Cabin in the Woods Ch. 01

A retelling of the absolutely brilliant horror movie ‘Cabin in the Woods’ with an altogether different ending.

Chapter 1 of 2.

Notes: Man. I do NOT like summarizing and mirroring existing works. This was an oddly painful experience to do. Still, I’ve had an idea about rewriting the movie to make it a bit more TF friendly sooooo…

Please note:  There is no sexiness in this chapter, sorry. It’s all build up and prep work for the second half which will have plenty of good stuff in it!

Dana danced around her room, grabbing books and clothes from various places.  The young woman worked quietly, bouncing around to the music, unconcerned at being semi-nude in front of her open windows. …

Destiny Ch. 02

“We’re moving,” Jace said.  He turned to face the small camp.  Lines of sweat rolled down his flushed face.  His actions against the Eliksni had worn him down more than he let on.  Typical.  I was just glad to see a reminder that he wasn’t as unbreakable as he’d always tried to show.  “Tsuni, find whoever is in charge with the refugees and give them directions to the city.  I’ll signal the Tower for an escort  as soon as-“

“You know our orders,” Tsuni interrupted.  “No communication and no deviation until we’ve learned the reason for their movements.  If we call in early or give away our intentions, it could wipe out all the work we’ve done so far.”

“It’s past that now,” Jace growled through clenched teeth.

Destiny Ch. 01

Sometimes I write other things.  This is a story based off of the Destiny video game.  Probably won’t make much sense if you aren’t familiar with the game.

It’s been twelve days since the last time I died.

My fingers touch the back of my neck while my ghost shifts slightly, as if in sympathy to the phantom pain.  It doesn’t hurt.  Not really.  I just feel like it should.  I always feel like it should still hurt afterwards but, eventually it fades.  Until the next time.

The stiff, dark grass next to my outstretched leg stirs.  The sky is wide and blue and beautiful above me.  …

Werecorgi via The Worst Muse

The Worst Muse (  – HIGHLY recommended reading, by the way) posted an entry ( ) regarding were-corgis.  I couldn’t help myself.  I had to try writing something.  I mean, when the hook is:  “Corgis are hot these days, right? What about, like, werecorgis? Edgy, urban werecorgis looking for love in all the wrong places.” then what else can you do?

Below is my attempt :)

Credit goes to the lovely, Ms. Payne for pushing me to write this story so all thanks and kudos and awards and Nobel Prizes should go to her.  I just came up with everything else and spent the time writing it.  

Nuns, Cages and Tanks

She stood, staring at the dirt-crusted metallic doors in front of her.  Her breathing slowed as she focused her thoughts and calmed her racing heart.  Every time.  It’s the same fear every time.


Her sharp eyes caught the doors vibrating against the low thrum of noise and violence barely contained beyond them.  Her right ear twitched with each muffled boom.  Low hanging lights flickered erratically.  She shifted her feet slightly – left side of her body leading slightly and now her right.  She flexed her hands as she brought her left foot forward of her right.  The chain connecting both ankles clinked quietly in the dark hallway. …