(She) Wolf

A man finds more than just his gender changing…

A super duper duper short little thing about a man turning into a female werewolf. I’m posting three really short stories today, all around gender fluidity.
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His nerves throbbed like a second heartbeat as he knelt in his living room.  They thrummed, slowly at first and he groaned, shaking his head. 

Static buzzed in his ears, distracting him.  He pushed his palms against his head, rubbing his temples over and over.  The skin dragged on his palms, loose for a moment until they filled out, bulging away from his fingers and palm into paw pads.

His hair lengthened and he shivered when the ends dragged against his overly sensitive skin.  His entire body was a live wire. 

He lowered himself, curling into a ball before stretching outward, one hand on the floor.  Bones creaked in his jaw and his ears lengthened, sliding through his now shoulder-length hair. 

Drool pooled from the corner of his mouth to drip to the floor beneath him and he groaned, his deep voice rising in pitch as his cheekbones reshaped, shifting higher while his jaw began to push forward.

For a moment, his face took on a feminine form, framed by thick curls.  His lips filled out and then bulged over his canines as they slid from his short muzzle. 

And still, the thrumming quickened and he moaned, his voice a sexy, smoky purr when his Adam’s apple flattened.  Veins stood out on his neck and he gnashed his teeth.  More drool dripped from his lips when his tongue suddenly grew too thick in his mouth.  It unrolled to lay against his bottom fangs and he began to pant.

The throbbing was maddening.  He tore at his shirt and the sharp black points hidden beneath his nails ripped the fabric easily to expose his bare breasts.

His areola grew dark as it widened, pulling at his tiny nipples.  In turn, his nipples tightened and hardened and grew erect, pushing away from his chest as the flesh beneath bubbled outward.

Glandular and fatty tissue formed beneath his still growing nipples and the skin swelled into the gentle curves of his new breasts.

He cried out with a high, piercing shriek when pain pinched inside his cock.  His testicles pulled back and slipped inside his body, tracing a path through a slick hole opening between his thighs and up past new Fallopian tubes until they settled in place as his ovaries.

Fur emerged from the nape of his neck.  It crept down his back and around, curving over his small breasts.

As his ball sack shrank, dark hairs appeared and the skin pulled back into his labia, already dotted with fur.

He snarled, gnashing his teeth as he struggled with his pants, pushing and shoving them down and around his legs.

Bones cracked in his waist, pulling his hips into pronounced curves.  His tailbone flailed as new muscles attached to it, forcing it against his lower back.  Dark stubble outlined the tip of his new tail as it arched from the pleasure burning through him.

The heat pulsing through his body pooled low in his stomach.  He stared in horror at his shrinking cock but his eyelids drooped as lust replaced terror and he grabbed his tiny tit, squeezing it and moaning, lashing his lips with his wide tongue.  His other hand clawed at his thigh, dragging through the fur piercing his skin. 

Dark hairs pushed aside his curly pubic hair before spreading outward, fanning out to cover his belly.  Tiny bumps rose beneath his pelt and he moaned when his wrist rubbed against the new teats.

Clear liquid well between his shrinking ball sack, just above a tiny hole that opened between his legs.  The skin split and the hole elongated into his slick, virginal pussy.  A stream of clear cum dripped from his new pussy to the carpet beneath him.

His paw brushed his shrinking cock and he bucked when his leathery padding rubbed the incredibly sensitive head, soon to become his clit.  He snarled and whimpered, lowering his paw to rub his throbbing, swollen pussy and a high pitched yip escaped his lips.

The heat was unbearable, overriding every single impulse and instinct within him.  He found his mind slipping and he whined when his fingers weren’t enough.

He needed to be filled and as he heard keys jingling in his neighbor’s apartment, he lifted his long muzzle and scented, smiling when the male’s scent filled his brain.


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