Legal Issues – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 of 7.   A young woman visits a farm with intention to make the farmer sell his property.  Forces intervene and the woman changes.

Lynn sat in her car.  She’d worn a large t-shirt over a bra that didn’t at all fit properly, even at the furthest clasp.  She wore her black yoga pants and the fabric stretched over her ass.  Her tail rasped slowly over the wide elastic band around the waist as it moved.  She’d tried to hide the tail in the pants but it hurt to have it bunched up.  She couldn’t pull them up high because of her udder.  A baseball cap she’d received from a previous client hid her ears and her face from casual view.  Her shoes absolutely didn’t fit so she’d gone barefoot.

The cool quiet of the parking garage helped calm Lynn as she wriggled herself into a more comfortable position.  The thought of driving on the open road suddenly seemed far too daunting.  There’s going to be other cars and, she grimaced.  Loud noises.  And what if they see me?  Or what if I get pulled over?  What will the cop do?  I can’t.  I can’t do this.  I can’t.  Lynn’s face crumbled.  She felt a lump in her throat that threatened to turn into another crying fit.  She swallowed several times, breathing through her nose as she fought for calmness.

Before she could change her mind, Lynn turned the ignition and the car rumbled to life.  The young woman backed out and then turned.  The small card tucked into her visor activated the large metal door and it slid open as she forced her mind to be completely blank.  Checking the round mirror outside the entrance, she slowly pulled onto the empty street.

The ride was harrowing for Lynn.  She drove exactly the speed limit the entire time.  Her knuckles ached from the amount of constant control she was exerting.  Every few seconds she went through a mental checklist: speed, driving steady within the lines, no cops behind her or on the side of the road and nobody looking through her window.  She’d driven so aggressively before, yelling and honking at other drivers as she merged in spaces almost too small for her car.  But, now, large trucks scared her and semi-trucks terrified her.  They just looked too large and too loud and they loomed over her when they passed.  Her heart beat loudly in her chest the entire drive through the city and on the Interstate.

Once Lynn took the small exit leading towards Christopher’s farm, she found herself finally calming.  Traffic became nonexistent and she found herself glancing outside her window.  Suburbs faded away to farms.  Several times she had to swerve back into her lane after she caught herself staring at the wide open fields on other side of her small car.  Tall, unkempt grass swayed like an ocean of green edged by a beach of wheat or corn.  She blushed as she passed a herd of cows and refused to think of the reasoning for it.  Huge tractors rolled along dark brown soil, pulling and pushing various pieces of equipment.  An occasional muted booming scattered a few birds from orchards while the rest stayed where they were, indoctrinated against the constant sound.

Large oak trees warned her of her arrival and a cheerful little sign reassured her that she’d found the right place:  Shady Oaks Farm.  Lynn pulled onto the path leading to the large house.  She slowed as she watched for small animals wandering onto the loose dirt of the tiny road.  Finally, she stopped in front of the house.

“Just breathe,” she told herself.  “Just breathe.  In and out.  In and out.”  Lynn unbuckled herself and then exited the car.  She shifted uncomfortably before looking down.  Her cheeks flamed bright red.  “If there was ever an award for biggest camel toe…” she muttered.  The woman’s yoga pants, stretched tight from her larger hips and ass had formed against her and she could clearly see her puffy labia in the outlines of the fabric.  With a quick glance to the house and the yard around her, Lynn reached a hand down the front of her pants.

A small glowing light emerged from a nearby tree.  It made its way to Lynn with an erratic path.  As the young woman pulled at the sides of her pants, the light settled behind her left ear.  A second light came from the house to dance around the young woman.

Lynn made her way to the front door.  A small black cat came to her, butting its head and side against her legs.  She smiled at it but kept her pace.  The ground was soft to her rough bare feet and the smell of grass and hay and dust tickled her nose.  Finally, the young woman paused in front of the screen door.  She glanced over herself one more time before knocking.  She tucked her head down so that the hat would hide her face.

The inner wooden door opened and she stepped back as Christopher opened the screen door.  She glanced up to see his hesitant smile.

“Well, you’re sure not dressed up in your lawyer gear,” he told her.  “So maybe I am safe today.”  Lynn looked up at Christopher and the man’s eyebrows knit together in sudden confusion.  “Hey.  You… What’s… What happened to your nose?”

His honest confusion made her feel relief.  “May I come in, Mr. Chapman?”

“Y- yeah.  Come on it.  Are you okay?”

Lynn stepped through the doorway as Christopher backed up.  She closed the door and they both stared at each other silently.  So many thoughts crossed Lynn’s mind, of what she should do or shouldn’t do.  Finally, she simply pulled the bottom of her shirt up, exposing her small udder.  She felt the shirt drag across all four nipples before they flopped back downward.

“What the-!”  Christopher backed up, knocking over a lamp in the process.  “What-!  What the hell?!  Is this some kind of joke?!”

Lynn held the shirt up, suddenly angry.  “I was hoping it was.  I was hoping this was something you did somehow and that you could fix it.  I hoped it was some cruel joke you did to me but you had some… serum or something that could make it go away.  Now I’m looking at you and I see that’s not what it is.  You didn’t do this, did you?”

“I’ve… Ms. Hathaway, I have no idea what to do or say here.  Are you seriously telling me that that’s not some prosthetic?  Not some… some…”

“I’ve been thinking on the drive here,” she told him.  “It started after I drank the milk you gave me.  It had to have started then.  I began to remember all these things from my childhood and I felt happy.  But my body started changing, too.  I just didn’t realize what that meant until this morning.  It was just bigger breasts and I thought my period was coming.  But then my feet and this… this udder… and…”  Lynn took the hat from her head.  “Look at my ears!  I have a tail!  What am I supposed to do with all of this?!  I thought- I hoped you could fix this.  That you gave me some… thing in that milk that did this.”

“Oh my god,” Chris said, staring at her ears.  “Oh my god.  I- no.  Oh my god.”  The man held his hand to his face in horror.  “I swear to you that I didn’t.  I swear on my life.  I drank from that same bottle the morning you showed up!  I don’t- How could I have anything that could do this to you?  How is it even possible?  Are you sure-”

Lynn walked to the man.  With a rough move, she grabbed his hand and placed it on her udder.  He jerked and then touched it gently.  She could feel his warm hands on the slightly cool, smooth flesh.  She watched his eyes the entire time.  He traced alone the edge of her udder, trying to find where it ended.  Instead, he found no edge but the continuation of her skin and the start of her fur.

“Is that-”

“Yes, fur.  No, I’m not going to show you.  It goes all the way down to my knees.  Oh no.  I’m stuck like this, aren’t I?  You really have no idea what happened.”

“I’m so sorry, Ms. Hathaway,” Christopher whispered.  His hand traced along her udder, skirting around the four nipples.  She felt pleasure in his touch but she was cold; her last hope was lost.  “Does it… Does it hurt?”

“No,” she said, her voice quiet.  “No, it doesn’t hurt.  Well, it hurts to stand.  My feet… they’re…”

Christopher looked down at Lynn’s feet.  “Oh,” he said.

“Yeah,” Lynn replied.  “Yeah.  Can I sit?”

At a nod from Christopher, Lynn walked to the small reclining chair and sat, sighing gratefully to be off her feet.  “I don’t think it’s done yet.  Every day it’s been something different.  Little things until this morning.”  She blushed as she remembered milking herself in the bathroom.

“Maybe,” Christopher paused.  He picked a seat on the couch nearby.  “Maybe it’ll go away?  If it came to you like this, maybe it’ll go away?  Whatever’s causing it?  Maybe it’s like an infection or something that your body will fight off?”

“An infection?”  Lynn laughed bitterly.  “A cow infection?  And what if it doesn’t?  What if it gets worse and I wake up a full cow?  What am I supposed to do then?  Be a milk cow my… oh my god, except I’d have to have little baby cows first, wouldn’t I?  Which means I’d have to have sex first.  With another cow.”

“A bull.”  Christopher winced as Lynn’s face turned pale.  “Sorry.  I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t say that.”

“I can’t live like this.  I can’t, Christopher.  I can’t go walking around the city trying to hide this.  It would take one slip up before someone finds me and puts me in a lab somewhere.”

Silence stretched between the two.

Christopher stared at the ground in front of Lynn.  “You could stay here.  I have room.  Nobody comes out here much and there’s plenty of space for you.”

“Plenty of space to roam and eat?”  Lynn felt hot tears threatening to come forth again.  I will not cry.  I won’t, she told herself.  “I’m sorry.  I’m being mean while you’re trying to be helpful.  I-  I might have to.  I don’t know what else to do.  Christopher, I feel dumber than before.  I can’t remember specific laws that I used to know off the top of my head.  Some words don’t come as easy to me.  At least…  At least if…”  At least if I turn into a cow, you’ll take care of me, won’t you?  She wanted to ask.

“You can stay as long as you want.  I don’t know what happened but I feel like I did this somehow.  And, even if I didn’t, I’d offer for you to stay.  I have plenty of land and a house too big for me.  I’m not religious but I’ve felt things and I’ve yet to have a bad crop when others around me have gone a year or two with nothing to show.  I’ve thought I’ve heard things around the house and I know I’m not crazy.  I know there are things in the world we can’t explain.  I won’t,” Christopher paused.  “I won’t treat you like an animal no matter what happens.  You stay here and figure out what you need to do.  Take as much time as you need and I’ll help with whatever I can.”

Lynn nodded, afraid to speak.  A sudden yawn took her by surprise.  She felt a large amount of stress lift from her shoulders.  She hadn’t wanted Christopher to be the blame for what happened to her and she was glad he wasn’t.  She felt her tail move as two more vertebrae formed, forcing it longer.  Lynn adjusted to make it more comfortable.

“I’d like that,” she told him.  Lynn hid another yawn with the back of her hand.  Beneath her hand, more tiny hairs sprouted along her jawline.  Lynn’s jaw cracked on a huge third yawn.  Small bones shifted subtly in preparation for further growth.  The young woman caught herself rubbing her back against the chair but stopped when she noticed.  Tiny brown and white hairs were sprouting along her back, covering her in short fur.  “I’m-”  Lynn blinked slowly.  “Tired.”

“Oh.  Man.  I can’t imagine what stress you have to be under right now.  Jesus.  Let me, here, let me show you the guest room.”  Christopher stood, offering the young woman his hand.  She took at and was surprised at his strength when he pulled her to her feet.  “Here, just follow me.”

Lynn leaned on the man as she walked.  “I’m… shleepy,” she slurred, smacking her slips.  “Muuh.”

Christopher led Lynn to a large, bright room.  An armoire dominated the corner by the door while the other corner held an old fashioned desk.  But, it was the large bed that held Lynn’s attention.  The bed was covered in an old, thick quilt that Christopher pulled back for her.   She crawled slowly between the sheet and blanket.

“Listen,” Christopher told her.  I’ll stay in the house.  If you need anything at all, you call for me.  Okay?  Hey.  Okay?”

Lynn nodded, sighing as she settled.  Suddenly, a thought emerged.  “No,” she muttered weakly.  Sleep.  It… happens… wh-”  Lynn’s eyes closed.

Christopher frowned at the young woman.  Brushing a loose strand of hair behind her long ear, he quietly left the room, closing the door behind him.

With her eyes closed, Lynn’s breathing steadied as she fell into deep sleep.  She snorted briefly as her mouth slowly extended away from her face.  Her nose flattened completely into her expanding face until her shortened, hairless muzzle was complete.  Hairs bloomed along the length of her face, covering her in soft brown fur.  White hairs lined the edge of her pink and black nostrils.  Lynn rubbed her head against her pillow as if easing the itching sensation in her sleep.  Her tongue lashed out and up, longer than before as it completely licked at her expanded nose.  “Muuh,” she whispered in her dreams.

The young woman turned over, facing away from the door.  The fur from her muzzle crept down her slim neck and over her shoulders.  It grew out thicker along the nape of her neck and back of her shoulders until it met with the shorter fur of her back.  Down along her spine, the fur pushed from her skin, lengthening to match the tufts on her shoulders.

Lynn wriggled within her blanket, pushing it down as she tossed and turned in her sleep.  The brown fur below her hairline darkened as she began to sweat, overheating in the afternoon sun while under covers and clothes.  Sweat pooled on her chest and the woman groaned in her sleep.  The nipples atop her breasts stiffened under her shirt and, slowly, they lengthened until they were a fourth the size of the nipples on her udder.

Short, wiry white fur sprouted between Lynn’s triple-d breasts.  It crept to her left side until it merged with the brown fur of her back, leaving a massive white patch of fur in its wake.  Brown and white fur bloomed along her right side.  The young woman scratched under her shirt in her sleep.  Hairs erupted around her fingers and she moaned quietly at the sensation, arching her back in response.

Lynn’s body swelled slightly.  From her chest to her hips, the last few remaining defined edges softened.  Years of hard work in the gym melted away, leaving her with curves that matched her larger frame.  Her bra strained under her larger size until finally, the strap broke.  Lynn sighed happily when her furry breasts were freed.  Skin from her hips bulged slightly over the tops of her tight pants and the woman’s ass and hips stretched her pants nearly to the breaking point.

The quilt laid half off the bed, only covering Lynn’s legs as she moved.  Her entire upper body was completely furry and, as if that were a trigger, her tail began growing in earnest.  The developing vertebrae widened as they pushed from her tailbone, each bone growing as thick as her wrist.  Her skin stretched to accommodate the tail, bare skin quickly becoming overgrown with brown fur.  Further and further it grew, sliding along the bed sheets until it slipped over the edge of the bed to touch the floor.  The powerful tail trembled as she dreamed and the tip thumped once, twice against the floor before lying still.

Under the covers, Lynn’s toes finished growing together, forming one solid mass.  The bones of her ankles shifted, pushing her feet down rather than flat.  Muscles, ligaments and bones reshaped her legs subtly until the new position was natural and comfortable for her.  Lynn whined in her sleep as her foot cracked and broke, pushing her new semi-hooves further away from her reformed ankles.  The edges of her toenails merged completely into a smooth, curved line from one side of her foot to the other.  A split appeared between her second and third toes as the hard material grew around to finally cover the bottom of her toes.  Bones thickened around her new hooves, anchoring them solidly in place to her elongated foot.  The front of Lynn’s hooves continued to grow out into a gentle slope, her five human toes now replaced by the two solid ones – proper cloven hooves.

A small light winked into existence behind Lynn’s furry ear.  The creature lazily wandered the small room before settling into the crook of Lynn’s hand.  A second light appeared through the bedroom wall while a third dropped from the ceiling.  The two newcomers floated around Lynn as if inspecting their handiwork.  Their lights dimmed briefly as their movements slowed.  The two new lights tumbled to the bed, rolling towards the first sleeping light.  Lynn instinctively pulled all three closer to her body.   She sighed in her sleep as the changes stopped.

The house settled quietly around Lynn.  Old wood creaked quietly, protesting the loss of warmth as the sun began to set.  Somewhere within the house, an old clock chimed seven times.  Two of the three lights flared to life next to Lynn and, excited, they vanished through the wall leading outside.  The young woman blinked sleepily.  The last little light glowed to life and Lynn looked down at the sudden brightness.  She caught a glimmer of the thing’s light before it vanished into the mattress.  The room was darkened around her.  Fading sunlight filtered through translucent curtains to give the room a soft gray color.

Lynn turned and then yelped as the base of her tail twisted painfully between her body and the bed.  Instead, she pushed herself up into a sitting position.  The young woman looked down her short muzzle.  It was impossible to miss with how it jutted from her face.  She reached up to touch it, feeling how short the brown fur was that lined it.  Her nose was huge and soft and she caught herself petting it over and over.  It felt both good to touch and good to be touched.

Her hands were still bare flesh, she noticed.  Lynn held her arm out to look at it, following the creamy white complexion until it vanished beneath her t-shirt.  She could feel fur along her shoulders as it rubbed the shirt.  With a glance at the door, the young woman pulled her shirt off.  Her broken bra tumbled to the bed and the woman laid her shirt down on top of it.

The corner of Lynn’s mouth twisted in consternation.  Her huge breasts were completely furry with only her nipples left uncovered.  She looked down her larger, softer body, seeing how her stomach was covered save for her udder.  It looked the same as it had when she woken up earlier in the day and she was thankful it hadn’t grown.  Thank god for small favors, huh?  Oh, thank you divine entity for turning me into a cow but not giving me a gigantic cow udder.  Thank you so much, she thought sarcastically.

Reaching back awkwardly, the young woman felt along her back, tracing the thick fur along her spine to the bulge of flesh from the base of her spine.  As she touched it, it moved under her hand and she looked down to see how long it was.  She could feel the tip touching the ground while the rest of it rubbed against the blanket.  Three feet long?  She wondered.  It’s huge.  I mean, seriously, how can I hide that?  I can’t.  I can feel it moving but I can’t make it stop.  I can feel the muscles making it happen but I don’t know how to control them.  Lynn gathered the tail up in to her lap.  It felt heavy in her hands and she absentmindedly stroked it as she let her mind wander.

Lynn ran through her memories in an exercise to make sure that nothing had mentally changed.  She could remember her whole left as easily as she had before but her childhood still stood out.  As she sat in the bed, quietly petting her own tail, she realized how quiet it was.  There were no cars driving or honking and no half-heard conversations as people passed her apartment.  The dull roar of the city was replaced with an oasis of serenity.  Despite her changes, she felt calm.  Nothing hurt.  She still remembered who she was.  She could still think and reason and nothing out here could hurt her.  I don’t know Christopher but he seems honest and nice.  I thought that even before the changes happened so I think that’s safe.  I don’t think he would hurt me.  I can live here for a while and figure out what I can do. Or what I should do.

Lynn pulled the covers away from her body and then stopped.

“Of course.  Of course hooves,” she said quietly.  Her voice sounded deeper to her ears and she wondered if it truly was.  The young woman stared at the remains of her feet.  It was disconcerting to see a cow’s leg jutting from the bottom of her own leg, especially a hairless cow leg.  She flexed her leg, watching as it bent in a straight line.  Try as she might, she couldn’t make her hooves move anywhere except straight; no sideways motion worked.

Setting her tail behind her on the bed, Lynn swung her legs over the edge of the bed.  Unused to the difference in length, she immediately knocked her hooves against the ground.  Finally, she set her hooves down carefully and they flexed slightly as she placed weight on them.  Lynn carefully stood, ready to fall over.  However, she was pleasantly surprised to find that her body intuitively found its new center of balance.  She felt her tail flick behind her as she looked around the room.  The young woman crouched, wobbling slightly in order to retrieve her t-shirt.  She pulled the shirt on, awkwardly struggling to fit it over her muzzle.  Easier off than on, she thought.

Once clothed, Lynn walked to the bedroom door.  She cracked it and then called out.  “Christopher?”

The man answered immediately.  “Yes?  Hey, are you okay?  You’re awake?”

“Yes,” she replied from behind the door.  “Can you come here, please?”

“Yeah, just a sec.”

“Only,” she told him.  “Only, it’s happened again.  I’ve changed more.  Don’t be shocked, okay?  Don’t… don’t make fun of me or anything, okay?”

“Of course I won’t, Ms. Hathaway.  I’m not that kind of guy.”

Lynn retreated back to her bed, sitting to arrange herself.  Her udder showed through a gap in the bottom of her t-shirt and her fat nipples pressed against the straining fabric of the oversized top.  The young woman pulled the blanket around to cover herself.  Christopher knocked politely on the door.

“You don’t have to knock,” she told him.  “It’s your house.”

“Yes but it’s your room.  Can I come in?”

“Yes, please,” she told him nervously.

Lynn looked down at the floor as Christopher walked in.

“Oh,” the man said simply.

Lynn nodded.  “Please.  Just don’t… don’t be sympathetic.  I’m doing okay with this so far but if I hear pity or sympathy, I don’t think I could handle it.”

“I won’t.  I mean, I’ll try.  I don’t pity you, Ms. Hathaway.”

“Lynn,” she said.  “Just Lynn now.”

“Only if you’ll call me Chris.  Christopher is a mouthful.”  Seeing her nod, he continued.  “Is- is that all?”

“No,” she said, hugging the quilt to her ample chest.  “I’m… everything but my arms and legs are covered in fur.  And I have hooves now.  And a tail.  A big one.  And I’m bigger.  Chubbier.”  Lynn tucked a loose strand of brown hair behind her floppy ear.

Chris nodded, clearly uncertain of what he should say.

“But,” Lynn continued.  “I still have hands.  Maybe… maybe it’ll stop.  Maybe I-” The young woman yawned.  “Maybe that’s all it’ll be.  A two legged cow woman.  That wouldn’t be so bad.  Well, not so terrible.  I mean, given the choice between that and a cow, I’ll take what I have now.”  She yawned again.

“I can understand that,” Chris agreed.  “And, well, if you wore a big enough hat and hid your tail, you could still go out and about.  Especially here.  I usually have plenty of warning before anyone shows up.”

“Chris,” Lynn yawned.  Her larger jar cracked as her eyes watered.  “I’m getting sleepy again.  Every time I’ve felt like this, I’ve changed more.  Will you… will you stay with me a bit?  Just in case it doesn’t stop?  I don’t want to be alone if that happens.”  Her eyes dipped close before she opened them again.

“I will, Ms. Ha- Lynn.  I will.”

The young woman nodded as she pulled the covers up to her chin.  Her tail moved before her, slipping out from under the blanket to fall to the floor.

Lynn dreamed of a field full of dandelions.  She was a young girl and the world was flat and green and yellow around her for miles.  Trees dotted the land at the edge of her vision and the wind rippled her clothing and hair.  She spread her arms, grinning wildly as the wind pushed her.  The grass shifted in intricate patterns around her while clouds raced through the sky.

It was a perfect, beautiful day and her heart soared.

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