I should’ve known what was happening when she started getting more clingy earlier in the afternoon. But, I was distracted. She followed me around, just talking and rubbing her arms and keeping me company. Eventually we wound up on the couch where she pressed herself against me while I watched videos on my phone. Again, I should’ve noticed when she didn’t take out her own phone and, instead, lay her head against my shoulder with her hand resting on my thigh. I turned to kiss the top of her hair and shivered when the sharper ends of her pixie cut brushed against my neck.

She gasped and leaned harder, shoving me slightly. Her fingers clenched against my thigh. Nails into my bare legs. I felt the pinch just as I glanced down out of concern. I could see them bulging, bending backwards as black claws pierced the flesh beneath to curl out. She snatched her hand away with a stuttering ‘S- sorrrry’ the spoken word dragging out into a quiet growl. I saw dark black hairs sliding through the skin of her forearm and back of her hand before she hid it away.

Again, I should’ve recognized the signs. She was burning against me. She whimpered and turned, pressing her face into the curve of my neck. Trying to crawl into my skin to get even closer. Her breath puffed against me. Panting now. She whimpered again and licked me – a sure sign of her changes, something she never did when human. Her little tongue dragged against the bottom of my jaw and up before she whimpered once more. ‘Help me undress. I- I can’t- the claws.’

‘I’m sorry, babe,’ I tell her while kissing her forehead. She was clammy and shivering so I worked quickly, taking the bottom of the shirt while she raised her arms. This close to her, I could feel her joints popping and she moaned, biting at her lip. Indentations appeared in the soft skin when her canines slowly lengthened and the premolars flowed into fangs. Her upper lip pulled back while her jaw clicked and pushed forward slightly. She licked my cheek when I leaned forward to pull her shirt off and then stuttered out another apology. Hairs lined her jaw and her eyes were turning the color of amber, dark and beautiful. She was panting again with her tongue out and her brow furrowed, breathing through her widening nose against the pain.

I could see thick fur growing from the nape of her neck. Her spine pressed against her back, forcing her forward while she pawed at her pants. Sweat coursed over her back before fur grew to trap it. I knelt before her and she pushed herself up on trembling hands while I pulled at her leggings. Her knuckles were swollen and the padding bulged along her palm and her fingers. Her claws marked the couch but it was old anyway.

Curly black fur marked the center of her belly and chest, matted by sweat. She reached a paw out to touch my head carefully, apologizing once more. Her claws scratched me but she was gentle. ‘L- love y- you.’ I took her wrist, turning it to kiss the soft, black padding over her palms before bending to slide her pants free. Her pubic hair was a wild tangle that spread out to her hips and around.

‘S- s- sorry,’ she growled, wiping drool from her dark lips. She grunted. Her face cracked, stretching forward. ‘Words. Can’t.’ I reached up to stroke her face and she nuzzled into my hand. Her ears slid against her short hair when they lengthened and stretched, curves growing to points while flesh grew up, sheathing the ears to thicken them. They flexed and twitched when the silky wispy hairs covering the backs latched onto her own hair.

Her thighs bulged. Hard lines of muscle showing incredible definition just as black fur pierced her skin, stubble that covered her thighs before spreading down to her shin. Her breathing was ragged and deep. She bent, licking my hair with her broad tongue. ‘L- luh- love-‘ she tried to say before growling loudly. Her hips cracked, widening while her tail formed, pushing against flesh to curl, hairless for the moment. ‘It’s okay, babe,’ I whisper. ‘It’s okay. I’m here.’ Stroking her legs as the hair thickens into true fur, hiding her skin. Her calves bulged, flaring while fur grew to cover her. I reached down when her toes curled, massaging her arches and forefeet. Loose skin greeted my fingers. She growled but bent forward again to rub her cheek against my head, showing her appreciation. The skin over her forefeet was filling out, fatty tissue pushing into the skin to make her paws. I worked her toes next to help and, like her fingers, the knuckles were swollen and hot from the claws taking root. Her tail slowly brushed the back of the couch as it groaned from her increasing weight.

She slid from the couch to kneel next to me with her hands before her. Her furred knees spread slowly on the hardwood while her tail brushed the floor. Although the changes were stopping, she whined quietly. I undressed myself, wiggling out of my clothes to lay them in a pile with hers. And then I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her down, twisting to press my back into her chest. Her thick belly fur covered my small back while she cradled me, reaching a massive, muscular arm to carefully circle my breast with her broad paw. She dwarfed me and I could feel the tips of her claws but her tongue lashed out, licking my neck and shoulder several times before she bent her long forehead against my head. Her tail thumped slowly into the ground.

I knew she would need to eat soon. She would vanish, as always, into the forest nearby and I would stay awake as best as I could to wait for her, worrying over her safety even though I knew nothing could hurt her. And she would crawl into bed, exhausted and struggling while her body twisted and reshaped once more. But, for now, she needed the comfort of my body and I gladly accepted for as long as she’d allow it. ‘I love you,’ I whispered, wondering, not for the first time, when I would work up the courage to join her.

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