Familiar Friends Ch. 01

This is from a commission that I failed to complete on time.  Not just failed but spectacularly failed.  Chapter 1 of 2 – a short piece where a young woman cursed to turn into a werecat finds herself at her friend’s house the night of the full moon.

A warm breeze flicked at the heavy pages of Julie’s sketchbook and she yawned, stretching luxuriously in the morning sun.  Bones popped in the young woman’s back as she wiggled into the full body stretch, arms raised to the sky.  Her jaw cracked, mouth opening wide before she lowered her arms, twisting each joint.  She felt drowsy, warmed by the sun.  Julie’s eyelids drooped heavily but then sprung open suddenly.  Her ears twitched at a faint, one-sided conversation.

“… yeah, I think I see her now,” an approaching voice said.  “No, probably just thirty minutes.  I need to get back to work so I can’t be long.  I’ll call you when I’m done.  I don’t know if I can do this, John.  I’ll let you know what happens.”  Julie’s ears swiveled minutely but she sat where she was, smiling slightly.  It was the first day of a full moon and her senses were unusually sharp.  “Julie!”

Julie feigned surprise as she turned around.  “Amanda,” the young woman said, standing to greet her friend.  “Thanks so much for coming to lunch with me.”

The two young women hugged beside the round, iron table.  Julie closed her eyes as she scented the other woman, nostrils flaring to take in the myriad of smells surrounding her.  She caught a faint whiff of sweat (early morning Bikram yoga, she knew) mixed with a swirl of interesting fragrances from the other woman’s office.  But, beneath all of it was the simple aroma of the woman herself.  Julie scented deeply before forcing herself out of the hug.  Any closer to the evening and she would’ve found herself purring against the woman.  She blushed at the thought while they both sat.

As if by magic, a young waiter appeared by their table.  Dressed immaculately in black and white, the young man brought a glass of water for Amanda.  Julie watched her friend while she hemmed and hawed over the menu.  The sun filtered through the other woman’s soft red hair, giving her a reddish-orange halo.  Amanda had fair skin with a spray of freckles across her nose and cheeks.  Julie smiled shyly at her friend and then blushed when she caught her eyes wandering down to the other woman’s chest.  Amanda’s freckles continued down to her chest and her silver blouse was tight enough to be distracting.  With her order placed, the waiter left.

“So!”  Amanda exclaimed.  “How was your weekend?  Oh my gosh, you brought your sketchbook?  Can I see?  Is it for your art show next month?”

Julie grinned at the onslaught.  “They wanted me to add two more pieces so I’ve been trying to come up with ideas.  That’s what I did with my weekend.  Sketching.”

“And napping?”  Amanda grinned.

“You know me too well,” Julie replied.  “What can I say?  And, I don’t know.  You know I get nervous about my work.”

“Come on, Julie.  You never let me see anything you’re working on.  I don’t think it’s fair that your best friend should have to wait until your art shows open before I can see… hey, you colored your hair.”

“Oh, yeah, I’d forgotten.” Julie fingered her short, red hair.  “I… I got bored this weekend.  I was up late working and just decided to color it.”

“Well,” her friend said.  “Red looks good on you.  I just wish you’d grow it out.  You have such beautiful thick hair so I never understood why you keep it in a pixie cut.  You should grow it out and we could look like sisters!”

Julie laughed.  “No way.  I like my hair short.  I can just roll out of bed and kind of run my hands through it.  Way easier to manage.  Besides, no way, you’re way more gorgeous than I am and there’s a huge difference between real red hair and this.  Trust me, I’m an artist.  I know sixty-two shades of black by sight.  Your hair is the color of molten steel just as they breathe life into it. The metal blushes intensely as it burns and it’s beautiful.  That’s your hair.”

Amanda blushed at the compliment, pleasure clear in her eyes and expression.  Julie swallowed.  Dammit, she thought.  Just because it’s near the full moon doesn’t mean you get to go crazy.  Get yourself under control, woman.  She’s your friend, no matter how much you want her.  Still, Julie found herself drawn to the other woman’s chest.  Where Julie was lean, Amanda was curvy and had the breasts to show for it.  Her chest pushed against the tight fabric of her blouse and a heat bloomed deep within Julie’s chest, spreading down to her belly.  The woman felt a small muscle move in her throat and she coughed to cover the quiet purr that threatened to resonate through her body.  It was too early for it to develop but she felt the edges of the change taking place and the sight of her friend pleased her.

“Well, I think you’re- oh!  The food!  That was fast.”  Amanda rubbed her hands together as the waiter brought out a bowl of greens.  Julie wrinkled her nose at the sharp scent of the Caesar salad dressing.  She tore off a piece of the complimentary bread while Amanda delicately laid out her napkin on her lap.  Pointing her fork at Julie, Amanda spoke.  “Don’t think I’ve forgotten the sketches.  You were going to show me.”

“I wasn’t, though,” Julie said.

“Come on, Julie.  Please?  Please please please please?”

Julie sighed.  She had a hard time resisting her friend when she was being adorable.  Amanda’s hazel eyes pleaded with her and she had a hard time saying no.  “All right.  But, they’re just sketches and not finished.  At all.  I probably won’t use any of them anyway.  I’m calling this series, ‘What exists inside’ and, well, here, look.”

Flipping backwards through the sketchbook, Julie found her last sketch.  She blushed as she turned the book sideways to show off the art.  “This one is called ‘Aloof.’  The idea behind all of this is that we’re each driven by something: goals, dreams, strong emotions or undeniable shards of personality.  A t the center here is the female subject.  She is aloof and independent.  I made the crowd and world vague around her and, rather than determined to get to her destination, she’s wandering.  She doesn’t care when she gets to where she’s going.  Or how.  She’ll find a way.  The world moves around her like a ghost.  Her lines are strong and defined, the only clear image in the whole piece.”

“Not the only one,” Amanda said.  “There’s a cat on that balcony that’s not all ghost-y and stuff.”

“Well,” Julie frowned.  “Yeah.  I… Yeah.  Each piece shows clearly the one thing that drives the subject.  The cat here in this one.  Both of them aloof and uncaring of the world around them.”

“Ah!”  Amanda said around a mouthful of croutons.  “You should’ve had the lady napping with the cat.  And given her short adorable hair.  Totally you in that case except you do care about people.”

“Haha, yeah.”  Julie laughed uneasily.

“I’ve always loved your art, Julie.  You draw your lines like you’re in love with them.  They’re just so organic.  All swoops and curves that come together just like you want.  Even things like your buildings don’t look hard and harsh.  I think you’re amazing.”

Julie smiled brightly.  “Thanks, Amanda.”

“Hey, I was wondering.  Do you want to come over and watch a movie at my place tonight?  Just us?  I got the new Thor movie.”

“Aww, I can’t.  I need to focus on finishing my sketches.”  No, no fucking way.  Not with the full moon tonight. 

“But, come on.  I know you want to see it.  We can make some nachos and pick up some beer and have a night of it.”

“No, really.  I really can’t.  What about next week?  I’ll be finished soon and then I can take a break.  It’s really not a good night for it.”  You stupid, stupid woman, she chided herself.  Why not just tell her what it’s like when it gets close to the full moon?  How your body goes into overdrive and you can barely contain yourself?  How even now, you want to just… A quiet purr vibrated in Julie’s throat and she coughed to clear it.

“You really can’t take just one night?  We could even go out to the grocery store and shop around for some Ben & Jerry’s together.  Just the two of us.”

“No, I really can’t.  Next time, maybe?  Just, not tonight.  I need to work on my art.”

“Well,” Amanda said.  “Your loss.  You’re going to miss out on whatshisname.  The big blond sexy guy.  And,” Amanda glanced at her friend.  “Kat Dennings.  Seriously.  Wow.”

“Wow?”  Julie asked, her eyebrows cocked.

“Yeah.  Wow.”  Amanda made motions around her breasts.  “Wow.”

“Wait, are-” Julie stopped.  Are you into girls? She wanted to ask.  She’d wondered occasionally when she caught her friend glancing at another woman or remarking on things but it wasn’t something she could easily bring up.  It was further complicated that Julie was bisexual.  She worried that if she asked, her friend might be uncomfortable around her.

“Are?”  Amanda prompted.  “Are what?”

“Are you jealous of her tits?”  Julie finished lamely.

“Well, no, not exactly.  Aww, crap.  I have to get going.  I’ll just leave some money here for the guy.  Don’t steal it all, okay?”

“I’ll try my best,” Julie said, rolling her eyes.  “God knows what I could do with ten bucks.  I’d be dangerous.”  The young woman shivered as her body flashed with a sudden insane itch.  She bared her teeth and rolled her shoulders as the feeling passed.  Yet another sign of the approaching moon.

Amanda stood and then walked over to her friend to give her a quick hug.  “I’ll miss you tonight.  Be good.  Can’t wait to see more of your art.”

Julie watched her friend walk away.  Her eyes followed the easy sway of Amanda’s hips.  A small purr escaped her lips as she watched the woman walk; her work shoes made her legs look amazing.  Julie sighed, her breath hitching as the tiny changes happening throughout her body brought her closer to her heat.  She heard the ringtone of her friend’s phone and watched as the woman answered it.  Julie’s sensitive ears easily picked up her friend’s conversation.

“Yeah, headed back.  She’s doing good.  I got to see some of her art and it’s really great.  No, I couldn’t do it.  I kept getting close and then freezing up before I could just say something.  She’s not coming over.  I know.  But, what if she doesn’t like me like that?  What if she thinks it’s weird?  I know, I know.  No, I’ll try next time.  Thanks so much for supporting me through this John.  I really appreciate it.”

The waiter came to take Amanda’s dishes while Julie sat dumbfounded.  Did I really just hear what I think I heard?  I mean, what else could it be?  What should I do? She’d known Amanda for five years and only in the last year had she started lusting after the other woman.  She liked to think it had nothing to do with her changes but she knew they drove them.  It’d been two years since her trip overseas.  Two years since the changes started.  I could go, she told herself.  I could go for a little bit and control the changes.  Just for a little bit.  I could find a way to let her know it would be okay for her to flirt with me.  And then let her be the one to do it.  I can resist the changes a bit.

Julie let her mind wander before standing to leave.  Naps had become an essential part of her life since she’d changed and the pull became worse around the full moon.  It was a short trip to her loft apartment and she quickly stripped naked once inside.  Clothes began to feel awkward around this time.  She stared at herself in the mirror.  Long and lean with modest breasts and tiny pink nipples.  Light blond hairs covered her mound.  She’d shaved herself two days ago but now… Julie ran her fingers along the little hairs.  As she watched, a few more hairs sprouted lazily along her inner thighs.  She sighed at the feeling.  There weren’t many of them but as the evening went on, more would come until it was no longer just hair.

Crawling beneath her covers, Julie replayed her lunch with Amanda.  Picturing the way she looked.  The way she smelled.  The way she moved.  She imagined herself at their house.  Kissing Amanda.  Touching her.  Her fingers tickled against the short hairs above her clit as her fingers rubbed the small nub in circles.  She clawed at her leg and squeezed her breasts while, in her mind, Amanda mirrored the gestures.  Julie’s breathing became erratic as she rubbed herself harder.  She gasped and muscles worked in her throat eliciting a deep purring that she couldn’t control.  Amanda’s mouth was on her furry wetness, sucking and licking and driving her wild.  She whispered Amanda’s name as she came, twitching and rubbing her feet together.

Already tired, the young woman smacked her lips , smiling with the orgasm.  She dipped a finger between her lips, feeling how incredibly wet she was at the thought of her friend fucking her.  Julie fumbled for her phone at the side of her bed.  She dialed and listened to the ringing with her eyes closed.  Amanda answered, her voice low in order not to disturb her coworkers.

“Hey Julie.  Everything okay?”  Amanda asked.

“Yeah,” Julie answered lazily.  “Is good.  Hey.  I think.  I think I will come over tonight.  S’Okay?”

“Yeah!  Totally okay!  About 7 tonight?  You’re not drunk, are you?  You sound out of it.”

“Sleepy.  Seven.  Tonight.  Sleepy.”  Julie yawned wide, jaw cracking.  Bones shifted subtly within her jaw, adjusting for a muzzle that was not yet there.

Amanda laughed.  “Okay.  See you tonight.  Yay!”  Julie was asleep before the call disconnected.


Julie stretched herself awake.  Legs and arms straight out, cracking and shaking as she reached as far as she could.  She made little happy mewling sounds, rolling to her side and back.  Finally, she rolled to her stomach and then arched her back, rising to her hands and feet.  Her thick blanket fell away, leaving her naked on her bed.  Julie lowered her head to her pillow, raising her hips as high as she could.  The young woman groaned as a light tracing of fur sprouted along the length and sides of her spine. She fell to her back, wriggling against the bed, sighing in satisfaction as the cotton sheets scratched her back.

The young woman regarded the world through half-closed eyes.  She caught pieces of conversations around her as the inside of her ears rearranged themselves.  The delicate folds of skin along her ears elongated slightly, barely noticeable to outside observers.  Her middle-aged neighbor was watching porn again.  The single mother next door was struggling to help her son with his biology homework.  Outside, dogs barked and cars rumbled.  Julie considered falling back asleep until her eyes wandered over to the old digital clock on her desk.  6:32 pm, the clock read.

Can I do this?  She wondered.  Julie sat up on the edge of her bed.  She could feel the way her jaw was different – her overbite now gone.  The hair around her vagina had thickened slightly, still not more than light pubic hair.  The tiny blond hairs along her back could be confused for normal hair.  I can go and sit.  And concentrate.  I can hold it off.  The movie will help.  And I’ll flirt a tiny bit.  Just a bit.  To show her it’s okay to like me.  Just enough so that it’s not blatant.  And then I’ll excuse myself when it gets too much.  When I can’t hold it back.  I can do this.


Twenty minutes later, Julie sat in her car, staring at Amanda’s front door.  The summer sun hung fat and red behind her and she could almost physically feel the pull of the pale full moon high in the sky.  Her gums itched around her canine teeth and her back molars.  She ran her tongue along her teeth, noting that they still felt human.  Her lower back ached slightly, bringing with it a numbness as if she’d been sitting for too long.  She forced herself to relax.  She closed her eyes, focusing inward in an attempt to slow the changes.  She’d only tried to halt the changes a handful of times before and found that she could only partially delay her transformation.  Stopping it was impossible so far but she hadn’t needed to try yet.  She was grateful that the full moon was the only thing that brought the changes; she could plan her life around it.  And if she needed extra naps in the meantime?  She’d trade that for the physical enhancements that came with it.

The only downside she’d found so far was the heat; the incredible lust she felt.  Countless times she’d almost gone out during the full moon just to find someone to fuck.  She kept her mind but the heat was a thirst she couldn’t quench.  It nearly drove her mad every time .  Her fingers and dildos never seemed enough; only enough to keep her from breaking down and finding a mate.  It was a fine line, fighting the animal deep within her for control; not giving into the unnatural heat forced on her with the change.  She’d thought that it would lessen over time but after two years, the urge to mate during the full moon was as strong as the very first night.  She refused to give into it.

“I’ve got this,” she whispered to herself.  “Let’s do it.”  Julie opened her door to step out.  The air was warm and she caught herself scenting the area.  She’d never been outside this late on a full moon.  Hairs lifted on the back of her neck as she caught the traces of other animals that had passed through.  “I can do it,” she reaffirmed.

The motion sensitive light above the front door clicked on as Julie approached.  She startled, nearly hissing at it as her body broke out in goose bumps.  More blond hairs grew among the longer blond hairs standing at attention along her spine.  As she calmed, she could feel the hair on her back and she tsk’ed at herself.  No longer just hair but the start of her fur.  She stood for a moment until she felt completely calm.  As she approached the door, she heard someone walk through the house and then unlock the door, moments before it opened.

“Julie!  I’m so glad you could come!”  Amanda wore a simple gray t-shirt and thick, checkered pajama pants.  Her red hair was pulled back into a simple pony tail.  A sweet ache bloomed in Julie’s lower stomach at the sight of the other woman.  She felt a sudden physical flush that threatened to accelerate her changes.  Julie growled as she smiled, forcing her body to obey her will.  A single bead of sweat ran down her cheek and it had nothing to do with the warmth in the air.

They hugged and Julie closed her eyes, thinking of small children, puppies, kittens and sunshine on the beach.  She could feel Amanda’s breasts against her.  Julie buried her face into the other woman’s neck.  She smells so fresh and sweet and amazing.  Oh fuck.  I can’t actually do this, can I?  Julie’s lips brushed the other woman’s bare skin and she held back a moan.  She opened her mouth just as her canine teeth pushed further from her gums.  Just… just a kiss.  Just a little kiss.  That’s not so much to ask, is it?  Just a sweet little kiss and lick.  And a little bite.  A playful little bite.  Oh god.  Oh god, please.

With a sudden step back, Julie laughed nervously.  “Amanda!  Yes!  Thank you for inviting me.  Gosh.  Yes.  Man.  The movie, yeah? ”

Amanda smiled with amusement.  Julie could smell her friend but it was faint and she was able to ignore her when they stood apart.  Mentally, Julie cursed at herself for letting her concentration slip.  The fur on her back she could hide but not her growing fangs.  Just don’t show your teeth so much, she reminded herself. And concentrate, for god’s sake!

“Come on in, I was just about to microwave the nachos.  I got you some Widmer again to drink.  You liked it last time, right?”

Julie followed her friend inside, automatically sniffing at everything.  She’d been to her friend’s house many times but never during a full moon.  Her enhanced senses brought an entire new world to her.  The smell of food, dirt, people, dust , trash and the bathroom all yelled for attention.  A small part of her mind wondered at the scents from the trash – what kind of food and whether it was still good.  An annoying aspect of the change was that previously bad smelling things were suddenly interesting.  During one change, in between masturbating, she had simply sat in front of her trashcan with her eyes closed.  For nearly an hour.

The dull ache in Julie’s back vanished with a small cracking sound and she sighed.  As she walked with her friend to the living room, she discretely reached back to touch the area above her ass.  Her fingers felt the downy skin but there was no bulge for the start of her tail.  Yet.

“Have you seen the trailer for the new Marvel movie?  The space one?” Amanda asked.

“Guardians of the Galaxy?  I actually just watched it last night,” Julie said.  “I have to admit, I didn’t think they’d be able to pull it off.  For fans?  Sure.  But mainstream?  Almost everyone knows who Iron Man and Captain America is but here you have a raccoon and a tree and nobody knows them unless you’re heavy into the comics.  The trailer was awesome.  The right mix of action and humor.  And, they did a great job with the CGI for Rocket Raccoon.  That could’ve gone so bad.”

“I thought it looked hilarious,” Rachel said.  “The movie, not the raccoon.  He looked realistic without being creepy.  And actually does look like a little psycho feral raccoon guy.  Kind of hard to get a two-legged critter to look good without being too much Saturday morning cartoon-y.”

“Hah,” Julie laughed nervously.  “I know, right?”  Jesus, don’t I know, she thought to herself.  Hey, if there are things like me, are there were-raccoons, too?  Whoa.  What would that be like?  Or were-skunks?  Or were-opossums?  Eww.  I guess it could’ve been worse for me.

“Have a seat on the couch,” Amanda said as she wriggled into the large couch facing the television.  The young woman pointed to her left.  “I’ll grab the food.  This movie’s not going to watch itself.  Let’s go.”

Julie settled into the couch, self-consciously.  Looking down at her fashionably tattered blue jeans, she noted a light coating of blond hairs through the holes in her pants.  Amanda was warm and smelled amazing next to her and she cursed herself for sitting so close and not moving to the far side of the couch.  She closed her eyes as the movie started.  Warmth ran to her cheeks as she fought the changes.  The heat she felt was incredibly hard to resist, especially this close to her friend.  She smells like clean soap and flowers and sex.  God.  This was dumb.  I should leave before- Julie felt her breasts swell, pushing at the small bra she wore beneath her t-shirt.  Nngh, she groaned.  No.  Come on.  I can fight this.  Her bra strap bit into her chest and back as her body changed.  Julie bit her lip hard and the pain helped her focus.

As she’d hoped, the movie provided plenty of distraction that helped her manage the changes.  She lost herself in the movie, ignoring Amanda as the characters fought and argued onscreen.  Only twice did she have to resist the urge to butt her head against Amanda’s shoulder.

Amanda slowly lowered herself down to her side on the couch, pulling her feet up to press lightly against Julie’s thigh.  Julie stared at the other woman, eyeing her curvy figure and bare stomach showing between her shirt and pants.  Her eyes stopped at the woman’s cute little feet and she barely suppressed a groan.  Julie licked her sharp teeth with a tongue that was suddenly as rough as sandpaper.

“You don’t mind if I lie down, do you, Julie?”

Julie looked up.  She felt drunk and too warm.  Her eyes traced the heart-shaped curve of Amanda’s face and the woman’s pouty lips.  She could picture herself kissing the other woman and, in response, she felt muscles loosen deep within her body.  She smelled herself becoming suddenly wet before she felt the way the liquid pooled inside her vagina.  The hair around her thighs thickened until she felt the soft fur rubbing against her labia.  It spread up and over her mound and then up her hard belly.  A small pain shot quickly through both of her breasts as they grew again.  The soft flesh of her tits overflowed her bra until, finally, they were free.  Her bra slipped under her now d-cup breasts.

“No,” Julie panted.  “Its.  Fine.”  The young woman shifted herself, groaning quietly as her lower back bulged with the start of her tail.

The movie continued and Julie forced herself to watch.  She knew she should leave but she lied to herself, telling herself she could still hold off.  That she could still ignore the changes until the movie was finished.  That it would be rude to leave before then.  She stretched her legs out in front of her; hairs bloomed from her smooth leg, sliding against her skin under the loose blue jeans.  She felt the same itching sensation along her shoulders and upper back until her bare skin became covered in fur.  Julie shifted her legs.  She could smell herself.  Her juices were mingling with the fur between her legs and she knew she was engorged in her lust.  God, she thought. I need to fuck.  Bad.  This is bad.  Watch the movie, Julie.  Watch the movie.  It’s almost over.  Almost over.  The young woman focused on her breathing and her changes slowed.

Julie could almost hear the moon singing to her, pulling her along, teasing her with the promise of her changes.  Toying with her hormones to bring on an unnatural heat.  She was nearly an expert in the feline estrus cycle after having gone through the first few full moons.  She’d tried various home remedies to no avail.  Nothing could stop it and it grew stronger as the night wore on.  Okay.  Okay.  The movie is about to end.  What do I do?  What do I say?  I can’t put this off.  I can’t keep it away any more.  I need to go.  She smells so fucking good and I want to just bury my face in her belly.  I’ll just say I need to work on my art and she’ll-

“H… hey, Julie?”

Julie looked over to see her friend partially hiding her face behind a couch cushion.  Oh no.  Oh no, she’s going to do it right now.  I was going to flirt but the goddamned heat was too hard to control and now she’s just going to say it.  Dammit.  With as much control as she could muster, Julie answered.  “Yeah?”

“I, umm.  Hah.  This isn’t easy.  I think you’re awesome.  And a great friend.  And talented.  Your art is amazing.  And.  And.  I think you’re really pretty.  I don’t know if you’re interested in me beyond a friend and, oh god, this is really really hard to say but if you were interested in me, I would love to date you.  But if not!  If not then I really hope you’ll still be my friend.  At least then I’d know you weren’t interested and I could just put it all aside and still have your friendship.  I’d love that.  I just don’t want to never take the chance.  I’m rambling.  I’m totally rambling right now.  Oh my god.”  Amanda hid her face completely behind the cushion.  “I completely understand if you’re not interested or grossed out.  Just… if not, can we still be friends?  You have no idea how embarrassed I am right now.  I meant to talk to you during lunch so I could just escape if it didn’t go well.  I shouldn’t have brought it up here.  That’s not fair to you.  I’m sorry.”

“I… I…”  Oh fuck.  What do I do?  I can’t leave now.  She’d be devastated.  What horrible timing.  Jesus Christ.  I want to just tear into her and she’s over there being shy and cute and sexy and… fuck!  “I think.  I think yes.  I didn’t know you were interested in women.  We’d need to talk about, nngh-”  Julie groaned.

“Hey, are you okay?”  Amanda sat up, her face full of concern as she looked at her friend.

Julie grit her teeth.  Fur was spreading from her lower stomach up between her breasts.  Her spine pushed from her back and the woman turned to face her friend, hiding the growth as she panted in the sudden intense heat coursing through her body.  She looked up at her friend and the world stuttered around her.  She’d never felt it this hard before.  “I’m-  Oh god, Amanda.  Can I… can I kiss you?”

“Do you want to kiss me, Julie?”

Without answering, the young woman leaned forward.  Julie hesitated slightly and then pressed her lips against Amanda’s soft lips.  They kissed almost chastely until Amanda opened her mouth.  Their tongues met and Julie moaned into the other woman’s mouth.  It was a completely different feeling -being with another person when her hormones were driving her wild.  Julie pressed against Amanda, slowly bearing her down onto the couch as they kissed passionately.  With her fingers twined in Amanda’s fingers, Julie rubbed herself against the other woman.  She broke off, instincts taking over as she rubbed her cheek against Amanda’s cheek.

A deep purr started low in Julie’s throat.  She felt her expanded breasts rubbing against Amanda’s chest and the other woman moaned beneath her, twisting and pushing her own hips up.  Julie licked at Amanda’s throat, baring her fangs as her top lip split slightly.

“Oh.  Oh, please.”  Amanda gasped.  Julie’s hot breath stirred the tiny hairs along Amanda’s neck and the woman turned her head to the side, baring her flesh.  Fur exploded along Julie’s back and she arched in reply.  Her short, blond furry tail whipped behind her, still not fully grown.

“I can’t,” Julie gasped.  She pushed herself away, rolling dexterously on the ground until she was kneeling several feet away from the couch.  She forced herself to look up at her friend.  Julie shrugged out of her gray jacket.  As the fur continued to cover her body, she became less tolerant of clothes.  “Oh god, Amanda.  Look at me.  I’m so sorry.  Look at me.”

Amanda sat up.  At first, she saw nothing and confusion was plain on her face.  But then, she saw Julie’s tail thrashing behind her.  “Is that… Julie, Jesus Christ is that a tail?!”

Julie nodded mutely.  She felt her ears shift along her face, moving through her short hair until they lay atop her head.  They flicked and then lay back and flat.  She wanted desperately to strip her clothes off but she couldn’t do it in front Amanda.  She felt her jaw move slightly as her short fur grew up and around her face.  Her nose flattened, reshaping to fit her altered face.

“Oh Julie,” Amanda said.  “Are you okay?  I don’t know what to do or say here.  Oh my god.  What should I do, Julie?  Does it… does it hurt?”

“No.  No, it doesn’t hurt.  It’s… I’m riled up, Amanda.  It does something to me and I feel like I’m in heat and I shouldn’t have come here.  I shouldn’t have done it.  The three nights of the full moon.  Like clockwork.”

“Like a werewolf?  Seriously?  The moon?  Since when, Julie?  I never knew.”

“Yeah.  It’s easy to hide.  I’m still me.  Even now.  But, Amanda, you have no idea how hard it is to keep myself off of you right now.  You smell amazing and I’m incredibly horny.  Every single time.  I’ve wanted you before this happened but, now?  It’s worse.  I shouldn’t have come tonight.”  Amanda kneeled on the floor in front of Julie. The young woman reached for her friend’s face but Julie recoiled.  “Don’t.”

“Julie,” Amanda said with determination.  She pressed her hand against Julie’s face and the other woman nuzzled her.  “It’s okay.  I’m okay.  I-  Oh.  Did you… Did you feel that?”

Julie’s eyes snapped open.  She scented the air, fearing what she thought might be happening.  “Feel what?”

“I, whoa, there it is again.  Kind of hot in here.  I,” Amanda paused, panting as beads of sweat formed along her hairline.  “Ow.  That stings a little.  Julie!  My hand!”

Amanda took her hand away from Julie’s face.  She winced as her short fingernails thickened, pushing away from their nail beds.  As they lengthened, the tips curved slightly, growing to sharp points.  Amanda stared at her hand in disbelief.  The light skin along the outside of the palm of her hand darkened to red before fading to a soft pink as it puffed out slightly.  Amanda felt a similar deep itching sensation from her other hand and when she turned to look, she saw both hands ended in sharp claws.  The skin along the bottom of all ten fingers swelled to match the pink of her palms.

“Julie?  What’s- oh no.  Please tell me this isn’t-” A wave of heat pulsed from Amanda’s lower stomach, racing to the top of her head down to the bottom of her feet.  It vanished nearly as soon as it appeared and the young woman suddenly broke into a cold sweat.  Before she could speak, the heat returned.  Amanda gasped as she felt herself grow incredibly wet.  She moaned, loudly, falling to her hands with a sudden, forced need to arch her back.  To present herself to a mate that wasn’t there.

Beside Amanda, Julie yowled as the other woman’s heat set in.  She’d thought she was horny before but now, smelling another werecat in heat was driving her absolutely wild.  Julie grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled, exposing her furry upper body.  Her heavier breasts bounced free and the woman wasted no time in unhooking her bra from around her stomach where it’d fallen earlier.  She worked the button and zippers of her blue jeans, cursing in frustration as her claws and thick padding under her fingers made her fumble.  She was normally completely naked before the changes set in and so dealing with the clothing while changed frustrated her greatly.  Julie hissed as her zipper caught on the tuft of fur covering her mound.  As riled as the young woman was, she barely noticed when she tugged hard enough to rip small pieces of fur from her skin.  She sat on her ass to pull her jeans off.  The sudden flood of scents from the wet fur between her thighs made her gasp and her long tail lashed behind her, thumping on the ground.

“Julie,” Amanda gasped.  “Julie.  What.  Oh.  Oh, Jesus.  I can.  I can smell you.  Oh fuck.”  Light red, nearly orange hairs pushed through the backs of Amanda’s hands.  More and more hairs followed until the young woman’s hands were covered in short, silky fur.  As she watched, it continued to grow slowly up her wrists.  Still on her hands and knees, she spread her legs, arching her back further until her face touched the floor.  Amanda stretched her hands in front of herself, feeling her muscles and bones pop quietly.  Her claws scratched at the wood floor.   The young woman looked behind herself to see Julie naked and on her knees, clawed fingers rubbing at the furry wetness between her thighs.  She felt something shift in her lower back but ignored it to turn and face her friend.

“I’m,” Julie said, her voice catching as her building orgasm and the effort of her frantic rubbing distracted her.  “So.  Sorry.  Amanda.”

Amanda faced her friend.  Closing her eyes, she scented the air.  The familiar smells of the house began to shift subtly, some becoming stronger while others changed nearly completely.  More than anything else, Julie dominated.  Her.  The tip of Amanda’s nose pulled back into a flat, smooth curve.  The skin around her nostrils blackened and the flesh took on a pebbled texture.  The young woman followed her nose, crawling to Julie on her hands on knees.  Her brain was full of static and all she knew was she wanted the other woman more than anything she’d ever wanted before.  She could feel her engorged pussy rubbing wetly against her soft thighs as she moved.  She wanted desperately to stop and touch herself but, more than that, she needed Julie.

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