Under The Lights

Under The Lights
A spoiled model is gifted magical boots that change her
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Lights crashed.  Blinding.  Bright.  The electric wind-up signaled each of their bursts which briefly exposed faces floating in the dark.  


A raised platform lay centered in the room, long and sleek.  Glossy under the lights.  




And then voices.  Pens scratching as explosions rocked the huge room.


Tanya crossed her right leg in front of her left, lifting her chin to look down upon the anonymous crowd. 

The Transition of Elijah Brooks [Commission]

A young man and his older sister, both missionaries, journey to a remote to join their parents, unaware of what awaits them.

Written on commission from fredwirtz on SoFurry.

This is definitely not my usual style and is very dark so, heads-up! Read the tags for any particular trigger warnings for you.

Concepción buzzed around me as dusk settled upon the city like a mantle.  Bright city lights ticked on one-by-one, illuminating the streets and shops in the small district.  I watched two young artists from one of the many universities set up canvases on tripods while musicians found their corners, instrument cases open to accept donations.