Legal Issues – Chapter 7

The final chapter in the story.

A young woman visits a farm with intention to make the farmer sell his property. Forces intervene and the woman changes.

Early morning sunlight streamed through Lynn’s curtains.  The young woman woke slowly, still smiling from her dream.  She felt unreasonably happy, as if she were a small child tucked into bed by loving parents after a full day of play.  An empty chair stood beside her bed and, next to the chair was a small table.  Atop the table was a plate full of vegetables and a bowl full of mixed greens.  Lynn’s stomach rumbled loudly and she remembered she hadn’t eaten anything the day before.  But, worse was her bladder.  She wanted to stay in bed, wrapped in warmth but both basic needs cried out to her.

Lynn carefully pulled the blanket away from her.  Her udder seemed to bulge a little more but everything else seemed the same.  Except- Lynn looked at her arms.  During the night, both arms had become covered in white and brown fur like the rest of her body.  A large nearly perfect circular patch of white fur covered her right elbow while the rest of her arms were mostly brown.  Looking down, she saw that her legs were similarly covered in fur.  She smiled hopefully at the few changes.  Swinging her legs carefully over the edge of the bed, she groaned when her bladder yelled for attention.

A small white piece of paper lay next to the bowl on the table.  Lynn picked it up.  It was addressed to her and seemed like a man’s penmanship.  She read it while idly stroking the smooth skin of her udder.



I stayed with you until after midnight but nothing happened and you slept peacefully.  I hope that means everything is okay and you’ll be fine. 

Please don’t be mad at the food.  I wasn’t sure what you would be hungry for or when you’d wake up. 

Take as much time as you need.  The room is yours.  I’m probably out in the field but will be back around noon.



Lynn traced the man’s signature with a furred finger.  Afraid I’d be upset because he put out vegetables for a cow?  She smiled.  I like salads anyway.

The young woman walked to the doorway, feeling more confident in her strong legs.  Opening the door, she peeked out.  “Chris?  Are you there?”

When nobody answered, she wandered the old house until she found the bathroom.  The young woman pulled down her pants before gathering her tail into her arms.  Her tail twitched as she sat carefully towards the front of the toilet to allow space.  While seated, she pressed a finger against her bra-less breast.  She was surprised at how soft her larger breasts were now.  Although she’d finished peeing, the young woman poked at both breasts in random places.  Finally, she lifted her shirt, tucking it under her chin.  Lynn held both breasts in her hands, hefting them gently.  The short, nearly silky fur covering both breasts felt strange to her smooth palms.  Geez, she thought.  Seriously.  Huge.  I could do without the gigantic nipples and stuff but these, these I could get used to.  Why no milk, though?  Not that I’m complaining at all but, was that it?  Just the one day?

Once finished, she went straight to her room to devour her breakfast.  It was unusual to have to chew more than usual, now that she realized what was happening, but she found eating was otherwise the same.  When her food was gone, she wandered around the house again until she found Chris’ room.  With a muttered apology, she dug through his clothes until she found a thick red and black plaid button-down shirt.  She pulled it on, appreciating Chris’ wide shoulders that allowed it to fit her expanded chest and frame.  The fabric rubbed oddly against her fur and she felt overly warm but her nipples were mostly hidden and only a small bit of her udder showed.  Her tail lashed happily behind her as she made her way outside.

Lynn smiled at the sudden clear warm scent of the outdoor air.  She spotted Chris cursing at the chickens scrabbling around in the chicken coop so she made her way over to him.  He spotted her as she approached and he turned, smiling to see her.

“Hey,” he said.  “I’m glad to see you up.  Although, you could still relax, you know?”

“I want to help,” Lynn announced.  “If you’re putting me up here, I want to help out.  What can I do?”

Chris looked up at the young woman.  “Well, you can help me pick some eggs.  Come on in and be careful, they can move around pretty quick.  The shirt looks good on you, by the way.  I’ve always had a thing for-” He stopped, blushing and bending back to his chickens.

Lynn worked the entire day beneath the warm sun, never once feeling the strange sleepiness that had overcome her the past two days.  Her brown fur became soaked in sweat as she worked, hauling and lifting and moving and pulling and planting.  She took far more breaks than Chris did but the man seemed pleased to have any help at all.  She found herself laughing several times during the day, forgetting what had happened as she settled into a routine.

In the evening, Lynn faced a whole new problem.  She stood in her makeshift work clothes, staring at the bathtub.  Immediately she knew showers would never work again; not unless she was outside on the ground; her hooves would slip over the smooth surface.  She stared at the large white tub, tail flipping back and forth behind her as she ran through what she’d need to do.

Lynn ran hot water, filling the tub half full.  As carefully as possible, she held onto the edges of the tub, easing herself in.  She felt her tail scrape against the edge of and she sighed as she sat in the water.  When was the last time I even took a shower?  Geez.  With what’s happened, I never had time.

The young woman pulled her tail into the water with her and then leaned back cautiously.  She had to brace her hooves against the front of the tub but she otherwise fit perfectly.  The water around her darkened as the bits of caked-on dirt came loose from her fur.  She lay there with her arms on the edge of the tub, wriggling to make the base of her tail comfortable.   The water came up to her thighs and she looked down at herself.  Her fur floated in the water.

“This is who you are now, Lynn,” she told herself quietly.  “It’s not so bad, is it?  You don’t have to worry about what shoes match what outfits.  Or makeup.  There’s that.  You’ll never have to buy makeup again.  What was the saying?  Lipstick on a pig?  Or cow?  All those extra little things to make you look pretty won’t work anymore.  This is who you are.”

She sat up, awkwardly pulling her legs towards herself.  Her hooves scraped on the bottom of the tub and she shuddered at the sound of it.  Lynn scrubbed lightly between her cleft hooves, removing the hardened dirt that stuck there.  I’m going to need a screwdriver or something else next time. Do my… hooves keep growing?  Am I going to have to trim them somehow?  Well, no.  Filing, right?  Isn’t that what they do on the Westerns?  File their horse’s hooves?  I bet Chris would know.  Oh god.  Am I going to have to ask him if my hooves keep going?  My hooves?

“Soap or shampoo, soap or shampoo,” she asked herself.  While she decided, she drained the dirty water.  Tentatively, she sniffed herself.  “Well, at least it’s not wet dog smell.  Actually,” she sniffed again.  “Not bad at all.”

Lynn hummed to herself as she refilled the tub until it again reached her hips.  Having decided, she grabbed the bottle of shampoo on the nearby shelf.  “It’s hair,” she told herself.  “Just a lot of hair.”

The young woman worked the shampoo into the fur of her thigh and legs, scratching as she did.  After such a long time without a shower or bath and a full day’s work in the field, the act was immensely pleasurable.  The soft insides of her thighs were sore from rubbing together so Lynn took extra care between her legs.  Even more carefully, she held her labia apart to clean between her lips.  The fur around her vagina seemed an odd mixture of cow fur and wiry pubic hair but the shampoo seemed to help soften it.

Next, Lynn scooted further into the tub until her chest was semi-submerged.  She scrubbed the dirt from her upper body with her short nails, murmuring appreciatively as she scratched the skin beneath her fur.  She sighed as she cleaned her breasts.  “No more soapy boobies,” she said with a pout.  “I’ll miss that.”  Still, her enormous breasts were extremely soft to the touch and she had a hard time letting them go when they were completely lathered with shampoo.  The flat, short fur covering them was almost as slick as soaped-up bare skin.  The nipples on her udder floated like little sea creatures.  Little pink and black bull kelp on the floor of the ocean, she mused.  Well, udder rather than ocean floor.  The shampoo could be the sea foam.  And I’m… the cow.  Just the cow.

Lynn sat up to let the tub drain.  She closed the curtain around her and then, still seated, she turned on the shower.  Hot water streamed down her body, washing away the shampoo she’d worked into her fur.  She raised her muzzle to it.  With her eyes closed, she was still just a woman.  A human woman taking a shower just like everyone else.  She pushed herself back up with her hooves against the tub and her tail moved with her.  But not really human anymore, she reminded herself.

As the shower chased away the bits of dirt and shampoo still draining, she picked up her tail.  If she had to pick a positive thing out of the whole change, aside from the huge ti- boobs, she thought, it’d be her tail.  She thought of it as a separate part of her.  A companion of some kind.  She was beginning to love it in an odd sort of way; like a mangy lovable dog that refuses to leave your side.  She cooed to it as she cleaned, scrubbing and scratching and smiling at it before holding it under the hot water.

The water turned off with a loud squeak and Lynn lay back in the empty tub.  A stack of white towels lay on shelves next to the tub.  Towel off or shake off, she wondered sarcastically.  Wait, better question, how do I get out without breaking a leg?  Would I have to be put down if that happened?  Lynn sighed at herself, pulling her heavy body up with shaky, tired arms.  She sat at the back of the tub for a moment before swinging both of her legs over the side.  She’d found quite often than not being able to turn her hooves to the sides made a big difference in how she moved her body.  She stood on the floor towel, barely dripping as her fur trapped the remaining bits of water on her body.

Drying off took two towels.  Lynn blushed in shame at the huge amounts of brown and white fur left behind on the towels.  She looked herself over.  Most of her fur lay flat and neat but the thicker tufts along her shoulders and neck were a jumbled mess.  I’m going to have to comb that, she thought.  Tangles.  So many tangles and snarls.

She blushed as she imagined herself naked, on her stomach.  In her mind, Chris stood over her, brushing the thick fur down her back as they talked and laughed.  “Nope,” she said.  “Nope.  Not going to happen.  So not going to happen.”

Clean and dry and still warm from her bath, Lynn fell asleep almost as soon as she slid between her covers.


The next morning, Lynn awoke to find nothing had changed further.  She made her way to the kitchen and Chris woke just as she was buttering toast.  The man eyed the large plate of eggs and toast and bacon on both of their plates.  Lynn smiled shyly at him when he thanked her for breakfast.

“I didn’t know if you cooked or not,” he said.

“Well, a little.  Not usually breakfast.  I’ve been in the habit of just eating granola and yogurt in the morning but, lately, I’ve been really hungry.  I mean, well, duh, right?  I’m a cow now.”

“It looks better than what I make,” he told her, cautiously avoiding the subject.

“I’d like,” Lynn paused, blushing.  “I’d like to learn how to cook.  I can’t do as much work as you do out in the field so I want to learn to cook to do my part.  I found a ton of cookbooks on the shelf and I bet I could do a good job of it.”

Chris frowned.  “Lynn, hey.  Don’t kill yourself here.  You don’t have to prove yourself or make up for anything at all.  I mean, if you want to learn to cook, great.  I’d love to have some help.  But, that’s what it’d be – help.  I’ll still cook, too.  I don’t expect you to-”

“I just want to be useful,” Lynn interrupted.  “I don’t- I don’t want-” The young woman hid her eyes behind her hand.  Her lips trembled while her tail flicked fitfully behind her.  Her flat teeth ground together as she tried to hold back her tears.

“Hey,” Chris said.  “It’s…”  He went to her, wrapping his long arms around her body to hold her tight.  Lynn’s resolve crumbled and she sobbed against him.  His hand held her neck while his fingers massaged her gently through her thick fur.  Chris felt Lynn’s tail rub against his leg, a reminder of how different she was now.  Her smell surprised him; she’d only just started working with him but the scent of his farm lingered lightly, deep in her fur: the smell of warm dew, fresh turned earth and a summer breeze.

Eventually, Lynn calmed, her breath hitching as she struggled to control herself.  Chris brought her a box of tissues and she grabbed one.

“I… could you not look?” She asked.  “I don’t know how to blow my nose anymore.  That sounds really dumb but I don’t want to look ugly when I do it.”

Chris turned away.  “I don’t think you look ugly, Lynn.  Not before or now.  You have a gentle heart and that’s what I see.”

Lynn took two more tissues before using all three to blow her nose loudly.  She used another two to wipe.  “No.  I don’t.  I was trying to make you sell your land.  Before I left, we were digging up dirt on you and your neighbors to figure out a way to force the sell.  I’ve closed down businesses and helped to foreclose on homes.  These poor families struggling to find a way to make their payments and I sat at my desk, filing paperwork that took their homes away.  And now-” Lynn hiccupped, unable to finish her sentence.

The fur at the corner Lynn’s eyes were darkened by her tears.  Chris frowned at her, wishing he could do something to help.  “Is that why you’re trying so hard?”  Lynn nodded.  “I won’t kick you out.  I’m thankful for all your help but I won’t make you leave.”

“I regret it,” she told him.

“Regret what?”

Lynn pushed at her plate of food.  “My life.  What I’ve done.  I was never good at science or computers so I picked law for the money I could make.  And now look what I’ve done.  Fourteen hour days or more spent breaking people’s lives and the whole time, I thought it was okay because I was safe.  I made enough to live well and still pay off nearly all of my loans.  What did it matter what happened to other people?  They should’ve worked harder.  They should’ve bought a cheaper house.  It was their fault they were in that position.  Life wasn’t fair to me growing up, either.  We struggled.  We ate ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese and god knows what else.  Kids made fun of me for my ragged used clothes.  I hated my life.”

Chris reached tentatively toward Lynn’s hand on the table.  He touched the back of her hand and, when she didn’t flinch, he held her small, furry hand in his.  They sat in silence.

“Except,” Lynn finally said.  “Except I didn’t.  I’d forgotten how happy I’d been.  Alone, sure.  But I had fun.  My parents loved me and they did what they could.  I was free to run and play outside and the whole world was part of my imagination.  Only, somewhere along the way, I gave in.  I listened to my classmates when they told me how sad I was.  I was too embarrassed to ever bring anyone to my home.  Who’d want to come visit me in a dingy old trailer?  And so I put it all away.  Days ago, I finally remembered.  I remembered what it was like to sit in the sun with my toes in the grass.  To feel true, pure happiness from life itself.”

Small lights twirled in the air behind Lynn, circling in and out of the walls.  They cast light that gave no shadows and they played unnoticed by the two sitting at the table.

“Where would I have gone if you weren’t here when this happened?  Where did those families go when I took their home from them?  I’m sitting here, safe for now and I’m terrified.  I have a place to stay and a roof over my head and food in front of me and I’m scared that you’ll suddenly decide I’m a burden and then I’ll have nothing.  And now I see what I’ve done with my life.  And I regret it.”  Small tears slid across Lynn’s slick fur to fall in her lap.

“I won’t, you know.” Chris told her, his voice gentle and warm.  “I won’t make you leave.  Everyone deserves another chance.  It took my father dying to make me see that.  But, I took it and I’ve never looked back.  I’m better for it.  You… It doesn’t matter what you’ve done.  You see it now, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Lynn whispered.

“So, take this chance and change it all.  I- well, you know what I mean.  Sorry, I don’t know how to say it without it coming up.  This… physical change, whatever it was, it’s made you realize what you’ve lost and what you’ve done.  Stay here with me and find your peace.  That’s what I’ve done.”

Not trusting herself to speak, Lynn nodded in gratitude.

“Any time you need to talk to me about anything, please do.  Whenever you want.  In the meantime, I’ve found work takes my mind off things.  But food, first, of course.”  Chris smiled cautiously at the young woman.

“I’m sorry,” Lynn said.  “It’s all cold now.  You had to listen to me cry while the food went cold.”

“I listened to you because I- because I wanted to listen.  I mean, hell, your whole life got turned upside down, just like that.  I’d probably be senseless for weeks.  Besides,” Chris scooped up a forkful of his eggs, stuffing it into his mouth.  “Still tastes good.”

They both ate in silence, forks scrapping against their plates.  With her plate cleaned, Lynn looked up at Chris.  “May I borrow your computer for a while?  I want to order some new clothes.  And I have to send off some emails for my work.  I don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon.”

Chris nodded at the young woman.  “It’s on dial-up but it works.  The computer is in the back room.  I’ll show you.”

Lynn had to look up a few laws to fill in the gaps of her knowledge but she was pleasantly surprised to learn that it wasn’t as hard as she thought it would be.  She could still remember where to look and how to do things – it was just the very technical pieces that kept slipping her mind.  By the end of the day, she’d resigned from her firm and filed paperwork with the county on behalf of Chris in response to P&G’s initial filing.  The case would be delayed for at least a year; plenty of time for her to find what she needed to prevent them from forcing their way onto the property.   She knew she had a lot more work ahead of her in closing off the ends of her previous life but she had time now and would need the time to decide what came next.  She had enough savings to clear her debts with money left over and she planned to use the funds cautiously.

Two phrases were circled on the top of the yellow legal pad she left on the desk:  “Private practice online?  Community work?”


Months later, Chris and Lynn sat in the living room together as an end-of-summer storm rolled through the valley.  Lights flickered and the two looked up from their books at nearly the same time.  Lightning flashed through the windows and a few seconds later a loud boom rattled the house.

“Muuh!”  Lynn cried out in fear.  She dropped the book, gripping her arms tightly.

“Hey, you okay?”  Chris asked.

“I… I… for… for some reason… loud noises… I can’t…”  The power cut off just as another bolt of lightning struck.  The returning thunder came even quicker this time.  Lynn hid her face with her hands over her elongated ears.  “No.  I don’t know.  I’m… It’s… I’m scared.  Chris, I’m scared.”

Chris walked to Lynn, kneeling beside her.  He touched her back gently, rubbing her in small circles.  “Hey.  It’s okay.  It’s okay.  I’ll get some candles and we’ll be fine.  It’s okay.”

“I… I…”  Lynn stuttered.  “Feel stupid… I can’t… can’t control this.”

“It’s fine, Lynn.  You’re okay here.  You’re safe, you know that.  I’ll be right back.”  Chris stood but Lynn grabbed his arm.

“Don’t… Don’t…” She said.  “Help… help me to my room.  Please.”  Another flash of lightning made her pull back into herself.

Chris took Lynn carefully, helping her stand on shaking legs.  The young woman’s hooves struck the floor loudly as she leaned on the man.  They walked together to Lynn’s room and he helped her onto her bed as rain began falling in waves around the house.  Lightning and thunder struck at the same time causing Lynn to moan quietly as she covered herself.

“I’ll bring a lamp,” Chris told her.

“Stay,” Lynn said.

“Then, I’ll grab a chair.”

“N…no, ” Lynn replied.  “P… please.  I… will you hold me?”

Rain crackled on the bedroom window.  Chris looked at the bed and then made a decision.  “All right.  If you’re sure, Lynn.”

“Th… th… th…”  The young woman tried to say as tears welled at the corner of her eyes.

Chris crawled over the young woman carefully.  Just as carefully, he slid under the covers behind her.  Immediately, Lynn wriggled back against him and he felt her shivering, not from the cold.  Her hooves clattered together before she moved her legs apart.  Chris reached for Lynn and then stopped.  Frowning at himself, he moved his hand across her stomach.  He could feel her furry belly through the gaps in the shirt she wore.  His shirt.  She’d never given him his red and black shirt back and, instead, had taken to wearing it in the evening before bed.

The young man swallowed, unsure of what he should do.  Lynn continued to shake next to him and so, with a mental prayer that she wouldn’t take it the wrong way, the man reached his fingers under the bottom of her shirt.  He could feel her belly button underneath a thick tuft of fur.  He slowly ran his fingers through the fur of her belly.  When she didn’t stop him, he began stroking her slowly.  Her tail twitched against his hip but she made no protest.

Emboldened, Chris started humming quietly to the young woman.  His head lay in the soft, warm crook of her neck and he could smell her scent.  The unusual smell of her fur and the shampoo she used mixed with a wonderful earthy smell underneath it all.  He reflexively nuzzled her but then stopped, mentally cursing himself.

Thunder roared nearby and Lynn jerked in response but her shaking was slowly settling as she relaxed into the man behind her.  He was warm and as comforting as she always imagined he’d be.  The weight of his arm around her and his very presence next to her soothed her nerves.  The way he stroked her fur, digging his fingers down to her skin, scratching and rubbing and working his fingers was both relaxing and exciting all at the same time.

The constant sound of the heavy rain and gentle humming sound mixed with the warmth and weight of Chris against her.  Lynn’s eyelids drooped heavily and she sighed contentedly as she drifted off.

Lynn woke when she felt Chris stirring behind her.  The morning was gray from pre-dawn after a night of heavy rain.

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly.  “Did I wake you?”

“No,” she lied.  “Thank you for last night.  I hope it didn’t incon… tsk, what was the word?  I hope it was okay.”

Chris pushed himself to the foot of the bed with a chuckle.  “Oh yeah.  I haven’t slept that good in ages.  And that’s after moving here from the city.  You’re very comfortable, Lynn.”

The young woman stood when Chris did.  He smiled at her and then spread his arms awkwardly when she hugged him.  Slowly, he folded his arms around her to return it.

“Thank you,” she whispered.  Lynn pressed her wide nose into the side of Chris’ neck before stepping back.

He smiled questioningly at her while touching his neck with his fingertips.  “What was that?”  He asked.

Lynn looked down.  “A… a kiss.”

Chris touched under Lynn’s muzzle, gently lifting it up so he could look at her.  “Thank you, Lynn.”  He brought his hand around to the side of her face and she closed her eyes to press against him.

The day passed with Chris checking his property for damage from the storm.  Lynn followed him around and he wondered at her odd silence.

Their evening routine continued as before and Chris was soon yawning in his chair.  He lay his book face down and stood, surprised when Lynn didn’t follow him.

“Are you staying up a bit?” He asked her.

“Yes, a bit,” she replied, her eyes focused on the paperback novel she was reading.

“All right.  Not too late, though.  You promised you’d help with the apples in the morning.”

Lynn nodded and Chris went to bed.  He lay quietly, wondering if he should go to her.  Since she’d arrived, she’d almost always been cheerful and her sudden quiet today had him worried.  He heard her stand and walk in the living room, her hooves making it nearly impossible for her to walk quietly.  When she didn’t stop at her room, he looked up, just as she opened his door.

“Is everything okay?”  He asked.

Lynn nodded.  “May I sleep with you tonight?”

“I- sure.”  Chris moved back on the bed until he felt the cold wall against him.  Lynn slid between the covers, quickly pressing herself against him.  Chris shifted until his face was at the back of her neck.  The thicker fur along her spine was the softest on her body and he loved the way it felt.  Lynn moved her arms in the blanket in front of him and when she settled, Chris reached around to her belly.  The man settled comfortably into place.  Lynn was the softest woman he’d ever been with and he hadn’t lied; he’d slept amazingly well the previous night.

With his hand on her belly, Chris felt Lynn’s heart racing.  Before he could ask if she was okay, she took his hand, moving it up her belly until it rested on her left breast.  She squeezed his hand and then let go.

“Are you sure, Lynn?” Chris whispered.

“Are… do…”  Lynn swallowed.  “Do you want to, Chris?”

In response, Chris sat up, turning Lynn over to her back.  Lynn shifted to settle her thick tail but avoided Chris’ eyes.  His borrowed red and black shirt was unbuttoned and her massive, furry breasts lay heavily on her chest.  The man bent to her and she writhed when he sucked at her nipple.  It stiffened almost immediately in his mouth and he was surprised at its length.  He pulled back briefly and Lynn covered herself.

“Oh god.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  It’s ugly.  I-” Lynn stammered.

Chris moved her hand away gently.  Again, he took her nipple in his mouth, rolling it around on his tongue.  Lynn moved under him.  He reached for her other nipple, tweaking and pulling at it until he felt it harden in his fingers.  Lynn gasped and then reached for Chris’ hand, he let her have it and then groaned as she sucked his finger into her muzzle.  Her mouth was warm and wet and she rolled his finger around, sucking at it as he did to her.

Pulling his finger free, Chris scratched down Lynn’s sides and she arched her back at the sensation.  The nipples of her udder shifted, moving and twisting as they tried to harden like the nipples on her breasts.  Chris touched one of them.

“Should- can I?”

Lynn nodded shyly, lightly gripping Chris’ head to pull him down to her udder.  The man carefully licked at the tip of her lower nipple and then, he took the entire thing in his mouth.

Lynn gasped.  “Oh.  Oh, that’s… Oh.  Can you…. Oh.  Teeth, please?”  She moaned louder when Chris bit at her elongated nipple gently.  It was different than the nipples of her breast.  More sensitive in a way, less in others but she felt nerves respond deep inside of her and the feeling was intensely erotic.  Chris pinched two of her other nipples causing Lynn to moan louder, biting at her black and pink lower lips.  She felt herself grow suddenly wet.  “Muuuh.  Chris, oh yes.”

The man leaned over her body, grinding against her as he squeezed and sucked at her breasts.  Lynn shivered in response, her hands going to his back, massaging and kneading and tugging until he sat up to take his shirt off.  She knew how muscular he was; she’d seen him shirtless many times but now, with him straddling her hips, she grew even more wet.  She explored his hard stomach while he pinched and pulled the nipples on her breasts.  Fur rasped on fur as he pushed her tits together, marveling at their size and softness.

Bending low over her, Chris kissed each nipple.  He moved further, slowly kissing down her furry stomach.  She gasped when he kissed her udder and then twisted as he sucked at the tip of all four lower nipples.  He continued down, kissing the bottom of her udder and the soft bit of fur showing above her fuzzy pajamas.  He pulled at her pants and she lifted her hips to let him take them off.

Lynn moaned as he kissed above her clit but then he was gone, sliding her pants down her long legs and over her hooves.  She flushed in shame and excitement.  She knew what she looked like and so a piece of her worried continuously whether Chris looked at her like a sideshow freak.  But, Chris had yet to show a single bit of pity towards her and her-

“Muuuh!”  Lynn cried out, her fingers gripping at Chris’ hair as he was suddenly between her thighs.  She opened for him, spreading her legs as he licked her swollen pussy lips.  His nose pressed on her clit as he wrapped his arms around her furry thighs.  Chris pressed further, licking deep inside while grinding his nose against her clit.  Lynn bucked her hips, rolling and pressing against him.  It’d been such a long time since she’d had a lover that she’d almost forgotten what it was like.  And with what had happened to her, she’d thought she’d never know a man’s touch again.  Her tailbone ached but she refused to move while Chris held her.

The fur around her pussy was soaked with spit and her juices.  She felt an orgasm building within her but knew it wouldn’t come quickly enough.  Lynn reached two fingers down to her clit.  She rubbed in a circle as Chris sucked and nibbled at her.  With her free hand, Lynn pulled and squeezed at the nipples on her udder.  The multiple sensations pushed her closer to the edge and she gasped, trying to tell Chris to bite her more or go deeper.  The man felt her rhythm and breathing quicken and he gripped her ass tightly, fingers digging into her large, soft ass cheeks as he pressed himself deeper into her, his tongue working at the exact same spot over and over.

“Oh!  Fu-  Yes!”  Lynn screamed, bucking as her orgasm stormed through her.  Chris was suddenly kissing her and she opened her short muzzle to him, tongues licking at each other in an awkward, yet furious attempt to kiss each other deeply.  The man’s fingers slipped between her soaking wet pussy lips causing Lynn’s eyes to roll back.  The man began furiously pounding his fingers in and out of her.  Her jaw worked as a small, sharp orgasm followed the first.  When he didn’t stop, she pushed gently at his chest.

“I-  You’re…”  Lynn stuttered.  Chris took his fingers out of her and she shook.  Her gigantic tits heaved as she tried to find her breath.  “I want you in me.  “Please,” she added, breathlessly.  A part of her wished his first penetration had been with his cock but she was passed caring for much beyond the passion and sensations she was feeling.

Lynn rubbed herself while Chris fumbled with his pants.  She felt him push her hands away as he leaned over her, his hard cock pressed against her furry, engorged clit.  He rubbed her, bending over her body to lick at her hard, erect nipples in a slow, maddening circle.  Lynn tried to adjust herself so he’d slip into her but the man moved with her.

“Please.  Please, Chris.”  She begged.  He bit her nipple, not gently and she moaned again.  Oh god, she thought.  What if this made me loose?  What if… oh god, what if I’m only fit for an animal now?  What-

Chris held Lynn’s hands down as the head of his cock slid between Lynn’s wet lips.  He moaned loan as the strong muscles inside of her gripped at his length.  Lynn’s eyes bulged at his thickness.  Whether because it had been such a long time or because he was so big, it hurt for him to be in her.

“Jesus.  Christ.”  Chris gasped.  “You’re so tight, Lynn.  Holy fuck, you’re so…”

Lynn hugged Chris to her soft chest, sweat and fur mixing as the man pulled out of her.  “Can… my tail… can you lift my hips?”

Chris’ strong hands lifted her thighs.  Lynn helped, bending her knees as he set her legs over his shoulders.  Lynn automatically lifted her hips as he leaned forward.

“Oh!  OH G-!”  Lynn screamed.  The position forced him far deeper than she expected and it felt incredible.  Her tail slapped hard against the wall over and over uncontrollably as he slammed into her.  “N- no,” she panted.  “G… gentle.  Please.  Gentle first.”

Their rhythm slowed.  Chris pulled out until the head of his cock was at her opening and then, as Lynn pushed up and into him, he slid forward.  Lynn glanced at him briefly and flushed when she saw his beautiful green eyes staring back at her.  He was sweating and focused but she saw, if not love, something close to it.  She touched his cheek before gasping from at a sudden hard thrust.  Her furry hands dug fists into the bed’s sheets.  The orgasm building within her was powerful; their angles and positions made Chris rub an electric spot deep within her and it drove her wild.

Lynn pulled at her udder’s nipples.  The alien sensation added to the pleasure she felt and she gasped, begging for more.  She felt Chris’ balls slap at the wet fur of her ass just as her huge tits bounced into her muzzle.  Over and over, a steady powerful rhythm until Lynn thought she might go mad from overstimulation.

“Oh.  Oh.  Don’t.  Oh.  Don’t.  Stop.  Right.  There.”  She gasped.

“I can’t.  I can’t hold it.  Lynn.  Look at me.  Look at me, Lynn.”  Lynn looked up at Chris.  He was gritting his teeth hard together as muscles stood out on his arms.  Lynn’s hooves knocked loudly together behind him and, if she weren’t seconds away from a massive orgasm, she’d feel embarrassed.  “Look at me,” Chris repeated, hissing through clenched teeth.

Deep within her pussy, Chris’ cock swelled.  He jerked to a stop and then groaned as he forced himself to continue.  Lynn felt him cumming in her and it filled her, adding to her own wetness.  And then, her own orgasm slammed into her and she forgot to breathe.  Lynn’s muzzle worked soundlessly as an insanely intense orgasm caused every single nerve in her body to light up.  She bucked and locked her thighs around Chris’ throat.  A piece of her felt him pry loose as he pulled out and that caused another string of orgasms to roar through her.  Lynn twisted, kicking her hooves out as she rolled, gasping and shaking, her tail whipping and thrashing around her.

When Lynn could finally control herself, she rolled over, breathing heavily.  Chris was crouched on the floor, breathing almost as hard as she was with his hand over her right arm.

“Why,” Lynn croaked.  “Over.  There?”

Chris tapped at his right shoulder as he breathed.  Lynn’s eyes tried to focus and then she saw it – a thick welt on his upper arm.  “Was… was…”  She gasped.

“Tail,” Chris answered.  “Your tail.”

“S… sorry.”

Chris waved her apology away.  Finally, he stood.  His cock lay half-erect and she blushed at how big it was now that she saw him.  Chris sat beside the young woman.  She could smell the sex in the air and it made her twist her legs together.  She felt his cum oozing out of her but all he wanted to do was ask if he could go again.  Doubts clashed into her.  What if we had sex just because it was the heat of the moment? She worried. What if he looks at me now and thinks I’m ugly?

“You… you can sleep here,” she told him.  “If you want.”

Chris ran his fingers along her fury jaw, around her ears and into her thick brown hair.  He smiled at her.  “Actually, this is my bed.  But, you can sleep here.  If you want.  I’d like that.  A lot.”  Lynn pulled Chris down to her soft chest, hugging him tightly to her body.  “And if you wait a while, I might see if I can convince you to do that again.”


Chris groaned as his alarm sounded on the small bedside table.  He couldn’t remember when he’d finally fallen asleep.  His body ached but he felt amazingly good.  Silencing the alarm, he sat up and then hissed in pain.  A huge black and blue bruise covered his upper right arm.  He grinned at it before standing to look for his clothes.

Stepping into the living room, he found Lynn sitting on the couch, facing away from him.  She wore her light summer work pants – black stretchy exercise clothes – and the same black and red shirt from last night.  She held her tail in her lap and he watched quietly as she worked a pink ribbon back and forth around her brown tail until she reached the tip.  She finished the ribbon with a small, poorly-done bow that made her frown.

Laying her tail down, she glanced up to notice Chris standing in the hallway. “H… hey,” she said, nervously.

“Good morning,” Chris replied, smiling at her.  “Why the ribbon?”

Lynn hefted her thick tail and it twisted in her grasp.  “It… it makes me feel pretty.”  She told him.

Chris walked to her, kneeling in front of her as he had the night of the storm.  He touched her face gently, pulling her muzzle up so she would look at him.  “You already are,” he told her.  Chris pressed his face against her furry neck and then sat back, smiling at the young woman in front of him.

Lynn pressed her fingers to her neck, rubbing the skin through her fur.  “What was that,” she asked.

Chris’ smile widened.  “A kiss.”

The corner of Lynn’s muzzle turned up into a shy smile.  Her fur hid her sudden blush.  “Can,” she stopped.

“What?”  Chris asked.

“I- don’t laugh.  Will you brush me?”

Chris cocked his head.  “I’d, yeah, I’d love to.”

Lynn slowly undid the buttons of her shirt.  Chris’ eyes flicked to her exposed breasts and his cock ached as it grew erect.  With the last unbutton undone, she worked her shoulders and the shirt slid to the couch behind her.  Her back lay bare to him, brown fur with small white patches.  Lynn handed him a brush and then leaned forward, heavy breasts dangling above her udder.

With slow, careful strokes of the brush, Chris worked the tangles out of the thick fur along Lynn’s spine.  She jerked occasionally and he apologized but kept brushing.  Every so often, he ran his free hand through the soft, short hair along her sides.  When he did, Lynn closed her eyes and sighed.

“You know,” Chris said.  “I was thinking.  Your bedroom could make a really good office for you.  I could get some filing cabinets and things and move my computer in there.”

“But, Mr. Chapman,” Lynn said with a smile.  “Where would I sleep?”

“Well, Ms. Hathaway, I was thinking about that.”

“Yes, Mr. Chapman?”

“It’s getting on towards fall and you’re awful warm and my bed’s awful big.”

Lynn’s smile widened, showing all of her wide, white teeth.  “Mr. Chapman, I do believe those are fair terms.”

Chris laughed.  “Shall we shake on it, Ms. Hathaway?”

Rather than reply, the young woman twisted.  Placing her hand on his cheek, she pulled him towards her and their lips touched.

“Sealed with a kiss, Mr. Chapman,” Lynn whispered.

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