Tainted Love

A magical girl confronts her enemy… only to find herself being corrupted and enjoying the changes

I typically only post one story a month, but the four I’m posting now are very short little things (like last month) so I’m dropping them all at the same time. Enjoy!

He eyed her as she approached, walking with the cocksure confidence of someone who knows they’re right.  That they’re always right.  That they always win.


As she came, he looked down to the wand she held to her side.  


She was a slim girl in a wide, pleated skirt, white button-down shirt, white stockings and a brown silk bow tying back her black hair.  Her shirt was loose enough to hide her breasts but he imagined she wasn’t particularly well developed.



At least not in this form.


The woman kneeling beside him whimpered through her gag and he reached out to strike her, making her fall to her side.  The approaching girl’s face hardened in anger.


It wouldn’t be long now.


“Why do you do this?” she asked, stopping roughly ten feet away from him.  “You know how this ends.  Every time.”


He nodded, pressing his fingers against his bruised ribs.  She held back on him, he knew she did.  But, even holding back, it was painful.  The energy blast from her wand could be quite painful.


The girl shook her head and tapped her wand against her thigh.  The tip of the wand held a golden star shape with a red jewel in the center.  He knew it would.  He’d seen it plenty of times.


“Will you just let her go?” she asked hopefully.


“No,” he told her.  He kicked the prone woman for extra measure and she curled up tighter next to him.


They stood in the middle of an abandoned farm.  A seemingly unending fence ran next to the girl, many of its posts broken and the board in disarray.


“Fine,” she said, pressing her lips together as she raised her wand.


The girl closed her eyes and twirled, holding the wand high over her head.  It pulsed with light and energy and the man touched his ribs again as he watched it.


“By the magical love of- ARGH!”  


Light flared from the center of the gem.


Black light.


It wavered in the air, as if alive.  Black tentacles of light reaching down to surround her with its energy.


It’d taken years but he’d finally found her friend’s weakness.  The cracking point.  It had allowed him to get close to her.  To have her friend paint over the red jewel with a very, very special paint.


“What-  what did-” the girl cried out, falling to her hands and knees.  The wand fell beside her but the tentacles continued to writhe.  He watched with interest and satisfaction as they started to absorb into her body, sinking into her flesh until she collapsed to her stomach and the light vanished.


He waited, kicking the woman next to him out of boredom.  


“I don’t know what you think you did,” the girl said, pushing herself up to her hands and knees again.  “But, I-“


She grunted, digging her fingers into the soft dirt beneath her.


“No,” she whispered, as if answering someone.  “No.”


The girl shook her head and then lowered it with a growl.  


“No!” she yelled, slamming her hands to the ground.


The sleeves of her shirt ripped to show exposed skin.  She leaned back on her knees, her fingers against her temples as she groaned.  Hard lines of muscle showed through the tears.  As she bent her arms, the sleeves bulged over her biceps.


“What did you do?!” the girl groaned.  She looked at him with pain and panic in her eyes but he shrugged rather than answer.  Her voice was deeper now but her movement drew his attention downward.


Her shirt pulled free of her skirt to expose a flat stomach.  She reached her hands down, trying to pull the edge of her shirt back to her skirt but it tore instead to reveal her small bra.


“Stop!” she cried out, trying to pull the shirt closed.  “Don’t loooOOH!  Fuck!”


Her slim stomach hardened as lines appeared at her waist.  The skin stretched as she began to grow before his eyes.  


The white stocks moved against her calves when they swelled.  


With a scream, she tore at her skirt, exposing her smooth, bare pussy and slim thighs.  Her waist expanded to adapt to her muscular stomach and widening frame.


The man felt himself grow hard as he watched her spread thighs.  Liquid dripped from her engorged pussy lips and the girl’s moan was deep and unearthly.


“Don’t look,” the girl begged as she unwillingly spread her legs.  He watched the smooth skin of her thighs pull tight against the muscle beneath.  They began to bulge and she gripped them, pushing and squeezing and massaging the trembling muscles as if she could make them go away.


She had to be over 6′ tall now and she was beginning to grow in earnest now that the initial changes had taken root.  He looked up just in time to see her bra break.  Her hand reached up from her thigh, as if to cover herself but, instead, she squeezed her own breast, her fingers widening as she pinched her nipple.


It was almost impossible to miss but her skin took on a pink tinge.


The girl’s hand snapped and cracked as the bones within pulled apart.  Her hands widened as her fingers lengthened.  The soft skin of her breasts pressed out between the gaps in her fingers.  She groaned, licking her lips with a tongue that now reached her chin.  


“Fuck!” the girl said again.  The pink coloring covering her body darkened to red as she stumbled up to both feet.


Her stocking tore as her leg muscles worked but he found his attention drawn now to her swelling breasts.  They were comically small on her broad chest but they grew larger as she walked over to the nearby fence.  


With a single motion, the girl ripped a fence post free from the ground.  She sat, uncaring of who watched while gripping the large post with her huge hands.  Bending her knees, she spread her legs and pressed the tip of the post against her sopping wet pussy.


“Fuuuuck, yessss,” the girl groaned as she pushed.  Her pink lips expanded over the rounded tip of the post.  


The man grabbed his cock through his pants and smiled.  He unzipped himself as the girl slowly shoved the post into her hungry, eager pussy.  Her head was back in ecstasy but, as she brought it back down to stare at him, he realized her eyes were completely black.  The contrast between her scarlet skin was astonishing.


“Like that?” she asked, pumping the post into her pussy. Her voice was incredibly deep and slow.  “You like?  Fuck you next.  Your little cock.  Fuck your little cock.  Good.”


The man grinned and nodded as he stripped.  The girl groaned, closing her eyes as her nails grew into dark claws that cut into the wooden post.  Her gigantic breasts quaked as she slammed the post deep inside her pussy.


He ignored her as he walked over to the forgotten wand.  As carefully as possible, he picked it up and walked back to the prone woman.  She kicked and yelled but the knots tying her together were very tight.


Kneeling, he touched the wand to the girl’s forehead.  She pleaded with him silently but he held it against her.


He watched as her eyes turned black and her muscles strained against the ropes.


When he pulled the gag away from her mouth, her new, long tongue flickered out toward his cock.


“Need it,” she panted as she began to grow.  The ropes holding her legs snapped.  “Fuck me.  Fuck my mouth!  Defile me!  Fucking take me!”


As he allowed her to suck his cock, he grinned, holding her hair and imagining all the havoc he would cause with the both of them.


And the wand.  So many more converts just waiting for him.

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