she growled, looking back at the male with her half-muzzle pressed hard against the concrete.

Justin ran his claws lightly along the woman’s wide, bare back.  She shivered and moaned at his touch and thin traces of blood coursed down and around her sides.  A single large bump above her thick ass twitched and she shoved herself back.  Kelly’s slick, swollen pussy pressed against Justin’s wolf cock, her lips parting slightly for his thickness.  Fur continued to grow around her pussy, spreading up into a wild tuft just below her belly button.

With a growl that cracked into a needy whine, Kelly worked her wide hips up and down, clawing chunks out of the wall while encouraging the male to mount her.  Her legs trembled and the jeans strained again at her thighs and calves.  Muscles formed behind tight, marbled skin and she nearly fell until the male’s arm wrapped around her waist.

The feel of the male’s furry belly against her lightly furred ass was exhilarating.  Kelly whined, high and loud and her ears flicked down.  The blush of pure heat on her cheeks and chest was hidden behind a light dusting of blonde fur that continued to grow out.

Kelly went to her tiptoes and her jeans split along her legs, exposing heavily muscled calves.  She pawed at the floor with her feet as the tip of the male’s cock slid against her pussy.  She lowered herself with a shaky huff and felt his tip part her swollen lips.  She howled quietly, triumphantly as she pressed herself down to his knot.  She panted, unable to make herself move on quaking legs.

Justin bit and licked at Kelly’s neck and shoulder, nuzzling against the base of her jaw with his forehead.  He gripped her wide hips and pulled back, hissing through fangs as her tight pussy clenched against him.  He could feel her muscles moving deep within.  Changing even there.  Her pussy lips began to bulge and fold and darken, slowly drawing into a proper bitch’s pussy, engorged with her heat.  She looked back at her mate and barked, pushing herself back onto him.

The young woman’s juices matted their fur and spattered the ground with small droplets as the two rutted, slowly increasing their rhythm.  Kelly growled at a pain in her foot but ignored it as the shoe swelled and then split along the base.  The other shoe broke from the front as her feet expanded.  She found herself adjusting her position when her growing paws forced her taller and up on the balls of her feet.

Almost in time with her feet, her tail lengthened, blonde fur growing up from the base of it.  She held it up and curved for her mate and felt the odd, pleasurable sensation of their fur sliding together when it wrapped around the male’s back.

The heat was spreading through her from her stomach.  The male’s claws dug into her hips and his pads were rough against the skin beneath her fur.  She was growing more and more aware of his touch; everything felt sensitive.  The male’s huge cock made her stomach bulge and she felt the base of her tail shifting with their movements, adding to the feeling of him inside of her.  She reached down to squeeze her heavy, full breast and growled in pleasure as her own rough pads slid along her silky fur and skin.

Her nerves were alive and burning with the heat building within.  She pressed harder back, feeling herself open painfully to the male’s knot.   Gasping and moaning at the way it pressed against her clit.  She found herself arching her back as she moved, rubbing her clit against the knot and she couldn’t hold back the whine that escaped her muzzle.  Her movements became erratic and her legs trembled.  Still, she pushed harder.  Her furry pussy bulged, blood mixing with her juices as they mated.

Justin growled, one paw dragging painfully through the fur along her back until he dug into her shoulder blade.  He was gasping and growling and grunting, pushing harder and harder and she suddenly felt his teeth clamping into her left shoulder, his body pressing hard against hers.  He pressed and her pussy bulged, the knot slipping halfway into her black, swollen wolf’s cunt and then she felt him swell within her and his teeth clamped harder, drawing blood with a crunch.

Kelly threw her muzzle back, her jaws open in a silent howl.  Justin’s cum blasted deep within and his cock swelled over and over with each pulse.  The sensation mixed with his knot nearly crushing her clit forced her over the edge and she shook from her own orgasm, cum spurting from her pussy as her muscles clenched, milking the male for every single drop.  Her legs spasmed and she yelped as they fell.

The impact knotted the two werewolves together and Kelly’s scream was nearly human as a second, even more powerful orgasm burned through her.  Everything was suddenly too sensitive and she tried to kick away from the male, her claws digging uselessly at the carpet.  Her legs refused to listen and her eyes rolled back into her head when the male’s cock swelled for a final time.  Kelly snapped at the air, growling and yipping until the male wrapped his arms around her.  She shuddered against him, her tail thumping weakly.

They lay together, their fur matted with sweat and blood and cum until their breathing slowed and Justin’s knot slipped free from Kelly’s pussy.  Thick white cum, held back by the knot, spurted between her folded, swollen lips and she shivered.  Overhead, the light buzzed and flickered, almost going out.

With an unspoken agreement, they both stood.  They needed to be out.  To run.  To hunt.  To mate again in the silver light of the full moon.  It blessed them with these forms and they would show their goddess their pleasure in offering.

The crash of broken glass echoed through the empty room but the two werewolves were already far away, racing each other through the dark, empty campus.




With an unspoken agreement, they both stood.  They needed to be out.  To run.  To hunt.  To mate again in the silver light of the full moon.  It blessed them with these forms and they would show their goddess their pleasure in offering.

Suddenly, Justin turned, his ears perking up and his nostrils flaring.  Kelly turned her muzzle, catching the same sound and scent.  Someone was coming.  A female.  They crouched and moved as one, low to the ground until they reached the door into the room.  And then waited.

A young woman stepped into the room, singing lightly.  She was tall with long legs and a long, slim belly exposed from a shirt far too smell for her.  She had a heavy backpack over one shoulder and huge headphones blaring music.  She wore no bra beneath her torn t-shirt and her small breasts were nearly completely hidden.  Two small nipples tented the fabric.  She stepped and then shook her hips briefly to the music and her short skirt flared.

Justin took her silently, left hand gripping her wrist and right hand holding the back of his neck.  The woman barely had time to scream before she found herself bent over a long wooden table, her backpack fallen where she stood.  She screamed and kicked as Justin clawed down her back, ripping her short jacket and shirt down the middle.  The girl gurgled in pain, flexing her shoulders.  Four long, deep red gashes lined her back from shoulder to nearly her ass.  Bright red blood pooled and ran down to her sides.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” the girl screamed, kicking her legs.  Her headphones slid from her head and she tried to reach back to push at Justine.  He snapped at her.

Leaning over the girl’s body, Justin lapped at the blood, cleaning the girl almost delicately.  His cock slowly grew to attention, the knot swelling and pushing his sheath down until it was completely exposed.  He grabbed the girl’s hands to hold her in place and pressed himself against her.

Already the girl’s cuts were healing, long scar marks sealing the flesh.  Brown fur slid from the skin along the edges of the scars and she gasped, bucking her hips as Justin’s cock slid between her legs, the tip sliding against the girl’s smooth panties.  As he teased her, a dark spot appeared in the center of her panties.  Slowly it grew and the girl gasped and shuddered, shaking her head to deny the spreading arousal she felt.

Justin leaned over her, his huge furry chest pressing against the girl’s back.  He pressed harder against her soaked panties and his cock pressed lightly into her through the fabric.

“F- fuck youuuu,” the girl moaned, clenching her teeth.  She growled, arching her back as her.  Brown fur was growing in thick, spreading from the scars in her back.  Bones popped and the girl’s long, lean body lengthened as her tailbone cracked.  With another growl, the girl gnashed her jaws, spitting blood and broken teeth as long fangs grew in.  “Fuuuuu-”

With a push, Justin’s cock slid along the girl’s panties, pressing them aside.  His wolf’s cock slid into her engorged pink pussy and the girl cried out in pleasure that quickly turned into a curse.  She thrashed back with an arm knotting with muscle and covered in fur, fighting the wolf growing in her.

Justin leaned against her again, pounding into the girl hard.  The girl’s pussy slapped wetly against Justin and she found herself moaning and panting with each slam.

The girl turned, licking at Justin’s muzzle in confusion and arousal and affection.  Her small pink tongue seemed to lengthen with each lick and she whined, putting her head down.  Bones along her neck popped and her head pushed away from her shoulder.

Unlike Kelly, the second girl grew long and lithe.  Her small hips barely widened as her tail slowly grew out but her body was toned – a gymnast to Kelly’s bodybuilder.  The girl clawed at the table with her fingers but, shortly, claws slipped forth and curls of wood came away.

Raising her hips, the girl encouraged her mate further, smiling until her jaw cracked and her muzzle started growing.  Still, she worked her hips expertly, slamming herself back as if she enjoyed the pain.  Her pussy darkened, the pink lips turning black as they swelled and folded as Kelly’s had.  Thick fur covered the girl’s belly, racing down to the tuft around the girl’s new sex.  Her tail struck Justin enthusiastic over and over until the girl lifted her head back into a shaky howl, signaling her orgasm.

Justin and Kelly raised their own howl, welcoming the new member of their pack.

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