Delayed Gratification

Sabine toyed with the collar dangling from the back of her neck.  She reached up, scratching her throat and then around to her nape.  It was there, beneath the surface of her skin, as if the beast were clawing her flesh.  Sweat poured down her naked back, catching against the few scattered hairs lining her spine.  Wetting them until they were slick against her body.


So difficult to hold it back.  It was part of her training.  Grabbing the wolf by the neck to restrain it and keep her changes at bay as long as possible.  Three months since she was bitten by her girlfriend – the gift purposefully passed on when she thought she was ready.


The collar was huge.  A present for her third full moon, it rested against the tops of her breasts.  ‘You’ll grow into it,’ Monika had told her when she’d given it to her a few hours ago with a huge, toothy grin.  


Sabine moaned.  Her curly brown hair slid against her neck, catching on the fur she couldn’t keep at bay.  She stared down at her thighs and clenched her fists while grinding her teeth.  They itched, threatening to curve outward from the sharp points she now had permanently into the deadly fangs that lined her jaw when changed.  Her ears twisted.  More permanent changes – always covered in silky brown fur with folded points


A long, low growl made Sabine look up.  Her nose wrinkled as slits formed at the corners and the flesh fractured into a faint pebbled texture.  Monika stood before her, rising onto four legs.  Three hundred and fifty pounds of pure muscle covered in creamy white fur with a black mark on her forehead like a flame of hellfire.  Beautiful golden eyes stared back at Sabine.  The enormous wolf lowered herself and rolled, curling paws larger than Sabine’s head.


Monika’s back legs splayed out before her and Sabine growled while clawing at her inner thighs, drawing blood when her sharp nails grew thick and long.  She stood and walked to her girlfriend, suddenly aware of her stub tail when it swept back against her ass cheeks.  Her tongue lashed up to her nose, wetting the pure black skin and her dark lips.  


She wrapped herself against her mate, arms stretched out around Monika’s chest with her face nuzzling into the werewolf’s neck.  Sabine inhaled, taking in as much of the other woman’s scent as she could.  When she’d had her fill, she opened her mouth to lick Monika’s jaw and up over her lips.  Over and over while clawing her soft, furry belly.  


Sabine stood back while continuing to stroke her lover.  Veins stood out on her arms and legs and neck.  The light shined from the sweat covering her body, mixed with the fur from Monika and her own fur.  


Her fingers found a bump and Monika turned her muzzle to look at Sabine as the girl growled and pawed through thick fur to expose the teat.  Milk welled from the tips as it always did for the first hour after she finished changing.  Sabine bent to it, suckling the teat into her mouth while sliding a hand down down down until she felt her girlfriend’s protruding, swollen pussy.  She petted it with her entire palm, feeling her own thin padding filling out as she teased the other woman.  


Fur crept along Sabine’s jaw as her cheeks crackled and began to expand.  Golden rays shined in her own eyes.  She pulled back, staring into Monika’s eyes with milk dripping from the fur covering her chin.  Watching as she thrust fingers into her girlfriend’s spade.  Monika’s legs kicked and she snarled, pawing at the air until Sabine found her teat again.  Her palm slapped against Monika’s pussy, splattering cum against her fur and Sabine’s arm.


She couldn’t hold back anymore.  Sabine’s shoulder blades lifted and rolled.  Fur speared through her skin around her spine as her back bowed and she threw her head back to snarl.  Fangs pushed against her black lips, more growing just as her own jaw expanded.  Monika was whining.  Twisting and kicking while her tail thumped the ground.  Sabine’s paw pounded into her frantically.  Her fingers popped and began to shorten, leaving her with little time to-


Monika howled as her pussy clenched, shoving Sabine’s fingers from her spade.  A clear stream of liquid gushed from her folded lips, covering both of them in her scent.  


Sabine’s knees cracked, forcing her down.  Her collar dangled beneath her but slowly tightened as her muscles rippled beneath her fur covered skin.  She stretched out, clawing at the floor with her tail straight, snarling as joints cracked.  Fine whiskers split the skin above her top lip just as her muzzle finished forming.  She padded around as Monika rolled to her feet, bowing with her back arched and her ass up.  Sabine huffed and shoved her broad nose against Monika’s taint, sniffing deeply before letting her tongue roll out to drag against her girlfriend’s pussy.


The brown werewolf, covered in dark curls, cleaned her mate’s pussy while the other snapped and snarled and clawed the floor.  Eventually, Monika turned, butting her forehead against Sabine’s jaw before licking her with three long strokes of her tongue.  Sabine shoved against her girlfriend gently before pushing her until they were side-by-side, skin to skin, fur to fur with Monika’s tail brushing against Sabine’s tail.  


They walked together, silently through the basement and up the stairs into the field above.  Monika leapt and ran without warning, causing Sabine to growl and chase after her until they both disappeared into the woods.

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