Primal Fantasies: Wolf

Trying a werewolf cock sleeve for fun begins to change a young man and the curse spreads in a strip club.
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The faint sound of cardboard hitting concrete was easy to miss but Joseph bounced from his couch as soon as he heard it.  The mailman never knocked or rang the bell, even when the package required a signature.  So, he’d grown used to listening.  He’d been refreshing the shipping notification every few minutes while idly playing a game on his phone but it slid between the cushions, forgotten as he raced to the door.


It was a simple box with no advertisements and a plain label that betrayed nothing of its contents.  Longer than it was wide, there was only a single icon of an “X” over a knife, warning people not to cut into the box too deeply.


He grabbed it and stepped back into his apartment before locking his door.  Once inside, he ran to the kitchen to dig through his ‘miscellaneous’ drawer until he found his box cutters.  The edge of the box knife slid against the tape, parting it easily to show a bubble wrapped tube.


Joseph licked his lips and glanced at the door before undoing the tape and unwrapping the package.  It was an embarrassment but the young, gentle geeky college student had fetishes he kept to himself.


It wasn’t a tube but a sleeve.  Well, a sheath – a wearable cock that slid over his own.  It was red and long – longer than he was with a smooth bulge at the base and a curved, pointed tip.  He grabbed it and brought it back to his couch before standing again to double check the blackout curtains in his living room.


It was called “The Alpha” and he’d found it from a small online store that only sold fantasy dildos and sheaths.  He’d taken a chance with them as no review sites even mentioned the company and there were no customer reviews on the website itself.  They promised to have been made in the USA – a small town in New England.  Dunvich or something.  He couldn’t remember.  All he’d known was that it was priced far less than their competitors and he could finally justify it on his meager income.


When he unzipped his pants to pull them down, his hardened cock flopped out to slap against the bottom of his stomach.  He held the sheath in his right hand and his cock with his left, slowly stroking himself while staring at it.  Until he’d had enough of just looking.


The young man spat in his hand to lube himself and then lay the bottom of the sheath against the head of his cock.  He groaned as he pulled it down.  It bulged around the bulbous, flared red head of his engorged cock, surrounding it before moving down over his shaft.  He was surprised at how easily it slid down, tugging against his circumcised dick until the knot rested against his crotch.  


He sighed, laying his head back while conjuring images of himself, prowling through the streets as a werewolf, hunting through the night.  Following a woman from a distance as she drunkenly made her way home.  


Joseph opened his eyes to look at the sheath as he stroked himself with it.  His breathing quickened.  He could see it before him, as if it were real.  His own werewolf cock exposed as he closed in on the woman.  Throwing her to the ground while tearing her clothes away.  She would beg and scream as he impaled her with his monstrous dick.  


His orgasm surprised him.  His eyes bulged as he looked toward the box of tissues on the end table beside the couch but he angled his cock forward as cum flung onto the floor, spurting through the hole in the tip of the sheath.


“Dammit,” he growled, flashing his teeth as the thick white ropes of his cum splattered against the hardwood floor.  


With a sigh, he stood, pulling his cock free from the sheath and setting it carefully down on the end table, zipping himself up in the process.  He grabbed a handful of tissues and knelt to clean up.  


The man’s nostrils flared at the scent covering the floor and his lips trembled while a low growl vibrated at the back of his throat.


Despite his usually long refractory period, his cock throbbed in his pants, hard and angry and ready for more.  A strange energy filled him and his skin tingled, leaving him overly sensitive in his clothes.  He held the dirty tissues and stood, grabbing at his cock with another growl as he walked to the trash.


He wanted more but masturbating felt dull and boring.  He wanted to fuck.  He wanted to feel his hands on flesh and hot breath in his ear.  He’d been single for over a year and his sudden, powerful horniness was pounding through his body, driving out reason.


“Fuck it,” he said, grabbing his keys and wallet from bowl by the door.


He pushed the door open and walked into the bright sun, breathing deeply of the stale air.  His apartment was on the ground floor and his old, barely running car was parked mere steps away.  He scented the air while pawing at his crotch but then made his way to the car.  It was older than he was and he had to use his physical key to unlock it.


As he settled into the seat and turned the engine over, a loud two-tone emergency beep sounded from his phone through the apartment door he’d carelessly left open.  The phone beeped again, muted by the surrounding cushions but he was already backing out of his parking spot.


Still, the very tips of his ears twitched as the phone beeped again.


A thin web of skin grew from the base of his cock as he drove.  It spread slowly, pulling at his hard dick.  He felt the soft tip move against his leg as the webbing spread, inching along his belly.  Pre-cum leaked from the tip of his throbbing cock, smearing against his thigh until his dick lay centered mid-belly.  The strange line of skin continued up his cock until it was two inches away from the head.


He yelled at another car as he passed it, grinding his aching teeth while speeding through the sparse mid-day traffic.  


Excess flesh flowed from his crotch, spreading up and over his loose ball sack and dick.  He scratched the itchy growth as it flowed up, further and further until it covered the fat head of his cock.  


The thin webbing of skin holding his hairless sheath in place thickened as he snarled at another car, jerking the wheel to go around it.  


Abandoned stripmalls, convenience stores with bars on the windows and vape stores passed on both sides as he entered the trashier part of his town.  His ears swiveled as a woman screeched at a nearly naked man wobbling at the side of the road.


Joseph’s canines lengthened in his mouth and his lips bulged around them.  A lustful groan escaped his lips as he squeezed his sheath.  Blood coursed through his body, leaving a pounding ache between his temples.  


The head of his already-hard cock forced the tip of his sheath open as it emerged.  His sheath bulged around his dick as it grew fat and even longer than before, the head brushing against faint brown hairs sprouting from beneath his belly button.  The head slid further until it peeked from the band of his pants.


A single scraggly brown hair grew long and crooked from his sheath.  His exposed cock began to darken from light pink to rose red as he pulled into the mostly empty parking lot of the town’s only strip club.


Lost to the wolf growing inside of him, he left his car running and stepped out, sniffing the air deeply – smelling the subdued sex, perfume, alcohol and santizer that permeated the entire lot.  His ears swiveled independently to catch the faint thumping of dancing music from within.


His cock bulged against his pants as he pushed the door open, blinking and growling at the sudden darkness.  The music tore at his ears as a fast rap played.  The bouncer nodded at him.


“Twenty bucks,” the large, tattooed man said. “Cover and a free drink.”


“Leeeet’s give it up for Aleeeexuuuuh,” the DJ crooned from within.  


Joseph grabbed bills from his wallet and handed them over without looking.


He could smell women inside and drool filled his mouth.  


“Aight, man, thanks, go ahead,” the bouncer said happily, pocketing the extra money.


A few men sat in ancient, stained round tables before the single stage.  A young Asian girl, wearing a stereotypical school girl’s outfit and enormous plastic heels, was twisting and turning on stage next to a pole.  Two more men sat at the chairs at the front of the stage.


Gold flecks appeared in Joseph’s eyes as he scanned the men.  Old.  Fat.  Not a threat.  Instead he turned to the girl onstage and then found his way to a table in the back, away from those seated before him.


He smelled her before he saw her.  Sweet.  Young.  Sweaty and stressed.  Turning, he saw a short blonde woman in a skirt and white t-shirt.  She had a single braid and glasses with hot pink lipstick.


“Heya,” she said with a smile.  “I’m Kelly.  What can I get you to drink.”


“Water,” he rasped, leering at her skirt and slim breasts.


“You sure?” she asked.  “You get a free drink.”


“Just water,” he told her, wondering how she would taste.  Wondering what noise she would make when he fucked her.


Joseph shook his head as she walked away.  It was unlike him.  He felt aggressive and on-edge and a shrinking part of him knew it was wrong.  His hands trembled in his lap and he clenched them, feeling the sharp prick of the tip of his claws as they began to cut through his fingernails.


He’d never been able to grow facial hair but, suddenly, brown hairs grew to dot his cheeks, chin and neck.  He scratched at them with a quiet, happy growl, digging his claws into the hot flesh beneath.


“Hey hun,” a soft voice said.  


He snapped around, startled that she snuck up to him but she laughed and sat on his knee while draping an arm around his shoulder.  She was a true redhead with her hair loose down to her shoulders.  She crossed her long legs while casually resting against him.  She wore white panties and matching bra and nothing else to hide her slim figure and bare belly.


He could smell her dry sex and his cock surged with need.


“Kinda dead,” she told him.  “I’m glad you showed up, honey.  Are you here for anyone special?”


“No,” he said, his voice a rough growl.  Words fled from his aching head and he licked his lips.  She smelled good.  Faint vanilla.  Soft in his arms.  “First time.”


“Well, you’re in for a- hey, whoa!” she said, pushing at him as he nuzzled his face into her neck.  “Slow down, cowboy.  I’m Candy.  What’s your name?”


He growled and stared at her with golden eyes.  It took him a minute to remember.


“Joseph,” he said finally, staring after Kelly when she wordlessly set his water down at the table.


“Well, Joseph,” she said quietly, brushing a hand down his chest.  His scent rose to her lips and her pupils narrowed as she breathed deeply with a lazy smile.  She inhaled again and shivered.  “Do you want a dance?”


“Yes,” he said, grabbing at her when she stood.


“Okay,” she smiled, leaning in for a moment to smell him once more before moving away from his questing hands.  Fur began to replace the random hairs lining his arms.  “Keep your hands to your sides and let me do all the work.”


He watched her turn and show her ass while gripping the arms of his chair.  She lowered herself, rocking her hips back to rub her pussy against him.


Her scent was changing.  She was growing wet.  He watched her shiver in response to her own arousal and she turned to smile at him while licking her dark red lips.  Her chest rose and fell quickly and her eyes dipped down to his crotch.


The girl pushed her ass hard against him, shoving higher to push his shirt away and expose a patch of thin brown fur surrounding his belly button.  The head of his cock lay completely exposed and it dripped clear liquid into his short fur.


She sat on him and leaned back with a moan that wasn’t entirely fake.  


Unable to contain himself, he grabbed at her side and thigh and she jerked as the tips of his claws dug into her skin.  


“Whoa, c- careful, that hurts,” she moaned, shoving herself harder into him despite her words.


His pre-cum soaked into the wet spot forming on her panties and she moaned again, louder this time.


Candy raised her hips and her pussy lips brushed the head of his dick through her panties.  It was changing again, the flared edges pulling against the shaft as it slid forward into a point that swiveled and turned until it matched “The Alpha” sheath he’d worn earlier.


“Let’s,” Candy panted, shaking for a moment in her chair as she rubbed herself harder against his cock.  “Do you- do you want a private dance?  We have booths.  At the side.”


“Yes,” he snarled, leaning forward to bite her bare neck.  He tasted blood that his rough, sandpaper tongue lapped at.


“God!” Candy groaned, reaching back to grab his head as she writhed in his lap.  It was wrong.  She should call security but she felt so warm and wet and his dick was amazing.  And the pain was a sweet shock against the aching, empty void between her legs.


She stood, grabbing his hand to lead him to a darkened booth at the front of the room.  The Asian girl stepped down, her panties in her hand as a brunette made her way up to the stage.


A wood panel hid the booth from the rest of the room but it was open on the side.  Candy pushed Joseph down on the seat.  He snapped at her and then sniffed.  Her scent was changing again.  


Fine red hairs pushed out from her skin around the bite mark in her shoulder.  He sat with his legs spread and she turned to face him, going to her knees on the bench before sitting down against his cock.  Her fat, engorged labia pressed against the tight white panties that dug into her hips.  She’d soaked her panties until they were nearly translucent.


“No hands,” she moaned.  She licked her lips as they bulged and her tongue slid swept high on her face, the tip brushing her nose.  The stripper rubbed her face as her fangs grated against the surrounding teeth, lengthening until they were visible beneath the dark red lipstick she wore.  She undid her bra and let it fall.  “No mouth.  Let me do- let me do all the work.”


She pressed forward, rubbing her hardened, aching nipples against his mouth.  They dragged against his sharp canines, causing her to jerk but she repeated the motion again and again as her breathing quickened.


Red hairs dotted her thighs, just past the edge of her panties.  She held the back of his head, her fingers toying with the sharp tips of his ears.  With her chest forward, her ass was pressed back.  


Her panties were moving.  She groaned and her voice was deep.  Husky.  For a brief moment, the hood covering her clit appeared thumb-thick in the white panties.  The skin moved, pulling down as her labia pushed away from her crotch.  Her tight panties tented away from her body.  Strings of clear liquid connected from her soaked panties  to her body as her pussy lips rolled together.  Red hairs sprouted around the changed lips.


When Joseph opened his mouth to suck on her nipples, she moaned rather than stop him, pulling him tighter against her body in encouragement.  

The edges of Candy’s ears smoothed, pushing her thick red hair aside as they lengthened and the curved tips grew to points.  She growled quietly as his rough tongue swirled the hairs sprouting around her areola.  


Candy’s hand trailed down her sides and her fingernails came free to expose glossy black claws beneath.  They pushed out from her nail beds and she gripped Joseph’s hair with one hand while the tips of her claw carved red lines down her bare side.  


The front of her panties shifted as red hairs grew beneath to cover her smooth, bare mound.  They grew curly and thick as they escaped her panties in a slow march up her lean body.


Six tiny pink spots appeared on her belly as she snapped her panties off of her body with deadly claws.


“Fuck,” Candy said drunkenly.  The dim light caught golden streaks in her pale eyes.  She stepped back to stand, licking her nose with a long tongue.  “Fuck.”


The girl whirled, stumbling out of the booth.  Joseph snarled, standing to chase her but another smell came to his dark, pebbled nose.  


“You left your water so I brought it for you,” Kelly said, stepping into the booth.  “Do you want-“


Joseph grabbed her by her neck faster than she could react as he shoved her to her knees with her head against the bench.  Her glasses clattered to the ground next to her.  She tried to scream but her open mouth pressed into the cushions lining the bench.


Sharp claws dug into her ass as Joseph tore at her skirt.  Blood welled but he ignored it, ripping his own jeans to free his furred sheath and pounding red cock.  It began to swell at the base as he raised her hips and pressed against her.


The girl kicked back as her muffled shouts went unheard.  Joseph snarled, digging the claws of his right hand into her side hard enough to break skin.


Tiny blonde hairs rose one-by-one along the bloody lines covering her ass.  She was dry but his cock was tipped and lubricated with Candy’s cum and his own pre-cum.  Her pussy parted for him and she trembled, screaming loudly as he pushed.  


His knot spread her pussy lips wide open and he pulled back to shove into her again, slamming her head against the back of the bench.  Pulling back once more, he snarled and pounded her.  His cock slid through her suddenly wet pussy and her labia wrapped around his knot until he pulled back.  


Kelly pawed at the back of the bench and the tips of her dark, curved claws tore long strips from the cheap fabric.  


When Joseph released her neck, she pushed herself up.  And back.  Hard.  Her long braid whipped behind her like a tail until it settled over her shoulder.


“Fuck me!” Kelly screamed, her long tongue hanging from her mouth as she panted and rocked back, working her hips up and down as the tip of his cock brushed her cervix.  


He could feel her pussy lips wrapping around him lovingly.  They tightened against him as they reformed, thick and engorged with blood until they matched a bitch in heat, drooling clear liquid as she screamed for him to fill her with his cum.


Bones popped and cracked as the girl’s hips widened and a bulge appeared at the base of her spine.  Fur was spreading from her cuts to cover her quaking ass cheeks.  


It was more than enough for him.  He held her tight as he came, pulsing and growing within until thick white cum spurted from her stuffed, tight pussy, coating the blonde fur spreading over her thighs.


The girl trembled and snarled while clawing the couch frantically and pushing herself back, squeezing at his cock in her frenzy.  She shrieked and then tipped her head back and her ears laid back as they grew.


Kelly howled when she came and her spasming pussy forced Joseph’s fat cock from within.  More cum leaked and she snarled, tearing at the remainder of her clothes.  A single line of blonde fur ran between her breasts and her bare skin was dotted with sweat.


The two stepped into the strip club to the sounds of moaning and screaming.



Candy fell against the wall as Kelly walked past with a glass of water in her head.  The redhead’s mind was abuzz as the heat pounded within her body.  She could feel her strange pussy with every step she took and it throbbed in time with her heartbeat.  


Lifting her nose, she sniffed the air and turned.  Bones popped and cracked within her face and the bridge of her nose raised as tiny black bumps appeared along her nostrils.  She smiled, showing her fangs as she spotted a younger patron.  Chubby and wearing glasses with a t-shirt already showing patches of sweat.


But young, virile.  Horny.  He sat away from everyone else to hide his youthful shame.


She stalked over to him, raising to the balls of her feet as the skin covering her soles toughened, the pink, delicate skin growing gray and leathery with each step.  Claws grew from the tips of her toes, cracking the red nail polish while the toes themselves lengthened.  Her small toe pulled away, raising high on her elongated feet as she stepped next to the boy.


“H-H- Hi,” he stammered.


Candy shoved the table and it flew as muscles bulged in her arms beneath a thin coat of red fur.  She gripped his pants with both hands and pulled, exposing his cock beneath the bulge of his gut.  She held him as he stuttered and tried to push her away.  WIth a hungry, needy, heat-filled growl, she lowered her muzzle and her warm, wet tongue caressed his mahood.  


Soon, his fingers clutched at her hair and he moaned.


“W- wait,” he stuttered as his hands felt her long, furred, ears.  “Wh- wh- what’s wr- wrong with-!”


He came and she moaned, holding him tight and swallowing his load.  Her hand stroked him as her throat rumbled with a deep, growling purr.


A thick web of skin pushed at her hand as she squeezed the base of his cock.  She felt it press against her lips as her long tongue worked around his cock.  The webbing grew, pulling the boy’s dick down as thick skin began to form around it.  


Sharp points dug into her scalp and the boy groaned.  She felt hairs tickling the palm of her left hand as she held his thigh.  They grew dense in wiry scratching waves to brush against her hand.


Candy turned on her knees and fell to all fours.  She crawled forward and raised her ass, wagging it back and forth while looking back at the boy.  Drool fell from his lips as they trembled to show huge, sharp fangs.  He looked scared – confused but aroused as gold dots formed in his eyes.  Her teats ached as they swelled on her body.  Drops of translucent milk dripped from their tips until the surrounding fur lengthened to absorb them.


Standing, he fell to the ground around her to press his cock against her.  She felt the thick sheath brushing her pussy lips and snarled in frustration until he leaned back and entered her, shoving deep inside.  She felt his head growing narrow and then cried out as it filled her – his entire cock inflating inside of her.


The boy snarled as he slammed against her, pinning her to the ground.  She raised her hips in wild encouragement, angling herself so the boy’s changed cock could fit her better.



Joseph leapt to the stage, pulling down the Asian woman as she took another turn.  Beside the stage, Kelly held two cocks in her hand and Candy was on all fours in between the tables, screaming and huffing as she came again and again.


The Asian woman pushed away, her eyes wide in terror as her glossy black hair pooled beneath her.  


He grabbed her bra and pulled, freeing her small breasts.  She covered herself with her arms while screaming for help but his claw found the string of her panties and he pulled, snapping them apart.  She pressed her thighs together to try to hide her nakedness.


In the corner of his eyes, he spotted the bouncer running for him.  Kelly shoved herself up and then lowered herself, ready to pounce.  The second man, standing behind her, growled as she pulled free from him and his cock bobbed in the air, slick with her arousal.  The tip of it was twisting into a sharp point.


Kelly slammed into the bodyguard, clawing and biting but Joseph turned away.  He knelt over the woman, licking her mouth as he lowered himself, pressing his huge cock against her belly.  She cried and begged but the words were lost to him as he bent lower to lick at her nipple.  Her hands beat at his head and back but he kissed along her body until his hot breath tickled her pussy.


“Please,” the woman said, forcing her legs together even tighter.  “Please don’t. Please- oh god!”


Joseph’s tongue rasped against the woman’s bare pussy as his leathery paws forced her legs apart.  His thick arms surrounded her legs and the claws tipping his thumbs pressed against her labia, spreading her wide open.  She struggled against him as he licked between her petite pussy lips, again and again.


“Please,” the woman said weakly.  “Please, don’t.  I-  I- Oh- Oh fuck.”


Her clit swelled against his wide tongue, slipping free from the hood before it grew to cover it.  Her labia pulled against his claws as they began to press together but he still forced his tongue inside of her.


“Something-” she panted, her head falling back.  “Fuck!  Something’s- Something’s wrong!”


Sharp black hairs sprouted from her pussy lips.  He pulled them into his short muzzle, nipping and licking at them as the girl moaned.  She bucked as his tongue worked against her clit and her scream broke into a human-like howl as veins stood out on her reddened throat.


“I can’t-” she panted, staring at him.  “Think.  Need.  Need it.”


She twisted, pulling away to raise her ass, waving it until he mounted her, his fur brushing against her bare back.  Her hand snaked beneath her body, fingers desperately trying to spread her pussy open for him, not realizing how far they’d changed.  


He speared her and she snarled in pleasure, taking the length of him and more.  Taking his knot until her lips wrapped around the base of him, locking them together.


Her words became guttural as the tips of her ears slid through her silky hair and fur grew along her shoulders.  She came again and then a third time as his engorged knot bulged against her clit.


The screech of her claws on bare wood was lost in the sounds of people changing – growling and screaming and moaning and howling.


Another server pressed herself against the wall as the bouncer, half naked with fur lining his body in patches, cornered her.  His cock bobbed free while he forced her to the ground.


Joseph pounded into the Asian girl and she came again, bucking against him while snarling and growling.  She writhed, trying to speak as yet another orgasm wracked her body.  Sweat coursed down her body to mix with the black fur growing over her.

When Joseph finally came, she scored the floor and snapped at his arm with sharp teeth.  White showed at the edges of her honey hued eyes as she collapsed beneath him, panting and twitching from the enormous amount of orgasms and the aftershocks that followed them.


He wasted no time, pulling out of her painfully to bound over to a naked woman running through the club to the exit.


An hour later, the doors to the club opened and they flooded the streets in search of more to turn.

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