Leashed Ch. 03

Amber meets her maker and a decision!

A commission to end the Leashed series. This is too big for DeviantArt in one post so I had to make it two, I’m sorry!

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Perched over the side of the bed while staring down at the collar, an absurd image suddenly takes root in my head.  All I can picture is Gollum in Lord of the Rings, reaching out for the eponymous Ring itself.

Precioussss, the creature in my head croons and, suddenly, the mood shifts and I roll as a giggle fit overtakes me.

Despite being alone, I reach for my mouth to hide my smile and laughter but my hand bumps into the side of my muzzle.  And it just makes me laugh louder because now I’m picturing my dainty little hand- paw- I don’t know.  Hand, I guess?  Anyway, my hand at the very tip of my long muzzle.  Not covering my lips or anything.  Just my nose and the front of my mouth and the corners of my lips curled up.…