Pink Gum 3: Fuck The Police

Almost didn’t add the ‘Fuck The Police’ part
Could’ve been seen as crude, I guess
Although, it’s also relevant
Besides, I think it works well

But, if it does bother you
Let me tell you something
Maybe just relax and go with the flow and enjoy the smut

A pleasant buzz filled the back of his head, prickling his brain to coax it into flooding his body with serotonin and dopamine.


He giggled, hiding his mouth behind his hand while pressing his other low on his stomach.  And then he grimaced and bent over, resting his head on his forearm as sweat beaded on his bare  back.


He blindly reached out for his badge, clutching it in his hand as if that would anchor him.  His fingers knocked against a brightly colored pack of chewing gum that he’d purchased yesterday evening.


Even the flow of his blood was electric, as if soft pink nerves caressed his veins.  Warming his entire body.


He shuddered.  Despite what happened to him, he could remember what he’d done and that was somehow worse.  Just not as worse as remembering how fucking good it had felt.  Or how much he still wanted it.  On his knees, sucking-


“No,” he gasped, his throat raw as his tongue swirled against the roof of his mouth.  As if it could find a hidden bit of cum to lick up.


The lack of it made him whine, high pitched and needy.  And then blush at the sound and how fucking natural it had felt to make it. To feel the need to express it.  To desire the taste on his tongue.  Against his body.  Inside his-


“No,” he growled, standing back up and stepping back.  

He stood in his apartment with early morning light filtering through the blinds covering his window.  Licking his lips, he turned to the mirror on the back of his door – a mirror his ex girlfriend had bought and used when they were together.  He’d never taken it down and now he used it to see much he’d changed.


Hairs covered his chest.  He stared at them – at the muscles he’d spent years developing in the gym.  A feathered trail of hairs led down to defined ab muscles.  More hairs covered his arms and shoulders and legs.  


A strange shyness filled him, causing him to cross his arms awkwardly over his chest and body until he forced them away.  His tiny brown nipples were painfully erect and begged for his touch.  His tongue.  Anyone’s touch.


“Oh god,” he moaned and he looked down while gripping his right arm, his left across his chest.  His strong legs trembled and he bit at the back of his bottom lip while breathing through his nose.  “Oh god. Please.”


He could feel it.  Inside of him.  His muscles clenched and he groaned while turning his head to the side.  Trembling in place.  The strange muscles tightened once more and he moaned.


His fingers touched the waistbands of his boxer briefs, sliding them down over his thighs.  He hissed and rubbed his legs together.  Everything was sensitive now.  Taunting him.  


Wild black hairs covered his lower belly, just as it always did, with more on his thighs and crotch.


And over his mound.


Around the base of his thick hood with his swollen, engorged pink clit glistening where it jutted out from the wild tangle of hairs.


Those same hairs trapped his bright pink cum as it dribbled freely from the cute little innie pussy lips between his puffy outer labia.  A sheen of translucent liquid, tinged with a faint rose coloring, connected from his soaked underwear to his drenched crotch until he let them drop to the floor.


His legs nearly gave out at the sight of it.  He grabbed blindly at his dresser for support and his badge bit into his hand when he clenched it.  While gritting his teeth.  Concentrating.  


Keeping himself from changing again.


He could feel his vaginal muscles contracting.


Knowing he was the one doing it.  Tensing them over and over as he remembered the feel of the stranger’s hot, thick cock spreading him open.


“Please. Please,” he panted with half-lidded eyes.


That strange, sticky pink cum latched on his hairs before falling to his shins.  There was just so much of it.  A betrayal of his painful, increasing arousal highlighting the emptiness in his guts.


It was another person, he told himself.  Someone else.  He didn’t have a choice.  It-  It-


It was a lie.  


He could remember how his fingers had felt when he’d touched himself.  How fucking amazing it had felt.  And yet, he’d wanted more.  It was addicting – his orgasms – and he wondered what it would feel like with something bigger than one finger.  Two fingers.  Three fingers.  Four – muscles clenching as he shrieked with his powerful muscles crushing them together.


The memory made him shudder and rub his hairy thighs together.  More of his pink cum oozed from his pretty little pussy.  


He’d gone to a sex store with his entire face burning, wishing he’d had a mask.  He’d thought they were stupid little things but he’d cursed himself then as he walked in, hiding his face behind the popped collars of his jacket.  Marching down the unfamiliar aisles to search for dildos while avoiding everyone else.  Images of cocks played through his mind.  His mouth kept filling with spit, forcing him to swallow.  Swallow. Swallow.  Swallow and lick his lips as he imagined it was cum.  Thick creamy white cum racing down his chin.  He’d groaned and then stared at the man at the other end of the aisle.  And he’d squeezed those alien little muscles.  And panted.  And moaned.  And he had made the decision to walk to the other man.  Standing close.  Stuttering while his cum dribbled from his tight little pussy.  Whispering to the man what he wanted – what he could do.  Only to find himself in the alley a few minutes later, bouncing his head back and forth on the girthy dick. Eagerly sucking and licking while the other man gripped the buzzed hair on the bobbing head beneath him.  Looking up at the other man to make sure he was doing it right.  Feeling the pride and spark of pleasure as the man unloaded and then the burst of- of- Words couldn’t describe it when he’d tasted the man’s cum in his mouth.  He’d orgasmed just from that.  And then he’d stood, undoing the button on his pants before sliding them over his hairy ass while shoving it back like a whore, screaming for the man to take his virgin pussy.


And how he had whined when the man came again barely 30 seconds later.  He’d felt the dick shrink inside of him.  Smaller and smaller until the other man was bumping his new clit into him with his own pink juices running down his legs.  


He’d stumbled away as the man groaned and moaned and pawed at his growing breasts.


His only saving grace was the control he exerted over himself.  The same control he’d always had over himself.  He had a vision for his life – a path.  And he’d followed that path religiously.  Discipline had always been his watchword.


“I am in control,” he panted while staring at his reflection.  With a long, inhaled breath, he firmed his thin lips and his stance. “I am in control.”


Something fluttered deep within his guts and he watched as his clit slowly, slowly, began to stretch outward with the fleshy hood squeezing slightly around it.


Yes!  Fuck yes! he crowed inside of his mind.  It was reversible.  It was-


A glob of the stranger’s white cum was forced from his pussy when his vaginal canal compressed.


“No,” he whispered as he stared at it where it tangled with his leg hairs.


He could smell it.  He could smell the salty glob of cum despite how small it was. Despite it being so far away from his nose.  The growth of his clit stopped.  Retreated.  Nerves touched together within his pussy and he found himself clenching once more – as if he could force more of the cum out.  His tongue licked against his lips.  Rubbed against it.  Swirled against it.  His nostrils widened and he inhaled.  And moaned.  His right hand trembled against his hips.  He exhaled a shaky breath.  


His fingers uncurled.  Short, chewed nails scraped across his skin, causing him to moan loudly.  He was quiet during sex, perhaps grunting when he unloaded.  The moan was pulled from within his core and it was impossible to deny.  His breathing quickened, chest rising and falling.  Hairs touched his fingers and he moaned again with his eyebrows lowered, pressing together.


The stranger’s cum was warm against his fingers, mixed with his own pink lubrication.  


“I- I can’t,” he gasped but his fingers scooped as much as they could before his hand raised.  “I- I- Oh god, I can’t-  I can’t do this, I-“


It touched his lips and his mind melted, dropping him to his knees.  He groaned and moaned as he slid his cum-coated fingers deep into his mouth with his tongue slipping around it, savoring it as he tried to clean every speck.


Chest hairs fell, wafting away.  A few at first and then more when his body shook.  Even more when he bucked from an orgasm with pink liquid squirting from his clenching pussy.  Soft cotton candy filled his mind as the hairs fell to leave smooth skin behind.  He raised his other hand and pulled the one from his mouth to rub his face as his nerves exploded. 


“I- I- I have to-” he panted, falling forward with his hands on the ground.


“Ahhhn!” he cried out, arching his back while raising his ass.  The skin quivered as soft padding grew over his muscles and the cheeks swelled.


“No,” he gasped while staring at his clenching fingers.  “No.  I can- I can control this.  I-  I can-  I can do this.”


Cum dripped steadily to the floor, splattering as it mixed with his loose hairs.


When he sat back, his softer, rounder ass cheeks pressed into his heels, spreading the cheeks to show the glistening pink butterfly lips of his soft pussy as his juices welled from between them.


In a sudden fit of anger, he swiped at the loose hairs on his body, scattering them to the floor.  When he stood, he avoided looking at himself in the mirror.  


While desperately hanging onto his rage, he dressed himself, hissing as he felt the clothes caress his aching body.  Layer after layer until his hands were on his belt, adjusting it where it fit ever so slightly snug on his waist.


The absence of body hair only heightened the sensations he felt as he moved with the clothes against him.  He couldn’t stop thinking about tearing them off – ripping them away to stop the blood from boiling within his veins.  To stop his nerves from crying at the mere touch of them.  To stand naked, showing off his body to-


“No,” he growled while gritting his teeth.


He moved through his apartment towards the front door and he could feel the hot, wet touch of his already soaked underwear rubbing against his smooth thighs.



The presence of his swollen labia was made known to him every second he sat in his cruiser.  He found himself adjusting his posture as he drove along the Interstate with his eyes glancing from car to car.  The chatter on his radio and the lights from his open laptop distracted him, as if his entire body was on edge.


He couldn’t stop thinking of the taste.  Like a junkie needing his next fix, his thoughts wandered to the texture of the stranger’s cock against his tongue – against his lips.  He raised his right hand to suck on his fingers with a low moan, sliding them back and forth.


It was his compromise, he told himself.  Something to take the edge off of the insane desires.  He was still in control.


He was disciplined and strong.


“Mmmmmph,” he moaned, louder now, while his cheeks suctioned over the questing digits.  His thin, hardened lips swelled, sliding slowly over the slippery surface of his spit coated fingers.  Nerves multiplied beneath the surface of the soft, pink lips as they curved outward.


“Haaahn!” he whined while trembling from a small yet powerful orgasm.  His lashes lengthened and curled, thick and dark as he blinked rapidly while his eyes rolled back.


He pulled his fingers away from his mouth with a wet pop and a trail of drool briefly connected to his lips.


Beneath his undershirt, forced against his chest by the bulletproof vest he wore, his nipples ached and the skin twisted, gathering before pushing outward, erect but flattening against his shirt and vest.  The dark skin on the wrinkled flesh lightened slowly until the pink matched his throbbing clit.  More skin bubbled up around his areola until they were as puffy as his labia and nearly two inches wide.


Muscles dissolved in his chest.  The bulge of his pecs flattened slowly, shifting his nipples and causing them to drag against his shirt and vest.  His tongue lashed out as he nearly lowed like a cow from the intense sensation.  The defined lines of his abs followed soon after, softening to leave soft skin in their place.


A car honked at him when he swayed towards the shoulder.  Rumble strips vibrated his cruiser.  His ass cheeks jiggled in response which caused them to rub against his labia and pussy lips and he moaned as a smaller orgasm rippled through him.


They were endless.  Relentless.  Before, when he wasn’t dating anyway, he’d be fine masturbating once a day.  Maybe twice.  Often not at all.  Now, he’d already lost count of how many times he’d orgasmed just this morning alone.


But, it was okay, he told himself.  It was letting the edge off.  Keeping him from thinking about sucking on fat cocks until he was bottoming out with his drool sliding over his chin and pubic hair tickled his soft lips.  Stopping him from picturing himself climbing onto someone’s lap, grabbing their cock and guiding it into his cute little tight pussy before bouncing on their dick while screaming for more.


His tongue slid slowly over his lips and he moaned and quivered, thankful that all of his orgasms were stopping him from turning into a horny little cock crazed slut.


He giggled at the thought of it and reached for his pack of gum until movement drew his attention.  He turned and the sun glinted off of his mirror shades and his soft, glistening lips as he stared at the man in the car next to him.


Slowing his car, he matched speeds as his eyes swept over the curve of the man’s strong, handsome jaw.  Gray touched the man’s short beard and more were at his temples, standing proud in his otherwise dark hair.  He moaned as he pictured his fingers in the hair, staring down at the handsome, distinguished man while the stranger sucked on his pussy lips.


“Or my little cock,” he moaned, sliding his left hand towards his crotch.  He slowed his vehicle as his fingers worked at his belt, popping the prong free of its hole to let it dangle.  And then to the button on his slack, and the zipper.  Sighing as he slid his fingers into his wet slit.  He changed lanes, pulling behind the other car. 


It took effort to pull his finger from his pussy and he whined and rolled his hips as if they were still inside.  His tongue darted to lick the fingers until he stuffed them into his mouth.  His muffled orgasm was small but sweet and it left him panting for more.


A flick of his wet fingers turned his lights on and the car in front of him slowed after a few seconds.  Its blinker clicked on and he followed the car as it moved over to the shoulder.  Traffic was sparse but it slowed in turn, as if he could cast a net over all of them to take them all at once.


“Oh fffffuuuu-” he moaned as his thick eyelashes fluttered.


All of them at once.  Cocks probing against him.  His hands gripping and pulling at them while more stuffed his mouth and ass and pussy.  Other hands pumping their cocks as they covered him in their cum.


He came at just the thought of the orgy and his delicate little tongue reached out to rub the center of his top lip, cute and pink.


The fantasies helped, he told himself.  They relaxed him.  Kept him from changing further.  Kept him from doing something rash.


His car rocked as he stepped out of it, adjusting his belt higher over the faint curves of his hips.  


A long, wide wet streak from his sopping wet pussy covered his crotch and up towards his asshole, visible for all who passed him.  He adjusted his badge and then pulled it away to stare at it.


“Steven,” he told himself, proud that he could remember his own name.  He smiled and giggled and placed the badge back on his vest.


His thighs rubbed together and he moaned as his fat nipples flexed back and forth against the inside of his shirt and vest.  A faint swell of soft skin quivered beneath them.


He approached the driver’s side and then leaned over the car door when the man rolled his window down.  The stranger looked nervous as he stared at his reflection in the sunglasses.


“Do you know why I pulled you over?” Steven asked with a faint lilt in his voice.  He wanted to giggle and reach out and comfort the handsome stranger, but, instead, he tried his best to put on his serious face.


“I- no?” the stranger said as he handed over his driver’s license along with his folded registration and insurance card.


“John-a-thin,” Steven said slowly when he read the license.  He dropped all of it back in the car and pouted, pushing out his lips at the response.  A large part of him – and growing larger – had wanted the stranger to tell him how pretty he was. How sexy he was.  How much he wanted to fuck him.


Instead, Steven leaned further and reached out.  Down.  Gripping the man’s cock with his spit covered fingers while leaning further until his lips touched the stranger’s mouth and his tongue slipped inside.  Just as his hand slipped inside the man’s pants to stroke him.


Jonathan’s pupils dilated slowly and he groaned while reaching for the hand touching his suddenly rock hard cock.  


“Ohhhh you’re sooooo biiiiiig,” Steven moaned when he pulled away.  He could feel the veins standing out on the man’s shaft.  He focused on Jonathan’s pants to unzip him and free the glorious cock before taking it once more in his shrinking, delicate hand.  Years of calluses melted away.


“I-  I-  I-  nggh-” Jonathan groaned while leaning back and rubbing his head.  His mouth tasted sweet and he couldn’t stop rolling his tongue around his teeth and then out to his lips.


“I need it,” Steven whimpered.  “I need it inside of me.  I’m dripping wet, John-a-thin.”


He could feel his slacks sliding against his hips as they widened, just before they began to fill out from his expanding ass cheeks.  The stubble lining his scalp pushed out, slowly slowly as his hair grew and his receding hairline expanded.


“Here.  Against your car,” Steven moaned as he bit Johnathan’s earlobe.  When he felt precum touch his hand he  squealed and snatched it to his mouth to lick it off before grabbing the man’s cock to swirl his thumb over the tip in order to gather more.


His voice dropped to a sultry, husky feminine tone.  “I need a bull to breed me, John-a-thin.”


The other man clawed at the handle of his car door in a rush to open it before standing out with his throbbing cock bouncing in front of him.  The rough motion jostled Steven and his sunglasses fell when his nose shrank on his face into a cute little button and his wide ears compressed.  Bones moved glacially beneath his cheeks, guiding him into a gorgeous, heart shaped face.


Steven cried out and turned, bending over the hood of the car while sliding his slacks over his soft, plump ass.  Pink cum slid down his smooth, thick thighs.


He screamed with pleasure when Johnathan’s hand slapped his ass and it quaked from the impact.  When he felt the tip of the cock sliding between his cheeks, smearing the head with his strange juices, he bucked and orgasmed before it even touched his pussy. 


It pressed into his taint until Steven reached beneath to grip it and guide it down between his puffy, wobbling, reddened labia.


Steven’s mind melted when Johnathan’s cock spread his lips and he howled with a high pitched keening voice as it entered him.  His muscles gripped it, pulling and pulling while he shoved his ass back, slapping it against Johnathan’s stomach.  


On the side of the Interstate, in view of everyone that passed, Jonathan plowed the cop’s pussy.  He reared back and slapped, one cheek and then the other until the pale, rippling skin was bright red and Steven orgasmed from nearly every impact until a particularly powerful one left him squirting, spraying Johnathan’s pants and his own slacks and belt where they were gathered around his shoes.  A few passing cars honked their horns while voices yelled and screamed at them but neither of them cared.


As Johnathan pulled back, Steven’s fingers slid over the hood.  Bones reshaped painlessly and his 6′ 6″ frame melted away while blonde hair touched the hood to pool around his head.  


Fingers dug deep into Steven’s pillowy ass.  Steven’s eyes widened.  His small hands flattened on the hood to push him up and he arched his back while raising his head.  




He could feel the hot cum drilling into his cervix and he grunted while shoving back, desperate for it to fill his womb.  His eyes rolled back as he lost consciousness, only to return to hear himself screaming before passing out once more.


“Nuuhhh- nooooo,” Steven wailed quietly when he felt Johnathan shrinking within.


He turned to look back and watched as two bumps pushed into the other man’s shirt.  The bumps moved, sliding slightly to the side as fatty tissue formed beneath his skin with ducts and glands.  Wet spots soaked into the fabric over the man’s huge nipples and the spots widened as they darkened.  His shirt lifted as the breasts continued to grow.  Buttons popped, showing the growth until all of them came undone.  Curly black hair slid down the man’s cheeks to touch his shoulders.


“I- I- Want-” Johnathan said as he touched and stroked his pouting lips.  He stared down at his flaccid cock and then shivered and collapsed, barely catching himself when his knees struck the grass and dirt on the side of the road.  His massive tits wobbled freely from his open shirt.  He stared down and touched his new clit while spreading his legs to watch as the skin parted.  Bright pink cum dripped to the ground beneath him from his new pussy.


“No,” Steven gasped with a sweet, soft voice.  “No no no no no-“


He pulled at his slacks, desperately trying to pull them over his wide hips as he hobbled back to his own car.  His slender feet slipped out of his shoes and he left them behind.  Seams tore in his pants around his waist and the zipper refused to move, so he left it undone as he buckled himself and slammed the car into reverse.


In front of him, Johnathan was waving at passing cars while calling out with all kinds of sultry, sexy promises.  One of his hands massaged his enormous tits while milk continued to leak from his nipples.


“Control.  I’m in control.  I’m in control,” Steven repeated while brushing blonde hair away from his eyes.  His bubblegum pink lips rubbed together.  “I’m in control.”



“Ma’am, ma’am you can’t-” the desk sargeant’s voice called out as Steven ran past, evading his coworkers as he rushed towards his lieutenant’s office.  A few people cursed while others gasped and even more catcalled, causing him to stumble and nearly turn to offer himself to them.


“I’m busy!” the lieutenant yelled without looking up.


Steven slipped into the man’s office before closing the door and sitting back against it.  His ass flattened against the wood surface, spreading slightly to allow his pussy to press into it.  Pink fluid dribbled down the old door, filling the room with a heady, intoxicating scent.


“Mmmnnh,” Steven moaned as his fingers worked at the straps of his vest.  He could barely breathe.


“I said-  What the fuck?” the man shouted when he finally looked up.  He stood back from his desk.  “Who the fuck- did you fucking steal that uniform?”


“Donald, it’s- it’s me, Steven.  Steven Pruitt, I-  I- Something’s-  I-  I need-” it was getting harder to think as he stared at the other man’s crotch.  When he finally undid the straps, he shrugged out of his vest and moaned at the release.  His small breasts jiggled lightly beneath his tight  shirt and both his nipples and areola were clearly outlined in the fabric of both his shirt and undershirt.


“The fuck you are,” the lieutenant said.  His words were slower with a faint slur to them.  When he reached for his desk phone, Steven jumped forward to knock it away.  


“I-  I-”  


She lost.  Steven lunged forward, tackling the older man to force him to the ground before kissing him.  Her passionate tongue worked, slipping and writhing while she moaned and clawed at her lieutenant’s short hair.  Her ragged nails evened out, the edges growing smooth before sliding forward with a pink tinge in the translucent material.  


“Need it,” Steven panted as she pulled back to tear at the man’s shirt, popping his buttons and groaning before lowering her mouth to suck on the small nipples in the midst of the white chest hairs. She mewled as she rocked her wide hips back, grinding against the hardening cock pressed against her pussy. 


“YES!” Steven cried out when she orgasmed.  A second one followed.  Hands reached up to grip her tits and they began to expand, straining against her shirt until they overwhelmed them to burst out. The lieutenant pulled the undershirt up over them and leaned up.  Milk dribbled from Steven’s nipple before the older man could latch onto it.


Steven’s mind exploded and her pussy clamped and clenched and pulsed while her pink cum squirted, soaking her lieutenant’s slacks.  


Panting, she tried to work through the orgasmic haze to undo the man’s pants.  To free his cock for her weeping, dripping pussy.  When she did, she immediately raised her hips and impaled herself, slamming down with a wet smack that splattered cum over both of them.  


She was a wild animal, grunting and moaning as she rode him while a string of nearly incoherent words issued from her lips.  A part of her mind registered the lieutenant’s cum filling her pussy but it was distant – a universe away as continuous orgasms destroyed her sensibilities.


Her hands gripped tiny breasts pushing out against the white hairs on the man’s chest while her fingers pinched at nipples that hardened and lengthened.  Wrinkles vanished on the lieutenants face as his cheekbones shifted and his voice grew higher and higher and higher until he was screaming from an orgasm that left strange new muscles clenching within his hips – as his testicles were pulled back from his deflating scrotum, sliding through his body to become his suddenly very fertile ovaries and womb.


“Yo, loo, you, uh, okay in there?” A voice asked as Steven’s shuddering, jerking, spasming body slowly rolled to the side.


Lieutenant Finley moaned as she stood on her smooth, long legs. She stepped out of her pants and shoes and made her way to the door with a hungry smile.  Opening the door, she gripped the young patrolman’s tie and pulled him into her office while kissing him deeply with pink juices, mixed with the remnants of her old creamy white cum, dribbled down her thighs.

Steven stirred.  And moaned.  And stood.  So many of her fellow officers clustered outside the office and she wondered how many cocks she could suck before she found herself eating pussy.

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