Haunted House Party: Bobbing For Apples

One of three in a series!

An innocent game causes guests to transform in delicious ways when they bob for apples.

The van swerved suddenly, causing a few shrieks as the six passengers were thrown to the side.  Deisha shifted, leaning against the window next to her while adjusting her headphones.  She glanced back but saw nothing in the utter darkness surrounding them.  Crooked branches appeared out of thin air in the limited well of light from the van, their old, bent shapes seemingly reaching for the passing vehicle.


“Jesus, Ben,” the girl in the passenger seat said, scolding the anxious driver.  “I’ll never understand why mom thinks you’re the safer driver.”


“You broke the fence,” the older boy said tersely, his hands locked to the wheel while leaning forward to peer into the darkness.  “Twice.  With the car.  You still have your learner’s permit and you’re graduating this year.  Well, dad has your permit.  Besides, there was something on the road.”


He turned the wheel but the left tire dipped into a hole and the van bounced.  Deisha grabbed the seat in front of her to hold steady but shrank back as the tip of a branch scraped against her window.  She shivered with her eyes closed as the sound of it pierced through the music playing over her headphones.  The girl shoved her hands into her black jean jacket to pull it close against her body for security.


“Are you sure it’s out here?” Benjamin asked.  He glanced at the clock on the dashboard but then back to the road, turning the wheel to avoid yet another pothole.  “We’ve been in these stupid woods over ten minutes now.”


“Jake said it was,” his sister told him, staring at her phone as she double-checked her texts. The screen highlighted the freckles high on her pale cheeks.  “Tomasen Drive and the road goes straight to the- look!  There it is.”


Sharp, wicked shadows lined the narrow path, fading to nothingness as they turned a corner.  A gigantic house lay in a clearing, looming over the surrounding forest.


Deisha leaned forward from the cramped rear seat, ducking her head to see what the fuss was about.  The house was a full three stories tall with a Mansard roof and jutting quatrefoil windows.  A scattered assortment of pinnacles and chimneys lanced through the roof to reach for the endless black night.


“Oh,” said a girl from the middle row of seats.  “I didn’t know the party was at Dee’s house.”


An auburn-haired girl next to her tittered but then glanced back at Deisha with a wince and a mouthed ‘sorry’ before turning to the one who spoke.

“That’s not funny, Gabriela,” the thin girl said from the middle seat.  She twisted one of her long pig-tails in her finger as she licked her lips and looked back at her friend.  


“At least I have a house,” Deisha said, leaning back once more.  “Not some little dinky trailer at a trailer park.”


Gabriela glared back at her and opened her mouth.  The white skeletal paint covering her dark face scowled ominously.  For a brief moment, the girl’s face vanished in the darkness and the paint writhed, lines connecting and shifting.  Deisha blinked as the van’s dome lighting came on, leaving an angry girl in amateur face paint rather than a skeletal horror.


The van rocked as more doors opened and everyone filed out, groaning as they stretched their legs.  Lyla pushed the middle seat down and then slowly arranged her oversized dress as she maneuvered her way out of the vehicle.  She turned, lowering her chest and her left breast popped out of the cheap bodice.  The girl squawked and shoved it back while almost stumbling from the side of the van.  


Deisha shook her head as she crouch-crawled her way out of the vehicle.  She jumped lightly and then stomped her boots in the dirt as she pulled her headphones down over her neck.  Sharp, cold air lanced through the holes in her black stockings but she ignored it the best she could while she looked at the cars already parked by the house.  The girl settled her short hair back as she went to her tiptoes to look further down the field.  Studs lined the thin, delicate brown skin of her ears.  The metal spikes and fake gems shined as she scanned the area.  High overhead the crescent moon glowed in a perfectly clear skin.  It was huge and lay directly above the house.


“Where the hell is Simon?” she asked herself quietly.  She grabbed her phone from her jacket as she followed the rest of her group.  The screen blinked on and she navigated to her messages but the last she had from the boy was, simply: Yeah, I’ll be there.


Where are you? she typed, her nails ticking on the small screen.  She’d painted them earlier – Obsidian Abyss and they absorbed the light surrounding them.  The message popped into her screen with a red exclamation point and a tiny “No data” beneath it.


“Dammit,” she cursed, shoving her phone back into her pocket.  She pulled her jacket tight again, hiding all but the “NC” of the bright red spray painted lettering for band “RANCID” covering the front of her tattered shirt.  “What the hell am I even doing here, then?”


A strong gust of wind swirled, stirring leaves and shaking branches that groaned as they creaked and rubbed together.  Deisha grabbed her hat as it lifted from her head.  The wide brim of the bent, conical “witch’s hat” fluttered in her hand but she held it tight with her jaw clenched.  It was the single concession she gave to her classmates for their ridiculous Halloween party.  She already regretted coming and if Simon didn’t show, the evening was ruined.


“It’s huge,” Jasmine said.  The short red-head was dressed in an elaborate, expensive outfit from Harry Potter.  She’d put it together over several years, hand sewing most of it as a labor of love.  A yellow crest lay stitched over her breast with a black badger standing alertly in the middle of it.  She smiled widely at the sight of the house as they stepped onto the wide porch, already imaging the mansion as Hogwarts.


The double front doors were cracked open and the light within wavered.  Deisha stuck her head through the door and then stepped fully inside to see Jasmine speaking to a young man dressed in a toga with gold foil lightning bolts in a crown around his head.


A giant staircase dominated the entry with paths curving left and right around it.  An old school oil lamp hung from a black post at the base of the stairs.  The small flame within bent and swayed on the thick wick floating above the amber liquid.


“Everybody else is already here,” Jake said.  “The house is fucking huge.  I set some crap up on the ground floors and other people brought their own shit   Just pick a room and hang out.  I’ll look around to see what’s upstairs.  Told everyone else we could meet here in about two hours for a big party with everyone together.”


“Thanks, Jake,” Jasmine beamed.  The girl turned to the rest of the group.  “Where should we go?”


Deisha pulled her headphones back on, settling the band carefully against the back of her hat.  The music drowned out everyone’s conversation as she checked her phone’s data once more.  She pressed on the message she’d tried to send earlier in order to resend it but it once again complained of no Internet connection.


A light tap on the girl’s arm made her look up to see Jasmine jerk her thumb to the left.  The rest of her group was already moving so she followed them, hunching her shoulders with a frown as she trailed the rest.  


Her boots sunk into the plush red carpet to leave dusty footprints behind.  Jasmine held an LED lamp aloft to light their way.  Despite being long empty, the house was surprisingly clean and in amazing shape.  The contoured wood work of the molding and walls themselves were a spotless mahogany that shined in the light.  No paintings hung on the wall and only the sounds of distant laughter echoed through the house, sporadic and sudden before falling silent once more.  


“Fuckin’ creepy place,” Deisha muttered to herself.  


“Thought you’d be at home, Dee,” Gabriela laughed.


“I hate that nickname,” Deisha told her, staring up at the girl with barely restrained ferocity.  “I’ve told you that before and I’m getting tired of telling you.  So fuck off with that shit before I do something about it.”


“Oohhh, scary,” the other girl said with a laugh.  She turned with a sly smile but her hand opened and closed into a tight fist as a gentle reminder that she wouldn’t be cowed.  The girl was the star player on the volleyball team as well as the basketball team and the other coaches constantly tried to woo her for their own sports.


“Cunt,” Deisha whispered.


The hallway seemed to curve infinitely without branching.  Occasionally, Jasmine tried a door knob but found them to be locked.  Behind her, Cora twined a finger through one of her two pigtails.  She tittered nervously and then hugged her thin body.  The normally cheerful girl looked out-of-place in her dull, gray Wednesday Addams costume but the effect was made worse as she grew more anxious.


“Should- should there be this many doors?” the girl asked, looking back the way they came.  “I feel like we’ve been walking forever.”


“Maybe we should go back and ask?” Benjamin offered, trying the door after his sister stepped away from it.  “No way they went this far or locked the rooms behind them.”


“If this place is abandoned,” Deisha mused.  “How come everything looks okay?  Shouldn’t it be-“


The door clicked, pulling Benjamin’s arm and he stepped forward into the room in surprise.  


“I know I tried that door,” Jasmine said, looking past her brother into the room.  “It was locked.”


“Sure,” Gabriela said, pushing through the doorway to stand inside the room.  “It’s huge.  What the hell.”


The roughly rectangular room was sparsely appointed but well maintained.  Plush button tufted sofas lined the walls with an occasional matching armchair and fainting couch interspersed between them.  Empty cabinets filled the gaps between the furniture and a long table lay back in the room.  Near the door, nestled in the middle of a semi-circular array of couches was a round table with a large wooden tub centered on top.


Bowls of candy covered the long table with round pans for pies and crystal bottles of clear liquid along with an assortment of other foods.


“Wow,” Jasmine said, turning slowly.  She smoothed the robe she wore as she took stock of the situation.  “They brought all of this?  And just for one room?  Jake isn’t messing around.”


Deisha stepped up to the tub and wrinkled her nose.  The strong scent of alcohol wafted away from it and she spied a chaotic mixture of colors swirling within.  Red apples bobbed on the surface and whatever was stirring the alcohol dragged pieces of candy corn in the writhing current.


She crouched to stare beneath the table and then placed her hand against the base of the tub but felt no vibrations from the hidden motor.


“How the hell?” the girl whispered, watching the slow, hypnotic dance of the apples and candy corn amidst the churning liquid.  She shivered as she breathed deeply and the alcohol burned her nose.  The girl snorted quietly in response and swallowed when she felt drool pool in the corner of her mouth.  She licked her lips and then shook her head with a sharp breath while stepping back.


The others roamed the room, looking through the cabinets and the food laid out on the table.  Deisha watched them for a moment, looked toward the tub and then shoved her hands into her jacket.  As her classmates took their seats on couches and sofas, she found a vacant chair nearby and sat in it with her right leg over the arm.  She pulled her phone free again to ignore the conversation started up around her.


Her lone message still hung in the queue, waiting to be sent.


Come on, Simon, she thought to herself.  The girl closed her eyes and rubbed the bridge of her suddenly sore nose


The boy was impervious to her flirting and she hated to admit that she wasn’t confident enough in herself to flat-out ask him out.  She’d resigned herself to following him and his band until he noticed her awkward attempts at hitting on him.


“-to do?” Jasmine said through the sudden gap between songs on Deisha’s playlist.


Deisha pulled her headphones down around her neck to listen.  Her stomach gurgled but she pressed her fist against it before bringing her hand up to wipe a spot of drool from the corner of her mouth.  Her eyes wandered to the tub but she looked beyond to see Cora walking along the table of food at the back of the enormous room.


“We could play truth or dare,” Lyla said.  She sat in the corner of a sofa next to Jasmine.  The bodice of her ‘Slutty Bar Wench’ costume was tight enough that Deisha was sure she saw the hint of her pink areola showing.


The punk girl toyed with the inside of her jacket and her thumb brushed her nipple as she lifted her delicate chin.  Her soft, black-painted lips parted as she breathed in short bursts.  The tip of her nose flexed with each inhalation.  Flesh at the back of her throat caught and vibrated in a quiet grunt.


“With this group?” Gabriela laughed.  She lounged on a chair opposite Deisha.  “No fucking way.  That’d be boring as hell.”



Beyond the group, Cora lay a finger on the table as her other hand pressed against her slim belly.  She toyed with the black belt holding her black dress in place but the usual fleeting thought of hating her boyish figure never arose.  Her eyes were wide as she slowly walked along the table.


Candied apples lay on a crystal plate with bowls of sweets surrounding them.  Other candied fruits surrounded those until she reached the first pie.  She could still feel the heat rising from it and she grinded her teeth as she imagined the sweet taste against her tongue.  Pecan pie, she was certain.  The first of them.  Three apple pies were next, each with different shapes cut into the cinnamon-coated crust.  Hearts and five-sided stars and crescent moons.  Her mouth watered at the sight of them.


Elaborate gingerbread houses covered the next six feet of the table but more pies followed and she stopped to stare.  The dark marmalade coloring of a perfect pumpkin pie sat in the exact middle of the table.  She placed her hand over it and, again, could feel the warmth of the freshly baked pie.  The fresh scent of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves surrounded her and she moaned as she tasted them on the air.


Before she realized what she was doing, she reached out with her finger to swipe a thick dollop of the pie from the center of the pan.  Cora brought her finger up to her mouth and her tongue darted out to taste the pie.  Her lips surrounded her finger, warm and moist as her eyelids fluttered and she groaned when she swallowed.  The warmth trailed down her throat, spreading downward as her tongue licked her finger clean.  


She held the edge of the table, lost in the pleasing tickling sensation of her tongue against her skin.  Arousal mixed with warmth and she gasped, rubbing her finger against her teeth and around her gums like an addict.


With a gasp, she stood straight and hugged herself, a slow smile spreading on her narrow face.  Orange coloring stained her teeth as her cheeks bulged into a wicked grin.  The color spread and darkened to match the pie below her.  Green streaks lined her tongue as the tip worked around her lips.  The green darkened further as it consumed the pink surrounding it until it matched the stem of a decorative pumpkin nearby.  


As her classmates argued over what to do, Cora bent to the pumpkin, not caring or noticing that there were no plates or silverware nearby.



“It’s obvious, isn’t it?” Lyla said, gesturing to the table before them.  “There’s a barrel of apples so we bob for apples.”


Yes, Deisha thought excitedly, sitting up while gripping the arms of her chair.  She could see the apples in her mind, floating and bumping into each other.  Bright and red and crisp.  Her stomach rumbled but she held herself back, unwilling to show too much eagerness in front of the group.  


“Lame,” Gabriela complained.  


“Everything’s lame to you,” Jasmine sighed.  “Can’t you just relax and enjoy yourself for once?  Not everything has to be a challenge or a- a- a- competition.  You just have fun.  And, anyway, that thing’s filled with alcohol.  So it’s not that lame.”


“I’ll even go first!” Lyla said brightly, jumping up.  Her breasts jiggled within the poorly fitting bodice and she flounced with exaggerated movements over to the tub.


Deisha licked her lips before wiping drool away with her arm.  She leaned forward and then squeezed her legs together as she watched.  Her music raged from the headphones laying against her shoulders but she ignored it as she focused on the tub. And the apples within.


“What’s the rules?” Lyla asked.  “I’ve never played before.”


“Hands behind your back,” Jasmine directed.  “You have to grab as many apples as you can with just your teeth and then drop them on the table.”


“Easy,” Lyla said, grasping her hands behind her back.  


The brown-haired girl leaned forward timidly and her face disappeared behind the high walls of the tub.  She moved, her head darting to the side and then she stood straight with a gasp, flinging alcohol away.  


“Ahh, it burns!” the girl gasped, wiping her eyes with her arm.  


“Keep your eyes closed, dumbass!” Gabriela laughed.  


Rather than answer, Lyla bent back down.  Deisha licked her lips, worried that the other girl would get all the apples.


I could still eat them from the ground, an alien thought said from the back of her mind.  She shook her head but still watched intently.


“Alright, time!” Jasmine said, clapping her hands.  “Did you get any at all?”


“No,” Lyla wiped her face with her hands and coughed.  “Just candy corn.  There’s so much of it down there.  And alcohol.  Way too much alcohol.  But it tastes good.  Sweet, even.”


“Man, you suck,” Gabriela said.  


“I could go again,” Lyla said, tugging at the edge of her outfit.  She stared at the tub and then coughed once more.


“No, you had your turn,” Jasmine said.  “Who’s next?”


“I’ll-” Deisha said quietly.


“Gabriela?” Jasmine asked.  “You’ve been trash-talking this whole time.  Why don’t you show us how it’s done?”


“I’ll do it,” Deisha said again, louder this time.  She stood, pulling her headphones away to set them on the arm of her chair.


“Are there any glasses in here?” Benjamin wondered.  “I don’t want the apples or any of that but I’ll take some of whatever alcohol they mixed together.”


White appeared at the roots of Lyla’s hair as she sat back on the couch next to Jasmine.  Her head swam from the alcohol and she giggled, shocked at how quickly it acted.  She tugged at the top of her bodice as the alcohol burned its way through her, warming her body from her ears to the tips of her toes.  The white coloring spread, replacing the brown of her long, curly hair.  Her fingers slipped into her bodice and she squeezed her nipple with another giggle before pulling her hand free.


“Are you alright?” Jasmine asked, leaning in.


“Ye-” Lyla tried to say before a coughing fit took her.  Flecks of sugar sparkled in the air, expelled from the girl’s mouth before she laughed and covered her face.  “Yeah, I’m good.  I’m really good.”


“That’s strong smelling,” Jasmine said, waving a hand in front of her face.  Sugar glittered on her cheeks as she sat back on the couch.  She rubbed her cheek with her fingers and her hand slid down to her lips.  The tip of her tongue slipped out to lick the sugar from her fingers before she turned back to the tub.


Lyla giggled at Jasmine, touching her arm before grabbing her hand back to squeeze her stomach.  She smiled dreamily as her thoughts chased each other endlessly in a loop.  The world seemed brighter to her eyes.  Shinier and softer and funnier.


Yellow coloring crept down from her gums to her teeth.  The yellow darkened to bright orange and she giggled once more, leaning her head back as the orange lightened to pure white at the bottom of her teeth.  The snow-white coloring continued to creep along her hair as it draped behind her on the back of the couch.  She spread her legs beneath her dress, bumping her knee against Jasmine next to her.


“Same rules,” Jasmine said, touching Lyla’s knee briefly.  Her hand tightened, squeezing the girl before she pulled back.  She brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked them once more with a happy sigh.  They tasted even sweeter than before.


Deisha stood before the tub, eyeing the red apples.  Her stomach growled.  Drool slipped from her lips, dangling briefly before snapping and plummeting to the ground.  She almost reached in to grab an apple but Jasmine’s words caught her and she clenched her hands behind her back, licking her lips in anticipation.  


Leaning forward, she opened her mouth, bumping her teeth against an apple.  The tips of her black hair dipped into the alcohol and she tasted it on her tongue but it wasn’t what she wanted.  She opened her mouth as wide as she could, feeling the dull ache at the corner of her jaw as she tried desperately to bite into the apple.  


A frustrated grunt escaped her lips as her incisors brushed an apple, forcing it under the heavily spiked punch.  Bones cracked in her jaw, pushing out her cheeks slightly to compensate.  She opened wider and her front teeth sunk into the skin of the apple.  


An excited squeal escaped the girl’s lips as she bit into the apple and swallowed it but she frowned as it dropped into the alcohol.  She dipped her head once more, grabbing the edge of the tub while chasing the apple around with her mouth.  Her witch’s hat fell to the floor beside her as she moved.  Shoving at the apple with her nose, she turned it and bit into the rough edges she’d left before, crunching and biting and turning it again and again.


Cartilage shifted within the bridge of her nose.  The soft rounded tip slowly grew flat as her nostrils pushed forward.  The skin stretched as her nose widened and lifted.  The thin brown skin ringing her nostrils grew thick, forcing it into a wide spade shape as a new ache grew deep in her cheekbones and jaw.  


Her tongue filled her mouth.  She grunted once more, unrolling the tongue to wrap around the apple and bring it to her mouth.  With a final bite, she pulled the core and stem of the apple inside her small mouth, crunching happily as alcohol ran down her chin.  


“Way to go, dumbass!” Gabriela shouted, clapping her hands.  “You’re not supposed to eat the apple, idiot.”


Deisha wiped her mouth.  Her head felt fuzzy as she stared at the apples and she desperately wanted to eat more as her stomach rumbled but she held back, a weak smile flashing on her mouth before she turned to go back to her chair.


Her ears flopped as she made her way to her spot.  The tips curled down, bending half an inch from the top.  A single stud near the top of both ears bounced as she walked.  More piercings moved slowly, spreading apart as her soft brown ears lengthened, pushing through her short hair before widening outward.  They flapped softly as she shoved back into her chair.



Hidden from view of her classmates, Cora gripped the table, groaning and biting her lips until she could hold back no longer.  She moaned and fell to her knees, her hands going to her breasts to pull at the white collars of her costume.  The buttons slid over her flat chest as fatty tissue grew within.  The white tissue darkened to orange and tiny white seeds sprouted from nothing, forcing her breasts to swell.  Flecks of juniper-green coloring appeared in her rose-pink nipples, flooding them before spreading to her areola.  Her nipples lengthened while they darkened into, flattening against her dress.


Blood rushed to the girl’s cheeks as her hand explored her changing body, squeezing her growing breasts and down to her hips and between her thighs.  Red lightened to orange, staining her cheeks permanently and she quivered as her skin took on a hardened, yet flexible sheen.  Down, down, down it spread, converting soft pink skin to hardened pumpkin shell until a single button popped in her dress.  A second followed and she moaned, grabbing the front to pull and expose her bulging breasts when they overwhelmed her tiny bra.  Her nipples flexed out like two dark stems as dark cracks appeared on her tits.  Orange coloring filled the space between the cracks and she groaned, squeezing her new heavy breasts.  


Sweet milk dripped from her long nipples and it wasn’t enough.  Cora pulled herself up and shoved her face into the pie, grabbing handfuls of it to spread over her head and chest.  She ran her fingers through her hair, covering herself in the delicious dessert.  Red hair was swiftly replaced with dark green as she massaged the pie into place.


“God!” she cried out, falling once more to her knees.  Her huge breasts, still growing, caught her off-balance and she fell forward, barely catching herself with her hands.  Milk dripped to the floor beneath her.  “God, yes!”


The girl’s dress tightened against her waist as her ass began to swell.  Her panties quickly pulled tight between her thighs but she reached under herself to tear them, moaning as they rubbed back and forth between her virgin pussy lips.  Her pussy drooled sweet, clear liquid as the bottom of her dress slid up her thighs to bare her ass for all to see.


Orange darkened to marmalade mid-stomach and the changes continued forward.  She turned, sitting back with her legs spread and her fingers slipping deep within her slick pussy.  Her wild, tangled pubic hairs grew dark and green over hardened, orange flesh.


A small rip formed at the back of the girl’s dress when her hips continued to widen.  It spread up to her collars and the top slid down her arms as she masturbated furiously.  Her breasts still continued to grow to match her body, the strange hardened skin sliding against her belly.  She lifted a breast to suck at the sweet milk and her eyes fluttered, green replacing blue.  The single hook of her bra snapped when her chest widened too far for it to contain.


Finally, she fell back, lifting her hips as an orgasm tore through her.



Back in the front of the room, Deisha groaned.  She struggled with her jacket as sweat formed on her brow, leaning forward with her arms out until she was freed.  Her strategically torn t-shirt did nothing to hide the bumps of her erect nipples.  She swallowed, pushing at her grumbling stomach and squeezing her thighs together.  


She wanted more.  Her thoughts kept returning to the tub and the food within despite the gnawing beginning to grow lower in her belly.  She could feel her wetness against her thighs but she gnashed her teeth and snorted as she focused on the tub


Her hands grasped her belly, fingers digging in painfully as she pulled and squeezed at the flesh beneath her shirt.  She felt restricted in her own body.  Bloated and hungry and horny and wrong.  

And then her fingers squeezed at a sensitive spot and she jerked with a loud squeal that she hid behind a hand.  She pulled her shirt up, not caring who saw as she tugged at her skin.  Flesh bulged when fat formed over growing muscle, pushing her stomach forward.  Another sore spot beside the first made her moan and her thick tongue wiped her face.  Milk ducts grew beneath fat and the flesh above grew red and twisted.


Tiny, wispy black hairs grew over her dark skin around six spots lining her belly.  She grunted, running her fingers down her expanding belly and moaning when she felt all of her teats coming in.  Reddened skin grew dark as they twisted into nipples that immediately began to lengthen.


The girl’s loose shirt lifted along her belly, sliding torturously over her teats.  Her breasts grew hot and she squeezed them, feeling how hard they were.  They moved in her hands and pushed at her shirt as they swelled, pulling the shirt higher until the bottoms of her growing breasts were exposed.  Her nipples twisted, becoming more wrinkled as they stretched out.


Her hunger consumed her.


“Fuck it,” she grumbled, standing and stumbling before going to her hands and knees.


Skin bulged out from around her jean shorts as she crawled to the tub.  Deisha sat back and pulled at the table to spill the contents on the floor.  She squealed happily, bending to a fallen apple as Gabriela stared at her in shock.


“Look at this drunken freak!” Gabriela laughed nervously.  She jumped from her chair and bent in the mess surrounding Deisha.  “They say people show who they really are when they’re drunk but, seriously?”


Benjamin stood, concern plain on his face as he walked over to the two women.


Behind him, Lyla grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled up to expose her panties.  She leaned forward, shaking her pure white hair.  Cream-colored cracks appeared in her brown eyes, flooding them like milk in coffee as her cheeks took on a bright orange hue.  She touched herself, rubbing her soaked panties before pulling them aside.


Thick strands of clear orange cum connected from her pussy to her panties.


“What are you-mmph!” Jasmine said, her eyes widening as Lyla shoved her fingers into the girl’s mouth. 


Jasmine’s eyes rolled back and her tongue flexed, rubbing and licking Lyla’s fingers as she sucked at the sugary sweet juices coating them.  She nipped at Lyla’s orange fingernails before kissing the girl’s palm.


“Mmmm, yesss,” Jasmine moaned, opening gray eyes shot through with white.  “What is that- it’s so-“


Jasmine turned, swinging her leg over to sit astride Lyla’s lap.  She leaned in to kiss the short girl, reaching forward to twine her fingers together against the back of the couch.  They broke apart, connected by clear, sugary spit until Jasmine bent forward once more to kiss the smaller girl’s neck.  Lyla groaned, grabbing Jasmine and massaging her back but her hands crept lower and lower until she squeezed the girl’s ass through her robe.  She pulled at Jasmine’s clothes until she felt bare skin and she slipped a hand down and under her panties, yellow-colored fingers sliding over her asshole before slipping between Jasmine’s swollen, wet pussy.


“Oh.  Oh!” Jasmine moaned.  She kissed the orange skin of Lyla’s neck and then licked her, groaning as the sweetness filled her mouth.  Her teeth touched Lyla’s skin and the other girl leaned into her in encouragement.  Jasmine bit the girl’s neck, tearing off a piece of her candy corn flesh.  Lyla gasped.  The sensation was unlike any she’d felt before – a firecracker of pleasure that rippled from the bite and through her body.  Orange flesh quickly filled the gap to heal her and leave her whole.


Lyla pulled Jasmine back down into a kiss, stroking the girl’s hair.  White hairs began to grow from Jasmine’s scalp and the color spread as Lyla pulled hard, jerking Jasmine’s head back to kiss her slim neck.  Her orange tongue lapped at the girl’s skin to taste the sweetness lurking just below the surface, waiting to come out.



Gabriela knelt before her classmate with a cruel smile on her face.  She grabbed an apple and Deisha squealed in protest.


“What’s wrong with your- your-” Gabriela blinked, holding the apple in her hand.  Her thumb slid along the smooth red skin and it drew her eyes.  The amber lights of the room suffused the apple with an unnatural glow that called to her.


Deisha shoved her nose against the apple and Gabriela’s hand but then grunted as her jaw cracked.  She hung her head and squealed in pain as her face lengthened with a short, painful jolt, dragging her wide snout forward.  Skeletal hands gripped her spine and twisted, lighting her body on fire and forcing her to shove her ass up while spreading her legs.  She gasped and moaned and bones clicked, freeing her tailbone.  


The girl’s stockings stretched against her legs.  The pattern of holes strained to show her smooth brown skin beneath as they pushed through the tiny openings.  She grunted and squealed and kicked at her boots but then hung her head once more.


A single tear appeared in the back of her shorts, just over her ass.  She groaned and spread her legs wider and the tear spread down to her pussy.  A new smell filled her and she crawled toward Gabriela, shoving at her with her head.  Her teats quivered beneath her as her breasts bulged out of the wide, torn arms of her t-shirt.


“Hey!  Hey, don’t do-ooohhh!” Gabriela moaned as she fell to her back.


Deisha pressed her snout between the girl’s thighs, snorting and nipping at the black leotard she wore.  The thin material tore easily and she shoved her thick tongue into the gap to press against the girl’s panties.  


The thin tip of Deisha’s tail slithered against her lower back.  Thumb-thick, it pushed forward, dragging dark skin as it flopped down against her split shorts and against her bare ass.  


“What are you-”  Benjamin started to say.  His eyes widened as he saw the changes and he grabbed Deisha’s shoulder, tugging at her but the pig-girl squealed and dug in, forcing her tongue beneath the band of Gabriela’s panties to lick between the other girl’s pussy.


Gabriela lifted her hips and squeezed her breasts.  The tips of her ears flopped and she grunted as she tore at her costume, her nails digging into the fabric.  She sliced and pulled until her stomach was bare and her fingers crept up to her bra.


“You can’t- what’s wrong with you two?” Benjamin said, kneeling to separate them.


“Tastes so good,” Deisha grunted. She leaned back, pawing at her own shirt to tear it from her chest.  Her breasts bulged over her bra but she ignored it as she shoved against Benjamin, forcing him to crash back to his ass.  Deisha squealed and then tugged at the boy’s jeans.


“Don’t!” Benjamin said, grabbing at her hands.  “Stop it!”


She pulled, tugging his pants down and squealing once more with happiness to see his flaccid cock.  She shoved her wide, spade-like snout against it before opening her mouth.  The girl licked his cock with her tongue, spreading drool over his crotch and pubic hairs while he pulled her hair to shove her off.


“Something’s- Ugh-” Gabriela snorted, her throat vibrating.  She opened her mouth wide and rotated her neck while shifting her jaw back and forth.  “Something’s- squeeeee- not, god, oh gooood, not right.”


Gabriela’s dusky, petite nose lifted as her tongue slid between her full, pouty lips.  She clawed at her face, pulling at her lips and squeezing her nose but her fast breathing turned to grunts and she groaned, grabbing at her bra and pulling it to free her swelling breasts.  She knelt, butting her head against Deisha’s side before crawling around to the other girl’s ass. 


“Noooo-oooh god, no.  I- I- squeeeee!  Can’t!” she groaned, licking her lips.  She grunted again and her wet nose expanded as the skin grew thick and moist.  With a loud squeal, the girl shoved her face against Deisha’s pussy, eagerly sucking the thick lips into her mouth.


Deisha bucked and grabbed Benjamin’s cock, wrapping her lips around him as he slowly began to harden in her mouth.


“That’s- that’s- that’s-” Benjamin panted, his eyes glazing over.


He grabbed Deisha’s hair, squeezing her thick ears between his fingers as he shoved her down with a loud snort.  The girl wiggled her ass happily and her tail lifted.  It curled slowly behind her as she spread herself wider for Gabriela’s mouth.  She could feel the other girl’s wet nose against her asshole, rubbing her over and over as her massive tongue penetrated her pussy, writhing inside as she squeezed it in return.


Deisha grunted, popping off of Benjamin’s cock.  


“My boots!” she squealed, shoving her feet back.  “Off!  Take them off!  They hurt!”


Gabriela snorted and shook her head.  Her wide, floppy ears waved and she licked her still-human mouth in confusion until she realized what the other girl was asking.  She sat back and tugged at Deisha’s shoes, pulling the first one off before struggling with the second.  She snorted and jerked and fell when it came free.


The skeletal costume began to swell over the girl’s ass.  She moaned as soft rolls of fat appeared low on her belly and around her sides.  The girl gripped the fabric over her hips, pulling it to tear it free.  She leaned back as she slipped a finger between her bulging pussy lips.  Her mouth cracked and creaked, pushing forward as she fingered herself.  Each movement sparked pleasure down her entire body as her arms rubbed against the teats growing just beneath her stomach.  The first teat hardened as her skin swelled to overflow her costume.  She slammed the heel of her foot against the carpet and moaned while her thighs bulged, rubbing together again and again as she pleasured herself.  


A run appeared in Deisha’s stocking as her thick thighs stretched the fabric beyond their limits.  She crawled over Benjamin’s lap, lowering her hips to rub her pussy against his cock.  It was lengthening and the tip curled in a half-spiral while the head grew flat.  She grabbed it, rubbing it against her stockings and pussy before lifting her hips to spear herself on the twisted tip.


Ebony hairs emerged in a wide spray above Deisha’s ass, centered around her tail.  Short and bristly, they pushed through her skin, forcing her to arch her back as they scratched her body with their sharp tips.  Her large breasts quivered as the hairs marched up her back, trailing in a narrow line that swept out to her sides as they grew.  She squealed, reaching down to claw into Benjamin’s chest as the overpowering sensation lit every nerve along her core.


Overwhelmed from the length of her lover’s cock deep inside her tight pussy and the fur growing along her body, Deisha shouted, collapsing against Benjamin’s chest as a small orgasm turned her muscles to jelly.  She snorted and pressed her snout against Benjamin’s neck while he continued to thrust into her, grunting with each slap of his pelvis against her crotch.  He gripped her now-large ass, pulling her cheeks apart and pushing down with his hands to force himself deeper.  She squealed in return, trying uselessly to find the words to tell him to stop and slow down.  To give her a second to catch her breath.


Her body betrayed her, her black-furred hips rocking and grinding in time to Benjamin’s thrusts.  More fur crept around to her stomach, mixing with her curly pubic hair and then raising, scratching against her teats as it enveloped her.  Her curly tail wriggled behind her as she felt the edge of a new orgasm.


“H- h- help,” a deep voice said from Deisha’s side.


She looked over to see Gabriela reaching for her.  The girl’s breasts were swelling, pressing together before bulging to her sides.  A spray of short tawny fur lay between her breasts and sweat slid down the girl’s chubby stomach.  The formerly athletic girl pulled at her own small teat before snatching a hand away.


“P- please.  I’m- I’m- I’m not- squeeeee!” Gabriela cried out, collapsing to her side and jerking.  She turned to her stomach and spread her large thighs while raising her hips.  Her fat ass shook, cheeks slapping together and forcing her to moan as they rubbed her distended pussy again and again.  “Can’t- can’t- stoo-ooop!  Not- not animal.”


A lump lay above the girl’s ass, surrounded by sand-colored fur.  It wriggled like a thick worm, twisting and jumping as it slid over her rounded ass.  Gabriela reached out in blind panic, pulling Deisha off of Benjamin and causing the other girl to squeal in anger.


“Not- you’re not- a pig,” Gabriela gasped, pulling her knees to her chest.  Her breasts continued to grow, pushing against her knees and flowing around them as her fur grew down to cover them.  Her nipples, splayed to the side, began to lengthen as translucent milk dripped from their tips.


Benjamin stood with a grunt, pulling at his slick cock.  He stared at the two pig girls, turned to the couch with a snort and then stalked off.  


“Pl- please, Dee,” Gabriela grunted.


Deisha reached out to place her hand against her classmate’s ass.  She pressed in, feeling the fat beneath her fingers as prickly fur emerged to scratch her hand.  Gabriela groaned and pushed back, despite her protestations.  Deisha snorted, sliding her hand over the short fur before gripping Gabriela’s tail and pulling it.


“Nooo-oooh god!” Gabriela moaned, rolling to her stomach as the other girl wound the long tail in her fingers, forcing it to curl.  When she let go, it bounced, still coiled.  As it should be for a pig girl.  “Not.  Not dirty pig.  Not!”


Deisha’s hand slid down, deep between the other girl’s ass cheeks.  Gabriela resisted but her hips raised and her knees spread as the girl’s slim, dark fingers pressed against her pussy lips.  


“Don’t,” the other girl begged, turning to look back with her tongue out and drool hanging down.  Her eyes were half-lidded with lust and her massive breasts bulged against her arms.  “First time.  My first time.  Don’t.  Want it to be this way.”


“It’s okay,” Deisha cooed.  She leaned in, pressing her snout against the other girl’s cheek, butting her head gently against her. Her teeth nibbled the other girl’s wide ears, causing her to shiver.  With her free hand, she touched Gabriela’s chin and turned her, leaning in slowly to kiss her.  “Okay.”


Deisha’s fingers slipped inside Gabriela and the other girl bucked.  The tawny-furred pig girl squealed and snorted and whimpered as Deisha slipped two fingers inside the girl’s needy pussy.


“Don’t!” she panted.  “Don’t want!  Don’t-  Don’t- want- Want-“


Clear liquid spurted from Gabriela’s pussy as she found herself pushing back against the fingers.  She snorted again and again, the nostrils of her flat, wide nose opening and closing while she rutted.


“More!” Gabriela cried out suddenly.  She lowered her back and then raised it, rolling her shoulders and forcing herself back harder.  Her own fur pelt was spreading and driving her mad with desire as the animal within took control.  “More!”


A third finger joined the first two.  A fourth.  Deisha folded her thumb in as Gabriela’s hip bones cracked, opening her up for birthing a litter of piglets.  The other girl squealed with an ear piercing shriek as Deisha’s hand slipped inside her wet, gaping pussy.


“Yes! Yes!  Yes, that! Yes!” Gabriela cried out, shoving harder and harder to force Deisha’s hand further inside.  The other girl gripped her hip to anchor herself as she fisted the girl, grunting with her own exertion until, suddenly, a thick stream of clear liquid spurted from Gabriela’s pussy and she collapsed, gasping for air.  Powerful muscles clenched against Deisha’s hand, forcing her out inch-by-inch as Gabriela’s orgasm overpowered her.


Deisha shoved her wet fingers into her own pussy as she stared at the prone girl, reaching a hand up to her heavy breast to squeeze and pull her elongated nipple.  The pain in her feet kept pulsing but the need to orgasm overrode it and the visual of the other pig girl, still changing, was driving her crazy.


She wiggled her toes as she rubbed her clit, watching as her pinky toes and big toes receded.  The smaller toe began to swell as it moved while the second and third toe merged.  Thick skin grew between them, pulling them together as her fourth toe bulged outward.  Bones shifted in her feet, cracking her forefeet in half horizontally to push her changed feet forward as her hooves formed.  Alpha-keratin grew around her toenails, consuming the tips of her toes and growing out into dull points.


With a tiny, happy squeal, she came and leaned back, her pace never faltering as she continued to force her soft, furry fingers into her hungry hole.  Her tail wiggled behind her and she reached for Gabriela.  The other girl heaved herself up and pressed her snout against Deisha’s lips before parting them to slip her tongue inside, kissing her.


“I help,” Gabriela whispered, crawling on hands and knees until she was between Deisha’s legs.  “I help now.”



Benjamin stood, scratching his chest in the middle of the room as the two girls cried out behind him.  He turned but saw his sister on the couch, bulging out of her robe.  Her skin alternated in color, white and-  He forced himself to look away from her naked body.  She smelled good.  Too good.  Sweet and also-


He shook his head and squeezed his cock painfully at the base.  It twisted in his grasp as he turned away.


And saw her.


Cora’s round belly swelled out from beneath gigantic orange breasts.  Her legs were spread and she was whimpering as she tried again and again to reach her own dripping pussy.  His wet snout quivered as he smelled her and he pumped his cock hard while stalking over to her.  Her cum was thick and orange and smelled enticingly sweet.  She watched him with a wide face, her mouth the fixed rectangular cut of an amateur pumpkin carver but the ‘teeth’ moved as if they were real.  More alarming to the still-human part of his mind were her coal-black eyes and the lines running down the bulge of her face.  Small holes in the side of her head took the place of her ears.


Pain shot through his feet but the nerves soon died as his toes began to shift and hooves took their place.  He reached the large, orange girl and grabbed her, turning her over roughly.  Her skin was hardened and slick but it flexed in his grip and he spread her ass to reveal her sex. 


“Please, I can’t reach, Benjamin,” Cora gasped.  “Please.  Please, I need it, please.  Take it.  Take it, please take my virginity, please, oh god I’m so fucking empty and I need it so bad, please-“


Words tumbled out of her mouth as she begged him but he ignored it, focusing entirely on his own need to empty his aching balls.  Her belly prevented her from laying flat but that only made it easier for him.  He held his cock and guided it between the curved hardened pumpkin skin covering her ass.  His new length helped him as he pierced her and she gasped. He gripped her dark green hair with one hand and pounded into her, grunting as her body slapped against him.  


He snorted, rubbing the fur growing along his belly against her body and biting into her slick, orange shoulder as the very tip of his cock pressed hit her cervix.  She gasped, reached back for him and held him tight as she began to gibber once more.


She could feel it coming but more intensely than her own rare masturbation sessions gave her.  It was almost too much but she didn’t dare ask him to stop.  


Light flickered behind her eyes and her rectangular teeth before vanishing.  A dull roar filled her ears and the light swelled once more.  Flames roared from her face and she screamed as he came deep inside of her, triggering her own orgasm.


Benjamin pulled off of the girl, causing her to shake as his cock slid through her overly sensitive pussy.  She lay there, breathless with an eerie glow emanating from her bulging face as he scratched the thick pelt covering his body.  He snorted and surveyed the room, watching the four remaining girls as a grin split his face and he made his way towards them.

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