Alley Dog

He stroked her back as cars splashed past the alley where they both stood. She looked at him with a drunken smile and her hands against the wall of the club.  They’d danced and drank and she whispered to him with her hand on his cock until he led her outside.  


“Gonna take me home?” she asked as he leaned into her, kissing the rain from her shoulders.


“No,” he told her while he ran his hands along her body, squeezing her breast and slipping fingers down the shorts she wore.


“Hey,” she laughed, pushing gently back against him.  “Not here.”


“Yes, here,” he said, his hand rising to her throat.  She froze but he leaned closer and licked her ears.  “I have no collar but my hand will do and you’ll obey like the good bitch you are.  Won’t you?”


“Yes,” she gasped as a heat bellowed through her, forcing her to shove her ass back towards him.


She shook her head slowly as he removed his hand and she found herself missing it.  Missing the pressure of it.  Missing the implied ownership.  It was wrong.  Wasn’t it?  


He lifted her shirt and she raised her arms, struggling against the urge to comply but whimpering when his lips kissed the nape of her neck.  He stroked her short, bobbed hair and golden fur rose from where his fingers touched.  He trailed his hand down her spine, dragging his fingernail lightly over her bare flesh and the hair followed.


She gasped as he removed his hand and grabbed her ass.  The swell of her asscheeks showed from the bottom of the shorts and she’d taken every advantage of the display in the club.  


“Please,” she looked back at him without knowing what she begged for.


His fingers slid around to unzip her and she arched her back as she slid her pants down, exposing her to the cold rain that began to tangle with her growing fur.


He knelt behind her, spreading her ass and she panted, her tongue dangling between lengthened canines.  Looking down at him with lustful eyes, she couldn’t contain the bark of pleasure when he shoved his face between her thighs.


His tongue dragged against her labia, tugging and pulling at it.  She shivered and yipped at the pinching pain in her sex until his rough, wet tongue soothed her.  He sucked her lips into his mouth and they folded, bulging toward the center.


She groaned, her sweet voice dropping lower to a throaty growl as he leaned back, licking his lips at the taste of her.  Blonde hairs emerged around her pussy, marching down to her thighs and up over her mound.  


His warm, large hand lay against the base of her spine.  She pushed back, shoving her exposed, engorged sex against his bulging crotch but his fingers worked, pushing and pulling at her bones until the tip of her tail pressed against her skin.  He pulled it free, inch-by-inch and it wagged for him.  For the pleasure of his attention.


She leaned back, reaching for him.  Pulling him to her.  Kissing him with her thick tongue until her jaw pushed forth.  He caressed her bare cheek and fur sprouted at his touch.


Her hand raised to her muzzle, brushing her nose as it pulled taut against her new jaw.  She lapped at her hand, at the dark pads forming and the claws shoving aside her fingernails.  Gasping at how sensitive her leathery pads felt until his touch made her forget herself again.


Rain clung to her pelt as he pressed against her back, biting at her growing ears.  Nipping at their softness when they flopped over to slide down her furred cheek.  He clawed at her belly and she couldn’t help but stamp her aching feet, kicking as he scratched the itch forming deep beneath her stomach.  His fingertip caught on a small bump and he teased it, forcing a high pitched whine from her lips as he toyed with her teat.


He knelt once more, gently untying her sneakers and she sighed at the release in pressure.  He lifted her furry thigh, placing her foot on his bent knee.  One hand stroked and clawed at her ass while the other pulled and rubbed her toes.  He thumbed her toenails again and again until they bent under his touch and her claws slid forth.  He ran his fingers between her toes, one at a time and then lifted it, pressing his thumb hard against the ball of her foot.  


At this distance, he could smell her arousal through the tuft of wet fur in front of his face and he ached to take her.  But, not yet.


The man massaged her aching feet, pushing at the skin until it grew loose at his touch. He rubbed her with the base of her palm and the skin grew full and strong.  He lay her foot down to the one now matching it and she stood tall on her padded paws.  


“Good girl,” he smiled up at her and she felt herself ache for him in a way she’d never felt before.


He stood, taking her hand in his and she followed as he vanished through a waiting shadow.

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