Layers Chapter 9 – A Small Preview

Consider the scene.

Elaine stands at the door with a small bag of various things.  I smell salt and vinegar chips, beef jerky and the aforementioned condoms.  Mostly those because the chemical latex smell is somehow mocking my lack of foresight.  Goddamn these hormones and Stephen’s body.  That sexy, sexy body.  Elaine smells slightly anxious and something close to jealous but not quite that.  It’s a complex thing and I’m not sure how to untangle it just yet.  I don’t think it’s entirely bad but there is a hint of possessiveness in there.  I like her outfit and a small piece of me quickly wonders if I’d look as cute as her in it.  She’s got a loose knit dark green cap covering just the tips of her ears.  A light black wool pea coat covers a green top that dips down to show her cleavage and there’s an intricate pattern woven along the top of it.  Well-worn blue jeans disappear into stylish black boots with an ample bit of heel to them.  The tip of her nose is red from the slight cold outside and the freckles along her cheeks hide like startled animals amongst the blush rising there.

All of that and my immediate thought is:  I like her shirt.  Would it look good on me?  I blame the recent shopping trip and all the clothes I tried on.

Stephen is on the floor, propped up on his elbow and hip.  His face is stubbly and I don’t have to close my eyes to feel the way it scratches against me when we kiss.  His eyes flicker to Elaine before settling back on me.  He’s more relaxed now.  His control has set in and the emotions from earlier are swept under the rug again.  I know they’re still there.   I know he still worries.  It’s who he is.  The thick hair on his chest is matted from our… activities from earlier.  There is dried cum (both of ours) on his penis and it lies down and across his right thigh.  His testicles are somewhat baggy but hidden behind a thicket of pubic hair.  I should be laughing at his penis right now.  It’s small and just kind of lying there.  He’s huge when he’s hard so it’s kind of like a comically deflated balloon.  A penis balloon.  Nice.  But, no.  I ache inside this woman’s body.  A good ache from that penis.  Deep inside of this woman’s vagina.  From the little experience I have with being fucked, I know I’ll be sore for a while.  And he’s owning it right now.  Stephen is just lying there, watching me. Knowing that he took me.  Letting that go was more difficult than I imagined but I want it again.  I want him to take me again.  So, no, I don’t giggle at his penis.  I crave it.

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