Familiar Friends Ch. 02

This is from a commission that I failed to complete on time.  Not just failed but spectacularly failed.  Chapter 2 of 2 – a short piece where a young woman cursed to turn into a werecat finds herself at her friend’s house the night of the full moon.

Without hesitation or waiting for Julie to move her hand, Amanda leaned down to press her face between her friend’s legs.  Julie spread herself wider for her friend’s attentions, leaning back on her hands.  Amanda reached around to dig her new claws into Julie’s furry ass in order to hold the woman still.  She pressed her face against the woman’s clit and lips, rubbing her cheek and face over and over.  Tiny specialized muscles formed within the young woman’s throat.  As the curse asserted itself, new involuntary responses took over.  When Amanda breathed out, muscles near her voice box clicked once, twice before settling into a rumbling purr.  Light reddish-orange fuzz appeared along her jawline.

“Oh, Amanda, you’re purring.  That feels amazing,” Julie said, her own voice rolling her ‘r’ sounds as her body expressed its own joy. Julie ran her long fingernails through Amanda’s thick, red hair, staring at the beautiful curvy girl between her legs.

Unable to restrain herself any longer, Amanda opened her mouth to lick deep between Julie’s wet folds.  Her now rough tongue dragged against the other woman.  Julie shrieked, her gentle fingers in Amanda’s hair becoming a tight fist.  The feel of a werecat’s tongue on her pussy was unlike anything she’d ever felt before.  Her insane heat had nearly doubled with Amanda’s change and that, plus the woman’s cat-like tongue brought her instantly to the edge of an orgasm.  It was almost too much for her exposed clit to handle.

Amanda looked up at her friend.  The woman’s face was slick with Julie’s juices and a thin string of the clear liquid briefly connected the two from Julie’s labia to Amanda’s cheek.  Amanda’s expression was more animal than human as they stared at each other.  Julie’s heart raced in her chest.  Was this how I was the first time? She wondered.

Small holes opened in the flesh above Amanda’s pink, full lips.  The young woman stared up at her friend.  Her human thoughts were drowned in the nearly deafening drumming of her own heartbeat and the rumble coming from her throat.  The static in her brain became a high pitched roar that made it nearly impossible for her to focus on anything beyond the lightning arcing between every single nerve in her body.  She felt more than alive.  She wanted to run, to fight, to scream, to sing , to jump and push her core to its very limits.  Anything was possible, her body whispered to her through the nearly drunken daze.  She was flushed with the heat from the storm within and this enormous amount of energy was focused on one single thing:  the need to mate.

Amanda’s tongue made a slow circuit of her lips, tasting Julie’s sweet cum.  Thick white whiskers pushed through the tiny holes on her face and the young woman moaned.  Her canine teeth lengthened.  Next to them, the front edges of her premolars slowly grew to points.  Unable to resist the wondrous smells of another werecat in heat, Amanda bent back down to her friend’s wetness.  The fur around Julie’s vagina was completely soaked and her blond fur lay flat against her slim body in thick, wet curls.  Amanda gently opened her friend, exposing the pink wet flesh deep inside.  Julie yowled softly above her friend, nearly begging her to bring her to orgasm.

As Amanda bent to her friend, the skin on her top lip split, pulling up as her nose flattened further.  Fuzzy red hairs grew among the whiskers of her face.  Her jaw popped slightly, bones shifting and moving until Amanda’s face pushed out slowly into a small muzzle.  The small red hairs continued to grow from her face out to her cheeks.  Holding her friend’s pussy open, she licked deep within.  Julie gasped, arching her back in response.  Amanda’s tongue lapped at her friend’s juices.  The other woman tasted incredible and, soon, Amanda found herself increasing her speed.  The slow licks became faster and faster until she was frantic with the movement.  Gentleness was abandoned and the young woman bit and licked and sucked between her friend’s legs.

Julie shrieked as an orgasm tore through her body.  She gasped, shuddering and shaking, trying to speak.  “Too,” Julie swallowed.  “Too much.  St- oh god.  Stop.  Amanda!  I- it’s- fuck!”  Another orgasm dropped Julie onto her back and the woman hissed when she landed on her tail.  She thrashed around but her friend held her tight with her claws.  Julie lost herself in a torrent of pleasure.  Her own experience with masturbating while changed was nothing compared to what she was experiencing now.  She wasn’t sure if she was screaming or crying or cursing her friend; she lost herself in the moment, unable to process what was happening.

Slowly, the world returned to Julie.  She was flat on the floor, gasping.  Her larger, furry breasts heaved as she took huge gulps of air.  Her legs twisted out of control, clawing at the floor as they shook and trembled.  When she tried to speak, nothing sensible came out.  She felt drunk and lazy and sleepy.  When her eyes were finally able to focus, she looked up.  Amanda was on her knees, looking at her hands.  Thick red fur marched up her arms and into the sleeves of her t-shirt.

“This is incredible,” Amanda said.  “I feel so alive.”

“You killed me,” Julie croaked.  “Oh my god, Amanda, that was amazing.”

Amanda looked over at her friend.  The young woman’s emerald green eyes narrowed into vertical slits. The light red, nearly orange fur that covered her face slowly grew longer until her cheekbones vanished beneath it.  The woman’s red hair moved around her scalp while Julie watched.  Two small furry tips appeared through the woman’s thick, curly hair.  Further and further they grew until two large red and white cat ears stood proudly atop the woman’s head.   On the side of her face, her human ears were pulled flat against her skull.  Slowly, her old ears vanished beneath the thick red fur of her short muzzle.  Amanda reached up to touch her new ears gently.

“Will,” Amanda paused.  “Will they go away?”

“Yes.  It all goes away by the morning.  I’m so sorry, Amanda.  Really, I am.  I shouldn’t have come over.  I thought I’d be able to control it but I obviously couldn’t and now look at you.”

Amanda turned to her friend.  She watched her for a moment before smiling.  “Yeah.  Look at me, Julie.”  With a deft move, Amanda pulled her shirt over her head.  Her creamy white skin was pale in the darkened room but Julie’s eyes could see her clearly.  The spray of freckles between the other woman’s breasts had tempted her so many times and now here she was, shirtless.  Amanda’s large breasts filled her bra and Julie swallowed hard when she looked at them.  The heat deep within her, temporarily quenched, was slowly building again.

“I-”  Julie started.

Showing a lazy, sure smile, Amanda stood.  Julie’s eyes followed her friend’s ample chest down to the curve of her hips.  Amanda hooked her claws into her sleeping pants, shaking her hips slightly as she pushed down, exposing her dark green panties.  The woman’s pants fell down around her thick thighs.  Amanda turned her back to her friend and Julie stared hard at the woman’s nearly bare ass.

“Will you unhook me, Julie?”  Amanda asked, her voice a deep purr again.

Without speaking, Julie stood.  Amanda’s shoulders disappeared beneath a coat of red fur as Julie stepped to her friend.  Just above the other woman’s panties, a small bump appeared and then grew larger.  Julie leaned forward, her blond furred muzzle sliding against the smooth red fur of her friend’s cheek.  “Your tail is starting to grow, beautiful.”

Amanda pushed back against her friend, rubbing her ass against Julie’s furry lower stomach.  Julie licked at the new growth of fur running up her friend’s neck.  She purred as she did.  Something felt right about the gesture.  Julie pushed her friend against the wall before digging her claws into her friend’s hips.  She suddenly needed to groom Amanda.  The simple gesture turned into a desperate need.  Julie’s eyes dilated and she made long licks against the fur of her friend’s shoulder and neck and jaw.  Julie couldn’t explain the sudden urge but she also couldn’t stop it.

All along Amanda’s back, little red hairs began pushing through her skin.  The young woman was purring deeply under the attentions of her friend and she continued to push back, grinding against the other woman.

“Julie,”  Amanda begged.  “My bra.  Please.  I.   I think my breasts…”  Amanda groaned.  Her breasts pushed hard against her bra as they grew.

Julie snapped out of her trance.  She swallowed and wondered how much of Amanda’s hair she’d just eaten.  The grooming had been almost Zen-like, extraordinarily calming and relaxing.  Her friend’s hairless tail pushed two inches away from her lower back, twitching in the warm air.

“Sorry,” Julie mumbled.  “I was- hold on.”  Julie carefully hooked her claws around the wide band of Amanda’s bra.  The woman’s back was now completely covered in red fur and the bra strap cut into the skin and fur along Amanda’s back.  After fumbling for a moment, she unhooked all three hooks and let the bra fall to the ground.  Amanda sighed.

“Thank you.  Oh.  Oh, man.  That’s… oh.  They’re getting bigger.  Julie, look.”  Amanda turned to face her friend.  Amanda’s large breasts sagged slightly but, as Julie watched, they became more full, tightening as they grew.  “That feels incredible.  Oh.  Oh wow, Julie.  I think-”

Julie kissed her friend, cutting off Amanda’s words.  They both turned and twisted as their longer, sharper teeth scraped against each other.  Finally, they found an angle that worked and their rough tongues rasped against each other.  Julie dug her claws into Amanda’s thick ass, pulling her tight against her.  She felt the other woman’s erect nipples pressed on her own breasts and she involuntarily rubbed against the other woman.  She ran a clawed hand up Amanda’s back, scratching through the new red fur.  Amanda broke from the kiss to rub her cheek against Julie’s face.

Fine white and red hairs grew around the freckles between Amanda’s breasts.  The woman’s tits had stopped growing but were now firm and tight and flared out to the side of her body.  Beads of sweat ran down the side of her naked, hairless breasts.  Julie kneeled in front of her friend, cupping the other woman’s huge breasts in her rough, padded hands.  Julie opened her mouth wide to lick at Amanda’s thick, hard nipples.  Amanda hissed in surprised before gripping at Julie’s short red hair.

“With- with-”  Amanda stuttered.  “It almost, oh god, feels like you’re biting me because of how rough your tongue is.  It’s so different and wonderful.”

The red fur from Amanda’s shoulders grew down in waves to the tops of her breasts.  Julie felt small hairs tickling her whiskers and muzzle as Amanda’s fur continued to sprout.  Julie slipped her right hand beneath Amanda’s panties while gripping the base of the woman’s growing tail with her other hand.  She could smell the larger woman’s need.  Julie moved her finger around until she felt the slick, puffy lips of the Amanda’s swollen pussy.  She could feel the heat radiating from the other woman.  The heat and the slickness of her skin from her sopping wet pussy.  Amanda’s pubic hair was soft to the touch but, beneath that, Julie could feel the stubble of fur starting on her friend’s mound.

It took every ounce of control for Julie to not plunge her finger into Amanda’s slippery opening.  The other woman rocked her hips in encouragement but Julie moved against her, refusing.  Her claws would tear Amanda apart.  Julie took Amanda’s fat nipple fully into her mouth as she rubbed against Amanda’s clit.  The other woman jerked, losing her rhythm temporarily.  Amanda’s engorged clit stood free from its hood and Julie tried to rub it as gently as she could with the slightly rough padding on the bottom of her finger.  Her long claw slid between Amanda’s slick lips.

Amanda’s tail thickened in Julie’s grasp as it lengthened.  She felt short fur blooming simultaneously from Amanda’s tail and around her pubic hair.  The fur around Amanda’s pussy lengthened into thick red fur, longer than the fur covering her body.  The new fur mixed with the juices from Amanda’s pussy until the woman’s scent hung heavily in the air.  Amanda’s wide hips and soft belly vanished beneath a sudden, quick growth of red fur with small white streaks.  The woman mewled under Julie’s attentions, her breathing becoming short and quick.  Amanda’s huge furry red breasts heaved as the woman dug her claws into the wall behind her.

The red werecat tried to speak but, instead, cried out with an animalistic yowl as she came.  A thin stream of clear liquid gushed from Amanda’s pussy as her legs gave out.  She crashed to the floor before Julie could catch her.  Julie looked down at the other woman. Amanda’s brilliant green eyes were unfocused as she panted, her pink tongue laying against lips nearly hidden behind the red fur of her muzzle.

“That’s… that’s…” Amanda gasped.  “Completely… different.  From.  Any.  Sex.  I’ve ever had.  It just.  The heat.  Makes.  Everything different.  More heightened.  Live wires.”

Julie crouched in front of her friend.  The claws from her toes scraped quietly against the floor as her tail flicked to help her maintain balance.  She honestly missed her tail when she changed back to human.  Sometimes she caught herself being ungraceful because she expected her tail to counterbalance her.  She loved the weight of it and the way it looked on her.  Many a night of the full moon were spent holding her tail or standing in front of a mirror, looking at herself and her tail.  Julie placed her left leg in between Amanda’s legs.  Amanda looked up in mildly dazed confusion.  Holding Amanda’s thick, furry leg against her body, Julie lowered herself down.  Amanda’s eyes bulged in understanding.

“Wait.  Wait, not yet.  Not-!”  Amanda cried out as Julie pressed her clit against Amanda’s clit.  Julie steadied herself before flexing her hips to grind herself on Amanda’s exposed, engorged pussy.  Amanda threw back her head, short furry red muzzle open in a soundless scream.  Contrary to her own words, Amanda flexed her body to press back against the smaller woman.  She dug her claws into the ground as she rubbed back against Julie.  After a few adjustments and false starts, the two women found the right position and rhythm.  Wet curly red fur met wet blond fur, mixing and pulling as the two women rutted.  Julie broke into a sweat, forcing herself to focus on standing and holding the other woman.  She gasped and moaned and twisted as their pussies rubbed together.

Julie’s orgasm came first and she almost dropped the other woman’s leg.  Instead, she dug her claws into the other woman’s soft skin.  She could feel her tail thrashing behind her.  She wanted to break away but she knew from the sounds Amanda was making that the other woman was close.  A smaller orgasm crackled through her belly and she pressed her muzzle against Amanda’s calf muscle.  If she doesn’t finish soon, I’ll- Julie thought.

Amanda’s hips bucked and, again, a stream of clear liquid spurted from her pussy when she squirted.  Slivers of wood peeled away from the floor as Amanda’s claw-like fingernails dragged along the floor.  The smell of her cum was heady and thick and consumed them both.  Julie collapsed atop the larger woman.  Bright sparks of light flashed in her vision as she caught her breath. She could smell nothing beyond their sex.

Minutes passed until Julie realized that, finally, the heat that had consumed her was finally quiet.  She felt incredibly aroused but only as a human and the difference was noticeable.  The heat was undeniable but what she felt now was a simple pleasurable level of horniness.  She found herself purring as she pressed her back into Amanda’s chest.  She could feel the other woman’s racing heartbeat and the softness of her enormous tits and erect nipples.  Amanda reached a furred arm around the smaller woman, cupping Julie’s left breast in a padded hand.

“I didn’t know you squirted,” Julie said.  “Well, not that it’d ever come up in conversation.  Or talk about sex in general.  At all.  Ever.”  She felt Amanda shift awkwardly behind her.

“I, umm,”  Amanda paused.  “It’s embarrassing.  I’ve only had it happen a couple times.  From masturbating.  Never sex.  It’s just, it’s this heat.  It seriously is amazing, Julie.  It seems way way less right now but my whole body was really sensitive and hungry and I could barely think. ”

“Are you… are you mad at me?”  Julie closed her eyes, not wanting to hear the answer.  Silence stretched between the two.

“I don’t think so.  It didn’t hurt.  In fact, it felt really fucking good.  And you seem okay when you’re not… when you’re… not like this.  Right?  I mean, it goes away you said.  It doesn’t just randomly happen, does it?”

“No,” Julie answered.  “No.  Always the night of the three nights of the full moon.  Every time.  Never any time else.  You’ll probably need to nap more, I’m sorry.  And the closer it is to the full moon, the more you’ll feel it.  Better eyesight and hearing and all of that.  A bit more turned on.  A bit more cat-like.  The, ummm, the heat… it happens every time you change.  Every single time.  Not once have I not felt incredibly turned on when I changed.  And god help you if you’re on your period at the same time.  One time I’d just gotten my period earlier in the day of the first change and I was barely able to stop myself from breaking down my neighbor’s door.  This guy that lives next to me.  He’s all right and a nice guy but the heat and my period both came together and I nearly lost it.  You have no idea how much worse it can get.  From the sign of the first change until an hour after I’m back to being human.  I masturbate nearly the entire time when I’m awake.”

“Oh,” Amanda said, simply.



“Except I don’t feel it so much right now.  This is the lowest I’ve ever felt the heat and I’m wondering if it’s because I had sex while changed or because I had sex with another cat lady.”

“Cat lady?  Is that what you call yourself?  Well, shit, I mean us.  That sounds like an old lady with twelve cats.  Oh!  Oh!  Do we get awesome cat powers?  Can we control cats with our minds and make them do our bidding?”

Julie laughed.  “God, no.  If anything, the closer you get to changing, the more they avoid you.  Our scent or something.  You sure you don’t hate me?”

Without replying, Amanda lightly kissed the side of Julie’s neck.  Julie sighed happily and then shivered as the kiss turned into a long lick.  Another lick followed and soon, Amanda was grooming the smaller woman.  Julie closed her eyes, purring with deep contentment.   Enclosed in the other woman’s arms, warm with both of their fur touching and their scents mixed while being groomed, her body floated until sleep took her.

Julie woke in exactly the same position she’d fallen asleep in – wrapped in Amanda’s arms.  The warm summer sun shined around the living room window blinds, enveloping both women in alternating bands of light.  When Julie stretched lightly, Amanda shifted behind her.

“Hey you,” Amanda said sleepily.

“Hey, pretty lady,” Julie replied.  “Stay there for a while.  I remember my very first change and I slept all day.  I’ll clean up and get some food set up for when you’re awake.  Actually, here, let me help you up and I’ll get you into bed so you can sleep comfortably.  Come here.”

“No, I’ll get up.  I’m.  I’m.  ‘sfine.  I’m.”  Amanda slowly pushed herself to sit up before closing her eyes again.

“Amanda, come on, crazy girl.”


“Get up.  I’ll bring you to bed.”

“No.  Not sleepy.  I get up.”  Amanda leaned over to lay her head against the nearby doorframe, her eyes were slits and Julie smiled at the imagery.  Her sleepy werecat.  After some cajoling and cooing, Julie managed to get Amanda up and into her own bed.  As Julie turned to leave, Amanda stopped her.  “Hey.  Hey.”


“Should come over.  Tonight.  Come over.  Or now.  Cuddle me.  ‘m warm,” Amanda slurred.

Julie leaned over to plant a kiss on Amanda’s forehead.  “I have to take care of some things.  But, don’t worry, I’ll be back tonight.  I have to come back.”

Amanda stirred, pulling the blankets around her into a mini cocoon.  “Why?”  She asked, moments away from sleep.

“That was just the first night of the full moon.  No way I leave you alone through this.  Not yet.  And, plus,” she told Amanda’s lightly snoring form.  “Plus I kind of think I love you a bit.  Crazy girl.”

With a kiss on Amanda’s cheek, Julie closed the bedroom door behind her.

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