Pink Gum

‘Ew,’ he said, staring at the pink gum stuck to his fingers. He sighed and walked off the bus, eager to wash his hands. His erection surprised him later that night. He ignored it until it became too much and his fingers wrapped around the angry, throbbing shaft.

Traces of pink marked his shrinking cock when he stroked himself. His grunts became gasps and then moans. Bright pink tinged his pre-cum and his stroking fingers rubbed the tiny head of his dick as it slipped beneath his fleshy hood. His empty scrotum split into his fleshy labia.

Beads of pink cum slid down his slit. He whimpered when his fingers slipped inside his new pussy. Shocked eyes opened wide and he shouted, voice cracking. Sleep was distant that night, hours after searching online for a cause. His hairy legs brushed against his engorged pussy.

He trembled. Empty. Shivering when his blanket touched his body. Hiding his face when he fingered himself again. Cries of surprise turned to pleasure and he screamed from his first orgasm. Others followed until he passed out atop a huge cooling wet spot on his sheets.

He sat on the private toilet at work the next day, right hand rubbing his clit. His mouth sealed in a hard line to try and muffle his moans. Left hand working on his buttons until he opened his shirt to swirl his fingers against his nipples. He came, heels bouncing while his legs trembled.

His right hand joined the left, pinching and pulling his nipples while smearing them with pink cum. And then up to suck his fingers. Tugging at his bottom lip with a lazy smile. They swelled, curling slightly until they were full and puffy. His nipples hardened, thumb-thick.

Blonde showed in the roots of his hair as he sat in the meeting later that day. He giggled as the graphs on the slides tumbled through his head. His hand lightly caressed his clit beneath the table and he hid his pink lips behind his delicate hand with every quiet little gasping orgasm. Wetness touched his fingers.

His belt tightened when his ass began to fill out. He sucked his fingers into his mouth, swirling them with his tongue. Thrusting them back and forth. When the meeting ended, he followed the sales manager back to his office, long blonde hair whisking against his shirt.

He could feel his breasts growing when he leaned over the other man’s desk. They continued to fill out, heavy and full with droplets of milk beading from his nipples. He knelt, hiding beneath the desk while unbuckling the other man’s pants with long pink nails.

The wet schlicking noise of his sloppy amateurish blowjob filled the room. He smiled and moaned and pushed down until his lips touched pubic hair. His own pants were down over his thick ass and his fingers plunged into his pussy. Finally, he crawled up, straddling the man.

Although a virgin, his pussy easily took the cock and he moaned with a sweet voice. Pink cum coated the other man’s dick when he bounced his ass. Teeth bit at his nipples. A firm hand muffled his orgasm. He squeezed and whined when he felt the man growing smaller and smaller.

Panic gripped the manager when his tiny cock slid free but the man was ready, dropping to his knees to suck the new clit and then lick the pussy when it opened. They fell to the ground and he ripped the other man’s shirt to suck swelling, lengthening nipples into his soft mouth.

Their giggles filled the room until they grew bored of their fingers and mouths and yearned for cock. A quick call summoned a young intern who fucked the both of them, lasting a full ten minutes until he was screaming for them to lick his tight little pussy.

The bimbo virus spared none, men or women, as it spread and they lost themselves to their hedonism in a orgy that pulled in others from neighboring offices. Outside, they offered eager blowjobs in cars and sex in dirty alleys, bent over with their slacks down around their ankles.

‘Ew,’ a young man said, lifting his foot to touch the pink marking the sole. He shook his head at the sounds of sex by the dumpster in between buildings and continued on his way home, shifting his sudden erection in his jeans and scratching the itch on his chest.

On the bus, he was astonished to see a busty woman giving a barely hidden blowjob. He moaned, envious of the woman while staring at the bare, drool covered cock and his nipples pushed against his shirt. Unable to resist his growing arousal, he joined them, licking the other man’s shaft while squeezing his small cock and rubbing his empty scrotum.

He stood and stumbled as the woman sat on the man’s cock. His head felt fuzzy and warm and pink and he giggled as he went to the back of the bus to sit with his hip touching the man next to him. Leaning over to whisper hot needy words until he was stripping and lowering his dripping new pussy onto the waiting cock, facing towards the bus without caring who saw.

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