Orange maple leaves spun through the air from arching branches high overhead.  Wind ruffled the trees until the susurration surrounded the two women walking on the empty path below.


“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Fumiko asked while smiling up at the scattered, shifting sunlight filtered by the boughs above them.


“Ye-es,” Katsumi agreed hesitantly.  She pulled her thin black coat closer around her body.  Goosebumps rose on her skin while she shivered.  It’d been warm when she’d left her home to meet her friend and she hadn’t planned on the long drive out to the mountain.  The girl cast an envious look at her blonde haired friend in her long, blue coat and thick black leggings.  “I just wish I’d dressed warmer.”


“Well, don’t blame me, I told you the ryokan was hidden away in the mountains,” Fumiko said.


You didn’t, Katsumi thought but she kept it to herself while bowing her head and pulling her jacket tighter.  The wind found every little hole in her stockings – hungry little freezing worms burrowing deep.


“Once we finish our walk, we’ll go back to the car and drive the rest of the way,” Fumiko continued. She reached out to snatch one of the maple leaves as it fell, missing on her first try. “And then you can warm yourself in the roten-buro.  It’ll be worth it.  We both need some time away from the city to relax.”


It was true and even with the cold, Katsumi was grateful for the excursion and time away from her work.  The commute combined with the long hours and the inevitable return to her lonely apartment in the evenings left her feeling lifeless – a puppet existing for the sole purpose of working and nothing more.  She didn’t even want to consider the lack of a love life.


As they continued to walk, the wind died down and the trees grew sparse enough to allow the sun to warm them up.  Katsumi slipped out of her jacket to let it rest against her shoulders when they paused for Fumiko to read the map on the side of the path.


“It looks like it splits off ahead with one path leading to the ryokan and the other looping back to the parking lot,” Fumiko said.


A sharp, sudden gust of wind sliced through the warming air to ruffle the faux cerulean fur lining the hood of Fumiko’s coat.  Katsumi pulled her jacket over her turtleneck sweater.  Her forearms bumped into her breasts, pressing them together beneath the sweater.  The girl’s cheeks grew red at the sudden, unwelcome memory of middle school girls mocking her, ringing her as they sang a made up song about the dumb ushi attending classes with them.  She’d developed far earlier than her classmates and even now her breasts were larger than nearly every other woman she knew.


Katsumi shook her hair before brushing fingers through her black bob cut to fix the loose strands into place.  She still fought against that memory and the others, arguing with herself in her own mind.  In a way, she worried it had defined her personality moving forward, leaving her slow to anger and overly thoughtful.  Passive and non-direct in her interactions with others.  But she told herself, as always, that it was due to being forced to withdraw as a child in order to keep them from noticing her and picking on her.  Her shyness was her shield against the insults they used to hurl at her.


Fumiko skipped and spun with her arms wide and a simple, happy smile on her face that made Katsumi smile in return.  They’d met later in life, in upper-secondary school when Fumiko had forced herself into Katsumi’s daily life, sitting with her to eat and talking, often by herself, about her life and day-to-day events.  A friendship bloomed and lasted.


“Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Katsumi, look!” 


Katsumi went to her tiptoes to look over her friend’s shoulder.  


A bronze bull statue rested atop a platform within a small alcove of bushes. Katsumi followed her friend but she stopped with her hand against her mouth and her eyes wide.


The bull sported an enormous, exaggerated cock that curved away from its belly.  Easily sixty centimeters long where the statue itself was just barely longer than a meter from snout to hindquarters.  Its front left leg was raised with its head lifted as if eyeing a waiting heifer further down an imaginary field.


“T- touch it,” Fumiko said while grabbing her phone from her pocket.


“I am not touching that thing,” Katsumi said firmly.


“Katsumi-chan, please,” Fumiko pleaded.  “I’ve never wanted to see anything more in my life.  I’m begging you.  Let me just get one picture.  Of you touching it.  Please.  I’ll never ask for anything again.  Please.


“You always ask me to do ridiculous things!” Katsumi replied.  “Just last night you got me drunk so we could strip down to our underwear and take ‘modeling’ pictures together!  I only remembered when I checked my phone this morning.  I had to delete almost a hundred pictures!”


“You didn’t delete all of- uhh, n- nevermind,” Fumiko said.  Now she blushed and looked away while rubbing the bridge of her nose.  “Look.  One picture and I won’t do anything the rest of the trip.  You can remind me about it and everything.  If I try to get you to dance naked tonight you can remind me how I made you touch the bull’s penis and I’ll leave you alone.  I promise.”


She knew she would do it.  She was weak against her friend’s requests and already more submissive than she’d like to be.  And even if she didn’t truly believe her friend would honor the agreement, the idea of not having to worry over being asked to do something outside her comfort level for the rest of the trip was enticing.


“And- and you won’t share it?” Katsumi asked while pressing her hands together over her chest.

“You know I’d never do that,” Fumiko said with a stern frown.  


It was true.  Despite all of the shenanigans the girl caused, she’d never done anything to directly embarrass Katsumi in front of others.  Which was one of the reasons their friendship had endured.


“O-okay,” Katsumi said, resigned to her fate.  


Fumiko backed up with her phone in hand and an excited grin on her face.  


Why do you always fall for this? Katsumi asked herself.  She felt her heart race as she approached the perverse statue.


“Oh, umm, there’s a sign here that says not to touch the statue,” Katsumi said with some relief.


“You promised!” Fumiko reminded her, standing with her phone out in front of her, ready to take the picture.  “Nobody is here.  Nobody will even know!  Please!”


With her left hand against her chest and her toes pointed inward to betray her awkwardness, she reached a trembling hand out without watching.  Katsumi tried to smile but her lips and her eyes showed her embarrassment and eagerness to be done with the task.


Her fingers touched the metal.  She jumped and almost glanced at it when she felt warmth against her hand but instead forced herself to look towards her friend.  And so, she surprised herself when she wrapped her fingers around the bull’s shaft to squeeze it tightly.


Heat radiated throughout her palm and fingers before spreading up to her wrist and forearm.  Katsumi moaned and her hand slid as if stroking the bull’s penis.  The sensation echoed between her legs until her knees felt weak.

“I got it,” Fumiko crowed, turning away while opening her phone’s gallery to look at the picture.


Katsumi stared at her friend.  At the loose blonde ponytail held by a baby blue scrunchy on the girl’s head, reminding her all the world like a tail.  For some reason, that only made her more excited.  Her hand released the bull’s penis and she leaned forward with her palm against the platform beneath the statue.


The shape of Fumiko’s hips against her coat drilled into Katsumi’s mind.  And the ass beneath.  She could vaguely remember how her friend looked in her panties last night and the thought filled her mind.  


Katsumi grunted and hung her head but lifted it and licked her lips to stare again.  Pressure filled her chest and lower belly.


“Yes!  I took pictures last night, too!” Fumiko said with excitement in her voice.


Brown hairs pierced the back of Katsumi’s hands as she pawed the front of her sweater. Her jacket slipped free from her shoulders to the ground below but she didn’t care.  Despite the cold wind, she was starting to sweat.  The hairs multiplied and spread, racing up her arms beneath the sleeves of her sweater.  She gasped when she finally noticed the fur, raising her hands in front of her face to stare at them.  


Before she could express her alarm, she moaned and pressed her hands into the gap between her thighs.  Her clit bulged until it escaped her hood and it continued to grow while a slit opened in the very tip.  The hood stretched with it, surrounding the clit to form the shaft of her growing cock.  Her skirt trapped it, forcing it down to rub against her slick, swollen pussy lips.  She moaned once more and grunted as the tip shoved her panties aside to slip free.


“Fu-” Katsumi tried to say but the pressure built to a crescendo in her chest.  She felt her soft breasts sliding beneath her sweater, skin against skin as the band of her bra strained against her body.  She reached behind to grab the strap but the clasps snapped, freeing her expanding chest.  Her breasts pulled her sweater tight and still they continued to expand until she was gasping from the sensation of her nipples dragging against the fabric.


Katsumi’s lengthening cock forced her legs apart.  She felt it sliding against the inside of her thighs and she shivered when the sensitive head rubbed against the hairs beginning to emerge from her legs.  She could feel the veins against her thighs, thick and ropy while her cock stretched towards her knees.  Precum welled from the tip before smearing against the fur growing on her legs while more cum slid from the lips of her pussy to droop and hang from her lips and thighs.


Seams burst from the side of her skirt.  Katsumi grunted and nearly fell when her hips cracked.  Muscle bulged beneath her waist and her ass as bare skin, covered in scattered brown fur protruded from the tears in her skirt.  


Katsumi huffed.  She gripped her skirt, tearing the tattered remains away completely to stroke herself while staring at Fumiko.  Her jaw creaked when her nose shoved forward and her tongue, thick and fleshy, hung from her lips, tipped with drool.  Hardened rings grew from her temples, keratin forming in layers until the rounded tips of her horns took shape.  They built slowly, curving as they elongated, slipping through her dark hair.


“Need- need to-” Katsumi moaned, shoving at her massive cock as it hardened, lifting to bob in front of her.  She huffed and grunted and gripped the dick to pump it slowly, all the while staring at her friend.  


The urge to breed filled the girl’s thoughts.  She shook her head but it persisted and she could visualize herself mounting Fumiko.  The expected revulsion never came and, instead, she panted and grew more eager.  


“Oh, gosh, I can almost see your- well, uh, never mind,” Fumiko coughed, flicking through the pictures on her phone.


Holes appeared in the front of Katsumi’s sweater and over her biceps when muscle grew beneath the skin.  She moaned, loudly, and gripped the sweater to easily tear it and her bra fell away.


Flesh swayed low on her wide, furry back.  Long hairs grew from the tip of her tail as it swished and lengthened.  Katsumi stomped one aching foot and then the other.  And then again until the soles exploded from her boots.  She stomped once more and the crack of the thick, hardened nails covering her feet resounded throughout the small area.  The twin masses of her split hooves grew dense as brown fur spread down over her shins and shifting feet.


Katsumi stared down at her friend with a dazed, hungry expression.  Fumiko’s ponytail swished back and forth, distracting Katsumi with it’s movements as her bestial brain continued to equate it to a tail.  She huffed and stomped over, towering over her friend who turned.


“Who-?!” Fumiko gasped but she stared at the torn neck of Katsumi’s sweater around the creature’s throat as well as the tatters of the same sweater around her expanded waist.  “Kat- Katsumi?  Wha- what ha-“


Katsumi shoved her cock against Fumiko’s mouth.  The tip slid against the other woman’s lips and then her cheek when she turned away from it.  Fumiko shoved back but a tree slammed into her, stopping her motion.  She wiped cum from her lips and cheek, opening her mouth to protest and beg but the scent of the cum filled her – vapors surrounding her brain.


“Ka- KatsumuuuuUUHH,” Fumiko lowed and her tongue reached out to clean her hand and then her cheek and lips, working in a circle while skin hardened on her temples in twin rings.


Katsumi shoved forward and this time Fumiko opened her mouth and still it stretched her until her jaw ached.  The bones clicked within while she gagged on the massive length of Katsumi’s dick, taking as much as she could while her face pushed forward into a muzzle.  Katsumi bellowed.  She reached forward to grip Fumiko’s hair to hold her in place while pumping back and forth.


Fumiko’s coat strained against her growing frame.  Her narrow hips stretched her black tights when fatty tissue formed beneath the skin.  The coat tightened against her midriff when her small breasts swelled, blue veins standing out on pale skin as they slid free from her bra.  They bounced as they grew and her nipples lengthened while milk dotted the tips.


The buttons holding Fumiko’s coat flexed until they popped free to show a shirt pulled taut against her expanding breasts.  A small tear appeared in the very center of the shirt.  She ignored all of the changes as she bounced her head back and forth against Katsumi’s cock and her broad, pink nose opened and closed while she breathed, unwilling to let go until her friend found her release.


Katsumi pulled her cock from Fumiko’s mouth.  Fumiko reached for it to pull it back until Katsumi reached down, grabbing the other woman’s hips to turn her around.


“Want- want you-” Fumiko panted, licking her muzzle while white hairs grew from the cheeks of her long snout. “Always.  Always wanted you.  Wanted you.”


The front of Fumiko’s shirt split and her breasts spilled forth.  They shook and her long nipples flopped freely, leaking milk down to the white fur growing over her belly.  Black hairs mixed with the white in circular splotches throughout as she lifted her leg to hook it over Katsumi’s leg.  


Katsumi gripped Fumiko’s horn with one hand while the other reached down to the woman’s breast, squeezing the soft flesh with her larger fingers pinching the base of her nipples.  


“Mate- mate- muuh- MUUUOOOOOOO!” Fumiko lowed when Katsumi shoved her cock into Fumiko’s waiting, wet pussy.  Her eyes widened as she was stretched beyond her limits.  A bulge appeared low on her belly when Katsumi shoved deep inside.  


Fumiko’s body grew limp from overstimulation.  She dropped until Katsumi grabbed her arm to pull her back against her body with Fumiko’s head resting between Katsumi’s massive breasts.  Fumiko’s stubby tail thumped against Katsumi’s side, the furry tip brushing back and forth as it lengthened, wrist-thick to slide down and slap against Katsumi’s thighs.  She couldn’t think past the giant cock stretching her pussy.  It slammed deep inside, bringing pain until Katsumi pulled back to rub against the muscles within.  Drool dripped from the tip of Fumiko’s tongue while milk sprayed from the nipple Katsumi squeezed.


With every thrust, skin slapped against Fumiko’s reddened pussy lips.  The loose skin inflated while testicles formed and they became bloated until Katsumi’s scrotum slammed against Fumiko, enhancing the sensation of pleasure she felt.


“Gonna- gonna-  gonna-”  Katsumi grunted and bellowed and swelled within Fumiko.  Fumiko raised her head to low long and loud from the immense orgasm exploding inside of her.  Her pussy convulsed against Katsumi’s cock while copious amounts of cum spilled from around her shaft to coat the black and white fur covering her thighs and crotch.


Katsumi gripped Fumiko’s horn and ponytail as she pulled out.  Fumiko trembled from the feeling of it until it was gone and the emptiness ached within. She knelt, gripping her toes as the nails overwhelmed them, growing outward into dense hooves that spread over the tips of her feet.  She moaned when Katsumi slapped her still-hard cock against her furry cheek and her tongue lapped out to clean it.


“You deserve more,” Fumiko groaned.  Her head was spinning, full of animalistic thoughts and the need to be bred until her belly was bulging and her breasts had doubled in size, hot and hard and demanding to be milked.  She turned to look towards the path that led to the ryokan.  “More.”


They walked the path together on their hooves, holding hands while their fur waved in the wind and their tails rocked behind them.  Katsumi’s cock slapped against her thighs until they reached the inn and she heard voices within.  She grumbled and moaned and stroked herself while Fumiko gasped beside her, reaching her small, soft hands around the shaft to help.  


“N- no- wait,” Fumiko groaned, forcing her hands away.  She led Katsumi into the inn.


A door slid open and a couple walked into the hallway wearing yukatas.  Katsumi grabbed the woman, pulling her robe open while turning her and shoving her cock between her thighs, thrusting and thrusting and thrusting and thrusting until the magic wound its way around her and the woman moaned.  She grew wet and her pussy flexed, the lips spreading over the monstrosity pushing into her.  Her scream was one of pleasure and she reached up to grip the back of Katsumi’s head while milk leaked from her nipples and her meager breasts began to grow.


Beside her, Fumiko pushed the man to the floor while shoving down and grinding against his cock.  When he opened his mouth to protest, she leaned forward to shove her nipple into his mouth.  He swallowed by reflex but shoved at her.  Fumiko smiled when she felt him grow hard between her soft, furry pussy lips and his arms weakened, holding her instead of pushing and his mouth worked, sucking and drinking the milk flowing from her nipples.


Fumiko rode him while staring at Katsumi.  Every time her ass smacked down against the man’s thighs, she felt him grow smaller inside.  She enjoyed what she could, turning back to him finally to see the front of his yukata slipping open to show the breasts growing on his chest.  They rocked from the impact of Fumiko riding his dick until it shriveled down to a tiny bulbous clit that slid further beneath a fleshy hood.  The man moaned when his pussy opened for the first time and Fumiko stood, pulling him up to lead him to Katsumi.


“Not- not- yet!” The woman, kneeling now while being fucked from behind, with her massive tits swaying back and forth, gasped, shoving her ass back into Katsumi.  “It’s muhh- my- muhhh- MOOOOOOOO!”


The man whimpered and sat and touched himself, stroking his new pussy while he watched.  Leaning back to play with his nipples as they lengthened and his face stretched forward.


They moved from room to room afterwards, spreading the blessings until the inn was full of women waiting and eager to be filled by Katsumi.

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