Terrible Drawings

So, I kinda sorta messed with doodling a few times in the past.  I always wished I could draw but, apparently, writing is more my thing.  However!  I still like to mess around with art.

I ordered some sketch paper and drawing pencils recently and decided to start actually practicing.  Last night was my first attempt and those are attached here.  It’s terrible but I wanted to at least share the pain :)  I found a picture I liked and then attempted to copy (without tracing) the angle and outline and then added to it bit by bit while taking pictures at every step.  Next time I’ll find an actual artist and have a reference for how the tail would look because, well, I think the tail looks the worst out of all of it.

Anyway, umm, here you go!

lycandope_first_shewolf_01 lycandope_first_shewolf_02 lycandope_first_shewolf_03 lycandope_first_shewolf_04 lycandope_first_shewolf_05 lycandope_first_shewolf_06

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